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8kun Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 04:20:04 No.1759
I know a good number of you don't want anything to do with 8kun (or rather Mark), and for good reason given the retardation at play, but just as a measure of Closure, I wanted to at least relay that Codemonkey finally decided to come out and explain a couple things of important things regarding why he's been so silent/twatter-heavy, what the fuck Project Odin is, and re-iterate about migration. The discussion is still ongoing if you wanna throw your own questions at him. https://8kun.top/v/res/16840914.html http://archive.is/155VK I'll also accept a ban for non-vidya - this was mostly for my own conscience about spreading the word
>>1759 You should post this in the /v/ thread on /meta/. It's relevant, but shouldn't be on the main catalogue.
>>1760 Duly noted and done. Pardon for shitting up the catalog.
poor ron
>Post griefing channel jewtube channel of 7 years TeamGamerfood >Make griefing thread on 8coon >Been posting both since late 2014 >It get's deleted the day after I post it on 8kunt That place fucking glows, may it burn on the fiery pits of hell, the webring is the best option
>>1763 It looks like your thread's still there anon, it's just bumplocked. Probably Mark being a faggot again. https://8kun.top/v/res/16832006.html
>>1764 >Probably It's a guarentee at this point He's become insufferable after 2016
>>1765 well what do you expect people to think when games hosted got griefed back then? "hmm it's totally not those in the griefing thread" come off it.
>>1759 >Codemonkey finally decided to come out and explain a couple things is the WHOLE website code open source or do they dont have enough computer for that?
8kun is full of redditors and newfags anyway
>>1759 >The discussion is still ongoing if you wanna throw your own questions at him. If only I could fucking post on the site >>1768 and tranny chasers and defenders It really is same shit as cuckchan now.
Open file (19.77 KB 144x202 faggot.PNG)
>>1769 >It really is same shit as cuckchan now. your not wrong
Open file (1.85 MB 2022x2126 Jim_tech.jpg)
>>1763 >TeamGamerfood >Jewtube shuts it down same day Lol I mean what's the fucking odds? But I mean is there any doubt in your head the place glows? Think about the implications after shutdown, he worked with glows before, so really nobody can trust anyone related to him because wheelchair boy and most of the people he knew, also knew. Jim rent free sold out to glowniggers for years before the shutdown, even bragged about it. He had 8cuck servers running in a glownigger/military compound(s). A ton of other shady shit, not even onion markets have been as pozzed as 8cuck. And they are literally doing illegal shit, unlike 8cuck lmao. Anyway fuck these fucking faggots. I can't believe there are people who got fucked in the ass by these faggot 8cuck kikes and are still coming back for more. These retarded uninformed masochists have stockholm syndrome. When he for sure fucked nearly every single guy heroposting there, or at all even if it was just a joke. Especially gullible enough to post there bareback, no joke. Probably just three letter agency niggers, homos/redditors, masochists and double digit IQ retards left posting on that shithole. There is nothing there, just retards. Pass the word on to those retards about jim and how that man and every little shit eater around him glows to high heaven.
Open file (2.80 MB 1920x1080 clueless_Q_boomer.mp4)
reminder that glowniggers will claim that this site is somehow connected to cripplekike
>>1765 >He's become insufferable after 2016 Try 2014
Open file (990.46 KB 500x500 dancess.gif)
>>1771 >some cow saved my post
>>1777 It did. What the hell, didn't know that was possible
>>1777 (checked) It did after being updated Neat feature
Open file (6.36 MB 1172x660 8chin.mp4)
>remove tor >we do have the fbi sniffing sowftware hehe >(but not mentioning le fbi servers) >bad goys fuck some shit up >It's blamed on site even though ISIS posts on facebook and not taken down >jim gets his deserved treatment >Retard jim didn't understand how if you work with cop you get raped by cops anyway (that is assuming he wasn't a glow all along lmao) later >beg agency glows for mercy >maybe plea deal >make 8kun with hapa agent using among other things CCP chink servers which mandatory ISP log every piece of data on the site. >loool It's clean guys trust us (again) Also julay recently softbanned tor for uploads, even though i haven't seen any illegal shit like some fuckers claim with 0 proof. Seems like a GLOW move.
>>1780 Uh oh looks like they removed the soft ban? kek, if you're reading this faggot who did that shit and actually thought it was a good idea for even 1 sec, stop being a fucking shiteating rat little mother fucker.
>>1780 If nothing else, Codemonkey is aware of the Tor problem and says he's trying to fix it. Still, you're warranted in suspicion. Also he isn't some third party agent, he's Jim's adopted hapa son.
>>1781 It's not like they are hiding, there's the meta board if you want to go face to face or read the reasoning.
>>1782 >Too sick to change one line of html
>>1784 arthritis in your hands makes alot of computer work pretty painful.
>>1785 Are mutt genetics working against him? I thought arthritis was an old faggot disease.
>>1785 >believing happa nodev LMAO at your life
>>1786 Apparently he got it from Iron Palm.
>>1787 At least he has one
>>1786 I got arthritis when I was 15ish. >>1787 I don't have to do either, I don't use 8kun anyways.
>>1789 Stirring defense on an anonymous imageboard >>1790 Are you a mutt? >>1788 >take exercise to strengthen your joints >end up with arthritis extraordinarily bad luck or awful genetics, one or the other.
>>1791 English
>>1792 English by blood and not some mystery meat pretending he's english by living there, right?
>>1791 >>1793 wyter than u Muhammed
>>1794 post hand
>>1793 if we want to get technical with it I don't think I'm British and I'm likely a mix of pretty much everything that's conquered England apart from the French. so Viking Dutch Roman that kinda thing.
>>1796 typical Englishmen
>posing about 8kun on /v/ >ANONS RON RESPONDED DON'T YOU WANT TO COME HOME?!?!?! I don't know what is more pathetic. The fact that anyone thought this was a good idea to post here or the fact that anyone is retarded enough to buy these excuses. Is that board still on lock down because of cat pictures? Does his hands hurt too much to unlock it?
>>1796 Oh well, north/western european is probably pretty okay. Your country got wrecked by saxons, vixkings, normans, the works. As far as mutt mixes go, probably the most functional.
Open file (30.44 KB 512x341 unnamed.jpg)
>>1795 USA USA USA
>>1800 Maga my based negroid friend :^)
>>1799 I don't feel functional.
Open file (2.99 MB 1280x720 FUCKING BASED!_HD.mp4)
>>1798 I'm not expecting anyone to "come back home". I just wanted to make sure nobody was left out of the loop for once for my own self indulgent peace of mind. I've seen enough of that.
>>1802 >I don't feel functional Until we start colonizing inferior human beings again we never will. t.Alberto Barbosa
>>1804 >just didn't want anons left out of the loop The loop of what? If you cared about archiving it you would have done so and posted it somewhere else. You posted it on /v/ hoping to get anons to come back just admit it.
>>1777 >>1778 Fucking newfags. >>1774 No, in >>>/cow/13388 you can see every type of slander they've made without asking administration here if anything was true My favorites were them blaming Nathaniel Rodriguez's, Andrew Lawson's, and dolphinpedo/rodentchan's DOS as if /cow/ had anything do with their shenanigans. >>1782 I2P never ever. >>1785 Person with disabled left arm and arthritis on right: Speech2text, paddle stenographer, and stylus in mouth: you program efficiently when you're focused on your tasks, and make an efficient workspace. My m4, neovi, CMU Sphinx configs are worth millions of euros if that's anything to go by. >>1795 This. 8gooners should demand Ron show arms and medical reports. It's only fair;^) >>1800 Cute. I'd place my face on that hand. And if gay, my balls.
>>1803 Baha, that's getting saved. If you caught the state of the union address, he's Detroit Don now. Gave a medal of freedom to Rush Limbaugh though, that was the easily the funniest event of the whole speech.
>>1805 can't colonize others till we colonize ourselves again dude. >>1807 how do you s2t with a stylus in your mouth?
>>1808 >Meme Zognald as the President so he blows up the world >Suddently a shitton of retards unironically start believing he's going to save the USA And then /pol/ died >>1809 That's your problem, Brits probably have more mudshit blood in their system than Iberians do at this point.
>>>/meta/3948 Forgot to cite you >>1807 Yah, Ron's lying, or whomever is posting with that name & "tripcode" >>1809 You click your pressure sensitive monitor for virtual keyboards. When I have to input characters not in my normal routine, e.i. 日本語 , 한국어, 😀♿️🇦🇺, etc., I normally place my stylus on my mouth and pecker.
>>1810 not as much as I'd think. did see a fucking single mother with paki kids who also seemed like she was living with her mom too. the mother looked at the end of her 30s like >>1811 sounds like a hassle tbh.
>>1807 >newfags Most of us are here for less than a year, what are you rambling about. Unless you are one of those /cow/ loon bags, in such case then sorry.
>>1812 You have to work with what you have. >>1813 Not knowing lynxchan has had board migration for years makes you a damn newfag, newfag.
this whole thread is filled with newfags in fact of course
>>1806 >If you cared about archiving it you would have done so and posted it somewhere else I did archive in the OP and posted in /meta/ per >>1760 suggestion. But maybe you're right and I am just fishing for shit without even realizing it. I just want things back to before Cloudflare ruined everything.
Open file (139.04 KB 1400x649 1513027235986.png)
>>1812 >Those fucking teeth Cheers mate, good luck in trying to save your cuntry t.Greatest Ally
Open file (335.95 KB 900x1600 gaytorquake.png)
>>1815 don't fistfuck me bro
>>1818 Haven't been to /cow/ in a while Is Гунтposting still hip?
>>1817 out of the EU lets see how it's fucked up. thanks for the good wishes lad.
>>1816 >Cloudflare ruined everything. Make a class action or sanctions. It's legally still a "private" company;^) >>1819 Always.
Open file (1.50 MB 1400x1400 Corey and Shannon.png)
>>1818 everything is cool bro, no fistfucking is needed as long as you don't pretend to be some oldfag like me >>1819 >Гунтposting still hip? newfag detected
>>1821 Can you even sue for something like "refusing to host my favorite website due to swirling rumors of it being a manifesto hive"? I don't think I got the cash to go toe-to-toe with them anyhow -- as I understanding, corporations get away with shit by just dragging shit out to bankrupt their enemies.
Open file (75.92 KB 1052x1042 DOpSoZkWkAYZgPy.jpg)
>>1822 I'm not a newfag bro, I'm just new
Open file (405.95 KB 624x613 masked_gaytor.png)
>>1824 >not newfag >just new sounds like you want a fistfucking
>>1823 cloudflare has made enough mistakes to have both a class action and sanction it across other countries not in the USA. Remember cloudbleed? Yeah, and everyone's a pussy. >got the cash Get a bar and sue yourself. Stop blaming your current economic situation for stopping you from making a difference you want to see. With enough petty lawsuits, I'm sure you can get enough capital to make your class action a reality. >>1824 Nah, you're a nufag, even worse.
Open file (60.11 KB 450x600 b newfag.jpg)
>underage /ibs/ toddlers spamming yet another unrelated board with their drama oh goodie, that's what this board needs >hey guys, here is an update on 8kun you wanted! great, thanks. since you're clearly lurking on normalfag websites, can you also give us an update on 4chan, reddit and twitter, while you're at it? also, post a link to your discord, I want to join the revolution to le troll some ebin lolcows
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
Open file (370.08 KB 1865x823 julay v commies.png)
Open file (188.60 KB 1698x878 julay v sperging.jpg)
>>1798 are we talking about julay /v/? that board is almost as pathetic as vch. I shut it down once because I mocked some cuckime posters for being soyboys, they sperged out so hard that the whole thing about the mods censoring tarrant's manifesto at the start came out, it turned out that a good portion of said anime posters were actual trannies from leftypol, and the /v/ thread on /meta/ was created, due to the fact that the only thread that was active on actual /v/ was the meta thread there, where anime posters whined about some boogeyman they made up, which was actually like 3 different people, including mark himself, terrorizing them, and how that just wasn't fair, you guys :( good times
People who insult anime should be beheaded! Holy war soon.
>>1829 >7 months >still no /pol/ in webring You fags keep complaining but don't seem to care enough to make a board
>>1829 look at all this shit that didn't happen lmao
>>1831 But there is
>>>1834 What, /n/? That's not /pol/, and will never be.
Open file (355.46 KB 900x1700 gaytor pool's closed.png)
>>1829 >>1831 >>1833 >>1834 >>1835 real newfag hours up in here, there was a board dedicated for /pol/ it was >>>/trapshota/
>>1835 to be fair, mods in here are such cucks that /pol/ here would never flourish, if it's going to re-open, it needs to do so somewhere else, or open up it's own imageboard instead
>>1829 >I shut it down Based and DOSpilled. Show us your child porn collection!

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