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Open file (221.62 KB 1125x1000 vw9nn4imp6r11.jpg)
Right Wing Lolcows: Julay World Edition Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 06:57:00 ID: d079ee No.8369
Dug around the archives, could not find archives of the certain versions of the general. I'll try to fix that should 8cuck return once again. Anyway here's what I did scrounge up-

prequel: https://archive.fo/XSIa7
Origin: https://archive.fo/H3zf4
#3: https://archive.fo/7xJRR
Q-LARP: https://archive.fo/KbdHy

Examples from the various threads I remember
>GamerGate including Davis Aurini and Jordan Owens, that crew
>Chris Cantwell, the Crying Nazi.
>Mike Cernovich, the "Alpha" who smears random people as pedos for attention
>Sinead McCarthy, White nationalist that doesn't believe trees are real
>Gayben/Moleman9000, Navaverse creator & registered republican voter
>Alphablaster, MAGApede TF2/Zelda sperg featured prominently in #3's OP.
>Religious weirdos lke Pat Robertson
>The republican party establishment & anti-Trumpers like Glenn Beck
>Jordan Peterson & his lobster autists, the saviors of western civilization
>All of the triggered /pol/ spergs who are upset /cow/ is capable of laughing at them because lolcows are an apolitical concept

I'd live to put forward Billy Usher of OneAngryGamer as a candidate for his own thread at some point to.
>always mad and outraged about dumb shit
>incapable of handling himself on twatter https://archive.fo/qC1ic
>is a cuck for Star Citizen
>regularly chimps out at people disagreeing in his comments section. http://archive.fo/0nbJF
just find the OAG thread on foxdicks it's incredible watching him continue to decline, especially after KiA removed him from their whitelist/approved sites.

pic very much related
>right wing lolcows
Most of /tv/
Open file (2.02 MB 2048x1960 jidf.jpg)
Open file (99.56 KB 500x610 grrc.png)
Open file (76.52 KB 1024x656 IMG_20180112_145355.jpg)
This thread needs some groyper memes.
Open file (468.67 KB 992x500 Fatchouli.png)
Open file (416.72 KB 917x509 Fatchouli 2.png)
If a fatchouli appears on this list or larger it should be removed from emotes.
Open file (839.32 KB 1280x720 sargon react 3.png)
>there's not much of a difference between the left or the right
It's a combination of Richard Spencer's faggy ravings about burgers with his recently released limpout post-Charlottesville.
Open file (32.30 KB 600x683 spedepasanen.jpg)
I get that, but why is the burger thing in itself a running gag all of a sudden? What's so funny about liking mushroom and Swiss burgers that you can get at a number of different restaurants? It's become 'funny' in a sense just bickers it's been meme'd into my brain by repetition, but I don't understand why that comment was a big deal in the first place.
Probably at least in part related to the groyper thing, Spencer said the GOP was going to try to clobber together a neo-alt-right to support the Trump election in 2020 and low and behold the groypers come out in support for Trump and Milo releases the tape and other funky stuff happens. The tape was great though.
I find it funny bickers of his gay mannerisms, self-important tone, and his description of the burgers as "hot stuff."
>ctrl f
>no Owen Benjamin
You guys are really missing out. I might post some stuff for him later.
Spencer is just a jealous faggot richkid. Nick supposedly has a voicemail Spencer left on his phone that's similar in tone to the octaroon rant.

Owen Benjamin is pretty hilarious. A youtuber did some documentary-style videos on him.
>>no Owen Benjamin
Yeah, he went full retard schizo and cucked himself financially.

I don't follow him anymore, but I'd like to hear.

Al-right is mainly used by conservatives to differentiate themselves from the Neo-Nazis.

> seeing "right wingers" calling for censorship of free speech
Poltards don't believe in free speech either. Only libertarians do.

I do think is dumb to ban and censor poltards, it's only gives validation to their stupid conspiracies.

Molyneux and Paul Jospeh Watson like most brits and Europeans in genral aren't pro-Israel at all, but I guess for you poltard NPCs there must be complete alignment with all your opinions to be considered anti-Israel.
>Molyneux and Paul Jospeh Watson like most brits and Europeans
Good bait
Found the boomer.
You didn't finish the sentence and taken it out of context you dumb polGAMERGATE

Go back to cuckchan
Right wingers are straight up brainwashed retards just like those they "hate" so much. Really makes one think.
>makes you think
Not really, the current political situation is what happens when peasants feel like their opinion matters, it's not limited to one part of the autistic political spectrum.
Democracy was a mistake.
Hey Z*ch.
You may not realize it, but you just replied to the resident hapa lolcow.
The current internet situation is also what happens when peasant, mutt, incel virgins like gayhoole try to act like they are smart or funny
Get a life, Zach.
>peasant, mutt, incel virgins
>right wing lolcows
The right has no lolcows. Left can't fucking meme.
Have some racial solidarity, we need to be whiter!
What do you call David Aurini, Fatt Morney, or Matt Heimbach?
Everything has lolcows.
What are you talking about imageboards have one of the largest lolcows /pol/.

Heimbach is Naz Bol. He wouldn't call himself Right Wing.

Keep calling him that to bait him to come over.

He always was a lolcow. His followers are worse, tho.

> Claiming Varg is right about anything.
> Not a lolcow

Ok boomer, care to explain why the French Police/Intelligence Agencies haven't disappeared his ass if he's so much of a based character? Or maybe it's bickers he's a deepstate puppet and that's why he hasn't been touched in any meaningful.

Spergs, listening to CIA dicksocks like Anglin and Varg, and cummies drama whoring killed the Alt-Right. Purges and deplatforming failed to kill many other movements bickers said movements weren't killing themselves with retards.

The guy's retarded takes on everything say otherwise. Also, the guy's practically an anarcho communist who secretly hates his fans.
You glow, GAMERGATE.
They don't take him out bickers they can't afford it, there's too many people who suspect if he suddenly disappeared.
Same reason they didn't kill WhiskeyWarrior556 days ago.
Open file (23.63 KB 530x398 pol and its host.jpg)
Given how this thread is going, we might need a dedicated /pol/ thread.
at this point, I can't really pretend the person in question is anything but a lolcow, and he's home grown, too! meet guthrum, the BO of /n/ on julay. he seems to be a Q boomer that takes the internet very seriously, as you can see in the images below. he legit thinks there are some sort of paid shills coming for him, and likes to liken everyone to them, all the while posting walls of text about how people who post anime on anime imageboard are also part of the cabal, or how cuckchan clown memes are turning the frogs gay, and that's part of the jewish agenda as well. as you can also see, he does not know how to deal with any shitposts, or pressure, in any healthy way either, as he thinks internet is very srs business, and thinks he's some sort of internet tough guy, but when the time comes, he fold very easily. his first thread has been shitposted to high heaven, to the point where he literally decided to give up, lock up every thread, take a nap, and deal with it when he wakes up. even the global admin had enough of his shit, and basically called him an easily upset retard, in his own thread. now, he's on massive damage control, and is likely going to delete every post he doesn't like without question, as in his deluded mind, his theories about shills browsing and disrupting his board have been confirmed, and he thinks people are being paid to disrupt his threads if it wasn't already obvious enough, guthrum is a very unstable individual, I would wager on the same level as the Qboomers, and he is clearly very new to imageboards, as he basically likens every single poster here to some sort of JIDF paid shill that only browses imageboards to drive israel's agenda home. he's like a walking, breathing stereotype of what a /pol/ user is here is the whole thread, that has been deleted in a flurry of butthurt, and I have a feeling his existing one won't last for long, either. not much of interest here, just him taking very obvious bait, and going down the spiral of insanity, before finally admiting defeat and taking a boomer nap, but for anyone interested https://anonfile.com/n5ocF0Jfna I'm not gonna tell anyone here to raid his board or anything, that would be gay, but since it seems that the said board seems to be populated entirely by maybe 3 mentally ill boomers who don't know how imageboards work, the BO being one of them, it might be a prime spot for julay in the future, a place to look out for, if you will, if anyone is bored and wants to have a little fun with them, the already talked about incident with him shutting the whole board down and admitting defeat more or less means open season on him, especially with how little it takes to break him
>>23072 Says the Glow In the Dark Coomer who still hasn't gotten it into his thick retarded skull that the only reason he hasn't been taken down is bickers Varg's as compromised of a shill as Weev. With everything that happened in the media circlejerk and the Internetz, disappearing Varg would be very easy. The fact they haven't proves he's a puppet.
Gahoole and most of the /tv/ regulars are right wing lolcows. You can tell by their shit taste in art.
>>25278 You know, I'd take the mildly schizophrenic boomer with strong opinions and a fast delete key anytime than any of the low energy pro POZ fucking homos 8coom1 or 2 or 4coom ever had. I don't think the fact that you mustered up these gay caps speak well for you, or your lines of text. You just seem butthurt.
>>25278 >/n/ bo is triggered by smug lolis Posting smugs triggers people with underdeveloped amygdalas: jews, psychos and libtards. It's an easy filter. Look up "cute aggression." It's not the only part of the brain that is specifically prodded, I won't give away all the trade secrets. tl;dr what a faggot
>>28643 Most people who replace arguments with smug anime girls are retard /v/edditors in fact of course.
>>28647 >a wild shitskin appears shoo shoo or the loo witch will get you and make you poo!
>>27471 Come post some kino then!
Open file (25.73 KB 224x325 2mnr57.jpg)
>>28418 Haha
>>28643 >>28650 Spotted the jewish pedophile.
>>28647 i disagree
>>28756 hello, guthrum
>>25278 Its amazing how you can draw a very clear line in imageboard history starting from when the glow-in-the-dark stormfronters began getting a foothold on 4/n/ before it mutated into 4/pol/ to now where entire boards have been invaded by boomers evangelizing for the cult of Q. It isn't a coincidence either that when this shit got really terminal so many anons started complaining about how "the right has no lolcows" and everyone disagreeing with them is a "discord tranny gay-op" while jerking off about Thejcaesar187Retard's killstream e-celeb drama. And how degenerate everyone except for them is.
>>30336 >Stormfront Stopped reading there
>>30339 To be fair, it wouldn't surprise me if that wasn't the BUGS crew that was responsible for posting the "ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE WHITE GENOCIDE WHITE GENOCIDE WHITE GENOCIDE" stuff ad nauseam on /pol/ back in the day.

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