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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
>>32429 PPP is a Godwinson puppet.
>>32431 Surfer is the real mastermind controlling PPP, who influences Godwinson with his captivating physique
>>32428 A soliloquy so strong.
>>32428 That post is distilled cringe.
Well lol, the last time the gauntlet was thrown jcaesar187's, Andy's, Heel Turn's and Tonka's careers got nuked from orbit by a small but elite crew of anons. It was a veritable bloodbath. Knee-slapping family friendly fun. Prime time stuff. And at the end of it JF was still on Youtube doing his comfy high-IQ show and some of the others were not. Andy almost did an hero. jcaesar187 almost drank himself to death. Vee got exposed as a Vee. They were only allowed to reenter polite society bickers certain people got bored with mentally torturing them. Got bored with surgically operating on their fragile psyches with next level trolling. I watched it unfold on the chans and it was quite glorious. jcaesar187 was yelling at board IDs live on stream. Heel Turn was crying on air. Andy... well... Andy Andy... poor little Andy... "Warpath", lmao. Oh Andy... Andy Andy... poor AIDS infected Andy... Lets face it, kids. Groypers/neo-thedonald don't have what it takes. They're not capable. They're not bright enough. They are not, what JF described as, "men of the internet". No, they're larpers abiding by the words of a mehican cat boi who tells them to dox themselves and "trust the plan". They think dropping a dislike or a mean comment in the chat is the pinnacle of trolling. At best they can make a nasty little thread on /pol/, which is literally so irrelevant these days that no real anon goes there except to manipulate dorks into unwittingly doing their bidding. They simply have no idea. They don't even know the depths of true autism. They wouldn't even know where to look for it even if they did! They think it can be found on 4chan among the assortment of blacked threads and more blacked threads. They repeat memes, they don't create the memes. They are downstream from relevancy... They could, however, trigger the attention of the grumpy old ones again, who for some reason seem particularly keen on JF's brand of autism. And you don't really wanna be on the wrong side of the old ones in this crazy biz we call the internets. I have a feeling that this time around there will be no do overs bickers you don't really wanna have the old ones send you a message twice. So the smart money is on JF and his following of sociopathic oldf*g trolls. High-IQ watchers knows the score. Don't @ me, Groyptards!
>>32428 >jcaesar187 was yelling at board IDs live on stream holy shit is that a 40008c reference?
Open file (163.95 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>>32417 >Nick was sexually abused I don't know about you guys but Coach is talking a lot of sense
>>32406 He was on the healstream, singling along with everyone else. There was also a clip on Shannon's soundboard for a long time of JF saying "The Ralp.h Retort" with echoes
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 gator2.gif)
>>32437 Coach works for Godwinson. Don't trust these people.
Open file (697.91 KB 538x786 oops.png)
>>32427 >something that happened 2 months ago, a pivotal point >naming The Three Biggest Adversaries to this show about a gay man and the gay fanbase <"one other category which i forget" OOPS
>>32440 I didn't say I trust Coach, I said his hypothesis Nick was sexually abused makes a lot of sense, it explains his erratic and strange behavoir, I think Coach hit the nail on the head perfectly, Nick was raped as a child and he enjoyed it, which is now why he larps as a straight catholic good boy, bickers he fears his homosexuality and it conveniently gives him an excuse for not being interested in women
Open file (180.03 KB 406x387 wtf_man.png)
>>32427 Nick is basically Zoomer Gavin McInness. Gay, delusionally thinks he's cool, can't take insults, has to stream on his own website (probably with a pay wall), did I mention gay? >>32444 Гунт is really overselling and overacting all this sucking up to spic. How badly does he need to poach all the zoomer neet catbois?
>>32428 not bad, i'd agree with about 90% of what this autist said. Creatures like Гунт were "allowed to enter polite society again" not only bickers what he thinks old fags <insert gaytorface here> got bored with it, but also bickers ecelebs and zlebs like donka coglet tardski and Гунт created a literal hugboxes banning their discord a-logs or a-logs in their streams, hence same paypigs and "goldstar callers" every night. Also i wouldn't assume "grumpy old ones" are particularly keen on JF's brand of autism either. You see a shitshow, see retards screaming and getting mad you choose a retard you dislike more and go from there, in this case its Гунт and his possy of anus lickers (gaytor, flamenco, his whole discord of gaggling faggots) that has the best value of getting the entertainment of getting mad and being made fun of. Other than that its pretty spot on.
Open file (811.76 KB 612x816 guntermensch.png)
>>32445 He's desperate asf for a money source.
>>32445 Who would win: 15 tradcath catbois on HRT or the Гунт retort crew?
>>32428 I fucking hate lurking normalfags
>>32445 Pretty badly, his show had been getting more views than usual recently bickers of Spic’s groyper gang. If they leave his show will be even more dead
>>32427 I thought Info Wars was part of Con Inc?
>>32451 "Conservative inc" is just a gayer way of saying "neocons".
>>32442 Another thing to add is that it isn't prohibited for him to court a girl from his church. >>32452 Alex Jones cucks on the JQ along with Owen.
Open file (195.93 KB 648x527 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (98.25 KB 800x1011 Nick Fuentes.jpg)
>>32427 The Spic fears the potato farmer.
>>32447 >>32450 The desperate pandering to the Zoomer demo from 30something year olds has been very much ramped up in a exponentially disgusting way. It's impossible to ignore, everyone has taken a page out of Baked Alaska's book. Someone like Paul Joseph Watson is a good example, using current lingo (that always is replaced in 7 weeks) and also splicing in Spic reactions into his videos every 10 seconds. Sam Hyde too. Гунт is just doing it in his own lazy-ass redneck alcoholic way. It seems stupid to think that this set of things is a permanent fixture of what the Zoomers will be interested in forever. An apt sword-shaped dildo for ecelebs to fuck themselves with. >>32448 It makes sense to put cats and bears together.
>>32453 Yeah, it's just that calling him the mainstream of republican party is a hell of a stretch.
>>32457 Homesexual non-whites are mainstream in the GOP since Trump.
>>32452 No one gives a shit about "conservative inc" besides zomos that obsessively watch Spic's show and think his personal catfights with other e-celebs is "politics." >>32453 A large element of Catholicism, especially how it has manifested in colonial America, is guilt, especially if you were raised into Catholicism, or actually are a Catholic. Spic and his catbois are constantly proud of Catholicism, shouting it from the rooftops and waving their crucifix emojis around like it's a gay pride parade. This doesn't make any sense to Catholics whose behavior isn't like this i.e. not Catholic at all, and just general internet zoomerisms. It's obvious larping, and odd choice as well, so I would also guess that Spic was completely scrambled by his raper.
>>32458 I was reffering to Alex Jonestein, and how he isn't really what Nick the Spic calls "con inc".
>>32460 Okay fair enough.
>>32455 cute
>>32435 it's true you know
selim (islamofascist) vs. dio happens in 45 min on Гунтstream
>>32465 Was it moved up? Dio has his livestream event set for in 2 and a half hours.
>>32466 I'm retarded.
Open file (1.51 MB 250x250 15956728494.gif)
>>32404 >>32405 In spoiler text I literally stated how to bypass the filter just recently. Only true mongolians know about Гунт lore.
I saw PPP's butthole. It was gross.
>>32435 As absolutely inbred ear as this is, it'll drive fuckers like Гунт and Andy nuts.
>>32435 You can't beat these manlet optics REEEEEEEEEEE
>>32479 Spics thumb has been massaging so many sphincters that it has become crippled and deformed.
Open file (40.66 KB 107x151 brave_lPhqNTLfkO.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 mega-faggot.gif)
>>32481 >>32479 Newfag can't fistfuck properly.
>>32479 >>32481 will fuentes ever address the thumb question?
Open file (560.79 KB 2048x2048 fuentes milo.jpg)
>>32481 his thumbs are weird as fuck. check it out.
Open file (240.41 KB 541x960 k measures manlet.jpg)
Open file (427.67 KB 2016x1512 patrick casey manlet.jpg)
Open file (53.95 KB 960x640 spic manlet.jpg)
Open file (428.92 KB 497x617 hubris cerno manlet.png)
>>32479 damn patrick casey is short. in fact they're all short. admittance requirement?
Open file (240.41 KB 541x960 k measures manlet.jpg)
Open file (427.67 KB 2016x1512 patrick casey manlet.jpg)
Open file (53.95 KB 960x640 spic manlet.jpg)
Open file (428.92 KB 497x617 hubris cerno manlet.png)
>>32479 damn patrick casey is short. in fact they're all short. admittance requirement?
Open file (240.41 KB 541x960 k measures manlet.jpg)
Open file (427.67 KB 2016x1512 patrick casey manlet.jpg)
Open file (53.95 KB 960x640 spic manlet.jpg)
Open file (428.92 KB 497x617 hubris cerno manlet.png)
>>32479 damn patrick casey is short. in fact they're all short. admittance requirement?
Open file (44.83 KB 346x460 wew lad.jpg)
Open file (43.62 KB 591x390 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.27 MB 640x360 small_people.mp4)
>>32487 HMU LOL
>>32327 Speaking of CRP, did he ever say anything about Nick being gay before the gay date stream? He's usually really good at detecting closeted homosexuals. >>32481 Nick's thumbs are like that bickers he's probably a reptilian. His association with the Cat People is most likely the reason his channel was deleted by the higher ranking reptilians at Youtube. Reptilians and Cat People hate each other like Greeks and Turks. Either that or he tried to reproduce asexually, which his highly frowned upon in reptilian society.
THE DIOGENES VS ISLAMOFASCIST DEBATE IS FUCKING FINALLY GOING LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5167bpXL1E also on the Гунтstream
Open file (455.79 KB 756x422 soyrony_JF.png)
>>32490 >cool guy
Hey cowboys, I haven't come here in like 4 days anything interesting happened? >>31635 kys unfunny godwinsonfag
Open file (1.68 MB 480x354 what.gif)
God, no wonder godwinson is a redditor, he's so fucking unfunny
>>32425 QuarterPounder lowers the entire internet’s testosterone level too >>32427 Based jcaesar187 nyannyan poster >>32420 >the gipsy is slimmer and has grown a beard to hide his fat Cursed image >>32416 >>32353 >>32329 Don't post frogfaggotry or pro-Coach Boomer Pill memes, not even ironically >>32328 >coach boomer pill is a cucked bugman who fucked a single mother Damn, is this old? I just found out about this. But I'm not surprised, I always knew that tough guy facade was absolute bullshit
Open file (583.12 KB 498x373 1224354578.gif)
Open file (271.07 KB 900x1800 pepegaytor.png)
>>32499 >Don't post frogfaggotry
Open file (988.81 KB 1152x720 kino_laugh.mp4)
>>32499 >coach posting ironic I see you didn't invest in CoachCoin.
>>32491 >His association with the Cat People is most likely the reason his channel was deleted by the higher ranking reptilians at Youtube I think Nick might be one of the Cat People in fact of course, which is why he's been trying to court Lolisocks, who is himself not one of the shape-shifting werecats. He's just a homosexual human who LARPs as one with the whole furry thing, and so it's a socially acceptable way for Nick to engage in Cat People behavior out in public while no one will be the wiser about his true nature and real shape-shifting werecat form. TLDR: Nick is a demonic entity and needs to be purged from this Earth and back into the darkness
>>32485 4th pic looks like he takes dick
Open file (14.14 KB 247x316 really.JPG)
Open file (93.37 KB 500x447 1462408667548.gif)
Open file (4.90 KB 300x168 download.jpg)
>>32510 >>32507 >uwu's in sadness
Open file (381.86 KB 1000x667 Beach.jpg)
Open file (581.60 KB 667x1000 IMG_2647.jpg)
>>32512 DYEL I bet this faggot takes large cocks in his ginger boi pussy.
>>32514 but does he like it?
Open file (1.35 MB 540x960 IMG_3995.webm)
>>32507 >>32510 what in the actual fuck is wrong with you, lad? I've not been here in a long time and not been able to post thots or a nyan but still you are a worse coomer than I am.
Open file (10.29 KB 240x240 autism.jpg)
>>32519 >uwu's in righteous indignation
>>32519 >posting a man in a dress instead of yellow female flesh
Open file (6.25 MB 854x480 hapa.mp4)
>>32522 No bully
Open file (75.31 KB 1172x353 Discord_UGUfhUe0UH.png)
Open file (31.23 KB 241x590 brave_E2EdGZLUwl.png)
here are the caps from that geostationary antipenis sperg that was a mod for kraut
Open file (557.15 KB 754x1080 nyanRalph2d_fat_lewd.png)
Open file (2.88 MB 720x1280 kpop slut.webm)
>>32521 depends on the gook of course in fact fam
Open file (15.35 MB 1280x720 animu of the month.webm)
>>32524 >anime fans are usually on the fringes of society This isn't 2003 every ho who works at the food court loves My Hero Academia.
Open file (22.21 KB 590x366 GYM.png)
Open file (375.65 KB 400x600 paypiggie.gif)
>the sperg is back Oh no.
Warski was asking for forgiveness on killstream. He said he doesn't remember anything and he doesn't even recognize what kind of person he was. So please forgive him guys. But he still sticks to the Alex hacking him being true. So not only has he not changed at all but I am sure his next meltdown is inevitable. He will just slowly inch his way back into the spotlight and self-immolate once more.
>>32531 >dispatch hacked me! >chungus hacked me! >actually it was alex who hacked me! reminder that he gave confirmed pedophile corey barnhill access to his account about a month or so before his stream was hijacked
Open file (301.22 KB 640x640 andy-leak2.jpg)
Open file (303.03 KB 900x474 andy-rip.jpg)
Open file (226.05 KB 500x525 andy-burning-dislikes.jpg)
Open file (120.97 KB 400x456 andy-cryface.jpg)
>>32531 >forgive tardski sure, just eat that lead pill and it's forgiven
Open file (464.42 KB 640x352 godwinson bitch.webm)
>>32531 This thread only turned against him bickers it stopped being funny. I doubt anyone here cares about his moral shortcomings but if he's playing to the Гунт audience they'll probably swallow that. Me personally, if he did a mukbang with a fat girl he met I'd immediately swing back to team warski.
Open file (36.43 KB 895x706 zzzzzzz.jpg)
any other archives for this cancer shitshow?
Open file (1.27 MB 900x2696 tenshi.jpg)
>>32524 The guy who said he deals in reality.
>>32531 I reckon that all it will take to bring him back into the limelight would be someone attacking his character. He needs to be provoked in order to bring back his vengeful side.
Open file (16.24 KB 432x77 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32543 >fun we know the fun nick likes to have
>>32544 Do you have the template for that?
Open file (1.44 MB 1863x919 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32546 Thank you a-log.
Open file (685.76 KB 1523x1200 mel-valentines-tribute.jpg)
Open file (1.79 MB 3024x4032 mel-tribute.jpg)
Open file (1.33 MB 684x1632 cummy-mel.jpg)
Open file (411.98 KB 792x745 mel-vacation-photo.jpg)
Open file (288.17 KB 688x560 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (12.61 KB 400x296 I guarantee it.jpg)
>>32540 I am sure weasel-log has it. Now this may sound like an antiethical spike coming from an ascended perspective like me, but I hope he uploads it so that it can be mined for soundboard clips.
>>32521 >>32522 Is this the Chinese equivalent of Fiver?
Open file (3.64 MB 992x870 dance_with_me.webm)
>>32550 I still feel that feel of euphoric atheism with this and he should've posted slavthots or thots in general.
>>32552 i had to stop listening to the stream bickers i could feel my brain cells disintegrating >antiethical spike coming from an ascended perspective fucking kek can't wait for the upload webm unrelated
>>32531 i thought the onl cocks he was doing from now on was gay comedy "docs" and gay video game "docs"? Lol fucking retard cant last a week and ou know he wants in on this JF drama
Open file (332.52 KB 937x819 RalphaThot.jpeg)
Open file (225.84 KB 1118x2048 syrianthot.jfif)
>>32556 He's definitely aching to get in on the JF drama, even though he's sworn to "j-j-just c-chill with my v-v-vidya". Not even so much bickers of the whole JF/Nick situation, but bickers his retarded low IQ attention span is already depleted after two or three of his "mini documentaries". It's so funny to see this happening time and time again. He can't do shit on his own, without somebody else there to do the lion's share of the work for him.
Open file (85.41 KB 776x723 1546360172729.png)
>>32519 >I've not been here in a long time Do you have adhd?
Open file (12.98 MB 640x360 AndyAMV.mp4)
>>32538 I miss Andy from the earlier seasons, he was better written, he really got flanderised later on
Open file (344.66 KB 1118x2048 syrianJcaesar187.jpg)
Open file (308.40 KB 640x360 faggot.mp4)
>>32563 𝕬𝖇𝖘𝖔𝖑𝖚𝖙𝖊 𝕶𝖚𝖓𝖘𝖙
Open file (3.33 MB 1280x720 andy hard knock life.mp4)
>>32465 >islamofascist That term got made up by the counter jihad movement which is entirely a jewish operation.
>>32568 This.
>>32529 Holy shit he is Гунт-tier. Ah yes, I was just thinking that I needed more internet faggots reading the news to me.
>>32560 he can't do a show, but he sure as fuck can rip off other channels' formats and even entire videos KHANTENT wise and do crappy "mini-documentaries"
Open file (25.08 KB 593x141 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (49.98 KB 171x200 acidrobi.png)
Surprised this flew under the radar. Go for it, Kraut.
Open file (183.24 KB 936x1169 comebreedmearyanboy.jpg)
Rerun of the previous night's BYB special featuring avowed Krautist and double meta geostationary tranny enthusiast and amateur BDSM gimp Serifu https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (105.95 KB 553x664 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (498.18 KB 365x400 soy3.gif)
>>32860 GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?! GYM?!
>>32574 >a complete moron filming himself playing with fire What could go wrong?
>>32503 I shorted coachcoin my dude, that shit is even more dead than tongacoin
Open file (68.51 KB 1280x720 hey_chat.jpg)
astrochan is dead G​AMERGATE, deader than your dick
>>32860 >45 minutes of talking about chinks dying >90 minutes of reading supershekels Remember to subscribe to whatever donation site Gem is on these days.
>>32560 Pedothulu isn't even grooming him right, is there anything Jeremy Montgomery, the tranny kid lover, can do right?
Watching a Mister Metalcore's stream is worse than staring at the TV during prime hours. I legitimately think this shit is killing some of my neurons
>>32873 Jeremy nooooo
Open file (165.90 KB 1013x1044 booty bounce jim.gif)
>>32875 Better to only give him half your pocket money to show your discocks then.
>>32875 The chat is always reaching deeper levels of paypiggotry.
>>32871 >45 minutes of talking about chinks dying That's quality entertainment right there.
Open file (10.78 KB 469x100 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.38 KB 740x123 ClipboardImage.png)
Serifus is so wise.
Open file (109.53 KB 473x308 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32880 I think he needs to debate Koisheep.
>>>/b/1876 God warned us about the coronavirus.
Open file (22.17 KB 1169x159 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.79 KB 624x61 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (10.68 KB 705x62 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.82 KB 1176x88 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (10.06 KB 646x78 ClipboardImage.png)
He hates himself, blacks out and he browses e621, the foremost furry porn site. He talks about having neetbux but he swears up and down that he's just out of a 30 dollar an hour machine operator job. He promises that he does drugs but doesn't know how to spell psilocybin.
>>32877 >you are paypig I have trips in my id, your argument is invalid
>>32884 BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open file (10.04 KB 608x76 ClipboardImage.png)
He wears skirts.
Open file (37.16 KB 562x518 1581225935728.jpg)
>>32886 i knew he was a massive pussy
>>32883 throws spanner uwu
Open file (11.25 KB 668x75 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.33 MB 667x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
He has PTSD, so you shouldn't be making fun of him.
Jim slipped up with that bunker question. There's a pretty good chance Jade is no longer with him.
>>32889 Who is this faggot anyway?
>>32889 we need some Kraut insight about this fellow
>>32890 have she ever been with him?
>>32891 Serifus, one of Kraut's capos who was sent into BYB last night to challenge and humiliate the evil nahzee scum there. The replay is on the Гунтstream right now.
>>32891 The kraut mod who was on the show being a complete drunk retard yesterday it's being played rn on the Гунтstream, mega archive in the thread He lost his shit afterwards claiming he was doxed bickers people posted 2 pics of him he uploaded to the kraut server. Hilariously enough, he revealed much more personal information on stream then those pics, he's 35, some kind of machine operator who just got fired bickers his factory closed, recently divorced after a relationship of 12 years and lives in Canada.
>>32893 Well he did finger her on stream during GG.
>>32896 I think that thing about having been a machine operator is pure bullshit. He doesn't mention anything about having had a job ever in Kraut's server, but he does make mention of having been on neetbux for a good while. He also said on the stream that he was due to go to work tomorrow, and then changed the story later to having been recently unemployed. He also never said he was divorced, he had a girlfriend for a while and she broke up with him, the reason he was raging against divorce was bickers his father got divorced by his mother. He talks about that in Kraut's server. Apparently, his father had his driving license revoked for getting 3 DUIs so his mother divorced him bickers she didn't want to take him on his 1.5 hour commute every day with the son in the back of the car.
Open file (9.83 MB 1280x720 jade.mp4)
>>32897 realy? are you sure it was her?
>>32899 go le fuck yourself
>>32901 (1) and rude shameful, Jim
Open file (60.20 KB 218x221 ClipboardImage.png)
>one of Warski's most recent videos has hit 45k views Is it happening lads? Is the retarded phoenix rising from the ashes once again?
>>32895 >>32896 >kraut capo Makes sense, he does come across as a homosexual fedora-tipper. >he's 35 What the fuck. Haven't watched the stream, but if I were to judge by the dicksword screencaps I'd have thought he was a teenager.
>>32903 >Is the retarded phoenix rising from the ashes once again? lol fuck no.
>>32883 who teh fuck is this dude, is he some ACADEMIC or something like that?
>>32906 Former Kraut moderator. He was on the Гунтstream last night arguing with Dio, Гунтopia and a few others. He was brought in as a replacement for the Islamofascist whose audio quality was so low he couldn't be understood 90% of the time.
>Jim stream is just Jim ranting about a-logs calling him a happooner for the constant wuhan streams and tweets AAAUGGHH U A-LOGS SEE? IT DIDN'T FADE FROM THE NEWS JUST YET IT WASN'T A NOTHINGBURGER, GABERINO WINS AGAIN WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! Yeah I also remember Ashley Madison FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!ing all the celebrities and Equifax fucking over half the country and the weird ass fungus that grows on your eyeballs spreading rapidly and infecting us all, oh wait fucking none of those happened.
Open file (87.33 KB 794x431 2020-02-16_21-54-21.jpg)
http://archive.is/g3k5D Of Cynical Libertarians and Free Speech Warriors™
>>32909 >Consistently supporting other people’s free speech is no different than refusing to execute gay people by throwing them off buildings, it’s not something to be celebrated, it’s doing the bare fucking minimum! You don't stand with Nick? What are you, homophobic?
>>32910 >Consistently supporting other people’s free speech Complete freedom is impossible. My freedom to kill you conflicts with your freedom to live. Your freedom to silence me conflicts with my freedom to speak. In an ideal world, 8chan would have an infinite capacity and no threads would ever die, meaning it would be impossible to slide a board out of existence. Also, it would be easy to find threads that interest you (like with a filter in addition to the catalog search). But that's not the way it is. The boards can only hold so many threads at once. In this sense, freedom of expression on any given board has a hard limit and as far as the top-level of threads go, speech is a zero-sum game. You claim to care about freedom of speech, but you're actively hogging a huge portion of the space here by shitposting. Since we can't have absolute free speech, we have to settle for something else. The second best thing we can do is asymptotically increase the amount of free speech toward the limit. Within the existing restrictions, a mathematically ideal board would be filled with threads that accrue posts and viewers equally, until they hit the post limit, and only then would new threads would appear. That's not ideal for a thriving community; I'm just providing it as a point of contrast to what has been happening. Instead of approaching that, we're almost at the opposite extreme right now. We can't have complete freedom, so if you care about it you should try for the next best thing: more than we currently have. Aha! That's exactly what you're after is it not? You're trying to make a statement. You're sacrificing some freedom now for more freedom later. But here's the problem with that. According to your own valuation of freedom, your actions only become justified if your opponents cave in to you, otherwise all you accomplished was to restrict freedom of speech. Your victory is not guaranteed. In fact it's so unlikely that you might as well write off the possibility entirely. Probabilistically the expected result here is no change in moderation, while you have wasted however much time people could have used to discuss the board topic. What you are doing is at complete odds with your stated goals. But hold on, it gets even worse than this. This is infinitechan. The site's gimmick is your ability to create your own boards. If you are displeased with how a board pursues free speech (or doesn't), you are free to make your own board. You are free to speak there instead. You are free to shill that board on the other boards. You are free to put your ideas into action and make a better board. You are free to force a board's hand by providing stiff competition in the marketplace of marketplaces of ideas. You can protest board moderation (and even create pressure for change) without infringing on anybody's ability to speak whatsoever. You can do all of this purely via creative action. But you don't. With the unfettered ability to create at your fingertips, you instead destroy. bickers deep down you fear that you don't have it in you to create anything, and you're jealous of the people who are unafraid. All you do is tear down other people. You invade existing spaces to shut down discussions bickers it's the only way you feel you can affect anything. But you're wrong. We all have the ability to create. You certainly have the energy. If you really are all bleeding heart about free speech, go create your own boards for whatever you want. It doesn't matter if they're shitty. They'll be yours. And if they're shitty, just keep posting cocks, and post better cocks than before. If you don't actually give a damn about free speech, drop the pretense. Nobody is buying it, except whatever people you've fooled into thinking it's a wise use of their time to help you. All you're actually doing is disrupting the site. Own your shit. Maybe someday you'll actually be good at fucking with people. Maybe try for something specific, like /sp/ and gets. Right now you're a tiresome annoyance that goes away very quickly.
Can we seriously stop the jcaesar187 hate and move onto focusing efforts in destroying JF? Hes the actual lolcow and is worth julaying.
>>32913 Hi jcaesar187
Open file (477.62 KB 963x960 MelanieRalph3.jpeg)
>>32913 >we >leave jcaesar187 alone >jf is the real lolcow no
>>32913 That's true, JF got people deplatformed for mocking him. jcaesar187 has never done anything like that.
Open file (1.66 MB 1920x1080 tfwyouwon.png)
>>32913 Гунтed and Xanaxpilled, my fellow Rаlphamale.
Open file (1.25 MB 1070x885 cow_gunting.gif)
>>32913 >destroying JF I mean, I would, but I don't really have a problem with the guy. Now, does that mean I co-sign everything the man says...?
Open file (94.36 KB 778x829 WINWORD_pr0UNLQ2ai.png)
KRAUT'S RETARDED CAPO AND DIO 3:00:00 he explains why he said uwu in a job interview and threw a wrench at someone he did not actually explain anything. 3:47:00 and 3:53:00 timestamps for his most powerful soliloquies, transcribed manually for your convenience in attached pic. https://www.bitchute.com/video/EqAvxDWCf0yk/
Open file (1.09 MB 450x289 julay-shower.gif)
>>32924 >that transcript
>>32924 what the fuck am I even reading
>>32930 An ascended perspective.
>>32930 Kraut's elite academic muscle and knowledge addict taking five minutes to enlighten the smol brain antithetical spike nazhees with his ascended perspective. uwu.
>>32550 very jewish for nick to pretend he was a goodboy who dindu nuffin https://www.bitchute.com/video/tSHcdr7CPYK6/
Open file (54.78 KB 1186x273 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32924 Your post in Kraut's discord got one of Kraut's chief mods to laugh at Serifus' retardation and another guy to reveal that his name is Eddie.
>>32903 no he just got on a melody hype train and algorithm and got lucky
Open file (42.01 KB 882x720 1578779793747.jpg)
>>32933 >knowledge addict holy shit you weren't kidding This audio is fucking amazing
Open file (186.21 KB 1908x1146 1556411603586.jpg)
Open file (1007.99 KB 245x188 Happy_Quark.gif)
>>32924 Amazin
at 2:00:30, when talking about the role of governments in breaking up monopolies: "So like, what am I gonna choose to power my house!? Edison Power with AC, or Tesla Power with DC?....and the answer is....that's not what we're talking about..." What? What the fuck is this G​AMERGATE talking about? What does that have to do with monopolies? We use AC for houses bickers AC is easier to transport over long distances, whereas DC can be stored in batteries.
>>32946 I got so mad I submitted before I even finished. AC is Tesla, not Edison. This retard is literally just spouting incorrect nonsense trivia. His entire socialization strategy is a gambit that no one will correct him if he just answers each question with "Well....That depends...." and then strings words with four or more syllables together.
Open file (209.00 KB 667x1000 Serifus_uwu.jpg)
>>32924 I doubt he'll ever manage to get hired at a mcdonald's drive thru and that's a job even retardski is qualified for.
>>32950 >uwu please go back to reddit
what the fuck kinda beer is this faggot drinking that he's incomprehensible after 3 drinks? Is he just pouring a 12% Belgian Quad down his asshole? Is this the power of ascended centrism? >>32951 Believe it or not, this kind of evasive word salad really impresses average people. It's actually pretty easy to even get into positions of authority at wagie workplaces if you just act thoughtful when responding to questions, and pepper in irrelevant factoids on occasion.
>>32952 Reddit is the antithetical spike to my ascended perspective. I bet you're not even a learning addict.
Open file (2.60 MB 260x291 1446596329507.gif)
>>32954 >Reddit is the antithetical spike to my ascended perspective Goddamn, you are so pretentious.
>>32955 Is your biology even geostationarily personal? Everything I say is tested for and is based on reality.
>>32956 Are you a knowledge addict?
>>32957 My alliegance is to my own survival, so yes. Are you willing to give me five minutes to explain?
>>32958 Hold on hold on hold on hold on uwu?
>>32959 Can you be banned for interrupting my five minutes?
>>32955 This response reflects the often untested hypergamic antipenis which is exported by the geopoliitcal rich jews through their branching spheres of influence in amazon.
>>32961 you are trying too hard
>>32960 That depends on...
...what do you mean by five minutes?
>>32962 What are you, some sort of rich jew in politics? I bet you followed the branches of the Frankfurt school and now believe that women have free will. Well, they don't. They're slaves to the social pressures of other women. Hah, I have beaten you with my intellectualism. Clearly. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. >>32964 What do I mean by five minutes? Well, that depends on who you're asking.
>>32965 Hold on hold on hold on, that depends on what you mean by depends.
>>32966 So, okay, I get this. Perfect, so you take one look at this, and by this I mean reality and you look at reality and you understand. Look at the mannerism and interactions of that specifically and you start to discover that those interactions are acceptable, perceptible and becoming more accessible from other aspects bickers once you understand that.
>>32903 > Is the retarded phoenix rising from the ashes once again? He went back to being a septic.If he just kept making his bland septic videos he would have been like Blaire White or Sargon with a loyal base of retarded paypigs.
Open file (605.04 KB 666x1000 ascended perspective.mp4)
Open file (489.26 KB 500x290 489826523.gif)
I don't know why Kraut's server is giving Serifus shit. It's not like they could do any better.
>>32972 Гунт stream vs krauts servers biggest brains make it happen
>>32972 >>32973 I want Chaotic Traveler (furry faggot mixed race sub-human) to debate someone, anyone.
Open file (71.13 KB 1103x613 brave_AArIh46Fo6.png)
Open file (31.28 KB 855x282 brave_f8PmnRPLcn.png)
>>32974 holy shit these fucking furry servers are pool party tier with their vetting. Just one cap on this one, the other, turns out, automatically shoahs you after 10min if you don't use a real dicksword account
Open file (107.80 KB 952x1024 1580930277020.jpg)
Open file (2.39 MB 576x1024 6764168653756812550.mp4)
man, I am so fucking high on my ADHD medication right now. Why in the fuck does Vyvanse have to be so long acting and feel so good when taking 200mg just for the euphoric feel?
>>32979 >the one that isn't the nyancaesar sperg wasn't the actual sperg imagine my cawk
Open file (632.48 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32979 Imagine not doing coke or meth instead. LMFAO, shit was so cash
>>32979 >still not high enough to not post men in dresses Very unfortunate
>>32979 >Vyvanse That made me feel soulless and dull, but I have ADD so I guess it's supposed to do that.
>>32984 enough of it makes you euphoric as fuck but can also get that soulless and dull feel. I usually get a weird mix of both, and I don't usually take my adhd medication so when I first take em I abuse them, before I was on something called desoxyn but was so fucking euphoric that it was overwhelming and was really fucking horny, also I got 2 seizure so they stopped since they meant it was too dangerous. So I started to get adderal and vyvanse, I am supposed to take 100mg of vyvanse and 60mg of adderal each day.
>>32984 >I have autism please laugh at me Seems like cow was the real lolcow afterall
>>32985 >really fucking horny Yeah, that happens too if there's no task to focus on. But what you're doing sounds really unhealthy. >100mg of vyvanse and 60mg of adderal each day Jesus, man. If you don't need it to get on with life, don't take it. I got off vyvanse years ago bickers I stopped needing the medication.
>>32427 >I don't think JF flagged me Not a good look for Jcaesar. >>32429 >PPP or even Corey They are both bitches. >>32428 >>32435 >jcaesar187 was yelling at board IDs live on stream >Groypers=neo-thedonald This soliloquy was gay as fuck, but these points need to be spread further >>32454 >spicolas got fucked on valentine's day Nice. >>32551 Jay-eff might be short and fat, and with a retarded fiancé; but compared to jcaesar being short, fat, jewish, with hanging flesh, and with a non-smart fiancé (that is only using him for the green card), Jay-eff barely wins in the end. >>32909 Jcaesar is way more angry about the Fuentes ban than Fuentes himself, sad!
Open file (811.89 KB 888x888 f876166a34d75581.png)
Open file (570.50 KB 750x789 60bfad256426439a.png)
Open file (79.32 KB 718x960 a12bafdae520c532.jpeg)
Open file (42.31 KB 700x366 EP69P4WWsAMCxFg.jpeg)
>>32975 Invite to the Trap Palace please!
>>32987 It was with Desoxyn I got really horny when I took it. The doctors says I have a severe case of adhd so they test me each month so that I take the medication and threatens to take my drivings license if don't take the vyvanse and adderal at the same time. So I take it just when I'm going to the doctor for the urine test.
>>32989 take this reddit shit some where else u fucking faggot
Open file (3.53 KB 124x125 1573014010674s.jpg)
>>32978 >her side profile fucking kek
>>32989 >both the victims and the abusive cops are G​AMERGATEs Makes sense, of course in fact >>32991 It's the commie-catposting leftist kiwifarmer that has been annoying us for the last couple of week
It's a pity he's already >undermined the word grooming >made fun of a woman's rape >claimed women that don't laugh about their rape are weak >claimed sexual abuse status as a gotcha on public television
>>32989 >that last pic laffin'
Open file (2.53 MB 576x1024 6786663613525478662.mp4)
>>32990 >so they test me each month so that I take the medication and threatens to take my drivings license if don't Don't they only do that to criminals
Open file (288.46 KB 422x680 Nazi_nyanRalph.png)
>>32979 >high on ADHD medication yikes, explains alot in fact of course.
the lole thread, a case study into the mind of a true gympiggie https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/244156125
>>33003 >Jim has been active on this dumpster fire of a board since all the zoomers currently shitting up the threads were wearing diapers. He's a true oldfag who's still doing the same shit he's been doing for years - laughing at dumb shit on the internet. Only difference is now redditor normies donate their NEETbux to him for doing it. All these anti-metokur zoom zooms can unironically fuck off. It's like they haven't watched anything since the healstream or bouldergate.
>>33006 All of that cuckchan shit is a quote. Failed to green text.
>you need to visit 4cuck to understand findom
Open file (43.59 KB 151x223 45668553656.png)
>>33006 >poser telling other posers that they are the real posers The internet in a nut shell
Open file (491.77 KB 750x1010 Jim_gunt.png)
>>33006 >Watch the streams through archive >Sometimes learn new info since this shit is on a day by day 'don't blink' development cycle >Don't donate money >Watch the super chat portion in case someone brings up an important point >Who fucking cares? He is a source of otherwise credible information and insight that ends up checking out, you're fucking dumb for not learning all you can about the virus. They enjoy listening to gym reading paypig chats, so i highly doubt it. They've been watching him for years and laugh with the same 5 jokes again and again.
Open file (244.82 KB 200x146 1.gif)
What was your favourite chapter of the whole IBS and retards screaming at each other on the internet?
>>33014 The bit where I laughed at them, newcunt.
>>33015 what bit would that be?
>>33016 The funny bits.
>>33006 >Gym's a true oldfag Jesus, fren. Gym was on cuckchan's IBS threads putting out feelers like "is x cringe, kids?", "how do you youngsters feel about y?", "should Gym do a video on z, guys?" Also saved Vee Also supported Donga Also was unironically a part of GaymerGayte Also Venti made him rage quit Also recycles stale memes long past their best before date Also regularly fucks some crazy attention whore chink who he promoted from house chink to girlchink Also was a part of a desperately embarrassing (not using "cringe" bickers Groypering zoomer-boomers ruined it) troll group that made Zoom's merry group of internet rejects seem somewhat hip. And he still clings on to the memories of being a grown ass man vetting teens and prepubescent children for the group in that prehistoric era, so much so that he still carries the name as a badge of honor rather than an eternal mark of shame Don't get it confused. Gym isn't as embarrassing as other e-celebs, but whatever amount of coolness that's attached to his name is due o the fact that everyone else are absolute retards, so Gym gets the "average looking girl hanging with ugly girls" boost
>>33012 well hello there chyyyaaat >10 packs a day cough and laugh soo uuuh how about these wuhan sniffles, huh? >more laugh through coughing aalright, let me pull these up and lets read some supahchats from gymfan69 - gym when will you be selling dildos so i can stop imagine sucking your dick and do it for realz >snickering, giggling, few coughs then loud laughter weeeell i don't know gymfan69 but i will keep that in mind
>>33019 He's become much more insufferable as of late. It seems the entire function of what he does now is for super chats and less about "having fun laughing at stupid shit on the internet." Everyone seems to have kicked their grift into overdrive, especially Gym.
Open file (26.21 KB 807x206 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33021 Looks like fantasy land is over.
Open file (149.02 KB 350x563 mel-pathetic.jpg)
>>33021 Veeh has been becoming a little strange lately. His discord has taken a sharp turn towards far right politics and he is weeks, possibly days, away from advocating for the extermination of all jews.
Open file (206.59 KB 566x402 sargon-byebye.png)
>>33025 >Veeh has been becoming a little strange lately. His discord has taken a sharp turn towards far right politics A girl he used to beta orbit, Daughter of Albion aka Sarah, has gone full ethnat so maybe it's something to do with her.
>>33022 Gym has been saying for the last couple years if he was "insert e-celeb here" he'd do weekly livestreams, set up a merch shop to julay as much money as possible, bickers Youtube won't let you be around for the 2020 elections
Open file (100.45 KB 1200x1600 158649548549.jpg)
Does anyone still have the video where Aydin Paladin sings some kind of song?
Open file (147.94 KB 700x1200 AydinRalph_Gunt.jpg)
>>33029 nope
>>33029 I haven't got the one you want but here is her singing a song to Turd McCringey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkZ7iiTkOaA
>>33031 that was awful
>>32952 UWU >>33029 >>33030 What a disgusting creature.
Open file (303.52 KB 1200x662 bitch lasagna.jpg)
>>33031 She really needs to consider suwuicide.
>>33033 >>33034 >>32950 >the furfags are loose If someone identifies as an animal we should be allowed to treat them as such
Open file (228.41 KB 459x347 16949585494.png)
Open file (321.78 KB 431x345 1531520803271.png)
Open file (440.70 KB 580x433 1532628558496.png)
>>33034 what makes you say that?
>>32902 that's a hot riceniggress, got any more my dude?
Open file (358.05 KB 593x762 Sargoy_gun4.png)
Open file (560.96 KB 1161x583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33038 >he doesn't more rights and lefts for the Invidual THE INDIVIDUAL IS NOT FALLING FOR YOUR DIRTY TRICKS COLLECTIVIST
Open file (560.96 KB 1161x583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33038 >he doesn't want more rights and lefts for the Individual ++THE INDIVIDUAL IS NOT FALLING FOR YOUR DIRTY TRICKS COLLECTIVIST++
>>33039 >>33040 >no u are the collectivist
Open file (200.51 KB 800x507 aydin-sex-tape.jpg)
>>33029 I know exactly the song you're thinking of
>>33029 Was it one of those vlog type videos or something? Kraut had something like that in his vid of her. https://archive.org/details/HimitsuSecretDogAydinChanKokoko
>>33046 I wish that pic wasn't fake, I really want to rape this Jewish attention whore. I need to understand the mentality of someone who has knowledge about psychology and is so fucking insane, hates us fags and yet faps to fucking ero-guro, perhaps sodomizing her ass would help.
>>33029 jewish bipolar eats pills like candy for depression no tits no ass looks like 10 year old boy with makeup hair on hands like a sailor skinny-fat did i mention she's a jewess?
Open file (257.40 KB 338x600 sargon_cat.png)
>>33051 You forgot alcoholic
>>33054 >>33051 and autopedophile fujoshi
Open file (1.26 MB 848x980 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (261.10 KB 512x512 ClipboardImage.png)
she has man hands and she's not even a tranny lol
>>33014 The porkchop stream, the UWU stream, the pillstream, Sargon introduces the idea of Gamergate 2 to the killstream, Shitrat's mom screaming at him to clean up his piss in front of his crush, AIM AIM AIM, and anytime Sargon was on tv.
>>33056 >not a tranny It would explain the infertility.
>>33057 The more I watch the pork chop stream the more it seems completely rehearsed. Godwinson is even guiding his "actors" through each set piece. It's funny, don't get me wrong, and it is an instant stream classic but it was definitely prewritten by Godwinson and PPP beforehand. Kayfabe 100%.
Open file (660.32 KB 667x813 brave_MOm93Dj4MI.png)
>>33059 how much godwanker paid to surfer for exposing his peepee?
>>33060 two fiddy >his dick's that small Time to become a tranny or die an incel. Were does Гунтwinson get his money? And nobility isn't a valid answer, he is inbred, but not inbred enough to be noble
>>33051 You forgot that she can't procreate
>female >can't procreate >can't rise children due to mental illness She is useless, any man who isn't a braindead masochistic cuck will just fuck a twink if he wants to coom rather than having her.
Open file (10.17 MB 1920x1080 GUNTED.webm)
Open file (3.94 MB 1920x1080 Andy Stream JF Won.webm)
>>33014 One of my favorite moments, it came out of nowhere. It has been a year since it happened. Anniversary of Andy's Best Non-IRL Stream shame there's no archive of it
>>33057 I'd add to that list white G​AMERGATEs stream, the jcaesar-on-warski domestic abuse stream, rogue randbot stream and the "are you autistic, flamingo?" stream.
Open file (73.11 KB 498x618 nick.jpg)
>>33063 >rather fuck a fag than a woman So, no ethots. Ever.
Open file (112.87 KB 640x360 ITS NOT TROOO.webm)
>>32977 i've seen some thots tagging daddy jim with thier corona cosplay hoping to get noticed
Open file (413.67 KB 1645x2048 andy_vr.jpg)
what is wrong with surfer? Is he genuinely tarded or is it an act?
Open file (53.94 KB 864x480 mpv-shot0059.jpg)
>>33069 >>33071 Thank you very much. Thank you
>>33072 Isn't he just a junkie?
>>33072 he sounds retarded but he is very good at math and he's snorted a variety of drugs
Open file (220.68 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
What has been Andy doing these days? Is he still alive or have AIDs finally got to him?
>>33077 Shitty popculture videos aimed at utter soyboys on a new channel. And he still hangs out with pedothulhu.
Open file (47.63 KB 640x800 nyan2.jpg)
>>33064 >>33065 >tribute overlay i was rude to weakloadanon lately ... i forgot how much he did for the cause ... nyan is not a man ... nyan is pure
Гунт is live
>>33079 Yes s(he) is
Open file (96.63 KB 497x664 El Paso gunt ride.jpg)
Open file (180.03 KB 406x387 FUCKIN ALOGS.png)
>>33061 He is a school teacher
>>33061 For a flaccid, it seems a reasonable size.
>#Killstream is now just gu.nt playing better, superior livestreams in full
Open file (158.77 KB 312x580 hand_slipped.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFi-ptU08Uo Mark Waid Finally Responds to Richard Meyer | Rekieta Law
>>33087 Can't abort the retort
Open file (776.90 KB 1280x1256 lewd_pony_nyanRalph_2d.png)
Гунт retort has been aborted but is living on life support
>>33065 >fagmenco shiling his stream.me in chat Pathetic. >"marang bad" asking for source on the porn clip jej
Open file (57.42 KB 782x626 anita_jerks_gamer.JPG)
>>33067 Not even the queen?
Open file (2.44 MB 550x309 zoe-anita.gif)
>>33096 >ywn have her scream obscenities while riding your cawk like a demoness
Open file (81.91 KB 800x600 cringe.jpg)
Open file (239.63 KB 531x480 goblino.png)
anyone know who draws this garbage?
>>33099 thanks.
Open file (278.76 KB 846x1410 345890718712.jpg)
Open file (2.69 MB 480x480 good_one.gif)
>>33096 >Anita is an ethot
Open file (337.85 KB 900x1201 day-of-the-rope.jpg)
Best timeline Anita
Open file (4.90 KB 300x168 sadcat.jpg)
>>33104 >somewhere in the multiverse there's an anita who radicalized young white male gamers and took over america >we got the worst universe
Open file (814.54 KB 2880x4320 cDeH3II.jpg)
>>33104 >One day we'll shut their dirty lying jewish mouths!
Open file (639.49 KB 670x573 22z8k5.png)
>>33107 i love our queen
>>33109 >our
Open file (1.50 MB 720x1280 Guess_who’s_back.webm)
>>32997 If you have severe ADHD they do that.
Open file (885.08 KB 640x360 jewish hit or miss.webm)
>>33114 this man is the only tiktok thot who deserves to exist
>>33115 um sweetie
that's cool just eat my upload you ni­gger stephen lynx
Open file (2.79 MB 720x1280 download.mp4)
Open file (75.25 KB 706x713 YES.jpg)
>>33118 The kid who sincerely thinks the most viable career paths are: >"Pro Fortnite" streamer >IRL streamer >"doing TikTok" >music (which is apparently easy to do with no experience bickers it "takes the same amount of time" as playing Fortnite)
Open file (16.67 KB 184x184 87687786786.jpg)
>>33114 Where did it all go so wrong, anons? 60 years ago we would have greeted his stupid mentally insane smile with a hailstorm of fists to his face. Leaving his lifeless body in a ditch somewhere, wig shoved up his bleeding bat-raped asshole, as we rode off in our pickup trucks with a bunch of blonde hotties that were equipped with actual vaginas. Fuck you, Nyan. When the apocalypse comes you'll be the first one I purge.
>>33121 >60 years ago we would have greeted his stupid mentally insane smile with a hailstorm of fists to his face >50 years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLPLsQbdt0
Open file (294.84 KB 400x568 silly.jpg)
>>33115 >man Ehm anon, "he" is female to male, just saying, sweatie
>>33118 Good to see he finally bought himself a shirt.
Open file (1.55 MB 174x240 a-logs btfo.webm)
>>33119 Who is that ++GAMERGATE++ in the middle?
>>32985 At this point you should just smoke meth like real men do. >>33127 jcaesar187 is looking like a mixture of Richard "LowT" Kyanka and Wings of Reeeeedemtion in that video, but isn't that video like old as fuck?
>>33129 is before he went to jail
Open file (15.06 MB 1280x720 3523.webm)
Based Roaming Millennial
>>33122 Imagine speaking in tongues on an epic coke binge and 14 years later being proven right on everything you said. Are you reading, Andy? Th-th-there is still hope.
Open file (1.50 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (324.75 KB 538x279 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33134 >LOOK THERE'S A NIGGER >A NIGGER Based Seinfeld sidekick, what an epic gamer moment.
Open file (5.39 MB 1280x720 butthole.webm)
>>33129 Why? I only take my medication whenever I am visiting my doctor anyway. So that was yesterday. >>33130 Never was in jail, I am retarded enough to understand to not let me get controlled by minor things I think will be fun. Like alcohol abuse since whenever I drink I get a little bit angry.
Open file (1.76 MB 552x250 nigger-ko.gif)
>>33122 Michael Richards probably refused to fuck kids to be allowed into the exclusive club and was set up by the (((Hollywoodites)))
>>33137 Michael Richards shit his pants and did nothing wrong.
Open file (2.65 MB 1280x720 Sargon N-Word Rant.mp4)
Open file (114.81 KB 634x726 1581179337951.jpg)
>>33137 Thats a HECK of a swing >>33136 That's freaky do you have some mega serious adhd or something? Forced to take meds with 0 patient agency lol.. Sounds like you live in fucking china or something.
Open file (19.61 KB 243x173 ClipboardImage.png)
GRIFT HARDER Poor Nicky needs all the exposure he can get for his DLive channel now that his JewTube is gone.
Open file (43.16 KB 427x203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33142 Bonus cocks: Nick is having panic attacks.
Open file (241.20 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (595.44 KB 609x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33143 Perhaps all that trash food his giving him the diabeetus or blood preassure issues, reason why he feels like fainting and has episodes of vertigo. I don't know if Nicker Fuentes has issues with his hormones or his insulin, bickers it's not common for people to eat as much fatty trash food as he does and not get fat.
>>33143 it's the AAAAAIIIIDDDSSSS from the aussie catboy ze mexican wheeeeel dyyye in ze sevenuh yearz
Open file (489.26 KB 500x290 489826523.gif)
>>33143 >verbosity leads to vertigo
Open file (136.83 KB 468x326 ClipboardImage.png)
<talking too much makes me feel ill Bullshit. Castro was able to speak for dozens of hours without getting tired I don't think that Spic Fuentes has social anxiety so the reason for his vertigo is his shitty diet, that, or sexually transmited coronavirus
>>33147 The stupidest part is that he is sitting at a desk talking. So according to him, sitting makes him dizzy.
Open file (647.20 KB 640x640 spic_fuentes_sister.png)
>>33142 I wonder if alogs can get Dick to call Spicolas a faggot >>33143 He got threatened by glowG​AMERGATEs for exposing himself as a coomer sodomite. Fedwinson was right when he said he'll eventually end up with a bullet into his skull.
What was the name of Cucked Alaska's whore? I'm wondering what ever happened to her.
>>33150 >What was the name of Cucked Alaska's whore? Sweet Erin?
>>33150 >>33151 Or Alison Birdie.
Open file (39.13 KB 496x437 1548281887189[1].jpg)
>>33152 she cheated on him or something? all i remember is that she was unstable as fuck
>>33153 And now Andy has his retarded eyes on her, not realizing that Sargon beat him to the punch.
>>33142 >dick show god damnit nowi gotta hear this faggot
Open file (65.05 KB 1280x720 phil.jpg)
Catching up with St. Phil. Someone paypigged last night and told him about a-logs and what they are, he took an almost immediate liking to the term and started saying it multiple times to get it rooted in his vocabulary. Detractors beware!
>>33144 >I don't know if Nicker Fuentes has issues with his hormones or his insulin, bickers it's not common for people to eat as much fatty trash food as he does and not get fat. He's a growing boy
Open file (568.49 KB 220x307 dsp.gif)
Open file (279.86 KB 566x607 FUCK YOUR LOGBOOK.jpg)
>>33141 Yes, I have serious/severe symptoms when it comes to my adhd. So, my doctors wonder how I can concentrate when reading or watching a film since I can get distracted by minor things like the wind blowing and just sit and listen to that when I get overly distracted or bored, even start daydreaming when getting that distracted. I cannot sleep without having a podcast, tv or audiobook on, then I get distracted enough and bored enough to sleep. So first I got the usual cocktail of concerta 27mg and later they found out, it shit his pants and did nothing for me so then they put me on 54mg and later 2x 54mg of concerta. Later they lost their patients with me and just put me on Desoxyn 5mg and just put me up to maximum dose that was 20mg, remember Desoxyn is basically meth. I've had the zero tolerance thing since I was a young adult bickers of the severity of how easily distracted I am on minor things, also minor anger issues where I cannot control myself when I first get angry. So now in recent years they stopped the Desoxyn and put me on Adderal and Vyvanse since it was safer and I could not get a seizure so easily, as I did with Desoxyn.
>>33159 stop blogposting lest you get a thread on yourself, alog
>>33157 Well he is a manlet, so i think it balances out
>>33159 no one cares, hurry up and kill yourself
Open file (58.46 KB 173x249 rapetime.png)
>>33160 Now it's time for cooming
Open file (309.14 KB 380x608 masked_nyanRalph.png)
>>33159 >>33159 >takes meth >be degenerate >cooms on cat >cooms on Coach >cooms on Andy Pires >cooms on Melanie Pires >cooms on Grandpa Pires >touched balls with Coach >fucks negress with Coach
Open file (403.64 KB 1920x1080 ERFpJrvXsAEjtxx.jfif)
COMING SOON TO THE #KILLSTREAM! AAAAUGGGHHHH! https://twitter.com/Thejcaesar187Retort/status/1229879796743704581
>>33167 literally who
>>33167 who the fuck are those faggots anyways?
>>33168 >>33169 Right is the soiboi that was on this week that looked like yanderedev with glasses. He was the Info Wars rep who interviewed the gun.t when he was raising money for St. Jude.
>>33169 Adam Green is an American actor-filmmaker known for horror and comedy films, including the Hatchet franchise, Frozen, and the television series Holliston. Harrison Smith is an American director known for motion pictures on modest budgets with domestic and international success such as Camp Dread, Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard, and Death House. But that is neither of these faggots. I am guessing they are irrelevant twitter z-celebs that are going to come on and not really disagree about anything but will agree when the gnut interupts their circlejerk to sperg about how much he hates JF.
>>33171 he should do that, sperg more about JF, do more shows about that the more he spergs the more amusement i get since he can't do shit about it other than yell at his mic like a little southern goblin Chad flags and laughs in your face potato fucker VS do multiple 3 hour shows crying virgin Гунт
>>33172 keep talking about me, i get money while ylu get nothing
>>33173 i get to laugh at Гунт's dead daddy and shit on momma's grave soon nice try with the bait, (1)
>>33169 zionist disinfo cucks
Open file (126.29 KB 300x300 e9ofzu.png)
>>33166 >Not being based enough to use/abuse desoxyn
>>33177 Is it desoxyn that makes you post traps ITT?
Open file (5.50 MB 1280x720 coach_chuckle.webm)
>>33177 Only white trash nig​gers and faggots use meth. Nothing based about either of those categories.
>>33162 based >>33159 not your blog >>33166 >he doesn't coom on Coach ++PATHETIC++
>>33173 I mean, motherfuckers work for their fucking output.
>>33151 Sweet Erin. Whatever happened to that disgusting thot. She still around, or returned to the Hollywood cum-sludge from which she spawned.
>>33184 remember back when she was feuding with baked? how much she claimed to like Jim? how she thought he was an "interesting person"? Thots really do have the best noses of them all.
>>33184 >Sweet Erin Did she ever figure out how to camwhore properly?
Open file (45.75 KB 603x423 keep it clean.jpg)
Update on the Window of Life. Cuckchan mods are getting dup'd and purple hair attempted to get to cops to take down the speaker to no avail.
Open file (468.81 KB 492x551 wat (2).png)
>>33159 >Desoxyn (methamphetamine) and Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts) are central nervous system stimulants used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) How the hell does meth help people with adhd?
>>33188 Stimulants are supposed to force the body to compensate for the high amount of energy it has with melatonin, which causes you to be much more calmer. That's why, before the days of Ritalin and such, parents would give their kids coffee.
Open file (1.66 MB 1920x1080 tfwyouwon.png)
Open file (42.64 KB 602x602 545543.jfif)
>>33159 >one pill >100% effective AIM AIM AIM!!!!
Open file (54.48 KB 283x302 JF_lasers.gif)
Open file (186.16 KB 976x734 4k8c.png)
Open file (3.83 MB 1280x720 hey mooncricket.mp4)
>>33195 lmao jcaesar187 of stream
furfagforever channel get taken down?
>>33198 Oops I dropped this flag I happened to be carrying.
>>33199 god i hope the backup gets taken down too
Гунт talking to 1200 tonight
Open file (878.96 KB 877x499 bitwave shil.png)
Bitwave shill has arrived
Open file (897.52 KB 874x507 bitwave gone.png)
>>33202 Bitwave has been physically removed.
Open file (38.86 KB 960x639 calm it down fuentes.jpg)
>>33143 >he gets vertigo from sitting in his chair and crying about being deplatformed Amazing. How does a manlet get vertigo? Isn't he closer to the ground?
>>33173 Daddy jcaesar187 I love you so much! I'd unironically kiss your beautiful Гунт
>>33208 Well he would be closer to the ground normally but he sits on top of a stack of 3 chairs while he streams.
>>33210 Does he stream from a storage closet at a community college
>>33208 Why do these idiots think it's okay to reveal weakness on the internet? It may shortly sedate the paypigs but it lets their opponents know their is blood in the water.
>>33212 lolisocks revealed that Nick being called gay gets to him in the leopirate stream
Open file (820.59 KB 1242x827 fuentes weird hands.png)
>>33211 his mom's basement
>>33143 Knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, mom's chicky tendies
>>33214 did this nigga just crawl out of the ocean 100 millions years late or what?
>>33143 What a retarded zoomer. It's likely his inner ear.
>>33197 furfag says its obs probs on his twitter, but keep reporting, 1 report means 1 more angry paypig
>>2 >alt-chan yt best ever
What's all this business about some asian grifter in the twittersphere having her nudes posted? Anyone got em?
Full Faggot Forever uploaded the full Gunstream version of last night on his backup channel right here --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsHPoLre6DOzfr4glTwLuSg <-- now idk if this is bickers he legitimately got a strike or something on his main channel or what, but be sure to go and report everything you see Гунт related on his backup channel
Open file (347.92 KB 1280x720 no-pee-in-pool.jpg)
>>33178 only posted nyan and general thots nothing more. >>33179 To be fair, white trash and black gentlemen cannot afford desoxyn bickers it's quite expensive at-least in my country it was 1800 dollars for a month use.
>>33228 Do it yorself first, faggot. >>33229 >posted nyan Exactly.
>>33230 already done anon, just encouraging others to do the same
Open file (220.78 KB 658x679 ClipboardImage.png)
>they're still running with the "bps is a plagiarist waaah" route, like 99% of grifters aren't exactly that sasuga, spic tranny chaser.
>>33227 requesting nudes
Open file (1.17 MB 1280x720 brap.webm)
>>33232 I sure love myself some rightard grifter versus leftard grifter drama <they're still running with the "bps is a plagiarist waaah" route, like 99% of grifters aren't exactly that Pretty much. jcaesar187 plagiarises articles in his site and I see nobody complaining about it. Do these "muh academics" morons really expect to have rational productive debates in youtube or discord of all places? LMFAO >>33195 Who are those G​AMERGATEs
Open file (1.78 MB 298x298 sniff.gif)
>>33236 why does her vagina lips look so weird?
Open file (3.97 MB 540x960 bonbipop.webm)
>>33238 that is not a vagina but a pair of balls, fam.
>>33238 Those are her fingers
Wew. Youtube has stream chat history now, so you can dig up old unlisted streams. https://www.youtube.com/feed/history/live_chat_history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_pIHjWt324&
Open file (6.71 KB 623x104 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 gator2.gif)
>>33241 >oldest live comment
Open file (30.72 KB 419x510 jf-cooming.jpg)
>>33242 "IRL BLOODSPORTS with Andy Warski & Baked Alaska | Live Daily Vlog | $5 Text to Speech $30 MEDIA"
Open file (87.59 KB 1179x468 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.47 MB 1280x720 buddy.webm)
>>33244 >he seems much more agitated about criticism tonight than usual and there might be something to it >that's the post he replies to IT'S NOT TRUUUUUU
>>33244 >1500 viewers combined no Гунт, you can barely get 600 on dlive fullfaggotforever restream isnt your stream and isnt your viewers, keep telling yourself that though
>>33244 >Full Blast Faggot's viewers are my viewers Гунт is getting more blatant with this every time. It's gone to the extreme where Гунт is now considering the restream his actual stream as well. Dropping a flag might help, but drawing attention to jcaesar187 making these kind of public statements to imply that he is back and active on YouTube might require something more.
Open file (39.93 KB 774x570 ethan_young.jpg)
>>33244 >1500 viewers X
>>33244 >>33248 You're mom
Open file (14.57 KB 368x433 XANDER.jpg)
>>33244 >well over 1500 if you combine the two AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Remember when you were getting 10k a night, jcaesar187? Remember when you didn't have to rely on bots and the numbers of restreams to reach even a fraction of that? Man, how times have changed. What a fucking embarrassment.
>>33244 Smurt thinking, jcaesar187. Nobody will think there's validity to the claim if you call some names rather than simply explain your side of things.
>>33251 Also, Gaytor has more believable sexual conquest claims.
Open file (53.63 KB 1417x177 fagmencoTRR.PNG)
>>33250 I remember when it used to be "2k on stream.me, doing okay over here gentlemen" This tranny over at foxdick cant be serious though. No one watches Fagmenco.
>>33253 >fags like to listen to fags And Thrax probably thought the Kumite was big too.
Open file (27.46 KB 607x243 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33253 We get 5-8k a night, hmu
Open file (33.88 KB 606x441 ClipboardImage.png)
Found the one I was looking for. https://archive.fo/kplwn >I'm good, bout to take a nap. Sargon put me to sleep. >I'll talk to 3 or 4 thousand tonight.
Open file (205.51 KB 720x1089 darkcaesar_creepy.png)
>>33255 lol hmu
>>33253 >pic Imagine investing into flamencoin.
>jannies Jim needs to stop being tsundere and come on the Гунтstream instead of just lurking the chat.
>>33253 it's foxdick what do you expect, only use of irrelevant faggots there is to make Гунт sperg since he reads his thread there daily
Open file (76.87 KB 384x384 Jcaesar187_blacked.png)
>>33244 >bickers the Youtube restream wasn't up until halfway through I love how this restream which is totally not his has managed to stay up. While anons restreaming the Гунт on jewtube, dlive, or stream.me (rip) always get taken down. Really make ya think but FullBlastFaggots is totally not his goys. >>33259 >Gym?! I've seen him go on small shows before in the past as long there is a topic that interest him he will talk to anyone. If you could get him on the Гунтstream would thoroughly upset and I bet he would try and have Gym on that same week.
Open file (76.87 KB 384x384 Jcaesar187_blacked.png)
Open file (900.02 KB 157x256 Shannons_Reveal.gif)
Open file (141.76 KB 498x757 megafaggot2.jpg)
Open file (68.18 KB 654x713 1570247342759.jpg)
>>33057 >The porkchop stream Which one was this again?
Open file (308.40 KB 640x360 faggot.mp4)
>>33262 having gym on the Гунт stream would be a terrible idea, he'd bring all his pay pigs over and it would ruin it
>>33269 Honhonhon le pomme de terre
>>33269 >>33270 From the fch thread: >It's a thing apparently known, "WNBR" >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Naked_Bike_Ride >There are a lot of photos of this demo online, it happens in London apparently. So the potato was naked in London.
>>33265 Godwinson and Surfer making absinthe-fueled kino while deformed cuck PPP watches from the corner one.
>>33271 No, that picture of her naked on a bike is taken in Montreal.
>>33269 >>33271 >potato diversion ГунтGUARD REPORTING FOR DUTY
Open file (515.98 KB 624x410 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33275 >robi is Гунтguard
Open file (831.82 KB 1024x756 ClipboardImage.png)
I hate Gym for ruining a perfect waifu, shame on him.
>>32152 Cute projection kiwifarmer
Open file (101.80 KB 600x1104 rjtgk.jpg)
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 wew.gif)
jcaesar tapping into his old literal jcaesar self last night to talk about all the asian pussy lips he used to watch in porn
>>33281 He was also watching that twitch stream where he seemed overly familiar with some male porn coomer.
Open file (62.29 KB 594x590 ClipboardImage.png)
Ughhhhh I said I wouldn't EVEN flag him.
>>35073 These guys are all so fake. Wild Smile is literally Cog-tier not even worth wasting a breath over, though it was fun when he sperged out that one time over being hispanic but then the one possum-log who was awake to watch it didn't even record it. >I'm done with him Just like you were done with Rand? Or Nick Fuentes after you got out of prison? Or Eric Striker? Or Toad McKino?(A CERTAIN TOADSTOOL) Like the multiple times he said life is too long to spend it seething over dumb bullshit yet he's gonna sperg out and sever ties with fucking Wild Smile?
>>33256 Thales used to be such a Donga paypig/Dongaloid. Wonder if he and Thrax still exist, but not enough to where I'd want to go hunt down whatever 20 viewer all-mod channel Donga has run off to.
>>35074 >Toad McKino Imagine liking Toad, he's literally second-hand Mister Mediocre, back to Reddit you mong.
>>35073 i didnt even know he blocked wildspic, where is this video he's talking about? i hope wildspic is sperging about it in it
>Toad McKino Holy shit fucking neck yourself
>>33244 >>33246 >>33247 Here we go again. He says it all the time on the program: >AAAAAUGGHH IM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH FAGBLAST >AAAUGGHH I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH HIM >I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HIM >HES A NICE GUY >I COULD MESSAGE HIM BUT YUNNO I DONT RUN THE CHANNEL If you didn't watch last night: Fagblast couldn't start the restream on time, so all the viewers that would have watched the stream flocked to DLive. Not only did the gun.t brag about the increased circumstantial viewership, but said he would have had even more viewers if the restream was on time. It did not occur to him that the DLive numbers were up bickers the restream was down, not for any other reason. It's not like he had a guest, it was just him and Rand and no one shows up even ironically for Rand anymore. The viewers respond asking where Fagblast is, gun.t says AAAUGGHH I DONT KNOW I COULD MESSAGE HIM BUT WE'RE NOT PARTNERS . Not partners, not affiliated, doesn't get paid, he's not part of the #KillstreamKohosts but if gun.t gets good viewership one night, he'll say aaaugghh we had 1k viewers between DLive and the restream! So he's an unrelated, unaffiliated youtuber, but the gun.t gets to say those viewers are actually his and count as his metrics? This isn't even getting into the retarded 'after show' fagblast now does, or how whenever he gets shits on Fagmenco immediately jumps on to defend him.
Open file (44.32 KB 1262x347 IGDF.png)
>>35079 btw found the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4CP8e0aB1c and...oh look here Гунт is already in the comments
>>35080 >pinned comment Meto Fembot
>>35082 wait beanerology was also shitting on Гунт? how the fuck i keep missing all of this well maybe its no surprise really, i'm not trying to keep up with zlebs
>>35083 He's definitely going to bring up Wild Smile tonight now. After that comment and >our posts that he's reading right now. Can't wait.
>>35083 >why do I keep getting screwed giving you the benefit of the doubt? bickers you aren't that bright.
Open file (13.23 KB 891x180 brave_yKdH3187a6.png)
>>35080 Don't forget that you can flag his channel. Just take your caps before submitting since it's a bit different from reporting videos. Gotta keep Jewtube safe after all.
>>35074 >Toad McKino Kill yourself toad.
>>35082 Take this post down or I'll have it taken down. Do you even know how this works?
>>35087 AVOWED
I love jcaesar187's Гунт
i kinda feel that the Гунт retort is just a waiting room for nick jewkeita´s show.
Open file (48.66 KB 531x325 nickracketsuhoh.gif)
>>35093 It is.
i haven't watch the Гунт retort or the restream in like a month. Do they still screen callers? i remember that during and after the pillstream gaytor and fagmenco where cleaning the discord and hand picking callers. Do they still do it?
>>35096 >screen callers Its worse than that, you have to paypig if you want to call in. vid related
>>35097 not any paypig either, if you want a guaranteed slot as Гунт mentioned before you have to be a pigtreoni contributor
>>35096 It was confirmed relatively recently that you literally have to pay jcaesar for him to take your call.
Open file (7.17 MB 1280x720 demoncaesar_final.webm)
>>35098 Thats even worse than i knew but I'm not surprised that double dips on paypigs just for them to call in.
>>35098 >pay my favorite streamer jcaesar187 on top of my monthly newproject contribution to call in >so excited to speak to him <"hello caller lightning round go" >"jcaesar187 this is an honor, i'm a huge fan-" <"LIGHTNING ROUND GO. oh wait a minute your mic's cutting out" >he drops my call to talk more about basketball >go to discord to share my excitement at being able to talk to my hero jcaesar187 >jcaesar187 thinks i'm being sarcastic and doxes me to /cow/ >go to post upvotes on his restream channel >see him threatening to DMCA them in the description Such is the life of a jcaesar187 paypig.
>>35097 >>35098 >>35099 does the Гунт know that by doing that he is just killing his show faster? He doesn't make no preparation whatsoever for his show and rely on twitter or cuckchan happenings. Callers where free cocks, limit them by forcing them to be paypigs can be really bad in the long run.
>>35096 They are making sure the callers are less interesting than Gaytor or Fagmenco, which is quite an accomplishment to be that boring >>35103 He does zero preparation now. Maybe a 15 minute scan of twitter and DMing people. All his cocks is just the happoooning of the day, plus whatever is posted in the "suggested stories" channel in his Discord server. His paypigs and Гунтguard do the prep work for him. Given the manic high he's on now, he's 100% relying on those suggested stories and doing zero prep work. He denied the "$15 meme" last night too.
>>35103 >гунт >doing long term thinking You are giving him too much credit.
>>35103 Does anything represent instant gratification, yet also immediately harmful to you than the trash burger?
Open file (794.18 KB 498x280 upyougo.gif)
>>35102 this is amazin, anon had a good laugh reading
>>35104 >denied the "$15 meme" last nigh Did anyone clip it? I was in the restream but really wasn't listening to the Гунт to much, mostly there just to chat and watch post Гунт shows with alogs.
>>35104 even if you dont have to pay to call, is fucking clear that only loyal paypigs get to call. One of the biggest mysteries of the pillstream is that nobody mentioned it during the calls.
Hey jcaesar187 even your A-Logs don't even bother to re-stream you now. How does that make you feel B U D D Y? Bot money is going to dry up soon.
Open file (250.03 KB 940x615 oops.png)
Each caller has more and more of a soy voice.
Open file (108.00 KB 625x598 oops.png)
Open file (150.29 KB 432x604 horzbolistism.jpg)
>>35104 >He denied the "$15 meme" last night too. but on that show with the angry paypiggy the lying pile of flesh said something to the effect of: >oh you did pay
>>35111 UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH THAT'S NOT TRUE >>35113 >>35116 Hey hozbol G​AMERGATE I don't even know if you are reporting the Гунтlord or his restreamer, but I will have to DISAVOW regardless
>>35119 >hozbol Its "horzbol" you fucking illiterate NIG​​GER I'm reporting FullBlastFaggots which is the Гунт in fact of course. Thank you for your DISVAOW
>>35120 *DISAVOW
Гунт going to choke fagmenco to death for daring to stream destiny drama without his permission
Open file (2.41 MB 379x231 1582178418645.gif)
There is currently 2,000 people watching the Window of Life. There is now a swarm of scooters for G​AMERGATEs to steal. There is even a pinata.
>>35123 Nig​​​ger made off with pinata
>>35122 Stupid Гунт. This has always been Fagmenco's M.O., being a total leech.
>>35122 What is the Destiny drama?
>>35123 What is the window of life?
>>35127 Short summary is zoomer puts up livestream of his crack alley on youtube. Here's the current stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O89MWPpIGpw You see nlggers smoke crack live but the zoomer get's noise tickets as the cops have long given up on enforcing drug law.
Open file (138.75 KB 421x529 rope_.jpg)
>>35113 It's about time I redid these I DISAVOW BTW
>>35123 there's an anon that lives near the Гунт. Last year or so he drove there and put a kekistani flag on the Гунт's doorstop. He should figure out a way to set up a webcam and some speakers outside the 1509 bangle drive hovel so messages of support for his dying mother can be blasted at him 24/7.
Open file (3.99 MB 1240x692 psssst hey nigger.mp4)
>>35127 Its a crack alley in Austin Texas. Some dude decide to stream it with tts and mediashare cause he was sick of the crackheads. He has gotten at least 5 tickets for noise complaints. Basically reverse HWNDU.
tim pool fucking loves her pussy his haters
>>35133 >I spend 0 hours a day thinking about you
>>35128 >>35131 >zoomer >Austin Texas I'm guessing the TTS donations are to defray his exorbitant rent.
>>35133 >hey haters, i'm CONSOOOOMING, checkmate! He paid real money to see that feminist harley quinn movie so he could bitch on his gay podcast about how SJWs are the real sexists.
>>35133 >i know what all the meany bo beanies are saying >b-but i don't care and don't read comments He's one breakdown away from disabling comments isn't he?
>>35133 The guy who works 14 hours a day everyone! >>35121 >calling me illiterate for making a typo >proceeds to make a typo POETRY
Open file (22.99 KB 597x321 guntlement.png)
>>35131 We have a crackhead here, 464e1c, so be nicer to them, or he may sperg out on you too. >He has gotten at least 5 tickets for noise complaints And yet the cops haven't take that shit out of there yet, hilarious. Hope he goes to jail and takes some junkies with him, that'd be so cash money.
Open file (388.16 KB 452x382 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (112.87 KB 640x360 ITS NOT TROOO.webm)
>>35128 The war on drugs is retarded and so are you. >batman tattoo So that zoomer likes capeshit, hope some of the crackheads shots him during a chimping out binge
>>32237 so epic my fellow zoomer
Open file (383.24 KB 582x549 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.81 MB 640x360 Meow.mp4)
Open file (707.27 KB 634x432 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 1261x706 Screenshot_4.png)
Open file (1.75 MB 1253x719 Screenshot_3.png)
Man Blade's recovering very nicely!
>>35147 ayooooooo
>>35147 jcaesar187, I know you're lurking this thread. This is your future. Take a good look at it. Hope you keep drinking until they have to amputate your foot.
>>35147 I find it interesting that it's just the one big toe that looks the worst. I would have expected them all to look about the same. I wonder what the soles of his feet and his heels look like. >>35149 He will. There's no way he's gonna stop. How long until the Гунт becomes necrotic?
Open file (1.14 MB 612x816 der guntermensch.png)
>>35105 >Гунтermentch
Open file (234.21 KB 492x798 dildoed.jpg)
>>35146 very optical, much kosher
>>35131 what's with all the scooters left there?
Open file (75.25 KB 706x713 Fuentes_YES.jpg)
Open file (487.38 KB 2048x1583 Peak Optics.jpg)
Open file (53.94 KB 622x621 1579174571601.jpg)
Open file (214.18 KB 200x200 fug nig.png)
Open file (1.60 MB 1712x1080 optics.png)
>>35147 That toe is just screaming to get on that foot show TLC has got.
>>35135 he lives next to a literal crack alley full of piss, litter and drugs. Has texas really became Cali tier?
I typed "jcaesar187 liqour" in youtube trying to find Гунт saying that old rick flair line and I found this lol. Did Гунт advertise this? Who the fuck is this interviewer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBkqa55xng4
>>35162 why the fuck does this look like if was shot in the early 90? what the fuck is this
>>35162 Гунт didn't advertise it to my knowledge, I stumbled across it the other day as well. He looks like a fat version of spic fuentes.
>>35157 bazed and horse dildopilled >>35163 lol you tell me. Ive never heard of these jews. have they ever been on Гунт stream? why ask Гунт about youtube streaming when he was booted off over a year ago
>>35165 I think i saw this posted earlier. Idk the Гунт trying to shill his ded show on niche channels I guess. he should come to the Гунтstream to convince >us to snipe his show again in fact of course
Open file (699.76 KB 791x606 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35162 How long did IMC say he's been eating right and lifting?
>>35167 how the fuck am i just finding this channel now
Open file (836.25 KB 789x532 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35169 BASED
>>35170 lol this is crazy. "what is the future of mix raced thottery? Muttley Venti explains"- Cotto and Гунтfried
>>35165 you can see that the channel is kinda new, so maybe the owner is just sucking the Гунт for clout. At the same time. They seem to take themselves ratter seriously, so maybe they don't know of jcaesar187 wacky antics and really believe that online politics commentators are serious people and not massive faggots that use the internet as a welfare check. As for the Гунт side, it kinda make sense that he would appear in shit like this. He needs to step away from drama and is desperate to get back to jewtube political sphere, since with the upcoming USA election that shit is free money. i also kinda feel that jcaesar187 is desperate to get out dlive, maybe bickers all the little money that he makes there need to be reinvested in view bots and not in xanax.
Open file (143.59 KB 253x383 ralph_elated2.png)
>>35172 >sensationalist 'debates' where the host shouts down the person being addressed
>>35133 If he's getting 44 million views, that's about $25K to $35K a month in ad revenue.
Open file (336.44 KB 1274x718 not_a_soyrony.webm)
>>35172 Looks like JF went on the next day. Comments & like/dislikes closed. If I were to guess, he was brigaded by zoomers.
/cow/ fucking sucks post cripple chan, half of you aren't even original cowboys, you're wanker drifters. The lack of cocks and insight alone is proof enough, the days of 24 hour ops are dead and all that's left are the very people we once mocked. The absolute state, i regret ever finding this purgatory - some things are best left buried, you're a living insult to the memory.
>>35176 nice reddit spacing
>>35176 >heh, I'm super oldfag <reddit spacing fuck off newcancer
>>35176 >half of you aren't even OG ranch boys nice line spaces there faggot, now back to reddit you go >all that's left are people >WE once mocked i speak for only for myself you collectivist ass sniffer >i regret finding this place no one you here redditor, time to go hang yourself
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 gator2.gif)
>>35176 8/10. Nice job, anon. You deserve each (you) you get.
Open file (92.92 KB 322x322 youu.jpg)
>>35144 >Supporting crack use Why don't you kill yourself you faggot piece of shit? >>35141 I do wonder how many tickets they can just stack on him. Wonder if by the time this over he'll have one for everyday of the stream. Could easily break 5k in fines.
Open file (2.32 MB 1280x720 xander.webm)
>>35186 Now that's what i call paypigging.
Here's a local Fox interview of the fag running the WoL stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4UXbYpEZpY
Open file (85.41 KB 776x723 1546360172729.png)
>>35190 >hate crime
Open file (2.24 MB 2448x3264 IMG_20191110_095723.jpg)
>>35192 king of JUST
someone make a meme of Гунт watching bojack horseman with a thought bubble 'wow, he's literally me'
Open file (76.87 KB 384x384 Jcaesar187_blacked.png)
Open file (372.06 KB 500x625 fuck off jesus.png)
>>35199 Make it yourself, faggot.
Re-uploading bickers spam deletion of yesterday caught this too.
Open file (2.15 MB 1080x1795 Jcaesar_literally_me.png)
tf2 and hl2 boomer hours https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>35176 you're wanker drifters I'm a what?
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 mega-faggot.gif)
Open file (177.95 KB 432x220 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35210 Fucking why? Of course he's an itoddler as well. If you're not a Sleek n Tears level chad keep your ugly mug off the internet.
>>35205 based
Open file (31.56 KB 278x403 khan2.jpg)
Open file (4.86 MB 2160x3840 jcaesar197 jew.png)
Open file (277.29 KB 444x530 dancing tiny.gif)
Open file (58.00 KB 400x400 mm.png)
>>35210 >face reveals make youtubers seem more personable and human
Guys I saw PPP's butthole. It was gross.
>>35217 Still cleaner than the butthole of the sister of Nick Fuentes
>>35214 DAS RITE
>>35210 hard to believe this face has a girly soy voice attached to it
Open file (309.21 KB 544x779 1558506671.png)
>>35210 He has long hair, tied up in either a downy tail or manbun
>>35133 >which I don't read biggest lie e-celeb faggots always tell
>>35222 Why do you post pictures of young shirtless teen boys? Are you some kind of jewish pedo?
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 carl pulls gun.jpg)
>>35224 >newfag IDENTIFY YOURSELF
>>35224 >y-y-you're a faggot
Open file (29.80 KB 414x406 banjo_lips.jpg)
>>35225 >>35226 I love how you queers jump on me in tandem. /cow/ literally is the real lolcow
>>35227 >tandem However you need to contextualise it in your mind to make it OK >posts >anons reply Wow, amazing.
Open file (63.47 KB 959x564 brave_KqsGlW3maY.png)
>>35227 >filename A friend of yours from reddit?
>>35230 It's a fuckin Johnny Rebel song, you dumb G​AMERGATE
Open file (672.31 KB 883x829 1465434778918.png)
>>35231 >can't post ni­gger like a white man yikes, redditor.
Open file (2.85 MB 200x234 smugterry.gif)
Open file (403.35 KB 862x1300 bigbrain.png)
>>35210 is he begging people to fill in the blanks? the second this idiot is identified all of his feeder video subjects will descend on him
>>35232 >doesn't understand Johnny Rebel references Fucking G​AMERGATE
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_k_8WaO1NM An Appealing Stream | Rekieta Law
>>35237 >>35238 No one cares about this kike lawyer
>>35235 >not supporting game­rgate What are you a N​IGGER?
Open file (46.17 KB 612x476 kraut_1_hour.jpg)
>>35192 >balding >jew beard >lust for cock If he wasn't gay he'd just be a normal cuckold.
>>35221 not really considering you can see what appears to be a manbun
>>35241 >1 hour for an mspaint polandball Kraut needs a caretaker in fact of course, he's too retarded to live on his own.
>>35241 That's what makes him feel stupid?
Open file (532.85 KB 1280x720 154894584.mp4)
>>35247 This is what aspergers combined with shitlib cummy ideology does to you <should cp be legal? *pushes up glasses* AKSHUALLY if you want to be internally logically consistent then yes it should *brushes doritos crumbs off Гунт* if you disagree you're a subhuman nazi sorry sweety >>35248 YEAH I'M EDGY I DON'T GIVE A FUCK
>>35250 His argument is that child sweatshops exploit children and the products of those are legal to consume, so child porn should be legal to consume too bickers it's produced by exploiting children. How he cannot see that there's a difference between exploiting children for manual labour and traumatising them for the sexual gratification of the mentally ill really is an antithetical spike to my ascended perspective.
Open file (271.60 KB 413x848 15495696970.png)
>>35251 you just arent enlightened enough buddy
>>35247 >>35248 wasn't this guy cut asking for dick picks of a underage tranny on discord? why does he hate fags now?
>>35253 he was asking for ethical child porn
>>35248 >if you disagree with me, ur stoopid, woketard
>>35251 You have to be really bigbrained to argue yourself into the position where buying a shirt from amazon is morally equivalent to masturbating to the rape of a child. >>35253 He was also sending dick pics.
Open file (1.40 MB 640x360 13854545.mp4)
Open file (797.09 KB 640x360 1549458459.mp4)
Open file (1.91 MB 1280x720 13445948549.mp4)
VeganGains doesnt think watching CP and buying a computer is the same thing, i guess he isnt woke enough
ughhh Гунтlemen, proud to announce Dick Israelison will be the first inductee into the newly formed Killstream hall of fame.
>>35259 If they nuke Israel who will he buy cp from?
Open file (1.10 MB 640x360 143845894584.mp4)
So he has alot of experience with fake cum?
Open file (95.22 KB 397x474 thinking_horzbol.jpg)
>>35247 >ethical cp is just a meme >we were just joking uguize
>>35248 >yikes-y Yikes
Open file (52.33 KB 713x528 comrade.jpg)
>>35265 Yikes, oof, and sweaty were taken from the left to make fun of their lecturing faggoty language, so smart leftists are too embarrassed to use it now, like how they changed trigger warning to [cw] bickers of all the TRIGGERED jokes. Vaush wants so badly to be the cool dirtbag leftist who's not afraid to get edgy to shock the altright, but he's such an autistic nerd he says 'yikesy" unironically. Richard Spencer used to shove guys like Vaush into lockers.
>>35262 From the (((pedophiles))) that infest other parts of the world.
>>35259 based he really does just regurgitate daddy's cummies.
>>35268 when did this stream take place?
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (173.47 KB 270x480 finger-dance.gif)
>>35269 found it in the Tiny thread, long time ago.
Open file (591.15 KB 1295x826 ClipboardImage.png)
SARGON CAN'T STOP WINNING HE'S GOING TO WIN SO MUCH HE'S GOING TO GET SICK OF WINNING mfw they reference him as S​argon all the way though the document
>>35276 >they reference him as S​argon all the way though the document It's already over then. Courts don't play around with that shit, it's possible they'll throw out Carls entire defence without reading a word of it.
>>35276 >>35277 carl is retarded enough to believe that putting his real name on a document that will become public record is "doxing" him.
>>35276 >using his internet name on legal documents Nothing could possibly go wrong with that.
Open file (430.86 KB 1273x716 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (617.87 KB 1173x742 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35277 He actually got the lawsuit dismissed, this is him seeking legal fees, which he initially crowdfunded. https://www.gofundme.com/f/N​IGGER-of-akkad-legal-fund He's make 55k profit regardless and looking for the 40k back now. >Anonymous £10 14 d
>>35276 who is suing Sargoy here? As i see it's bickers of some harrassment the plaintiff considered in one of Stepfather's videos. Also this summary is written by a fucking 10 year old. Is this from an actual court doc? bickers whoever made this is a fucking moron that should not have a degree.
>>32522 Is this the asian tranny guy who said asian men are built for white cock?
>>35281 Akilah Hughes sued him for copyright bickers Carl took clips from her videos and reuploaded them unedited. She lost it recently over fair use, and now this is afterwards when Carl is looking for damages. I'm a bit disappointed if there was no mention of Carl losing that same channel for the exact same reason with Destiny, where in that case Carl didn't dispute the youtube strikes.
>>35281 I think it's some sheboon suing him bickers he used one of her videos in one of his ebin SJW pawnage videos. I figured this shit got dropped bickers it happened a few years ago.
Is it just me or does Toad have a fat/feeder fetish? All he has been doing recently is a-logging fat mukbangers and boogie. I think I might be onto something here.
>>35285 He might just be picking low hanging fruit and what lower fruit is there then morbidly obese ones? Though with the rampant degeneracy of e-celebs and wannabe e-celebs I wouldn't be surprised.
SHAMELESS GUNTPORIUM PROMOCODE SHILL >Share the code M3RCH with your fans for 10% off your merch, while you keep 100% of your profit. Details Code expires at 23:59 (PT) on Friday, February 21st. All products are eligible. The time is a little close, but I only just saw it unfortunately. gunt.goyim.best or https://teespring.com/stores/julius-ceasar187s-guntporium-2
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 02/22/2020 (Sat) 00:19:33.
>>35285 >>35286 kinda makes sense that he would aim that low, toad has been chilling his patreon and jewtube channel subs, but not in a way that would make him look like a shameless grifter. And mukbang channel are free cocks.
Open file (333.21 KB 1280x720 horseshit.mp4)
>>35288 >but not in a way that would make him look like a shameless grifter
The Frankfurt schools branches brainwash other branches of the Frankfurt School, In fact. Of course.
Archive of the Godwinson Kinostream from earlier https://youtu.be/M4pAJ1hyglI Creepy Child Nazi Banned From YouTube, Finally!
Open file (188.74 KB 495x285 sargon_ukip.png)
Open file (84.60 KB 584x725 5872839583.jpg)
Chances of Günty King ranting about JF for 3 hours with Spic Fuentes tonight: high.
>>35301 >I'm now raping the corpse
Open file (6.59 KB 200x200 halsey.jpg)
>>35302 A corpse that's trademarked by a jew.
Open file (70.11 KB 1380x384 ded.jpg)
>>35303 i can confirm that Halsey Yiddish actually let it die.
>>35305 Welp, that was fast. Would have figured it would at least last for a year after filing. Was he paying for it in instalments or something?
>>35305 So is this the confirmation that ibs is dead?
>>35300 Based. Good read.
Open file (370.57 KB 603x953 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (45.02 KB 865x218 sargon cuck.jpg)
>>35301 >taking care of another mans' genre >cucking Heard that somewhere before.
Open file (280.81 KB 600x440 jf_dab.png)
Open file (285.66 KB 1666x1140 634763278.jpg)
>>35301 Called it.
Why didn't you guys tell me that Roaming Millennial used to be a siegefag/columbiner before she re-branded herself as a neocon named Lauren on youtube?
>>35315 >filename She probably listened to Slipknot. Elliot listened to Wham!
Open file (49.76 KB 846x448 oops.png)
Open file (8.56 MB 2160x3840 FemAnon 03.png)
>>35318 So what ever happened to Corey Barnhill (the pedophile)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nnq53SccE0 It's a Surprise Drexel Stream | Rekieta Law
Open file (89.76 KB 680x315 metokur.gif)
Open file (1.09 MB 450x289 julay-shower.gif)
Open file (1.34 MB 350x350 gib-julay.gif)
Open file (498.18 KB 365x400 soy3.gif)
Why does gym grift in these timeslots anyway?
Open file (39.40 KB 825x284 food.JPG)
>>35324 >more coronavirus shit
Open file (9.92 KB 333x129 soypig.PNG)
>>35327 Seems to be working fine for him
Open file (5.75 KB 342x38 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (216.86 KB 288x288 ClipboardImage.png)
G-guys I think I found my future wife.
>>35328 It's probably about the South Korean Death Cult that has been spreading the coronavirus all over worst Korea
>>35330 >us you can have her
>>35324 Jim is so funny, lmao. His constant sarcasm is fucking hilarious! It reminds me of reddit.
Open file (23.50 KB 349x349 The_Stepfather_2.jpg)
>>35330 >>35332 Yes he can have her after the StepFather has had his way with her
Open file (675.43 KB 1396x916 Jim Dabs At Lawyer.png)
Open file (72.36 KB 1014x562 D-OGBhIX4AA12Iu.jpg)
Open file (267.59 KB 475x357 lawyercuckrage.PNG)
Open file (417.82 KB 746x843 monty.png)
>>35336 Poor little Nicky >>35338 >*Sips Whisky* Jim respects ghost's timeslot
Open file (742.62 KB 1631x895 jimnick.png)
Nick Lost
>>35340 >10k people for jim's fiftieth stream about the wuflu I'm converting to Judaism. Fuck the goy in fact of course.
Open file (85.53 KB 1014x562 D-OLJ6nWwAASWvZ.jpg)
>>35340 fucking hell, gym is really julaying this shit, huh? I stopped watching after the second coronavirus stream, shits just like 40 minutes of news coverage, a break for him to get something to drink, 2 hour superchats, and some weeb shit shoved in there. Fag should have at least found some time for that UFO stream with david stay, but grifting comes first I guess.
Open file (12.97 MB 640x360 goons hate moe.mp4)
>>35343 The weeb shit is the most painful. I'd like if he talked about the latest released Berserk chapter or Made in Abyss lore, but he talks about the trashiest seasonal bullshit that nobody but hardcore retards from /a/ care about. Some autism on the political motivation of nuGriffith would be kino. Hearing about some isekai that came out last week isn't.
>>35343 >watching Gym pathetic
Open file (72.92 KB 864x480 mpv-shot0103.jpg)
>>35344 > latest released Berserk chapter <no way NEW CHAPTER <*last update august* I got my hopes up for nothing. Berserk never gonna end is it?
Open file (92.92 KB 346x460 horzbol smug.jpg)
>>35298 kino
Open file (10.39 KB 320x240 Batman sips coffee.jpg)
Has Andy committed suicide yet? Have any of the grifters julayed Corona-chan for views besides Gabe and the gyppo? Is Baked Alaska a taoist DMT smoking shaman now? What happened to Гунт and company?
Open file (46.92 KB 720x900 reviewbrah.jpg)
Open file (35.89 KB 766x491 berserk hiatus chart.png)
Open file (58.06 KB 1403x761 berserk.png)
>>35346 Miura is making some gay pedo manga on the side again. No new berserks at the moment.
Open file (554.16 KB 800x960 no hos.png)
Berserk prediction: Griffith manages to make a perfect nationwide utopia. Guts fucks it up for revenge. We're meant to have ambivalent feelings about this.
Open file (195.91 KB 550x637 davids-cuckoldress.jpg)
Open file (392.64 KB 500x608 david-estrogenrat.jpg)
Do you have a high res version of jcaesar187's Гунт?
Open file (605.04 KB 666x1000 ascended_perspective.mp4)
>>35353 high res Гунт is the antithetical spike to my alog perspective
Open file (370.91 KB 2048x1536 12634783474.jpg)
Open file (58.53 KB 1280x720 1546505696505.jpg)
>>35348 >Has Andy committed suicide yet? No, the phoenix appears to be rising somewhat by doing vidya "documentaries" he copied from others. >Have any of the other grifters julayed Corona-chan Not that I know of >Is Baked Alaska a taoist DMT smoking shaman now? No, he's running damage control defense for Nick Fuentes and Lolisocks. >What happened to Гунт and company? They are still wasting away on dlive, having attached themselves to Catboy Fuentes' sinking ship, running attack dog defense against JF, who claimed to have gotten Fuentes kicked off youtube. They are also trying to worm their way back on youtube with a restream channel called Full Blast Forever. Be sure to drop by and flag.
>>35356 Baked Alaska is believed to run the Zoomer Clips channel
Open file (39.13 KB 496x437 1548281887189.jpg)
>>35358 Thanks, I couldn't remember the name of the channel.
>>35343 Faggot has been promising the David Stay stream for weeks. People should keep bugging him about it.
Open file (58.46 KB 173x249 rapetime.png)
>>35285 Been a long time since I've coomed so hard to a girl.
>>35361 of course it's been a long time bickers all you've been cooming to was andy and other males you fucking faggot
Open file (55.96 KB 295x300 coomagedon.jpg)
>>35362 No, I did not coom for a long time was on a date with a nurse in the hospital Whenever it was time to coom she came into the room and made me not coom. bickers of blood tests and urine test and other dumb shit that has nothing to do with having a seizure. But now I've finally given my white slippery gift to the world.
Open file (86.31 KB 500x500 1434052104399.png)
>>35364 >was on a date with a nurse in the hospital
Open file (83.32 KB 650x520 1576099589616.png)
>>35365 going to the hospital is the next free date and almost like a hostess club kinda like in Japan.
>>35247 >>35251 >>35257 I actually agree with this context. Child exploitation is child exploitation, whether a whip is used to traumatize them or a phallus. I rather exploit adults by forcing them to sign arbitration agreements and financially indentured service them. At the least adults can consent. >>35259 Why hello kike! >>35260 Time to show this to my autistic buddy. >>35264 Would communists do this, actually exploit children for labour? >>35267 Catholics make the best child porn though.
>>35366 It's just bedside manner. She doesn't want to fuck you. She will go home to her chad boyfriend after her shift is over. If you believe that she is actually your girlfriend then you are literally getting cucked by her (in your head).

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