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Open file (36.16 KB 448x397 hugo.jpg)
Open file (24.99 KB 252x281 hugo pre transition.jpg)
Tranny cows Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 22:57:06 ID: 23beaf No.10876
Hugo (or Jake, I can't tell the difference in fact of course) of the woke atheist youtube channel TheBibleReloaded just came out as a tranny in a cringy 30 minute video

He makes no attempt to pass except for growing his hair longer, and he's been piling on the pounds. Suicide soon.
>yet another fat ugly beta male e-celeb decides he's going to be a tranny in a desperate attempt to get literally any woman to touch his tiny penis
Oh is it a day that ends in Y already?
How old is this fucker?
Militant atheism was a mistake.
He basically admits it was low self esteem/lack of self identity and anxiety then being converted by tranny memes and youtubers online. He probably watched a ton of tranny porn too. Same old story with these extremely online people, every time.
There's also a part around five minutes in where he goes on a minirant about how much he hates his father.
Open file (232.13 KB 283x453 justno.png)
I've been following them on and off for a while and that reveal to me was just pure fucking cringe. I knew there was an allusion once of one of them was bi. I never really for sure or bothered to find out.

Also, Hugo got fat with the years.
Is gahoole secretly a tranny he looks like the one on the left
duphoole flhp by hapadup
You know it's true though.
Supposedly something from 4chan /lgbt/
Open file (27.72 KB 622x179 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57393 I can't believe this shit is actually happening. There's no way in hell this fuck is serious about this, and isn't just being some fuckhead who wants to change definitions around.
>>10876 I noticed Hugo has managed to grift almost 10k from wearing a dress over the past year since I last checked this thread: https://www.gofundme.com/f/q6t59s-hannah039s-transition-fund?
Open file (72.09 KB 209x250 patricianelson.png)
>>20509 he is

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