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Open file (81.86 KB 838x720 Fredrick Brennan.jpg)
REQ: Pic of Fredrick Brennan with his succubus girlfriend Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 22:42:05 ID: 15a7db No.41867
My internet searches are failing me. Anyone have the pic of him and his succubus hamplanet girlfriend who fucked him bickers she had a disabled people fetish, which ultimately led to him stepping down as Wizchan admin?
Open file (612.59 KB 410x575 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't normally spoonfeed but I wanted the privilege of calling you out for the fucking faggot you are
>>41869 >ClipboardImage.png Got anything better?
Oh and thanks I guess.
>>41870 Can't you reverse image search? Also found it on wizardchan's ED page
Open file (39.13 KB 410x575 Copypaste_and_gf.jpg)
This is the original pic from is ÆD article archived on the Wayback Machine.
>>41867 Girlfriend!? Wasn't HW into thai trannies?
>>45562 No, you're thinking of the pigfarmer. If I'm correct, the bonegoblin picked up a girlfriend right around his wizchan days.
>>45564 >picked up a girlfriend right around his wizchan days I just noticed the OP says that, my bad.
>>41869 I can't get over the idea they weren't really dating and bonegoblin was just stuck in her gravitational field.
Cope and seething lame thread. Sorry if he left GAMERGATE behind and followed with his life and become a better person over time lol
Open file (9.58 KB 225x225 1512431180075.jpg)
>>49244 >>49244 >followed with his life and become a better person over time lol
>>49372 You know it is true.
vichan is good; loves crashing
Open file (58.69 KB 598x623 Capture.JPG)
Open file (21.87 KB 506x182 Capture1.JPG)
Anyone have these tweets of fred melting down? I managed to archive one of them
Open file (150.34 KB 607x1228 fred_no_friends.png)
>>63678 Archive org might be cucked at times, but sometimes I'm glad it exists. https://archive.vn/H32CJ
>>63688 you sir are a scholar and a gentleman

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