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Open file (72.29 KB 200x200 ClipboardImage.png)
neinchan moderator clay clay in the nigga house AK 10/07/2019 (Mon) 01:55:50 ID: 10360a No.11071
took a while to get this one but apparently hes called floki on neinchan
absolute cringe lord who was once one of the " leaders" of national socialist legion
Open file (28.20 KB 600x207 ClipboardImage.png)
his old discord for nsl national socialist legion
Open file (269.38 KB 555x295 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (293.86 KB 1186x698 unknown-3.png)
his workplace is owned by a black woman
Open file (112.87 KB 991x593 Dr5DfKzX0AIwcMD.jpg)
Open file (124.50 KB 1226x651 Dr5C8S1XcAA9jml.jpg)
he showed himself on social media several times
Open file (155.90 KB 400x240 ClipboardImage.png)

Open file (2.04 MB 3024x4032 HBO_Glowki.jpg)
he was on the 2nd unite the right

Open file (138.77 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
must larp as pagan but actually gR***k

turks rise up
>in iraq and afghanistan 2016 17 ? >finished school around 2014
>started larping as a pagan in 2018
2018 2019 working at suucurity
forgot his greek roots and needs a dna ethnic test

added to neinchan around march - may 2019

needs to reevaluate life and stop larping with his butt m8 show me
his hand on instagram is the same as on unicorn
Open file (1.23 MB 3024x4032 image.jpg)
more photos of his neckbeard
a member of the legion said gay is ok
clay also said he hated clerical fascism and that slavros of ironmarch was turkish
Nice dildos!
Open file (5.95 MB 2576x1932 ClipboardImage.png)
gaytons gun
now thats cringe
lmao, what a sperg is that guy
dios mios
Was it ever found who overtook neinchan after it was lost from the original owner?
nihil everybody knows its you floki isnt even a mod anymore you fucking retard
t. mint
also stop samefagging
reminder that the guy who made this thread shoved a hairbrush up his ass and stabbed his balls with a plastic fork bickers he wanted to get assfucked by a 14yr old trap
also hmu on dickord faggot i need to tell you a final message t.mint
What's that haircut called?
The rentboy. It's what autistic right does when they want to look as terrible as possible.
It looks almost as bad as that retarded side shave that tumblr whales get, what neurological fuckup makes so many puritanical autists do this shit with their hair?
nice cope

nein is full of our shills
What the fuck is LARPagan's deal with ass play? Why the fuck are they so anal fixated? Is bickers of all the prison time they serve that is sort of leaked out into their social circles on the outside?

I would understand if it was snowGAMERGATEs and their prediliction for degeneracy but most of these fuckers are just mixed up mutts.
Homosexuals deserve the bog

t. pagan
most the larpers are homosexuals or friends with homosexuals. Rope culture has a lot of good articles on how homos think the alt right can save them from being thrown off buildings by Islam so use the social circles to groom confused young boys looking for purpose at the same time.
why are you so obsessed with ass play kike? you would never front any of these people on the street so keep your comments here where its safe armchair warrior! hahahahah
Okay shitskin
stay scared pusy and keep your petty bullshit here where it belongs. never forget, you would never challenge a White Nationalist in the street. don't forget your place troon
>Gets called a LARPer
>Continues to LARP
Okay mutt
hahaha thats right, keep it here, keep it safe. if you see these guys, you will look at your feet as you walk past them kike, and you know it hahaha get in the last word so you can feel as though you actually accomplished something today lol
foot looker flhp by foot looker
Why are you pretending to be white? None of the people pictured in this thread are. Just shiteyed 56%ers.
>/cow/ - literal whos nobody cares about
You've failed to explain how this guy is a lolcow beyond "he's MUH NADZEEEEEEE and I don't like him".
What did you mean by this?
original owner sold out to the kikes
neinchan mod neinchan is full of lowlcow moderators
what kikes?
some jewish zionist un trustfund ran by indians
company is called ool llc

well whatever it is its shady af
what is that hairstyle called?
Open file (20.31 KB 248x262 Darth_Vader.jpg)
savior was original co owner with kommandant and co
O rly?
That post is "savior" trying to gain notoriety as he always does.
interesting for sure. I hope that Nein's oldfags will save Nein and take "saviour" down
>>22021 kommandant only came on neinchan in april, he was never in the discord and wasnt admin neither was the saviour, but if you can show proof that he was your welcome to, otherwise fake and gay
Open file (49.62 KB 727x572 neinchan-is-fedchan.png)
>>11071 >police officer shirt.png Neinchan is fedchan. >faganon leaves GPS EXIF in photo while talking about targeting mosque with stickers >faggot gets doxxed from EXIF >mods delete the dox but leave up the faganon's photo and post about targeting mosque >neinchan is fedchan honeypot
>>24512 Make an >>>/n/ thread about it, it may prove useful like the German patsy with a kill count of two. E.g. I want to see dox, original image and timestamps.
Neinchan https://archive.is/piWw3#q17656 Absolutely FEDERAL
>Neinchan is fedchan. >faganon leaves GPS EXIF in photo while talking about targeting mosque with stickers >faggot gets doxxed from EXIF >mods delete the dox but leave up the faganon's photo and post about targeting mosque >neinchan is fedchan honeypot 6/6000000 Nein is just wierd. Butthurt homofeds? I had many of my posts removed like explaining how 99.9% police are rotted out husks of authoritarian political terrorists providing studies and examples of how these psychos work in CY, replying to some retard OP "asking" if human trash like that can ever be trusted. I also had many other posts dissapear, some where i evidenced extreme police atrocities/murder against yellow vests in France, describing what they did to people was like something out of third world Somalia/Iraq/Saudi Arabian shitholes gassing/maiming people and killing them medieval style with brute force. If what happened in France last year happened in Iraq or some other third world place, there would literally be a "humanitarian crisis" and immidiate invasion by zog as casus belli to end the tyrrany. To me it seems like it's either mods being retards or butthurt federales, both is probably fair to speculate. Seen no such (((problems))) on julay.
>>25972 mods have changed now hope theres less faggotry from now on
>>39817 Nice try zionist worshiper LARPing faggot.
>>21877 Drowned Rat.
>>39817 >mods have changed now Same excuse they ran with when the admin was exposed for being in the ACF >ACF doesn't exist guys see the website is gone

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