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Open file (1.79 MB 1500x1888 gur tnzr.png)
/wooo/ stream Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 16:34:18 ID: 560f58 No.4467 [Reply] [Last]
Hey fags, actual wrassling time this time. Stream is confirmed, time is confirmed, no fucks up this time.

Tomorrow, August 31st, 12:30pm ET, 4:30 UTC, 1:30 by nip time.


It's a one day event, all matches are here.

Just like last time, it's a site wide invitation, I just don't want to spam and holy shit there's 20 fucking boards now.
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It's not just the stream, this taima whatever shit doesn't work properly either
>this taima whatever shit doesn't work properly either
What do you mean?
>it's a shithole
>kirtashit the pedo groomer's haunt
>merely a shithole
WWE fans are mostly virgins
>>63834 So you prefer your girl experienced.

Open file (78.55 KB 726x509 milo_hiv_con.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 19:40:35 No.7078 [Reply] [Last]
Milo Yiannopoulos is attending furfag con.

Lefty furfags are already making death threats against him on twitter.

*grabs popcorn*
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Here's the twitter post where the threats were uncovered.

i've been vaccinated when younger yes.
Open file (1.44 MB 448x218 1517886166439.gif)
The number of potential shenanigans here are amazing. I hope he sneaks in in a fur suit and bring a gang of those alt-right guys that go around to rallies looking for fights. I hope it gets violent.
Furfags are conservatives?
>>63836 Sodomites aren't conservatives Anon. Milo is just larping, trying to find a profitable angle.

Open file (105.98 KB 640x840 cant_use_a_computer.jpg)
Restream/Guntstream/B-movies Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 05:15:19 ID: 674e5c No.135 [Reply] [Last]
Since 8ch is down and access to /bmovie/ went with it I'm opening a thread to keep anons up to date on restream happenings. Was late tonight but streams should continue at the usual time with movies afterwards until Robi returns. I'll try to post here if I can't make it for whatever reason. I'll also be posting archives here. Will update thread when I catch up haven't uploaded any in the last four days.

Feel free to suggest any movies you'd like to see for pre/post streams.
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Alright, final upload for the day, pretty sure we're all caught up now.
>jcaesar187 reads the news and still manages to go over time somehow
The GamerGate 2.0 stream with Zoe's ex boyfriend. This one is too hot for dlive and jcaesar187 is too afraid to leave up an unedited archive due to multiple uses of the word Nigger, advocating for mass shootings and blatant antisemitism. An alog called in and made a fool of himself. Archived for your clipping pleasure.
Slowly catching up on the backlog.
>Funimation Rocked, Cuck Ray Gun Backs #KickVic, Jack Dorsey Hacked, + More
>Metokur Leaves YouTube, Allsup Banned, + Memphis Monday
September 5
>Vice 8chan Doc Cringe, Contrapoints Flees Twitter, Onision a Pedo?, BPS Live, + More
Gunstream plays shit

Open file (68.35 KB 720x537 a-log with turkey.jpg)
Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto JEWS 11/28/2019 (Thu) 01:22:43 ID: e041d0 No.20078 [Reply] [Last]
Thanksgiving. A time for togetherness. A time for family. A time for eating. It is a time when families come together and have a feast, all the while being thankful for what life has brought onto them and for the years to come. Such a feast is happening today.

We start at the home of Anthony LoGatto, who is currently indulged in a Thanksgiving dinner alongside his lover and secretary Callie Briggs and three other people. All three are female mice of varying age. The one at the head of the table has glasses, short, shoulder length hair, and wears a purple turtleneck blouse and pants; the other has long black hair, medium body size, black sleeveless blouse and gray pants; the final guest has long brown hair in a downytail, regular body size, a New York Mets sports jacket and jeans. They are Margo, Angela and Elena, his mother and sisters, respectively. They've come over to visit Anthony for Thanksgiving dinner.

“So guys,” begins A-Log. “How have you been doing lately?”

“Well, I've been doing well as a paralegal. I've been helping others on a recent case,” said Angela, as she eats the turkey.

“I've been doing well in the art realm as well as being a court stenographer,” says Elena. “You couldn't believe how many cases I've been in from time to time.”

“Agreed,” said his mother. “And I supposed you have done well with your comedy career?” she asked her son. “I recall your father wasn't very pleased with your choice.”

“Pfft, please!” he said as he eats, being careful not to talk with his mouth full, “I'm sure the ol' man is delusional as always.”

“Not to mention bitter,” Elena says.

“Can we at least skip talking about dad for once?” says Angela. “Besides, the food's getting cold.”

And with that, Anthony and the others resume eating.

“Miss Briggs,” says Margo, “I'm still fortunate that you're keeping my son under control?”

“Don't worry, Margo,” Callie says with reassurance. “I've known Anthony since high school, and I'm sure he's doing well under my watch.”

“Despite hanging out with Enchantra, which started this whole mess,” she said under her breath, making sure the rest of the family, including Callie, heard her remark. She is worried about her son's actions since Enchantra came into his life, but she still has some comfort knowing that she hasn't done any harm to her son, and Anthony has never done likewise to another woman.

“So how are you doing in Manhattan, Callie?” says Elena, with a hint of inquisition. “I'm sure your company is doing fine.”

Callie, with baited breath, says, “It's been difficult since the economy has been going up a roller coaster these days.”

“I know how you mean,” said Angela. “A few months ago, I've seen several people getting laid off from the law firm bickers of budget cuts.”

“I've been trying to get at least another stable job since I got laid off from the driving school down the road,” says Margo, with regret.

“Well,” says Anthony, her son, “At least we can not blame this on just Obama. Mom, you know how much Bush did for eight years, right?

“Yes. We got out of the bushes, but we still can't get out.” she said with a chuckle.

“You're just glad Dad isn't here right now,” Elena said. “You two would blow the roof off.”

Immediately, everyone shares a laugh over the only political difference amongst family; but he isn't here at this moment. As they laugh, Anthony then takes a look into his watch and sees what time it is.

“Oh crap,” he said. “I really hate to skip a meal with you guys, but I gotta get going!”

“Go?” asked Angela. “Go where?”

“Oh,” he said as he walks away from the table and grabs his jacket. “To the city. I have a little Thanksgiving tradition of my own.” He walks back and kisses Callie on the cheek and says, “I'll be back home tomorrow. Keep an eye on the house for me.”

“I will,” she says. “If there's any leftovers, we'll save them for you.”

He nods and waves to his family as he exits the house and drives off. Soon afterward, Margo asks, “It's a little strange for him to go to Manhattan at this time of day.
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>muh a-log
no better than k1wi farms lmao
It's that time of year again! Cuckchan's /r9k/ have threads up begging each other to buy them anime trinkets and dragon dildos. Last year some /cow/boys destroyed it by "grinching" lists.

>How to grinch
>Go to wishlist
>Select "purchased this item else where" under each item
>Click okay to each one

This year they made a google document with all the links for easy grinching!


Remember to post your virgin with rage tears.
Open file (162.34 KB 558x419 kiwifarms.png)
Edited last time by robi on 12/03/2019 (Tue) 17:43:26.
Note that this links to 8channel, nanotranny's website, use with caution and extreme protection.
Alog bro

Bismi Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 19:45:41 No.63735 [Reply] [Last]
La ilaha illallah save yourself from the wrath of Allah. bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship in truth but Allah; and reject all false deities
if you are sincere: learn about tawheed and how to avoid shirk -> learn how to pray -> jihad for the sake of Allah (see kitaab at tawheed) if you commit shirk and then die, all of your deeds will be for nothing and you'll abide in hell for an eternity. one of the sins Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will not forgive is shirk. the definition of shirk is to associate partners will Allah. It is very dangerous in the sense that it is very easy to fall into.

Open file (81.86 KB 838x720 Fredrick Brennan.jpg)
REQ: Pic of Fredrick Brennan with his succubus girlfriend Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 22:42:05 ID: 15a7db No.41867 [Reply] [Last]
My internet searches are failing me. Anyone have the pic of him and his succubus hamplanet girlfriend who fucked him bickers she had a disabled people fetish, which ultimately led to him stepping down as Wizchan admin?
11 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>49372 You know it is true.
vichan is good; loves crashing
Open file (58.69 KB 598x623 Capture.JPG)
Open file (21.87 KB 506x182 Capture1.JPG)
Anyone have these tweets of fred melting down? I managed to archive one of them
Open file (150.34 KB 607x1228 fred_no_friends.png)
>>63678 Archive org might be cucked at times, but sometimes I'm glad it exists. https://archive.vn/H32CJ
>>63688 you sir are a scholar and a gentleman

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 17:46:00 ID: 4d2600 No.39633 [Reply] [Last]
Why is this sperg posted on every image board i go on
26 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>39695 actually, that's not what i do i don't fuck rabbits i don't say autistic shit i don't insert myself into everything analockman is not me We are both different from each other.
Don't know,don't care, ignore that fag and never reply to whom ever is posting with his namfaggotry.
>>39633 that's chijo
Open file (1.22 MB 700x1361 yonkers.png)
>>47027 yonkers...
>>47027 how tf did you find your way here?

Open file (113.94 KB 233x242 o.png)
Open file (300.61 KB 1920x1080 u.jpg)
Meme flu lolcows Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 12:41:42 ID: a453ac No.60913 [Reply] [Last]
>he fell for the chink flu meme <is supir sicrit bio weapon mkay >mortality is laughable >less people died than last year without the meme flu >90% of deaths are from old people in retirement houses and people with additional conditions <IS PANDEMIC MKAY >2 months later nobody even cares, niggеrs apeshitting is the new hot topic >kikes made extra profit selling stupid goyim everything at 3 times the price >economy successfully restarted >retards live in a fort made from toilet paper and spam
kikes won
Open file (135.84 KB 992x558 u7.jpg)

Open file (56.09 KB 511x680 ChrisHeadsOut.jpg)
Chris-chan / CWC Thread Anonymous 08/07/2019 (Wed) 18:13:36 ID: 807ca3 No.521 [Reply] [Last]
Bronycon has ended, now Chris returns home. Post the latest CWC related updates ITT. Just recently we learned from his twitter that he caused a fender-bender and (allegedly) kicked a cop car, soon discovering he's blacklisted from Papa John due to the machinations of the evil trolls.

Tweet archive:
94 posts and 24 images omitted.
>>63242 It's not terrible. Pretty informative for someone whose never heard of Chris before. The comments are kinda funny to see all the white knight faggots defending him no matter what.
Open file (67.33 KB 465x607 cappin.png)
Open file (404.40 KB 1355x625 screen.png)
https://web.archive.org/maps/contrib/117386046560836579293/reviews/@38.8162339,-78.2496457,7z?hl=en-US As of two weeks ago it is now possible to review the Chandler household on Google maps. It is categorized as a "Modern art museum" that's "Good for kids". https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ei=G87yXszjGc7O0PEP3tCbgA0&q=the+chandler+residence+ruckersville+va+22968&oq=the+chandler+residence+ruckersville+va+22968&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzICCAAyAggAOgQIABBHOgYIABAWEB5QnxhYxxlglSFoAHABeACAAW2IAcUBkgEDMS4xmAEAoAEBqgEHZ3dzLXdpeg&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiM3cfLxpnqAhVOJzQIHV7oBtAQ4dUDCAs&uact=5 Apparently Chris has been active on there fairly recently under the name DJ Jamsta Sonichu, leaving reviews on his own home as well as other local businesses. As of this post, The Chandler Residence has 2.7 stars and 12 reviews.
>>63525 >autistic tranny who's obsessed with sex >good for kids I wonder how many kids he'd have to lure into his home before the autism card will stop being able to keep him out of prison.
>>63532 There was a time where I didnt really believe the hype about Chris being a pedofork but its shit like this that makes me feel like reconsidering that belief. Not a good look Sonichu.
>>63619 >keeps touching any girl that he could get to stay around him for any length of time >very insistent that he have a daughter >one of his imaginary wives is named after the daughter he spent years pining for He's also said he's had sexual thoughts about Barb, so honestly I'm not sure if Chris is so much a straight out pedophile or if he's just so desperate he'd fuck any girl that he could.

>>62058 Based
I remember seeing her meat flaps image being passed around on cuckchan /b/
>>62076 lmao that's hilarious. commies getting fucked in the pussy!!!
>>62076 also i do hope the day of the rope for emos eventually comes for all of them and not just chester bennington.

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