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JulayWorld is currently fully funded for 1 month.


How are the donations used?

If any additional costs pop up, they will be listed here.

How to support JulayWorld?

To keep our (and your) identity anonymous, crypto-currencies are used as the primary donation method.

• Cryptocurrency

The official JulayWorld cryptocurrency addresses are as follows:

BTC: bc1qt8ttch08ex59qk7q37t5w2haaphu4fuq8325e0

More wallets coming soon, check back in a bit.

If you have another cryptocurrency in mind, contact us and we can add it.

How to buy cryptocurrency

If you are having trouble buying Bitcoin or are unsure about which method is the most private or safest, BuyBitcoinWorldwide is a great resource which lists methods of buying Bitcoin in your country.

• Official™ JulayWorld® Merchandise

You can check out JulayWorld merchandise created by one of our global volunteers.

JulayWorld merchandise

Two thirds of the store profits go to JulayWorld.

Note: we don't see any payment or address information. That info is only processed and stored by Teespring. Read their privacy policy here.