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Anonymous 04/15/2020 (Wed) 07:47:15 No.543
So where is the official /co/ bunker, now that the new BO on 8/co/on has proven to be a LARPing avatarfag bent on running shit like some commie police state? Guy came straight out of SomethingAwful with his moderation tactics.
>>543 >ban for "autism" Yet again, the issue here is a moderator not willing to put effort into the correcting-behavior aspect of moderation. But ignoring that, Frank doesn't seem that bad, especially compared to Yani honestly don't remember how to spell his name. Issue with Yani being poorer judgement and lack of communication. "Free-speech" isn't an inherently good thing, especially if it means low-quality shitposts can go unhampered. I have only ever seen morons disagree with this sentiment. Judging from the meta threads, I'm absolutely right about that. In any case, I haven't touched 8kun both out of contempt for what 8chan had become in the past few years and because a slight paranoia, so this doesn't matter to me at all. Anyway, I would assume that this board right here is the bunker, but please go away if you unironically think—to name an example from the meta thread (https://archive.is/BlLTp)—"Why is Chowder so redpilled" is a worthy OP. 4chan was partly hated due to the average retarded faggot there, not just because the moderators were replaced with SJWs like Redwood.
Apparently there's another successor to 8chan called 8chan.moe. It has it's own /co/ and Frank seems to have jumped ship to this new imageboard. https://8kun.top/co/res/1074189.html
>>573 For now both places are active, so he is the mod of 2 dead sites instead of one.
Given the recent news of julay restarting will this board remain or is it moving somewhere else?
>>573 It's run by acidman, if you trust him you're a retard.

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