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Open file (704.70 KB 600x300 DolphinWeather.png)
The story of a dolphin poster Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 07:45:16 ID: 2b4f09 No.22314
He originally posted on cafe/r9k/ and then has been spamming every fucking board in existence. I hope he gets banned, but he continues to evade IP bans.

I've attached one of his cancerous files.
>>49128 Why is this fuckers thread unpinned again?
>>49128 I was probably the only one to post there before it went down. What is dolphinfags endgame?
>>50847 board creation open
Open file (55.12 KB 740x585 ClipboardImage.png)
>>50848 based
Open file (8.89 KB 311x226 ClipboardImage.png)
Just added shadow banning support. BelugaChan is past Fatchan in features at this point, with board/account creation.
>>50901 Also, IP addresses are never shown to root admins. It's all salted.
>>50902 I for one have a great deal of trust for Dolphin. He is so sexy and strong, he would never lie or bullshit. In fact, the only reason he intentionally leaked IPs (on multiple occasions) was bickers Robi was mean to Dolphins. Not at all bickers he is a fucking sperg >>50915 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAAFHu164h0
>trusting dolphinG​AMERGATE What could go wrong?
>>51862 >>51916 >>50915 Fucking hell, Dolphinpedo won /v/.
You did it HangingFlesh, You let a pedophile win a board https://archive.md/eKGgJ Good job there.
I recently learned that dolphin messed with nienchan as well when it was launched, and bought out 9chan.us once it was available. Guess he gets around
Let me address some claims: >Dolphin MUST be Esther <No, I'm not Esther. I never took down any chans. >why did you take down anon/r9k/? <They banned me for Brenton Tarrant The /r9gay/ incels are still triggered and Tor posts are them. >>53615 bullshit lies
This is your guy. He's suspected be the faggot known as "Dolphin". Be very careful if you decide to look into this situation at all, this guy has a stranglehold on most of the altchan scene currently. He's suspected to have gained a global position on 9chan under one of many alternate identities after the various takedown attempts he pulled. He's the former owner of many lynxchan sites (including Omnichan/8channel/Edenchan, currently suspected to own 10chan) and has been the "secret" root admin of others(including Yumechan/Coronachan/Madochan/64chan), always under some alt identity, and his presence is only known when he inevitably, eventually attempts to snatch control of said sites from their owner(s) from the root position. He'll kill any he can't control through various methods including ddos/CP & "legal" child image dumping while flooding the site's host/registrar with bs reports (similar to 9chan & the mass "white supremacist" botspam flooding he did)/and mass samefag concern trolling. He'll set up temporary bullshit sites as alternatives for those unhappy with his moderation on others he controls, then shut them down, repeatedly, to get anons to just accept his "preferred" site without complaint.
Open file (207.21 KB 964x848 orca_eat_dolphin.jpg)
Fuck dolphins they are nig​​gers of the sea
>>54141 This accusation also was made a while back on coronachan (maybe it was on lynxch@n) but I didn't see any proof made with it.
>>54141 Trash fire corona chan is back, with Rueben, (made "Badbois" admin), Stephanie, Patch, and some julay
*and some mod named "MlLK"
Open file (9.16 KB 410x123 dolphin_logging.png)
>>60864 Dolphin is a fag, not surprised.
Remember when Dolphin was relevant? Me neither.
Dolphin's new chan: https://chan.clab.li He even got that dumb motherfucker Robi to add his chan to the webring! https://julay.world/webring.json
Open file (314.79 KB 405x703 dolphinsperg.png)
Open file (114.57 KB 414x873 dolphinsperg2.png)
Open file (339.39 KB 412x1069 dolphinsperg3.png)
>>62966 Can a brother get some outrage about this?
>>63126 it's hard to be outraged about this fucking schizo, he doesn't even know where he is most of the time. Dude is high as fuck on his own brain juices
Open file (312.73 KB 407x984 dolphinnigger.png)
Open file (358.74 KB 405x1210 dolphinnigger2.png)
Open file (413.58 KB 408x1098 dolphinnigger3.png)
Open file (484.76 KB 407x1135 dolphinnigger4.png)
Open file (218.20 KB 409x995 dolphinnigger5.png)
Open file (83.56 KB 411x516 dolphinnigger6.png)
Open file (178.69 KB 408x1050 dolphinnigger7.png)
Open file (209.35 KB 414x998 dolphinnigger8.png)
Open file (278.92 KB 414x760 dolphinnigger9.png)
Open file (20.52 KB 384x262 dolphinnigger10.png)
Open file (415.54 KB 404x1086 dolphinnigger11.png)
Open file (188.15 KB 415x903 dolphinnigger12.png)
Open file (298.82 KB 416x1099 dolphinnigger13.png)
Open file (211.64 KB 413x1374 dolphinnigger14.png)
Open file (308.56 KB 415x1206 dolphinnigger15.png)
Open file (295.89 KB 411x1286 dolphinnigger16.png)
Open file (3.91 KB 400x49 dolphinnigger17.png)
Open file (62.10 KB 287x162 dolphinbareback2.png)
Open file (103.76 KB 640x260 dolphinnigger17.png)
Open file (42.67 KB 327x232 dolphinnigger18.png)
Open file (353.18 KB 322x1025 dolphinnigger19.png)
Open file (366.93 KB 323x893 dolphinnigger20.png)
>>47700 you can also copy image (dragging to desktop works fīne too) how do you use volatility dump tool also why was the julay domain parked 1 month ago even though it shuts down on 2020-07-27 (is this some sort of test)
Dolphin has succeeded in making me not want to bother with the Гунтstream anymore in fact of course. Instead of spamming it more than the Гунтs dlive chat, he now has a bot to do it for him. I am officially a-logged. Will robi do anything ever?
>Andys hero makes him cry for copying his show >being a degenerate >and being a cuck or "his sub" <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/czVgvv_hx6E?start=1" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Open file (165.21 KB 406x387 1.png)
Open file (259.06 KB 409x855 2.png)
Open file (156.45 KB 413x502 3.png)
Open file (146.80 KB 410x1140 4.png)
>>63184 no i run clabchan not dolphin
Dolphin did u do the zchan ddos?
>>65323 any idea who do it?
What was Fatchinks.is like? Who owned it?
And also Redditchan.org

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