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Open file (234.79 KB 1080x1349 Sabrina Carpenter 021.jpg)
Sabrina Carpenter Thread Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 17:48:24 No.2699 [Reply] [Last]
anyone know if there are any nudes or sex vids leaks of Sabrina Carpenter out there?

Nessa Thread Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 17:06:00 No.2131 [Reply] [Last]
Well another Pokémon bae.
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Why would anyone wanna fap to niggers? I'm brown myself and even I despise my own skin tone, keep it white you fags
Open file (149.98 KB 634x1200 Rurina.full.2605957.jpg)
Open file (370.59 KB 2165x3051 Rurina.full.2601748.jpg)
Looks like she needs one of my monster balls.
Drinking bubble tea with a friend.

Open file (156.96 KB 1876x385 OY VEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.png)
Anonymous 06/22/2020 (Mon) 20:36:17 No.2691 [Reply] [Last]

Bowsette Thread Loli enthusiast 02/13/2020 (Thu) 06:17:57 No.1731 [Reply] [Last]
All hail the Queen.
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By golly she wants to eat Marios's "Linguine" hee hee.
>>2628 They have more Bambini now.
Finally Bowsette will let me sleep on her "pillows", so nice.
Open file (1.11 MB 640x877 rp2essq8up251.png)
Not really Bowsette but close enough.

Open file (197.56 KB 793x771 1535774317266.jpg)
Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 16:04:16 No.2686 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone got any good infographs on how to make Meth or grow weed. Just drugs in general. I need to make money and I consider myself to be a competent chemist (at least when it comes to lab safety or I wouldn't be making this thread), growing things seems to be pretty easy but I have no idea where to start or if there's any tips/tricks involved with the process. Also totally not fbi guyz and I don't plan to do any of the drugs I make except the weed.

Open file (264.63 KB 1634x891 reddit.jpg)
the absolute state of reddit Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 22:31:44 No.2660 [Reply] [Last]
I wonder what made them like this
Open file (417.97 KB 520x1024 me~2.png)
OP uses Plebbit? How Sad.
>>2661 A lot of the less popular subreddits are nice.
Open file (68.38 KB 500x552 1464831435478.jpg)
>go to r/unpopularopinion >find unpopular opinions >go to an imageboard to complain about said unpopular opinions I'm not sure exactly what you were trying to do, but I don't think it worked.
Open file (4.61 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)

It's time to end the stigma Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 20:39:57 No.2093 [Reply] [Last]
Children need sex. They require release like you do but are denied it with a partner who can teach them and guide them through it lovingly. Many young children masturbate for relief-and what does mom and dad do when they find out? Why, they slap the kids hands and tell them to stop or they will go blind! Once again, this only leads to oppressive, damaging GUILT. By age 11, I was a compulsive masturbator & collected hard-core pornographic magazines like HUSTLER! I was VERY sexual and I was asking for it on a regular basis (and never seemed to get it!) and yet society would have believed I was as innocent as can be. This harmed me. If I had only known a pedophile then, I would have been much happier in my childhood! But then again, if I had decided to have sex with a pedophile adult, they would have been imprisoned and I would have been in therapy for brainwashing to accept my "abuse". But my childhood had a happy ending-fate soon blessed me at 11 and a half with a woman pedophile who sexually educated me! Other kids are more like I was than you maybe would like to admit. Perhaps you were something like this in your own youth and due to guilt you wish not to admit this side of yourself existed. Think back and be honest with yourself-it is ok to be sexual and you are not alone or wrong! Stop feeling guilty about a natural bodily function and do not infect our kids! Children do many things that are new to them. Sex is one of those things. A child must learn sometime, and "waiting for their wedding" is WAY too late! The sex drive is the most important one in our species besides breathing air and eating! We are made for sex! Children are made to enjoy it too! Repressing these feelings is NOT healthy. It is also unhealthy for kids to deny themselves relief. Sex by itself is NOT damaging to kids. This is a myth designed to attack pedophiles and deny kids their rights. In a misguided effort to "protect" kids, society has actually HARMED them by repressing perfectly natural feelings which DEMAND expression. Without it, healthy development and beliefs about sex are problematic. Kids masturbate and climax, and it does NOT "scar" them for life! By itself (remember-it is the guilt not the sex!) having sex with an adult (or another child) will NOT harm a child! It is a normal bodily function. Kids urinate and defecate as you do-they also experience sexual gratification (usually via masturbation) just as you do. A 10 year old boy may not ejaculate semen, but he CAN climax. A 10 year old girl can and often already does masturbate and she climaxes. Society needs to accept that kids are sexual beings. Give them that chance. Do not deny them the right of sexual free-expression. Children DO intitiate sexual contact with adults and there is nothing wrong with it. Adults can also intiate. We must teach our kids the importance of their right to own themselves. This means they can REFUSE sex with an adult at any time. It also means they can accept an offer and inititiate one themselves! This is the part that society hypocritically refuses to allow. They say kids own themselves, but when that belief is tested, society applies a double-standard and denies kids a right to do as they wish to themselves. Implied in the belief that kids can say no is the acceptance of them saying yes! You cannot have it both ways. Either they own their bodies or they do not. If they can only say "no" according to you, then they do not own themselves in your eyes! pedophiles are the opposite of "predators". In fact, they are the ONLY TRUE "child advocates" in this regard on earth, since the take the opinion of the child and his/her wishes into full account! Pedophiles love children. That is what the word means, (pedo=child phile=lover) it is not a bad word to describe a monster-except in the eyes of the media which distorts and sadly shapes public opinion against child-loving advocates-i.e. pedophiles. It is time for a new opinion about us-a positive one. Pedophiles do not talk down to kids & treat them with respect and listen to them. This is not the case with an average adult, and kids see right through it. Kids like pedophiles very much, whom they do not see as a heavy-handed authority figure, but rather, as a sort of "older" PEER. That is what confuses the general public about the motivations and methods of pedophiles. Society assumes the pedophile views the child as an object, and uses his/her superior smarts/abilities/experience to control the child to extract sex. But pedophiles do not do this and never advocate such tactics! It goes against their very nature to do that! The reason society falls for this assumption is it is "transferring" what IT would do if in that situation. Since "regular" adults do not really respect or understand children, they assume the same mindset applies to pedophiles-and it does not! A "regular" adult does not understand pedophilia or pedophiles, & so they assume the pedophile is approaching the situation as a "regular" adult with a perverted streak in them-bent on taking advantage of children-since that is what the average "regular" adult could see himself/herself doing if they were sex maniacs looking for an easy outlet to prey on. But pedophiles are not this way-we are not predators looking for targets! Being a pedophile is a way of life-not a sick perversion.
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not a crime
Open file (1.13 MB 360x279 0.gif)
>>2673 That guy raped 3 male kids and almost got away with it until one of the fag's dad made justice there. The jury and judge in his case gave him a extremely light sentence for it because the other ones almost let that psycho free. Shame all the kids ended up actually being homos.
Open file (17.94 KB 275x369 stalin.jpg)
OP is a war criminal
Greetings from Dar es salaam,Tanzania!, Dear guys, if you are in Dar-Tanzania or you know anyone around here who is interested in Cheese Pizza, kindly let me know as I have got beautiful crispy little pizzas that will drive you heavenly. Reasonable prices all types from size 5 to 16 Kiwi and pineapple pizzas available as well. Kindly contact me for more delivery arrangements. Thanks.

furry thread Loli enthusiast 02/18/2020 (Tue) 19:15:54 No.1889 [Reply] [Last]
growing up i never had friends. there was like two neighbors my parents forced me to hang out with but i never really cared about them, i felt better being alone. i was always alone as a kid. good thing i had stray animals accompany me. i remember i used to play with stray animals as a kid. one of them was a cat i would regularly feed lasagna because i thought all cats were like garfield, unironically i gave it the name of tom the cat not garfield, i'm a huge tom and jerry fan which explained my autism. anyways my relationship with tom never lasted that long, months later tom would disappear into the wild and i never saw it again. there was another animal,this time a stray dog that i used to bring food and play around all the time. i don't exactly remember the name i gave to that dog but i remember playing with that dog for acouple of years, i actually contracted some form of head fungus because the dog was dirty but as a kid i never minded. it was a good time, fast forward to my teenage years and i couldn't get the dog and tom out my head. i would have daydreams of hanging around tom and the dog playing gba and watching spongebob together. it was all fun until i started to actually develop sexual feelings. now i would never fuck an animal, not really into bestiality so when i did have sexual dreams about the dog i would think of it as an anthropomorphic cartoon character with human like limbs, actual animal sexual organs make me sick.i got curious as a kid and decided to google cartoon dog porn. upon doing research i discovered the wonderful world of rule34. i instantly got hooked on furry porn, especially the ones that looked somewhat closed to my dog friend. i don't remember exactly the gender of the dog but i like straight porn and i like to think it was a she, it would make my masturbation sessions less weird, i'm not gay so i never search up cat porn that looked like tom, tom was like a brother to me. anyways i recently found a pic of an anthro canine that sort of resembles what my childhood buddy used to look like. anyone else here like this or am i the only one? please tell me i'm not the only one. recently i've been getting more and more into human porn like mario/zelda rule34 . anyways what do you guys call this fur type and colour? it would be nice if you posted more canine women that look like this pls i really miss my doggy and this is the only way i can cope with the withdrawal
1 post and 1 image omitted.
Open file (29.97 KB 500x296 mlp14.jpg)
>>1890 Loli isn't any better, dumbass human.
gosh i fucking miss my doggy friend, i will forever immortalize our friendship by jacking off it inmy wet dreams
>>1890 >CONTAINMENT BOARD are you referring to >>>/fur/ or >>>/furry/ ?
Jesus fuck this thread is still up? It's been months now

Open file (5.39 MB 2640x1488 20200323_161250.jpg)
Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 20:14:13 No.2292 [Reply] [Last]
Can I poast tits here
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Open file (561.30 KB 1024x1024 1469792111313.png)
>>2292 Lol faggot. Your existence sickens me.
>>2354 Start getting sicker then! >>>/lgbt/
>>2299 >>2317 pretty based tbh
Fuck off Red

Open file (27.78 KB 474x449 christchan.png)
Jesus vs Hitler Anonymous 02/06/2020 (Thu) 11:37:34 No.1555 [Reply] [Last]
Jesus >Is the son of God >Descended from a kingly lineage and the holy spirit >Was seen as a threat by someone at birth to the point they literally order his execution when he was born only for God to intervene >Followers willing to go through extreme persecution for 200 years at the peak of the roman empire which eventually succumbed to Jesus. >Jews still butthurt about Jesus to this day to the point they literally say in the talmud that Jesus is in hell burning in hot excrement. >Decline of christianity suddenly causes degeneracy to run rampant. >Jews literally forced pilate to execute Jesus to the point where pilate literally washed his hands saying that Jesus' blood wasn't on his hands. >Despite not needing too worked as a carpenter to get that sweet arm workout >Jews deported countless times from Christian European countries >Needed to divide christianity countless times in order to weaken it enough which took an entire millennia >Despite the above point Jews went out of their way to create Islam just to combat it. >Europe was in a golden age during christian dominance. think about this why would modern history call it the dark ages when Jews are in control. Thus we can assume that since Jews are in power and they claim it's the dark ages we can rightfully show that it was actually a golden age since the Jews probably had no power hence the dark age Hitler <A random guy who got butthurt because he couldn't enter into an art school. <Descended from some guy <Seen as such a non threat that they didn't even care that he launched a failed coup decided the best course of action was throwing him in prison instead of executing him.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (67.60 KB 500x481 301ga.jpg)
Open file (45.94 KB 500x488 481c.jpg)
>>2257 Yeah think of all the unity the gauls had in multiple different tribes. Think of all the unity the romans had to the point they had to forcibly take over everywhere raping and destroying everything in their path. Think of all the unity the germans had when they all invaded the romans. Europe has never been united. The only reason christianity changed any of that is because it allowed differing cultures to interact without immediately spiraling into a war. Christianity was the reason people could interact with different cultures. >Jesus was Jewish because he did jewish customs In reality is >Jesus wasn't Jewish and did the customs of the JUDAHITES(or one of the twelve tribes of Israel.) which the Jews coopted and stole like usual. third one. Read up the Khazarian Hypothesis. >Everything that isn't in the bible doesn't matter Wrong everything should be compared to the bible if it doesn't match up then it's complete bullshit.
>>2423 no such thing as gay jesus you blasphemer!
Open file (13.61 KB 400x140 josh_moon.jpg)
null is in bed and a big black dude who is naked comes into his room with a hard-on... wow... joshy boy gonna be suckin' on a great big black billy club. poor null... kiwifaggot!

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