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Open file (148.36 KB 480x320 YAAAAAAHHHHH.png)
Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 02:55:04 No.64081
I've heard a LOT of people saying this will probably happen. Antifa and BLM are planning on going to the white suburbs on July 4th and start attacking and killing white people. I read this is why they have been setting off fireworks for weeks now, to condition white people to get used to the sounds of gunfire. Also there is a nationwide police strike on July 4th, which is probably not a coincidence. Anyone heard this also? Antifa BLM planning on zerg rushing the white suburbs and mass killing white people???
>>64081 Some of my old normalfag friends on facebook who are now likely involved with Antifa (based on the shit they have been posting on Kikebook) have been posting pictures of themselves at firing ranges and purchasing guns. So perhaps.
You're retarded.
Why would you post this on /cow/ like anyone gives a shit all mutts are servants of the jew as shown by their cut cocks they are gonna get whats coming thats life
>>64081 Who cares? Also, this is an obvious fedpost. Seriously, how inept do you glowG‚ÄčAMERGATEs have to be to make a thread like this on /cow/??? This is not /pol/. Good god, it's like the FBI only hires boomers or people who know absolutely nothing about what they want to shut down. Swallow some buckshot mouthwash. >>64139 Yeah? Just bickers they're new gun owners doesn't mean that they'd be effective in a gunfight. Being an efficient rifleman takes lots of practice and coaching - something which ANTIFA have not had the chance to do thus far. Sad!
>>64321 >fedpost Hello Gator
>>64321 They probably get paid jack shit to post like this. Hell, now that I think about it, getting hired by some alphabet agency to make retarded posts on imageboards sounds fucking miserable.
>>64081 YourTheir kike handlers aren't stupid enough to do something like that so openly. And even if they were, why post this on a board that's for laughing at internet spergs?
>>64321 I get that the mentally ill people you look to for guidance have given you their mental illness, but you really need to get a grip. The feds don't have to do anything when you fucking retards exist. They don't even have to act as feds. All they have to do is accuse anyone and anything that actually opposes them of being a fed, and you'll run them off the internet bickers you're so based and redpilled that you could never be tricked. It really is a shame that imageboards have become such an easy place to influence at such a critical moment in human history.
>>64469 Tell me about it. I'm from /pol/ and trying to read /cow/ with retards pretending to represent us shitting it up, but the kikes flooded cuckchan with normalfags a long time ago, and so many N!GGERS just accepted the cuckening over the years, god fucking damn.

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