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Open file (262.89 KB 1536x2048 juice.jpg)
/cow/ mod gets doxed, whole board is kiked Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 23:19:36 ID: 9ba07f No.17532

Jonathan Tyler Elliott aka JEWS #8chan/#8kun | 1841 CENTRAL PARK AVE APT 16M YONKERS, NY 10710-2921 cellphone 646-335-2756
Here's a comparison to the El Paso Walmart shooter.

OP here prevented a pedophile from getting his degree to teach elementary.
Open file (799.51 KB 642x1141 1573515005938.png)
Open file (155.12 KB 375x369 disgusted_dogeater.PNG)
You don't know how /cow/ threads work, don't you?
Open file (5.12 MB 320x180 these_people.webm)
oy vey loog at that schozz!
Open file (73.13 KB 332x167 teethWTF.png)

Sweet mother of God. This is only caused by generational inbreeding.
now my worst fears about this board have been confirmed
Open file (461.94 KB 898x519 exposednose.png)
Open file (106.69 KB 367x535 exposednoses.png)
I unironically love Pastor Anderson. If all Christians had his convictions I'd go to church every single service, but so many churches are watered down nonsense that make Jesus and his message out to be a hippy communist that just "loves" everybody.
If it weren't for the nose, he'd look more like an ugly brit than an ugly jew
>Jews turned out to be a kike
>We only found out bickers he pissed off a deformed midget who leaked his selfies

What other secrets are being hidden??
How do we know this is legit and not made up?
Open file (186.27 KB 1199x800 business.jpg)
it's been confirmed, pleb

in any event, as a casual observer this could appear to be anything from a hoax to a cringe autist making up shit

(((oh but it's very, very real lol)))

if it helps, people who know him IRL have confirmed this is him without even knowing they were confirming it
Timing makes way too much sense for it to be fake. It's one of those gut feelings you get on these things.
>it's been confirmed, pleb
[Citation needed]
Timing is not proof.
Open file (239.32 KB 1152x2048 nekoarc.jpeg)
If it is, at least he's not a tranny, unlike previous /cow/ mods
Agreed. But you spend enough time around these things you learn to notice patterns. Too much shit here, looks like a discovered facebook account.
Open file (190.46 KB 2048x1538 jews_sister_and_dad.jpg)
meet his father and sister!
So his dad is KFC grandad and he had himself a GAMERGATE bickers he had too much fried chicken?
none of the OP (faggots) of the other threads seem to know either and think it's a place to release their faildox or something

>I verified it
Okay Queen of Poles.
Open file (102.25 KB 800x563 doit.jpg)
>none of the OP (faggots) of the other threads seem to know either


Keep telling yourself that.
((( >>17567 )))
He encourages interracial marriages.
So are you going to show us how you know this guys is a /cow/ mod or not?
nypa, ect. ect.
meet JEWS, the most outspoken /cow/ mod alive
he looks like a drooling mouth breather roflmao
Who the fuck cares lol
this guy should've stayed in rizon, wait till shit gets spammed all over efnet lol
Who could have known absolute gay board was modded by an ugly jew
Open file (101.77 KB 840x592 oy.jpg)
This thread needs more memes.
so let me get this straight, his dad used to own a plantation and his older sister is the product of an affair with a cotton picking slave? lol

>it's true bickers I said it is
Okay, cripple. Post the proof that you say exists.
Yeah this person has a brother called Ian though, not a sister? NYPAA, try again.
ian louis elliott is the younger brother, his older sister from another woman is named monique jean (pictured with his dad jerry elliott)
Open file (489.23 KB 459x816 fDHGruU.png)
>>copypaste: i had no part in doxing JEWS
Open file (21.83 KB 296x314 purecoincidence.jpg)
>a fake christian crypto kike that hates JEWS didn't leak his info.
This thread is faker than Pamela Anderson's tits and gayer than a trip to Ram Ranch.
>StephenLynx: id still suck his dick tho
Open file (416.36 KB 386x716 2 - oZhN6Eg.png)
>This is the guy who talks to judaswheels on IRC, deletes your posts and threads for little to no reason, and is responsible for ruining /cow/

why am I not surprised one bit by this? almost thought he was a GAMERGATE, with how dumb he seems to be. got any dirt on any other hotpockets of his, current or former? I bet they look just as dorky and pathetic as him, same as k1wi farms users look even more pathetic than the people they "troll"
is that you, jonathan?
I'm Jonathan
That's not even the same guy.
Open file (13.69 KB 425x320 shrugging_shin.jpg)
>This is the guy who talks to judaswheels on IRC, deletes your posts and threads for little to no reason, and is responsible for ruining /cow/
>Talks to judaswheels.
I know you're butthurt about the cripple but at least you should update your lore. Both JEWS and robi got banned from #8chan and the cripple wrote a wall of text about how they are persona non grata on #8chan just bickers JEWS got #8kun first and didn't want to hand it over to him.
>it's been confirmed, pleb
>if it helps, people who know him IRL have confirmed this is him without even knowing they were confirming it
Why would anyone believe this when you're not even posting how you found his name nor who these people confirming his identity are? Usually, when someone drops the dox, also posts the process he used to trace the real identity as way of proving how real the dox is but weirdly, you're not doing that.
The pattern is like this.
>X pisses sperg off.
>spergs tries to get revenge.
>finds what he thinks is dox.
>leaks it.
It just means JEWS pissed the cripple so much he's actively trying to fuck JEWS to the point of looking for dox. Timing doesn't prove the veracity of the dox, it just proves the cripple is legit assblasted about now owning #8kun.
>Timing doesn't prove the veracity of the dox
OP has been very stubborn about providing proof, making me believe the person:
>received the dox without knowing how
>doesn't want to divulge how bickers it will out them
>complete faildox by some sperg
If the dox is real, then someone cripplekike either passed it off to another irc buttbuddy or posted it himself, hence the unwillingness to provide any proof at all that it is JEWS.
OP is persona non-grata until proofs.
What if Mark traded it to the cripplekike in exchange for clemency in the coming imageboard jihad?
Maybe. I hope he didn't pay 2k like that fag did for James O'shaugnessy's now Augustine dox.
Something that's also been bothering me is the usage of ">_>" here. That's incredibly out of place for anyone that actually uses the board. Doesn't cripplekike use a lot of those faggy japanese emojis?
I dunno, there are a lot of "stop talking about it, this is a nothing burger!" posts like

that stick out like a sore thumb. not saying it's jews without his faggy trip, or one of his buddies, but somebody here is upset.
If it wasn't for those posts, I would agree with you there

not sure about cripplekike, but if I wanted easy (You)s, I would also type like a redditor or a 12yr old girl from the 2000s, gets a rise out of 4channers who come here for epic e-celeb threads and other retards who get easily upset
I'm willing to believe him:
Mark & his goons hate him. They still think he, in anyway, owns anything here.
And we've seen blatant newfaggotry: >>17639
I'm willing to believe it was the most loyal Cakejew admirer JEVVS banned back in 8ch/cow/.
This. I could just be AcidJew.
Exactly this.
>usage of ">_>" here
Dickcord uses this a lot. And notice it's Comic Sans!
>somebody here is upset
Yeah, you, since you provided nothing actually funny and just dumped an address and a bunch of pictures like a mong and failed to release anything actually funny.
Come on, the Colonel Sanders post was pretty funny. Be honest.
hello, newfriend. I know you are upset that somebody here doxxxed your friend, but if you look at IDs(the digits mixed with numbers on top of the post), you will see that I am not the original poster. Hope that clears up matters

>Dicksword uses this a lot
Why am I not surprised that discord trannies are involved in this? There is so many flavors and varieties these days, it seems every cocksucker has his own discord, and their own dicksuckers, along with them, hard to tell which group it could be, but I definitely smell someone who has never browsed this board before
inb4 Josh takes credit and gets blown out by a meth addict.
Open file (123.66 KB 698x1024 1573298112838.jpg)
>Colonel Sanders post
Can you cite us which one, nullfarmer?
>Why am I not surprised that discord trannies are involved in this?
'Cause it's eternal RP September.
I'm willing to bet it's tranny amongst CakeJew's cult.
Please to be seeing
>asking for citation=upset
All you have to do is to prove that this retarded-looking fellow is in fact JEWS. If it is anon will dig more for something that's actually funny.
This was spread on Rizon IRC a day before it showed up here. Check the logs and you'll figure out who staryed spreading it.
Ah, thanks! Thought you meant that Colonel J accusation, tis all
Which channel?
>I dunno, there are a lot of "stop talking about it, this is a nothing burger!"
Nobody is telling you to not talk about it, but just posting some dox and pics of some nerdy yid doesn't leave much to talk about except laughing at his ugly mug.
#8kun, #8chan and #cow.
Also, I am the "blatant newfaggotry" poster you quoted from another thread. If you actually knew how to read, you would find both the colonel sanders post itt, and you would also know that I specifically posted that I went back to 4chan, ironically enough, to escape mark's cult followers, after 8chan shutdown, redditors and resetera SJWs, along with much more underage than on vch, are all more bearable than the following 8/v/, and vch's /v/, has gotten over the years. how funny, that it seems that a lot of people who migrated to 8chan during the exodus, are seemingly coming home, after less than a decade, when our new "home" has been contaminated with even worse cancer than I could possibly imagine, and whatever long term replacement there will be, it will also contain these people as well, meaning that you won't find me there, and thank fuck to that, enjoy your e-celebs, BO drama and endless boomer Q threads, that's all it will be

Is this what /cow/ has been reduced to? e-celeb internet bloodsports posting? I stopped coming here shortly after that exploded, and the entire catalog was literally just the bloodsports threads, but I see the containment general didn't contain these kids at all. Is there even anyone here that isn't posting on /cow/ just to talk about sąrgon, kraut or whoever flavor of the month the underage nu-/pol/ crossboarders are talking about this week? how pathetic, this place really is no better than 4chan now
okay gaytor
I don't care about your e-celeb youtubers

and if someone is a bit slow in the head today, since I didn't mention it in
I have never posted on vch, nor do I plan to, so you can keep telling yourself that the underage children there are stalking you, doxxxing you, or whatever, but it isn't me, find some other boogeyman. it seems I have to mention this, since 68532b seeming thinks some random poster in that place is in here right now, based on some random screencap he took
>Is this what /cow/ has been reduced to?
<I don't care about lolcows
Lurk for 2 more years before posting again.
Sentence structure could do with some work. People may confuse you for known pedophile, Corey Barnhill.
/cow/ discussions didn't almost exclusively used to be about youtube personalities, but if you took your own advice and didn't browse this place for less than 2 years, you would know that

just bickers I say some uncomfortable truths, like how 4chan is unironically less cancerous, and from the looks of it, judging from this thread, even has posters who are, on average, more intelligent, doesn't mean I'm the local boogeyman, no

Now I remember why I stopped coming to this place. RIP, but it doesn't look like we lost much of value when 8/cow/ died, nor we will if this place ever shut down, unless someone really wants to talk about kraut and sąrgon
Still waiting for proof of dox
>/cow/ discussions didn't almost exclusively used to be about youtube personalities
Literally everyone that has ever been discussed on this board has some kind of internet presence and were almost always posting new julay in those sites. Having a paypig or 100s of thousands of subs and pretending they are 'influencers' is irrelevant.
lurk for 2 more years, and maybe then you will at least seem like you fit in
Agree, "classic cow" threads are dead. Only active ones are e-celeb drama (fortunately with cyclic containment), /tv/ drama and BO drama, nothing else. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any alternative.
like I said, I moved on to 4chan, or rather, went back, and if you believe the locals, it seems that the quality of some boards went drastically up at around the same time when 8chan went down. I've been here before this place was even known as /cow/, and to see it in such a state is depressing. 4chan isn't that much better, but at least the place is always active, better chance to find quality cocks for whatever you're looking for just by sheer amount of new threads and posters, depending on board. doubt I will be coming back here, unless chris chan finally snaps and kills somebody or becomes a homeless tramp, which might be soon, but in the meantime, like you said, it doesn't seem like I am missing anything in here. unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there are much altenatives to /cow/ either, but it doesn't seem like there are that many cows out there these days, either, just endless youtube and e-celeb drama, what used to be "classic lolcows" people used to enjoy are just the usual denizens of the internet, dime a dozen, chris chan, for example, is literally just another tranny, nothing special about him anymore, and there hasn't been for about a decade now

I already said this, I am not OP, nor do I have any proof this really is jews, but I have a gut feeling it has to be somebody, due to the sheer amount of damage control in this thread. learn how IDs work, it seems newfriends around here are having trouble understanding this very difficult concept
Open file (144.29 KB 713x600 n8smug.png)
>due to the amount of damage control there is
>(7) defending somebody else's faildox
Id:9ba07f will be missed.
[F] to the one time proxy Id:b88181 will never use again.
May his butthurt continue to last forever.
I remember when /cow/ made fun of furries, I guess nu-/cow/ is unironically furry
>damage control
>learn how IDs work
Mr. oldfag you shouldn't assume you're the only one that's been around for some time. I'm wondering why you've chosen this thread to sing the praises of cuckchan when you seem to have no interest in the OP. I've seen you posting similar stuff on several boards as your typing habits are easy to spot.

If there is no proof of dox this thread is more of the same cancer you're claiming to not like on this board. I don't see damage control, I see a bunch of anons asking for proof before they look into this person further. Anyone that's been around understands why they're doing this. Since I've not seen how this dox was found I'm going to assume it's from someone JEWS has met IRL like Mark.

For some reason outsiders seem to think JEWS runs this imageboard. I keep seeing it posted over and over again. So if this was some big plan to ruin Julay by association that is pretty retarded. The anons that lurk here won't defend JEWS and will give him the same treatment they give to anyone else assuming it's funny. Since this doesn't look fun and no proof of the dox has been posted you can't expect anons to do more than call you a faggot in the mean time.
If you like 4chan so much stay there.
TO be fair JEWS went to cake/tv/ a few weeksmonth(?) ago to defend the cripple and made it clear that he was in charge of this board.
Open file (87.31 KB 1600x900 rtx147yn.jpg)
> in charge of this board.
>in charge
Open file (2.76 MB 640x360 for_you.webm)
How incompetent do you have to be to get doxed as a BO? This is why namefagging and making yourself some sort of character is pure autism.
Hello, I'm the >>>/nintendo/ BO, AMA.
Open file (134.24 KB 374x376 Carl.png)
You're a big individual...
Open file (31.02 KB 791x232 scr.jpg)
>How incompetent do you have to be to get doxed as a BO?
Incompetent enough to use windows.
Still waiting for proof of dox.
Open file (19.41 KB 648x111 former dox.png)
Open file (56.08 KB 605x231 formest dox.png)
Still waiting for proof of dox
I'm not copechan
goodness this thread is hilarious

Archive: http://archive.is/ngJLk
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/hCBma5q
All me in fact of course
Open file (58.24 KB 680x382 btfo.jpg)
Guys this is actually JEWS.
Believe me, I know, the times match up.
dup fucking loves her pussy
And I still love that word filter.
Let me post that link for 5th time.
I agree with this fag. A lot of people did go back to cuckchan or Reddit and realized it was 8ch that was dying more than image boards. While cuckchan might be 99% awful it still has those 1% gem threads full of good cocks. 8ch didn't have any cocks, it just had shit piled on top of other shit.

This version of /cow/ scraped the shit off the top. Completely forgot what a cow even is and went full youtube drama channel. Any one who cared about cows went to lurk kiwi farms.
>there even anyone here that isn't posting on /cow/ just to talk about sąrgon, kraut or whoever flavor of the month the underage nu-/pol/ crossboarders are talking about this week
I come for Sargon occasionally but I'd like to be following CWC news more but he's been as boring as fuck lately and will likely remain so until Barb finally keels over. I'll have to make a tranny thread here to shit on them, Foxdick's thread is constantly derailed by feminists and "not all trannies are bad" shit

How about you GAMERGATEs stop bitching about E-celeb drama and just start threads about cows if you are an oldfag that's hip with the kids?

Wait, you actually won't. Nevermind.

Besides, dragging attention to yourself bitching, pissing and moaning makes you just that, a cow.
The friday night thread had more posts in it than the Chris one does. The threads exist and no one uses them bickers they're all shitting on cytube watching Gunt stream and posting in the containment thread. All they do is watch political e celebs and say Gunt over and over. It's like a twitch chat.
or just a miniature jcaesar187 cult.
Open file (637.91 KB 800x800 Guntika.png)
Open file (268.01 KB 400x299 twJgir7Nb.png)
Hello fellow oldfags, do you not miss oldfag times when /cow/ was fast like reddit and cuckchan?
>I already said this, I am not OP, nor do I have any proof this really is jews, but I have a gut feeling it has to be somebody, due to the sheer amount of damage control in this thread. learn how IDs work, it seems newfriends around here are having trouble understanding this very difficult concept
Open file (109.06 KB 1080x1920 fGCERvh.jpg)
>Incompetent enough to use windows.
Damage control is going full force when they're not even admitting the guy in the yellow shirt isn't someone else, its him just obviously fatter, the facial structure is the same. Also when you look closely to the pictures, there's one where he's wearing a pair of Sony headphones, ironically the same type he used to brag about in #8chan when comparing with other users like Jesus (##8chan). Let's not forget JEWS went to Columbia University. The fact that people are trying so hard to deflect while engaging in full blown damage control proves this dox is the real deal.
Open file (107.68 KB 517x444 beatsme.png)
Not outright believing that this dox that came out of nowhere is JEWS is not damage control, OP or the rest of people saying it's legit haven't said how they found this so why should anyone buy into it?

And even in the case that this dox was real. As I said before, posting some dox and some images isn't really that entertaining or worth a thread. /cow/ isn't a dox dumping board, if he wanted to make a thread, he should have made the it after finding out something worth laughing at besides some ugly face.
Open file (2.38 MB 540x960 JEWS_real.mp4)
Hey guys I found JEWS. Don't ask me for proof. If you don't believe me you're not a Real™Old™Fag™.
Open file (1.30 MB 720x1280 meirl.mp4)
I met myself at a bank.
hey JEWS, your damage control won't save you from others digging and the more you try to deflect and deceive that this isn't you, the more this will backfire on your face. Are you sure you want to keep playing dumb? Don't be a coward and admit to it before your family members get exposed since there are messages of them admitting this dox is legit.
Why are JEWS family members on 8ch irc? You still don't seem to understand that people are simply asking for proof. For all we know this was your highschool bully.
>>17812 how much is he paying you for damage control?
feel free to ask her if her brother is in no way involved with 8chan :^)
Open file (44.36 KB 367x360 botan_stare.PNG)
>there are messages of them admitting this dox is legit.
And yet you don't post them.
I see you posted this on 8channel first which is a pedo imageboard and no one cared so you came here. Now my noggin is joggin. Still waiting on proof and anything moderately funny like his dragon dildo collection or anything.
he does look kinda like i expected

teef too yewwow
So did the conflict between Fred and the other trannies go hot? Why did Freddit dox JEWS?
Open file (3.41 MB 360x270 1572882943671.gif)
cripple wanted an IRC channel #8kun JEWS got it first by 10 seconds. Refused to give it to him so he kicked him out of his friend circle.

JEWS is one of kikewheels friends. But he didn't suck his midget cock so he got doxed.
Open file (187.31 KB 500x473 vee mom-leaked-porn.jpg)
>chip on their shoulder against JEWS
>wants /cow/ to stop bullying ecelebs and not go back to 8ch
>picks a pedo board as their primary medium
idk, still a coin flip between Fred & ni/gg/ers in fact of course
Open file (388.97 KB 1000x1000 joos.jpg)
Guys, this is JEWS right here, I have proof.
Open file (15.01 KB 450x329 hasidic_jew.jpg)
Wrong this is him. I saw him in manhattan and yelled JULAAAAAYYYYYY
Open file (3.15 MB 720x1280 y u do dis.mp4)
So what you're saying is the copypaste owns 8channel, and he threw me under the bus bickers I run a channel on rizon, thus he posted in the /pol/ board bickers he's a leftist free speech scum?
Open file (2.38 MB 720x1280 oh no.mp4)
archive.today doesn't like pedochan, seems only .org works:
Open file (500.42 KB 565x376 1571524119914.png)
Who didn't see this coming?
Open file (63.78 KB 1080x1187 tkt.jpg)
Open file (18.53 KB 480x360 c48b4.jpg)
Open file (19.50 KB 480x360 ugyf3784.jpg)
We need a chinkbook thread.
Open file (164.21 KB 955x955 1568404525733.jpg)
Finally found dox on JEWS. Here it is. Look at that schnozz. Ebin ween guise :DDDDDDDDDDD

>still no proof it's really JEWS
fake and gay, OP has trolled every believing retard ITT
Open file (10.13 KB 210x250 1386474525521.jpg)
I have to say I am impressed. This thread was a master class on delfection and damage control.

>asking for proof is damage control
Heh. More like Winblows!
turns out /cow/ really was the real lolcow
this board is dead
Yeah, nobody would go through the hassle to find a man with a big nose and sony headphones for a given university. I'm sure it would either be impossible or take ages.
Is anyone going to post proof or even funny things from the social media account you found? This thread is pretty shit. I want to bully the current BO like I bullied the tranny admin but so far you've given me nothing.
Haha, real funny.
So that's how you found this person, by going through a list of students and looking for someone who you thought fit the description?
Open file (153.45 KB 440x496 FBI GLOW.png)
No, I was always friends with Jonathan. He's the sober driver you've seen whenever we went out to parties to celebrate 8chan back in 2014-5, were I got really knocked out.
I doxed him in hopes Jonathan would fight with the cripple, but it turns out he's been arrested for questioning by his involvement in the German shooting. He lawyered up, unlike me.
>manufacture proof
You can't manufacture proof that's retarded. Even if it isn't him you've already failed by
>not archiving the social media account
>not posting anything from the account that is interesting
No one here is going to defend the BO. If he's done something cow worthy he'll get the same treatment as anyone else. This isn't a board you just dump a dox on it's a place for sharing cocks about people of interest. Newfags seem to be under the impression that anons here just dox people for no reason. Give the anons here something to work with and they'll dig. If you don't do that expect to be called a faggot for missing the point of the entire board.
I know I know. It's just, after the 8kun.us failure, I got frustrated and told Acidman to do whatever it takes to stop the cripple, and this is what he came up with.
I'm regretful, but I can't do much since has me on a leash. I'm currently still serving my parole having been found with child porn, and I don't want to screw that up.
Open file (43.16 KB 725x671 pathetic.jpg)
>our faildox was exposed as a faildox, unleash operation LAME LARP
Jonathan Tyler Elliott aka JEWS #8chan/#8kun | 1841 CENTRAL PARK AVE APT 16M YONKERS, NY 10710-2921 cellphone 646-335-2756
ask him if he wants his sister Monique Jean to be involved any further
How about you record yourself doing it? you monumental faggot. NYPA
tell me, how scared do you think jonathan is right now?
I see you too know how to play an Alexander of Persepolis.
You don't realize where you are do you?
>food photos
wow wut an epik lulzcow guys he eats steak! How will that kike ever recover jooolaaaaaayy xDD
Open file (152.10 KB 782x782 fri.jpg)
^ JEWS is monitoring this thread rn lol
Hey man, just stop, it's over. You are to be released with bail, but don't remove the GPS monitor.
Thanks, Ron taught me how.
Forgive him, he doesn't know how to use imageboards since Acidman hired him from one his triforce rings.
You goyim are just afraid of my power. Just wait until I get in touch with the ADL, I could have you yutzes taken out with a flip of my yarmulke
Open file (109.06 KB 1080x1920 fGCERvh.jpg)
Open file (164.72 KB 1080x1920 OCWE3FA.jpg)
>i have a vagina now
>those eyes
Is he a hapa?
nah, his mother is Patricia Fichter Elliott, dad is Jerry Elliott
both are kike as fuck
You got any proof this is him? Like a recording of the phone call? Some posts from social media that are funny? Anything?
Ah, just garbage kike genetics then.
Open file (100.99 KB 183x275 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (220.30 KB 905x397 ClipboardImage.png)
Lads, I've done it, I've found JEWS' real dox! Attached is a full body pic and proof that it's him.
Open file (147.41 KB 974x811 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (194.09 KB 197x441 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (9.37 KB 330x328 ClipboardImage.png)
Today I will remind them.
"Terroristic Threats" is when he threatened to shoot up his school.
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 gator2.gif)
>my mom took my maid dress
Open file (217.20 KB 1276x2015 nanotech.jpg)
>"Terroristic Threats" is when he threatened to shoot up his school.
He certainly looks the part. Is OP this guy?
Writes like him and acts like him, plus nanotech has a grudge against this board and is a fucking retard when it comes to identifying people. He probably thinks that Robi is JEWS or BillCooper is JEWS. He used to think that Robi was Donga.
Hapas were a mistake.
At least this one knows he's good at nothing but being a bottom bitch :^)
JEWS isn't nanotech, Jonathan Tyler Elliott is JEWS. nanotech is literally a kid.
No, this is JEWS. >>18010
If you have proof to the contrary, then show it. Otherwise, you're just some derailing copeposter trying to detract from my massive own of JEWS.
Ah i see what you mean, so nanotech larps as a jew, so he isn't a jew but comes of as if he is JEVVS but wishes he was a jew.
>He used to think that Robi was Donga.
HRT really rots the brain
So this guy you claim is JEWS and refuse to provide proof or cocks really is just some guy that bullied you at school or something?
Open file (5.27 MB 1152x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (546.73 KB 545x330 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (48.93 KB 802x436 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (105.64 KB 888x584 ClipboardImage.png)
Oh yeah, I see it now.
>deleting posts
>>soon he'll delete this thread
massive damage control in process
oy vey
Open file (11.90 KB 540x115 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (123.08 KB 1017x391 ClipboardImage.png)
It took you faggots two days to prepare this. What the fuck is wrong with you? In two days you could have archived it all and prepared proof if it was real, or faked it, since it isn't.
He used to be a major sous vide sperg on #8chan and most folks recognize the steak dishes and its background, precisely what gave him away. That said, Jonathan's an ugly kike for sure.
Post yourself wearing a maid dress and locked up hapa loser :^)
If you could post proof that this is actually him and not the guy who bullies the shit out of you in school then that would help. You're not going to get big bad mean mr. anon to fight your battles for you. You've got to step out of the maid outfit and into some men's clothes and then fight your own battles.
I cook steak too, that doesn't mean that I host a thread on my board that contains pictures of you in full faggot regalia, and pics of you talking about your legal cp stash.
exactly why we know this dox is legit
The dox is legit bickers this is the guy that bullies you in school? That's rough dude, this guy mogs the shit out of you IRL and then hosts pics of you in a dress on his board.
a collectivist? a federated collective, perhaps?
jonathan is uglier than my dingleberries
also the cripple doxed Mark before so I guess it was par for the course
>>copypaste: i had no part in doxing JEWS

sounds legit
If that is Jews he doesn’t look too bad. Just needs to know how to take photos and don’t show your gums. No I’m not Jonathan I’m brian, show us your outline for proof
ye, his teeth are fucked ugh
Open file (527.81 KB 1050x591 bryan_dunn_lies.png)
>mark the ugly porky kike no seriously, he's an ugly motherfucker. Kinda has the pedosmug look to him Yaniv and Epstein had - which are also jewish

>worthy of trust ever

How many times do you need to get slapped over the head before you people understand WITH JEWS, YOU LOSE ?
Funny, as I see it there wasn't even one post deleted on /cow/ for 2 days back when this post was made.
Open file (164.72 KB 1080x1920 OCWE3FA.jpg)
the lulz when i look at jonathan's face
JEWS told me he killed 8chan and then killed a whole bunch of goy children with his nose, he also fucked them with his nose. I have proof
I think this can be safely moved to /b/ since OP has failed dramatically.
But it worked perfectly it was jews trollshielding himself by larping as retarded reddit children all along
yeah this post isn't going to age well
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 carl pulls gun.jpg)
Go back, goon.
Over a week since this leaked on IRC and still no julay.
There isn't going to be any, it's just the same 3 people pulling images of random people that look marginally similar and trying to pass it off as a dox.
I'm sure this nose is covered by the second amendment though.
And what evidence do you have that this isn't his dox? hmm? The only reason his pictures were leaked was thanks to someone that knows him irl. At this point even his sister knows her picture was also leaked in 8chan. So much for "random people images". JEWS himself isn't responding bickers he knows its him. I gotta give it to you for trying. Guy got doxed, so what? Move on.
The burden of proof lies with you retard. It's been over a week and you still can't provide a link between this person and the BO or anything cow worthy from his social media that you failed to archive properly. You'll just keep posting imgur links and calling anyone that asks for proof a kike. The only reason this thread is worth reading is to laugh at your failure.
>JEWS won't respond
What do you expect? You haven't provided proof. Why would he confirm it? Why wouldn't let you chase false leads to make you think it was real? All it proves is he has more common sense than you.

Anons keep telling you: show some proof, post some julay from his social media. Then it'll be interesting enough to care about. Until such time enjoy being called a faggot.
laugh at what failure? The fact that he doesn't respond says a lot. Keep damage control full force and don't forget to keep deflecting like a good goy.
I think we broke him boys.
>turned out to be
>he didn't know this whole time
he's openly admitted to being ashkeNAZI goy, his jewry isn't new information.
Open file (898.52 KB 1920x1080 sieg_meow.webm)
lol the absolute state of JEWS
you've invested some time and effort into the faildox campaign, can I ask what your endgame is?
Open file (484.11 KB 879x610 disappointed_mizuhara.PNG)
It's retarded to expect him to go out of his way to address some dox. No matter what he says of it, GAMERGATEs like you will spin it into proof of it being real. So far you faggots had said:
<never posts the digging process.
>he has a facebook profile
<but doesnt link it.
<there's no archive of it.
<not even screenshots of the facebook profile.
>people close to him have confirmed it.
<no names
<no logs.
<no screenshots
It's should come as a surprise to you that nobody is believing you.
what's no surprise is that almost every post claiming that it's fake attempts to self-identify as a group of people, ergo disingenuous attempts to gaslight peer pressure

in any event, we're just toying with the yid and julaying this atm - feel free to stick around for the fun
Open file (336.62 KB 750x700 Sargoy_gun3.png)
Open file (29.49 KB 223x200 who_wants_it.jpg)
Based JEWS F.L.H.Ping incel Nazi larpers just by not posting ITT.
so, let me get this straight: this is some random dude that harrased, or wws just found by, some kiwi tranny called nanotech, who is trying to get people to leave this board by claiming this is jews, yet offers no proof, correct?
>Here we doxed JEWS
<how did you find this dox?
>just trust me bro
<did you archive the social media accounts?
>here is an imgur link bickers I'm too retarded to upload images to an imageboard
<so you have no proof?
>trust me bro I called his family and they confirmed it
<ok did you record the call?
>here is an imgur link doesn't his nose look big?
<so you have no proof?
>you're just a kike stop deflecting!
<post the proof and anons here will dig into this
>here is an imgur link
<so you have no proof?
>why is there so much damage control!
<we're just asking for proof it has been days now and you refuse to post how you found this
>deflection! kikes! this board is dead why don't you post on this other /cow/ instead!
Basically, but this guy's from /intl/ and SomethingAwful as well as foxdick.
I'd believe it's him. it looks jewey enough to be him anyway. The thing is, nobody cares. there's nothing interesting or damning in his dox that shows him being anything else than a dorky, kinda ugly looking college student.
Look at stephen lynx's dox for comparison. He's got footage of himself on pornhub wearing a clown wig and fucking himself. That's actually funny, lolcow-worthy behavior.
What has JEWS done in these photos that's funny? there's some photos of...his face...oh and some steak... wow epik ween julay gg.
Open file (4.03 MB 320x180 its_happening_320.webm)
what if you're right, and also the dox is legit?
>what if you're right
I am
>and also the dox is legit?
Is it? You seem unable to prove it is.
lol its him, it turns out JEWS is uglier than a bag of dicks. The food pics he posted on #8chan do match with those pics alright. At least he's not tranny like the previous BO.
I tried to warn you \o/
You failed the shill test anyway
Open file (36.17 KB 499x481 kmpls.jpg)
>Studies Biological Sciences at Columbia University
>likes top-tier kino like Commando, Army of Darkness and Troll 2
>seems well-adjusted and has a life
Such a lolcow indeed
remember when /cow/ was sperging the fuck out bickers they thought they doxed emspex, and it turned out it wasnt her?

/cow/ doesnt have a good track record with these things...
is there anyone here calling him a lowcow? i think the whole point of this thread was to show how ugly the /cow/ mod is.. Typical ugly kike.
Where's the cow connection?
I msged the Jon guys dad but he didn't reply yet
Aside the fact that you haven't provided any evidence that this is actually JEWS, his surname suggests that he's an amerilard of bong descent.
As for the ugly part, i don't really care since i'm not a fag.
i think for some people, that's all it takes. having an online persona and being ugly. nothing else matters and they want to shout at anyone who disagrees with them about the person being a cow. "youre JEWS" whatever kid.
Open file (239.09 KB 457x533 aljo_YOU_WOT.png)
do you ever have fun?
Open file (175.07 KB 1000x563 gib milk.jpg)
Sure, as long as it's about lolcows. As long as you provide anything that points towards some erratic behavior i will check it out. This dude looks like someone i'd hang out with, not laugh at.
Open file (94.70 KB 650x979 Robb_and_a_John.jpg)
>his surname suggests that he's an amerilard of bong descent.
JEWS has said before that he's ashkenazi jew though, so the name may not be correct.
Knowing the type of a-logs who frequent this board OP is probably an angry tranny with a vendetta against /cow/ and is desperate for something the owner with.
Open file (141.04 KB 962x950 clinton_dress.jpg)
ignorance must be bliss

in any event, stick around big boy - if you keep asking, the grapevine may provide!
No you won't.
Open file (354.64 KB 500x300 bored_sada.gif)
It's probably the same guys that hang out with copypaste on #8chan, the imgur folder got spammed on #8kun, #8chan and #cow where nobody gave a fuck so they went and made a thread here.
I doubt it, it's been a week and you faggots haven't delivered shit while asking anons to call this guy's family. /cow/ isn't your personal army, get fucked.
Do you have a better resolution to this gif?
I want to read why the dog is interested in dog care.
Should have put an earlier date on the image name imo.
in fact of course Homor was the real bad guy. He's the one that banned and deleted shit for no reason, while helping the board turn into /internetbloodsports/. Though I'm pretty sure JEWS was the one that mysteriously locked and shut down all discussion of Secrios, upon further reflection.
it seems most people here haven't been reading or else they would've noticed by now the only reason JEWS' pictures were leaked had to do with someone that knows him irl. That same someone had absolutely nothing to do with /cow/ in the first place. JEWS was warned to stay away from efnet and he didn't seem to care. These are the consequences. He's very lucky that person didn't leaked the screenshots of him masturbating on FB messenger. If i were him, I'd leave efnet and never look back.
>>I doubt it, it's been a week and you faggots haven't delivered shit while asking anons to call this guy's family. /cow/ isn't your personal army, get fucked.

NOBODY needs to call JEWS' family, dipshit. All efnet wanted was for everyone to know who's behind JEWS and that's already accomplished. Our work is done here. Cheers! :)
Trannies from boomer discord. At least put some effort into it next time you want /cow/ to harass your irl bullies.
This is why I keep thinking newfags ruin everything.

NYPA used to mean something but now, it seems weenery is back in full force.

Even if the doxx were to be legit, you fucking clowns made jackasses of yourselves bigger than JEWS's nose.

I'd scream JULAY at you but I doubt you even know what it means.
Open file (69.64 KB 766x681 3eb.jpg)
pic related
pic related
the absolute state of this shitty board, I've seen cuckchan threads more bearable than what gets posted here these days
Open file (193.51 KB 1200x1057 gender_star.jpg)
hello collectivist

how does this make you feel?
>ywn a PartyWorld 4chan Man™ costume
why even?
Open file (86.92 KB 350x198 519651651685469.gif)
Open file (44.36 KB 400x400 gaytor.jpg)
>faithfully styled
Real oldfags use velcro.
>these passive aggressive watermarks in the corners
>Post "dox"
>get asked where the evidence is
>who? no answer
This is a shitty LARP.
Go back, then.
Open file (728.38 KB 642x856 1574145806858.png)
stay mad lol, how's those feefees doin
JEWS's KFC dad is certainly cute but his half negro sister.. mmmm i'd tap that ass
>jews still hasn't responded
>a whole load of angry asskissers of his losing their shit
lmao, me thinks this is legit
>implying anons care about JEWS
They're just asking for evidence. Feel free to give some.
>m-muh evidence
I don't see anyone asking for muh proofs anywhere else, but the moment someone talks about the hotpockets, oh boy, now a citation is required!

you're no better than the cult that formed around mark
Open file (105.40 KB 1280x720 mark.jpg)
>I don't see anyone asking for muh proofs anywhere else
[Citation Needed]
Mark is verifiably Mark.
Open file (60.21 KB 1617x492 EFCOWG7WsAAfhgV.jpeg)
this is so obviously JEWS lol

I wouldn't put it passed himself to larp as at least two people trying to save his reputation here, either - and i'll be called some kind of ridiculous something for pic related tier shit obviously happening here

cest la vie
Open file (7.52 MB 1280x720 JEWSproof.webm)
Here is the proof.
Maybe bickers proof is being posted in those threads before anyone has to ask.
Open file (164.72 KB 1080x1920 OCWE3FA.jpg)
>at least two people trying to save his reputation here
even more reason to believe its him lul

Mark isn't any prettier, just typical scrotum-tier ugly /cow/ mods
JEWS is a convicted pedophile from inner city Baltimore who is known for shipping in containers of 6 year old goy children to sacrifice to Moloch in the name of communism and Frederick Brennan.
If you want this message spread far and wide post I HAVE PROOF ITT
He also has information that can lead to the arrest of Jeffery Epstein.
Souce: Hillary Clinton.
I think it is probably him, there is a lack of proof so its shoddy work, but still I can def buy it. The thing is that there really isnt anything bad here. he looks sorta ugly, but i bet he is at worst, average among people who use /cow/. Like really, how many times is this guy gonna post the same goofy face?
Same thing I was thinking, especially after comparing the food pics he posted in #8chan with those in the dox. Nothing extraordinary other than to show he's your stereotypical ugly kike.. plus living in Yonkers makes sense since he went to that school in particular. Now one question remains.. who is uglier? Mark or Jonathan/JEWS?
He looks like Jewsh
It's hilarious that there are no attractive mods and they preside over dogshit, really makes you think
Open file (2.83 MB 320x240 nigger_nogger.gif)
I have a theory that says people who mod /cow/ for free are the most afraid of being featured
>literally stating "it's bullshit but I believe it"
I wonder what else I can get fags to believe by telling plausible lies.
>"afraid" to be on /cow/
Have you seen this fucking userbase? The only threatening thing about half the people who post here is the idea of getting trapped into a prolonged conversation with one of them.
killed himself yet? jonathan has the face only a mother could love lul
bump for gassing the JEWS
Open file (111.00 KB 638x656 censorship_jesus.jpg)
My god, that aryan nose

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