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Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 22:45:17 No.379
One thing I've been doing with various Western series that got terrible dubs in my country (or didn't get here at all) is to try and watch them up until they're objectively considered good, plus at best just the following bad series.
A couple of series I've been meaning to get around to are King of the Hill and Spongebob. From what I've seen, there's quite the number of seasons, but where exactly do they stop being interesting/worth watching?
Also, do you have other series that had a similar issue, where the good episodes stopped coming after a certain series?
I would suggest watching King of the Hill all the way through because the quality never really fell off and the last episode wraps up a lot of things. Spongebob was always bad but the quality of the show really changes from the movie on.
Really? I've been told Spongebob was memorable (whatever they meant by that) up until a few seasons in when they just made it stupider and gross.
Thanks for the tip anyhow.
Not >>380, but I agree on Spongebob. It's just a randumb comedy that is not anything special. Only people I see it appeal to are native English speakers for some reason. In my country Spongebob is a hot potato that TV stations get rid off after emitting two seasons at most and then replace it with Anime, European, old Cartoon Network, WB, or Fox animated series.
Most people who like Spongebob insist that first seasons are good and that show drops in quality after the first animated Film.

King of the Hill is good, nearly all episodes are at least decent, and there are no weak seasons. It's not like Simpsons where it just goes to shit at certain point.
randumb can be funny if it's memorable, but I see your point
speaking of the Simpsons, my country had a terrible dub that removed all of the wit in the writing and a lot of the references, which made me kind of hate the show, but even now after watching it raw it's more miss than a hit, except for some skits that I gotta imagine had the entire writing team in a laughing fit for hours, like that one episode where Homer is inexplicably a member of a barber shop quartet and Chief Wiggum gets replaced by Barney, the part where he gets angry at the television gets me every time

Spongebob was an acceptable cartoon to watch with your children. That's enough.
>>383 >Only people I see it appeal to are native English speakers for some reason. I think that's partially due to nostalgia.
>>380 No, early Spongebob was classic.

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