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FBIchan general (8chan/8kun/Odin) Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 22:26:59 ID: 5aa03a No.13388
Share your favorite snaps.
In today's FBI stint, gaGGer plan to send Fredrick jailbait, hoping for a Filipino warrant.
Spoiling for the weak of degeneracy.
Active FBI thread
Open file (138.79 KB 960x720 1571308001284.jpg)
what constitute FBIposting tier in those caps exactely ?
Open file (132.63 KB 435x500 guilty by association.png)
Open file (82.74 KB 380x664 blocklist.png)
Open file (122.13 KB 582x467 neinchan_pol, says hi.png)
Open file (117.63 KB 1581x507 1571694280592.png)
Open file (235.55 KB 461x1115 Took'em 3 months LOL.png)
FBIchan finally figured it out:
Current active thread:
Open file (274.19 KB 465x1063 DogeWatch.png)
Open file (70.85 KB 457x564 we good now.png)
Open file (49.95 KB 393x329 totally cool now.png)
Open file (92.71 KB 409x560 wikihow to pity.png)
>Double zeta
That was a good episode, with the Berbers viewing zeeks and feddies as western "franks"
>AcidJew or Mark
That's Fredspeg. He re-posts that embedded youtube video everywhere. He's really active on smuglo.
Imagine avatar fagging as Fred Flintstone and being too retarded to make a webm
Seems we have another FBInformat >>>/sw/
Tell me more.
He seems to have moderator privileges in GaymerGoy generals, as the snap demonstrates.
It's funny confirming AcidJew is 1) a >>>/sw/ & Disney sucker, 2) hung up on George Lucas's expired cashcow.
You'd think Tolkien fans would have written better novels by now.
Yeesh, the cope >>>/meta/1227
Mark denies Rothschild involvement in Stephan Balliet:
Currently active in FBIgeneral.
Cult revisionism dialed at 21
For low price of 6.82 BTC I'll stop.
Here's my address:

he cant jim haunts his dreams
Open file (130.50 KB 352x292 d7c.png)
This actually. I take snapshots of Mark's playpen bickers NNNNNF Jim makes me sooo mad!!!
what is this thread meant to accomplish
sounds about right
Make more moneyjulay juice, what else?
It's just that none of this is really interesting or funny
Open file (123.42 KB 706x837 1452804444754.png)
>>14077 (Checked)

I can tell that I wasn't the one who banned that guy too. Thank God.
>second file's filename
How much you will shit your pants if 8kun also bans loli shit? I am just wondering. Idea been on the mind for far too long.
Wait, KC is still up?
Are you ID:77d5c?
What's KC?
So two confirmed crossgaGGers ITS.
I've looked over this thread like three times now and I'm still not sure what the point of this is.
Observing general autism?
It's rather some fag getting butthurt about dead movement general autism.
Not a first and probably not the last.
Honestly, it's amazing how many hateboners that thread still makes to very this day.
Anyone have screenshots of /abdl/ posts? That place was an absolute goldmine
I also found about this too!
Any crosscrossposters?
I would go there regularly to lurk and fap. If you think the community looks bad from the outside, you should see some of the internal stuff that happens on fetlife.
So this is a thread about spergs posting revenge fantasies about cuckroller and talking about pedo shit?
80% of this fuc⁣king bo⁣ard is just spe⁣rgs making thr⁣eads about mun⁣d⁣ane peo⁣ple who happened to make them but⁣thurt once.
But the stuff being posted ITT doesn't seem to have a particular focus beyond screencapping what appears to be random posts from vch or whatever.
I'm probably just overthinking it.
wait, is vch 8kun?
Give us some of the juicy details anon. I enjoy that sort of thing but I avoid the community like cancer. Other than finding pictures of hot chicks on tumblr for it I've never seen them.
hot wheels personally picked global moderation would not delete cp spam for hours on end, any board with anti pedo sentiments got hit with spam that would stay up for hours. This could be attributed to multiple problems but if kikeroller wasn't such a tool he would of at least mentioned global replies did not work.
Open file (624.48 KB 719x774 mommy cap.png)
So you're posting all of this bickers some guys don't want CP posted all over the place?
Well there's the obvious stuff, like deeker and pamperchu who are hated even by the "mainstream" segments of the ABDL community. Then theres "public faces of the community" who try and go on mainstream tv with their fetish. The best know. Of these is "Binkie Princess" who'sl an admittedly physically attractive but also a batshit insane snowflake who's constantly swapping through ugly beta bfs who she treats like slaves. Shes basically zoe quinn but better looking. Pic related.

Theres also Reilly kilo, a MtF tranny who is public and has been for years, but doesn't really garner any controversy.
Now onto the interesting stuff; fetlife. Fetlife is basically a BDSM themed facebook but there's other fetishes that use the platform as well. The groups there are mostly controlled by feminists and trannies who ban anyone at the drop of the hat. Most infamous of these is a 400 lbs sista with and attitude, blue pandora. She's a steven universe nut who envisions herself as garnet beating up the white male patriarchy. Her preffered method of political revolution is to ban horny guys from fetlife groups and leaving snarky ban messages. Shes and her clique (catladies and soyboys from the San Diego-Vancouver corridor) overlap with the management and staff of a porn studio, ABDreams (owned by a woman who goes by "Apple"). Several of the models went to a women's nude sauna in canada that doesnt allow MtFs. While they were there they were having a kik chat when one of them mentioned she liked that MtFs arent allowed and said people feel naturally comfortable whith others who are similar to themselves. This triggered an avalanche of assblasted trannies who tried to boycott the studio, which failed as the studio's main demographic is straight dudes. Nowadays the fetlife community mostly witch hunts for straight people.
On adisc, a form founded in the aughts, theres this guy caitanx (however you spell it) who is an autistic 60 something who posts daily, has a star trek avatar and uploads pictures of his fat elderly long bearded self in nothing but a diaper.
None of this is very juicy by the description but I'll upload some actual screen shots when I get home
Open file (231.18 KB 435x961 yep FBI.png)
Open file (79.88 KB 403x477 they know a lot.png)
Open file (200.90 KB 443x934 pedochan knows best.png)
Open file (580.73 KB 471x1097 not a pedo1.png)
Open file (348.03 KB 469x908 not a pedo2.png)
Open file (336.04 KB 438x1055 not a pedo3.png)
>playing internet vigilante on the internet sucking cripple cock 24/7 thinking you owned the Nazis and are defeating the bad guys, it won't get you anywhere, it's a waste of time, and it won't impact your life for the better
playing internet vigilante on the internet sucking Mark's cock 24/7 thinking you owned the Hotwheels and are defeating the bad guys, it won't get you anywhere, it's a waste of time, and it won't impact your life for the better

How to waste your life 1.0.1.
Mark severely fucked up right now, this thread is worth it. The longer OP goes, the longer it gets. Also i noticed he always switches id's, hope you aren't banning the guy for posting screencaps.
The better* it gets i mean.
>switches id's
>banning [/cow/ material]
Like legit, how new are you?
I get several niGGers in this thread have attempted to dissuade themselves that they'ren't butthurt, but if you're gonna cult, cult harder than the Catholics.
James seems to do a much better job than Mark anyways:
Well, faggot, i hate catholics too, do you think i don't? Yeah, sure i am rather not trusting julay world on how they will treat cow board compared to how 8chan itself treated it. Do i? I never used julay world before. Of course i will have such opinion. But guess what faggot, i do switch from time to time proxies myself and don't actually give a shit about your opinion about what i write here more than your actions. Be useful, do your job, and don't dare to criticize your overlords including hot wheels, bickers you're a piece of human garbage only meant to please us all.

t. Slaanesh-kun
>mark is literally paid to shadowban opinions
What's wrong with that statement?
That's as plain as day true.
Some dude getting sad for some reason , probably L33TGuy.
OP try to put more effort into your shit next time.
What kind of effort do you want? GaGGers make OP content by themselves.
OP is a phone posting GAMERGATE, he'll never put effort into anything.
That's right, I'm such an EFFORT phoneposter I joined FBIGaGs to totally own the SEETHERS Anonymous.
Open file (446.84 KB 535x1057 In Fur We Trust.png)
Open file (296.79 KB 446x1109 HAPPENING.png)
This guy mad bickers I called him a cultist for still using cake/v/
There's some large cultural change going on. A revolt against anime cult that holds on to non-anime related hobby boards. And mark with gahoole may cause chain reaction that will finally kill it.
/v/ is of no importance. What's important is SARGON pretending to be still important.
Open file (57.67 KB 397x361 new blood.png)
Open file (51.67 KB 407x237 DON'T CP SPAM RN.png)
Open file (234.10 KB 664x1093 6MILLION KIKES.png)
>people hate wizchan bickers of this thread
Open file (186.76 KB 630x315 snapcringe.png)
Is this what irony poisoning looks like?
Open file (100.68 KB 404x576 East Virginia.png)
Open file (150.42 KB 407x906 segregate me daddy.png)
Open file (295.76 KB 470x1105 Abusive Human Relations.png)
Open file (75.85 KB 396x400 >We.png)
Don't forget the 1.4Billion chinks!
Open file (63.04 KB 412x404 4 Streams.png)
Open file (213.41 KB 465x1028 still seething.png)
Open file (76.24 KB 402x447 Mark is _our_kike.png)
Open file (45.32 KB 407x205 >Terrified 😂🤣.png)
>come back again
>still don't know the point of this thread
Am I missing something?
All it looks like you're doing is taking screencaps of random posts that aren't even saying anything particularly interesting or noteworthy.
Open file (150.78 KB 413x906 we're canaryless.png)
Open file (86.93 KB 462x579 plebbit smell.png)
Open file (185.33 KB 436x489 Thanks Mark!.png)
The cripple doesnt like mork
Mark and Fredrick were BFF, until he went after his CP stash. Now he's dead to him bickers not even his South American goyim will provide him his daily dose of CP.
A Jew has needs you know.
I don't think this is bonegoblin, he wouldn't be able to resist kvetching about Jim if it was, this looks like a genuine schizo.
Plus, everyone hates cakekike.
Except his loyal FBIGanG.
Awful lot not talking about videogames in his "bunker" general. But who can blame him, even Epstein has his day of the rope.
You'd think they'd be talking days straight about the Finders, when they know they're part of the group lol.
Oh shit, I wasn't supposed to say that.
That's vch.moe, what of it?
I posted it for anons that don't want to use Cuckflare. I don't trust vch and I'm not browsing it without tor.
I guess he's just going to fill the thread with caps of dumbshit boring posts from the GG thread.
I mean, if you have something to contribute, contribute.
All I wanted to know was why you posted something easily deducible.
It's November, I'm technically done. By the time it's 2020, everything is alright too late.
Open file (93.92 KB 469x253 c1.png)
Open file (110.10 KB 459x600 c2.png)
Open file (63.13 KB 472x399 c3.png)
Open file (59.93 KB 473x372 c4.png)
Open file (21.12 KB 478x141 c5.png)
Help, I died laughing.
I've never used a vpn or tor and I'm still here
Ron's basically saying not to trust his 8kun, bickers even TOR is banned @🎂🇮🇱's server.
Anyways with >>19202, nobody is going to use it. The goonest of goons maybe.
I'm certain it's all preparation for Project Odin. It's clear 8kun is a red herring.
what in the actual fuck 'yiff.party' even is and why is Mark into it?
Bui's furshit archive, of which Mark is the largest donor and responsible for keeping it up.
Open file (26.58 KB 414x508 jimmy beam pepe.jpg)
So what's the latest on 8chan?
4chan, and every fringe board, is full of literal faggotry. Are we relegated solely to onions now?
>facebook frog
ok boomer
Open file (34.09 KB 399x182 c1.png)
Open file (17.70 KB 329x110 c2.png)
Open file (308.07 KB 442x827 c3.png)
Open file (139.13 KB 476x918 c4.png)
Open file (43.10 KB 393x227 c5.png)
Pedochan still arguing with itself:
>200 some screencaps of unfunny banal shitposts
>not a single one is noteworthy in any way
At first I thought this was just some epin trollering where OP fucks around and calls people new for asking what the hell he's even posting these for, but no, it's genuine pure unadulterated autism.
You people are just as bad as the Qoomers. 30 years from now you will still be obsessing over "muh glowinthedarks" and "muh FBIchan!!!" As long as you're not posting CP or threatening to shoot up a place then you have nothing to worry about.
>muh fbiGAMERGATEs want to rape me for saying the n-word!
You must think your shitposting is very important and changing history.
Open file (1.21 MB 1210x1690 Cuckime.png)
Open file (123.23 KB 1853x473 julay censors pol.png)
Open file (667.59 KB 1872x1702 julay censors pol01.png)
Open file (370.08 KB 1865x823 julay v commies.png)
Open file (189.27 KB 920x419 Untitled.png)
I think these are commie cuckime trannies from /v/

in case people here don't visit that board, someone made a few baity posts calling out anime avatars there, and the board has gone absolutely bananas, every other post now is some weeb whining about how mark is literally spamming the board personally for hours on end, how goons are joining him, and how /pol/ tards are not welcome there, and you even have leftypol tards coom posting

they have 2 containment threads, one whining about muh mark, one made immediately after cuckime posting, reaching about 100 posts in less than 5 days, basically whining about how the hotpocket there isn't banning anyone they don't like

One reason I think the posters in this thread, assuming there is more than one, are one of those commie trannies who whine about muh /pol/ and anyone who doesn't like anime, is bickers they're still posting those crappy, badly cropped screenshots in their thread about mark. I see some whining about /tv/ here, I should add that /tv/ is also one of the boogeyman they use when someone posts something they don't like
nice gaslighting, cuckime spammer
Open file (5.64 MB 1864x7620 julay censors pol02.png)
Checked in the thread, and updated pic related

you forgot to call me a goon, mark, /pol/, goonietoonie, markgoon, and a /pol/ goonieville mark
Open file (15.62 KB 617x459 1570611361909.jpg)
So you're the guy in that thread who was shitting his diaper and threatening to post screencaps in this thread, as if anyone would notice or care.
Well, you did, and nobody cares. What's the next step of your gay op?
incorrect, that is the poster who was avatarfagging with geese, who is currently spamming anime

it's almost as if he's having an autistic panic attack or something, not sure why
>incorrect, that is the poster who was avatarfagging with geese, who is currently spamming anime
My mistake, Upon rereading your posts I see my error.

>it's almost as if he's having an autistic panic attack or something, not sure why
I think he's geeked out on trailer park meth.
I'm a regular here, and rotating your IP to own your spergpisode is making you look retarded.

Robi, they really think you're transexual, or that you support degeneracy.
In fact, let me mimicry OP here for a second:

In today's Black Friday, where people are either shopping or or spending time with their families celebrating Thanksgiving weekend, since there's no School, this anon on 8cultz anonymous thinks it's a conspiracy against low post per hour:
Sane, right?

In the new cyclical thread about their hope for 8goon migration, here we have a specimen forgetful of CakeJew's exceeding long filter list:
Left the DDOS comment there, bickers we know that's their tactic of choice to tale down IBs.
Not like Julay needs it atm, and if it did, it wouldn't use kikeflare.

Oh, and I hope whomever this faggot is isn't unironically doing it, Robi made CakeJew a Thanksgiving present at >>>/nintendo/
>The person who was crying about /pol/ on /v/ is also the retard that has been spamming /cow/ with random, pointless screencaps crying about vch
thanks for confirming it with us, now you can continue spamming your random pictures that that nobody here cares about and crying on /v/
What's the point of this thread? Moralfagging about cartoons while crying about the site that hosted this board?
There's even less point and cocks here than the anti-GG eceleb threads we had four years ago that the moderation pruned regularly.
Open file (130.75 KB 414x891 c1.png)
Open file (179.77 KB 451x984 c2.png)
Open file (396.32 KB 454x987 c3.png)
Open file (220.95 KB 481x927 c4.png)
Open file (82.89 KB 407x580 c5.png)
>>20740 (2)
1) I don't have a reason to spam Robi's Mongolian server since I enjoy using both boards alike.
2) It's amusing you think I'm OP, when all I did was to mimicry this thread.
But continue being a delusional faggot, it makes more OC in the long run.
Welcome to enjoy this site of peace.

Also, getting closer to my destination, new IP thus.
Next you're going to say Robi is responsible for spamming your IB from kikeflare's wall.
I guess for newfags to wonder what /cow/ is all about.
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
Poster of most, if not all, of these screencaps is a lolcow from /v/, who also seems to be a leftypol poster. see pic related, he whines about mark all day long on /v/ and spams the threads with similar nonsense as in here

whatever you do, don't diss anime or imply we should bring back /pol/ in this thread, or he will sperg out like he did on /v/
Open file (295.41 KB 785x731 jujak.jpg)
>i'd like julay/v/ if they didn't tolerate wojakshit
I don't think I've even seen a soyjak on julay/v/ but it's hilarious how badly that picture hurts their feelings.
Those wojaks were commisioned by a furry and get spammed everywhere. Pure cancer.
is that true, tho? I saw the screenshot in question, but I still refuse to believe that anyone would spend any money, let alone over 3 digits, on fucking wojak edits. It seems like a good way to troll someone and shit on wojak posters at the same time, tho, claiming that's the case
>julay censors /pol/
>has >>>/n/
>has at least 4 other political boards
>complaining about having no board but never requesting it
>selectively omitting posts from the screenshot to make it appear certain things are being censored
pdf related. Let's see if it gets deleted.
You're missing the point entirely, and that screencap gives people context, so you're not fooling anybody

but then again, you're a leftist, and therefore, logic eludes you. Stick to spamming your le ebin vch screencaps, if you're going to do it somewhere, keep them contained here and leave /v/ alone, or it's gonna end up like the thread on /v/, the only one that doesn't have video games in it
Also, nothing has been omitted from that screenshot, aside from reddit tier "you got le owned" posts that didn't address the posts and tried changing the subjects, people are free to check out mark's thread on /v/ if they don't believe me, nothing has been purged
Open file (719.14 KB 1674x740 vnintendo.png)
Half of cake/v/ is furry porn dumps, I don't think that's the reason they hate it.
oh yeah, I forgot that cuckchan likes their nintendo wojaks
lmao, now that screenshot makes a lot more sense
>everyone disagrees with me in OP
>if an anon posts an image that means he's the same anon posting the image elsewhere
Your own screencap has the explanation for why the administration did what they did in it. Anons were told to either make their own /pol/ here or start their own imageboard and join the webring. They won't do either of these things bickers they don't really care about having a /pol/ board they just want to post D&C. I saw this same thing play out on /vg/ and other boards on 8ch multiple times. They shit the place up then cry about the vols having to clean up the mess.

Why does /v/ existing anywhere outside of Mark's control bother certain (((anons))) so much? Why do all attempts to break away from Mark's board end the same way? The boards get an influx of spam and Mark's asshole getting posted. Then his hugbox claims the other boards are obsessed with him. It's obvious that there are organized raids on any video game board he doesn't control. It happened on 8ch multiple times and now it happens to other boards in the webring. /v/ is his entire life and he can't stand the idea of the anons abandoning it.
the only one whining about mark day and night is you, geeseposter. you changing your proxy means nothing, julay/v/ got their first lolcow, which is the only one in this thread right now, which is the one that lets a cake kike live rent free in his head 24/7. If you want to whine about him, he has his own thread, not sure if you knew, posting random nonsense from people posting there, which is majority of your posts in this thread, aren't going to prove anything but how butthurt you are. Like I said, at least keep them contained here, if you have to sperg out, you were shitting yourself on /v/, it was pathetic

I archived the thread for those too lazy. Even got the vol there to bring back IDs, at the end, that guy is a serious newbie when it comes to moderating
Open file (117.24 KB 398x820 scrot1.png)
Open file (145.53 KB 410x762 scrot2.png)
Open file (106.46 KB 657x561 scrot3.png)
Open file (117.92 KB 659x432 scrot4.png)
Open file (149.78 KB 660x716 scrot5.png)
Open file (211.71 KB 1118x421 c1.png)
Open file (118.22 KB 1057x315 c2.png)
Open file (122.08 KB 1174x416 c3.png)
Open file (373.42 KB 630x1070 c4.png)
Open file (258.16 KB 1149x538 c5.png)
Wew, after that recent statement, I'm prepared to say 🎂🇮🇱 has enlisted lynxchan exploiters.
Open file (223.25 KB 704x1112 c1.png)
Open file (263.13 KB 1158x490 c2.png)
Open file (77.77 KB 406x452 c3.png)
Open file (230.96 KB 421x637 c4.png)
Open file (114.89 KB 483x884 c5.png)
Open file (27.53 KB 554x539 nanotech_freech.jpg)
>JEWS the admin of Julay.world
Wrong. This is the owner of julay.world.
Open file (49.73 KB 403x250 c1.png)
Open file (137.76 KB 482x918 c2.png)
Open file (163.99 KB 404x1002 c3.png)
Open file (20.77 KB 336x119 c5.png)
Hope you're also enjoying the fams
Saw the namefagging: archive.vn/2SLmu
>asshurt bickers he didn't include his ebin shitposts
lmao, what an asshurt cuck
>I didn't post it, /cow/ did
>I am a regular on /cow/ and make the same kinds of posts as here there btw
based and cuckchanpilled
>Wrong. This is the owner of julay.world.
Looks like we're all in fine hands then.
Looks like a shit tasting simple minded zoomer to me
>shit tasting
>from the guy singing the praises of The Prisoner of Azkaban
Open file (18.96 KB 160x160 osaka1000.jpg)
Fuck that goy, he didnt even get my best shitposts. And he could just link to the archive of the thread instead of spamming shitty screencaps.
Open file (188.60 KB 1698x878 julay v sperging.jpg)
Since we're posting screencaps, here is the OP of this thread, trying to start some sort of war between /v/ and /cow/ right now, or something. He's sperging out as I speak. I smell another zachary-kun, anyone seen geeseposting or an unhealthy obsession over mark,/pol/ or calling everyone they meet "goons" on other boards?
my bad, that's not /v/, that's /meta/, but the poster in the screenie is certainly a /v/ fag, probably writing a wall of text to post on /cow/ right now
Open file (208.81 KB 1280x854 1575125960792.jpg)
Goon is pretty much cuckime/tranny/leftist only lingo, it's a gay effeminate insult from gay people, they only use it in their cesspit boards and fag echo chambers.
pretty sure someone spammed cuckime on /v/ not too long ago, but I doubt it was a goon, it was some bored shitposter that was mocking/trolling the AGDG trannies and anime avatarfags. seemed like cuckchan tier bait at best, but at least one of those posters who got triggered then is still assmad now, I haven't seen anyone take bait like this in a while

not to mention that the same poster in question admitted to posting here, probably an OP of this thread. very pathetic, if you ask me, don't see posters this obsessed in any one of the screenshots from kike/v/ here, for example(which isn't to say they aren't cows, either). it's almost as if both gaymergaters and anti-gaymergaters are both equally gay, and so is anyone who gets this upset over /pol/ in any way
>discouraging others from naming the goon
This is your daily reminder that shills play both sides.
Open file (535.82 KB 900x734 1385898448610.png)
>oink oink
triggered leftypol golem detected, pic related
Can we get "Goon" wordfilitered here, for a little bit? This autist is gonna spam /cow/ like he spammed /v/
also, link to thread. he seems to think there is some big conspiracy to take him down right now, that is spanning several boards, that might explain why he keeps all those screencaps, as "insurance". he might have actual shizophrenia

I assume he is also confusing several different posters here as "one person", it's hard to follow
you're very upset, for some reason, can you pinpoint the part of my post that upset you?

there is literally nothing of worth in any one of the screenshots you posted, if your c ontent is shit, get used to being called as such
Then you don't belong here lol.
you didn't answer my question, friend, I'm guessing that you're really upset, then. I come here for actual c ontent, impotently posting random screenshots that made you cry actually makes mark look more favorable, and you look immature and pathetic. I assume you're one of the underage from the IBS thread, and you never heard of Sons of Kojima or A-Log?

Keep posting your stuff, I'm not stopping you, but I think you're the only cow here, and as your avatar fagging friend has shown, there is a lot better c ontent waiting by just poking unstable, possible transexuals such as yourself with a stick
Then post some CakeJew spergpisodes!
you and your friends are providing enough spergpisodes for at least one quarter of a cake

you know what, just keep posting whatever you do, don't even respond to me, I'm sure that posting a whole lot of nothing isn't going to make this /v/ and people in this thread look absolutely asshurt in any way, especially when there has been a recent spergout on the latter, and the /meta/ thread on /v/ is already on fire. it's not like people from cake /v/ are here laughing at your impotence or anything like that
You're extremely new here.
>not like people from cake /v/ are here laughing at your impotence or anything like that
That's what makes this conversation more hilarious. What power do you have here that you don't me to laugh at?
Nigger, if you're going to post stuff to /cow/ make sure there's something interesting about it. This isn't cakegossip central where you repost whatever is posted on /v/ even if there's no m¡lk in it. It's like you want to kill anything juicy on this thread by burying it in inane shit.
You're welcome to contribute. I don't know what's stopping you.
Open file (222.63 KB 730x424 Bilyonaryo-jollibee.jpg)
>a thread full of random shitposting
I mean, it's been a fun read and all, but where is the julay?
this is all literally just some asshurt leftypol retard whose dog seems to have been raped by mark, and now, he has a personal vendetta against him. sounds to me like he is the lolcow, he seems to have sperged out on /v/ here at least once, too, see earlier on in the thread
Open file (93.77 KB 960x907 happydog.jpg)
The amount of ass hurt this thread causes just by existing is amazing. Please keep posting screenshots.
So this is the fag that has been shitting the boards here and is also stirring shit on 8kun?
What the fuck man, you're giving this board a bad name.
man i sure am glad i dont take myself this fucking seriously

why the fuck is everyone so goddamned schiz nowadays anyways?
yeah its definitely that one kid who was avatarfagging on /v/ as geese
see pic4 of >>20817 he forgot to shoop out his (you) also deflecting in the same manner as he is ITTlike anyone else would be this butthurt on his behalf lol

so what do i win?
am i schiz now too?
>the guy with the beef is the real lolcow
>not the guy who fucked the dog
Seems like our friend geese is going all out recently
>shit the place up then blame the faggot making fun of you
Why are ni/gg/ers so bad at damage control?
>anyone seen geeseposting or an unhealthy obsession over mark,/pol/ or calling everyone they meet "goons" on other boards?
check smuglo.li/vg meta thread
whoopsie daisy, meant for >>22673
I've also noticed him on /pnd/ and /k/ on 8glow, I wonder what his endgame is.
Open file (715.90 KB 700x575 inherent_screaming.png)
>/pol/ shoudln't be back bickers it creates a safe julay for people
Holy shit, this is the same fag making shit posts on /pnd/ saying "I'm safe in here" "Here I'll be safe" with no context on random threads. what the fuck?
>check smuglo.li/vg meta thread
Am I missing something?
You have some screenshots?
I think you are confusing a bunkerchanon, and local Geese poster.
>Am I missing something?
naw it just looks like theyre talking about mark, to me at least
different guy though
geesefag cant not write a goddamned thesis

>I wonder what his endgame is
heres my theory:
this kid is a literal kid. teenbro age, tops.
hes probably quite a bit smarter and substantially more autistic than most of his peers at school. as such, he has developed a superiority complex.
fully convinced that he is the smartest, most clever faggot on the playground, he has decided to dedicate his time to knocking the blocks over.

and why?
bickers it gets him attention. why else would he make thread like this, solely dedicated to screencaps of posts that made his butt hurt?

i know...
>but what kind of faggot is so starved of attention that he takes to attentionwhoring on an anonymous imageboard?
the answer? OP
Open file (119.58 KB 942x734 1.jpg)
Open file (104.62 KB 1869x344 2.jpg)
Open file (71.75 KB 1322x291 3.jpg)
Open file (210.62 KB 1789x755 4.jpg)
>I think you are confusing a bunkerchanon, and local Geese poster
What if he's both?
>You have some screenshots?
>Am I missing something?
He seems to like pushing the narrative GAMERGATEs are behind the shitmongering between the boards and not himself.
The jew cries MARK as he strikes you.
Open file (102.26 KB 400x400 absolutely subversive.jpg)
>The jew cries MARK as he strikes you
Some moar
>What if he's both?
man i wouldnt even be surprised if hes he same fag trying to get everyone to learn shorthand
the autism is uncannily similar in each case
and both share that autistic hallmark of being completely unable to discern friend/foe
>man i wouldnt even be surprised if hes he same fag trying to get everyone to learn shorthand
You mean the teeline fag?
That one was also weird
Open file (1.57 MB 1080x1920 77914171_p0.png)
Your theory fits extremely well with Nannotrany's description.
First screenshot is a >>>/nintendo/ blog post, rightfully migrated over thanks to UNIVAC.
2nd & 3rd are clearly 8kun posts, and Geese poster has admitted both on IRC, guntstream, and here he will never post on "Javashit only sites"
But it's weird I don't see /k/ posts here or there with Geese posting.
What and where is the last one with such a low post number?
>What if he's both?
bickers in the archived /v/ here they disassociated themselves, even this thread here.
>pushing the narrative
One thing is for sure, Geese poster makes zero narrative posting.
However, CakeJew cultists really hate being bothered and capped for some reason, so this thread serves both purposes.
I see zero Geese posts in these. How are you sure that's him and not South American spammer that asks for a board in julay?
The shorthand poster I know IRL, and he's just a sad existence. Nothing kino about him.
Default lynxchan CSS, and now an animu post, and last vch roundtrip. Yeesh, are you one of those "anyone who disagrees with me is Xanon?"
Damage control harder
>11/9 https://anon.cafe/r9k/ posts
Clearly that's Geese Poster.
>I'm Adolf Hitler
So Mark then. You have your answer.
Open file (322.23 KB 799x518 idktbh.png)
i kinda like the idea actually
hes just fucking insufferable

>Your theory fits extremely well with Nannotrany's description
age wise i guess
idk i really doubt it
nano and those fags seem to at least enjoy what they do somewhat
this guy just seems genuinely upset all the time
if its actually just nano keeping up an act this hard, then bravo
didnt know he had it in him

the thing that just has me so confused is what in the fuck this thread is
i cant imagine taking this many screencaps of myself. its pathetic. but more than that, its bizarre. and then to spam them here with absolutely no fucking context and expecting us to all have any goddamned clue what any of this means
>the jew cries MARK as he shits the board
like pottery
Open file (95.32 KB 419x400 75227351_p0~2.png)
Then that just says you're extremely new here.
I'm going by the screenshots you're providing:
-CakeJew has always been a /r9k/ namefag well before 8chan was a name
-CakeJew has said on his IB and twatter he has shitposted about being Adolf Hitler
-CakeJew loves Gondola

Unless you're now saying Geese Poster pretends to be the kike on anoncafe's/r9k/, nothing about this is PREDICTABO
Open file (22.55 KB 338x450 1576446951760.jpg)
>I can't prove you wrong so I'll call you new
That trick wears off when you overuse it
>Then that just says you're extremely new here.
or maybe its just no one gives a fuck about your weird little schizo revolution against mark.
did you notice that like a dozen different anons came in here throughout the thread and asked the same fucking thing? does that not set off any alarms in your head?

you arent making any fucking sense amigo
your brains probably broken
this is just a haphazard collection of screencaps of threads you were in, from a variety of boards, with a very loose underlying theme of "mark" and "butthurt"

i dont give a fuck about that fat faggot or his bing wahoo games or who hes banning, or not banning, or where he gets his porn, or fucking any of that shit bickers i dont use his shit board, and havent in years.
i know im not alone in this
Open file (48.66 KB 683x461 75227351_p0~3.png)
It's ok Nathaniel Rodriguez, I won't hurt you. Your suicide rate will.
Have fun spamming imageboard owners and contributing zero to society being literal bootlicker.
And may the L be with you.
It's ok to be South American.
Open file (14.35 KB 233x281 kak.jpg)
Open file (122.68 KB 1912x877 5.jpg)
>It's ok Nathaniel Rodriguez
Reminder that Geese doesn't associate with the origins of 8chan but still has the galls to call others newfags
lel might be time for a new IP there bud
try getting less defensive next time and we wont know its you immediately
>he still just squawks "newfag" every time someone questions what he's doing
Are you the same retard who made that JEWS thread and started calling everyone JEWS when you got shit on for refusing to post proof?
Open file (1.36 MB 292x160 Bane'd.gif)
You disingenuous CIA ZOG GAMERGATE, cant stop manipulating the truth to shill your subhuman newfag slander across every imageboard and the webring for your CIA handlers, endlessly shitting up threads and shilling shit games for the cakekike and his GAMERGATElicious cabal who shook and jive around the internets killing any competition to 8glow, thus pleasing the freemason pigfarmer and his wifes hapa son, enshrining their controll over the goyim
Open file (36.87 KB 324x249 mfw CIA.jpg)
h-how did you k-know?
>I've been found out, better double down on my GAMERGATE antics
Never change geese
Open file (70.95 KB 567x504 ZOGbots 6 million.jpg)
I can sense CIA gangsters from a mile away
Open file (87.77 KB 862x630 bill epstein.jpg)
Your GAMERGATElicious rent free schizophrenic episode OBSESSION with geese will never be over as long as you stay a GAMERGATEloving slanderous mischievous kike that keeps tearing down the fabric of the aryan standalone complex across all imageboards
Open file (78.91 KB 1235x741 6.jpg)
Open file (75.06 KB 721x631 7.jpg)
Open file (88.80 KB 977x743 8.jpg)
Open file (113.93 KB 1881x685 9.jpg)
Open file (150.70 KB 1375x921 10.jpg)
I wish I was CIA, that would mean I get paid for monitoring your retardation
>Your GAMERGATElicious rent free schizophrenic episode OBSESSION with geese will never be over as long as you stay a GAMERGATEloving slanderous mischievous kike that keeps tearing down the fabric of the aryan standalone complex across all imageboards
Open file (146.00 KB 1920x949 11.jpg)
Open file (136.95 KB 1051x919 12.jpg)
Open file (89.05 KB 1275x655 13.jpg)
Note how he never denies being Geese, he just doubles down on the antics that make him a noticeable sleazy kike
Open file (29.78 KB 600x457 YOU MAD.jpg)
>he screencaped EVERY post
Rent Free™
Open file (18.48 KB 480x334 benis.jpg)
Don't forget that you were the one that made this thread merely to post irrelevant 8glow screencaps, so what does that make you?
Open file (22.38 KB 650x374 operah carz.jpg)
All you had to do is shut up and people wouldn't be calling you out, you can't contain yourself. You're an honorary kike
What I don't understand is why doesn't this sperg just post archives instead of screencapping literally every post in a thread?
This is either deliberate stupidity of the highest order or the spammer is genuinely mentally retarded.
be sure to check under your bed too fam
before i joined the agency i always used to find em under there
dont worry bro, I lie in an empty room with only a matress on the floor so the CIA marxist gangsters cant sneak attack
*writes something down*
i see...
>implying they need to write shit down
its all automated by the glowGAMERGATE supercomputers using satellites to detect the vibrations in the window panes to record everything I say without being on the same continent so they can get away with it leaving behind zero physical evidence
Both. He wants people to play https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bug-fables-an-exploration-rpg-full-of-bugs
I guess there was a thread that someone deleted and he's ass blasting everyone about a shit game, bogeymanning a fictional person:
It's funny seeing him switch between TOR, clearnet, and his droplet.
Wondering if it's Fredposter mod, since half of his posts in shots are gone.
Open file (115.41 KB 1520x1080 lain 22.jpg)
I exist, but that doesnt matter.
Oh, we know you exist Fredposter, that's for sure.
What you haven't done: prove local Geese poster 1) uses vch, 2) Geese posted, 3) even likes that game.
I want to see how you come up with the conclusion, as autistic as you admitted in that thread you are.
Oh! Im the other guy that talked shit about the game, not the rent free geese poster
>banned 3 days for derailment
Open file (40.59 KB 766x252 banned by cakekike.jpg)
for this?
honest question: who do you think youre fooling here?
i have a tough time believing that youre actually this deluded
He absolutely is. Mark rightfully banned one of his cheap resold IPs from digital ocean for derailing a proper videogame thread. That's all he does, goes to any IB and derail it when something doesn't go his way. He tried DDoS Julay twice. Spammed here and elsewhere, and still doesn't follow through his slander.
Even his collage looks like blatant scattershot: >>>/k/3280
Thats what they all say
i bet
tho thats definitely not something you want everyone to be saying to you
have you entertained the thought that perhaps youre incomprehensibly autistic, and nowhere near as clever as you seem to think you are?
Open file (973.63 KB 958x718 Terry 21.png)
>caring about what other people think
>even acknowledging that other people exist
>He DDoS'd julay.
No man, that's another sperg. That's the dolphinposter.
Open file (48.34 KB 583x498 unsure anime girls.jpg)
>he's going on about geese now
what the fuck is going on
>I guess there was a thread that someone deleted and he's ass blasting everyone about a shit game
>getting called out on your spergspam is assblasting everyone
Gay logic
we all me btw are all CIA and are trying to stop the autist formerly known as geese from dismantling the kike technoligarchy with his based LOGIC and REASON™ copyright Ben Shapiro LLC 2016-2019

probably a bit before your time, but you might recognize his single "kiss". was a huge hit in the 80s
>someone is calling the game im shilling shit
>better respond to his every post, obsess over him, then screenshot everything along with an archive!
>n-no im not butthurt
Open file (491.01 KB 481x557 1576555185631-0.png)
I only said "Is this Geese?" and instead of asking who, you just doubled down. Learn to be less retarded in the after life.
Open file (1.26 MB 394x297 Loads.gif)
I don't have to answer your goon questions and the absence of an answer does not mean that I am geese, even if I did say no you would have still sperged out bickers you've been doing the same shit across many threads and inside your own head rent free.
>you would have still sperged out bickers you've been doing the same shit across many threads and inside your own head rent free.
Good to see you're starting to be more honest about your posting behavour, well done!
Rent Free™
What creates people like this?
Fucking americans I swear to god the moment your country implodes will be the moment the internet experiences a steep drop in lunacy.
my guess?
being on nu/pol/ from age 12 and taking literally everything posted at face value
fashy agitprop and derad shills do funny things to the psychologically low hanging fruit
and we got such people in spades over here bickers they make the best consumers
>What creates people like this?
Who? The OP of the thread of the retards he's screencapping? All I see is someone archiving autism and multiple people mad that they're having their autism posted in full display. It's pathetic that something like this would bait out Mark and his army of dick suckers.
you will never get any better at this if you dont at least try to learn from your mistakes
try again, and this time put some actual effort into it
you gotta ease into the calling everyone mark/cia/leftists or its too obvious
three sentences in is decidedly too soon
>everyone that calls me a faggot is the same anon
Get a new playbook. You faggots are the worst I've ever seen at this.
youll have to forgive me. but im having a much harder time trying to rationalize that there is more than one of your stupid schizophrenic asses, on a site with only a couple dozen anons, rather than the much more likely scenario here that you literally cannot not respond to anyone ITT bickers muh damage control.

riddle me this
how come, every time one of your """"""friends"""""" gets FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!, he disappears from the thread, never to return?
Are you using a phone like the retard that posts screenshots in this thread? Type like a white man and maybe I'll give you a proper response. Until then I'll continue laughing about the fact that one low effort thread has caused the entirety of the cancer at Mark's bunker to sperg over three different websites for weeks.

You're cancer and that's why you shit thread isn't allowed on julay/v/.
Open file (136.53 KB 437x333 1180498522050.jpg)
lol faggots
cool i have an VPN too
so now what?
>using VPN botnet
Holy shit, you really do think everyone that calls you a faggot is the same person. Why don't you just leave? You obviously only come here to defend Mark and by-proxy yourself. Are you the same faggot that cheers on post deletions and bannings at vch and calls everyone you disagree with /cow/tard?

This is why Mark should just delete the webring. All it does it spread the cancer from his bunker to all the other sites within it. He's just using it in an attempt to funnel anons back into 8coom. No one is falling for his kike tricks. 8coom serves as a nice cancer shield. You should go back there and leave the anons here a lone.
or don't. I get a good laugh every time you come here to moo
lel go point to the part of the thread that contains anything about me, or even a single post by me
ill wait

the reason im here is far more simple:
this nu cow board has shit all in the way of cows, and even less julay, but then along you come sperging at everything and everyone, and trying extremely entry level "no u" jew-jitsu

like it or lump it, this is the most fun thread on this entire board curently
and youre only helping me keep it bumped
>mark is pretending to be an annoying faggot to ruin the competition to 8coon so they run back to him
no shit
So this GAMERGATE is apparently trying to shit the whole webring up with his schizo drama now, I've seen him spamming that julay/v/ meta thread cap all over the place.
What the fuck set this guy off?
Can someone who can interpret this sperging give me a rundown?
This GAMERGATE faggot is posting links to the webring all over 8kuk, he's deliberately trying to ruin it.
Fucking cake cultists.
>this thread is shit
>I'll keep bumping it and ignore all the good threads in the catalog
Tell us more about the good old days Mr. Oldfag
Open file (66.40 KB 677x634 sit grip.jpg)
>samefagging and IP hopping this hard
>everyone I don't like is MARK or NI/GG/ERS
These people vote
>implying im a vote cuck
>implying votes actually matter
>implying (((democracy))) gives choice and freedom
This is why I love this thread. Ni/gg/ers actually believe one retard is the only one calling them retarded. It's like watching an even lower IQ version of /pol/ or /leftypol/. Imagine being so butthurt over screencaps that you come here everyday to do damage control when you could simply just ignore it and wait for OP to get bored. Thank you at this rate he'll be baiting you for at least three more years.
I forgot to point this out. 22 replies ITT and you think you're in any position to call someone else pathetic.
Open file (15.23 KB 404x225 2 wongs 1 white.jpg)
>being suspicious about a similar kind of shitposting means being butthurt
>muh amount of posts
I don't have a need to be proxyhopping, I'm just dubious about it, the only one acting completely on the defensive here is you.
>Ni/gg/ers actually believe one retard is the only one calling them retarded.
>if you disagree you're a ni/gg/er or cakekike defender
I'll keep going on this since you gave the opportunity to point you out by making this retarded thread.
The irony is off the charts.
So I guess he's damage controlling with "it was all a master epin b8 I was just pretending to spam screencaps hahahaha"
lel ye me and that other goy are so butthurt
also SARGON and mark or something
also also the cia is trying to get me to buy death stranding and a google stradia
>also also the cia is trying to get me to buy death stranding and a google stradia
wtf i hate the cia now
>2 solid months of nonstop autism
I think this guy is legitimately schizophrenic, absolutely none of this makes anything resembling sense.
This makes zach look like a fucking chump in comparison.
as a proud member of FSB, my work here is done
>schizo vs schizo war
at least unlike the other schizo you can frame posts correctly, what game?
its a shit game made by subhuman 3rd world 4/agdg/ fags that didnt even get their money for selling it lol
See >>23640
It's some autistic paper mario ripoff.
Looks like the ">cuckime" spammer was right about shitting on /agdg/ fags, this is probably some of the most intense sperging I've seen in awhile.
>idoldup in that conversation
Open file (1001.48 KB 1696x2460 YouDontReallyDeserveThis.png)
Open file (226.31 KB 439x982 rent free.png)
>Looks like the ">cuckime" spammer was right about shitting on /agdg/ fags,
>VPN glowGAMERGATE geese avatarfag autist is back at it
Why cant you just post the link to the archive instead of shitting up threads with multiple really small phonepost screencaps?
Why can't you?
You can contribute to thread instead of sperging.
bickers youre a faggot
>Why cant you just post the link to the archive instead of shitting up threads with multiple really small phonepost screencaps?
Yes, archives are a great idea when they've been deleted multiple times in the past or can be updated to remove posts after cakejew deletes everything he doesn't personally like.
Nice VPN switch faggot, but if your gonna screencap posts that have been deleted do it right.
I didn't use DO as my VPN. I use a proper non-fiveeyes one. Digital Ocean is what my main website runs on.
It's DOS, not DDOS. I don't have enough servers for a DDOS attack, only a DOS attack. I'm tempted to run a Raspberry Pi on a university network and spoof MAC addresses to bypass whitelisting. My Dad works there and has access to lots of unknown rooms.
>non-fiveeyes VPN
Doesnt exist
So my heterosexuality inhibits your ability to post kino cocks?
I'm still here, cooking breakfast btw.
If you have nothing kino to contribute, I suggest you close the tab and never look back. It'll save us both headaches.
Got pics if your setup?
I think he's shitposting about this:
Open file (70.86 KB 786x790 dolfundown.png)
CURL under Linux is being used.
I meant your Digital Ocean setup, and your dad's IDC.
No, bickers he works in a high-level position. Bye forever! I prefer the holidays to be full of nothingness.
Open file (26.87 KB 493x261 ITS GONE FOREVER.png)
>8ch.net gets filtered on 8koon
>>23915 What board? I don't use their site.
>>23917 >board its site wide
Open file (281.94 KB 416x1006 >us.png)
>>23934 Lmao
>>23790 It's just some discord tranny in a bad manic phase. Imageboards broke his mind and now he's just vomiting out screencaps to "own the aut-right" or whatever the fuck windmill these people like to joust at these days.
Open file (146.04 KB 412x910 Baby don't hurt me.png)
Open file (104.30 KB 405x569 don't hurt me.png)
Open file (111.12 KB 408x771 no more.png)
2aaa17 has a higher chance winning a lotto than finding his Discord tranny here.
>>23338 pretty much, he "threatened" to make a thread about /pol/, too, most likely fill it with the same out of context screenshots on daily bases like he does with 8kun /v/ here never seen anyone so butthurt like this guy, bet you he's a shizo
>>23403 that can't be him, he despises /pol/, he wouldn't be defending white nationalism or shitting on Q cumbers
so, is this geese faggot our very own barney fag or something? is this his thread to rage at all the bronies?
>>24098 >despises /pol/, he wouldn't be defending white nationalism or shitting on Q cumbers You just described CakeJew to a T. So it's confirmed, CakeJew=Geese?
I don't fucking know at all about this shit anymore. OP started off spamming screencaps of /v/ (maybe other boards too?) without giving even the slightest explanation why and then calling everyone who asked a newfag. For the first week I thought he was just posting dumb shit to fuck with people, but then he kept going. Then he suddenly started accusing people of being geese seemingly out of nowhere, and I guess he was doing this on other boards and sites all over the webring judging from the complaints I've seen. Apparently geese is an avatarfag somewhere and this guy has a gigantic hard on for him? I've personally never seen anyone posting goose pictures on julay so I can't even begin to guess. Maybe this started out as a troll thread and the person who started it didn't know when to stop and drove himself insane.
>>24124 see >>20780 this is literally some leftypol faggot that whines about /pol/ and mark all day long, he's trying to use /cow/ as his personal army. he even tells the posters in that thread to watch out, or "he will make a thread about them!", I'm guessing he was trying to recruit people here to rally up against mark, but the fact that he has an extra chromosome prevented him from taking a second and looking at the catalog, bickers if he did, he would see that there is already a mark thread on this board >then he suddenly started accusing people of being geese no, he IS the geesefag, I'm guessing he was avatarfagging with him to show people how totally not buttflustered he was by their posts, which seems to have backfired. regardless, he's sperging on 8kun, on julay /v/, and /meta/ here as well, who knows where else
Open file (237.92 KB 500x706 Mark=Geese confirmed.png)
Open file (221.97 KB 677x450 yes white goy.png)
Open file (299.67 KB 675x646 yes nazigoyim.png)
Open file (331.47 KB 668x475 Geese avatarfagging.png)
>>24126 Then it's CakeJew confirmed: https://archive.vn/tIwhS
>>24128 why would mark spend 300 posts screencapping posts of random users of his own board in order to le epic own himself, tho? me thinks somebody is trying to false flag, but they're not as clever as they think they are
>>24126 >needing all this shit to rally people against a kike that constantly bans people over petty shit and is just a terrible board owner overall who monetized memes AND datamines his users >>24130 >why would a kike play both sides? sup mark
>>24130 Facts: -Mark hates /pol/ -Mark namefags & avatarfags -Mark is a lefty commie -Mark is loyal to a free Mason -Mark is known to boogeyman and falsr flag -Mark is a Jew -Mark payed for a German Synagogue shooting -Mark bans and deletes anything that criticizes him -Mark hates himself -Mark is a lolcow -Mark hates it when he loses control -Mark phoneposts -Mark goes to /r9k/ -Mark is obsessed with dead in the water Gamergate -Mark is the >cuckhime poster I really think it's him, it fits perfectly!
>>24135 >anyone I don't like is Mark get some new material, you shizo >>24136 memeing aside, if somebody was obsessed with me, and trying to shit on me so impotently as OP, I would take a quiet jab at them myself, so if mark does browse this thread or geese's threads on /v/, and this is his little "shout out" to him, that kinda shows how much he cares, or how much this thread and everything in it impacted him, if he's actively mocking it speaking of which, is there a reason the kike opened up a new twitter account? it says that he joined up less than 3 months ago
Open file (682.88 KB 900x700 5e6.png)
>>24137 >somebody was obsessed with me, Holy shit it's CakeJew
>>24139 if somebody was obsessed with me and posting screencaps in a /cow/ thread of every post somebody on my board made, and I happened to be browsing those threads and the poster was clearly a lolcow himself and was having a shitfit, I would give him a little shout out, like mark has, yes. I didn't say I am mark, get some reading comprehension How many times have random people in this thread already ask the OP what the fuck he was doing, and got offered nothing but schizoprenic spergin instead? You don't have to like the cakejew to see that he is a bigger lolcow than mark, at the moment, and that's saying something
>>24141 >How many times have random people in this thread already ask the OP what the fuck he was doing, and got offered nothing but schizoprenic spergin instead? If you weren't an outsider you'd know who this poster is and why he does what he does.
Open file (14.43 KB 238x212 images.jpeg)
>>24141 Who needs to go out of their way to defend a worthless piece of blob CakeJew is?
Open file (25.32 KB 355x401 rustle cock.jpg)
>>24142 >you are either mark or new IP hopping doesn't hide you, geesefag >>24143 nobody is defending him, all I said was that the OP and everybody else who contributes to this thread, assuming it's not just him and his sockpuppets, is more pathetic than him, and I am not really getting a rebuttal on that front. Feel free to prove me wrong, like I said, pretty sure that other posters already agreed that whatever tranny discord is trying to get /cow/ as it's personal army are the real lolcows in this thread. Now, are you going to post another dozen ebin screencaps from 8kun, or just another ebin reaction image to try and refute anything I said?
Open file (50.77 KB 512x512 375.jpg)
>>24144 Let me guess, one of your #homocorner coomer discord trannies hates your guts and you feel indebted for the CakeJew for the invitation, you feel you should at the least dissuade the idea Mark isn't here yet again creating a boogeyman to enlist fellow 8koomers?
Open file (107.37 KB 663x731 Slurpee.jpg)
>>24150 let me guess, I wasn't that far off with the "discord tranny" claim, considering that the same kind of mark sperging is also seen on the bloodsports general right now, and that thread is more or less just a public discord server. must have struck a nerve, no amount of smug anime girls can shield your butthurt I do hope mark and the co. see this thread, tho, if they haven't already. Haven't seen such butthurt since trump got elected. Imagine some blue checkmark retweeting every single thing donald tweets, and then making a "blumpf fucking loves her pussy" post underneath it, and you pretty much get the level of quality that this thread has had since it's inception letting in underage 4chan children was a mistake, this thread is just the inevitable outcome
Open file (47.74 KB 497x396 mark bloodsports.png)
>>24124 here, forgot to add that, assuming it's not a leftypolfag, it's somebody from the bloodsports general, up in a hissy over pic related. bloodsport fags want mark's blood, and they're having sissyfits about it all over the place fun fact: nazbols like to post in the bloodsports thread, nazbols are just leftypol posters who are aware of how much of a joke leftypol really is, but still support most of the shit they do, that would explain all the sperging about "abolishing communism" and what not in the earlier screencap, or why you see roughly the same screencaps as you see here in that thread, and roughly the same responses if you post something there you "weren't" supposed to say here
>>24153 abolishing capitalism, I meant, whatever retarded shit was in the big collage
>>24144 I'll spoon feed you retard. The anon is imitating another anon that used to post updates about ni/gg/ers spreading D&C about Julay all over the webring in another thread. He started posting replies himself and eventually made his own thread for post screencaps. Over time he focused less on your weak D&C attempts and more on GG General being retarded in general. You got baited by low IQ bait and now you're attempting to do what GG General always does; transparent attempts to control the narrative and blame everyone else for doing the things you constantly do. In the last four or five months I've personally seen you guys shit on julay at every opportunity despite the admins here being nice to Mark and the anons that post on his board. They offered you /v/, they offered you hosting, they offered to help you properly install the webring add-on, they offered to help pay for your hosting. Instead, you chose to spread lies and rumors about them and this imageboard on places like smuglo.li, vch, and now 8kun. This was well documented and when caught you attempted to pin it on the anon that was taking screenshots of your posts I believe you called him >bunkerwars faggot and like this avatarfag you saw him everywhere in every thread whenever someone didn't suck Mark or Ron/Jim's cock. Now you're here doing the same thing and you expect anyone to fall for it? It isn't one poster here shitting on Mark. It's at least 10-15 anons (maybe more) lurking and laughing at the fact that you keep responding to the bait. This is the same behavior that led you to accomplishing nothing in the years since Five Guys/Gamergate story broke. You're the retards that chased out /pol/ and anons doing it for lulz. You're the retards that gave Josh and the Cripple thousands of dollars to develop a piece of shit imageboard in php that never worked. You're the retards that thought donating money to the SJWs and writing e-mails would be effective. You're the retards that praise every e-celeb that comes along and pretends to be friendly to S​ARGON only to turn around and hate on them when they eventually show themselves to be grifters like all the ones that came before them. You keep falling for it and it's hilarious. It's obvious to any anon that was around before GG became a thing that the majority of (((anons))) in the GG General are the redditors the Cripple and Mark invited in during the early days of 8chan. Hence why anons like to lurk the thread, laugh at the retards using it, and some enjoy taking screenshots of it for others. A few even fuck with it directly bickers Mark and by extension his gay little circle jerk are so easy to bait.
>>24156 you sound awfully upset, my friend. sorry that the only response you will get in this thread is a big fat shit on you and your underage, tranny, mister metokur loving discord friends, and not some one sided circlejerk or a personal army like I'm sure you wanted
>>24154 capitalism IS kikeshit >>24153 >mark >disliking his powertrip banhappy loserdom
Open file (19.52 KB 151x210 Upset.jpg)
Open file (24.81 KB 480x360 Doll.jpg)
>>24159 where did the jew touch you, anon? can you pinpoint it on the doll?
>>24158 >if you explain why I'm wrong it means you're upset I'm not surprised you instantly jumped to the >/cow/ loves e-celebs line which I also see repeated very often. Anyone that lurks here knows /cow/ shits on Jim constantly. The anons here aren't the ones posting constant updates about people like Rackets and praising him. At this point GG General is worst than the IBS containment thread. At least the IBS containment thread baits out e-celebs from time to time and anons get to enjoy watching them fight each other.
Open file (143.10 KB 959x948 who run bartertown.jpg)
>>24162 maybe you're just upset that your le ebin thread turned into making you the mockery do you have a screenshot of what mark had for breakfast on december 15th? forgot to save that one, please post it again, alongside all the other epic screenshots you and the discord server snapped, please
>>24163 See: >>24156 >now you're attempting to do what GG General always does; transparent attempts to control the narrative and blame everyone else for doing the things you constantly do. Thanks for confirming what I've suspected; that you and GG General sit in a chat room somewhere running damage control. I look forward to the leaks.
>>24152 >I do hope mark and the co. So that you revel at the joy of watching this beautiful gunt now? >>24156 >control the narrative and blame everyone Did you stop to consider Nyanjcaesar187 himself is a gay retard and loves is Jewcy boipussy? >>24161 I think you touched him right in the P-spot. >>24163 You seem to know an awful lot about what is, does, and has. Why haven't you posted his discord link yet, unless…
>>24167 SO JEWCY
>>24173 >Over various Discord servers, the defendants and the other enterprise members encouraged one another to produce child pornography by communicating over the Internet directly with minors and enticing them to broadcast sexually explicit videos of themselves Reminds me of that tranny discord server that would try and convince robots to transition.
>>24174 Those* I'm pretty there's more than one, since Prostasia Foundation Dr.s are involved. Straight to UN.
>>24173 >using discord to share CP >probably without a VPN Complete retardation. What's with all these people being from Bucks County though?
Open file (636.81 KB 1129x690 >I don't like reading.png)
Open file (124.67 KB 500x324 ure a retard.png)
>>24179 If there was even a debate on whether or not you should use a VPN, common sense should tell you that some people weren't using a VPN.
>>24173 I understand using shitcord to get dumb kids to send you PM's of them naked. It's retarded if you think for two seconds that Discord and these others messengers are datamining, but clearly most people don't recognize this. So that is forgivable to some degree. However, it's next level stupidity to be posting actual child porn in a fucking PUBLIC chatroom. These people should be too stupid to be capable of even functioning in day to day life.
>>24183 Wrong, you should be using TOR. It's not like discord has 8 ping(ip, callback) like commands. >>24184 You should check out TORchans.
>>24185 >torchans Wow anon, I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined cocks like this was out there.
So this entire thread and the mini-spergfits I've been seeing across the webring is the result of an autistic conflict between like three people who thrive off of shitstirring interboard drama. Imagine wasting your life on this retarded shit, absolutely woman tier.
>>23842 wew, my first post being screencapped by the schizo is the shitposting free hours, lel. >>24010 third screencap refer to https://julay.world/v/res/348.html#q8474 >>24124 >Maybe this started out as a troll thread and the person who started it didn't know when to stop and drove himself insane. it create enough tyrmoil to fire some almond so it's not too bad it's happening; >>24136 i found the theory strangely possible. >>24141 >How many times have random people in this thread already ask the OP what the fuck he was doing this since id did that myself. >>24142 >if you can't into 88D chess you are a newfag >>24229 yes
>>24185 Are you really this retarded or are you just fucking with me? I never said you shouldn't be using tor, obviously you should. Is English your second language?
>>24183 VPNs are the most G​AMERGATElicious thing of all time and you're a dumbass if you think giving all your internet traffic to some middleman makes you more secure, TOR is the only choice but even then that still glows although better than using nothing. and it should be common sense not to use any G​AMERGATElicious software or disclose any personal info online. How they couldnt tell that he was a fed is mindboggling considering the way he structures his sentences and the obvious "we are here doing illegal thing haha"
>>24152 >>24153 >>24154 its just some IBS kids in fact of course was trying to think where i ran across this one fag before i remember some kid with geese pictures sperging out about mark when i was monitoring that thread during N​IGGERs UKIP fiasco reckon if anyones fucking autistic enough to scroll endlessly through archives of the old IBS thread on 8/cow/ theyll find dozens of instances of all these recurring images of geese, mark, whatever, with the same exact filenames, and same posting styles, bickers these kids are incompetent and like 15 years old hence the unironic watching of IBS faggotry that said, im also not going to do that bickers i dont care, and would honestly rather this whole spergout continues undisturbed, as its all gettin pretty fun >>24229 its been my running theory for a while that this board is ~half comprised of women and/or fags who have nuked their brains on titty skittles
>>24325 I don't have any archives, but I can confirm, it's just underage cuckchanners from the IBS thread trying to rally up the rest of /cow/ as their personal army for their feud with mark over my goober gate. They probably run discord ops as well, like the little gay trannies they are I'm glad this geese faggot is making the bloodsports faggots look like the lolcows that they are, hope he bleeds into cuckchan, too, so he can be immortalized like barneyfag or some other infamous imageboard lunatic
>>24356 case and point >>22937 >>22939 >>22941 don't take it from me, but I'm pretty sure I saw somebody who posted the exact same images either on /meta/ or /v/ here, around the time when the geese guy was sperging out. and wouldn't you know it, these posts are also /v/ related. I have no doubt if someone was autistic enough, they could confirm this, but I have a pretty similar view on the matter as with the other anon, I just want to see where it goes, never interrupt a lolcow while it is sperging out(and thinks it's winning instead)
>>24308 Is this a Terry larper or some other schizo?
>>24480 it's a little kid from the bloodsports general who avatarfags and whines about mark all day
>>24480 no >>24485 >REEE EVERYONE I DONT LIKE IS [boogyman] Who the real schizo here?
kys cripplekike
Why is the webring seemingly dead? Has the 8gaggers fled back to their honeypot? Just checking out 8kun there are 4um tier posts up the ass, are 8gaggers that spineless they have willingly gone back to a radioactive shithole?
>>24926 I think 8kun is too slow for that to have been the case, it feels more like everyone dropped imageboards entirely or fucked off to cuckchan after finding out how shit 8kun is instead of simply sticking with the webring. It makes me a bit sad either way, but I'm probably too old to still be bothering with imageboards anymore anyway.
>>24940 there's little point in wasting time on liars, little kids and just trash, i used to like and support omegas from IBs but now I see them as nothing but males unused whores
Open file (552.77 KB 1848x767 julay n on lockdown.png)
>>24926 funny thing is that people think this bunker will ever become an actual, thriving imageboard of some kind, when we have weirdos like pic related https://anonfile.com/n5ocF0Jfna since this is a screenshot thread, I will contribute, link related is the full, now deleted thread, minus the admin message and BO's response when he woke up. this place will always be a joke, especially when it has BOs like this guy, funny thing is that robi, or some other global moderator, kept deleting all my posts about it bickers he didn't want any of it on the overboard, likely bickers he's delusional enough to think this place will ever grow, or have any potential posters that want to settle down The real answer for why this place is dead, at the moment, is that it was ever active to begin with only bickers this was the place where /cow/ bunkered down, and now, 8kun /cow/ is back, and many of what was already a very low number of people, decided to head there instead, I bet only the IBS kiddies still regularly post here, at this point. only ones left are dead ass boards, which can easily be shut down by one anon, anyone who sticks around here is desperate, anyone who thinks this place has a future is retarded, I personally don't care that /cow/ is losing more and more posters, this place has been a train wreck for a while, I doubt hosting the main board on a glow G​AMERGATE site filled with Q retards like 8kun is gonna help matters, might as well try and petition hiro jew to host the /cow/ board on cuckchan at this point
>>25102 >8kun /cow/ is back, and many of what was already a very low number of people, decided to head there instead, I bet only the IBS kiddies still regularly post here, at this point. shouldn't be much different from trash to trash in fact of course
>>25104 honestly, like somebody else said here, I think many /cow/boys are feeling their age, and might be moving on to greener pastures. it's clear that it's an end of an era, and that it's time for a new generation to take their place. and the future is all about e-celeb personalities and political sperging, pretty depressing, not gonna lie. hence why it warms my heart when once in a blue moon, you can still find a chris chan like, untouched, pure cow, ready for julaying. hopefully, a certain BO of this site keeps acting like he does, I see much potential in him I am curious, tho, how many anons that still post here actually went to 8kun to at least see how things are there, on that /cow/? I haven't, but I would be curious to hear from others
There's some good stuff in that thread, snapped the most kino.
>>25105 >kun/cow/ It's slower than this one and the few posts that do show up don't really add anything noteworthy. 8kun as a whole is a dead buggy piece of shit, and judging from the most active boards the majority of the people who are using it are the same faggots that had made 8chan borderline unbearable for the past 3 years. I'm not talking just about qG​AMERGATEs either, blatant and open cuckchanners and redditors are prevalent as well. Don't know why everyone abandoned the webring, at least most of these sites actually function and don't have disclaimers about posting "freely legally".
>>25297 Structure your screencaps better faggot, that layout is AIDS
>>25105 Now that's fucking funny. Who would have thought the lolcow board would be so full of normalfags. <abloo bloo bloo I'm older than X so I can't do Y anymore bickers society says I should be Z instead losers I wonder how many "aged out" /cow/boys will end up just like the SA goons and other "trolls" before them: coming down with a bad case of troll's remorse and jumping really hard to the SA/twitter/tumblr cancel culture neosocialist side, with an optional helping of deciding to "become" the opposite sex.
>>25453 You have a touch of the 'tism don't you?
>>25453 Did you even read more than the first sentence of that post you fuckin sperg
>>25467 >>25669 >they hated him, for he spoke the truth
>>26439 grr teebee aytch i'm too x for y equals z liek u said famama
>>26836 same in fact of course
Honest question: how much money does Nathaniel Gonzalez gain advertising in Cake's cult? https://archive.vn/n2Cms
Open file (362.87 KB 258x360 h7ygrfdn.bmp)
>>25105 >"nyuchh juzht quithhh guytthh centhor urselfves!!!" Woe and behold another soylent drinking coomer gets mega triggered by casual political talk. Wow who would have thought. Just go back to your cuck cage leftie and go be "pro lolcow" when you're literally a transpassing QBTLTQUJASD gay, fag homsexual retard yourself.
These were cute.
>>28784 >8glow v2 already covering posts up >self-realizing prophecy >mfw most of them will stay in their cattle pen even when julay exists internet eugenics, feels good man
>>28785 Mark came here to weep for /v/: >>24238 His cult will follow him wherever he goes, which means here. I doubt he wants to keep paying fallenapple or Bui for vch any longer.
>>28786 fallenpineapple*
>>28783 >Posts all this >With a cuckchan meme You IBS toddlers are a joke
This thread causes so much butthurt that Mark and company are here shitting it up while CP spam stays up on 8kun/v/ for hours
>>13815 > commie cripplekike pushes that same 'STOP MENTIONING/SUPPORTING X THEY'RE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION' meme I'm not even surprised. Malcolm X was right about commies and cuckservatives.
Open file (133.32 KB 481x798 Muh CSS.png)
Open file (186.93 KB 445x783 s1.png)
Open file (282.72 KB 453x745 you've been fiddled.png)
Open file (169.92 KB 1119x507 you have been alogged.png)
Since the Cake is giving vch to Gahoole2 as a burden, I think it's time to close this thread good bye. It's been FUN. https://archive.vn/
>>29646 >Since the Cake is giving vch to Gahoole2 as a burden, I think it's time to close this thread how the fuck are two of these things related
>>29647 Guntstream, you had to be there last night, it was a drunken bickering of laments and wrestling
>>29648 No one cares about that shit, retard. Learn to fucking speak.
>>29648 >You would know what's going on if you watched our stream, lurked in our threads and visited our subreddit! no, fuck off, nobody here cares about your shit, or wants anything to do with you. if you will stop bumping this thread, then good riddance, now go back to where you came from, stay there
>>29673 >phoneposter Is this Mark?
>>29673 >now go back to where you came from, stay there That's here, thanks Mark! Now why is it they hate this page on the front page🤔
Open file (742.43 KB 575x821 robi.png)
>>25105 > a certain BO of this site keeps acting like he does, I see much potential in him Hopefully you don't speak of this guy. On the best way to get his own thread
Open file (350.59 KB 575x821 25963523.png)
>>29696 >not using the unshooped version
>>30144 >complains about faggot globals and how there is internal drama and ron cant prove shit yet. >hands out /a/ to /animu/ instead of giving it to a non faggot party like anon. If they're going to have the claims system it should include all boards, giving it to another BO bickers of cred should be a final solution, not the first one.
>>30273 /a/ getting fucking loves her pussy is always a good thing no matter the circumstance
>>>/v/14471 I can't find archives of newer threads, and these don't have proof of the shit shitcorders pulled, but it does prove that there is a shitcord. Complaints of them were in the later threads, but I can't find anything newer than these. https://archive.is/P2HLV http://archive.is/4MzFC http://archive.is/5KnBE http://archive.is/Yq1sX
>>31101 >07/10/17 (Mon) 00:38:46 ID: 02d6f4 No.12994683 >==THE OFFICIAL SERVER DISCORD IS UP={ >https://ghettogaggers.com/nC9Nq8w >wouldn't use it for discussing village important info Holy shit it's real. Now to find the active invite link.
Oy vey, it's still alive! https://ghettogaggers.com/9sABbGt
Open file (63.73 KB 307x2377 image (1).jpg)
Open file (122.81 KB 315x3482 image (2).jpg)
fug, I recognize EVERYONE Even the owner is a regular here.
>>31109 I recognize a lot of names,some are good lads,i feel conflicted as fuck,on the one hand it's been mostly good times when i played at least,on the other hand,it's still discord shittery,i'll probably still play,won't touch the discord with 10 foot pole though.
Open file (403.36 KB 1712x599 1581230363606.png)
>>24173 It's not 8chan's fault nobody globally reported the illegal shit.
Open file (274.83 KB 1787x385 1581331322396-0.png)
Open file (261.72 KB 1045x397 1581331322396-1.png)
Open file (147.51 KB 895x385 1581331335624.png)
Open file (30.81 KB 1783x154 1581650345758.png)
>>24173 >they used discord >they used discord >they used discord I always figured pedos were smarter than this. Darwinism on this one, retards are retarded and go the way of the dodo.
>>31902 >virus So the harlfbreed has the corona virus?
>>31866 Yeah, poor Jim never got the chance to see it even if the board was his.
>>31907 He's been “sick”, that's why there's been “delays” to everything, including now his wrists. Forget his fuck ups, forget his school, forget his party life in Tokyo, forget how he went to see his dad for Christmas, he's “sick, with arthritis.” Archives: https://archive.ph/UrcQl https://archive.ph/155VK Someone tell >>>/meta/3941 and >>>/b/1760 they shouldn't use julay/v/ & it's meta for shit about another site. This entire thread was specifically made for 8kun.
>>31909 these are small, underage children, who are spamming their iphone screencaps itt, they don't understand, or care, what's going on, as long as they feel they "belong" here, that they're le blowing the frick out of some le lolcows this whole thread really shows you how far down the shitter /cow/ has gone, letting underage children run this board like this. Jews has no spine, actual discord trannies who moderate cuckchan probably have more testosterone than anyone still left browsing this board, at this point
>>31916 >implying this thread wasn't posted by some faggot that frequents the GG General There is a reason why there is a retard constantly crosslinking here and demanding any discussion of 8kun/Mark happen in this thread.
>>31916 cry harder backseatfag :^)
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
>>31922 yes, his name is gooseposter, and he admitted to being a leftypol tranny, or at least hating on /pol/ >>31924 are you gonna call everybody some childish name, rather than call them mark now? even cuckchanners are spicier than this, yikes
>>31916 >>31925 Omg, fredposter/Pewter has graced us with his presence! Does this mean the autism threads are back in business?! What did Mark say when he denied spamming /cow/ for weeks?
>>31979 Explain phonefag is this the faggot that was avatarfagging as Fred Flinston?
>>31981 Gooseposter or his other /gg/ friends just call people various boogeyman when cornered. Back then, it was mark, now, it's some pewter whoever the fuck, I don't keep up with all the e-celebs little children worship here these days >Faggot that was avatarfagging as fred flinstone Literally who?
>>31981 The one and only! Took me weeks to confirm, but yarp! >>32013 If you don't keep up, why the fuck do you care? >Literally who? (((You)))! Scroll up, there's even your tranny discord linked here as well!
>>30144 Since someone asked me about this on IRC: >we were having a meido drive at that time, someone with a commuist sounding name applied an I wanted to check /leftypol/ >Tenicu's mail was "Come on let me in I'm the cleaning fairy" We may not have been taking 8ch quite as seriously as Ron was.
Open file (34.79 KB 751x322 e1.png)
Open file (25.10 KB 511x255 e2.png)
Open file (12.93 MB 1280x720 kirino_deletes_animu.webm)
>>32867 It was this. What really set Ron off was that shortly after I joined /animu/'s team as a gag (and soon after got dropped when they realised), their BO decided to hand the board off to a sperg named Kirino who promptly deleted the entire board for severe autism reasons. I think Ron always blamed us for that, even though we really dindu nuffins.
>>32911 >Kirino is a good guy <T.kirino Top kek
imagine using 8chan
>>32992 *8kun I noticed latley the PPH is pretty low as of late. Which I am conflicted. One side of it you have less people going to a VERY glowing website, going to a broken site, and less people going on Mark's /v/.
>>32998 Hit space too soon... On the other, it seems the communities are pretty split, so posts are very slow compared to what it was before 8chan got shutdown. I really feel like this is approaching the end of imageboards as we know it, but who knows.
>>33000 (checked) Sweet summer child, imageboards were dying even when 8ch was still around. It was already dying a slow death with activity steadily falling down on every board in the last 3 years, and every board outside the main page was pretty much dead. It is inevitable.
>>33002 God dammit I don't want it to, I've only been on imageboards for over a decade and has pretty much helped define who I am. I can't stand much outside of them bickers of how cushioned communites are outside of them. Vast majority will just ban you for even implying something that isn't quite politically correct or even being slightly 'mean'. 4chan is just fucking reddit at this point with not even a handful of communites on there any decent. I refuse to go back.
>>33009 Holy shit I had a stroke on the second sentence. What I meant to say was, I can't stand online communities in general. The people in these places are too soft. Please excuse my retardation.
>>33009 Just go to the gym and enjoy the little things in life like camping and shooting vermin on your property.
>>32998 What's a broken site? >>33009 Remember when people had pen pals?
>>33050 like G​AMERGATEs?
>>32998 >>33000 I sincerely hope you're not the type to call people crazy for believing in "conspiracies" bickers holy fuck what a hypocrite you'd be. NiggerG​AMERGATEG​AMERGATEG​AMERGATEG​AMERGATE PPH on 8 is low bickers paranoid schizophrenia is all too common, and the software fucking sucks so it barely functions.
Open file (198.03 KB 916x553 immediate sticky too.png)
Open file (112.42 KB 933x510 jim is trustworthy.png)
Open file (8.90 KB 912x82 not vidya.png)
Uploaded to the wrong thread.
MAGA! https://archive.ph/RHzbF /invite/TnUmCEZ channels/402161292644712468/602161891409657868 https://discordleaks.unicornriot.ninja/discord/channel/943 https://discordleaks.unicornriot.ninja/discord/channel/945 Need to find a way to install DHS here
Open file (29.65 KB 782x187 cakecult butthurt.png)
>>>/meta/5059 See the fa/gg/ots own archives for mentions of "/animu/", "/a/nimu", "tr/a/nn(ies/y)", "f/a/ggot", and "/a/utist" for proof of them infesting /animu/ and their butthurt towards /a/. Next four links, search for "/a/" and "smug" for a small sample of their hatred towards smug/old/a/ https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/5874.html https://archive.is/roNB1 https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/5874.html#q7736 https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/6795.html Same links search for "Mark", "Jim", "8kun", and "8chan" for their retardation of ultimately choosing to go back to 8kun/animu/ Next links, fallout after Mark directly gave 8kun/a/ to /animu/'s BO, and them choosing to abandon their /animu/ name for 8kun/a/. 8kun.top/animu/res/114625.html 8kun.top/animu/res/112675.html 8kun.top/a/res/949098.html 8kun.top/a/res/949098.html Again same terms like: /a/, Mark, etc for quick examples.
>>39008 Sat down to read: -prolikewoa/animu BO, loleron, emails Ron successfully, takes ownership of 8cult/animu/ from former BO who had been waiting for it forever -autism happens, Tenicu is robbed off 8kunt/a/, given to loleron -PLW has never asked for donations, seems to self host or (((gets paid to host like vch))) >PLW was always a bunker Smells like a kike. Try asking Gahoole, CakeJew, and loleron how they know each other. Well good luck in >>>/a/
Mark made and stickied an Aniki memorial thread. People started calling him a faggot which resulting him deleting fucking everything. Eventually he unstickied, then deleted the thread to cover up his sperg out. It was pretty fun to watch.
>>39042 Small correction >loleron, emails Ron successfully, takes ownership of 8cult/animu/ from former BO who had been waiting for it forever Is slightly incorrect. 8ch/animu/ used to be some other board unrelated to anime&manga and abandoned. Original anime BO claims /animu/. Original anime BO quits and hands it off to current BO, loleron. Original BO regrets this action and the direction that /animu/ took, makes /longanimu/ in response, wishes /animu/ was his again, but he did willingly give up the board. After 8ch went down and 8kunt went up, bickers of Jim, Ron, and Mark's incompetence the original BO was also improperly emailed about migrating /animu/ to 8kunt, but bickers he was no longer the current BO, he did not have the correct sharedsecret and that's why loleron still kept 8kunt/animu/. >>39067 >julayG​AMERGATE Remember, Mark =does not want to be involved in Julay's drama. That's why he scapesgoats the site and stickies dolphinpedo's thread accusing Julay of datamining. What a kike.
Open file (19.39 KB 1607x92 Mark fag.png)
>>39075 Typical jewish behavior.
Open file (117.70 KB 644x434 muh history.jpg)
Open file (25.61 KB 700x300 guts my boy.jpg)
>>39076 It's OK to be a newfag, it's decipherable enough. Thanks for an unevidentiary correction. >/longanimu/ The fuck, got a link? >>39079 Man, https://archive.vn/MaVzs is something else. It really does show they are micromanaging their little users they have left like loompas in Wonka's factory. No. 16863020 in particular, extremely damming.
Fuck cant believe i found this. Here's some funny business gems i told jim or whichever faggot admin it was back on some meta thread right responding right around the time when shilling was at its worst and everyone were dropping their exposes on jim wheelchair kike and their faggotry(threads they deleted as fast as they could). bickers the site owner and board owners(janitors) are fucking shekelhunters that literally suck jewish cock and report random people to their government slavemasters, that's why. I hope that answers your question, bickers they won't. implying the site owners wouldnt sell their own mothers for an israeli grapefruit even if it meant they could keep running this shithole for just a few more weeks (oh how fucking true that turned out to be) maybe if you stopped tag team swallowing poz loads from chodemonkey and wheel chair boy who allow all these cocksnip shills here your opinion would be different, but you're a fag who has the (((aids))) now too, so that won't ever happen you fucking faggot i remember being banned for this and banned again after insulting wheelchair boy making posts ridiculing him, fuck these cunts
>>13388 Looks like /toy/ is now a global board
>>39272 Fuck ignore my schizo sleep-deprived post, idk what I was even on about there
Open file (227.41 KB 360x215 9hrWoN1583817574.png)
>>>/ita/ has some penance to render https://archive.fo/7JRti#16870514
Open file (4.58 MB 1652x726 i1a933rg.bmp)
We have a live one on julay k
>>39871 /ita/lian wears a reversible coat ready to change sides on a dime, sky still blue
I reckon >>/n/1339/ is an FBI thread. Maybe it's the BO too.
>everybody is mark >now, everybody is FBI as well it's good to know that my suspicions that the anime avatars here were mentally ill was right on the money. hope we see a spergout from them soon, like we did with guthrum
So, intl=ACF=8kult=FBI https://archive.fo/EDYso
>>40531 ok boomer
Open file (93.61 KB 293x335 114.png)
Serves them right, they trusted (((Jim))): http://archive.vn/3oQ5P#selection-54759.0-54849.160
>>42838 <people still go to glowchan <people visit a controlled opposed movement <someone still follows and archives it for for cow to see. >c1db5a No.16905910 >Both julay and smug are parasitizing 8kun's Which seething kike is this? >G​AMERGATE propaganda >Mark ## Board Owner 04/09/20 (Thu) 21:55:09 ID: bcef66 No.16906834 >I've been looking into other imageboard software too, bad news is that it's all shit, and the remotely decent one will likely be made by Josh, and I'm not sure if he's trustworthy after what JEWS told me just a few hours ago. JEVVS what have you say? >Josh wanted to be admin so he can identify /cow/ posters. This is the most concerning thing for me, and I hope it's fake since I want to protect the identity of anons, and that Josh has my IRL number now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >but I don't want people leaving the site for julay world while I get the additional place ready. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Place your bets as to what will happen to the site 1 year from now.
>>42863 If you mean 8kun, total shutdown: -PigJim has been cut off his Mason ties -Pigjim is begging the fuck out of qtards -daily DDoS, Vantech Lim is jewing him hard -there's a pending investigation into pigjims financials both in the jewsa & fipland, tis why ron's back in the jewsa -odin funding went to shit -lokinet support has been discontinued -the meeting was about what do financially, cuts have to be made, since the bottom line has been affected die to covid19 as well. -cakejew is still a spergy fuck and is already planning to move his cult to PLW or his own site, removing 50% of the userbase, leaving only qtards. What else is there to bet, if the cakejew takes transpary's offer?
Oh lawd, things are about to get hot and spicy
The reason to leave HateChan was the bust. Daily reminder that every site has a lifespan, and our previous domains were beautiful in their times. I hope this site can reach that level.
If only the FBI would fuck off! https://archive.vn/ySlWC
>>43143 Won't someone think of the poor NEET kike janitor? At least now they care about the site's performance.
>>43160 where do I get such a job?
>>43162 applications are open i think it's through cock.li or something
>>43158 Between this and having faith that Ron would pull through and try to fix the site, hoping he would bring back more boards like /pol/, and the loli ones with all that cocks lost, I kind of get why they wanted to stay with the devil they knew. Still, they shouldn't let any of them off the hook. If they're worth their salt, they ought to find a new Board Owner.
Open file (23.46 KB 438x126 Josh's magnum opus.png)
>>43170 That's why I and my fellow 8channians are so excited for the upcoming reimagined Infinity Next™ under the noble auspices of Joshua Conner Moon, the rightful inheritor of the crown/tiara passed down from moot and the next face of imageboard culture for millenia to come. t. Not even Josh
>>31109 >Fenlaw His autism is admirable.
>>43170 >You should be careful with who you pick as a BO, they could be resetera spies! It's incredible how they deem their stupid board so important that they expect anyone trying to become the BO to dox himself and give a background record, all to do it for free for a bunch of paranoic faggots on the internet. /v/ is full of self-important pussies.
>>43741 I think that probably has more to do with trying to avoid a Kampfy scenario once again, than paranoia and feeling important as you said.
>>43814 >oy vey how dare you goyim maintain your anonymity
>this is a real post on 8glow Won't somebody think of those poor pedophiles?
>>43894 What ID & Thread?
>>43896 It's that thread with mark's picture on /v/
>>43894 >>43896 >being so new you don't even remember when hotwheels ran the site you may as well go 4chan, normalfags
>>43903 What does that have to do with anything pedo?
>>43894 /hebe/ wasn't even a pedo board, it was nothing but proto-grannies and simps. /younglove/ was a better pedo board.
>>43941 >/hebe/ wasn't even a pedo board Ok pedo
Okay, wait a minute...people still have believed in this fucker since '14? Let alone all the failures I remember since? Catching up in the last year, seems a lot of what was already pointed out to other anon has come to pass. Goddamn his fanboys/girls are retarded. On an different note: How the fuck did he mess up a 2k a month gig?!?
>>43994 The girls were too old, it was shit.
Open file (269.01 KB 1382x1110 ClipboardImage.png)
8kun banned loli
>>45236 took them long enough
Open file (128.90 KB 700x700 goyimgay.jpg)
>>45236 What about 1D lolis?
>>45236 I can't wait for the ni/gg/er salt. All that shilling for 8kunt and disinfo about the webring only to realize they never mattered.
>>43894 you wanna know why transexualism is accepted and pushed but pedophilia is vilified and punished? thats bickers a transexual male, pre or post op, can still enslave himself to the system to pay taxes, under the dress its still a man, with the muscle of a man, and the brain of a man. but a woman married at a prepubescent age and not brainwashed by the education system will not be a future vote for the tyrants or a breeder of brown neo-humans. on another topic, joshchan (9chan.us) was just taken down by Epik for being bad goyim. are you ready for war yet?
>>45363 > on another topic, joshchan (9chan.us) was just taken down by Epik for being bad goyim. The onion address still works: http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/
>>45364 back as 9chan.hk
>>45365 >Hong Kong
Open file (119.51 KB 1395x776 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (72.91 KB 975x815 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (398.69 KB 998x851 ClipboardImage.png)
There was a conspiracy recently around "tv television and film" results on google. Apparently these qanon retards thought it was some kind of secret google pedophile ring. When the images that popped up (instagram child models tier pictures) all linked back to 4plebs. A 4chan archiving site. So basically 1 guy has been posting child models on 4chans tv for a while and it showed up when you put that into google. These retards are using an imageboard. They are literally using an imageboard and posting on it yet are so fucking retarded that they dont even know what 4chan is. Im serious. Look this shit up. They even flooded google support. This shit is fucking hillarious and retarded. https://support.google.com/websearch/thread/41413663?hl=en%28google support) http://archive.is/z0TAK (google support) The archived version doesnt show all the replies. Even 4plebs themselves had to respond. Its even linked on the frontpage of 4plebs. http://archive.is/sKJ8x Its fucking infuriating knowing that i shared an imageboard with people this fucking stupid. Somehow this shit managed to get an article aswell. http://archive.is/kay2S http://archive.is/Qclj1
Open file (6.98 MB 640x360 big if true.mp4)
>>46031 >The results came from a website community named 4plebs. In a 2018 article, Rolling Stone referred to 4plebs as a “sister site” of 4chan. According to the Washington Post, “4chan is a series of wholly anonymous, anything-goes forums.” 4plebs archives posts from 4chan’s various threads. >In December 2019, the Fordham Observer named 4plebs alongside 4chan and 8chan as websites that permit “alt-right cocks” to be posted. Who is this 4chan?
Open file (66.36 KB 999x425 LMAO.PNG)
>>46031 Boomers are the worst. Can not wait for most of these types to shit the bed one day.
>>46040 >Marines >1989-2003 TL Note: This is code word for "I wanted to get military retirement for being a useless fuck, but they found out and kicked me out before I could hit 20 years."
>>46035 I like the part where the caller tells the boomer s'r'g'n used to manage an applebees without even implying it's a bad thing and the boomer immediately reacts by defending s'r'g'n's work history. If s'r'g'n saw it he'd be like 'THAT'S WHAT I KEEP SAYING BUT NO ONE BELIEVES ME'
Open file (40.20 KB 474x334 4cock.jpeg)
So you can't even post on 4chan through tor. First you have to go through the painful captcha that forces you to fail at least once, and it intentionally loads slow as shit. Secondly, most likely you will be banned bickers it's totally bickers someone else used that node and got benned. So it's safe to assume that everyone frequents 4chan barebacks their ip all the way through. No wonder that 4/k/ retard got swatted in his sleep. Is VPN allowed there?
Open file (14.14 KB 242x193 images (2)~3.jpeg)
>>46051 >is VPN allowed there? jej nice one m8.
>>14206 This aged well
>>46672 There are a lot of things in this thread that aged well, check this thread very carefully. This was all planned.
Open file (36.31 KB 419x467 asianweirddoublesguy.jpg)
>>47714 Don't bring PLW (second and third pics) into this /v/ dramafaggotry. Their board is /animu/ with games and nothing more.
>>47717 prokikewoah has been in dramafaggotry almost since day one you absolute newfaggot.
Open file (152.97 KB 666x497 8cult did notinwrong.png)
Open file (86.52 KB 432x505 nope.png)
Open file (130.85 KB 683x403 nothing.png)
Open file (208.57 KB 671x486 wrong.png)
Open file (115.39 KB 655x452 what, are you a shill.png)
>>47717 loleron, this isn't how it works. You see nigger posting, you bring delicious snaps: https://archive.fo/8NfL9#2482 See, this is easy.
Open file (840.00 KB 1730x1326 8kun DMCA.png)
8kun got cucked by Sony for talking bad about TLoU2 and posting leaks. https://archive.fo/azlOe#selection-11768.0-11768.1 https://archive.vn/IsFTQ
>>48743 When is based julay next? tfw I want robi to flick Sony so badly
>>47714 Thoughts on this /geimu/ BO's acumen?
>>48966 >when Now, but you gotta do your part. Spam the shit out of every thread with spoiler, be creative.
Open file (2.98 MB 500x500 601.gif)
>>48975 Personal? He hates me. As a person, don't care. Do I precisely know who it is, yes. But /cow/ respects plw autists, so it's good. A lot of users here use PLW, always have. >>48992 Lol, you do that anon, I'm joking that's gonna happen anyways. Sony actually hired DMCA bots, and julay is already in the radar. What's gonna take time is 1) finding the DMCA email robi uses 2) just forcing the new registrar to attempt to DMCA the domain again. I'm just eating popcorn at the eventuality.
>>49016 Tor is looking better every day.
>>13388 I saw Mark eating a cake.

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