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Open file (101.86 KB 758x696 1423274936042.gif)
Meta Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 16:33:33 No.3
Welcome to a TRANNY FREE /2hu/ experience. Post any meta concerns ITT. Links for new players may be provided in the future.
>>73 I wanna give her my cock.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 01/18/2020 (Sat) 03:41:22.
>>76 slay the gay
Open file (81.88 KB th6_06.pdf)
1cc from strm earlier (rename to .rpy)
Open file (19.87 KB 296x654 Timeline.png)
Open file (6.96 KB 434x105 todays date.png)
Open file (137.44 KB 1023x724 filename.jpg)
Open file (192.25 KB 319x304 ZUN sip.png)
Feeling old yet /2hu/?
>>96 LoLK was the first 2hu I played on release day and even that was 5 years ago ;_;
>>97 I remember getting pretty hyped for LoLK too. I also remember that after the release of HSiFS I said I'd try to get Okina's theme so that I could use as background music e.g. while driving long trips. It never happened and it was 3 years ago.
>>96 I shouldn't even feel old, but yet I do. God fucking dammit.
>almost 3 days without new posts SAD!
Open file (3.16 KB 150x150 serveimage.jfif)
>>102 koicoin is tanking
Open file (1.02 MB 1680x1050 1462472462931.jpg)
Open file (26.56 KB 900x600 1.png)
Open file (74.30 KB 400x236 2.png)
Open file (68.87 KB 400x236 3.png)
2hus are made for fugg, hugg, and sugg
Open file (773.82 KB 1800x2850 Tewi (riiya932).png)
So how many people here were from the old /2hu/? I missed you fairies. Also have you guys been remembering to say your rabbits?
>>109 I lurked there for a while, Tewinigger
>>112 that's pretty racist, dude
>>113 Only niggers steal other people's luck
Open file (66.68 KB 244x446 logo.png)
The plan to co-opt julay to our ends is progressing smoothly. Julay-chan is officially recognized as a 2hu oc and I have the administration playing 2hu games. It won't be long before 2hus dominate the internet.
>>117 This plague- it might be getting to the point where we can't contain it
Open file (25.82 KB 720x540 dumb here.jpg)
>>118 Why contain it?
>>109 >121 cm This reminds me, did zun ever actually release official heights for the girls? I'm curious how each hu stands up to each other.
Open file (384.50 KB 1281x987 cute.jpg)
Open file (374.54 KB 1284x986 2hu.jpg)
Open file (496.94 KB 1280x986 fug.jpg)
what have I done
Open file (97.75 KB 640x480 title00.jpg)
oh I also tried to restore the original eosd title, just plug it in your copy with touhou toolkit
Open file (235.20 KB 987x583 julay.jpg)
Open file (399.01 KB 1275x953 title.jpg)
Open file (369.16 KB 1279x957 wew.jpg)
I'm going to bed.
>>133 >>135 >>136 Are those shopped or did you actually change gamefiles? I'd play it.
>>137 I'm actually modding the game.
current revision of the Гунт mod: https://files.catbox.moe/yj5hnv.7z
Open file (259.41 KB 1206x1330 ref.png)
square up thot
https://mega.nz/#!zlhzRSha!CpHUG6S2ZAZofVpATCBjRMPAQCemIZHgWb8H_3cyp80 fuck it here's the full game because some people were having trouble modding it
Open file (340.43 KB 1212x903 2hldm7.jpg)
done for the day https://files.catbox.moe/kliw4r.7z TODO LIST bullet.amn DONE ascii.amn DONE (vanilla) e00-e11.amn TBD (endings) enemy.amn DONE front.amn WIP (ui + boss names) ploo.amn DONE ploo1.amn WIP (misaligned) sig.amn DONE? (vanilla) st01-07logo.amn WIP stage01-07.amn WIP (backgrounds?) stgenm01-07.amn WIP (boss portraits + sprites) staff.amn DONE (vanilla) text.amn DONE (vanilla) title.amn WIP (difficulty selection + result names) title_v.amn DONE (vanilla) e00-11.msg WIP (ending dialogue) st01_00a-07_01c.msg WIP (all dialogue in game)
>>28 That would genuinely be perfection.
>>147 Does the dialogue get changed too?
>>152 Haven't started on dialogue yet. https://files.catbox.moe/dtgdnl.7z
Open file (474.79 KB 1277x958 wew.jpg)
Open file (345.06 KB 1279x960 the ralphamale.jpg)
VERSION 1.0 https://files.catbox.moe/6e6p0l.7z -known issues- mega flare crashes sometimes unless you bomb main game spell cards are still in japanese
hotfix (a portrait and nameplate) https://files.catbox.moe/a7tgrs.7z
yes, 1cc on normie is possible! Now I have the replay to prove it https://files.catbox.moe/0vs6tm.7z
Open file (498.15 KB 1280x956 final brap.jpg)
>>160 just as ZUN intended
Open file (23.43 KB 286x286 ran scared.jpg)
>all those background-coloured bullets
Open file (63.13 KB 1115x197 touhoureimucursed.PNG)
yee we're back who's the BO
me t. me

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