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Open file (89.49 KB 750x1004 1559615086041.jpg)
Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 17:25:57 ID: 74b2fd No.5000 [Reply] [Last]
Crawling in my skin
These ACNE wounds will not heeeeeeeal
Edited last time by CP/M on 09/02/2019 (Mon) 18:24:39.
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That song is fucking gold
Is that bella thorne?
Literally who?
She'd look half cute if not for the horrid acne and dumb nose ring.
does she have the big boobs i must know
I want to cum on her face

Open file (74.26 KB 410x677 8wb1.jpg)
PATRICK S. TOMLINSON Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 17:00:32 No.17909 [Reply] [Last]
Maybe you're familiar with good ol' Fatrick. In his own words:

>Patrick S. Tomlinson lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife, a menagerie of houseplants in varying levels of health, a Mustang, and a Triumph motorcycle bought specifically to embarrass and infuriate Harley riders.When not writing sci-fi and fantasy novels and short stories, Patrick is busy developing his other passion for writing and performing stand-up comedy in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago scenes. When not doing either of those things, he can occasionally be found starting enormous fights on social media. He has a particular talent for getting alt-right trolls so upset that they lose bowel control and post transparently fake 1 Star reviews on his books.

Also describing himself as "an actual tough guy", Fatrick is an effeminate fatass who craves validation through social media. He takes more selfies than a 12 year old girl and he tweets hundreds of times a day in hopes of going viral with his lonely cat lady followers.

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Open file (88.30 KB 810x900 image_680.jpg)
>>47007 Is this the final BTF­Oing of the nazis?
Open file (11.22 KB 622x296 conc 1.png)
Fatrick's Kiwifarms thread was moved to the public section https://kiwifarms.net/threads/patrick-sean-tomlinson-stealthygeek.65412/
he seems kinda based to me

Robi dox Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 22:47:15 ID: 9373c7 No.36284 [Reply] [Last]
Full name: Robi Pires Country: Mongolia Wealth status: Poorfag Robi = schizo fuck head.
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>>46578 this, a few months ago that fuck had more likes than deslikes, but I guess its his own mods doing it together with discord trannies
Open file (27.95 KB 287x266 oh dear.jpg)
Open file (351.09 KB 512x512 donga.png)
Open file (1.20 MB 896x670 donga-cucked.png)
Open file (48.20 KB 738x485 donga tiny.JPG)
>>54574 This guy?
>>55748 How did you know him? What was he like? Did he ever threaten to fight you irl? Is it true his daddy raped him and that he broke his neck?

Alt Chan Federation Anonymous 04/19/2020 (Sun) 02:02:46 ID: 00ed24 No.44539 [Reply] [Last]
I am a new fag that stumbled onto here, can someone explain the Alt-Chan Federation? I have been hearing about it and it's affect after 8chan got kiked
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>>44561 im not no fucking fed, if i was I would be posting G​AMERGATE dick everywhere
>>44623 This guy shit bis pants and shit his pants and did nothing wrong
I just want to ban their sites from my software working with them. I have neither the time nor much interest in learning the in and outs of all the drama. Is there a current listing of all the domains associated with the Alt-Tranny-Federation, aka, the ATF?
>>55635 nearly all are dead and buried nein and dolphin were kicked out freech, space, nord are offline xchan and 16 left and aca is offline
>>55642 Alright, thanks for that info Anon.

Open file (676.09 KB 960x663 paws.png)
Furfag general thread Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 22:37:50 ID: 34da64 No.5068 [Reply] [Last]
Some guy an hero'd his hands so he could get them amputated and replaced with paws
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Terminal coombrain
This guy in the OP is about as smart as Gahoole
Handling dry ice without gloves hurts like a motherfucker. What the fuck is wrong with these people?
>>5406 kill homosexuals
Plenty of us are actual furries or scalies

Open file (1.65 MB 500x281 1572922764149.gif)
Jews and kikewheels Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 18:12:22 ID: d7b15e No.16544 [Reply] [Last]
What's the relationship between these two? It seem like Jews is still siding with the little crippled shit and I can't find a proper run down of when or why.

Any one want to get me up to speed?
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Open file (122.60 KB 893x1200 cakejew6.jpg)
Unlike our glorious leader. Can JEWS even compete?
All kikes are ugly as fuck. Fat ass Mark and crater face Jonathan are no better.
>>17889 post more of her
Basic Stuff hai imma non-binary trans catgirl that likes to have fun with other people. I also sometimes have my wife espygrrl, girlfriend Maria Maximoff, or friends on here for additional fun! I'm a huge nerd and like to wear stuff like cat ears, bickers I'm a furry as well ;3 If you have questions regarding me, I might be inclined to answer them. But keep in mind that if I don't want to answer a specific thing, be kind and don't press the issue. My (current) measurements? 36DD-36-44 I may be a bit bottom-heavy, but I got some hella guns and have a nice fat clit to go with all of it Requests for me eating my own cum will not be honored due to the fact that there is very little to zero ejaculate when I cum. This is one of the effects that hormone therapy has done to me. Sorry, but it's unavoidable...although y'all get to see some nice boobs so maybe it's a decent tradeoff? If ya'll wanna see what I talk about when I'm not on here, follow @NekoArc on Twitter :D I also make music! Go buy my music on bandcamp!

Julaypocalypse Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 07:34:05 ID: c08f60 No.54106 [Reply] [Last]
Some little weasel got upset I made fun of his 30% and moved the thread to /v/. Don't make fun of the administration or you might hurt is precious autist fee-fees :C As you are all quite aware of by now, the former BO of /v/, Muses, recently ragequitted over the stress of dealing with 4 shitposters and gave the board to Kimeemaru, the owner of /japan/ and /2hu/. Kimeemaru decided to wage jihad against all jannies and mercilessly ventilated all jannies and globals, allowing /v/ to finally be free of rulecuckery and to post loli. Alas, one man stood in Kime's way; hanging flesh. Hanging Flesh, enraged by the lack of rulecuckery going on, attempted to stop Kime, but to no avail. Kime, willing to defend the sanctity of imageboards, revealed the all the tyranny of hanging flesh and Julay jannies. Thus proceeded the Great Loli Spam of 2020, which not only overtook /v/ but /cow/ as well. Needless to say, Hanging Flesh' ass turned to dust at the sheer ass-ravagery that occurred. Our Loli Matyr believes in transparency, so for both our and his own amusement he's been leaking IRC chats between him and the jannies so you can truly see the ass savagery he inflicted on them first hand. Hanging Flesh has been deleting threads about him, so don't expect this to last long. Recent events of proven that Rabbi is willing to protect his friend so that he doesn't lose his precious 30%. Archives: https://archive.md/eKGgJ #1 http://archive.md/sW00l #2 http://archive.md/ZoeGn #3 http://archive.md/fkCAK #4 http://archive.md/BrEqa #5 I'll post screencaps in no particular order.
26 posts and 32 images omitted.
>>54685 >anime cp
Open file (181.90 KB 636x406 bidensniff.jpg)
>>54704 just cp then
>>54126 >telling vols to leave up actual 3D CP bickers some fags were spamming drawings is doing nothing wrong
>>54793 >Kicking a jannie bickers he was deleting pics of children very obviously modelling >Telling everyone to stop doing that or else >They backtrack and agree only to delete the actual naken kids >"ZOMG pedos!" Fuck off already ya casual mark goons

Open file (2.54 MB 1920x1080 ThatDamnSmile.webm)
Mumkey Jones Thread Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 08:47:39 ID: b9d450 No.3046 [Reply] [Last]
Figured I should start with some OC. I'll re-edit it to be more NSFW if you guys like it.
8 posts and 1 image omitted.
It's seems he mostly was able to recover. He recently has been trying to get his e-celeb friends to forgive him. He also has quite the amount pay piggies still supporting him.
I remember this guy, just some rodger fanboy. A pseudo-robot so to say, someone who just wanted to cash in on the craze by providing "a rational explanation" to the cattle
He is doing shit for meme reasons or he is really retard?
>>54576 >He is doing shit for meme reasons or he is really retard? Yes.

Open file (795.59 KB 498x466 whirpool.gif)
Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 03:15:09 ID: 5c6341 No.54577 [Reply] [Last]

Open file (293.31 KB 686x526 1585506571187.png)
When did you discover /cow/ is the real lolcow? Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 16:48:51 ID: a103e4 No.42018 [Reply] [Last]
>global collapse >every age affected >government officials shitting pants <lol check out this discord tranny guys what's it like being dead weight in the wasteland?
16 posts and 4 images omitted.
thesavior is a really good example of this. he's kind of a slave to my cock now tho. so that's cool.
>>42018 >>42019 which lolcow are you?
>>42253 No, fun times aren't over. That's what (((they))) portray, what they want you to believe. This doesn't mean it's actually true though. When's the last time you talked to some person and they tell what was on Talmudvision, X jewspaper and actually parrot it unquestionably? This was normal before, but not anymore, besides old 60 year old proons and retards who can't surf or care, but they're nothing. Record low trust and the kikes are losing their grip on people from feeding them too much hoax bullshit. All they have left is a projection of power and extreme extent of censorship to try and make it seem like this.
True, we are all loser incels with e-celebs living rent-free in our ugly heads. PPP lost, we lost. We will never be cool and popular like those celebs or kiwifarm members.

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