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Julius Ceasar187's Guntporium Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 19:50:16 ID: 63dfbc No.12805
Welcome, welcome my precious aper to Julius Ceasar 187's Guntporium
The only place where you can spend money to own the gunt, trigger the gunt.
And you will also be helping out the running of this website as 2/3rds of the profits will be offered as tribute to our khan.
This will also be an alternative for people who want to donate but can't bickers they still havn't been able to figure out crypto (if that is your main reason for buying anything, get the $100 dollar mug, alternatives can be made upon request, $50 or $20 dollar stickers or whatever).
The remaining 33% of the profits will go to me, a humble global vol on this public forum, for my efforts in designing these shirts and having to move most of the money over to robi via crypto.

If you have any requests, maybe you just really want this particular gunt design on the premium version of that hoodie, or you have a great idea for a design with your favorite eceleb you really want to buy, feel free to request them and I will see what I can do.
Keep in mind that for any requests please try not to just request a picture of the ecelebs face or something, but try to use anon OC drawings, recognizable features like the gunt or metokurs's 4 our of 5 stars or heavily shopped versions, or we might get into some shaky legal grounds.

If you have an extremely detailed request that would require hours and hours of work I might charge an up front commission for the design, I'm fairly capable in photoshop, and while most of the work I have done in relation to this board has been more about graphic design then creative drawing, I can do drawings or tracings of whatever photos you provide.
I can also have a look if any of our in house artists might be interested in taking the commission (for instance 3Danon or Marburg-chan, both of who's work has already been featured as their renditions of our Julaychan mascot) although I obviously can't say anything about their rates.

Questions about the operation can be asked here too, from the one sale we made until now I can at least say that I have no ability to see any identifying information about the customers. And currently our prices for the EU are more expensive bickers teespring charges more, I'm looking at some alternative shops as well that might do roughly the same but cheaper but I'll update the OP with them as necessary.
An example of Marburg and 3Danon's recent works, and the cover of the IBS RPG, probably the most effort I've put into a /cow/ related shoop, Robi actually did some work on it as well.
ahh the memories in fact of course
Feels nice I was able to participate in the cover creation, even if in the slightest
Was still supposed to make a cover for the Veeh centric expansion as well, but I guess all of that is in limbo since no one knows what happened to RPGanon.
Open file (214.10 KB 1493x1000 guntporium 2.jpg)
Open file (557.86 KB 768x858 guntmerchantblurred.png)
Thank god I never went through with announcing it officially, but we have an alternate store at https://viralstyle.com/store/guntporium/guntporium and while they offer some great prices for mugs, certain shirts and some extra merch like clocks and slippers it unfortunately works like a normal webstore.
That is to say, you have access to your full customers adress, to repeat using it WILL DOX YOURSELF TO ME
This is not the case for the teespring store which anonymizes all of the user data but which is also signigicantly more expensive for most items. https://teespring.com/stores/julius-ceasar187s-guntporium-2
Obviously you have my personal guarantee I will never even look at your personal information, but in these dark times of felon blog owners doxing their paypigs it's important to be open about these thing.


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