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A possible future 子供 Board owner 04/29/2020 (Wed) 11:47:30 No.230
Recap of recent events: >Julay will change and will not allow certain boards >/ara/ is one of them >fatchan is kill >other imageboards might not be a viable alternative Given the current situation, I started looking around for cheap hosting services to set up a small imageboard. This imageboard will not allow board creation and will have only specific hand-picked boards, since it's not meant to be a general-purpose imageboard. This project was also proposed to /ita/, since I'm originally from there, and some of the prople there said they are interested and can even give a hand if needed. I have mostly everything down, but of course before doing anything I have to know how many people are interested and if it's worth it. What do you think?
Sounds good, I'm all for our own site. But if you do go through it please could you create a guide to making an imageboard for retards? I too would like to host some boards but have absolutely 0 technical skills.
>>230 I would use it no problem, but what other boards are going to be there? I mean, we've got several explicit boards here like the one for fat women and /d/, I'd like to know beforehand so that I don't have to cross post as much. >>232 Robi has made some check the meta
>>232 >could you create a guide to making an imageboard for retards? I'll try but I can't promise anything. It's likely that Robi will release something earlier than me. >>233 >I don't have to cross post as much. To be honest the whole point of making this website is so that only a selected few boards are there and everything else has to be reached through the webring. Basically, crossposting between multiple sites is encouraged. As for the structure itself, currently the idea is to set up (other than a /meta/-like board) /ita/, /ara/ and /com/, the latter being a "catch-all" place for those communities that are big enough to have actual discussions going on, but are too small to fill up a whole board. Usually these communities live in a single thread that gets recreated when it reaches the bump limit; so even if they have their own board it's usually just a collection of old threads with only one active. Other places can be discussed once the site is up, but in general only a small number of boards will be available (around 5, unless there's an emergency and a bunker has to be made.)
>>230 Why can't you make a board on 10chan, 64chan, 9chan? https://9chan.tw/ https://64ch.net/ https://10chan.net/
>>235 9chan is allied with Hotwheels 64ch posted their links a ton on this site 10chan I have no fucking idea who owns it but he looks like a schizo
Open file (24.37 KB 704x528 1373566643002.jpg)
>>235 Smugloli has retarded janitors, but all and all it seems like acceptable place for /ara/. Since this place is nothing but on topic posts. But they are also getting fucked currently but seems they are doing alright.
I finished setting up a basic instance of Lynxchan. It can't really be used right now, but it's there. The domain is registered through OpenNIC, so to access it you have to change your DNS settings to use OpenNIC.
>>238 It should be relatively stable. http://rita.null/ara Please check it out.
>>237 >>>/support/1375 Smug's registrar came through. Also, advise consulting with /monarchy/ and /fascist/, as they've been open to the idea of sharing too.
>>240 Sharing what? >>239 Yo is there any plugin to view this without changing DNS?
>>242 Their own site connected to the Webring. >>>/monarchy/3065
>>242 >Yo is there any plugin to view this without changing DNS? Probably, but using OpenNIC's servers is a better idea regardless if you are going to use the site or not. >>243 If they make their own site I'll ask them to add us in the webring.
Open file (3.57 MB 2728x2046 ara.JPG)
>>>/meta/10485 /ara/ will not be kept (but that was expected.) The new place right now is >>239
>>246 Robi confirmed gay
Loleron has said he's fine to take us on, but I guess thats too late now?
>>239 Did something happen? I can't access it.
>>249 Works for me. Are you using "rita.null" or something else? I recently made some changes to (hopefully) limit "Esther-like" situations so maybe you got caught in one of them.
Where is everyone? Both this and rita are so dead for months now.
>>255 When everyone left for rita I gave up on here as I can't be fucked to have to configure settings and whatever just to access the board. I'm guessing others felt the same. Maybe we should see if PLW would take us in, like this anon >>248 said? Don't know if the cafe is accepting boards still.
BO Loleron has said he'd take /ara/ on, are you still there? This board will die in 4 days but everything can be migrated if you talk to loleron.
>>257 I'm literally paying for a site dedicated to this board, do we really need to go to a place owned by someone else?
How the hell do you set this shit up, I've changed the DNS but it wont connect
>>259 Check https://wiki.opennic.org/start and try the wizards or the browser extensions.
Did everyone just vanish?
>>261 Dunno, I thought everyone was getting on rita.null but when I finally figure out how to connect the place was completely empty. Where the fuck is everyone?

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