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Guntlemen... Robi Board owner 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:03:50 No. 1
This is a (hopefully temporary) bunker until the 8chan dust settles. This is a meta thread. Post about anything you need here.

Source Code
Current frontend code: https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx
Backend is vanilla Lynxchan 2.2 at the moment.

1. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.)
2. There is no second rule really just don't break US laws
Edited last time by robi on 08/06/2019 (Tue) 15:43:16.
>hotwheels turned his back on wizardchan to make hatechan
>hotwheels betrays 8chan after it became too hot to handle for him
>Trusting a kike, ever.

Fucking kikes
We're a month away from 8chan /cow/'s fifth anniversary.

>trusting Krapple, Atlus, Seanie, NekoArc, and SpacePirate and not me
Just imagine if an eighth /cow/ is hosted by Null.
(1.71 MB 640x360 1444933856300.gif)
Never in a thousand years. Null has his little fiefdom with the kiwis. He wouldn't have the man power to maintain both /cow/ and KW afloat and out of the newscycle before he just breaks down mentally and chimpout like he always does.

I prefer /cow/ to be a niche underground thing. No need for media exposure because some sperg shot someone yelling JULAY
>Lynxchan autosaved my name in the email field
Glad I didn't throw my tripcode into this Brazilian ultra shitware.

>Null has his little fiefdom with the kiwis. He wouldn't have the man power to maintain both /cow/ and KW afloat and out of the newscycle before he just breaks down mentally and chimpout like he always does.
On one hand, you're not wrong. On the other hand, he spent two years trying to subvert /cow/, and he offered to host us in the event that 8chan went offline due to technical issues that he caused.

>I prefer /cow/ to be a niche underground thing. No need for media exposure because some sperg shot someone yelling JULAY
We have no business in the news unless someone like Terry dies and the family wants them eulogized by their fans.
You can use #rs to have the capcode. I know it's shitty. Lynxchan tries to put in the least amount of QoL improvements possible.
(60.50 KB 702x900 403538624.jpg)
109 imageboards
Fixed a bug where OPs with multiple posts caused text on replies to not flow with the image.
(547.61 KB 840x637 Popuko blu-ray version.png)
Thanks Robi.
If this is really you can you enable posting from tor until the clearnet access comes back up for 8ch?
(51.63 KB 750x735 pot of disappointment.jpg)
I'll consider it briefly, until some asspained aspie again uses every exit node he can to shit up the board and evade bans so that banning all of Tor becomes the only practical option to keep the board usable
Thanks. I understand why it was disabled but right now tor is the only stable way to access 8ch. You can still use the server IP for clearnet but I'm paranoid about sharing it with all the DDOS attacks going on today.
What worries me more than leaking the server IP is logging in without SSL. To a layman like me, it's almost as bad as Lynxchan autofilling tripcodes and passwords in the fucking email and subject fields.

If everything's still dead in the morning, I'll install Tor and temporarily enable Tor posting on /cow/.
(214.38 KB 811x800 pol-chan.png)
I can understand being paranoid about that. Cuckflare does MITM all SSL traffic but at least it keeps faggots like Corey Barnhill the pedophile at bay not that he can do anything like that in the first place.

Thanks for at least considering it. With how things are going right now I'm not sure Ron is going to be able to find another CDN so we all might be forced to use tor or remain on the various bunkers from here on out. Do you have any altchans in mind to migrate to or are you just content on waiting for 8chan to hopefully come back up? Migration might be an improvement considering how many e-celebs invaded /cow/ over the last couple of years.
I'd vote for migration. 8ch is going to be radioactive with the amount of journalists and (((noh8 charities))) pouring in when it eventually comes back up.
Let's see if tor posting works
Also this reminds me of bbw-chan's layout. That place had the most redicilous of probems(probably due to retarded mods and glue huffing admin).
A nigger with a spambot can cripple this board.

ps: Let me post smugs with ToR!
It'll be really bad I'm sure of that. 8chan has been name dropped on MSM all day today. Not to mention all the feds that will be crawling all over the place.

>A nigger with a spambot can cripple this board.
Indeed, try not to share the link until such problems are taken care of.
>A nigger with a spambot can cripple this board.
Would that really matter for /cow/ though? You might have journos sourcing their articles on Sargon and other e-celebs but that might be fun.
I think the main issue is if it comes back up it might not remain there for long with all the normalfags and journos on twitter playing wack-a-mole pushing for CDNs to not do business with Jim. If no CDN can be found 8chan is pretty much done because it'll just get ddosed off the internet.

That issue aside how do you think journos are going to portray /cow/ if they find it? They have written hit pieces on foxdickfarms before and pushed to get it taken off the internet due to the cyber bullying. Just imagine seeing headlines like
>8chan hosts board that is kiwifarms for Nazis!
I do agree though it isn't time to panic. Anons should just wait and see what happens with 8chan. At the same time I do think everyone should get proactive about saving/archiving anything on there they might care about keeping. I wouldn't put it past the journos to come for the archive sites next for hosting archives of 8chan threads.
(179.08 KB 600x600 niggerinanoven.jpg)
/cow/ has been around for longer than KF has. We will be fine.
it's okay lad, KF is getting DDoS'd too
tranny btfo
(135.72 KB 544x544 potofkek.jpg)
dat filename

Already? Good. I never bothered to join them in the first place.

>infinitynext is totally gonna work guise, i swear
>I do think everyone should get proactive about saving/archiving anything on there they might care about keeping.
This. /pdfs/ has a lot of stuff in it that will enrage the ZOGbots looking to destroy 8ch.
Losing /pdf/ would be a shame. I have a lot of that stuff but I'm not sure how complete my archive of it is.
We need banners.
I want a UID counter at the bottom of the thread page. I also want a reply counter. A return button at the bottom of the page wouldn't go amiss either.
>all those books I bookmarked and never got around to reading are probably gone now
You can still access 8chan through Tor or the direct IP to get them. Get on with it.
What's 8chan's tor address?
(37.62 KB 600x450 me irl.jpg)
I've added some from my stash of course in fact.

Without knowing why, I'm sure Josh deserves it.

I'm unable to load oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/mod.php; I have a feeling that the lack of SSL is preventing the page from loading. Too bad.
>Lynxchan autofilling tripcodes and passwords in the fucking email and subject fields.
Couldn't reproduce on my site. I'd have a hunch this is an issue with either your browser or the front-end fork. Something like this wouldn't go this long without being noticed.
Couldn't reproduce here either. Pretty it was your browser.
(352.62 KB 632x946 1565117765516.png)
Hotwheels ingested a large amount of soy as well.
And btw, you could do a pull to get 2 patches on the branch you are using.
Are you talking about the (You) and image hovering support? Sure if you accept them, but I'm currently using Gitlab because Gitgud Sapphire oauth thingy wasn't working for me. Once that works I'll move the repo over there. Also thinking of adding something like UID count for threads.
Robi, some anons on smugloli are starting to get tired of /a/'s faggotry and are wondering if they can bunker here.
(155.27 KB 699x1200 fat_elf_deserves_bulli.png)
they can go to /meta/ and ask for a board
inb4 that's not how it works and I get my well deserved bulli
It's how it works just wasn't set-up at the time.
Can we get some temp versions of other boards? I miss /delicious/ ):
If you'd like that go over to the meta board and request it.
Owen Benjamin seems to have nuked his youtube channel. Don't see a point in starting a thread if he's quit, but does anyone know what happened?
He is on unauthorized TV now. Here is his latest stream.

you can forward 443 from the tor service and just deal with the invalid cert error
(77.95 KB 628x583 EBgnmCYXkAAReR7.jpeg)
explain for a dunce?
fucking kek
I'll pass.

Saved as "JEWS and copypaste.jpg"
shoo shoo snitchcommiechan
Dear Spacechan spammer,

I am posting to let you know that your admin can easily install the Webring addon on your Lynxchan instance, and therefore get his board automatically shilled on every other imageboard in the webring. Please stop your 'tism. If you continue further, I will be forced to filter spacechan to 'bloobla sucks nigger dicks'.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Robi Pires
bloobla sucks nigger dicks
It's bunkered where? It gives me an error.
Spoiler test.
(93.36 KB 454x340 WHO'S THAT POKELOG.png)
If I find a higher-res copy of the thumbnail, I'll upload it. Until then, I'm posting these.
what did he mean by this?
(156.54 KB 1000x1000 Cow spoiler.png)
Does this work? I took a screenshot of the original from the archives and then tried to recreate it the best I could.
I might not need it after all, but thank you.
oops wrong post meant for >>3166
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/02/2019 (Mon) 20:16:24.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/02/2019 (Mon) 21:29:57.
(368.71 KB 1280x720 desperate.webm)
(7.19 KB 129x175 Oof.jpg)
>>get proactive about saving/archiving
>Had a lot of OC/Old 8chan cocks on my old laptop
>Laptop got stolen
It sucks but it's my own fault for not having everything saved to something that could not leave the house I guess.
I just hope everything is still up when/if 8chan goes back up.
ayo hol up

word filter
>western civilization

this is an appeal to truth in journalism for the coming elections and may catch some retards who wander in from ghettogaggers or the twattersbut i'm not sure yet i just have a feeling it might pay off in a year
(1.51 MB 400x400 gator.gif)
dead thread, gator won
Three days until 9/11. If Ron can't get 8chan up, then we'll miss our fifth anniversary.

Usually the ghettogaggers.com filter is enough to catch them. If I see an uptick in its usage, I'll consider it.
>Usually the ghettogaggers.com filter is enough to catch them
It was a drunk post in fact of course but it was probably based off of meme comics of the world being destroyed and jewtube rationalist skeptics still releasing dumb videos about the same worn out talking points. I also envision artificially-induced endless summers on any imageboard before mass internet restriction has finished creeping in everywhere

The new filters though are great of course in fact.
ты никогда не будешь настоящей женщиной товарищем
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/10/2019 (Tue) 00:32:30.
Not really meta but is there any good free VPNs?
hey robi can you remove the donation box and keep the wallets in a separate tab or in the footer? because i dont feel like closing it everytime i open the website
I'm not sure there is such a thing as a good free VPN, they're either slow as fuck or unreliable when it comes to law enforcement requests and not sharing your data.
Hoxx VPN is decent for speed, you can register with guerillamails @grr.la extension, but don't expect them to protect you from feds.
How about you stop being a freeloader?
(113.00 KB 1160x629 happy 9-11 from trump.jpg)
Happy 5th Anniversary.

I know technically we might have to reset the clock, but fuck it.

Happy b-day /cow/, kinda.
Keep being a forever rising phoenix of autism.

(346.50 KB 811x412 spacepirate's dragon dildo.png)
In case you're like >>6547 and you didn't know:

SpacePirate, /cow/'s previous owner, closed n0chan.com on September 11, 2014, and I created 8chan.co/cow/ on September 11, 2014; so by pure, drunken coincidence, the anniversary of our arrival on 8chan was already a day that we will never forget.

None of /cow/'s incarnations had come close to lasting as long as our 8chan board, fondly as we do remember them. There had been seven incarnations since Krapple created /cwc/ in 2009, and each lasted about a year. It should go without saying that I'm grateful to Fredrick Brennan and Jim and Ron Watkins for hosting us as long as they did, giving us the opportunity to laugh at the doll, the farms, the dads, the wound, the haircuts, the anus, and the gunt. I'm also grateful to the LGBT community, including Mark Ortiz, Sean Brackeen, "Erika Rose," Joshua Howard, and especially Robert Lamb for letting us laugh at the medallion, the discography, the clitoris, the book, the teeth, the ladystick, and the sides.

Robi, our gracious host, ported my anniversary CSS to Lynxchan after the totally real IRC cabal agreed that the day is still worth celebrating while 8chan is down. You can join the totally real IRC cabal by clicking here: https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=%23/cow/
Edited last time by JEWS on 09/11/2019 (Wed) 15:25:55.
(23.76 KB 500x500 bear_office.jpg)
Happy burfday frens
I dont know where to ask this, but do you guys know where /k/ went?
Ah, The front page didn't show the board so i was worried. By the way, is /v/ more like /vg/ or /v/?
It's as anti-mark as possible.
You can find the board list here: https://julay.world/boards.js
Thank you frens happy birthday
i think you have your names wrong unless you know something i don't
Even if 8ch returns soon it may be best to stay here or migrate elsewhere. Just to shake off all of the fedposters and literal /pol/ autisms. I doubt the site can withstand yet another sperglet going out with an AR massacring random people because aryan babes won't touch his bent duck.
(1.82 MB 1200x800 ClipboardImage.png)
/pol/acks aren't shooting people. Remember Dayton? An antifa incel in a tranny punk band.
You don't seem to understand you're in the middle of a war. War isn't nations VS nations any more, they're far too powerful to fight each other. If one starts to lose it will just drop a nuke and call it done. War is now defined by small anti-government forces fighting guerrilla operations from among the civilian population. Random shootings and terrorism by anti government forces (which can be multiple at once) and taking territory under their own criminal wing is how things work now.

No matter where you go there will be people going postal around you. Image boards make good places to post manifestos and even if you don't use an image board it will be posted on all of them by someone talking about a happening. You can't have a forum for social outcasts and now expect it to be used by people on the fringe.
Nice larp but even as a /pol/tard since 2012, /pol/ really has gone to shit and become a lolcow itself.
>Image boards make good places to post manifestos
If I decided to go postal (which I don't, CIA-chan) I wouldn't destroy the entire community I used up until then by posting my manifesto directly there and showing I was a member of that community. Just dump it all over the web in a million different spots, email links to thousands of people like Breivik did and tweet it out under your name. No reason to implicate places like /pol/ directly. It's just a stupid idea. Any real /pol/ users would know that it was /theirguy/ anyway
>Hello fellow /pol/tards. /pol/s a real lolcow am I right?

It will end up on /pol/ these days either way and the media will tell whatever lies it feels like telling about you.
>as a /pol/tard since 2012
>/pol/acks aren't shooting people
Except for El Paso and CHristchurch, which are specifically why 8ch went down and our home vanished. Or the ED editor & occasional kiwifarms poster going postal in New Mexico. Or the one in the Synagogue by San Diego. Or the incel infantry calling in to "Sargeant 4chan" in Toronto. Or... I hope you get the point.
That pales in comparison to leftist orgs and blacks. Or the muslims who were caught fiddling around with an airplane on the 9/11 anniversary. There are probably more shooters who were frequent redditors than /pol/tards.
i request spoonfeeding, why did you guys die 7 or 8 times
(64.89 KB 720x893 qoomer.jpeg)
>except for
>pales in comparison to
/qresearch/ is also in the competition, too, smdh you whiteGAMERGATES


Even Tumblr feminism is and was less cancerous than /pol/ shit. Thanks to /pol/ there is probably more reasons to hate white people than ever before.
I wouldn't be surprised if /pol/ was created as a government psyop controlled opposition designed to make people want communism. This anti-SJW community has become so shitty, that I think elements of the anti-SJW community was part of a giant CIA glow in the dark operation designed to create fake opposition to liberals in order take away your 1st amendment rights by having the laws of the internet be changed.
astroturf much? tumblr-tier femshitism is quite literally worse than soygoys or just about anything else out there glowfriend.
Fuck off Hotwheels. Why don't you go climb back into the wheelchair you came from?
/leftypol/ is BASED and /pol/ is trash.
Lol no. People are stupid, even on the internet, and want things contrary to what they've been striving for last centuries because their life is getting shittier due to obligatory processes, and because not everyone can have what his neighbors and bosses have. You don't need psyops to control shit like that, unless they don't have anything else to do, which is slowly getting to that point, because tougher opponents of these psyops are capable of fucking these up now. I tend to look more for market causes and not law enforcements, amount of dumb shills is quite astounding, they don't even hide anymore. Everything is copied and shilled for.

So, there's no fake opposition, there's people wanting more capital because competitive markets are tight, and it leads to sucking every retard dry. No wonder they want communism now, it's hip, trendy, and is a solution to some of their problems they can't deal with anymore because some are taking way too much and not sharing anything. So others want to lessen either that amount taken or the masses capable of taking it. Took your countries a few centuries though, lol. I guess the idea of wild west where you can fuck and kill and cheat whatever you can isn't pleasing to your cattle anymore :=)
go back to spacechan
(2.44 MB 1280x720 communist_bbq.webm)
did they live?
Catalog view when?
>he still doesn't know how to use catalog
Negro, you can see some of their eviscerated remains get flown across the others.
I absolutely loathe white GAMERGATEs. They are illiberal churls.
gym goes over transexual surgery. very based and redpilled. I only knew about this kind of stuff years ago, but daddy gym going over shit I already know is cool nontheless!
>hundreds of Muslims and shitskins attack, kill and bomb for years
"I sleep"
>a handful of whites strike back

Hopefully it will redpill his Reddit audience. Most people are ignorant of what this surgery true entails and what the results are truly like
Stop being a disingenuous shill. 8chan had a pdf manifesto. Facebook, on the other hand, literally hosted a video of a massacre. That is infinitely worse than anything that was on 8chan.

So where are all the calls for facebook to be taken down?

You're a moral phoney
So how much are you getting paid hourly? I'm just curious.
Whats the current news on 8kun? Is Jim gonna still be a jew and not port every board over
How do i do the shiny text please
>Whats the current news on 8kun?
deplatformed again by the dud, apparently
actually another business who rents servers from a different company to provide CDN services lost one of their providers. basically bitmitigate all over again. fred is ruining businesses of some rich people and going to be in the crossfire of lawsuits for defamation for making their businesses out to be "supporting terrorists", etc.
If I'm not mistaken Lim used to operate BitMitigate and it got bought by Epik eventually.
correct. the vanwatech CDN platform was owned by him only according to his twitter, though.
Yes, back when BitMitigate dropped 8chan he said he was working on something new that would be "very special".
>crossfire of lawsuits for defamation for making their businesses out to be "supporting terrorists", etc.
Lore is getting interesting.
Where's the court letter?
shut up joji
was the halsey arc abandoned?
(90.16 KB 607x960 1565729464022.jpg)
bickers halsey uses a parasitic fame seeking model (ie paying JF for air time bickers he can't attract an organic audience). The main thing he's even known for is debating Enoch
Jim just wants to help the FBI maintain their honeypot
>deplatformed again
did anyone even get to post on it? lol
>So where are all the calls for facebook to be taken down?

dont you know what the christchurch call is?

its literally govs coming together to get control over facebook
its gross
>its literally govs coming together to get control over facebook
>its gross
how did you find this place?
(70.23 KB 1014x910 andy1.JPG)
i was here opening day lad, dont try to police my language
>dont try to police my language
A) i do what i want
B) see A)

Defending kikebook won't make you any friends around here mate.
im not defending kikebook and you are sounding a lot like a collectivist sir with talks of having friends around here
.....where did all the hard working anons end up?
i have a few ideas for a couple of loloperations and need help fine tuning them and putting them into action. where go?
don't want to be too visible and too many bunkers are glowing or kiked to israel and back.
i want to weaponize Qlarp and fuck with environmentalist/vegans and fat people....
Anons, is this our home now?
I don't want to go back to 8kun and be with 8kunts.
Home is where the heart is.
I hope you goyim are still using this thread for /cow/ meta.

Time will tell. Our hosts are doing a great job with julay.world, and I'm not in a hurry to leave, but know that they're hosting us at their expense.
8kun glows brighter than the sun. I don't get why everyone is in such a hurry to return back to it.
We're both here forever, matey.
(1.54 MB 1728x1165 ralphagay.png)
>Dear Jim Watkins, if you really want to advertise 8kun on JulayWorld you're free to buy ad julay. Hit me up at admin@julay.world.
(45.77 KB 511x628 DfJC9m1U0AAGzcz.jpg)
Haven't been keeping up with things, can anyone tell me what happened with cripplekike betraying and mark getting visited by feds?
sorry for spoonfeed
Take your time, everything is documented in /cow/.
Super tl;dr
Cripplekike was cuckeld by 🎂🇮🇱 @2k/month compared to his measly 600/month, and he's using everything in knowledge to take James Arthur Watkins down.
🎂🇮🇱 on other hand: doxed ♿️🇮🇱 old address, self doxed his $🐷contract , and an anti IB made.a fakemanifesto that pinned a failure of a shooting in a German Synagogue.
🎂🇮🇱 ditched ♿️🇮🇱 first bickers of conflicts of interests he's well aware of.
>>13388 has mostly everything, but note it's a /cow/ thread, so funny caps are riddled around.
polite sage
There is finally a political board on 8kun
Is 8coom working for you? Seems to time out here.
>Political board on Qchan
/pnd/ is superior
Why are conservative incels bigger sjws than anyone?
Hey Sargon, how's the 20 year plan going.
Is it true gunt and retardski used gunts brothers name to lease that apartment? Lol what a fucking gunty goof
What's the latest on 8kun /cow/?
I've formally requested its migration, so it's been saved from being clamed by the enemies of the lulz. I don't know when it will be restored.
It was one of the larger and more active boards on the site and yet boards like /chori/, the back up of the back up Argentinian board on 8kun, got restored before it.
Open file (71.12 KB 883x260 ☒ALUJ.png)
Yeah, I'm as lost as you are when it comes to why it's taken so long. My best guess is that its age might be complicating things; Josh had spent two weeks trying to get the old meta thread's autism letters in the correct order on Infinity Next.
Open file (118.54 KB 1155x1200 EKk_umUWkAoM5UR.jpg)
Board creation & Tor fileposting allowed.

Please buy adjulay 8channel, we don't mind a shout out given that's paid.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/07/2019 (Sat) 19:56:53.
Chobitsu, filter with: "Please buy adjulay, we don't mind a shout out given that's paid."


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