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Open file (125.92 KB 700x931 20171218172310_94935.jpg)
chen2 Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 02:19:42 ID: c56dba No.14378
chen2 is a live posting image board made up of users who think magic is real and have an obsession with transexual escorts. They spend all day chatting to each other like a chat room and ban any one they disagree with.
chen2.org it is apparently run by a couple of twitter trannies, and anons spend all day bantering with a native american whore bickers they're pathetic losers and "she" posted a cleavage pic. Champions of the white race.
I saved it.
The meguca script is pretty neat though.
The mods have a separate bunker where they post sexualied anime of little girls. If called out they will say it's just anime and not to overreact, but it's half naked loli girls. Just one example of many https://4.0-chan.ru/xomy/79193#p79401 They also raid chen with the pics since they control the mods there
It's weeb posters like you that keep interfering with gucas discussion you tranny cheetah.
You're confusing two things. Chen2 is Miya's chink meguca based IB, she welcomes nearly everyone to use her IB. She's a twitterfag.
The board you linked is /meadhall/'s new address after I guess Miya kicked them out.
Seems back on meguca itself, now shamik.ooo, had the displeasure of hosting meadheads. When the German shooting happened, they were blamed for it, and rocket nuked 1) the board 2) and then the site.
Meguca admin separated itself from them.
I have yet to confirm if they have any form of responsibility regarding the shooting, but rocket is responsible for nuking the site&board.
Liveposting and roulette suicide is fun
It's a shame the tranny(literal) mods went full retard and deleted /pol/ and /meadhall/. I guess they just wanted a public discord chat and not a real imageboard.
Who convinced her to post tits? She has ugly nipples, holy shit.

I trolled them for a while but it got boring. They're triggered by everyone and everything

Chen2 seems to be for FF14 players and then other boards are only active post exodus.
how does it make it any different than the internet bloodsports thread on here, then? aside from them not being able to ban anyone, of course, as none of them will have any real power
Open file (71.24 KB 960x960 ew.jpg)
The skeptic cyclical is full of funny chads, and chen is full of unfunny trannies, that's how.
Yeah, Miya seems to attract the rejects, and she's fine with that.
I only warned her how easy it is to spam meguca, thus her /b/ is now a spam catcher instead of the far /b/rejects.
Seems nobody likes FF14 players, and I understand that.
>Seems nobody likes FF14 players, and I understand that.
It's basically the WoW demographic with more trannies and even less tolerance for banter.
What happened to /pol/ on chen2? I went looking for happening news and it's gone. /meadhall/ is just spam.
that's a funny term for 15yr old boys who 100% crosspost from cuckchan and twitter
From the little bit that I gathered, exactly what happened to meadhall on meguca:
A couple of grifters get mod access and nuke the board.
You will have to personally ask Miya for more detail.
All I do recall is seeing mods ban and delete cocks they disagreed with, and then autism kicked high.
>A couple of grifters get mod access and nuke the board.
Crazy how often I've seen this play out in various bunkers since 8 went down. Almost as if a coordinated effort was taking place.
Meadhall is /pol/, it is spammed just like /pol/ was regularly spammed.
Then why does it have someone telling you to go to some russian site?
well, go
Probably a desperate attempt to flee the spam.
That russian board is locked right now anyway.
They had the Russian bunker before and threw a shit fit when one of them leaked it.

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