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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
>>64006 Cringe, Singapore should annex Malaysia of course in fact.
Open file (354.84 KB 661x721 Get me outta here.png)
>listening to rand vs bibble out of sheer boredom <Rand called bibble julaytoast <Bibble got so butthurt he went the "I'm worried for you" crap <1 hour slap fight >Rand took a bulled for jcaesar187 on dlive I miss the old sagas where shit was more octane and interesting.
vee's grandmother only has a few days left to live :(
>>64010 Source?
>>63999 >Words don't hurt me Except "beaner" apparently.
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 dspdance.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6FAWOHcWB4 >hiring Corey Barnhill, self confessed pedophile, to build your new payment processor/website >using the webdev coding language, Wordpress, that Corey Barnhill, self confessed pedophile created from scracht What compelled Dick to make this decision?
>>64015 >Corey Barnhill (pedophile) created Wordpress from scratch >Wordpress is a programming language >Wordpress was created by one person Holy shit, anon Goku, have you done any research?
>>64012 >Vee using his dying grandmother to gain sympathy and shekels Skeptics, not even once.
Open file (187.31 KB 500x473 vee mom-leaked-porn.jpg)
>>64010 I thought he inherited the shack from his granny? What's this about an apartment? Is he getting the shack for reals now that she's dying? Here's mummy to take your mind off it.
Open file (849.52 KB 854x976 Vee sees a fetus.png)
Vee is just contemplating the meal he will have once she croaks.
Open file (64.14 KB 1280x718 Smug Cat Fagot.jpg)
>>64016 >(1) Tell me more.
>>63951 >>63955 Only random faggots with a grudge (like you) trust the information you post, so fuck off back to Facebook and stop chasing dopamine on imageboards, Venti. > is probably a result of him overcompensating for degeneracy in his past Most "born-again" Christians are "overcompensative" like that, Venti. But then, you're a nihilist coomer, so you wouldn't understand that. >>64015 God, that webm reeks of bottom-feeding and cat piss.
>>64015 If you trust the pedo's lies than you haven't learned anything from watching all the seasons of IBS. Dick built that website himself bickers he used to be some lame web dev or some shit like that. That's why NP2 was a fucking disaster that it was. Corey Pedohill had shit to do with it and just ran a security check on the site, then larped as if he wrote the shit for Dick.
>>63998 Well, if you want to be in contact with him, that can be arranged. Joachim
Open file (7.43 KB 236x176 74687.jpg)
>>64022 >then larped as if he wrote the shit for Dick Ahh, see, now this makes a whole lot more sense. Buuuuuuuuut, Dick Masterson, host of the Dick Show, the man who was on Dr. Phill many many years ago, hiring a technically illiterate, self confessed pedophile, to make his website that is a lot more juicy. Doesn't Dick also have his own payment processor? That's not something a person such as Corey Barnhill, self confessed pedophile, should have access to. Would Donga and Vamp really intentionally misinterpret information?
Open file (9.86 KB 250x250 82536523253.jpg)
>>64021 >Most "born-again" Christians are "overcompensative" like that, Venti. But then, you're a nihilist coomer, so you wouldn't understand that. Wow, it's like that cross she sometimes wears on her livestreams is just a prop when she wants to moralfag against her own kind.
Open file (67.93 KB 297x299 chen_slide.png)
>>64024 >Doesn't Dick also have his own payment processor? Not anymore.
Open file (647.38 KB 830x743 homecoming-queen.jpg)
>>64020 >(52) I probably have more posts than you in the thread, but my VPN thankfully rotates between servers.
Open file (47.90 KB 469x530 sip.jpg)
>>64030 >admitting to IP hopping
>>64031 >using ID like a namefag Just fuck off back to troonstream already.
>>64032 Jennifer Jaspers is pre-troonstream. Pre-julay world too
>>64029 They copyrighted Trump's memes, censored his tweets, and now they deleted r/the_donald? They really don't want another 2016 happening.
>>64033 I didn't know it was Vamp, now I'll shoop da woop and change IDs
Open file (266.89 KB 384x312 dsp gunt.mp4)
>>64035 That's just what Corey Barnhill is a pedophile claims. Ara-anon will also do.
>>64024 Dicky Herrera was very friendly with Corey until Corey dropped his addres on Jewkieta's show. Even then, Dax did not really hold a grudge against Corey in the following weeks until the pedo doubled down on his anti-Dax attacks.
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 yas queen.mp4)
/ourgirl/ is back, Venti forever BTFО my dick was not ready
>>64029 cuck/pol/ is about to get swamped by boomers and based G​AMERGATEs. Should make for some entertainment.
>>64034 And inadvertently made it so it will happen.
>>64024 >Would Donga and Vamp really intentionally misinterpret information? Is this a trick question? ofc they would >Doesn't Dick also have his own payment processor? I'm not sure about this, maybe some anons can clarify, but things like Patreon, SubscribeStar, NP2 i never thought these are payment processors, they're more like 3rd party subscription services, bickers don't they actually use stuff like Paypal and Stripe? I don't see fucking Patreon on here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_online_payment_service_providers yes i know it's a fucking Jewpedia article whatever Thing is Dick was some sort of programmer back in the day but obviously he's fucking awful at it. I know it's way more fun to think the kid diddler had his hands in NP2 as it makes egrifters sweat buckets and gets the imagination going, but the larping faggot just did it to rile up morons who took the bait hook line and sinker, like Gaydur, Jewsh, some paypigs etc.
>>64042 >morons who took the bait hook line and sinker, like Gaydur, Jewsh, some paypigs etc. What about redditkur?
>>64029 where is sweepy shannon gonna get his hot takes from now?
Molyjew, Amren and Dicky Spencer (NPI/Radix) all got banned from jewtube today.
Open file (459.71 KB 573x534 happy potato farmer.png)
Open file (11.92 KB 340x378 huwhite.jpg)
>>64045 It's true dark times
Open file (98.53 KB 859x392 1593458683219.png)
>>64045 >even /r/the-donald is too bad goy even though they suck jewish diick.
Open file (140.00 KB 1012x569 mad_gator.png)
Open file (34.14 KB 488x516 1440743177477.jpg)
>>64049 >r/chapocuckhouse >r/cumtown >r/classic4chan lel
>>64031 Spoken like it isn't just 4 of us here posting where 2 have dynamic IP's and the last one uses TOR.
>>64050 I remember back in the old chan days with my friends on the old chan heh... we were the gator gamers we used to shitpost like all good ol' boys. god we're all such oldfags now.
>>64052 Did all the ecelebs leave? or is it still 2 anons and everyone else ecelebs?
>>64045 They can't even escape into the arms of mexican dick. Are godwinson and PPP with the fed and they orchestrated the downfall of new project 2 which was the last free speech bastio.... Ok I can't write that with a straight face.
>>64049 Isn't /r/thedonald a dead sub anyway? You'd think that all those fuckers have migrated to cuck/pol/.
Open file (498.18 KB 365x400 soyjak.gif)
>>64049 >r/wojak >r/soyboys
The Ronnie Experiment: Crash Bandicoot Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TerfuRbwQ64
>>64050 Does Gaytor get his information on 4chan from r/classic4chan ?
Open file (225.72 KB 752x489 PPPGodwinsonTLOU2.png)
Open file (180.03 KB 406x387 FUCKIN ALOGS.png)
Open file (7.42 MB 604x340 PPP WON.gif)
Open file (4.12 MB 480x270 pppdance.gif)
>>64052 >Spoken like it isn't just 4 of us here im still here lad, lurking so thats 5 of us i guess >>64061 obv, i mean how old is he, was he a literal 12 year old back in the day or what
Open file (41.32 KB 500x334 pod of dolphins.jpg)
>>64060 Is Gaytor gonna fist anyone?
Open file (89.84 KB 993x946 Ebsx7b-WoAIIQaT.jpg)
>>64056 i thought it was just full q anon boomers now.
Open file (235.88 KB 800x800 ralphin.png)
Open file (23.16 KB 694x82 437584957.jpg)
>Godwinson grooms little Mohammed and Ngubu with Jahans videos. I hear that he tells them to show him their body horror tits and to wank him off.
https://redbarradio.net/live redbar is shitting on andywarski and he's trying to get in to cope.
>>64073 Seems like the guy warmed up to warski pretty hard Never heard of the guy tho, why does warski have such a boner for him? He literally looks like he's going to coom
>>64075 the clapping, andys entire bit is entirely ripped from rebar. All of his bits he's done lately, midnight tacos etc and everything he's ever done on his own is ripped from redbar.
>>64075 He is fucking with him and he called him a faggot and loser multiple times while he fucks with him more and more. ANDYS FAVORITE KIKE GOT EM
Open file (1.17 MB 500x529 Andy_panic.gif)
stop with the killstream it's shit
Open file (15.43 KB 300x300 stay backski.jpg)
Andy became an uber driver
>>64073 >they're playing the AIM AIM AIM clip Rebard hates Warski from this.
>>64080 I think he's working at Uber Eats now. LOL
Open file (324.07 KB 400x526 godwinson07.png)
>>64015 >using the webdev coding language, Wordpress
>>64082 Andy just got smashed by his hero on the air he is gonna be crying about this all night.
I hope someone was recording that redbar interview. I only caught the tail end of it, and I want to pointpoint the part where Andy's heart break in half.
Open file (232.69 KB 1068x1248 human_thumb.JPG)
did any of you fucking retards record the redbar shitting on andy
>>64086 >>64088 this. link shows nothing.
Open file (31.52 KB 518x439 ClipboardImage.png)
Someone is being a tough guy here.
>>63437 it's okay you're not the only one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teen95-ZbUM
>>64073 Do these get uploaded anywhere? The last thing uploaded is from 25th. 5 days ago.
>>64094 They said it would take about a day to process this newest one and upload it.
Why didn't Metokur stream? Or was that just a 'shopped image posted here about him streaming on Sunday? >>64021 <he's trying to discredit the Leopirate information and muddy the waters by inserting doubt. I wonder why? They're your words and tweets, fag, not mine. >Most "born-again" Christians are "overcompensative" like that. And there is the problem with religion in general. Any rotten person, rapist, pedophile, or murderer can repent on their deathbed and be forgiven and go to heaven. That is your religion at work. So long as a murderer sincerely asks for forgiveness and is sorry about what he's done, he will be chilling in heaven with you. Do you know why it's like this? Bc religions have to include these loopholes to appeal to the broadest base of humanity. The dregs of society must be allowed entry or the religion wouldn't survive and spread. And it works pretty well, considering you're here in 2020 referencing some 2000 year old book to get your morality. The 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian Muslims that were visiting strip clubs and all sorts of degeneracy leading up to 9/11 bc they thought they were getting a "get-out-of-hell" and 'go-directly-to-heaven' card for the 9/11 attack. So it didn't matter what they did in life bc it was all going to be forgiven and washed away. Also, Christianity is a slave's religion at its core. It was supposed to keep slaves c`ontent and satisfied with their squalid lives bc the next life would be better. So that slaves didn't ever rise up and overthrow their slaveowners bc all will be redeemed in the next life (and this is true whether we're talking about slavery in the ancient world or slavery in the founding of America). So religion is used as a crutch so that people can cope with suffering in life. It's why they find God when they fall on hard times. Or why prisons are filled with religious people. Don't feel too bad. You're not the first person to use your religion as a cover to overcompensate for degeneracy. You can join the throngs of church-going roasties that feel guilty about sleeping around, Nick Fuentes, Prince Hubris, and countless others.
>>64088 clip it yourself faggot
>>64097 sorry I think I got tricked
Open file (308.16 KB 1458x989 1431325337329.jpg)
>>64097 >based Lucifer telling it how it is
Open file (45.55 KB 1337x737 venti.png)
>>64045 Hello, police
>>64045 i didnt know dickie was still doing radix
Open file (42.40 KB 600x800 venti04.jpg)
>>64072 >earwinson bullies the jahanic monstrosities of his classroom to suicide based and julaypilled >>64097 >That is your religion at work You must first have a religion before starting criticizing others, Muttny. Niggеrs are currently the only "race" in the world that haven't moved past the pre-pagan religious phase. Another indicative of you being a human/animal hybrid and effectively a non-human entity.
>>64097 Jim should donate some of his neetbux to Terry Davis' family. You know, for killing him.
Open file (126.66 KB 720x689 james_triston.jpg)
>>64099 Not the first time discord spics larp as him in fact of course.
Open file (26.92 KB 275x313 888888.jpg)
>>64029 >admitting this place is no better than r/donald now I mean, you're not wrong. Maybe if I link this place directly, the quality of threads will improve :)
Open file (9.86 KB 250x250 82536523253.jpg)
>>64097 How trad and non-thotish of you. And hypocritical as usual. Take the word religion out and insert the word irony. I hope you didn't spend a long time coming to such a quotidian opinion, Brittany.
Open file (315.95 KB 500x500 85589568.png)
>>64108 *chuckles* I'm dealing in intercontinental politics now *chuckles*
Open file (217.46 KB 600x650 kishin_smug.png)
>>64108 Isn't the world a bigger collective than Silicon Valley?
>>64097 >he's trying to discredit the Leopirate information yadda yadda yadda <so he must be leopirate Nice cope, Venti. >And there is the problem with religion in general. >[basic bitch anti-religion rant ensues] I'm no fan of Christians, especially the "born-again" type, but a fedora-tier nihilist like you is worse than those people. >c`ontent Go back to Facebook.
>>64111 Not if the world joins individualismlism *smuckles*
Sargon >censored by bigtech for being a political dissident >bravely ran for political office to save the west >defeated destiny, N​IGGER, and andrew anglin in debate >his wife is white and submissive >is part nubian, of royal blood >enjoys a nice dessert wine and some poirot on the telly Jim >deleted his own videos bickers he's scared of big tech >too scared to show his face bickers furries might laugh at him >lost to a gay furry christian and a fat canadian neet in a debate >his wife is a crazy chinese lady >is potatoG​AMERGATE >enjoys a bottle of bottom shelf vodka while he plays his wife's switch Yep I'm thinking Sargon won.
Open file (56.94 KB 543x491 sargon_of_akkad5.jpg)
Open file (64.94 KB 543x491 sargon_of_akkad6.jpg)
Open file (47.85 KB 543x491 sargon_of_akkad9.jpg)
>>64116 He truly was the hero we needed in the west but us white G​AMERGATEs don't deserve.
Open file (155.90 KB 1024x768 carl_good_bad.jpg)
Open file (246.86 KB 446x450 idgaf.png)
>>64120 There's one thing regrettable about his political campaign. At that time the sweaty sausage squad was still laughing at him for insulting daddy Jim, but if they had backed Sargon with Jim's blessing I bet a lot of UK politicians would have gotten rape threats and dick pics.
>>64122 not just that dubsman don't forget he's a blundering fuckwit who flusters easy in live debates, there's plenty to laugh at the soyfather without having to bounce on gyms lap >but if they had backed Sargon with Jim's blessing I bet a lot of UK politicians would have gotten rape threats and dick pics. like his optics cucks would have the balls, you seen them on earwisons vid they're as bad as his capos ie total fags
Open file (18.42 KB 584x89 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.50 KB 258x282 dick crying.jpg)
>>64124 >Monetizing a shut down scam Peak grifting
Open file (152.21 KB 500x516 768215127389.gif)
Open file (44.09 KB 593x321 dick_patreon.png)
>>64124 As a php programmer, he thought he built a website from the ground up by installing free wordpress plugins, and he was oblivious to the MATCH list until like 4 days ago. He specifically said hosting Josh would not be a threat to the website. That's barely a business card worth of information; but I assume he's spin it as free speech, SV fear him, etc etc for his private, invite only club.
>>64126 wasn't np2 down for like a month before this latest round of bans?
>>64127 Yes. Not sure why Tarl just mixed the np2 and warski stuff into the Molymeme and huwhite man deplatforming. They are not really related, just convenient for him to rile up is cringy cultish fanbase and sell more free copy pasted books
Open file (2.04 MB 1440x2569 joosh np1.png)
Open file (2.35 MB 1431x2456 joosh np2.png)
JJ is on the hunt for some very wealthy paypigs.
Open file (8.09 MB 720x1280 6827816339349032198.mp4)
>>64129 It's almost funny that if you don't play ball with the kikes they will make it so it's literally impossible for you to not only make money but for people to even give you money I guess it saids more about their paypigs and crypto than anything else, I've yet to hear anyone bitcoin wallets being seized and assets stolen
Open file (183.49 KB 596x585 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64129 Dick actually gave out subscriber emails to e-welfare recipients? That sounds like a massive breach of GDPR and data protection. Even his newly updated privacy policy doesn't suggest releasing emails to anyone other than NP2 itself as an entity. How many paypigs is jcaesar187 going to dox now if they don't return to the fold?
Open file (208.02 KB 341x344 GUNTED_jeff.png)
>>64131 >fold Sorry; plural. Folds.
Current year bloodsports in an hour, over 1000 waiting already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgTI6p1_B3k
>>64131 >I will leave your admin logins up for three months so you can retrieve data and subscriber info. Yeah thats fucked. But these fucking people deserve it for trusting this moron with their info.
Open file (193.24 KB 577x433 sleepy_carl.png)
>>64133 >Modern-Day Debates As opposed to Aristotle and Plato? >James Kunz Who? >Striker, desTINY, Allsup, Vaush ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Open file (820.69 KB 829x397 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64133 Not great optics for the ironybro leftists in that thumbnail. Destiny looks like a retarded child lost in a supermarket and Vaush looks like a hipster hobbit with cloven pig hands.
>>64133 didn't destiny utterly destroy one of those guys back in the spring aren't they TRSodomites or some shit? literal feds paid to make anyone interested in a white majority US look like an inbred wignat retard
I also remember there being a clip during that debate where Striker (pretty sure that's who it was) asked Гунтy to skip a superchat asking about TRS' fed connections
Open file (16.42 KB 609x174 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.35 MB 600x478 homer_gunted.gif)
>>64140 So it's small enough to fit inside someone's mouth without even the base showing. Good to know jcaesar187, what a sick burn.
<March? 2019 <June 2020
Open file (1.17 MB 258x282 dick_vordrak_1.mp4)
Open file (1.12 MB 618x626 dick_vordrak_2.mp4)
also Hail Vordrak
>>64133 Striker and Allsup are embarrassing themselves.
>>64133 So much soy. If you were the ground up the participants it would feed a Chinese family for a considerable time.
Open file (20.84 KB 158x200 Gdark.jpg)
>>64140 >yer mom Brilliant repartee, there.
>>64145 yeah they're both pretty low iq at one point they say "b-but daddy Enoch was supposed to debate but he was busy" and "b-but we wanted to talk to G​AMERGATEs" TRS has been a joke for years, even Destiny pointed out seem like controlled opposition
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abLf65i7z2A Missouri Lawyers with Guns and Errbody Gettin' Cancelled
>>64149 what did they do to upset you
>>64133 Amazing. The alt left is always too late for trends. Imagine expecting any form of growth from unironically clinging to IBS formats 5 years after the peak, and that with commie feds pretending to be alt right grifters.
https://redbarradio.net/shows/red-bar-radio-s18-e77-2 The fucking jew has behind a paywall.
>>64152 >t. The Right Schtick Internet Defense Force
Open file (923.82 KB 836x866 Assholes Laughing.png)
>>64133 >2 radical left nambla suporters vs 2 lefty glowing honeypots
>>64129 >the answer is Botcoin <hour long transaction <traceable <can be inactivated on a whim If they want to avoid censorship they should use XMR
>>64150 How do I clip a youtube stream and upload it as a webm?
>>64159 Grab a blunt object and hit yourself on the head till your field of view narrows to a bright small point
>>64160 Yikes...
wew this board is so dead the weak load isn't even taking advantage of the situation to post thots anymore.
>>64159 Use a yt cutter. use the first one that works and allows you to download. All of them a shitty.
>>64159 youtube-dl
Open file (72.30 KB 555x1000 Sabrina - Copy.jpg)
>>64133 >Poverty is why nogs commit crimes <Nogs being priced out of New York is why the crime went down >hurr durr y we moved away from stop and frisk Once again, shock collars will fix every problem the coloured man and woman have with the system. The liberals get their pets all nice and behaved and the conservaties get to see the them in chains. Annex South America, add 30 more states and let the politicians play politics with their new and vibrant noble savages. Tax the shit out of them and let the white man finally develop space elevators. Civilization is a white man invention and no other skin color can into it.
>>64155 >t. Destiny Defense Force
Open file (31.41 KB 517x524 Smugest of All.jpg)
>>64133 >Right before the 1 hour mark >DasTINY admits that BLM doesn't matter in a debate about "systemic racism" <proceeds to walk it back with the flimsiest excuse imaginable >Nogs are racist against nogs <NO! We're talking about systemic racism <the system is the problem <not the nogs <But fuck those racist white judges <not the nog judges tho <they fine <Nogs can't be racist against nogs <it's the system dats raycis <t. Vaush
>>64140 >your mom Is the Гунт becoming Low Tier God? >>64166 Anyone with half a brain knows that Striker operates with less than that. He sounds like a drunk cartoon racist talking about "blehks." He has an Ann Coulter book on his wall as if reading it (which I'm sure didn't) is to be considered an accomplishment.
>>64167 It is just another case of Destiny: Split hairs and claim you are actually arguing in favor of something else entirely and your opponent has no concept of it, rinse and repeat for one hour
>>64169 >He sounds like a drunk cartoon racist talking about "blehks."
Open file (177.00 KB 340x455 Peter_Hitler.png)
>>64171 He does though.
>>64167 Do they ever define what qualifies as systematic racism? The nogs were given equal opportunity to pursuit success and that wasn't enough. The system gives them handouts and implement numerous social policies into giving them an fairer chance to escape poverty, but that still wasn't enough. Hell universities even lower their standards for blacks specifically, companies are pushing diversity quotas so all you have to be is nignog alone to be given the advantage in an system where opportunity is becoming more limited by the day. Anything we can call systematic is completely in their favor, leaving the only cause left of their own impoverishment is their own lack of merit. Someone at work was telling me that blacks are likely the most racially profiled by the police unlike "us", I told her that it's easy to generalize as it could go both ways, as a police man could less likely apprehend an black person if given the fear of being accused of racially profiling him, therefore you cannot accuse all police men of racism. And law enforcement are mostly composed of megalomaniacs who like to go on powertrips, but it's easier profile that abuse of power when done onto blacks then it is to whites.
>>64173 >Do they ever define what qualifies as systematic racism? Jamal didn't have a PC at 5 years old so he can't become a l337 coder now, but give him a piece of cardboard and some wires and he'll make his own so racists fucking loves her pussy.
https://twitter.com/i/events/1278325928771284997 Seattle police clear protesters in 'occupied area' following the mayor's executive order Seattle police converged on the city's "occupied" protest zone after Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order on Wednesday. Protesters were told to disperse and several arrests have been made. PRESS F SOCIALISM FAILS YET AGAIN
>>64173 >Do they ever define what qualifies as systematic racism? Of course not. How else were they gonna blame the white man in black run cities? It's the hwayte man's fault for dindus being racist to dindus. > The nogs were given equal opportunity to pursuit success and that wasn't enough. It will never be enough till they live in mansions, consequence free from their actions. The world will be raycis towards samboes till they get their BA, MS and Phd all in the span of 1 year and can waltz around calling themselves professors and shiet. >The system gives them handouts and implement numerous social policies into giving them an fairer chance to escape poverty >universities even lower their standards for blacks specifically >companies are pushing diversity quotas so all you have to be is nignog alone to be given the advantage in an system where opportunity is becoming more limited by the day Still not enough. More needs to be given. I hope the plug gets pulled soon. I really wanna see what happens. >merit Merit is an invention of the white man. But the white man keeps it to himself in order to oppress the non-whites. No shitskin can ever posses merit, for the white man hogs it all like the racist he is. >Someone at work was telling me that blacks are likely the most racially profiled by the police If it quacks like a duck..........
>>64175 What exactly lit a fire under their asses for them to let the police do their jobs?
>>64177 niggеrs started killing each other as always
>>64177 They shot two underaged unarmed black kids in their own car while preventing them from escaping peacefully
Open file (7.43 KB 236x176 74687.jpg)
>>64179 >They shot two underaged unarmed black kids The popo did or other dindus? I mean, 2 less gangbangers is a good thing.
>>64179 Post skittles for proof.
>>64177 didn't the protesters finally find the mayors address and show up at her house or some shit as well?
>>64179 I think the two kids were native, and that car was stolen.
Open file (576.15 KB 673x764 1502189368393.png)
>>64184 How should an idependent communist collective have the information that a random car was stolen. Sounds like an attempt to rationalize the murdering of there fellow nogs
>>64186 true, the damage control is going to be off the charts.
Open file (31.32 KB 425x604 1000 yards.jpg)
>>64183 > Those two tried to break through our barricades so we fully unloaded our clip into them > supposedly they were drive-by shooting > then we pulled them out and now treating them with "life-saving efforts" They're dead aren't they.
>>64188 One dead, the other in critical condition. Two days later mayor orders the whole place dismantled.
Open file (61.79 KB 1023x1080 Interested Anime Girl.jpg)
>>64188 Isn't nature fascinating?
Where's JIM to stream about this?
>>64191 You mention JIM and streaming, now he won't stream until next year.
>>64192 And absolutely nothing of even minuscule value was lost
Open file (183.82 KB 752x489 PPPSurferno textTLOU2.png)
>>64192 >he didn't see the stream on sunday
>>64195 X Jim can get off his ass, he just doesn't want to.
>>64197 "Anon", have you ever seen how Jim looks like irl? he very well could be a 500 lb. smoking slob.
>>64198 Well, maybe, "anon," but have you even seen how Jim looks like irl? he very well could be a 100 lb smoking slob. When I smoked I was even more lightweight than I am now.
>>64199 <100 lb smoking slob >cogdis kicks in Potentially, possibly maybe yes, "anon". A lot of smokers are obese as well, look at kraut for example. He didn't became a German sausage the minute he dropped the 23 boxes of cigarettes heused to indulge himself with.
>>64200 He could be smoking weed non-stop. If so he'd be way over 500 lbs.
>>64201 Maybe. When I smoked weed it killed my hunger pains so I ate less.
I bet Jim doesn't even go to Weight Watchers.
Open file (37.08 KB 1066x492 gap.jpg)
Open file (82.01 KB 1522x774 BE4Sshu.jpg)
>>64205 If only his teeth collectivised.
Open file (313.01 KB 200x117 philclap.gif)
>>64131 its not like he wasn't warned by the pedo about this weeks ago and dick continued to platform josh. its delicious to see all his work destroyed by vordrak.
Open file (47.86 KB 1024x556 niggeryes.jpg)
>>64188 One of the CHAZ security guys pistolwhipped the 16 year old kid into a bloody pulp and then shot him execution style point blank. Transexual anarchists on twitter were talking mad shit like LOOKS LIKE THE FASCISTS DIDN'T REALIZE WE DON'T PLAY AROUND, WE ARN'T LIBERALS but are now laying low. Some are saying "well how do you know the 14 year old black kid wasn't a white supremacist?" They're trying to claim the two nigs were driveby shooting but it looks liek they were just joyriding, there were no casings or weapons in the car and their windows were up. Funnily enough the police are trying to investigate who murdered this kid and almost murdered the other. None of the antifa fags are cooperating. I guess they don't want police brutality that ended in the death of an unarmed black child investigated in this specific case.
Open file (298.16 KB 588x588 Motorized Bear.jpg)
>>64210 >One of the CHAZ security guys pistolwhipped the 16 year old kid into a bloody pulp and then shot him execution style point blank. Was a white liberal or negroid? >Some are saying "well how do you know the 14 year old black kid wasn't a white supremacist?" Bullshit. They seriously said that?
>>64210 >protest negro dying >seize land >kill negro Pottery
Open file (450.73 KB 703x457 Chaz shenanigans.png)
>>64211 >Was a white liberal or negroid? Not sure. >Bullshit. They seriously said that? Yeah I saw them claiming it was still possibly a right wing fascist attack on CHAZ even after it came out it was two black kids. In the footage of the attack you can't really see anything but after the initial shooting you can hear a guy shout "Oh you're not dead yet huh? Wanna get pistolwhipped?" and then a short time later you hear a single shot. It sounds liek a white guy to me. Audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-7wz55l80I
>>64213 Can't wait for that "all black police" to operate exclusively in negroid towns. Fuck it. Give'em a state. Thing will be depopulated in less than a year.
>>64183 If it was done by the popo there'd be streets on fire.
<Alt right not allowed to attend Charlottesville rally to protest removal of Confederate statue. It's shut down by the VA state police forces immediately. Antifa allowed to march through the streets freely afterward, celebrating until James Fields chimps out, panics, and drives into the crowd for revenge. Alt right is scapegoated and demonized for years, despite not really doing anything collectively. Just a random sperg or two went postal. >Nignogs allowed to loot, set fires, riot, and protest following George Floyd viral footage, astroturfed and amplified by mainstream media inciting negros to violence. Corporations all bend the knee and submit to BLM for fear of negative PR, and health officials even give their blessing to negros protesting, allowing them to break COVID-19 quarantine to protest. Some even claim that white supremacy is a bigger threat than COVID-19 anyway, so the protests should continue. BLM is given the full support, blessing, and wet sloppy blowjob by globohomo. All institutions, corporations, and media submit and pander heavily, doing damage control for their pet blacks.
>>64206 DSP makes Gaytor look like a newfag. Bet alogs didn't know he was once the 5th most viewed creator July of 2009.
>>64217 If Gaytor heard that he would just start bragigng about raiding Habbo Hotel to cope
Does Booberlee or anyone clip streams anymore? I don't see them as much.
>>64219 >Does Booberlee or anyone clip streams anymore? Yes, but Jcaesar forbade her from clipping his gay show bickers his feelings got asshurt two or three weeks ago.
>>64219 Гунт Dm'd booberlee and told her to stop making videos off his cocks. Retardski went copyright striking clip channels too.
>>64173 I never got a satisfactory answer what they define as "system". It's like they jump from structural over sociological to ideological, to idiosyncratic definition of the term, just what seems to be more irrational to provoke a reaction and never able to provide sources beside Wikipedia. In all honesty, the intellectual dishonesty regarding the definition of their own terms, is what should paint a big red flag on any of those grifters and keep them away from ever gaining relevancy. How is it possible to argue with somebody about phenomena if they have no consistent opinion and views, not even on the definition of their own good damn terms. Anybody promoting, platforming or encouraging the engagement with the alt left should be considered not worth a reply
>>64222 The altleft should be deplatformed everywhere. Not bickers I care about their politics but bickers they are perverts who sexualize and fetishize children. Frankly anyone promoting trans ideology should be in jail.
Open file (153.20 KB 434x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Dolphin has fucked up the chat.
>>64225 what?
>>64225 wew he is evolving to talking to himself with a bot
Open file (229.44 KB 652x499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (80.59 KB 756x557 smug.JPG)
Autism is Unstoppable got permabanned from jewtube. He started a change.org petition to get his channel back.
Open file (189.63 KB 1280x1642 JudaismIsUnstoppable.jpg)
>>64228 ahahahahahahahaha
Open file (612.57 KB 649x469 ONTS.png)
>>64228 Get fucked, unopinionated, unprincipled skeptic faggot.
>>64228 Who thought >we would live to see such FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!s in our time? If I never hear his autistic voice again in my life I'd be happy.
Open file (353.93 KB 900x584 3423456476.jpg)
Open file (163.14 KB 288x288 internetdenizen.png)
Is it just me, or has PPP lost the Esoteric Avatara spark and gone the way of jcaesar187 since the end of NEWPROJECT2? His recent cooking stream was him seetheing over a goat farmer.
>>64169 I've read Coulter Books. They're big, but surprisingly easy reads. Anyone who considers reading them an accomplishment should bonk themselves. They're pretty low tier.
alssup legit looked worried and anxious the further that debate went on lol imagine getting assblasted that hard
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4teM7cKQrU4 Ronversations by Proxy: The Interview - Part 3
>>64238 On what grounds?
>>64238 why was he shitting himself? His house got doxed?
Open file (580.86 KB 434x596 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (748.13 KB 1504x768 flam on cam.png)
flam on cam playing beatsaber
Open file (181.28 KB 370x243 fagmencope.png)
>>64243 >>64244 Room not as cringe and full of weebshit as I was expecting. That would be a plus if it weren't so extremely depressing. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just that dresser and the bed, with nothing on the walls.
>>64243 flamenco seems to want to be a serious streamer, hes gonna have to show his face eventually right theres not a single big streamer that gets big without some networking
>>64244 lmfao i thought that's joachim for a moment he gives those faggot vibes with that hat and shades
Open file (232.85 KB 1200x736 devon_sextourist.jpg)
>>64228 >devon the sex tourist thinks he's important lmao
fagmenco on cam enlarged for possible Гунт shots and no weasel isnt here so hold your autism https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
managed to catch the last 7 mins of fagmenco on cam. First bit is muted bickers im retarded https://mega.nz/file/98AgzKTA#LQqZ_OTp0GNA5P_XFjrPijit6FJUQnZAr6u9wgTDwDg
Open file (34.04 KB 657x527 1551025815289.png)
>>64246 Why does he own these things? what have I missed while I was out working?
>>64216 Wouldn't white supremacy be better suited for globalization? Really boggles the mind why they allow shitskins to behave as they want.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
Open file (313.01 KB 200x117 dspclap.gif)
>boot LTG from FGC for based tranny roast >entire community self destructs not even a month later for actual legitimate child grooming and pedophilia from e-celebs all the way up to the big guy behind EVO THE KINGS WIN AGAIN
>>64244 Kind of dissapointed in fact of course, since the Гунт was calling him fat I was expecting more of a gaytor or Гунт physique.
>>64255 Гунт was just projecting. You can hear people like him and Gaytor and you already know they're fat fucks. Fagmencope always sounded like a lanky twig man.
>>64255 >>64256 i thought it was strange Гунт thought he was actually fat, since i remember fagmenco has mentioned going to the gym a lot
>>64242 I can hear it in PPP's voice KAARINNGE
Open file (99.53 KB 1150x1200 D4S4OzoX4AUmdIj.jpg)
>>64242 he truly is turning into maddox with this ironic cutesy shit
>>64259 yet she still managed to come off as calmer than andy was
Open file (176.44 KB 634x436 Kronk Gun.png)
>>64259 >sheboon starts shit >jumps behind car as it's backing up <YOU HIT ME YOU DUMB BITCH >starts slapping car >white woman pulls a gun out <YOU RAYCIS CRACKA BITCH Imagine a world where you can shoot a nog and get off by claiming self defense. No evidence needed.
>>64259 god G​AMERGATEs are so unlikable
Open file (24.23 KB 452x174 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64264 cringe and cope-pilled
>>64242 No wonder he begs for sex.
Open file (276.57 KB 649x479 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64264 >the infuence of AF across the conservative movement Conservatives have been twiddling their thumbs while marxists and G​AMERGATEs burn their cities down and destroy their monuments. They're also as obsessed with Israel as ever. It's more dangerous to wear a MAGA hat now than it was in 2016. Fat orange retard couldn't even keep his fucking subreddit from getting nuked.
>>64228 Didn't Devoon confuse a flu with coronavirus a couple months ago? >>64267 >>64264 Nicolás and Chungus seething.
Open file (1010.75 KB 755x740 SFO.png)
>>64268 Was it him or sfo? I always confuse N​IGGER's low level capos with each other.
>>64259 >she igneren The favorite projection of all ghetto twerps. They never bother mention of what one is igneren, thereby ending the igneren. >>64268 >>64269 Devon was whining about staying alive from a fever a few months ago. Bitch, if you die from a flu, at you're age, it was your time to go, so stop acting like your stranded alone in the jungle or some shit.
>>64249 >Sex-tourism is Unstoppable
>>64264 yaaaaaaaaaawn, wake me up when something happens. Spicolas still trying to cope nobody gives a shit about groypers after the AFpac, i almost wish DUP would lose just so i can see Nicky cry on camera
Open file (147.76 KB 1200x800 pegged.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxHgzs1gXWY Fake injun gonna be discussin the Andy dis that's behind a paywall.
>>64274 >donga still seething about the portugese retard that kicked his ass at mma Flamenco showing off his transformer toys was unironically more compelling than this faggot's show.
>>64273 Even with the deplatformings, most of these grifters will disappear altogether if Trump loses. The over-saturated market is already drying up.
>>64259 Those raciss ypipo are going to get fucked by the law for drawing and not shooting. Guess your life wasn't in danger since you didn't ventilate those G​AMERGATEs goyim.
Open file (334.14 KB 710x620 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (150.63 KB 720x408 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (248.84 KB 719x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (132.40 KB 720x347 ClipboardImage.png)
Count Dankula and Styx accidentally posted globalist cringe but forgot they were grifting nationalists. Now they're saying "merely pretending" and anyone calling them out is a special snowflake "leftonationalist" what an absolutely cringe term.
>>64278 >semi-joke Styx, you don't have a funny bone in your body, and only a spineless, shapeshifting pussy makes a "semi-joke."
>>64278 >leftonationalists so styx?
>>64274 is the original stream of this worth watching? Don't know if i can stomach over an hour of this boring Howard Stern clone and his Portuguese shadow.
>>64278 tbf as a jock i'd rather take in the honk kongers than the shitskins,but since we're gonna get hit with both its pretty balls
>>64278 >my semi-joke https://www.bitchute.com/video/sW8NfAxWLM9l/ This faggot was enthusiastic about "owning the Chicoms" by taking all of the people in Hong Kong from China. Is his fanbase just old boomers at this point? https://streamable.com/sr4bk
>>64281 >is the original stream of this worth watching? Probably since he goes from friendly to fuck you Andy in a single stream. Would watch it if it wasn't behind a paywall.
Ryan Dawson deleted from Patreon just hours after Ghisleine Maxwell arrest Shit's getting real, kikes afraid what people will say about all this, going after social media, money hard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaAIo32hO5s
>>64278 Damn, Venti and the platespics being so fucking obsessed with Sticks666 makes me forget how much of a queer he is.
Some twitch kike called Rektful sudoku'd himself
>>64285 Want to start a pool on how long it takes for Ms. Maxwell to shoot herself in the back of the head twice? I'm giving this no more than two weeks.
>>64288 On livestream?
>>64290 nah, he jumped from his apartment after his gf rejected a marriage proposal over twitter. There's a video online from an adjacent building showing the clean up crew sweeping him up.
Open file (431.91 KB 589x892 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64291 >no pressure >kills himself Wew lad.
>>64287 When I first saw Andy on red bar I was like no way this is happening. Maybe send the full rundown in a non-autistic way?
>tfw you're a dumbass who should an hero if you propose to a woman on twitter
Open file (33.47 KB 480x480 One last trip.jpg)
>>64293 >hey its Andy >Isn't andy great? >he's really great >he can copy me I don't care >I'll even emulate his hairstyle <STAY BACK clip starts playing >this ain't really all that funny Andy >you put people's lives in danger >What were you gonna get if he started to SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT? >"Mo money an superchats" >"F-FAWK Y-YEAH" >This ain't funny andy >You're a retard <Andy begs him not to play the clip anymore <told him to shut up like 4-5 times <Andy's hearth broke >"H-how about I g-give you 200$ to forgive?" <rejected It is unclear if Andy left or got kicked.
Open file (1.43 MB 720x1480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.67 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64288 >>64291 where is the video?
>>64296 Is that his car or a rental?
Open file (203.29 KB 851x347 Guntlet.png)
>>64296 holy shit what a gunlet
Open file (61.14 KB 630x702 snap.JPG)
>>64296 Yep, this one's going in my NOT TRUUU compilation.
Open file (358.17 KB 552x543 1473896077682.png)
Open file (14.68 KB 339x436 payne smirk.jpg)
>>64296 >>64300 The Гунт already consumed his torso
Open file (1.38 MB 2048x1536 guntmobile.jpg)
>>64287 wow this is excellent, didn't know who this redbar guy was at all, but him shitting on tardski is peak kino good for him
>>64279 It shows the desperation of the alt left to find a platform with an engaging influential audience for max grifting. Nobody wants them, not even ShitTransenHammer1488
Open file (94.55 KB 576x768 0dbhd78hfh851.jpg)
>>64297 can't find the vid as it got pulled from the twatters in minutes.
>>64297 actually, i spoke too soon. Here is some footage from a mouthbreather overlooking the scene. https://streamable.com/5wgncw https://streamable.com/2y8475 https://streamable.com/vjp9pv https://streamable.com/0w9faa
Open file (6.05 MB 1280x720 kidzbop.webm)
>>64304 I started to listen to red bar/Mike Davis when this thread was less entertaining. I think he is the guy that sang this awesome song.
Open file (27.57 KB 1135x146 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64304 I like how he shit on the killstream the whole time.
Open file (89.69 KB 377x1142 475892374.jpg)
>when you send your ex girlfriend merch
Open file (223.28 KB 849x478 pathetic.png)
Гунтstream link for VLC if you dont want to watch troonstream or gib Гунт views: https://dlive-live-hls.akamaized.net/dlive/transcode-72-50/ther.alphretort/1593740224/src/live.m3u8 Media>Open Network stream>Network tab> paste this and open delete the dot between "r" and "a" in the link in r.alph
>>64315 but how can i chat with trannies there?
Open file (458.84 KB 754x673 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (759.13 KB 2048x1338 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (933.57 KB 2047x1291 ClipboardImage.png)
Dlive partner discord chat. Sharks are circling around Nick and the groypers. yeeaaahhh big yikes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOkPd66ramM Ronversations by Proxy: The Interview - Part 4
>>64303 amazin'
Open file (60.83 KB 636x1024 realnews.jpg)
Open file (19.53 KB 1024x768 deadboards.png)
REAL NEWS This is your friendly local reporter back with more hot takes. It has been just over two months since Weasel killed julay. PPH has dropped so much Julay barely breaks 15 posts a day. Most of the PPH are in one thread and the result of the troon defense force attempting to rewrite history. Weasel has only managed to book one boring show since he killed the site and seems to spend most of his time watching Pokemon with a bunch of pedos on the troonstream. He's introduced new merch to the Гунт store shilling it heavily bickers he's now making 100% of the profits instead of the 33% he was making before. Robi has disavowed both the troonstream and the merch store. This reporter received a HOT TIP last week. Apparently the regulars of the troonstream has into pedophilia. I've had multiple sources come forward with the same story. They have all told me that the troonstream regulars would request that they stream with no shirt on. Troons would request that they film their underage siblings and send them dick pics. Everyone that has attempted to leak this information has been accused of pedophilia. All threads posted about it on /cow/ are quickly deleted by the top pedophile Weasel. When I approached Robi for comment all he would tell me was >wew This may be his way to hint that it's true but he's unable to say anything bickers he's being held hostage by the pedos. All attempts to read his mind have failed thus far. He has refused to leave his Faraday cage since the WuFlu was first spotted in Mongolia. My sources have revealed that Weasel, Dolphin, and other troons spammed /v/ with child porn the day Julay died. It picked up heavily right after Weasel directed other global vols who were not in on the CP spam to no longer moderate the board. My sources have also revealed to me that there are hidden boards on Julay where the troons share CP with each other. The deletion of porn boards and the banning of loli posters is just a cover for these hidden boards. It is suspected that Robi has become anhero and his accounts are just sock puppets of Weasel. Robi has not updated the warrant canary in 5 months and has not signed any posts with his keys since the same time. Most anons suspect Julay is now a honeypot and should be avoided. If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: forced hehpilling, gokkun, cum inflation, ball worship, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Find me on the interpol website for more details. This is your friendly reporting tengu signing off.
>>64323 These essays are getting worse
Open file (89.83 KB 675x900 dolphinbot.jpg)
>>64323 Daily reminder that you're full of shit: Jun 07 16:21:36 <feco> loli? Jun 07 16:21:43 <feco> i dont know when kimeemaru posted loli Jun 07 16:23:49 <feco> bickers he brought friends to a board which just so happened to post loli hes also guilty of the same crime? You're full of shit. You really are. I know your sources. Your "sources" are IRC pedos in #2hu8ch on Rizon/12gameovers/volafile. I never spammed CP. You're a HRT pedo.
Open file (13.70 KB 200x161 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64324 Why do trannys dislike reading so much?
Open file (42.85 KB 500x500 GIdolphin.jpg)
>>64327 Shut up, tranny.
>>64328 I just find it odd that this board is dead at all hours but as soon as Koi shows up to post FAKE NEWS you faggots are here within seconds. Do you F5 the thread all day while you're jacking off to CP in troonstream chat?
Open file (6.46 MB 932x662 zunko1.webm)
>>64329 Do what this person did. It'll fix your life. kys and take your HRT
>>64329 >what are autoupdates >>64327 it's the cocks not the length. Go back to loleron's gay site now.
Open file (2.43 MB 480x270 dolphinyes.gif)
>>64330 >everyone that dislikes >us trannys is a tranny >everyone that dislikes >us pedos is a pedo hmmmm >>64331 >it's the cocks Should he post pokemon fanfics instead?
>>64333 very nice
Open file (3.55 MB 320x240 a51.gif)
Open file (4.99 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
>>64329 >the cp loving pedo trannies of /cow/ are STILL upset at based koi >months later HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHNAHAHAHAHAH he won, deal with it
>>64317 imagine streaming on dlive and earning money for them just to squeeze a few lemons from the emperor before being shut down by all the rasputins and jafars on the payroll >>64312 lol
Open file (94.98 KB 625x626 cirno_bait.png)
>>64329 >hatate >koi
Open file (12.76 KB 214x317 Will Smith.jpg)
>will smith got cucked >HE GAVE HER PERMISSION
>>64335 >>64324 I'm sure you're really getting him mad by feeding him (you)'s and seething in your troonchat. How many emotes have you guys added for the essayfag now? Is it all still the same person? Can anyone explain why there has been no canary update? https://julay.world/.transparency/CANARY-20200128.txt >This canary will be updated at least 3 months but not more than once a month. >The public key has been updated also as it has expired. It now expires on 2020-07-26. If he doesn't update it within the next few weeks further updates will not be able to be trusted bickers he'll be signing it with an expired key. This is a legitimate concern.
>>64343 Can't be as mad as that noodleneck goober black nerd Peepeepoomer. He's eternally seething bickers of randos calling out his gamma male black nerd shit, cucked by Chad who Tyrone worships.
>>64343 That key is in Ulaanbaatar. Probably won't be able to update it. Nobody to update it for, anyway.
>>64343 >>64195 PPP has become everything he's hated. First, he cucked like a raging simp when his Spoony Video Game Nerd video got banned, going woe is me while repeating his gay anti-right wing muh consistency shit, and now he's surrounded by sycophantic loser fans like underaged Black Nerd Peepeepoomer. He's lost everything without Earwinson.
Open file (229.98 KB 500x443 Smug Anime Girl 22.png)
>>64347 It looks like it was made in 2011. >andy saying STAY BACK to school bullies
>>64347 where did his tooth gap go?
>>64347 the way he talks reminds me of robi like how >we all knew he was actually Asian the instant he spoke
>>64343 Robi sold out, not really a secrete. Everybody who is still online did, the rest got kicked off
Open file (50.24 KB 163x200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64352 *try going to the front page instead due to the word filter here
>>64351 no shit, he's selling the domain off for about 30euro just to get rid of it aka julay 2.0 never ever. Notice how the idiots guide to making your imageboard never dropped? He had no intention to despite all the grandstanding about muh webring.
Open file (47.78 KB 396x353 Cry.jpg)
>>64354 > julay 2.0 never ever Is it finally over? For realzies this time?
>>64352 >Fri, 03 Jul 2020 14:41:59 +0200 <d_olphin> - - [03/Jul/2020:14:41:34 +0200] "GET /view<em>log.php?log=%D0%93%D1%83%D0%BD%D1%82stream</em>2020-07-03.txt HTTP/1.1" 200 3959 "<a href="https://julay.world/cow/last/2.html&quot;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">https://julay.world/cow/last/2.html"</a> "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0" >Fri, 03 Jul 2020 14:42:18 +0200 <d_olphin> damn >Fri, 03 Jul 2020 14:42:19 +0200 <d_olphin> VPN/VPS cry harder dolphinpedo
Open file (23.75 KB 668x508 ClipboardImage.png)
https://twitter.com/MisterAntiBully Jim's gone from twitter. Anybody know a good place to keep up on general happenings?
Open file (10.70 KB 597x481 SARGON WINS.png)
Chalk up another one DSP outlived
>>64358 4/pol/ of course Where the fuck else do you think gym gets all his info you spastic paypig
>>64358 You relied on an eternally late grifter for your happenings?
Open file (86.37 KB 800x1400 mistergator.jpg)
>>64358 get fucked fear merchant off to parler with ye
Open file (31.33 KB 590x283 Dicky Spencer.jpg)
my window is telling me that this is the last thing he ever tweeted out. if so, lol, DSP WINS
>>64323 After months this is the best you can do, the same >you're the real pedo's bickers you don't jack off to cartoon children like me. You could've at least come up with some new lies, but I guess you where too busy trying to convince people that you really don't jack off to loli anymore, that's just all in the past.
Open file (122.25 KB 974x1186 jim talks with god.jpg)
>>64366 considering you don't even know how to greentext properly, I will believe him instead of you also, lmao, this just keeps getting funnier
>>64367 Sometimes it just looks worse to put the quote on a different line. Kind of like how you split up your post with reddit spacing for aesthetic purposes.
Open file (30.40 KB 962x197 cow is dead on julay.png)
>>64368 >/cow/ >calling anyone reddit I would chalk it up to your butthurt, but I know it's due to you pedos not having any self awareness also, lol, looks like koi really did win in the end
>>64358 lol nice get fucked slimey hat merchant
>>64369 Ah, you're one of his lads. I should probably remind you that his precious /japan/ is deader then a doornail, probably bickers he's too lazy to clean up dolphins spam and bickers his attempt at forcing all the /v/ pedo's into his tengu cult of personality failed spectacularly, and just ended up with them flocking to his other long term enemy, Mark.
Open file (1.96 MB 480x272 cow nassim.gif)
>>64371 >just ended up with them flocking to his other long term enemy, Mark. And acid in turn is already looking at de-anonymizing tor users. Fun all around.
>>64358 >>64359 will he use this as an excuse to run away? After doing a few final member streams ofc >>64366 koi publicly admitted that he jerks off to toddlercon but I guess the people that laugh at retards and pedos are the real kiddy diddlers.
Open file (51.01 KB 280x440 orin.gif)
Open file (81.06 KB 200x122 litty.gif)
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 dspdance.gif)
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 dspdance.gif)
>>64365 >>64367 >Gym mocks DSP >DSP responds >Gym's twitter is down THE ETERNAL COCKROACH DSP NEVER STOPS WINNING
>>64346 >PPP has become everything he's hated. I dont think so. PPP has no patreon and his Ronnie video was funny af. > raging simp when his Spoony Video Game Nerd video got banned, When did this happened? >He's lost everything without Earwinson. Name which was the last good Earwinson's video? Earwinson lost quality, he stopped doing actual videos after the Spoony Doc he gave to PPP. After that, is only downwards with his black screen videos. It doesn't even matter now since Earwinson is retiring bickers he is 25 (Even though he looks like 30). >>64236 In order to pull a jcaesar187, he must do a pillstream and dox at least one his loser fans.
Open file (344.71 KB 715x1000 forhangingfag.jpg)
>>64371 >I should probably remind you that his precious /japan/ is deader then a doornail Thanks for confirming you lurk >probably bickers he's too lazy to clean up dolphins spam Says the man that gave him free reign over his life's work known as the troonstream >his attempt at forcing all the /v/ pedo's into his tengu cult of personality failed spectacularly, and just ended up with them flocking to his other long term enemy, Mark. Are you really attempting to shift blame for killing the webring on to Koi now? If anyone should be blamed for Mark and Acidkike's site having users it's (you). All you had to do was take it easy but you couldn't allow anything to exist that didn't fall in line with your /tv/ tranny world view. Take a long look at it, does it burn your eyes?
>>64376 He has no patreon now. What if he strikes gold with one of his videos and then "forgets" about his past audience? >Name which was the last good Earwinson's video? The Spoony video was great and was in his classic Jahans documentary style, I agree. The latest videos, I think, were a fusion of his artistic style mixed with PPP's live format. Edit: thanks for the upvotes
Open file (2.45 MB 500x281 1445445448155.gif)
>>64367 All of my sex acts were very welcome
>>64377 >Thanks for confirming you lurk Well after he posted one of his essays still seething about me on here, I'd be dumb not to have a look. >gave dolphin free reign What, by not banning him from the streamchat? >Are you really attempting to shift blame for killing the webring on to Koi now? Not the webring, that seems fine right now anyway, but when you turn a board that's supposed to be about videogames on a website that's trying to get rid of porn boards into a pedo free-for-all, yes, he did do everything he can to try to kill this place. >take it easy Sorry, I don't have any loli saved on my pc to jerk off to.
Friendly reminder that Weasel aka Hanging_Pedo is a newfag that doesn't know of any imageboards that aren't in the webring. When Julay dies you don't have to worry about him coming to any of them and weaseling his way into a janny position. I feel bad for Gahoole and all of /tv/ though bickers once Robi gets sick or this place he'll be begging to be a vol over there if he isn't already. This fag has had a taste of power and he likes it.
>>64377 how can one autist make them so mad? it's pretty funny
>>64380 >/v/ >supposed to be about video games Be honest Hanging_withPedos in what year did you discover imageboards?
>>64380 >a board that's supposed to be about videogames Was it about videogames when your Гунтstreamer ass was deleting any TLOU2 threads and banning people who remade them?
>>64383 As crazy as it sounds videogames is what julay's /v/ was about, until your buddies from /japan/ started their campaign to burn out the BO to make him take the hehpill and give ownershop of the place to koi, who promptly changed the focus to posting loli. >>64384 Your new narrative is that I was the one deleting TLOU2 threads?
>>64376 im surprised people still care about ppp
>>64385 There is no narrative dumb fuck this isn't one of your little e-celeb wars. Everyone knows you went full retard, deleted everything that personally offended you, and shifted the blame on anyone that was convenient at the time. I don't care that the G​AMERGATE BO took the hehpill and gave the board away. Bullying the BO is tradition and if they can't handle it then it's no big deal. The only problem on Julay is (((you))) are your retarded need to control everything. The BO says >there are no rules! and you take it upon yourself to ban a bunch of people for posting something that didn't violate the global rules. You cause all the boards here to leave. You are called a faggot by every BO that used to host their boards here. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. YOU ARE WHY THIS PLACE DIED. YOU ARE WHY THE ГунтSTREAM TURNED INTO THE TROONSTREAM. THE ONLY REASON YOU'RE STILL HERE IS bickers ROBI IS TOO NICE TO DEMOTE YOU. What a friend that Robi is. He stuck by despite all your fuck ups and you're still here acting like you've done no wrong. I don't know what his problem is. I would have shit canned you the second you demanded 30% of all donations to transfer the money so it could go to server bills. Please die in a fire.
>>64385 >Your new narrative is that I was the one deleting TLOU2 threads? >new get a grip retard or just overdose on HRT and die. You already killed julay, whats another worthless husk in the noose?
>>64385 how does it feel knowing you singel handely killed off this imageboard, and /cow/ with it? cause it's pretty hilarious to me, actually. you can almost post any screencap of yours without context in a LOL thread, and it would get a laugh out of somebody
>>64387 >>64388 >theres no narrative goy >especially not the narrative essays that koi writes on a regular basis and we follow to the letter Say hi to John from me.
>>64390 I can taste your butthurt, hanging_Гунт. It is delicious BTW, everybody will always know how much of a newfag you are, you cannot ever change that
Open file (257.40 KB 338x600 sargon_cat.png)
>>64387 >There is no narrative >Everyone Are you a mind reader now?
Open file (89.83 KB 675x900 dolphinbot.jpg)
>>64392 the fucks happened to him is he on a diet of smack or something? is this what major dopamine withdrawals do to a person?
>What if he strikes gold with one of his videos <and then "forgets" about his past audience? he tried to monetize the Spoony video Earwinson gave him <When do you think PPP will strike gold? I think he has a good 5 to 6 month window to become new Jim. If he revive his esoteric powers and kill the Гунт in livestream though. Then he should kill Jim and give Jim's skin to gaytor, turning gaytor into his bottom bitch. Also do you think Earswinson retired? >>64386 There are no new players in this side of the internet, who besides PPP is a newcomer with good cocks? the last one was that kike who meme'd himself out of a balcony, great cocks but too short.
Open file (750.64 KB 800x700 ClipboardImage.png)
fuck koi delete koi
Open file (1.07 MB 2480x1754 Julay's reckoning.png)
>>64392 can't speak for him, but I don't think it takes a nostradamus to see that julay is dead, and a certain pedophile who does it for 30% will be eternally butthurt, and be forever mocked for it I don't care either way, I'm just enjoying the inevitable, pitiful death of /cow/, that really started to go in full force with the start of bloodsports threads. How fitting that this is how it ends, too
>>64391 Well, if not jerking off to children makes you a newfag, guilty as charged I'm afraid.
Open file (371.54 KB 1114x1003 modabuse.png)
>>64397 Гунтopia is extremely based. He wants you to be on stream, koi. PM him on IRC/in the cytube.
Open file (196.77 KB 1867x724 julay broken.png)
>>64398 You seem to talk about children an awful lot, like you have experience seeing naked children, and therefore, you can tell what classifies as "jerking off to children" and what doesn't, so I will take your word for it, lmao >>64399 I don't really care about your stream, to be honest, bickers 1) I'm not 12 and 2) I still have some self respect so keep your underage cuckchan drama to yourself, plz
I fucking hate board metadrama. Nobody cares.
>>64360 N-no everything he says on stream is original
Open file (4.12 MB 480x270 pppdance.gif)
Open file (51.79 KB 256x256 BASED.png)
>>64367 Phill catching bodies left and right, he just put the big mean metokur on his place: another notch on his belt
Open file (468.11 KB 751x853 ClipboardImage.png)
>jim's new account called quarantined coof >still pushing memeflu hoax and china nukes >Joined January 2016 *HA-HAAACK* R-REALLY, IT REALLY GEE. DOESN'T THAT... CHYAT DOESN'T THAT UHHH ANYONE ALMONDS ACTIVATED, HUH?
Open file (97.83 KB 938x463 damnbro.jpg)
>>64405 >ready for another six months of hilarious coof memes chyat?
>>64397 It was already supposed to be dead with the closure announcement anyway, so it's not a bad thing to expedite the process. I prefer ch-ch-ch-chill threads. >>64400 The larp in that middle post is painful.
>>64376 Earwinson has been radio silent for far too long, either he faded back to the aether as he always does, or quarantine is over in britbong land and he's back to work. > Earwinson is retiring bickers he is 25 (Even though he looks like 30). English people do not age well. I never seen an race of people who go balding at the ripe age of 20-ish.
>>64408 Considering he deleted both his twitter and his latest youtube, when he's been in the habit of saving them for PPP to use whenever he gets banned again, it's pretty safe to say he's back in Malta smoking a carton of cigarettes.
>>64408 There's no way schools are back yet, though video confs and exam corrections would probably take up a good chunk of his time if he's in education.
give it to me straight bovine board, is this the end or just another hickup >>64405 you can change the @ nowadays
>>64411 >is this the end or just another hickup Yes. No. Both. Neither.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCdkgotiBZU Jim's Closed/Augie Kicked from YPP Again/BX Something is invited Guess who's running another victory lap?
>>64413 >Jim's Closed Why is donga typing like pic related?
>>64414 Turns out Donga was the actual oldfag all along before Gaytor's newfag ancestors colonized his tribe
>>64358 de-de-de-deported
Open file (559.96 KB 1113x623 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (178.41 KB 929x525 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64419 Okay, what the fuck. Here's a screenshot from the same video talking about the time Justin Whang (some random e-celeb) was taken off Twitter. You can see in the DM that the guy threatening him is talking about MadDax. What the fuck is happening here? Who is this "president hound" guy? Is he the same guy that's been a-logging Memology over DSP or something? I'll try to find this guy on Twatters mayte and get the story out of him.
>>64419 Dyslexic race-mixing fed or mexican catboy incel, choose your leader huwite man.
Open file (19.66 KB 601x482 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64420 Well, shit, that didn't go too far. I'll try finding his alt anyway.
Open file (340.41 KB 972x419 700000 GET.png)
>>64417 Guess this is Jim's new twitter.
Open file (43.11 KB 707x254 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (94.60 KB 599x493 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64424 And of course it ties back to DSP. What doesn't? https://nitter.net/GlitzyChu/status/1238954061438709760
>>64424 >britbong flagged whang bickers mastersimp wouldn't block britbong on twitter What?
Open file (269.82 KB 1280x720 dspandkhet.jpg)
>>64425 *ackackack softly heard in the distance*
>>64426 Nah, i believe @hhoundpresident is an alias of Superhound who is one of Britbong's detractors so he is attacking anyone who doesn't disavow Britmong. I had to read it 3 times and i am still unsure.
>>64428 Yeah, I misread it. Empty threw out that britbong was hound, and that probably subconsciously fucked with my reading of it. Why would someone care if the Dr. Phill guy blocked someone? I mean you could just bait britbong into ragging on NP2 or something. Seems convoluted.
>>64323 >tengu <koiG​AMERGATE dindu nuffin, troon >>64413 >donga the oldfag Never forget: https://archive.is/dK8Tv >>64419 My mind is full of fuck.
>>64430 >Never forget: https://archive.is/dK8Tv Only one can be the scalie king.
Open file (92.23 KB 765x801 ClipboardImage.png)
Tommy Sotomayor hints at the JQ on Molyneux's show.
Open file (90.91 KB 646x412 ClipboardImage.png)
Edgy racist cartoonist and friend of stonetoss yoloswagstudios is now dating an unconvincing tranny.
Open file (137.13 KB 589x1153 64353643532.jpg)
Funny how Rand doesn't use his wife to advertise himself.
Open file (206.91 KB 402x555 rand-wife-fetching.jpg)
>>64435 To be fair, I can't blame him. He wants more viewers and paypigs; not more people finding out how much of a loser he is.
Open file (883.23 KB 1350x1920 kaguya_streaming1.png)
Open file (908.84 KB 1350x1920 kaguya_streaming2.png)
Open file (965.82 KB 1350x1920 kaguya_streaming3.png)
Open file (791.49 KB 1350x1920 kaguya_streaming4.png)
Open file (896.40 KB 1350x1920 kaguya_streaming5.png)
>>64323 >weasel killed julay (you) admitted to trying to kill it yourself john. >julay is dead Removing the other boards was a good thing, especially the porn boards which were always a mistake julay was made for /cow/ first and foremost. this is also an ironic statement considering the fact that (you)r own IB that (you) tried to jumpstart by trying to kill julay died in less than a month >muh pph Literal mark-level quip, pph is a meme. /cow/ has also always been a slow board >muh troonstream >/cow/ are t-the real pedophiles >weasel and dolphin spammed /v/ with cp Agent Johnson one of your right hand 2hu trannies admitted to spamming toddlercon 2d cp , (you) and the rest of your goons were the ones trying to spam julay to death with cp. along with mark and jewsh's cp spammers I didn't see anything that remotely looked like something that dolphinG​AMERGATE would post at the time. perhaps it was covered in all the cp (you) posted Don't think using the dolphin as a scapegoat will cover up the fact that (you) are a pedophile john. DAILY REMINDER THAT JOHN BARNHILL the long lost leaf brother of known pedophile cory ray barnhill is a pedophile IS A PEDOPHILE seethe, cope, dilate john
>>64376 His comedy, cancelling, and artistic expertise video has him pulling a gay woe is me schtick that he called out Jewsh and Dick for playing. You're also ignoring all of his cocks after the PPP won video he did celebrating the death of NEWPROJECT2. He has become Jim with his gay blackpills and the fact that he's surrounded by mindless dicksuckers who will defend him without question like Peepeepoomer (The gay G​AMERGATE version of Son of Tiamat at this point). He doesn't need a Patreon for any of this. That would just be icing on a cake of shit.
Open file (96.84 KB 699x413 Statebatkenti.jpg)
Open file (37.40 KB 847x439 PPPATHETIC.JPG)
>>64439 Yeah, his last video was pure skeptic/Metokur crap, combining fwee speech tawk with member the old internet tawk.
>>64440 NOOOOO DUP STAAAHP dup did finally say something based tho, negros and antifa are going to be jailed soon
Open file (26.92 KB 400x400 subversive.jpg)
>>64443 Dup has always been based, you have just been blackpilled by Commie's, Homosexuals, feds and shills.
Has redditkur done anything redeeming as of late? I haven't listen to the boomer since january.
>>64444 >>64444 >>64444 checking my own digits bickers this board is too DAMN slow
>>64444 I wish I could believe your digits, but it's 4 years of inaction and turning on his supporters that blackpilled a lot of us. At the very least he could pander to his own base like he did in 2016 instead of the constant shilling for the left >>64445 Jims last video was him and PPP and it isn't even worth a watch unless you want to see Leo pop out of nowhere and sperg about GG being the 9/11 of the internet
>>64447 >t. Commie's, Homosexuals, feds and shills stop being gay anon
Open file (330.10 KB 2048x1365 tulsi.jpg)
>>64444 I agree with the catboynats like Fuentez that a vote for Drumpf is better than Biden, but the cringenats are right in that the country has only gotten worse since he got into power, even with the senate. Asking people to dox antifa on his presidential twitter was a chad move, but >we haven't gotten anything in the way of free speech rights or stronger borders. I think all we got was forced abortions and you're not allowed to fire trannies. Although we'd probably be at war in the Middle East in a bigger sense than we already are if anyone but Drumpf or hawaiian mommy was president.
>>64449 Dupe represents and ideal, but in the material sense he will always fall short. But that ideal must live on. Thus Dupe gets
Open file (133.26 KB 300x200 mfw going on julay.png)
>>64438 >the absolute state of asshurt, lies and projections in this TORpedo post holy shit, he really DID break julay, hahahahah!
Open file (550.71 KB 714x1108 Fucking Revolting.png)
<slow day so might as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMZWqNZ84zk >3:20 >Chinks want to arrest foreign citizens for criticizing the CCP Faggots laughed at me when I said this was their goal all along. NOT SO FUNNY NOW IS IT?! Actually it still is. How can they even hope to apply this law given all that's happened.
>>64452 >(1) post by this ID
>>64454 I can't tell if this post is a parody, or if this is just what /cow/ has de-evolved into now, but I know for 100% that with this much deflection, weasel an maybe other julay staff are pedophiles. It's like seeing someone's first day on the chans, you can tell they're trying, but not hard enough
Open file (746.73 KB 800x700 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (324.07 KB 400x526 godwinson07.png)
>>64455 > on the chans
>>64455 <first day on the chans >chans Cleary (you) an obvious based oldfag are trying to hard, I hope that wasn't unironic and it was bait <w-weasel is t-the r-real pedophile <j-julay a-are t-the real p-pedos JOHN BARNHILL IS A PEDOPHILE keep on projecting with (you)r kike pilpul
>>64444 apparently dup bullies the (((world leaders))) in phone calls. This was the first thing I've seen in awhile that made dup look good to me. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/trumps-calls-with-world-leaders-including-trudeau-are-so-bad-that-his-advisers-consider-him-a-security-risk-report Naturally the media are flip flopping between russia bad and "omg dup accused mamma merkel of being a russian puppet" she sucks russian cock for gas
Open file (2.61 MB 1280x720 Owen_fuentes_mommy.webm)
>>64448 These julayers are unrealistic to be really frank with all of ya. >>64449 the fuck am i readin?
>>64459 Based dup FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!ing justin trudeaustein and angela merkelburg. More entertainment from dup is always nice, its the least he can do since hes made it pretty clear hes israel first, amerimutts second
>>64458 that's an awfully long winded way to say that you're a pedophile, but okay, lmao
Open file (1.64 MB 1600x1200 japan.png)
>>64453 And as with must e-celeb derived talk on China, be it from PPP, fraudwinson, or Jim, it's generally wrong.
>>64456 >Loleron Who the fuck is Loleron? >Julay <no data-mining or IP logging Robi, you motherfucker! Everyone knows you sell metadata to the fucking feds
>>64463 who are you trying to convince, others or yourself? everyone knows the only pedohpiles are on the julay's irc server, with the weasel front and center how fitting that the only active thread on /cow/ is the one about themselves, pottery
>same hour every day >same 2-3 distinct posting styles >same points over and over again You're an embarrassment, John.
Open file (1.60 MB 1280x718 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64467 Bro, he's a baste /intl/ oldfag, his hehpill aura and trolling schemes guarantee anger every time. Just look at this mess he made trying to prepare scrambled eggs and balony. Truly, only a master troll would create such a travesty for his own mother to clean up.
Open file (84.85 KB 595x786 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (211.03 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
People cannot handle me.
>>64470 So he changed his twitter email after he drunkenly flagged the guy that gave him the cp for the cp stream?
Open file (45.51 KB 288x358 inquiring_symbol.jpg)
>>64470 Genuinely wouldn't remember him if he weren't that fag with the cactus on his name. It's some kind of kumite magic.
>>64470 Augie is the posterchild for why the entire commentary community on youtube needs to bite the fucking dust. "COMMENTARY IS DEAD"
>>64470 Such brave face right there.
>>64470 I wonder why he didn't react this way when it was his email being used to contact the ADL?
Open file (103.18 KB 278x225 scared_gunt.png)
Open file (4.53 MB 720x404 983926.gif)
>>64470 >they hate me cuz I'm so successful
Open file (5.99 KB 250x250 1387755796712.jpg)
>>64444 I'm not sure if the quads are wasted or not, but damn. >>64470 >le hate amirite
>>64470 >I was impersonated I-I can believe it!
Open file (19.21 KB 443x471 Smug Anime Girl 117.jpg)
>Andy's ego is so fucked up he's moving to a Portugal island to feel like a success >plans to open up a business >is a mgtow now >will mooch off of his sister who will probably be paying his citizenship >all ~700 $
Open file (871.41 KB 695x900 Mel_gassing_Andy.png)
>>64481 He has declared he'll be moving to Portugal for a couple of years now but never comes through. His parents want to get rid of their retarded son but probably also know that he can't survive alone in yurope and will end up as a homeless junkie.
Whats the name of the small island in Portugal that he says he is moving to?
Open file (25.27 KB 570x487 asdsaasdasddsa.jpg)
>>64485 you good fam
Open file (14.71 KB 607x160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64483 >will end up as a homeless junkie. Don't forget that Poortugal has the most lax drug regulation in the world. It's a guarantee.
>>64487 >I can get a lot of nobodies on to talk! On the internet! And you can't!
Open file (5.11 KB 182x268 warski.jpg)
>>64489 >Poortugal has the most lax drug regulation And it is a big hub for child trafficking
>>64484 Forgot the name and don't feel like going through the stream again. But I do remember that it has a population of ~ 50k people.
Open file (75.69 KB 480x368 A-log Al Qaeda.webm)
>>64487 He never learns.
>>64492 I think it is Azores
>>64494 Or Madeira
>>64487 >fat manlet with an eldritch horror of a Гунт >in tons of debt >doesn't even own the house he's living in >mother is dying and raking up lots of medical bills >family life is shit, doesn't even dare mention it >divorced, will never find another significant other that will support him >alcoholic >in his mid 30's with no possible hope of turning things around The biggest failure at life is yourself, jcaesar187
>>64494 It's the Azores, his family are from there and i believe his oldest sister has moved back there.
>>64497 The funny thing is that the Azores aren't that close to Portugal. They are in the middle of the Atlantic. So that is the only place he can move to. The middle of the ocean.
Open file (113.09 KB 960x720 jahanic monstrocity.jpg)
>>64496 >eldritch horror I wonder who will win in a fight between jahans and the Гунт
>>64498 It hasn't had any relevance since the slave trade. It 's technically closer to Africa than Europe and was used to transport all the blacks to Brazil.
>>64499 He was too afraid to even pretend fight PPP, he'd be utterly destroyed by the esoteric Jahanic figure.
Why is Andy moving to Portugal to begin with?
Open file (370.16 KB 500x465 Smug Anime Girl 25.gif)
>>64494 >>64495 The Azora Islands. He also says "To Serta" which I'm guessing is Serreta in Terceira. He also claims to be able to "Leave my door, turn right and walk on the beach." Don't they do background checks of ancestry visas? Would they allow a fellon to get citizenship? Especially one such as the neo nazi Adam Warski?
Name anyone who has survived ibs
>>64504 Scrub (scammed the Kumitards for a new computer, fled the scene before doxxxxxville, deleted all IBS kaaahntent, now makes a killing making Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fandubs with a fanbase who does not know about his past, probably gets more views than anyone still left in IBS, does not ever mention IBS or respond to the sparse comments that bring up his involvement)
Open file (184.02 KB 1396x623 scrub.JPG)
>>64504 Scrub. He practically moved on from IBS and does JOJO videos now and is quite successful bickers of it, all bickers donga gave him a computer and once the Kumite was sinking he just fucked off and did his own thing.
>>64505 >>64506 At least wait a minute between replies, scrub
>>64507 shut up retard.
>>64503 >Don't they do background checks of ancestry visas? Probably, but if his sister is already there, he might have an easier time of it. >Would they allow a fellon to get citizenship? Is he a felon? >Especially one such as the neo nazi Adam Warski? That might be a sticking point, but I imagine things are rather third world over there. Ukranian-tier or worse.
>>64507 One of those is "Goku", a trannyfarmer and Scrub paypig.
>>64505 KYS GOKU
Open file (1.11 MB 925x768 esoecco.png)
>>64439 >He has become Jim with his gay blackpills and the fact that he's surrounded by mindless dicksuckers who will defend him without question like Peepeepoomer I never said being The New Jim is a positive thing. The fucking cult of metokur knows no bounds. Neither Jim's cocks was the greatest thing ever, it is just our nostalgia now that we see Jim even more pathetic and defeated than ever.
>>64507 tbf name anyone else involved with that streaming fad from 2 years ago that had a job outside said said streaming, so they didn't lose their minds over it going away. Gahoole maybe? bybs guys?
>>64510 potatoes potatoes >>64508 seeth scrub
Open file (76.05 KB 601x508 2423p0.jpg)
>>64502 he went on redbar and the host completely demolished his ego. Apparently that was his hero of 10 years or so. Now Andy's ego is down in the shitter and he has to go to a place where he can be a big fish. Also there's only one shitty beach in Terceira. He ain't gonna be happy about that.
>>64515 Why did you reveal yourself, Scrub? Literally no one remembered you. No one talked about you. Hell, took me a few good minutes to even remember that you were once Jim's adopted son.
>>64515 >Scrub confirmed
>>64516 So Terceira the island he is moving to in the Azores?
>>64513 Zidan. Working in China and never went back to the Гунт. >>64516 So he got fucked so hard by his idol he's moving to a third world overseas territory? Also the Azores, really? The closest country to the Azores is Morocco which is most likely filled with SANDIES if I was Andy I would go somewhere you know.... Nice, like Aruba or maybe Hawaii. >>64517 Scrub doesn't even care about IBS anymore. Anyone who mentions it to him ignores it.
>>64520 Assuming this isn't yet another failed project of his
Open file (19.63 KB 381x349 whoatherebuddy.JPG)
>>64520 lol so pic related is the one beach on the whole island. What sad looking beach.
>>64524 On the plus side, it isn't crowded.
Open file (105.26 KB 1366x768 andylaugh.jpg)
Open file (79.74 KB 1440x810 Aruba-Manchebo-Beach.jpg)
Open file (79.96 KB 775x720 1103185174394.jpg)
>>64524 Now look at a place like Aruba as I mentioned earlier. Looks rather nice doesn't it? That moment when the Dutch have better islands than the Portuguese.
>>64527 >the Caribbean Sea is more inviting than the mid-Atlantic Duh
>>64527 I don't think he's checked the place out. He also claims you can have a bender with 10 euro and live like a king with 1000 eur a month. Probably thinks that 1$ = 2 eur or something. Also, how is he gonna stream on a shitty wifi? We're gonna get a lot more of crying Andy.
Open file (109.55 KB 812x599 347893274.jpg)
>>64527 >mfw
>>64527 Now that is a beach. So if Andy really ends up Terceira and there is no that many beaches it should be rather easy to locate him considering he said he was only ten minutes from the beach.
>>64530 I mean Portugal itself is a nice place but seriously Andy? A shit hole island near Morocco, he's gonna die there. I say two months until he becomes homeless.
>>64532 Yeah, he's going get AIDS from the local nightlife and die there. If he doesn't overdose first.
Open file (58.47 KB 588x392 59827438294.jpg)
Open file (164.50 KB 850x973 1575828674019.jpg)
>>64534 >Peter Duke >Duerst The Wuerst LITERALLY WHO????
>>64534 As long as the Гунтcam is on for karaoke I'll be happy.
Open file (48.53 KB 606x234 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64535 Do not worry, they have BAKED ALASKA for the karaoke stream.
>>64538 I really shouldn't have looked that up, viewer discretion is advised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDVgaMDKUzs
so some troll tried to frame me by pissing in my bed and throwing up all over my xbox one. only thing is, I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER EATING CORN YOU IDIOT. lmao nice try moron
Open file (256.03 KB 595x424 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64541 >Instagram shots of his food What a fag
>>64538 >YOBA Wasn't Gionet's year 2019?
Open file (291.98 KB 591x641 ralph_baked.png)
Open file (594.16 KB 601x390 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64538 >>64539 People should stop bullying Baked. He's clearly developmentally disabled.
Open file (54.17 KB 1000x559 Say Ahh.jpg)
>>64539 You brought this upon your fellow anons, Anon. Now open wide.
>>64547 >fellow anons Spot the collectivist.
Open file (106.84 KB 611x247 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (331.31 KB 608x349 ClipboardImage.png)
Isn't this something that ventiposter shat on the ironybros for? Is this Гунт taking an esoteric shit on the cat shit elemental?
Open file (103.54 KB 740x537 based chad.JPG)
>>64549 Have jcaesar187 and Venti interacted in any meaningful manner since she was last on? I don't think there's any bad blood between them I think jcaesar187 is probably just drunk and posting garbage reddit memes.
>>64549 >esoteric internet lingo Who came up with this?
>>64550 She was shitting on bearson the other day, so it might be some soyrony internal bickering permeating its' way across.
SpanishFlu Boogaloo 3: https://archive.vn/kXtM2
Open file (614.93 KB 1338x667 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.06 KB 561x313 ClipboardImage.png)
Styx is posting cringe again. His nationalist grift is unravelling. Maybe he's scared of being deplatformed and wants to rebrand as a Sargon type centrist.
>>64554 >Then they ran tests on samples taken between January 2018 and December 2019 and found the presence of the virus genome in one of them, collected on March 12, 2019. <aka a false positive <they tested it only once or only one positive came up This is just another example of stirring up shit for more funding.
Open file (183.42 KB 1280x720 579284798.jpg)
>>64555 Imagine getting owned by Philosophitwat.
>>64555 >"moral responsibility" >t. lolbertarian
Open file (7.08 KB 204x179 Witch.jpg)
>>64555 "You have a moral responsibility to have kids," says the guy that aborted his gf's baby and threatened to kill it himself with an herbal drink if she didn't go to Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, he's probably living in his Dutch wife's bedroom in her parent's house. And when that fails, he'll head back to Vermont and sit his skeletal ass in his parent's house bedroom once again. If Richard Spencer, Nick Fuentes, Stefan Molyneux, and Ryan Dawson are getting booted off youtube and paytreon, then this queer's grift should end too. Who do I have to spam to get him off youtube? Youtube? ADL? I have his Holocaust denial video, despite his attempts to scrub it from the net. There is also a video where he larps/threatens to invade California with guns and squat on land, killing any California commie that resists him; so he's essentially inciting violence, which is against the law. There are videos of Styx supporting Hitler books, doing prayers to Lucifer, worshipping Charles Manson (a cult leader and murderer), and more. His past gf mentioned Styx has books about Charles Manson "didnu nuffin" on his bookshelf with heavily bookmarked and highlighted pages like the idiot was obsessed with Charles Manson. What a loser. There is also a video where Styx trashes Milo about his pedophilia but he yanked it down and did a 2nd take. I have the 1st spicy take. I want this cringey faggot to go clog up Bitchute and Dlive where he can wither away and die. Speaking of Ryan Dawson, early on in his Red Ice interview, they mention newproject2 and are totally clueless that Vordrak and Josh Moon were responsible for Dick Masterson getting blacklisted by Visa and Mastercard. I'm not sure if Vordrak could be totally trusted about his role in shutting Josh Moon down or that he wields that much power, but Ryan Dawson doesn't even know about that. He just chalks all the censorship and deplatforming up to Jews/Zionists and the ADL, I guess. Sometimes these ecelebs are remarkably in-the-dark. https://redice.tv/red-ice-tv/epsteins-accomplice-ghislaine-maxwell-arrested
>>64561 >nobody.png >.t pedophile from /tv/
>>64564 Calm your tits and marry some spic Venti. Late 20's childless thots..
>>64566 >implying /tv/ isn't chad
>>64564 >Who do I have to spam to get him off youtube? his ten year upload history
Open file (2.01 MB 640x360 godwinson intro.webm)
what ever happened to Godrodson?
Apparently cog puked all over himself at the end of his latest stream.
Open file (28.70 KB 600x450 3y5cu6ys9u9z.jpg)
>>64566 >(1) Cry moar, Tard
Open file (293.95 KB 1108x788 jesus (1).jpg)
Open file (287.76 KB 1600x1200 American Parrot.jpg)
Open file (19.91 KB 891x292 NWO youtube.png)
Look up "fireworks" on youtube. Also try "New World Order" Enjoy laughing at lolcows, e-celebs, grifters and spergs while you can. We're not gonna be able to enjoy this much longer before they take it all away. Happy 4th. God bless America and us all.
Open file (4.84 MB 1280x720 tuFsTLjjY7G6QLLG.mp4)
>>64512 What's surprising about it is how quickly it happened. Jim's fall took months. PPP's took mere days.
>>64532 the Azores is nowhere near Morocco, it's in the middle of the Atlantic
>>64555 I'm expecting him to get banned off of YouTube once a critical mass of commies, pro-china people, dissident right dudes, Libertarian cucks, and normies who hate him for Satanism/pedophilia/Manson worship start mass reporting his ass.
Open file (7.10 MB 640x360 PPP trailer.mp4)
>>64579 PPP shit his pants and did nothing wrong.
Open file (262.59 KB 750x750 NyanRalph26.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 540x960 IMG_3993.webm)
>>64582 This trailer is simply amazing anon-kun.
Open file (276.49 KB 521x538 ClipboardImage.png)
>Look on how much of an imageboard oldfag I am guys
>>64568 >incel pretending to be volcel >wannabe e-celeb followed around by group of pedos that are triggered by cartoons I don't know what word to describe them with but it isn't chad for sure. >>64576 Are you the same torfag writing essays?
>>64585 ANCIENT
>>64587 You know, the first rule of imageboards is people don't boast how long they have been lurking or posting on imageboards. But Gator have to look cool in front of the unwashed normalfags.
Open file (168.83 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph17.jpg)
>>64588 says the fag that posts a dude in a wig
Open file (184.82 KB 1080x1207 woman.jpg)
Think about this: Milo's pedo scandal ruined his stardom. He was fine with sharing info about how a priest molested/raped him when he was 13 and didn't have any moral problems with it bc from his perspective, that was the norm. He had never known a world different from the one in which he was raped by an older man and gay. This was just edgy comedy until someone sent CPAC the clips to sink Milo on purpose. It worked and created an enormous scandal, ruining his reputation. However, Milo has some fault in putting that stuff out there to be clipped in the first place. And when Twitter deleted people like Milo or Baked Alasies, they were essentially finished bc they were one of the many MAGA grifters that were riding Trump's larger coattails to get views, clicks, and money. So someone like Baked went from 200K Twitter followers down to 0. And then they have to come crawling back under anonymous accounts where they scrape together a couple thousand die-hards again. But all their hard work and momentum is destroyed. Twitter cuts them off at the knees. Deplatforming works. Also, jcaesar187 is sucking off Baked now that jcaesar187 is chasing Fuentes' higher profile. Only bc Baked is buddies with Fuentes. jcaesar187 built the Killstream off of dunking on Baked Alaska and basically helping to ruin the guy's life. But now he's come full circle bc grifters are gonna grift. They do whatever will grow their profile, get followers, and make money. They will clout-chase whoever they need to and insert themselves under every trending twittter story to gain relevance and followers. Someone once said, jcaesar187 would make peace with Sargon before the end and that has already happened. It's just that Sargon doesn't care to come back on Killstream again. So the bottom line is that these e-grifters have no convictions and they will do anything to make money and gain clout and followers. Most of them don't even offer anything good like a physical product or something unique like art. They just make videos or audio podcasts and think they're entitled to be paid for it. They refuse to work or get jobs but I suppose they don't need to if they have enough suckers to grift from. Milo's career was destroyed and he's bitter and resentful about it. He wants to take down everyone, including those he might consider on his side. That's why he talked about his secret vault of recordings. People say he's a fed. All these people are so shady and corrupt. So many of them are fishy or have flat-out become feds like Cantwell, Heimbach, or Milo. The other half are grifters and a smaller minority actually believe what they say or do what they preach. >>64579 Where can I watch PPP's fall from grace? His channel is deleted. And his Bitchute doesn't seem to have much recent besides X-Files episode reviews. It's plain to see that PPP was at his best attacking others like Dick Masterson, Joshua Moon, and jcaesar187. He peaked when he slaughtered Dick Masterson live. So it was only going to be downhill from there. But how did he fall from grace? What are you referring to?
Open file (1.35 MB 540x960 IMG_3995.webm)
>>64590 Sorry, sir. But you are a gentlemen that seems to derive pleasure from watching people of the darker complexion to coom all over you while obviously masturbating to trashy pornstars of also said darker complexion. I do hope a better life for perverse people like you that should be burned as a heretic for crimes against mankind but it seems as-if these thing will never come to pass bickers of the BBC cabal that is out there.
>>64591 >But how did he fall from grace? What are you referring to? Ignore him. PPP hasn't sperged out or "fallen from grace" yet. There are 5-10 spergs that post here that have been saying he was the real lolcow for months bickers PPP FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!ed one of the Гунтstreamers. It's amazing how quick one slight turned the opinion of 10 retards. Before that they were cheering him on nightly and selling merch with his starfish on it.
Open file (84.24 KB 632x599 8252253825625.jpg)
>>64591 Succinctly put, Venti. :^)
Open file (232.04 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph28.jpg)
>>64592 Wew thats a lot of projected cope but i expect no less from a dude that posts NyanTheMan. Time for a refresher of your degenerate sins that you have committed. WEAKLOAD AKA VEEH FACTS ANON AKA THE NOTORIOUS PIRES FAMILY COOMER >coomed on Melanie Pires >coomed on Andy Pires >coomed on Grandapa Pires >coomed on the Pires family cat >coomed on a nig‌‌ger hooker with Coach >coomed on Coach >touched ballsacks with Coach >smoke meth >post Nyanderthal
>>64595 >coomed on Melanie Pires Based.
Open file (19.09 KB 496x613 guntcoom.jpg)
>>64595 came on the Гунт and saint tarrant can't find the pic of saint tarrant yet in my mess of a folder so just take it as fact
>>64585 A GUIDE ON HOW TO BE AS MUCH OF AN OLD FAG AS GAYTOR >watch old lore image board lore videos, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp2EZbbuMa0 >make sure its something that even normies have seen now cus its so popular >pretend like u were there for it and u remember the good ole days of posting cuckchan im sure gaytor will get mad soon and pretend that people here want nothing more than for julay to become very popular cus he knows the real trooth
>>64597 fuck i forgot about the cooming on the Гунт but i must have missed the Saint Tarrant one completely somehow. Truly degenerate.
>>64599 it was on his phone so every time he takes a call he'll smell cum
>>64600 >on his phone
>>64597 weak load
Open file (148.37 KB 765x743 fatbeard.jpg)
Open file (33.82 KB 640x360 1547748866824.jpg)
>>64534 Who calls himself Karaoke Super Show?
>>64604 Wasn't the founder of Disney a jewhater?
>>64597 never did such a thing bro, that is a fake and gay thing that is not from me. >>64599 I never did coom on anyone other than Melanie Pires, the grandpa and cat was collateral damage obviously, since Melanie was in the picture. >>64601 you will not believe the smells from the phones I own.
>>64566 >>64586 >hates /tv/ </tv/ a-are t-the r-real pedos >hates chadhoole Maybe its the cuckime posting and the fact that gahoole bans (you)r lolikike shit on site that has (you) seething /japan/ tranny. Using the same pilpuling tactic of painting what (you) are a pedophile on others based /tv/ is the reason why (you) give away who (you) are. though I doubt (you) are trying to hide it The shameless samefagging and crossposting in johns drama thread on /japan/ is also another dead giveaway. I also remember seeing the thread that john posted about how he killed the evil janny-infested julay, but /tv/ didn't buy any of it so that might also be a reason why (you) are butthurt. >>64593 <PPP FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!ed one of the Гунтstreamers Ashton got mad that weasel refused to allow him to take the debate that he had planned for him and gahoole on wrestling and put it on earwinson or CUNTpirate's channel instead of the Гунтstream, he than got FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !! by gahoole and ragequit. He also got angry that the weasel recorded him sperging out, the recording where weasel got his nickname and also that weasel flooded his diskike server with platespics and cory ray barnhill is a pedophile. ppp actually thinks cory ray barnhill is a hacker on steroids PPP actually said that he had no problems with the rest of the a-logs from /cow/ or the Гунтstream he simply dislikes weasel since earwinson told him not to trust him probably bickers earwinson didn't want anyone getting a piece of his favorite jahans substitute and the other aforementioned events. I do remember that during mastersimps fistfucking ppp actually made truce with weasel so I don't entirely know if the animosity is as big as it once was. ppp's cocks quality have gone down a lot since the whole fistfucking of mastersimp, however surfer has continued to carry the torch, I also found the recent ronnie experiment video to be entertaining though even if it was long winded >>64597 I don't remember him ever coooming on saint tarrant wouldn't be surprised if he has though
Open file (163.49 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph18.jpg)
>>64611 /cow/bro stop lying about your well documented degenerate acts, just own up to them while standing tall and proud of how much of a faggot you are
>>64593 Someone's assmad that PPP is being called out for the Jim clone he quickly became (Or always was) after he won against Dax. His Comedy, Cancelling, and Artistic Compromise video was proof of that. His being surrounded by sycophants (Hi Peepeepoomer) was further demonstration of this. You're rationalizing a guy who is as bad as Jim, Dax, and Mersh. Quit it. You'll save yourself 5 years.
>>64613 sure, if there was not so much urban legends instead of lets say what has been done. So yeah, you are still a fag that probably did the tribute on jcaesar187 and then said it was me. You must really like my weakloads you fucking faggot.
Open file (108.94 KB 800x1300 gaytorhomuraakemi.png)
>>64585 >ancient
JEWS should just ban all off-topic posters in fact of course.
>>64593 >There are 5-10 spergs that post here that have been saying he was the real lolcow for months >Before that they were cheering him on nightly He was the real lolcow during the cheering stage, that was when it was fun. He became a salty fag fuelled by cope afterwards, which isn't all that interesting to watch in fact of course. The dax arc was fun and all, but then he went right back to seething about weasel using leo as a proxy, which broke immersion. He also seemed to take my shitpost seriously about hacking the firewalls of his streamer house as an argument against the cytube aliases. It was a throwaway joke you retard.
Open file (39.88 KB 562x634 You Serious Nigga 21.jpg)
>>64612 >/b/ style raid >Koi has his own oldfag /v/edditor crossposter looking for headpats.
Open file (2.58 MB 640x360 Better off alone.webm)
>>64617 Gaytor is so ancient of an old fag that he remembers the first 4chan war on /b/ of the oldfags and newfags plus the later wars of the cancer of /b/ that later became cancer. Or the phrase the mods are asleep.
Open file (33.80 KB 680x383 krautgaytor.jpg)
>>64585 Imagine being so predicatable that you make a pool's closed joke for the 50th fucking time
>>64614 Bingo. His foxdick fanbase has gone to his head already. He basically yelled at Queen of Pol good for him on the stream that he was an influencer.
Open file (90.48 KB 864x486 yty.jpg)
>>64625 Some a-log should tweet this at him.
Open file (144.75 KB 1276x733 soyboymetokur.jpg)
Open file (63.13 KB 227x190 Chendot.png)
>>64585 >proudly proclaiming he's been on 4chan since it's creation
>>64551 Probably some underage poltard and Fuentes paypig.
Open file (53.36 KB 868x588 gaymersgayte.png)
>>64585 He is such a ANCIENT POSTER So many memes of him.
Who was the faggot that said he's an oldfag becаuse he posted on the internet since 2009?
Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 Jojew.mp4)
>>64633 that was probably gaytor the ancientfag that saw the wars on /b/ like the moralfags war, oldfag vs newfags and the conclusion that was the cancer wars and the cancer versus summerfags. He has seen it all. I believe he came up with the phrase of the mods are asleep.
>>64564 >sticks attracts attention again >"time to shit the thread again with my neverending vendetta!!!1" Fuck off back to Facebook, Venti. >>64585 Oldest of fags. >>64604 I never knew this fag existed until he appeared in PPP's chat before the flagging and Dax said he was "one of the funniest guys he knew" as a cope. He's so fucking dull and uninteresting.
>>64604 >soy face even in flattering cartoon avatar how do they do it
Open file (96.28 KB 614x445 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (109.72 KB 614x564 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (211.19 KB 612x435 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (227.75 KB 611x562 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (296.52 KB 601x780 ClipboardImage.png)
jcaesar187 is very glad that someone else mixed substances on a stream and made a tit of themselves for it. He's been tweeting for like a day about it. You're not worthy to reply under my tweets
>>64637 jcaesar187 is the one of the most petty women ive ever seen
>>64637 What's the lore on this
Open file (4.84 MB 1280x720 tuFsTLjjY7G6QLLG.mp4)
>>64639 Cog vomited on stream.
>>64637 That was pretty kino, i liked the bit when he was swaying and simultaneously puking on his shirt. I can't wait until Гунт does this on cam. PUKE HARDER
Open file (27.35 KB 609x277 ClipboardImage.png)
forgot to include these tweets >we told him to get lost
>>64640 lol why?
>>64643 Drank a lot of alcohol and smoked a lot of weed. I wouldn't say this is anywhere near as bad as the pillstream though, that was fucked.
>>64642 >we told him to get lost Jews like you, Jcaesar?
>>64644 It's only bad bickers it was on cam. Compare the audio of this to the pillstream and there is no debate.
>>64646 The main thing jcaesar187 has up on him is that jcaesar187 clearly doesn't drink on an empty stomach.
>>64644 >anywhere near as bad as the pillstream though, that was fucked. what happened there?
Open file (113.04 KB 584x1200 ralph police visit.jpg)
>>64637 I'm pretty sure almost everything he said about Coggot has been said about him in this thread. By saying what the a-log bully jerks did about him to someone else (who hasn't fucked up nearly as badly as he has) he reveals that it still gets under his skin.
Open file (132.30 KB 603x786 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (135.81 KB 595x818 ClipboardImage.png)
>cog tried to destroy me I don't understand any of the teaclips drama or anything, but I've included a tweet about that, too. >>64648 How new?
Open file (223.96 KB 610x812 ClipboardImage.png)
He is currently just retweeting anything that makes fun of Cog. >>64649 Exactly this.
>>64650 >How new? Wrong question, should be "Do you care?" And the answer is not at all.
>>64652 If you don't care about the pillstream, then why'd you ask about it?
>>64652 >I don't care!
>>64652 Then the more accurate question is "Why are you here?"
Open file (30.36 KB 614x294 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (12.67 KB 191x200 ClipboardImage.png)
Oh no, Гунтlemen, it appears that Andy Warski has been posting racism on twitter.
Open file (5.11 KB 182x268 warski.jpg)
>>64656 >The guy can't ever admit he messes up
Open file (1003.71 KB 585x1212 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64656 >and sometimes acts like an N >gets beaten by his ex of 5 years >makes his ex of 5 years have an abortion >cheats on his ex of 5 years >does coke to calm down
>>64656 >sometimes acts like an N
Open file (596.18 KB 593x607 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64642 >>64650 >>64651 >>64656 its astonishing how upset jcaesar187 still is over cog for making fun of him and his Гунт, it really shows his level of pettiness i dont even remember anything from cogs shitty stream besides puff hard and slap donation sounds, yet Гунт still seethes over whatever cog was saying about him and his Гунт
Open file (24.40 KB 600x484 45225986.jpg)
>>64660 >one example proves a rule
>>64660 Trouble in the ethnostate paradise: writing on a stone. Meanwhile multiethnic US is doing perfectly.
>>64660 So America is super communist?
>>64660 >ethnonats It seems to me Sticks got asshurt at some retards online and is trying to compare them to "whignats". >acknowledging the reality; it's communism <but i will never acknowledge who created communism Reminder that the only reason Sticks almost never gets julayed is bickers of Venti trying to raise a PA in here for a year and a half.
>>64664 Doesn't Denmark have a shitload of sand nogs?
>>64637 jcaesar187 sure does like calling other's failures in life, especially recently.
>>64660 >racist fish >i bet communism did this I don't get it. Did communism put washing up liquid in the local water fountain too? Anyone still have that "what about" beat video? Which was a supercut of his debate with spencer or enoch or someone, where just did the same thing. Though I had a copy of it.
Open file (455.21 KB 1045x910 dsp_carl.png)
>>64667 Ever since DSP recently shook off his debtors, I've noticed a distinct shift in jcaesar187 playing up the King of Hate role. He is a superstitious creature, like the way he thinks he was cursed from Doxxville and needs to go back to set things right.
Open file (48.44 KB 610x366 jcaesar_lived_this.jpg)
>>64669 >like the way he thinks he was cursed from Doxxville and needs to go back to set things right But anon, he was cursed in doxville. His one chance to pass the Curse of the Гунт to another was the fight with PPP that he pussied out of. I've heard that he could still break the curse if he fights Coggot, but that'll never happen bickers Гунт is too much of a bitch to even unblock him.
Open file (229.54 KB 603x862 ClipboardImage.png)
Gaytor says that PPP is engaging in gay ops and faking DMs.
kami giving us the kino we were promised https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4HGGZyCi78cNyC63VUGLdg/live
>>64674 >didn't he try to deplatform people <constantly and still is It's funny how they always accuse others of doing what they themselves have done.
>>64675 >us >we
>>64677 Goddamn it
Open file (535.03 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (121.84 KB 1176x569 caps2.png)
Open file (123.51 KB 994x569 caps1.png)
>>64676 >they took him off without me even asking
Open file (616.29 KB 1288x722 nubian kween.png)
Negresse just came in her pants that she got to meet kami
Open file (194.99 KB 1628x950 9874289374.jpg)
>>64675 >Your average goyper
>>64674 I got blocked by jcaesar187 for asking for a Gaytor vs PPP match. They fear PPP.
>>64537 It won't be
https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Dungeons and DraГунтs
Open file (65.27 KB 593x401 2342.png)
>>64637 jcaesar187 is breathing definition of failure. How he can talk shit to anyone at this point is beyond me.
>>64686 No one cares troon go shill /tv/ >>64612 wew pedo defense force is down to one guy with autism >>64618 >JEWS should just ban all off-topic posters in fact of course. I agree JEWS should ban all links to troonstream, tell a certain global vol to stop deleting threads, and get rid of this thread bickers 10 troons aren't going to slide all the other threads with IBS anymore.
>>64688 Daijoubu?
Open file (79.44 KB 186x186 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64688 Bro...
>>64688 >>JEWS should just ban all off-topic posters in fact of course. I agree JEWS should ban all links to troonstream, tell a certain global vol to stop deleting threads, and get rid of this thread bickers 10 troons aren't going to slide all the other threads with IBS anymore keep hearing JEWS brought up recently but, and i might sound like a total spastic here but is he even a mod here? isn't he on 8kun cow board which is fucking deader than dead?
>>64691 He's BO here, but he hasn't logged into his account in like a month, denoted by the dead icon on the board list.
>>64692 That'll be why haven't seen him in ages, i remember him popping up a few months ago but in fact of course i go through phases of coming here and disappearing, i vaguely remember something about him and 8kun i think just before 8kun came "back" but i wasn't paying much attention at the time and probably misremembering or I'm taking complete shite either or
>>64687 >The only thing he hasn't lost is weight.
>>64687 So how long is that pussy going to be behind locked twitter?
>>64695 pedo said he would be back when he finishes moving to moon rune land. we all know how eager you are to engage him in a battle of wits shannon.
>>64697 i will fistfuck him so hard, you better get that lube corey
>>64698 pools closed due to obesity.
Open file (867.18 KB 200x200 856985666.gif)
>>64688 >get rid of this thread Kys, faggot.
Open file (162.12 KB 610x355 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.15 MB 1920x1205 ClipboardImage.png)
High art.
>>64703 >when you need to include a physical contract to distinguish nick from godwinson on a tapestry
>>64702 Do you really need it now that you have a chat room to talk about pedophilia in all day? My point was don't complain about posts you don't like being off topic when the entire thread is off-topic for this board. Post Gaytor and Koi again so I can continue to call you a faggot.
Open file (613.23 KB 705x620 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64703 Lol Did Mr Enter make that?
>>64706 So you hate the Гунтstream so much at this point you want the entire thread deleted? Why are you even still here instead of just hanging out on koi's board like you do most of the time.
>>64706 >>>/japan/ go home toddlercon aficionado
>>64706 Say it again, then come back tomorrow and say it again.
Open file (31.92 KB 1092x228 based_cow_oldfags.png)
Open file (210.99 KB 561x607 John_Based_oldfag.png)
>>64688 >>64706 JOHN BARNHILL IS A PEDOPHILE these fucking newfags amirite?
>>64706 >Do you really need it now that you have a chat room to talk about pedophilia in all day? I need this place to discuss all the pedophiles and for them to come here and sperg out repeatedly
>>64703 embarassing
Open file (16.82 MB 638x360 Fascist_by_Mr._Bond.mp4)
Sup fags, has something happened or what?
Open file (17.45 MB 854x480 who gassed ya.mp4)
>>64714 jcaesar187's roastie sperged out on PPP in doxcord and she also confirmed he doxed lord akira
>>64717 when did this happen lad? anywhere i can listen to it
>>64719 >i dont post on doxcord lol it's funny tho that the Гунтs whore is so defensive of the Гунт father, really shows how rent free everyone lives in there heads
>>64720 is that crackrock chris in the last one?
>>64720 aw is it this Гунтwhore i thought it was roboГунт
Open file (255.42 KB 620x1008 Anal sex as foreplay.jpg)
>>64717 > she also confirmed he doxed lord akira Of course he did. Paypigs pay or they get doxxed.
>>64722 >roboГунт there's a mechanized Гунт?
>>64725 aye, yeno who she is some lad in here shopped her onto robocop and it was a perfect fit, then she dumped Гунтy
>>64721 yeah that is
Open file (763.18 KB 700x700 fucking disgusting.png)
>>64720 that fucking gut...
>>64703 >jcaesar is short and fat <i-i'm in on the joke, goyim
Open file (222.91 KB 1252x175 gaytorsweetheart.png)
Open file (37.82 KB 330x522 incel_gaytor.jpg)
>>64730 Pinecone said she wouldn't fuck Gaydoor bickers he is a "sweetheart".
Open file (358.39 KB 798x633 adezero5head.jpg)
Open file (184.32 KB 717x638 porker10.jpg)
Open file (324.07 KB 400x526 godwinson07.png)
>>64730 >>64731 >tfw this wouldn't fuck you
>>64730 The based old fag got friendzoned by a pinecone hambeast. Pathetic.
>>64732 that's the one, its fucking super realistic man I just watched robocop trilogy other day as well this must have subconsciously put me in the mood for it
What happened to the fat cuban snake, Failure?
Open file (63.71 KB 601x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>64737 Andy brought him up during the Redbar interview as "not his friend anymore". Also looks like Andy blocked AP. Probably at jcaesar187's advice to make sure he wouldn't be manipulated into losing his gf, his money, his apartment, his audience, his friends for the benefit of jcaesar187 AP & failure.
>>64738 >>64737 He was on a stream with Geekthulu the other week dunking on Andy.
>>64739 link?
>>64740 why would you willingly watch jewthulu the child predator? what hot takes will he have on cokeski that you wont find better making up yourself in fact of course lad
>>64730 jcaesar187 doesn't have to know...
>>64741 The one thing I would be curious about would be if he'd blab about the damage control they did over andy's instagram account getting "banned" when they thought he was sexting an underage girl.
Open file (15.21 KB 612x181 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (42.35 KB 606x433 ClipboardImage.png)
Killstream Studio before friday, Гунтlemen. Also, he's somehow rationalising spending 2k on a camera while his mother's in crippling debt.
>>64744 did they make up or what?
Open file (332.76 KB 674x742 carl_temp.png)
>>64745 For one thing, both cameras have hdmi out. For another, what's he planning on doing with HDMI? For obs he'll end up needing a capture card or usb mixer end in the anyway. It's not just plug in cable and suddenly hdmi works in reverse. Lastly, that M50 has image stabilisation. What he perceived as slow might just be the image staying level when he swung the camera around.
>>64746 Failure and Geek? I think they are all united by being Andy's scorned friends.
>>64748 No Geek and Warski, since the VODs of the stream were deleted
>>64741 I need the white noise. >>64744 >and Zoom Is Corey Barnhill, self confessed pedophile, in the stream shitting on Andy? >Andy stuck jcaesar187 with a lease, unpaid phone bills and who knows what else >just 3 minutes in.
>>64745 >I wasted 600, might as well waste over 3 times as much >t. hood-rich mindset
>>64750 >Andy stuck jcaesar187 with a lease, unpaid phone bills and who knows what else Warski is a pos, and jcaesar187 is a dumbfuck for allowing the canuck to put him in that position when he didn't even have a work visa.
>>64744 >Andy doesn't bathe regularly >one nights he goes to bed, lifts the cover and let's it fall >smelled like farts and shit <Sinead No wonder his parents are sending him to Terceira.
>>64753 He has always looked like he smelled like dirty ass.
Open file (1.41 MB 640x360 coach das BS.mp4)
Open file (392.71 KB 500x491 wqdqed.png)
>>64745 Does jcaesar187 could make a worse decision than renting out a studio for a live version of his shit internet show? He still lives under the delusion he is somehow the new O&A. He wants to use the elections as a boost that`s for sure, but doesn`t he realize anyone that has a worthwhile take either have their own platform going or wouldn`t associate with a fringe right wing podcast. All he will accomplished is debt to pay off the rent of some shithole building.
>>64756 He's not renting out a studio or anything. He's just setting up a camera in the Гунтcave and calling it a studio. He said during a recent stream that he was out buying blankets so he can put them on the walls for noise isolation, as though the camera's going to be making more noise than himself.
Open file (18.56 KB 480x359 sargonic chuckle.jpg)
>>64758 *chuckles*
>>64758 >blankets as noise isolation That is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard, a massive fire hazard and proper noise cancelling foam isn't more expensive then the 1400 he just blew on getting a 4k camera for a 720p stream.
>>64708 >>64709 >>64710 >>64711 wew >>64712 this I enjoy the sperging.
>>64760 Гунт is still getting more viewers and donations than your little show weasel. He probably sells more merch too.
Open file (96.87 KB 588x642 8947973.jpg)
>Jewish Mexican cares more about money than immigration Envision my surprise.
>>64755 >Grimmcheers Say something... why are newfags this stupid?
Remember the good times anon? Remember when you could bait out Trout, Andy, jcaesar187, Gaytor, and other z-celebs here? Remember when you could sneak something on to a stream bickers so many were coming here to lift OC? Remember when there were so many posts an hour that you had to leave the browser open 24/7 or you would miss something good? Remember when it was 10 anons and 100 e-celebs instead of 1 anon and 10 wannabe e-celebs? Never forget what the troons took from >us
>>64763 >he links to the fellow grifter rather than the actual news outlet who broke the story
>>64766 Gotta keep those optics clean. Then they can't get called a nazi and have their payment processors taken away oh wait.
>>64762 Weasel should go back to his little 30 viewers. I offered to fight him and he told me he was scared to show up in public.
>>64768 Weasel doesn't have your belt.
Open file (141.96 KB 492x608 ClipboardImage.png)
Look how much of an oldfag I am, guys!
Open file (1.31 MB 1306x903 ClipboardImage.png)
Welp. I guess Beanie man won after all.
>>64761 <I enjoy the pedo sperging I agree, it is pretty funny when /japan/ (you) comes to damage control for john barnhill is a pedophile the long lost canadian brother of cory ray barnhill is a pedophile. and claim that anyone that dislikes 2d cp are the real pedophiles >>64762 >implying the weasel cares about money or views If (you) were actually there gaytor (you) would remember that weasel and robi first made that shop as a joke, and also to see if e-celebs/foxdicks would actually buy the Гунт merch. supporting julay was more of a secondary in the long run Weasel still keeps the shop up for that purpose. ngl I still think having a store is pretty gay but the pictures of colonel J the foxdick take pictures of himself wearing the Гунт programmer socks was pretty funny >>64765 >switching ids again >when you could bait out Trout, Andy, jcaesar187, Gaytor, and other z-celebs here >bait actually often times these listed e-celebs would reveal themselves, no baiting required. Joseph once complained that anons would instantly discover him bickers of his distinctive posting style. kraut namefags here at this point to post his kinos Andy once told a-logs to fuck off with a fitting id that read like a screaming sound effect. I know someone has the cap but I don't at the moment jcaesar187 once boasted to a-logs that he had a 14 year old girl with 800k subs on. depends on the sub count to that pedo Anons once thought gaytor was to poor to use vpns for damage control so he was using tor, gaytor responded by telling a-logs that he could switch his ip whenever the fuck he wanted. Shitrat once forgot to edit his screencap and revealed himself. >PPH >implying pph matters If it really matters it doesn't pph here is still higher than on /japan/ where the only active threads are about the ones damage controlling for john barnhill while pretending to be based /cow/ oldfags. >Remember when it was 10 anons and 100 e-celebs instead of 1 anon and 10 wannabe e-celebs? Oh yes I remember the good old days of thread 9, gaytor thank gawd I have another (((fellow))) oldfag to reminisce about it. >troons At this point this word has lost all meaning, kind of like a-log its become what john barnhill and his /japan/ trannies label anyone who calls him out for being the pedophile he is. maybe its that a-logs in the Гунтstream always bullied (you) john I also remember john being the first one to regularly use the term troon on his lovequest streams and never previously heard the term on the thread before, maybe I am just not enough of a based oldfag or at least in as widespread use as it is now. The troonstream narrative pushed by john is also a perfect thing for other shills foxdicks, ni/gg/ers, z-celebs et cetera to adopt bickers it allows them to claim to be the true /cow/ or claim that /cow/ is dead, overrun by z-celebs, foxdicks, redditors, and other newfags as if /cow/ was not never plagued by these faggots damage controlling or whining that they/their favorite e-celeb is being made fun of, its been like this for a long time <these fucking troons man gaytor I remember when /cow/ used to be good <the troonstream ruined /cow/ but I remember when it was good fellow oldfags this is how I can tell who is whining about the >troonstream I think what is really stupid is having (you)r foxdick friend direct (you) to stream on the Гунтstream for more viewers than that same retard says (you)r first name after (you) admit (you) are a pedophile >>64768 >little 30 viewers XANDER jokes aside the Гунтstream barely gets 13-14 viewers, the usual watchers are the regulars from this thread, some foxdicks, but john says its the discord troons so I guess I'll 100 percent believe that based /cow/ oldfag and a couple e-celebs Гунт and Gaytor keeping tabs. not that the lack of viewers is a bad thing
>>64755 the crp thing was in knoxxville but the first thing is about miami
>>64773 Exactly. Cheating on his former wife whenever he could.
Open file (31.90 KB 597x646 rip jimmo.png)
>>64777 based
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgSQ2QmKf3U Cancel Culture Interview: Crypto Fashion's Ian Mcleod
Open file (41.07 KB 716x608 Capture.JPG)
Cooling With Surfer: Rack of Lamb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvwyrHWGWuA
>>64737 Why didn't this fatfuck just make an eating channel? It would make Toad McKuckley very happy too.
>>64781 I don't know about you, but Surfer reminds me of Edmund Kemper for some odd reason on that photo.
Open file (965.00 KB 300x297 ohohoh.gif)
>>64784 Expect another woe is me video. Fuck Vee.
>>64786 released hours ago
what happened to Godrodson? Did PPP eat him? Why is all his videos privated?
>>64791 hiding in fear of Sam
>>64791 DFE and disappeared again
>>64772 This is a very advanced case of autism. Can >we get this essayfag vs /japan/ on stream?
>>64791 He was supposed to own the libs not join them. Bring balence to the EQ not leave it in darkness.
https://www.twitch.tv/sky_mp3 Smash pedo allegations resulting in DISASTER stream as fat black psychopathic crybaby shits his pants and shits his pants and does nothing wrong
Open file (356.75 KB 200x140 phil nod.gif)
Open file (140.90 KB 1080x1635 EcRDaWLXsAg0rFl.jpg)
>>64796 For specifics if you're not in the know like some fellow FGC professionals out there ack ack ack, the nog streaming ran what was basically a gamer house for FGC Smash pros where they were allowed to do whatever, including diddle kids while pretending to not know about it. AAAUGGGGHHH THIS EXCHANGE IN WHICH HE CALLS OUT HIS FELLOW HOUSEMATES IS PEAK DELUSIONAL
>>64791 GCHQ had to reassign him due to post-covid cost cutting. He's now infiltrating BLM.
>>64777 '_'7 thank you for your service
>>64791 The coward is gone for good this time. Family wealth and reputation seems to be kind of more important for the Boring Baron
>>64770 >not picking xenogears, the morrowind of JRPGs absolutely shit taste as expected from the firstfag
>>64800 Honestly if he really is gone I'm happy, PPP is best solo or with surfer as a character foil, the "this week in nectar streams" and other godwinson collabs were never as good as the solo vids
>>64802 I think you have a mental disability if you think PPP is best solo. The best videos he uploads are the ones with Surfer.
>>64796 >>64797 wait so sky ran a house for smash bro players and they diddled kids in the house
>>64777 AVOWED
Open file (648.75 KB 589x876 504407045767.png)
>>64777 >>64799 Checked.

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