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Webcomics Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 19:07:03 No.328
I've been reading a bunch of obscure/nonstandard comics recently, and that includes revisiting some old webcomics I read when I was a teenager. One of these was The Webyssy - sort of a series of visual puns based on the internet landscape around the time of its creation c.2010. A literal webcomic.

I think it's an interesting time capsule, so I'll be storytiming it as best I can; sadly it only reached 16 pages, and I'm missing three of them due to archive.org not having saved the images properly.

Anyway, what are some webcomics you anons are reading or have read? Any that hold up to reread? Any guilty pleasures from the early days of webcomics when everyone and his dog had a ComicGenesis account?
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It still kind of astounds me there was a time when the internet was made of more than a handful of corporate websites and web services. I can't remember the last time any web forums were relevant, or when people thought lolcats were funny.
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Open file (720.72 KB 580x1678 16.jpg)
And here are the missing pages, sadly. I can't seem to find 11, 13, or 15 on any web archive service and the website that hosted them is long dead.

I have a distant memory of the troll going "lel faggot u mad" repeatedly, but that was apparently page 13 because it isn't here.
Only webcomic I still keep up with. http://www.valsalia.com/
>>330 Is TGT still going?
Open file (928.17 KB 450x260 yeah, whatever.gif)
>>328 >>329 >>330 >names a comic after The Odyssey >plot is a Wizard of Oz ripoff I also googled the artist's name + "webbyssey" and immediately found not only multiple failed attempts to crowdfund this as a graphic novel, but also a collection of the first 15 pages on Funnyjunk. https://funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2898232/The/ Can't just post the missing pages here because the uploader was a dim bulb who plastered them all together in one fucklong image, but at least you've got your missing bits available here.
I've read Miss Melee. Seems pretty nice so far.
There's also this comic called Mad Magic by the guy that did the Carol Danvers parody edit comics.
Here's something that's on the rise, OP. It's called "The Condom Crusader". It is a series of several comics that is the funniest shit to come out in a long time. While it is pornographic, it is intentionally Z-film like and just so fucking hillarious that people are reading and sharing it a lot. It is by the same guy who did the mlp porn parody "Dragon You Over" in 2015. Look up the Condom Crusader series and you'll be laughing like there's no tomorrow. Pic related is the first page of the original issue #1.
Open file (1.37 MB 980x653 ClipboardImage.png)
Is Stand Still Stay Silent any good? i've been interested for years but i've never read it, seems to be free of diversity which is nice, but still looks rather tumblr-esque.
>>571 I haven't read it but the premise sounds pretty cool.
>>572 Fuck it, i'm reading it, will give my impressions later.
Open file (3.50 MB 1650x1172 ClipboardImage.png)
>>576 >Page 150 This has been pretty decent so far, the writing and panels are a bit hard to follow at times and the art style is not for everyone, but the world building has be really good so far and zero pozz to boot.
>>577 Catched up already. I'd recommend it, the world building is really good, i desperately want to learn more about it for example how more densely populated areas of the world ended up, or if there are other holdouts, the world did capture my imagination,there are good character dynamics and pretty much no pozz, well, some designs are rather androgynous, but that's it really. I can complain about some character motivations, the typical thing where there's no good reason for some characters to stick together but they still do just cause that's the gang, i also wish it had a darker tone in general, the apocalypse in the setting is some truly horrific shit, yet the gang doesn't seem to take it seriously enough, even when they've almost died several times. It's one thing to not take seriously a threat with no weight behind it, but the threat here does. It's worth the couple of afternoons it takes to catch up to it.
Open file (58.42 KB 328x400 Blastwave_ABREak.jpg)
Open file (186.82 KB 620x899 Blastwave_expression.jpg)
Open file (179.23 KB 620x877 Help.jpg)
Gone with the Blastwave is about the only one I'm confident I would like to reread.
>>589 Whenever I see gone with the blastwave I can't help but think of the two main guys with the same voicees as dave and mike from civil protection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItsHNyEel38

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