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>Star Vs. Thread Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 13:54:38 No.351
What went wrong with the show?
Also, asn't teh creator heavy into teh cuck scene (the whole ace of spades stuff and such)
I don't know what went wrong but it happened in season three
>Going all dindu nuffin with the monsters despite their mustache-twirling supervillain behavior (especially from Toffee) complete with making them some hodpgepodge of Amerindians to Mewni's White Man and the Muslims/Heretics to Mewni's Crusaders
>Having a shoddily thought-out setting that tries to be both a Dark Ages pit and a Medieval Fantasy world with enchanted smartphones combined with a tone that tries to be a parody of magical girl animu, DnD style fantasy, and Euro fairy tales while also some totally serious exploration of them with prog politics
>Going through the trouble to make a databook only for the last season to ignore it (namely when it comes to the MHC's characterization besides token Hekapoo and the lack of Septarsis besides a cameo from Toffee)
>Underused or abandoned plot points like Marco's tentacle arm
>Trying to give the illusion that it's a setting with consequences yet at the same time tries to be super wacky (see how they handled Marco growing into a man only to become a boy again)
>Cheaply finishing Marco's romantic loose ends in Jarco and Markapoo (complete with Jackie acting like no attractive woman ever would with her "im nut woth eet staa izz").
>Eclipsa becoming worse and worse with each reveal from her scene with Little Moon onward (largely from how she's never shown acting as selfish as she claims to be) combined with how both her and Globgar were dindu nuffins (despite what we're shown in the tapestry
>the Trump Derangement Syndrome in Season 4
Am I missing one?
Here we see Daron having to use reddit to answer the loose ends or abandoned plot points (like what happened to Seth of Septarsis).

Magic Book of Spells
it was always shit
i alwayssaw it as a parody on Magical girl shows that stopped halfway inand tried to get "serious"
Still miss when europeans were making their magical girl stuff.
>the Trump Derangement Syndrome in Season 4
Context please?
What? You didn't watch it? It has one of the villains talking about how Mewni used to be great but now it isn't as she plans to shoah the dindus.
Everything went to hell when Glossaryck's VA got #MeTooed.
>>351 It was bad from the start, but people were convinced that it would get better or properly build on the story and characters they established, instead of just falling apart after getting more seasons than they knew what to do with.
>>351 It was made by soy faggots
>>351 It stopped baiting the cuckqueaners and settled for the most vanilla ship.

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