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Open file (78.55 KB 726x509 milo_hiv_con.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 19:40:35 No.7078 [Reply] [Last]
Milo Yiannopoulos is attending furfag con.

Lefty furfags are already making death threats against him on twitter.

*grabs popcorn*
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Here's the website that PDF was from. I think this is Yiannopoulos' website, right?
Someone has apparently threatened to boogaloo the furfag con:

Here's the twitter post where the threats were uncovered.

i've been vaccinated when younger yes.
Open file (1.44 MB 448x218 1517886166439.gif)
The number of potential shenanigans here are amazing. I hope he sneaks in in a fur suit and bring a gang of those alt-right guys that go around to rallies looking for fights. I hope it gets violent.

Open file (44.54 KB 651x318 binky doom.jpg)
Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 13:22:58 ID: 2a892f No.223 [Reply] [Last]
This takes place just after the wedding that Arthur and them went to and had no idea it was a gay wedding but they didn't care for Mr. Ratburn is a friend. Most had no idea Mr. Ratburn was gay until the wedding itself. He is now an openly gay man. They are planning to adopt some kids in fact of course. Both are men so they can't have kids of their own. They both have the same body parts. So yes both has testicles, scrotums, and penises. Patrick took Mr. Ratburn last name as his own. He moved into Nigels house. For Patrick lived in an apartment. We see them talking about stuff in fact of course. And they are babysitting some of the kids in his class.

"I have no problem with you two being gay men I am a Liberal kind of boy and I am not gay in fact of course," said Arthur, "I don't know why Patrick here is thinking about getting his genitals removed from his body for that sounds painful for they are sensitive body parts I love having a penis and scrotum were my testicles is at I hope to use them to reproduce with someday in fact of course."

"He doesn't like his genitals for he is the femine kind and he owns a chocolate shop," said Mr. Ratburn, "We will ask a gay doctor as in surgeon that has no problems removing genitals in fact of course."

"I don't want my genitals removed from my body for I love my penis in fact of course," said Buster, "We think Binky Barnes is a gay boy in fact of course."

"Once it is off I will be happy and I once tried to cut them off but my mom stopped me," said Patrick, "We will adopt some kids because we are both men in fact of course."

"I think Binky Barnes is gay for when he gave me a bath he looked at my long penis in lust," said Bud, "I am just four years old but I know what sex is my dad taught me with me stripped naked for better reasons."

Bud isn't gay but his one classmates is and Bud is not very good friends for he bosses other's isn't gay in fact of course. Bud knows that it is okay to be different and glad that they will go home later today. Arthur and them boys has circumcised penises in fact of course. Buster and Binky has small penises in fact of course. We still see them talking about stuff in fact of course.

"I was circumcised after birth so don't have have foreskin unlike some boys for we have showers in school at times," said Arthur, "So I seen us all naked we all have ten toes and genitals and I seen girls naked they have vaginas for I sometimes have baths with my sister D.W. here in fact of course."

"I was circumcised after birth myself for i my mom good my foreskin in a jar in a box," said Bud, " We will have a bath together tonight as in me and D.W. in fact of course. "

"If I was a bit I would have been circumcised and I heard two Aboriginal tribes does subincision in fact," said D.W., "I have a nice looking vagina in fact of course."

"As a girl We have vaginas instead of penises and glad we went to that wedding," said Fern, "If I was a boy I would have been circumcised in fact of course."

"I was circumcised after birth myself for my mom said yes in fact of course," said Brain, " We will have a bath together tonight in fact of course. "

I hope you like this story here so far in fact of course. See what happens next chapter here of course.
Great thread in fact of course.
Open file (55.60 KB 450x799 airforcepimp.jpg)

Open file (2.54 MB 1920x1080 ThatDamnSmile.webm)
Mumkey Jones Thread Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 08:47:39 ID: b9d450 No.3046 [Reply] [Last]
Figured I should start with some OC. I'll re-edit it to be more NSFW if you guys like it.
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
Mumkey was always this sad sperg. Initially I honestly thought he was just taking the piss with his videos. But he identifies with the Supreme Gentleman and is guilty of shit taste in anime.
I only saw a couple of seconds of the sex tape leak and it was just him staring into the camera. How's his channel been doing since all the drama happened? Does he still have dedicated paypigs?
It's seems he mostly was able to recover. He recently has been trying to get his e-celeb friends to forgive him. He also has quite the amount pay piggies still supporting him.
I remember this guy, just some rodger fanboy. A pseudo-robot so to say, someone who just wanted to cash in on the craze by providing "a rational explanation" to the cattle

Open file (69.83 KB 407x803 Untitled2.png)
Open file (68.85 KB 411x615 Untitled3.png)
Open file (44.42 KB 410x378 Untitled4.png)
SwoleBenji Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 05:57:01 ID: ccc852 No.5946 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone know who this tripfag was? He was bragging about nobody will ever be able to find out but has left a lot of breadcrumbs on the cuckchan archives. Recently he started sperging out on his goycord about this too. Seems right now he's causing drama with his guild on WoW, pics related, 3rd one reveals his possible /cow/ connection.
I have Macho and Stino'd DOX so if you want to witch hunt me IRL I will glady send gremlins from several trolling communities to FUCK their shit to hell.

Shouldn't have bought a powerleveling service pal.

Shouldn't have FUCKED with me and my friend's free time.

Shouldn't have randomly gkicked me when I didn't do fucking shit to you.

Shouldn't have been a piece of shit who uses guild members like objects.

This loser server transfered off cause he's a dumbass who couldn't keep it on the down low that he bought a Chinese power leveling service so he uproots his entire guild to try to sever transfer away to a dead fucking server all to save his $500-$650 investment. What a loser. "Kong" is his new character name by the way for anyone that wants to report him.

Listen you slimly little shits, SwoleBenji does not IRL troll and it's even one of his mantras, he won't fuck with your IRL if you don't fuck with his and as a NEET with no job or life and 16 years on the Chan sites he's got the upper fucking hand here.
thats some gayops larp your spouting good on ya to show your power level.

Open file (718.68 KB 1200x627 ClipboardImage.png)
Wignat family Ritter Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 19:08:08 ID: 24eef1 No.6444 [Reply] [Last]
Germany brings you another Drachenlord who is in contrary to the original a antisocial white trash Nazis. In this video the Ritters are moved to another apartment temporarily, because they were harassing the workers who are supposed to refurbish the homeless shelter they are living in. Hey, race war™ is more important than shitting in a working toilet.

Here some translations of highlights I have quickly cobbled together

>*: Hello, Stern TV. [Think Vice but more professional and for boomers]
>Mrs Ritter: I wonder what the hell Frohluft has been thinking, the stupid.
>* : You mean the Deputy Mayor?
>The Mayor, that cunt!

Christopher Ritter was sentenced to 9 months of prison for assault
>* : Now that you have to go to prison for 9 months...
> Christopher: Nah, we appealed
> *: What about your sick mother?
>Christopher: Sick? How? Sick from boozing?
>Mrs. Ritter: Sick of boozing...hah, 6 bottles of Liquour is now sick or what?

Too bad I have no time for making the fansubs.
> unironically using the word 'wignat'

The Cars of Autism Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 04:32:17 ID: d315d1 No.5940 [Reply] [Last]
There is a strong correlation between the number of words on your car and the intensity of your band in the autism spectrum. Here are my estimates:

If you have three to five bumper stickers, you probably have Aspergers. If you have six to ten, then you have autism. If your car is covered in words, then you're schizophrenic.
Open file (1.10 MB 1280x912 horseshoe theorist.jpg)
Open file (657.61 KB 1600x1200 california plate.jpg)
Open file (55.60 KB 700x467 trump train.jpg)
Autism, like bumper stickers, isn't exclusive to one political party.
I love smoke free air yet drives shitty truck. Really makes you think. But the two yellow bars over blue is some soros human rights foundation. Anyone driving with it on their car either took the organization at face value when a free sticker was given to them or they're 100% social warrior.
When you have ten bumper stickers on your vehicle, one is bound to contradict another.

Open file (59.79 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (4).jpg)
Some dude called Blinski is having a mental breakdown right now trying to get his mom and sister back Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 10:30:36 ID: 4600c0 No.5213 [Reply] [Last]


Trying to save my mom and my sister from my psychopath dad (not a joke)

139 subscribers
Published on 2 Sep 2019

Dropbox download link https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3hoqjsp4mkyzk2/Trying%20to%20save%20my%20mom%20and%20sister%20from%20my%20psychopath%20dad.mp4?dl=0
My dad has gaslit my mom and sister, and the Hudson, Wisconsin and Bloomington, Minnesota Police Departments into believing that I am crazy. Even if I am schizophrenic (I hope so, because the alternative is that my dad's a psycho), I am NOT a danger to myself or others. I love my family and I would never hurt any of them. I also love my own life right now and I'm not suicidal. I screwed up, because I confronted him about his decades-long sociopathic behavioral patterns without any concrete evidence of a crime. Now he has managed to convince my mom and sister not to pick up my calls. I'm doing whatever I can just to make sure my mom and sister are ok. I may look calm and collected in this video; that's because I share a lot of sociopathic characteristics with my dad--but I have NEVER done bad sexual things to anyone, and I would NEVER wish harm on my family. I only want to save my dad from himself. He has a sickness in his mind. Maybe he hurt real kids, or maybe he just watched illegal videos, but either way it's illegal and wrong and it needs to stop.

Open file (1.79 MB 1500x1888 gur tnzr.png)
/wooo/ stream Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 16:34:18 ID: 560f58 No.4467 [Reply] [Last]
Hey fags, actual wrassling time this time. Stream is confirmed, time is confirmed, no fucks up this time.

Tomorrow, August 31st, 12:30pm ET, 4:30 UTC, 1:30 by nip time.


It's a one day event, all matches are here.

Just like last time, it's a site wide invitation, I just don't want to spam and holy shit there's 20 fucking boards now.
10 posts and 2 images omitted.
This piece of shit doesn't even work
See >>4623 , the official stream is broken. Their entire twitter is now "I'm sorry for your problems, contact our support team" .
It's a shithole, but at least they have the links. The NJPW blogspot link was stolen from them.
It's not just the stream, this taima whatever shit doesn't work properly either
>this taima whatever shit doesn't work properly either
What do you mean?
>it's a shithole
>kirtashit the pedo groomer's haunt
>merely a shithole

Open file (2.11 MB 1000x2274 gur tnzr.png)
/wooo/ stream Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 20:41:01 ID: 8c9910 No.2821 [Reply] [Last]
Hey /cow/, you're all invited to come watch the Super J Cup with /wooo/. This is meant as a site-wide invitation, I just don't want to spam the pic on every board.
We have a board over at /a/'s bunker and we'll be watching wrassling there as long as h8's down.
>August 22nd - 10am UTC/6am EST/7pm UTC+9
>August 24nd - 10am UTC/6am EST/7pm UTC+9
>August 25nd - 8am UTC/4am EST/5pm UTC+9
You can see the entire lineup at the NJPW site. It's a tournament where only the match winners advance, so only the schedule for the first day is currently available.
Yes, wrestling is fake but still has tournaments. Think of it as an anime tournament arc, except the main character isn't white.
2 posts omitted.
Open file (265.33 KB 968x1044 pahtetic.jpg)
=Baw Gawd!==

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