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Anonymous 11/09/2019 (Sat) 11:35:32 ID: e0e977 No.17065
I am back and still looking for a gf.
fake and gay poojeet
make new pics to
You don't write nearly autisticly enough to be the real dog fucking poo. Also, holy shit is his head massive or is his body tiny?
Open file (3.28 MB 1789x3180 disgusting pajeet.jpg)
Open file (65.12 KB 768x960 pajeetwife.jpg)
When's the marriage due lads?
Open file (521.14 KB 619x394 poop.PNG)
based streetshitter
congrats on the superpower status fam
Literally who is this streetshitter?
>>26909 he was an literal pajeet who used to spam 8/pol/ and later a bunch of other boards with weird pics of FB grils he was stalking with the faces and backgrounds edited out sloppily in mspaint while demanding in all caps that nu/pol/ give him a gf shame he left, his threads were always a hoot iirc he got doxed and fucked off entirely
>>26912 Oh, that guy. Damn, it's been forever since I'd seen him.
>>17134 What an ugly sow in fact of course
You can see the brain damage in his poo colored eyes.
Go hang yourself.
>>27070 Poos would have to have a brain before they could damage it.
Open file (112.67 KB 500x566 5494895156.png)
Open file (684.19 KB 1107x756 Autistmas.jpg)
hauahuahuaahuahhuahuahauhauah i'm back too, baby
>>17065 faggot poorfag
>>17134 Power couple

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