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Pringles: a scared and corrupt rulecuck Anonymous 04/06/2020 (Mon) 23:19:09 ID: 269255 No.42638 [Reply] [Last]
Despite him losing his administrator power on Julay, he still has his XOP on #julayworld, so he continues to rulecuck and trick new users. This IRC log should provide plenty of evidence: https://anonfile.com/L2e4bcn9od/6m3rzb_txt Jan 17 04:36:48 <Pringles> This guy is fapping right now to the idea that he's actually causing trouble for us. I bet he cums on a stuffed dolphin Jan 17 23:58:01 <Reimu> Oh, no. It's logging. https://fuckoff.pedo/ Jan 18 00:03:09 <Reimu> Oh, and logging IPs: https://fuckoff.pedo/ Jan 18 00:03:45 <tttttttt> boxeddolphin is the nameserver too Jan 19 05:54:45 <robi> ~$ host fuckoff.pedo Jan 19 05:54:47 <robi> fuckoff.pedo has address Dolphin honeypot Mar 30 18:51:33 <euphoria> lmfao no way Mar 30 18:51:40 <euphoria> did pringles wipe it Mar 30 18:51:55 <euphoria> HAHAHAHA you fucking hypocritical G​AMERGATE Mar 30 18:51:57 <euphoria> pringles you G​AMERGATE Mar 30 18:54:38 <euphoria> I don't fucking get it apparently pringles owns /pol/ too Mar 30 18:55:15 <euphoria> not anymore Mar 30 18:55:45 <euphoria> I don't think it should have been given to pringles Mar 30 18:55:49 <euphoria> I don't even know why it was

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Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
Open file (1.99 MB 5024x2824 Dead dolphin.jpg)
McFucking killyourself DolphinG​AMERGATE

Open file (5.54 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20200125_103251.jpg)
Open file (3.82 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20200125_103225.jpg)
Am I an offline cow? 01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:37:45 ID: 3b807c No.29354 [Reply] [Last]
How does someone's life end up like this?
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Homeless fren any tips for homeless living? I was already well on the way to winding up without a permanent residence before this chinkshit virus, and things aren't looking any better despite the supposed federal block on evicting people.
probably by being an incel on /cow/
>>42526 Get a cast iron skillet and stove, keep bed off ground if possible, lots of tarps and Paracord, avoid fast food/unhealthy food, mummy bag > sleeping bag
>>42526 Also I'd squat as long as you can and hope this somehow blows over (I don't think it will anytime soon). Exception would be if you're cityfag and rioting starts happening, I dunno man chink aids made any decision suicidal. Do you keep working and get sick? Do you pay rent and eventually get robbed? Do you go innawoods and die? Only thing for sure I can recommend is buy a fullface respirator now even if it means you have to cut out vices

Open file (267.31 KB 553x562 torn1.png)
Open file (924.32 KB 1321x916 torn2.png)
wizchan and the like Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 16:03:36 No.9055 [Reply] [Last]
This is how global mod of wizchan looks like.
He powertrips through his own userbase, telling that women are good, and just wearing a chastity ring should keep you virgin. He's a frequent troll of his own userbase, he brags about bans and warnings publically on his channels. Known to be breaking all the rules of his own site, and what he implies to others - he is usually guilty of it much more instead. Like, when 8chan was still around, he was ranting about how bad it is. It didn't stop him from using the site for his own gain (getting free stuff from a giveaway on /v/ for example, and thanking everyone there) and then telling how bad that rotten shithole of a site 8chan is.
IRL he leeches of his sister and mother who give him lots of money and free time. He is a heavy drug addict, likes GAMERGATEs, and likes to establish connections with females in front of his userbase only to tell later that he's been on vacation/drugged/attended funeral.
He's also into anime which he watches with his bros online, with other chads, and IRL.
198 posts and 46 images omitted.
>>26868 The 'wizchan' name was tainted by the time Hotwheels betrayed it.
>>30019 buy adjulay loser
this thread is like a weird mix of people making fun of so-called "wizards" and hard core autist losers trying to "save" wizchan. both sides are diametrically opposed to one another yet seem blissfully unaware of either. WTF IM crying i dont get it why have i wandered in here from meta how do i dont. excuse me cow but dont hurt me. i am not a regular here and this place is scary. i am going to leave now. bye
>>12742 俺は味方なんざ独りもいねえんだよ。

Open file (121.09 KB 585x481 1570719172767.png)
Cuckwheels Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 23:25:44 No.11890 [Reply] [Last]
Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
Fredo has gone full lolcow.
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>>42553 lol... i'd rather wreck shit for you actually.
>>42557 All this time raging at Donny and you're pussying out of a live confrontation?
>>22392 where is the proof of Jim selling user data to the "feds?"
>>42577 they still haven't released the transcript of their meeting with congress
>>42577 >he doesn't know about SUNSHINE and the long history of Jim selling nip user data Imagine being this new >>42580 Also this

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 17:46:00 ID: 4d2600 No.39633 [Reply] [Last]
Why is this sperg posted on every image board i go on
17 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>39633 >robi looks like that irl
>>39999 >>40000 Le based checg
>>39899 He doesn't go outside, Vitamin D and sunlight will stop you looking like a greasy corpse. Too bad about the shape of his block.
>>40339 Jesus H Christ - save us from this antichrist!
None of these pictures are him and he stopped using alt chans in february.

Open file (11.84 KB 192x374 Paul_Gekko_(2015).png)
Introducing Dynapaul Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 04:11:54 ID: 0ba0fd No.22474 [Reply] [Last]
Alright, I don't know WHO the fuck to send this to. I've posted this to I don't give a fuck WHO sees it - it's about getting as many people TO see this as possible. You may say this is the 'wrong board' for this, but I disagree; this dude's writing incorporate all damn media except /tv/ - This shit MUST be shared. Send this to KiwiFarms, Something Awful, Fred Knudsen, or even Jim. I don't care who.

I present to you an absolutely prolific, insane writer, by the name of Paul 'Dynapaul' Dy.

A basic google search for 'Paul Dy' comes up with NOTHING related to this man - you MUST specifically search for 'Dynapaul Wiki'.

I want that changed - this man's name MUST be the first result.

So who the fuck is this man? In brief, I have no damn idea, but what I do know is this:

PREFACE - this man runs a FANDOM wiki page that is so schizophrenic and disorganized, I feel like Charlie trying to connect the Pepe Sylvia mystery from It's Always Sunny - bickers I cannot, for the life of me, follow these links cohesively; for example, he has at least 2 different versions of 'Hyrule' from the Zelda franchise, neither of which reliably link back to one another.



1 - He has, at the MINIMUM, been active since 2011 - at least his Wiki has, according to his account profile on said wiki. So I'm of the belief that, given how prolific he is, he MUST be an adult now.

2 - His Self-Insert - which he bases everything in his Wiki off of - is known as Paul Gekko. PIC RELATED.


3 - His art, cognitive understanding, writing style, and mental development as a whole is in many ways, akin to oldschool Chris-Chan.

4 - he appears to be basing the majority of his headcanon on a made-up anime series he's allegedly working on: Megaman ZX Shippuden.


5 - Said headcanon is utterly insane, and feels like an alternate reality where MUGEN got way the fuck out of hand - he appears to be incorporating almost every entertainment property under the sun in some way, from Codname: KND to MLP:FiM, from Naruto to Skies of Arcadia, or from Zelda to Destroy All Humans!, and One Piece to Warhammer 40k.

6 - While a sizable portion of the hyperlinks in his wiki simply trace back to the official FANDOM wikis for those characters, he DOES have his own entry for a disturbingly large amount of characters, which are equally batshit insane. Some of the prime examples include:

Dr. Robotnik (bickers, of course, no autism fest is complete without goddamn Sonic, is it?)


A samurai version of Link


Emperor Hylia, a sentient monster truck that runs its own nation and is part of a fictional series WITHIN his Megaman anime called the 'Book of Sega' - This shit is autismception.


But that's only the fucking tip of the goddamn iceberg. Some of the most mind-numbngly insane reads I've come across on this godforsaken corner of the internet include his various nations, ideologies, wars, gods, and religions. Feast your eyes upon such great works as:

The Galactic (Neo?) Eggman Empire which is run by literally fucking everyone fictional, ever.


The High School Wars


the extended 'Family' of Paul Gekko


The Great Grand Civil War


5 posts and 1 image omitted.
The good thing about that is there doesn't seem to be anything to find. His account profile on his Wiki page leads to a deleted Facebook account and a non existent discord profile. I believe he has a Deviant art by the name of PaulDy15, but there is no PII.
Open file (201.63 KB 471x376 e614712.png)

Here's a "family song" which I can only describe as his self insert getting a pizza bukkake from angels.

Gekko Clan Ritual Song
>Larry and Gekko Clan: (singing chorus) Pizza Angel, please come to me! (angel chorus come in)
>Angel Chorus: Come to me!
>Larry: Tomato sauce & cheese so gooey! Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees!
>Angel Chorus: On my knees!
>Larry and Gekko Clan: You'll live forever in my memory! Pizza Angel, please come to me!
>Angel Chorus: Come to me!
>Larry and Gekko Clan: Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey! Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees!
>Angel Chorus: On my knees!
>All: I will miss you for eternity!
>>22753 >>22828 reminds me of this sperg https://invidio.us/watch?v=1KqbitSp5DA imagine how much more autism there would be to read if his social media profiles were still active
I'm sorry. That was my fault
I will not do that again. Even I Have to make my own videos.

donny long got corona virus!!! mustafa solami 04/03/2020 (Fri) 07:59:42 ID: 622009 No.42382 [Reply] [Last]
donald carlos seoane diagnosed with covid 19!
Mustafa, buddy, I'm getting pretty sick of seeing 20 threads about this guys dick and phlegm, can you just contain it in a single thread seeing as you are literally the only one on this board that cares about this gay porn actor? And for gods sake learn how to use the spoiler function.
>>42387 leave it there and no problem. it's a deall!
>>42508 >leave it there and no problem. it's a deall! What is wrong with the other 20 threads you've posted already? You can't complain about the jannies sweeping when you make new threads all of the time instead of replying. See this is the problem with faggots they think their own issues are the most important thing in the world and shit everything up. Why don't you go beg Donny for a good ass fucking instead of bothering >us? Or go down to the local YMCA and meet up with a local faggot in the bathroom? I'm tired of coming here, loading the overboard, and seeing 20+ threads of yours that are just the same images over and over again.
>>42508 we made a deal. you just fuct up.
>>42551 you're quite welcome to have a thread since it contains your autism and you are kinda the lolcow here but just keep it to one thread. You're shitting up the place with all these threads you G​AMERGATE.

Open file (560.58 KB 720x720 1561869511175.png)
TheHeroOfTomorrow/Eli S. Stone Anonymous 02/28/2020 (Fri) 07:20:06 ID: c5b9c8 No.36520 [Reply] [Last]
You guys ever heard of this lolcow? He seems like one of those idiots online with pronounces and love to bash Orange Man Bad 24/7. I'm going to give you a short summary of him from the foxdicks dig on him. >Brief Summary: Weird ass dude who lives with his mama at almost 30 years old, has worked as a shitty video reviewer (as a faux comic character of his own shitty imagination, mind you) for a variety of topics and products for the past 8+ years (think a more autistic Doug Walker, but not funny at all), is your stereotypical TCG nerd and Pokemonfag. Clearly wants to get with thots, albeit unsuccessfully like Penguinfag. Has recently finished his series of videos, ironically at the time when people will now finally start noticing him after years of not giving a fuck. Some info on where the guy lives. His white papers… https://www.whitepages.com/name/Eli-S-Stone/Heber-Springs-AR/11rhte81 Dox: 610 Colonial Cir Heber Springs AR 72543-4603 DOB: June 1st, 1990

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

12 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>39445 If he rapes anyone let us know, that could be funny.
>>39454 I'll update the news when I can. :)
This nigga is probably crying right now bickers he is stuck in his home until the virus is gone but by that time. He will be homeless in the streets and begging to be raped by black men with BBC back home.
Open file (485.27 KB 639x595 ClipboardImage.png)
Oddguy why are you sending food to fat MLP reviewers?
>>42380 WTF! So he a kek! I knew it that fucking fat Jew! https://youtu.be/syHkqaNASqM

FBIchan general (8chan/8kun/Odin) Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 22:26:59 ID: 5aa03a No.13388 [Reply] [Last]
Share your favorite snaps.
427 posts and 458 images omitted.
I reckon >>/n/1339/ is an FBI thread. Maybe it's the BO too.
>everybody is mark >now, everybody is FBI as well it's good to know that my suspicions that the anime avatars here were mentally ill was right on the money. hope we see a spergout from them soon, like we did with guthrum
So, intl=ACF=8kult=FBI https://archive.fo/EDYso
>>40531 ok boomer
Open file (93.61 KB 293x335 114.png)

Open file (371.54 KB 626x803 Gahoole_the_Chad.png)
Open file (614.38 KB 545x667 good_looking_dude.png)
Open file (629.73 KB 844x898 pedohoole.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 873x843 god_himself.png)
Gahoole2 / Patrick Nelson Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 16:56:36 ID: 60a3a1 No.13514 [Reply] [Last]
A failed normalfag briefly known as the BO of 8/tv/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards.

Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is balding at 22.

His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
678 posts and 184 images omitted.
I have graphic evidence showing that gahoole is not a virgin
Open file (447.15 KB 2824x808 Untitled.png)
gahoole i know you check this can you please can you please take a passport style photo so face forward, eyes open, mouth closed, hair out of your face dont need to ask why but could you please do that for me? in the end, you probably wont regret it
Open file (1.00 MB 778x1253 gahoole_yellow.PNG)
Open file (270.85 KB 1086x811 Hope Rides Alone.jpg)
One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

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