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Open file (172.03 KB 416x441 jahans.png)
Open file (2.74 MB 3000x4966 jahans.jpg)
Jahans thread Anonymous 08/11/2019 (Sun) 10:52:16 ID: 2a28bf No.1179
Our boy Alex got his wisdom teeth out recently and was given some painkillers. He got high and went on a spergrant about how actually reading porn all day is very altruistic of him.
Open file (50.14 KB 549x408 Alextweets.JPG)
Open file (44.58 KB 557x322 Alextweets_2.JPG)
Open file (42.71 KB 557x321 Alextweets_3.JPG)
Is he still tweeting at porn stars?
Jahans has protected his twitter. Here is an incomplete archive of his videos.

If someone has the full archive please post.
>Muh Nectar mutha fugga
I have missed my /cow/boys lads.
Good to see esoteric jahanism is still alive.
Absolute Nectar
I think someone made a complete archive but I'm not sure if it's been lost. Post it if I find it.
I've missed /cow/ too. Glad I found the bunker.
Open file (174.98 KB 1200x1676 Our_Prophet.png)
forget to bump
So is 77 shades of red the one with weird cannibal shit?
We need to keep the meme alive mate
How autistic is this guy
Joke's on you, neurotypical.
Yeeah boi
Open file (6.23 MB 778x720 sermon.webm)
Jahanism is still alive?!
Open file (2.64 MB 640x360 flavours_of_women.webm)
Unlike the women in Jahans' basement.
Anyone have his 2000 sub Q&A? That was a good one.
Open file (63.27 KB 200x248 JAHANNY.png)
>Jeremy Corbyn lost
https://farsh-nuke.blogspot.com/2019/12/general-election-2019.html?zx=c2dfd0886cb14657 I have been so angry today that I have barely slept and have given myself RSI furiously playing Fallout 4 to distract myself from this.
What did he mean by this?
>>27026 Godwinson?
>>27026 >murdoch murdoch watches godwinson >survivethejive watches godwinson Truly the kinoest of all e-celebs.
>>27026 Based StJ
>>26943 >I haven’t felt such visceral anger since I realized nazis know where I live and were threatening my family. It’s as if all at once you are knocked to the ground and battered by the realization that your enemy is so much more dangerous than you thought they were Ah yes, I remember the horrors of Nazi Germany when six million jews were prank called and sent pepperoni pizza. >I am making myself ill achieving nothing. I have been telling myself over and over today that “I can’t do it.” It's like he purposefully ruins his own life to spite those around him.
>>16296 Jahanism never dies. >TFW watching a peak esoteric video after not having seen any Jahanist material for several months How I have missed this guy.
>>27820 Any you G​AMERGATEs have jahans archive? I got 20 of his spiciest old deleted videos. Looking for more.
Open file (80.79 KB 960x955 jahanimal.jpg)
OH SHIT BROS from his facebook lol
>>30783 It’s actually a step up for him, as shitty as that beard looks
>>30783 He still looks jawless.
>>30783 What the fuck happened to Quinton Reviews?
>>30783 finally hit puberty ate age 30.
>>30783 How many bodies are rotting under his floorboards?
>>30783 Abu al Jahans
"Why Donald Trump is so Terrifying" finally back online... https://www.bitchute.com/video/zOMgF1ETNuiC/
>>3528 possibly incomplete https://mega.nz/#F!PdcGiSJR!SV71IS0177MQJUzwUVkyXA 20150825 AxD4CTALpv4 The Mental Health Crisis.mp4 to 20150916 uz8rndWAUa0 This Is War but we can say No More.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!ySQWRSqS!JprAOVGgrYGZ0rdUq9T6YA 20150917 yRPvYnZw3fc A Patchwork utopia and other strangeness.mp4 to 20151026 nFBR8N3ndTE Bioshock 1 and 2 review and analysis.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!7q4izS7I!8HtGz2oLhfwrkhJ5oYlHgg 20151027 g_vFfVUWQPc Status Report 27th October 2015.mp4 to 20151127 HnejR72koLI Why we shouldn't bomb Isis.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!teAnwSrQ!56jsLq5cmPwXYH1pdLdFSw 20151128 fXAO_c8aQBk I don't care anymore.mp4 to 20151227 DFLwkHSsfAc The Exorcist extended cut review.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!XPoTkCxT!Sh6eikOshP9QRGwa2G1AVQ 20151228 D7bcxWfV-tY post christmass vlog.mp4 to 20160130 qVL_m3oGM-o Let's Chill Out episode 3 Skyrim.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!BPw0VKBY!-3IvarhQhWDi5_b0JmFbng 20160130 vR2NpGV9Cqc Kingsman The Secret Service Review.mp4 to 20160215 KrIv6iLlJis Feminism, Regulated Capitalism, the Value of Criticism and Niches.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!7ctUHIpL!6s7a9TkUxASi0fJIyQzrTg 20160216 f-rIE9fgZmQ censorship and using toxic energy for good.mp4 to 20160304 A3rUwXAk0cM Can the American Police Force maybe try not killing absolutely everyone they're scared of.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!AbBUhY6L!QELMXtSQrBz4IOAq3-mb6w 20160305 1rPSlAL7UF0 On fans, fandom and acknowledging the weaknesses of fiction.mp4 to 20160324 t9JT-cMINc0 The Fever Cure.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!TSoyVAjC!3KPFfwUO68g1sTYZ3Ex9KA 20160327 -JpLQL_SOls Fuzzy Logic Trailer and Introduction NSFW.mp4 to 20160423 AAUSu2-f2J8 Labels are important.mp4 31 videos https://mega.nz/#F!CDYnyK7Z!_eIhI7sWkc5OfYvx53Przw 20160424 6C03VJf4bmA Getting Organised.mp4 to 20160522 leSoNZreI4o Fantasy Crisis Planning.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!XXwUWaoB!7vCJACXPBHyPXv-SFcyFFw 20160525 5tGsjayZcUA I finally understand why that fanfic was problematic.mp4 to 20160726 wHWsDlUflLs Sanders Endorses Clinton and Ask Me Anything.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!r7AxTK6a!znZw8JBb6AtAwjwpcndtyQ 20160727 QMaWv1wKWQo Marina Joyce and the line between Fans and Creators.mp4 to 20160823 rBZ8z2gfcMw An Explanation Before I Block People.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!zrRnhKzQ!NFfWY-qM42uxS9rE5KB9ig 20160824 xxDayOWNx5A An Explanation Of The Lore Of The Multiverse.mp4 to 20160920 cByv5cLlgHQ 2000 Subs A Vlog.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!6dl0wIKT!1CTeHOafCuIm4veOoCk3Kg 20160921 YmBLqZRkTTc 2000 Subscribers AMA Answers.mp4 to 20161104 _ENOyQVSR30 New Ipad and Skyrim.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!7FV0zYxR!y81Cb5HJRWO8OoAC9bqgyA 20161105 tyZ22qMRYo0 Remember Remember the 5th of November.mp4 to 20170130 j2-FcsC9n2s The Genocidal Should Reconsider.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!yfZRVIoT!CKDsidXWmeH_88tCQT9U0g 20170130 o84ybUb5DXM A Crisis of Autism and Employment.mp4 to 20170308 rdhrhm7E0vE The Great Green Nothingness Lore Part 2.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!WnAAFCoB!axd2mPF8dcVr-kKB5Wi7iQ 20170310 5Nleno1GA6g The Great Green Nothingness Lore Part 3.mp4 to 20170526 z4b8-046SAs Fight Club Thoughts.mp4 https://mega.nz/#F!ZPJEgKLa!dSz9vG8s6l3-hGOKaUkJAg 20170528 EEWURqorLII Social Justice Stalling.mp4 to 20171214 4CiyNCYSr2U EDA Reviews E03 The Body Snatchers.mp4
>neetbux increase >don't have to go outside >no more pressure to get a job Jahanic heaven
Godwinson is now totally cucking Johans with PPP, what a shame.
yes ugly pathetic
His life now is better than many Гунтguard members and IBS refugees of course in fact

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