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Guntlemen... Robi Board owner 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:03:50 No.1
This is a (hopefully temporary) bunker until the 8chan dust settles. This is a meta thread. Post about anything you need here.

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Current frontend code: https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx
Backend is vanilla Lynxchan 2.2 at the moment.

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Edited last time by robi on 08/06/2019 (Tue) 15:43:16.
>>27424 >they just seem to stick to cuckchan for the most part no gramps, its 2020 now it is hard to browse larger threads on julay without an app like clover though
>>27905 I've tried using imageboards on a phone before and it's total fucking hell, you deserve that suffering for willingly putting up with that shit.
>>28258 It's not too bad for following a running conversation unless the thread has a real ton of media.
/cow/ app when?
Open file (50.96 KB 572x297 ClipboardImage.png)
And in other news The gunt's favorite Lazy honduran who just copies and pastes jewtube videos has his Paypal account blocked AHAHAHAHAAA
>>28537 Why are you locking and planning on deleting threads for being globally reported while they don't break global rules? I'll grant the two threads about the 4/vg/ spammer were shit and more focused on moralfagging and gayops than on actually laughing at funny retards (not that this wouldn't apply to so much of the rest of the board these days; just look around), but the implications are concerning. Did the guy botspamming anime images get banned or punished in any way, or did you just lock misreported threads?
>>28641 This board is just cuckchanners spamming shit they like, and whining about mark. I don't see anymore updates on any other cows it's just bloodsport e celebs and mark, I don't even know what's going on with chris chan, bickers the thread here is dead. BOs here are retarded, and users here are no different than cuckchanners, the only difference here is that PPH is infinitely lower than on cuckchan. Julay is a disgrace, but it is still the best alternative to 8kun, which is an even bigger disgrace. I agree with another anon here, it is a dark age for imageboards. On that note, is there a reason why mark is on the webring right now? I see we have both mark's /v/ and the julay/v/ now, did Jim really throw mark under the bus so hard that he came crawling here?
>>28908 Mark was in the webring since the beginning
>>28908 >Julay is shit >spoonfeed me shit anyone that's lurked for a month knows If you want Chris-chan updates maybe you should post in his thread instead of complaining in a meta thread like a faggot.
>>28908 Vch is just redditors spamming shit they like, and whining about mark. I don't see any updates about vidya it's just GG General talking about e-celebs and mark being an attention whore, I don't even know what's going on with 8kun, bickers Ron won't respond. BOs there are retarded, and users there are no different than cuckchanners, the only difference here is that PPH is infinitely lower than on cuckchan.
>>28908 >Fling shit about everyone being from cuckchan >Is a complete newfag Lurk for a month more.
>>28957 >>28918 oh no, he doesn't know the lore behind some shitty, backwater bunker that absolutely nobody cares about, better tell him to le lurk for a month, get it, bickers we're le oldfags? If nothing else, you're proving his point. Marky wasn't here in the beginning, I don't know what brand of petrol >>28909 is drinking, but he wasn't part of the same webring as julay was until recently, altho a joke board /nintendo/ was made for him, in case he decided to host here. You're acting answering basic questions, which again, as he said, seems to be most of what the discussions on this /cow/ seem to be focused on these days, would kill you. Hate to break it to you, but most people don't actually care about mark this much that they will visit shitty, dead threads on daily bases, to get another le ebin screenshot that fucking loves her pussy the kike epic style, most people will come here maybe once or twice a week, and see if anything happened. He is right, most of /cow/ is just faggy e celeb worship, not even the funny kind, it's just cuckchan kiddies using this place as their personal subreddit and pretending to be some sort of oldfags, as if being a /cow/ oldfag even meant anything, at this point. You're the cancer that is killing your board, nobody is gonna bother lurking for a month if you moutbreathers are gonna sperg when somebody doesn't know the latest on your nonsense e celeb personality of the week >>28927 Hey, I know you're clearly mocking him, but this is strangely accurate. Both /v/s are just straight up cancer, tho, looks like cuckchan /v/ got the long end of the stick, now that we look back at how much of a failure gamurgate was and how 8/v/ got a cult formed around it's crappy BO >>28641 the threads were deleted bickers they were unfunny cuckchan nonsense that went nowhere, if the global mods had the balls to do this to half the active threads on the catalog right now, this board would be a much better place
>>29337 >all this text vch was the third site to join the webring within days of it being a thing.
>>29339 >reading is hard And you're wrong, bickers I have been here since 8chan shut down, and only the julay /v/ was here, unless you're talking about something else. I don't care about the whole thing, bickers I know it won't last, so maybe you faggots called it something else, but vch definitely wasn't directly linkable or advertised from anylink julay had that directed to other sites from the start, not was it last I was checking other boards on the webring, which was early december
>>28927 This!
>>29340 I read it fine, I just found it odd someone would write walls of text and get so many things wrong. >And you're wrong, bickers I have been here since 8chan shut down, and only the julay /v/ was here, unless you're talking about something else. I'm pretty sure I invited him personally and he had it up and running within days of smug and julay being linked with the webring. >I don't care about the whole thing, bickers I know it won't last It grows everyday and the nature of the webring and future improvements mean it can never be taken down and will exist as long as anons continue to use it. >early december He was black listed for constantly linking to the webring on twitter like a retard.
>>29410 >he was blacklisted I reckon hearing about something like that, but then again, I am not obsessed with the man, so I didn't give a shit. That would explain why I couldn't find vch, even when I was browsing thru every board from every site, hoping to find something new. For how long was he blacklisted? I assume that would be the correct timeframe >It grows everyday I still don't see it ever growing bigger. People will just flock to cuckchan or follow the "brand name" and use 8kun. There is nothing here that these 2 don't have, many boards are redundant and have the same equivalent on different imageboards, for example, others are just straight up dead, so even if somebody had interest in them, they wouldn't bother posting in them. Also, not everyone cares enough to look thru several pages, just to see mostly dead boards. If you want genuine advice, axe the vast majority of those from the webring, and come together with the other autists who own these imageboards/boards to simply have one equivalent, merging all relevant threads into this one board, otherwise you will never get off the ground. Also, get better mods, jannies and Board Owners, I can already see some of them will definitely reach the same level of being a joke like mark, if you ever give them any spotlight, or if they have the spotlight on them regardless, like that one anon recently made the /n/ BO spergout, forgot who he was
>>29414 >merge boards/dead boards I don't care if they're dead and I'm not taking ownership of boards away from the current owners. Everything that exists is there bickers someone requested it. >it isn't growing/8kun will lure them away 8kun barely gets the pph that boards here do if you account for the difference in how stats are calculated. Even if you don't account for it outside of the Qboomer board most of them have similar pph as boards here. >Get better hotpockets Would you believe me if I told you that the janitors are the best of the bunch of the people that want to do it for free? >Get better BOs I don't pick those. They're free to act however they want. Again, this is the best you're going to get in this "community". If you don't like it make your own board and show everyone the way. >Mark I don't care about Mark but I don't like him personally after having to deal with him multiple times. He doesn't communicate with anyone else in the webring despite multiple attempts to get him involved. He only comes around to demand I hand him boards and to freak out whenever his employer does something retarded. He was blacklisted twice for the same reason. One time was for about a week or so the other was about 24 hours. Despite being blacklisted here he should have shown up on every other site in the webring unless they blacklisted him too. No one is out to get Mark but he was told what would happen if he did one stupid thing (tweeting out the link) and he did it twice. It felt like he was doing it just to spite everyone. If he doesn't want to use the webring long term that's fine but it isn't nice to put the rest of it at risk bickers he wants to tweet at journalists on twitter.
Open file (10.50 KB 322x112 ClipboardImage.png)
What's wrong about that?
>>29421 Very good job outing the discord trannies, you and everyone involved. This is not a very fun time to be running an imageboard.
>>29337 >it's just cuckchan kiddies using this place as their personal subreddit and pretending to be some sort of oldfags, as if being a /cow/ oldfag even meant anything, at this point Imagine bragging about lurking /cow/. >>29464 Link your thread.
>>29514 wrongplanet is a forum full of literal autists, who whine about how hard it is living with the spergs, he most likely is one, and took the test, now he's asking for an opinion >>28908 >Julay is a disgrace Julay does it's job, I don't doubt that it will have a small, dedicated following of autists, but that's nothing special in it's own right. I doubt it will gain enough of a following to ever become as well known as 8chan or 8kun, and I don't see too many comfy communities like we saw back on 8chan forming, with how toxic I have seen the spergs here being I will agree about your take on /cow/. It died with 8chan, I don't see any worthy threads on here, and people had plenty of time to make them. The little kids who came here during the e celeb sperging saga ruined the site, and now, they're literally the only ones who visit it, they mostly stay in their little cyclical general, and bump one other general that literally has no actual c ontent, other than misc. whining about mark and random screenshots, as well as a seperate thread about mark, which tells you all you need to know. I have no idea what beef they have with mark, but if you're not interested in it, this board, in it's current state offers literally nothing of value, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I hope some other site will offer an alternative, but /cow/ ain't it anymore, nor do I want to have anything to do with it if it stays the way it is As far as I'm concerned, Jews, his retarded mods, that never done anything of worth to begin with, including their jobs, as well as the retards they allowed to come here, ruined the board for good, and any iteration of /cow/ will forever be tainted with aids, if any of them are involved, just like /v/ with mark will always be unusable, and anything with Q boomers will never rise up above anything other than a cuckchan clone
Open file (536.02 KB 500x339 1526180404122.gif)
>>29693 >literally nothing of value I keep reading this bs over and over, but 2000$/month is quite a value for a 30$/month site CakeJew is overpaying. >Jews, his retarded mods When will GAYMERGOYIM update their profile?
Open file (28.28 KB 150x150 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29514 >Link your thread. ?
Mods why do you censor current happening threads?
>>30217 >>30216 it was m00nchen
>>30216 >>30217 >>30219 Who the fuck let the Qboomers know where the webring was?
>>30331 <In response to a request we received from 'US Digital Millennium Copyright Act' the page is not currently available. what was it?
>>30627 mark asshole as a banner on 8chonel
the e-celebs, jim paypiggies and cuckchan users are still infesting here? we can finally have some lowcow threads instead of only bloodsports? if so, fuck hotwheels
>>31169 nah, this is eternal summertime, post election cuckchan now. I hope somebody makes an alternative board somewhere else that actually focuses on lolcows
>>31169 >we can finally have some lowcow threads instead of only bloodsports? What is stopping you from making them?
>>31598 So they can be ignored bickers all the majority userbase of /cow / these days cares about is IBS and moralfagging?
>>31863 Then why are you still hanging around at all? If you think it's all so shit then fuck off somewhere better.
>>32255 That can never happen you see, his gun​t prevents him from getting up his lasy ass, finding quality cows, and bullying them along. He's a sissy bitch that requires diapers and m​ilk. He'll complain again and again until you give him the mi​lk he so much never got.
>>32255 >>32260 >bloodsportsfags try to run off actual /cow/ users bickers they've taken over and the IRCfag mods con't care about the lack of board quality
>>35193 <(1) reminds himself why he's not going out of his ways to find cows to make fun and threads, and whines about some days he doesn't make great again W-o-m-a-n Might as well see you in a skirt.
>>35295 I too believe every post I see on imageboards. Christ, it seems posting anonymously is only about stirring up drama between sites anymore, what a boring bunch of retards modern anons are.
yup, it's obvious Julay/Robi is working together with Rodent from freech to datamine users and fuck them over. fuck this place, i'm out of here.
>>35312 Still, you shouldn't be retarded enough to believe an imageboard is your home or browse an imageboard without a VPN or Tor.
>>35201 >still having zero argument, he tries to cry about post count by IP) VPNs exist, you doubleG​AMERGATE. I don't use the same node every time I launch up my imageboard machine.
>>35431(1) What new cow and Christine updates do (((you))) have?
Guys, I may have found an entire Lolcow movement. What the fuck is this shit. There are hundreds of GoAnimate Videos made by the same people. https://invidio.us/watch?v=LGDfRCo2StU
>>35700 Looks like shitty cartoons aimed at kids. I skipped through some of his videos/streams and it does seem like kid/young adult cocks. Nothing really sticks out for me personally but there are lots of subcultures on youtube that aren't lolcows but still interesting, like the guys that like to watch toilets flush and have deep lore on the different makes/models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaJRAesDQkA
>>35701 >kid/young adult cocks epic filter moments quality con­tent
>>35700 >GoAnimate You're years late to the party, FurturisticHub is the hottest animator in town! https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=3L2njATQD-Q

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