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Open file (13.86 KB 195x195 8chan.png)
"8kun" will not migrate all 8chan boards Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 14:44:57 No.435

"8kun" will start fresh except for a few boards where the board owner has remembered some "shared secret." Ron aka Codemonkey doesn't think it's worth migrating most boards from his 8chan database.
What's the point then? People can "start fresh" on literally any website, the whole point waiting for Jim was to salvage the database.
tryna get the deets on niggas like moot did for jannies when he sold 4
reminder that this will literally just be Qchan, no matter what they say. Search 8chan on twitter, it's just pages after pages of boomers and magaturds with Q and pepe the frog avatars, if the oldfags here are going to migrate anywhere, it will have to be somewhere else, 8chan has been comprimsed same way as 4chan has been for years now
Open file (17.23 KB 427x320 pathetic.jpg)
true anonymous doesn't have any social account, only the cancer have, what's next?

>"redditfags will own that place, just look the amount of posts they made"

Reddit is fucking based though! They hate Israel and share the dankest memes.
>reddit hates israel
Open file (46.42 KB 1024x847 1557614150430.jpg)
Open file (303.88 KB 925x540 1529473441525.jpg)
Open file (383.03 KB 700x467 1491904476824 (1).png)
Open file (3.35 MB 360x202 1556908487191.gif)
Open file (101.24 KB 1013x658 1551981755079 (1).jpg)
In the name of KEK and Q, I hereby call this comment "Based and Redpilled"
Based double dichotomy poster
The reason I've heard entertained for this shift was that Qboomers have money and would be willing to pay for premium boards or perks.

Given how absurd everything has gotten I'll go out on a limb and assume that the new forum will be built off a closed source version of Next with the same security pitfalls implemented such as the access token to the database being hardcoded into the source. I can smell the credit card numbers stored in plaintext already.
Nice gay blowie pic, soycialist
Open file (551.07 KB 712x446 1558060133575.png)
Open file (441.36 KB 1222x673 1559524280976.png)
Open file (109.64 KB 1024x1018 1559442465255.jpg)
Open file (162.72 KB 1965x1107 1560374322942.jpg)
if you do not stand with the LGBT and israel, you do not stand with america, it's as simple as that

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