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Open file (5.29 KB 150x150 19923416.jpg)
please explain robi Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 04:23:58 ID: c9fd18 No.9512 [Reply] [Last]
8:58 AM - robi: God I feel so guilty about the CP
8:58 AM - robi: I wish it didn't turn me on to see that shit
8:59 AM - robi: It's not just regular child porn either, it's hurtcore now
8:59 AM - robi: I just like to see children suffer :(
8:59 AM - robi: Oh well, no point in thinking about it too much
8:59 AM - robi: Time to load up Tor and find some more, lol!
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What sick person would say something like that?
Open file (435.67 KB 900x900 anita187.jpg)
4:58 AM - robi: I paypig $5 a month to jcaesar187
robi: I'm a brony money succer who lover CP loliz
>>9512 >Time to load up Tor and find some more, lol! It's fake yo

Open file (221.62 KB 1125x1000 vw9nn4imp6r11.jpg)
Right Wing Lolcows: Julay World Edition Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 06:57:00 ID: d079ee No.8369 [Reply] [Last]
Dug around the archives, could not find archives of the certain versions of the general. I'll try to fix that should 8cuck return once again. Anyway here's what I did scrounge up-

prequel: https://archive.fo/XSIa7
Origin: https://archive.fo/H3zf4
#3: https://archive.fo/7xJRR
Q-LARP: https://archive.fo/KbdHy

Examples from the various threads I remember
>GamerGate including Davis Aurini and Jordan Owens, that crew
>Chris Cantwell, the Crying Nazi.
>Mike Cernovich, the "Alpha" who smears random people as pedos for attention
>Sinead McCarthy, White nationalist that doesn't believe trees are real
>Gayben/Moleman9000, Navaverse creator & registered republican voter
>Alphablaster, MAGApede TF2/Zelda sperg featured prominently in #3's OP.
>Religious weirdos lke Pat Robertson
>The republican party establishment & anti-Trumpers like Glenn Beck
>Jordan Peterson & his lobster autists, the saviors of western civilization
>All of the triggered /pol/ spergs who are upset /cow/ is capable of laughing at them because lolcows are an apolitical concept

I'd live to put forward Billy Usher of OneAngryGamer as a candidate for his own thread at some point to.
>always mad and outraged about dumb shit
>incapable of handling himself on twatter https://archive.fo/qC1ic
>is a cuck for Star Citizen
>regularly chimps out at people disagreeing in his comments section. http://archive.fo/0nbJF
just find the OAG thread on foxdicks it's incredible watching him continue to decline, especially after KiA removed him from their whitelist/approved sites.

pic very much related
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You glow, GAMERGATE.
They don't take him out bickers they can't afford it, there's too many people who suspect if he suddenly disappeared.
Same reason they didn't kill WhiskeyWarrior556 days ago.
Open file (23.63 KB 530x398 pol and its host.jpg)
Given how this thread is going, we might need a dedicated /pol/ thread.
at this point, I can't really pretend the person in question is anything but a lolcow, and he's home grown, too! meet guthrum, the BO of /n/ on julay. he seems to be a Q boomer that takes the internet very seriously, as you can see in the images below. he legit thinks there are some sort of paid shills coming for him, and likes to liken everyone to them, all the while posting walls of text about how people who post anime on anime imageboard are also part of the cabal, or how cuckchan clown memes are turning the frogs gay, and that's part of the jewish agenda as well. as you can also see, he does not know how to deal with any shitposts, or pressure, in any healthy way either, as he thinks internet is very srs business, and thinks he's some sort of internet tough guy, but when the time comes, he fold very easily. his first thread has been shitposted to high heaven, to the point where he literally decided to give up, lock up every thread, take a nap, and deal with it when he wakes up. even the global admin had enough of his shit, and basically called him an easily upset retard, in his own thread. now, he's on massive damage control, and is likely going to delete every post he doesn't like without question, as in his deluded mind, his theories about shills browsing and disrupting his board have been confirmed, and he thinks people are being paid to disrupt his threads if it wasn't already obvious enough, guthrum is a very unstable individual, I would wager on the same level as the Qboomers, and he is clearly very new to imageboards, as he basically likens every single poster here to some sort of JIDF paid shill that only browses imageboards to drive israel's agenda home. he's like a walking, breathing stereotype of what a /pol/ user is here is the whole thread, that has been deleted in a flurry of butthurt, and I have a feeling his existing one won't last for long, either. not much of interest here, just him taking very obvious bait, and going down the spiral of insanity, before finally admiting defeat and taking a boomer nap, but for anyone interested https://anonfile.com/n5ocF0Jfna I'm not gonna tell anyone here to raid his board or anything, that would be gay, but since it seems that the said board seems to be populated entirely by maybe 3 mentally ill boomers who don't know how imageboards work, the BO being one of them, it might be a prime spot for julay in the future, a place to look out for, if you will, if anyone is bored and wants to have a little fun with them, the already talked about incident with him shutting the whole board down and admitting defeat more or less means open season on him, especially with how little it takes to break him
>>23072 Says the Glow In the Dark Coomer who still hasn't gotten it into his thick retarded skull that the only reason he hasn't been taken down is bickers Varg's as compromised of a shill as Weev. With everything that happened in the media circlejerk and the Internetz, disappearing Varg would be very easy. The fact they haven't proves he's a puppet.
Gahoole and most of the /tv/ regulars are right wing lolcows. You can tell by their shit taste in art.

Open file (194.93 KB 1080x1030 ppp.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 21:10:51 ID: 30052d No.27034 [Reply] [Last]
PPP is sperging out in his Discord.
Open file (1.79 MB 2104x1261 zoom.png)
>>27034 >i'm just going to get gayoped with cp Completely reasonable concern.
Whats going on here
Open file (153.83 KB 1000x897 1557342447.jpg)
>>27063 platespics don't know to ctrl-shift-i to enter hackermode and instead crack out mspaint for cringe gayops.
>>27034 reasonable worry i suppose
this just sounds like PPP being sarcastic per usual

Open file (1.14 MB 1280x1291 half dude shit 2.png)
Open file (375.54 KB 1018x927 half dude cargina.png)
Open file (4.47 MB 3000x2160 awful DA mpreg shit 1.png)
Open file (7.68 MB 3000x2160 DA feeder shit 2.png)
Awful Deviantart/Furfag/fetish/autist art Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 04:39:22 ID: 3360b3 No.17833 [Reply] [Last]
Post what you got. The more fetishes and worse art the better

First two images are the legendary half-dude and the last two are https://www.deviantart.com/wolfcariocharlotte/gallery/
5 posts and 8 images omitted.
Open file (170.95 KB 800x450 1487590404712.png)
Open file (30.69 KB 505x679 az282.jpg)
This thread is about awful DA stuff, not the greatest epic of our times
Open file (78.30 KB 1017x786 evil bike pump.jpg)
Open file (2.10 MB 1724x1066 ClipboardImage.png)
I can't possibly write something to do these profiles justice https://www.deviantart.com/bluekoa64/art/EBP-Character-Bio-726245215 https://www.deviantart.com/gloriabomfim201 9/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCskwlrBZO3YO7dToqao89Yg/videos This profile has thousands of drawings of "wereroaches"

Onision : The onion cuck that should cut itself Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:12:20 ID: 590e25 No.8203 [Reply] [Last]
King Cuck of Youtube, Onion boy, creepy pedo... The list of nicknames for this Youtuber is long and varied. Last time we left our hero, he was defrauding the IRS and 8chan exploded so I will start a new thread here for what it's worth given the subject matter.

I would repost the video some no-name youtuber did compiling the house tour videos along with a comprehensive list of items proving Onision wasn't as strung up financially as he claimed but it has been shoa'd from Youtube. It is safe to assume the video was taken down by a claim from Onion boy given his considerate track record of such actions taking down anything remotely critical of him.

Rumor has been going about Onision, now with his most recent wife involved i lost count of how many he went through so far being involved in grooming underage girls for sex on Twitter.

Now, while I do take the following with a grain of salt given the source, I wouldn't be surprised otherwise. The site Crazy Days and Nights, a celebrity gossip site allegedly ran by a lawyer firmly ingrained in the Hollywood businesses of celebrities has recently published a blind item reveal and the reveal was about the Onion boy himself. While I discredit out of hand anonymous gossip, CDAN has had a surprisingly accurate score in the past in terms of reveals so I am willing to entertain what he says as food for thought given Onision's track record : https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/09/blind-items-revealed-6_15.html

>Blind Items Revealed #6
>[first published on]September 4, 2019

>Almost 3 years ago, many reports surfaced about this A-list YouTuber getting pictures from underage fans. Somehow he was able to continue his career and avoid being charged for child porn. Very recently, a victim has come forward alleging child sex abuse by this YouTuber, starting in her early teens.

>[revealed as] Onision

Furthermore, someone did come out as of late to explain the relationship she had with Onision and his wife who outright playfully made grooming allusions on their twitter in regards of this said, minor girl. While it seems fashionable for women for the past few years to lie about sexual accusations and rape allegations, it isn't the first time either that Onion boy has had sketchy shit with minors previously unearthed.
59 posts and 18 images omitted.
If only. Looks like more attention whoring.
Open file (70.45 KB 540x1110 ELSLFonXkAM6CFR (1).jpg)
It is.

Some internet detectives found out the page he printed was one of the first results to get when you google image Dissolution of Marriage and look for Florida.

Also, Vincent is stil talking shit at onion boy.

And finally, Onion boy made another video of pouring kombucha on himself while standing in a puddle in the wetlands and one of his neighbors filed a complaint about pouring substances in the wetlands reserve or something like that.

Onion boy is a complete retard.
Too much moralfagging, not enough keks.
BUMPING FOR THIS JUST IN : ONISION CALLS THE POPO ON CHRIS HANSEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV5ArJF91rA So it's been a while since I provided any relevant updates bickers for a while, there wasn't much to document. For the past 2 or 3 months, Greg has been making videos on his Onision speaks channel and pretending having a duplicate personality talking to himself and having a mental breakdown to plead insanity, pouring kombucha all over himself, fake puking, coughing and gagging, talking about being mounted by a dog in the ass as a kid about reveal other embarrassing details about his life, fictional or otherwise, about how he was homeless and living in a tent (despite making streams on twitch from his home?) and his divorce was in the process while nothing was filed in the public records, making a video where he pretended to shit on his shirt from his back(?) wut The list goes fucking on and on and on But now, things are starting to escalate, as Chris Hansen came to Washington, when Greg lives, to ask if he could have an interview or talk to him. To which, the police was called. The 911 call has been released by Chris Hansen today. Chris Hansen is supposed to reveal details about Onision's house this Wednesday night if he said on his Instagram is to be believed.
>>27184 Kek, fucking based

FBIchan general (8chan/8kun/Odin) Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 22:26:59 ID: 5aa03a No.13388 [Reply] [Last]
Share your favorite snaps.
341 posts and 407 images omitted.
>>25453 You have a touch of the 'tism don't you?
>>25453 Did you even read more than the first sentence of that post you fuckin sperg
>>25467 >>25669 >they hated him, for he spoke the truth
>>26439 grr teebee aytch i'm too x for y equals z liek u said famama
>>26836 same in fact of course

Open file (74.26 KB 410x677 8wb1.jpg)
PATRICK S. TOMLINSON Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 17:00:32 No.17909 [Reply] [Last]
Maybe you're familiar with good ol' Fatrick. In his own words:

>Patrick S. Tomlinson lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife, a menagerie of houseplants in varying levels of health, a Mustang, and a Triumph motorcycle bought specifically to embarrass and infuriate Harley riders.When not writing sci-fi and fantasy novels and short stories, Patrick is busy developing his other passion for writing and performing stand-up comedy in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago scenes. When not doing either of those things, he can occasionally be found starting enormous fights on social media. He has a particular talent for getting alt-right trolls so upset that they lose bowel control and post transparently fake 1 Star reviews on his books.

Also describing himself as "an actual tough guy", Fatrick is an effeminate fatass who craves validation through social media. He takes more selfies than a 12 year old girl and he tweets hundreds of times a day in hopes of going viral with his lonely cat lady followers.

65 posts and 70 images omitted.
Open file (142.28 KB 1079x1351 ud9de05c1np31.jpg)
Open file (123.18 KB 600x778 stealthygeek.jpg)
Open file (818.04 KB 1443x1080 PicsArt_09-08-01.26.40.png)

Open file (195.17 KB 2288x1712 dolfun.png.jpg)
Dolphin plush sorry Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 00:24:20 ID: 83737d No.26453 [Reply] [Last]
Dear mods/admins, Can you please remove my dolphin plush threads? I've moved on from imageboards to playing around with PCs and thinkpads. I no longer spam sites. Please make sure to remove this thread as well. ;) Kind Regards, Dolphin-kun No
Edited last time by Mujahideen911 on 01/10/2020 (Fri) 02:34:55.
>>26453 >I no longer spam sites he says while still spamming sites

Open file (28.55 KB 615x521 Malcolm-Brenner.jpg)
Open file (2.37 MB 4936x2885 Malcolm.jpg)
Open file (2.01 MB 4936x2885 Malcolm2.jpg)
Open file (825.31 KB 3620x2882 Malcolm3.jpg)
Malcolm Brenner Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 07:30:16 ID: b652de No.25223 [Reply] [Last]
Meet Malcolm (Dolphin Fucker) Brenner. A 68 year degenerate zoophile who had sex with his family dog and a dolphin. Oh wait, i mean "non people of the sea." He thinks bickers he fucked a dolphin he knows how animals think and feel. And bickers we can keep animals as pets,breed them and eat them we should be able to fuck them bickers they can constant and think like we do. He also says he's done research on this subject but hasn't provided any evidence to support his claims. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Brenner_(writer) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MalcolmBrenner Website: https://malcolmbrenner.com/ Interview: https://youtu.be/aEX33vAyF5Y (where the comments come from)
14 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>25527 >an expert in telepathy, skinwalkers, casting spells, and orgone energy Interesting guy
>>25553 "The Shape of Water", directed by Guillermo del Toro, dealt with that, and it won Best Picture at the Oscars.
>>25716 >Oscars
Open file (50.82 KB 2288x1712 compresseddolphin.jpg)
>>25223 Wow. That's terrible. He should be shot. My poor dolphin is crying. The image was changed to prevent editing. I can't believe dolphinsex.org exists. It's disgusting. These poor bottlenoses.
>>25223 >make a thread about some decent zoo, that will ruin him >:D >anons think he's cool HOW EMBARASSING

Open file (338.78 KB 500x560 got a fat heffa here.png)
Sarah Jacobson/ therobotspa/ truemoodproductions Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 00:54:11 ID: 8f4fc7 No.24549 [Reply] [Last]
Sarah is a 22 year old, NEET in the barest sense of the word, nonbinary "youtuber". She makes vlogs that are rip offs of other equally shit youtubers, like shane dawson and jenna marbles, and calls them original. She feels the need to grab a fucking camera when leaving the house, bickers that's the most action packed part of her week. She brings toys that literally nobody remembers out with her in public, just begging for that sweet attention. While already wasting precious cyberjulay with her low effort videos, she makes a comic featuring a gay, underage, interracial relationship called Secrets At Blackpoint. Any comment that isn't patting her ass or sucking her dick is considered "toxic" to her fanbase, and she goes on to REEEEEEE about it on her echo chamber of a twitter. Apparently, blocking all the haters is an accomplishment to her, and her merry band of spergs of a community. Then again, when one is as massive of a vagina as her, things like this matter. Any negative comments are attacked by her army of equally retarded and incompetent 12 year old fans. When you close yourself off in a bubble, with nothing but trash youtube, and kids as interaction, she has no understanding as to how the real world works, so imaginary internet points are important to her. She tries her hardest to stay relevant by hopping along with now dead trends, such as 80's, vaporwave, lo-fi, and kidcore. bickers mommy and daddy stopped giving her handouts, she also spends a great portion of her time e-begging over paypal and patreon. She now lives in a 10x12 room with her dad, and her brainless mongrel of a rabbit. Wowee, look at how successful her job has gotten her. Living the dream, am I right? Point is, I think we have a potential fat heifer ready for julaying. At this point in time, she is being harassed by a teenager on her webcomic, and without any moderation abilities (shitty website is shit), completely loses her cool online. It's pretty funny. fujoshi's wet dream of a comic https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/secrets-at-blackpoint/list?title_no=178572 <-- this one is especially fun to fuck with, bickers you can make a burner account with 10 minute email, and wreak havoc. https://tapas.io/series/Secrets-at-Blackpoint youtube https://youtube.com/channel/UCZDZIusEK0zghLUGPuODDTA e begging accounts

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

4 posts and 9 images omitted.
is this thing a male or a female?
>>24556 Female. Thanks to Tumblr, she now goes by they/them pronouns
Open file (686.21 KB 1366x940 weak shit.png)
lmao she went private. guess she can't take the heat
Open file (64.46 KB 853x518 hsahshhhs.png)
say hi everyone!
>>25992 Now that we know she lurks in this thread, there's something I've failed to mention. All links in the first post were found with a Google search, or posted to the public by truepussyproductions herself. I'm not some fucking 1337 BLACK HAT HAXX0R. Anyone with an IQ over room temperature, and 5 minutes of free time can do research online.


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