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Open file (173.82 KB 715x1013 Akemi lifting.png)
Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 15:06:52 No.29
>leave 4chan for 8chan
>look at 4chan /fit/ years after
>it's infected with cuckchan memes
>just faggots repeating the same shit over and over again
>cope, seethe, dilate, incel, soy, post body, have sex
>liver with a frowning wojak's face on it
>Dan Bilzerian threads
Open file (69.58 KB 842x848 bully2.jpg)
>going back to 4chan
>cuckchan memes
Well yes, cuckchan and 4chan are the same exact thing, what did you expect, really?
I'm saying /fit/ got worse
Open file (29.44 KB 429x410 1314030384985.jpg)
Their drawthreads on /b/ have quality deliveries but there's obnoxious faggots, no IDs, avatarfags, you can't report them, and they're always annoying as shit.

You either get the good shit, or just get shit.
To be fair, is soy really bad? like if you're chugging it like hotwheels, you're going to be a fat fucking retard, but i'm certain that everyone's confused about the benefits and negatives about whole soybeans and fermented soy
>going to any 4chan board but /m/ or /ck/

Probably not. Most who avoid it are more concerned with not being a soyboy. Otherwise it's plant protein grown by Americans for Asians and soyboys.
I can't stay away from the drawthreads - it lures me in with the prospect of quality deliveries and beats me with baitposting and faggotry.
cope started on 8ch tho
Open file (81.36 KB 1200x1134 cope.jpg)
It's pretty sad that someone on halfchan could run a bot consisting only of the words in that image, and nobody would bat an eye. It may even be called le baste & le redbilled
>To be fair, is soy really bad?
I mean soy as a meme you dummy
>cuckchan board has cuckchan memes
If that actually surprised you you're a retard.
Open file (632.86 KB 420x242 see_ya.gif)
>Former 4chan /b/ lurker here. I come in peace.
I used to frequent the /b/ drawthreads on a near weekly basis. But now, I stopped going to the drawthreads altogether. Nothing but the same old song and dance, each and every thread. Once in a blue moon, you do have legitimately artists pop up and give quality deliveries upon request. Some artists I ended up following on social media (Twitter and the like).

But for the most part, it's the following:
>anon(s) accusing others of samefagging
>anon(s) obsessing over former drawfags that used to frequent the threads all because of meaningless drama
>Repeat requesters that can't take 'no' for an answer (or to spam just out of spite)
>Fernando (an infamous Hispanic pedo that would always request obscure under-aged cartoon characters being naked or in swimsuits, etc.)
>Vorefag (Something something spams Baphomet loli request. Something something eaten by toad. Toad shit, something something.)

By the time I wanted to just interact with other drawfags. Only to then be berated by anons labeling me as a samefag or [INSERT FORMER DRAWFAG"S NAME HERE], I've finally tapped out. Needless to say, I haven't been to a /b/ drawthread since.

>What a fucking pile!

Soy is the main go to "meat" for processed foods.
Unless you believe in the grand soy unified theory, I don't see why not. You can always substitute soy milk with almond milk, coconut milk, or cashew milk.
do they still do that god awful thing where they avatar with their scribble ocs? that shit was so tumblr
Yep. Then again, it's the only drawthread on 4chan to allow such a thing. I don't mind it. It's the spammers and dramafags I can't stand.
>I come to request.
>I leave with a migraine.
>If that actually surprised you you're a retard.
Shut up you smarmy faggot
Do you shit your pants when you walk into a bakery and see bread?

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