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Avatar Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 15:13:24 No.387
So, anybody who stills pays attention the franchise here? See any good rewrites for Korra?
Open file (101.37 KB 1024x682 1380293000206.jpg)
I fucking wish. You'll probably have to go diving pretty deep on fanfic sites to find anything resembling a rewrite.
Where the fug do I find the comics free of charge?
Just go to readcomics.
What was the name of that shitty Avatar shipping comic where Katara blood bends Mai to death?
How I Became Yours
Open file (146.95 KB 821x1023 172.jpg)
That's the one, thanks.
Open file (308.20 KB 800x997 1301616864927.jpg)
I miss bad comics like that.
>See any good rewrites for Korra?
I've got something better: https://pastebin.com/fBV5AteY
Open file (223.24 KB 536x872 menacing zula.png)
Know about ones about Azula and Zuko instead?
Open file (634.58 KB 3000x2189 Korra Space Jam.jpg)
I really wanted to like Korra. There was potential to write a good story about how the world developed since the war and how some still distrust the Fire Nation years later, but instead we got a show that fucked up just about everything it attempted. Even the fucking setting was botched with its jump to 1920s technology that didn't even make sense. In the original show, the world and its technology were built around bending and making the most of it. A lot of small details (mail, transport, etc) incorporated this. Even though the writers could just as easily have left those small moments out, they made the world feel that much more alive. Instead, Korra gives us gas-powered vehicles with bending being less practical. I guess they could have discussed how technology downplays their natural bending talents, but they were too retarded to do that too. >>387 >See any good rewrites for Korra? I have this.
>>447 The tech jump could've worked if there was a notably longer gap between the shows. There wasn't a full century since TLA. It'd have the bonus of letting the Gaang be safely dead rather than get Toph's treatment.
Open file (846.97 KB 1300x1700 korra parenting.png)
For your consideration.
Open file (64.71 KB 496x750 1449956719408.jpg)
>>402 Anywhere that has it archived? I want to read through it again but I can't find it anywhere, and it's not on exhentai.
>Having the FN kill all the gays >throwing in mentioning of spirit portals >mention Raava and/or Vaatu >take out Roku's talk on the Avatar State >throw in some other junk to connect to Korra >extra diversity There I saved you from watching the Netflix version.
>>554 Wait the live action one came out already?
>>558 No. And hopefully it never does. They should've just let the brand die at the movie with Bryke moving on to new things. Just about everything done with it after TLA is garbage.
>>562 It's funny they revealed they had ideas for other shows after Avatar but they never went through with it. One of the ideas was some kid who could make his drawings come to life.
Now listen to me. I've made the best idea for a sequel for Korra. The main character won't be the next avatar but Korra's and Assami's son who was raped by his moms when he was 10. Now he must take care of the next avatar who is an autistic retard abd also has some retarded reaction which actuvatates the avatar state. And add bolin that is trying ti be iroh 2.0 or some shit. And also ty lees great great granddaughter who is a fucking street racer. Help I cannot stop thinking of korra sucking a tiny shotas dick while shes fungering his asshole Send help
>>565 wtf dude You should stop thinking about that and go to church. Or just do something else to take your mind off of it.
>>564 They should have. Legend of Korra's depiction of the world and its very plot is so radically at odds with TLA that I suspect it started out as a new IP about some vigilante in a WW2 Era setting. This gets understated too much, but the ideal Avatar in TLA was more of an Oriental spiritual teacher figure ala Krishna and Confucius and the Buddha. These figures aren't redeemers or rulers of men like Christ since men don't have Original Sin, they aren't "broken" or "corrupt" by nature. LoK depicted the Avatar as more or less a spirit dictator/vigilante who cannot be questioned. LoK went with a theme of men being horrid meat eating beasts who need the Avatar/Korra as a strongman to keep them in line and usher in a world of social justice. >>565 There's no point to make a Korra sequel since they just turned the Avatar World into a pozzed fantasy of modern day West here on Earth. What, are we going to have the Earth Avatar fight microaggressions and enforce safe spaces for spirits? The only way to salvage the franchise if we can't just ignore Korra is to have some offscreen apocalypse turn the world into Hokuto no Ken.
>>566 The church only makes gays and lesbians, he's better off making shota-ara rape comics.
Is it just me or korra doesn't have the same atmosphere like a:tla? And also what's with creators ruining their creations? Like Harry Potter, Avatar... And also was the last decate so bad that only like transformers and... What else?
>>569 As I said, LoK's setting is radically at odds with TLA's. Whether it's bending (bending in LoK loses enough of its significance as spiritual traditions for each land to just be mutant powers), the Avatar being a spirit dictator/vigilante, and perhaps worst of all being Westernized enough that a war profiteer's wife wears a white wedding dress.
>>567 >The only way to salvage the franchise if we can't just ignore Korra is to have some offscreen apocalypse turn the world into Hokuto no Ken. You mean the inevitable war to end all wars because spirits in LoK are incredibly easy to offend and can cause massive destruction. I've said it once and I'll say it again, korra basically dropped in thousands of super wizards into society and expects everything will workout just fine.
>>574 That reminds me of this old story idea an anon from 8chan had for a sequel to LOK. The next avatar is an earth bender and is rich. He has to deal with Korra's spirit nagging him all the time and he has a lightning bender friend to help him out in a world that has gone to shit.
>>574 Sure. The trick is to torch the setting and start over. Delete all the excess technology and Westernized elements like elections (with Raiko being a Trump stand-in beaten by Zhu Li as Hillary Clinton). Let the mass destruction have enough spiritual damage to undo Korra and Unalaq's antics (the portals are forever barred and spirits have to come into Man's World the proper way, Korra is obliterated beyond return and will never be shown again).
>>578 How is Raiko a Trump stand in? If anything he was one of the few sensible characters in Republic City. Everytime Korra wanted to go get Republic City involved in some war he said no. And the show kept making him look bad for it. I agree with you about the technology though. It makes no sense how they got radio. The blimps and cars I could see that as an extension from Fire Nation military equipment being repurposed for peace time but there was no sign of radio ever being developed in that world.
>>581 >How is Raiko a Trump stand in? >He didn't read any of the comics Read the Korra comic. Raiko gets in an election against Zhu Li (which happened well after Trump annouced his candidacy). Their talking points on the portal/spirits are obviously meant to be a stand-in for immigration. And Raiko loses. >I agree with you about the technology though. It makes no sense how they got radio. The blimps and cars I could see that as an extension from Fire Nation military equipment being repurposed for peace time but there was no sign of radio ever being developed in that world. They made the Avatar World into the The West circa WW2.
>>584 I see now. That sounds stupid still.
Shaymalan's Avatar wasn't that bad honestly. The cries over Whitewashing were just from Aang and the Water Tribesmen being played by White kids.

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