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Captain SNES: The Game Masta Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 02:13:49 No.38 [Reply] [Last]
Can we have a Captain SNES thread? This webcomic's been running for years now, but I'm not sure if sprite comic's are /co/ material.
I love this comic though, I've been following it for 10 years and it hasn't let me down yet.

>What is Captain SNES?
Captain SNES is a spiritual successor to the campy 80's Nintendo cartoon, Captain N.
The basic premise is that instead of a pure-hearted, noble youth, this time the Power Glove called on a foul-mouthed, jaded adult.
As he journeys through Videoland he learns that the characters he cherished have developed in unexpected directions, and the deeper he digs the worse the state of Videoland appears.
The problem with destined heroes is that they're only called on when things are really looking bleak.

Things get more complicated from there with a branching narrative shared across multiple game worlds and characters.

>Why should I care about any of that gay shit though?
Because the writing is fucking insane. The writer's been going for 17 years and he hasn't forgotten a god damn thing. All sorts of clues and cryptic statements come back years after the fact to bite people in the ass.

It's a wild ride. The earlier stuff can be hard to read through with a lot of walls of text, but the payoff when something from the double-digits comes back in the 600-700 range is worth it. After the first 90 pages or so the main plot starts to pick up steam and everything gets crazier from there.
>The writer's been going for 17 years and he hasn't forgotten a god damn thing
It sounds like an autisanal masterwork
Open file (183.92 KB 512x1320 2006-02-07.png)
I dunno about autism, it doesn't update often enough for that. I think it's just something he started up for fun in his early 20's, but he keeps dragging himself back because he feels obligated to do it justice. A hobbyist, through and through.

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