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Open file (1.65 MB 500x281 1572922764149.gif)
Jews and kikewheels Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 18:12:22 ID: d7b15e No.16544
What's the relationship between these two? It seem like Jews is still siding with the little crippled shit and I can't find a proper run down of when or why.

Any one want to get me up to speed?
ni/gg/er jews is based and redpilled
Why did he throw Wormmon?
Open file (2.10 MB 1920x1200 8chanbg.png)
JEWS has been declared persona non grata, as have all his ambassadors and co-conspirators; https://pastebin.com/qUueDRrr

Everyone must know how butthurt copypaste is at JEWS. No one must be ignorant of their proximity to JEWS. It could be a fatal mistake. Hotwheels will erase JEWS from the history of his people. The traitorous JEWS must never be allowed to betray another white man.

You all aren't familiar with the danger posed by JEWS. The JEWS who formed less than one per cent of the population of the channel nevertheless monopolized the cultural leadership of the channel operators. Let this be a lesson to all those who once admitted JEWS. JEWS must be chased out of our channels and our boards. No anon can be expected to live under the same roof as JEWS.

We won't waste much time on JEWS. We have no use for JEWS in #8chan. The movement of JEWS from the channel is beneficial for the German people. It is unacceptable that anons should be obliged to meet JEWS when they enter the channel. It is intended to clear JEWS, as far as at all possible, from the server. One way or another we will have to finish with JEWS.

What is to become of JEWS?

There has been a great migration of JEWS. The evacuation of JEWS has already been completed. I must, therefore, presume that JEWS will disappear.

There was a time when JEWS laughed at my prophecies
Nice fanfic pedophile Kingdom Hearts Spammer.
>GG failed z-celeb calling anyone else cancer
Open file (57.87 KB 599x699 signed.PNG)
you've clearly allied yourself with JEWS
Tripfags are cancer.
Open file (15.72 KB 248x249 1421854565064.jpg)
I guess you're the real Satan here.
Ha, so his old key has been leaked?
idk if his old key was leaked or what but I guarantee the wheelchair gnome did indeed write that autism
Then the private keyholder is a time traveler:
> <span title="Tuesday 5th of November 2019 03:50:54 AM CDT">Nov 5th, 2019</span>
>Approved on 5 November 2019, 5:33PM, in the holy City of Quezon, Manila
the private key holder is a time traveler bickers the message was PGP signed 20 minutes after the Autism Act of 2019 was dated?
Open file (450.78 KB 500x502 Check these Quads.png)
nice quads
Open file (46.49 KB 500x500 servantokay.jpg)
Open file (93.20 KB 1026x1234 okaym8.jpg)
Satan said so.
They're clearly on Jim's side bickers hes a freemason with a lawyer named Baarr
Can you tards stop asking like kiwifarms and answer the damn question? Why is JEWS still in IRC rooms with kikewheels? Is he working with kikewheels to try and keep 8chan down to drive more traffic here? I don't trust kikewheels or any one associating with him.
>I don't trust kikewheels or any one associating with him.
Which raises the question is JEWS trolling him or is he his actual friend and they're playing Discord trannies?
IMO, as long as JEWS doesn't fuck up /cow/, I don't care who he associates with. Stop being so autistically assmad.

You just look foolish.
Enjoy being backstabbed
Kikewheels has backstabbed every community he has ever been involved with. And Jews has fucked up /cow/ where it's now just a bunch of e celeb worshiping kekistan cunts.
>It's JEWS fault e-celebs came to /cow/
>It's JEWS fault for containing the autism to one thread instead of letting it consume the entire board
>It's JEWS fault that I don't post about Chris-chan
lmao what kind of fucking Q boomer shit is this.
>doesn't fuck it up
I was one of the most active users 3 or 4 years ago and I haven't posted on /cow/ in a long time, even before 8chan went down. I don't entirely blame jews for the state of the board, but the combination of lax moderation and the boomer userbase of 8chan has led to the most retarded users who've ever inhabited it, along with the most boring threads.
fuck this board and it's retarded schizo userbase. This is the worst iteration of /cow/ yet.
Open file (252.45 KB 800x1400 chanology gaytor.png)
>I was one of the most active users 3 or 4 years ago
>I'm an oldfag
I've been here since the 789chan/seanieb days. 3 years ago is just when I stopped posting bickers the board went to shit with goymergaters flooded it with eceleb shit.
Open file (355.46 KB 900x1700 gaytor pool's closed.png)
>here is my resume
>been here since 789chan/seanieb days
Open file (38.06 KB 496x599 Newfag Scum.jpg)
you can tell this one is really mad, doesn't feel included bickers he doesn't know know what anything he said even meant, probably came to this place around a year ago and never stepped out of his gay e celeb worship threads

4chan is unironically better than this place now, good job to Qoomers for killing 8chan and whatever good boards it might have had at some point once and for all
Open file (177.38 KB 329x365 irl shigy.png)
Open file (754.07 KB 500x277 burnitdown.gif)
Am enjoying this bros...so so so much.
jews is beyond ugly, being labeled a treacherous snake should be the least of his problems.
Open file (239.32 KB 1152x2048 nekoarc.jpeg)
lmao you keep spamming this hard and nobody gives enough of a shit to do anything.
You realize that /cow/ has survived a literal fucking transsexual admin who shows his dick for money on chaturbate? If looking like an ugly nerd is the worst of jews problems that's a big step up from previous mods.
Get ready to be accused of being JEWS
Daily reminder that Jonathan is such a lolcow he doesn't even eat maggots but dares to consume beef stakes in current year.
he's such an ugly kike tho lol
Open file (122.60 KB 893x1200 cakejew6.jpg)
Unlike our glorious leader. Can JEWS even compete?
All kikes are ugly as fuck. Fat ass Mark and crater face Jonathan are no better.
>>17889 post more of her
Basic Stuff hai imma non-binary trans catgirl that likes to have fun with other people. I also sometimes have my wife espygrrl, girlfriend Maria Maximoff, or friends on here for additional fun! I'm a huge nerd and like to wear stuff like cat ears, bickers I'm a furry as well ;3 If you have questions regarding me, I might be inclined to answer them. But keep in mind that if I don't want to answer a specific thing, be kind and don't press the issue. My (current) measurements? 36DD-36-44 I may be a bit bottom-heavy, but I got some hella guns and have a nice fat clit to go with all of it Requests for me eating my own cum will not be honored due to the fact that there is very little to zero ejaculate when I cum. This is one of the effects that hormone therapy has done to me. Sorry, but it's unavoidable...although y'all get to see some nice boobs so maybe it's a decent tradeoff? If ya'll wanna see what I talk about when I'm not on here, follow @NekoArc on Twitter :D I also make music! Go buy my music on bandcamp!

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