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Open file (977.10 KB 1394x904 white cucks.png)
white lies matter mustafa solami 06/12/2020 (Fri) 14:36:55 ID: 387275 No.61964 [Reply] [Last]
white lies matter
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>>61964 It is always ok to kill jews, leftards and shitskins. Stay mad at your inferiority. There is no future for any of you.
>>62168 as much as that might sound like something a stormfag would say. i kinda would have to agree on that. but the left and right are no different from one another.
what should be slid btw? There is so much off topic shit posted on here. ROBI CLEAN UP

Open file (371.54 KB 626x803 Gahoole_the_Chad.png)
Open file (614.38 KB 545x667 good_looking_dude.png)
Open file (629.73 KB 844x898 pedohoole.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 873x843 god_himself.png)
Gahoole2 / Patrick Nelson Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 16:56:36 ID: 60a3a1 No.13514 [Reply] [Last]
A failed normalfag briefly known as the BO of 8/tv/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards.

Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is balding at 22.

His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
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Open file (194.25 KB 1142x639 gunthoole fire.jpg)
Open file (109.67 KB 299x152 GUNTHOOLELOL.PNG)
>>49303 She is kinda hot >>54878 what about that? kys zach
I guess Gahoole wasn't prepared for Ogrechan's PPH to explode like it did with the riot stuff.
>>43396 Well that explain the Dwayne Johnson obsession

Open file (7.82 KB 420x35 koigoon.png)
Open file (640.77 KB 800x700 koislies.png)
Open file (50.05 KB 798x214 ClipboardImage.png)
Koi, the dumbest pedo on the planet Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 06:39:05 ID: ea7eda No.61530 [Reply] [Last]
Okay, let's start off by leaking koi's system info. >OS: Windows 10. >IRC client: Hexchat >VPN of choice: Oh, wait, he's a NEET poorfag pedo, so, uh, VPNGate. Now, it's IRC log time! >Dolphin steals channel Jun 10 09:40:47 * Now talking on #2hu8ch Jun 10 09:40:47 * Topic for #2hu8ch is: current shitpost #4: https://8ch.net/vg/res/34430.html | Thread Template FIVE: https://paste.wishful.cc/?id=48 | where are the video games Jun 10 09:40:47 * Topic for #2hu8ch set by houston!~houston@mission.control (Wed Sep 11 21:19:45 2019) Jun 10 09:40:53 * Peorth gives channel operator status to DolphinKun Jun 10 09:40:55 * Peorth (Rind@dorm.clocktower.ac.uk) has left Jun 10 09:40:55 <DolphinKun> thanks Jun 10 09:41:02 * ChanServ sets mode +z on #2hu8ch

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Open file (485.26 KB 596x599 anime_is_white.png)
Open file (132.00 KB 950x563 oa_features.jpg)
Open file (3.43 MB 1280x720 genshiken_madarame.webm)
>>62227 Less is more. Adding in features like nostrils brings up a stylistic dilemma of whether to have your characters be definitively white or oriental. It's an unwritten rule that nips want to be bleached, though best not to explicitly state it in their consumer media. That's not to say nostrils don't exist in anime, but it's usually a deliberate choice for the theme.
>>62444 These pictures are fucking stupid. You pick the ugliest gook you could find on google and compare it to a white model. No shit genius. Also, what is even with the figure of the supposedly Asian in the second pic? Moderately fit Asian females don't look like that, or that ugly in general.
Open file (7.82 KB 420x35 koigoon.png)
Koi loves this pedo IRC server: https://imgur.com/a/l69XHv0
man, /cow/ tards sure are mad over losing to some random weeb, LMAO

Open file (298.29 KB 1280x430 20200615_010414.jpg)
Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 06:16:08 ID: ea6c34 No.62394 [Reply] [Last]
X( god i just spent a long time shitting a nice wall of schizo text out of my brain it was amazing the best one i've made in a few days, i was completely in the zone and none of my surroundings existed, but my ingocnito browser crashed and lost it. A good 20 minutes of hard work thrown out the window. I feel very VERY angry and dangerous now that i lost it. I even screamed Maybe another day. You can at least look at this one i shit out of my brain on 4chan. I should really be on medication but no thanks it was beautiful and now its gone forever and i dont even remember what it said

Open file (49.17 KB 239x266 sonic friday.jpg)
Alone on a Friday night? JEWS 03/14/2020 (Sat) 01:25:23 ID: 2baeff No.40288 [Reply] [Last]
God, you're pathetic.
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Alone? No, I am together with some of more cool and underground internet kids online, here, on /cow/!
Open file (44.76 KB 480x640 EZUn9KJWsAIZ6kQ.jpeg)
Open file (78.36 KB 638x960 bobsez.jpg)
>>49151 welp I was off by 2 weeks or so but I knew fucking riots would break out with all that lockdown shit. Now people just use that as an argument to loot and burn stores. Nothing too significant happened in my neck of the woods but tt seems like clockwork for burgerland, each summer time, that joggers gets out and loot. They just need the first argument to come their way to do so. At least it makes for good entertainment in the near 4 months this shit has been going on with the lockdown. Meanwhile, my main pc tower broke and i need to use a shitty broken laptop to even get on the internet and do school work. I went to several stores to get my pc fixed. One of the stores I went to was a fucking little crawny jew that never did his inspection fully and charged me 25$ for it. So i took it back and dropped it at some other store. I was supposed to get news yesterday. Didn't get any. Called the next day and I let my Karen rise in me. Spoke to a clerk. I was very calm but direct in telling him I'll take the damn tower back if it's still taking so long even though some other fucker has it for 2 weeks and shit his pants and did nothing with it and I would look for another shop. I actually didn't want to take it back but I wanted to add a bit of pressure. I didn't even need to ask, I was sent to a supervisor cause the dude in charge of my machine had food poisoning or whatever the fuck excuse it really is. The supervisor told me I should get news by tomorrow. I swear, there is nobody fucking competent or honest enough to fix a fucking pc in the tech world.
Open file (8.13 KB 383x289 shiiieeettt.jpeg)
Evening you spergs. How many of you are left replying to this thread?
what's up GAY mers, How's the lockdown going still? Not dancing at the end of a rope I hope. Lockdown ends in my neck of the woods on the 22nd and i'll be able to get my dick wet again. Can't fucking wait. 3 months of this fucking nightmare... holy shit. I was on the brink of going fucking postal. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lot of shootings/bombings since this started but I'm not surprised lefty communists decided to LARP in Seattle either. Makes for a fun distraction while this shit ends and Jim decides to stream again and lets his slave wife shut his devil spawn up. not saying it's fact but it's a rumor i've heard that Jade gave birth and this is why Jim stopped streaming entirely so that the news wouldn't leak out in case the baby screamed in the back Crazy fucking times we live in.

Open file (255.84 KB 400x300 ClipboardImage.png)
Michael Jay Hirtes of Council Bluffs, Iowa Anonymous 06/12/2020 (Fri) 07:42:48 ID: 17b27e No.61911 [Reply] [Last]
Does Hirtes still stop by to cry here?

sci-fi AI or real chatbot ? lupino 06/11/2020 (Thu) 11:26:37 ID: caeb00 No.61778 [Reply] [Last]
I found this chatbot not bad: http://www.metaquid.com/chatbot-en I asked him the most disparate things and she always answered me smartly. is an AI protagonist of the comic set in the future. the nice thing is that you can download the first chapter for free!

Open file (125.94 KB 1920x2560 20200604_133109.jpg)
Open file (70.17 KB 1384x1684 20200606_0608041.jpg)
Open file (16.37 MB 1080x1920 20200601_215705_Trim.mp4)
nanotech dox Anonymous 06/11/2020 (Thu) 09:24:02 ID: 170f4e No.61743 [Reply] [Last]
Full name: Nathaniel Paul Gonzalez Age: 18 (becomes 19 in 2020) Current discord account: Chen#0848 Email: Nathaniel.gonzalez1219@gmail.com Email 2: nanotech6100@gmail.com Address: 710 Continental Dr Apt 1, Brownsville, Tx, 78520 School Number: (956)548-7700 School Website: http://www.bisd.us/pace/ Face pic: https://files.catbox.moe/u07iow.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/VnGhX Wants to join the military after high school Owner of Freech.ltd, used to own 32chan (32ch.org) Is a crossdresser, pics: https://files.catbox.moe/ubnfrt.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/HO48W https://files.catbox.moe/8y7xrn.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/wip/v24WX https://files.catbox.moe/uynzwa.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/wip/VGpmj

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>61043 >she
>Hey! I'm a 13 year-old entrepreneur! I make Websites and Mobile Apps, draw Bill Murray on money, and invest in stock. Is this a PA request? Is this your schoolyard bully or someshit?
>>61134 The same Avery that tookdown blockchan in gaymergoyim threads is the very same transfurry Avery Burnett Miller that's been pen naming as Esther M. Aronwitz, which registrar took down julay, 9chan, 8chan, and probably gelboooru. The sleuth recalled who&why from an edited wikipedia page they ran against gaymergoyim from allowing the proper truth about an event. Ask a GG if they have page on their freezing website or saved on a hard drive.
Thank you esther. Please don't stop. There's still 8chan.moe, baraag and atf for you to take care of.
where's the smoking gun in all those links?

Open file (7.82 KB 420x35 koigoon.png)
Fake cancerous "DolphinKun" in the guntstream cytube Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 04:36:24 ID: 5aae2a No.61317 [Reply] [Last]
Official Dolphin thread with trip: https://dolphinch.xyz/b/61

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