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Guntlemen... Robi Board owner 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:03:50 No.1
This is a (hopefully temporary) bunker until the 8chan dust settles. This is a meta thread. Post about anything you need here.

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Current frontend code: https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx
Backend is vanilla Lynxchan 2.2 at the moment.

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Edited last time by robi on 08/06/2019 (Tue) 15:43:16.
>>29337 >it's just cuckchan kiddies using this place as their personal subreddit and pretending to be some sort of oldfags, as if being a /cow/ oldfag even meant anything, at this point Imagine bragging about lurking /cow/. >>29464 Link your thread.
>>29514 wrongplanet is a forum full of literal autists, who whine about how hard it is living with the spergs, he most likely is one, and took the test, now he's asking for an opinion >>28908 >Julay is a disgrace Julay does it's job, I don't doubt that it will have a small, dedicated following of autists, but that's nothing special in it's own right. I doubt it will gain enough of a following to ever become as well known as 8chan or 8kun, and I don't see too many comfy communities like we saw back on 8chan forming, with how toxic I have seen the spergs here being I will agree about your take on /cow/. It died with 8chan, I don't see any worthy threads on here, and people had plenty of time to make them. The little kids who came here during the e celeb sperging saga ruined the site, and now, they're literally the only ones who visit it, they mostly stay in their little cyclical general, and bump one other general that literally has no actual c ontent, other than misc. whining about mark and random screenshots, as well as a seperate thread about mark, which tells you all you need to know. I have no idea what beef they have with mark, but if you're not interested in it, this board, in it's current state offers literally nothing of value, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I hope some other site will offer an alternative, but /cow/ ain't it anymore, nor do I want to have anything to do with it if it stays the way it is As far as I'm concerned, Jews, his retarded mods, that never done anything of worth to begin with, including their jobs, as well as the retards they allowed to come here, ruined the board for good, and any iteration of /cow/ will forever be tainted with aids, if any of them are involved, just like /v/ with mark will always be unusable, and anything with Q boomers will never rise up above anything other than a cuckchan clone
Open file (536.02 KB 500x339 1526180404122.gif)
>>29693 >literally nothing of value I keep reading this bs over and over, but 2000$/month is quite a value for a 30$/month site CakeJew is overpaying. >Jews, his retarded mods When will GAYMERGOYIM update their profile?
Open file (28.28 KB 150x150 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29514 >Link your thread. ?
Mods why do you censor current happening threads?
>>30217 >>30216 it was m00nchen
>>30216 >>30217 >>30219 Who the fuck let the Qboomers know where the webring was?
>>30331 <In response to a request we received from 'US Digital Millennium Copyright Act' the page is not currently available. what was it?
>>30627 mark asshole as a banner on 8chonel
the e-celebs, jim paypiggies and cuckchan users are still infesting here? we can finally have some lowcow threads instead of only bloodsports? if so, fuck hotwheels
>>31169 nah, this is eternal summertime, post election cuckchan now. I hope somebody makes an alternative board somewhere else that actually focuses on lolcows
>>31169 >we can finally have some lowcow threads instead of only bloodsports? What is stopping you from making them?
>>31598 So they can be ignored bickers all the majority userbase of /cow / these days cares about is IBS and moralfagging?
>>31863 Then why are you still hanging around at all? If you think it's all so shit then fuck off somewhere better.
>>32255 That can never happen you see, his gun​t prevents him from getting up his lasy ass, finding quality cows, and bullying them along. He's a sissy bitch that requires diapers and m​ilk. He'll complain again and again until you give him the mi​lk he so much never got.
>>32255 >>32260 >bloodsportsfags try to run off actual /cow/ users bickers they've taken over and the IRCfag mods con't care about the lack of board quality
>>35193 <(1) reminds himself why he's not going out of his ways to find cows to make fun and threads, and whines about some days he doesn't make great again W-o-m-a-n Might as well see you in a skirt.
>>35295 I too believe every post I see on imageboards. Christ, it seems posting anonymously is only about stirring up drama between sites anymore, what a boring bunch of retards modern anons are.
yup, it's obvious Julay/Robi is working together with Rodent from freech to datamine users and fuck them over. fuck this place, i'm out of here.
>>35312 Still, you shouldn't be retarded enough to believe an imageboard is your home or browse an imageboard without a VPN or Tor.
>>35201 >still having zero argument, he tries to cry about post count by IP) VPNs exist, you doubleG​AMERGATE. I don't use the same node every time I launch up my imageboard machine.
>>35431(1) What new cow and Christine updates do (((you))) have?
Guys, I may have found an entire Lolcow movement. What the fuck is this shit. There are hundreds of GoAnimate Videos made by the same people. https://invidio.us/watch?v=LGDfRCo2StU
>>35700 Looks like shitty cartoons aimed at kids. I skipped through some of his videos/streams and it does seem like kid/young adult cocks. Nothing really sticks out for me personally but there are lots of subcultures on youtube that aren't lolcows but still interesting, like the guys that like to watch toilets flush and have deep lore on the different makes/models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaJRAesDQkA
>>35701 >kid/young adult cocks epic filter moments quality con­tent
>>35700 >GoAnimate You're years late to the party, FurturisticHub is the hottest animator in town! https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=3L2njATQD-Q
>>40650 >Download file: 04lwz3wqf7d2.rar (284,21 Mb) What is it? https://turbobit.net/qg8vb4tfvcqz.html
>I can lurk /cow/ and listen to Glass without alt-tabbing NICE
Open file (77.78 KB 524x377 laughs.jpg)
>>1997 saved
Repeat after me: I won't AstroTurf julay world https://archive.is/DejVD
>>8638 /pol/ was the only actual resistance. Stay nihilistic and weak, nerd.
>>42943 What class are you playing as?
Open file (82.53 KB 667x1156 screen.png)
>>1 Fuck, fuck, the Гунтstream. I fucking hate it so fucking much. Absolute garbage channel. GARBAGE Points: 1. IT'S FUCKING FULL OF NAMEFAGS 2. Useless and mentally retarded users. 3. Robi needs to kys today bickers he's dumber than a fucking rock. 4. Kikes are invading. 5. Diverts users to (((money))) making schemes to fund his oy vey== poor lifestyle, while wasting it, as proven by the attached photos.
>>43357 Oh fuck I remember this. I believe that you're oldfag anon. I'm not him but I'm running a difficult-to-unlock Cloud Fisher with Divine Fisherman transformation build. Grinding for bait for each 'fish' is AIDS but the Lure upgrades and Lure Skill grinding is also AIDS. DPS isn't bad considering the average gameplay, and you need it considering the places and prey you have to fish. I recommend high burst damage if you roll it.
Whats with the beef between 4chan r9k and fatchan r9k? There is some tranny drama involved but havent got the full picture yet, there was some threads calling for a raid in 4chan r9k too
>>45683 A general look at the catalog of each version should give you the obvious answer.
>>45683 idc, fatchan r9k is the typical slow shithole also i've heard today that it will be shut down or maybe already is >there was some threads calling for a raid in 4chan r9k too fuck these retards bro. If you have something to discuss or just read with peoples of r9k do it, fuck everything else
>>54714 Post more Penny in fact of course
where is v you homos WHERE IS V
>>55461 it's on 8kunt.op
Open file (174.02 KB 300x300 1463984340084.gif)
Phantom Organization makes a stream making fun of Josh and the retarded allegation that Leo is a Furfag. Leo finds out and spergs out thinking that Phantom was actually calling him a furry. Why does Leo have Zero Chill? Is the Гунт going to be saved from the Corn fields by Leo's autism?
Open file (105.96 KB 1022x901 Capture.PNG)
/cow/ is back?!
>>44344 >oy vey== What did anon mean by this

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