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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Open file (1.58 MB 1168x720 pattys day off.webm)
A jcaesar187 PAYPIG JUST DONATED TO DARKSYDEPHIL AND ASKED HIM TO COME ON THE KILLSTREAM He told them to email him which usually means fuck off.
Paypig that promised to superchat Phil about the #Killstream last night just sent it in Shock of shocks he doesn't know who the hell the Гунт is ACK ACK ACK he has to email me!
>>57709 >come on stream with Rekieta Internet Defense Force
PPP EXPLODING AT JESSE LIVE ON AIR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXlC92qVT3Y
DSP reads another cheer that says jcaesar187 has a Гунт and ACK ACK ACKs at it
It would would be a real shame if anon contacted DSP to let him know about how its alt-right podcast that holds very antisemitic views and got kicked off YouTube for talking about Holocoasters. Also the patebin should probably be sent also https://pastebin.com/zRJQSHrF
The DSP paypigs are collectively clowning on the Гунт now, I can't keep up with all the Гунт superchats Phil is getting now, and he's reading gun.t as "the gunk".
>>57708 >he should just read shoutouts shitting on jcaesar187 all day >I dunno why it's a bad idea Big ups tevin
>>57711 Look Jim shit his pants and didn't do anything wrong. Get off your high horse. I am sure all of us would be defending their internet friends.
Open file (1.19 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57716 Methakur and gunk? Ackackack I don't know what that is dood.
>>57716 Actually avow all of Гунт's paypigs going to DSP and leaving him dry. I hope they spend every single hard earned shekel to DSP instead of Гунт.
>>57719 >Get off your high horse. You need to get a new comeback, lowlife.
>>57711 >711 What does it mean
Open file (584.24 KB 1051x610 Untitled.png)
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 dspdance.gif)
>>57726 >successful bankruptcy >all this money
Open file (241.19 KB 437x356 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57726 >ok, negative shitheads in chat are saying they don't like the vest. i paid good money for this vest ahlright? shut the fuck up what the fuck is your problem?
Open file (213.14 KB 595x582 metokur gamergate.png)
>Stream promised on sunday/monday >still no stream on wednesday >not even a new tweet SPOONY 2.0
Open file (274.28 KB 1302x803 my Lboard GG.png)
>>57718 Reminder that Tevin was an up-and-comer on streamme before jcaesar187 had a meldown and torched the platform.
>>57730 Goddamn I forgot how much Гунтguard and Гунтguard adjacents monopolized the stream.me top ten. Absolutely disgusting.
Open file (20.12 KB 501x677 jim.png)
>>57729 >If I lay low until this all blows over, I won't get any fallout or blowback.
>>57731 SPCC shit his pants and did nothing wrong. They all glommed onto him bickers he had some genuine talent and they hoped some of his shine would fall on their parasitic asses
Open file (10.88 MB 320x240 jjj.webm)
JANNY JESSE JULAY SHRUNK DOWN WITH ENCODER MAGIC >>57730 See that 5th place with the broken name? That used to be the alog re-stream.
>>57733 agreed he is actually still waiting to return, quarantine messed up his schtick bickers of how many businesses closed and now he can't do things like threaten to stealth vape in restaurants
Open file (318.90 KB 1014x1014 ching.jpg)
>>57729 Honestly, what is he afraid of? He's got a dedicated cult fan base of retarded emotionally dependent teenagers. He could come back and do streams on shit completely unrelated to the simpspiracy/NP2gate and still in rake in a hundreds of dollars per stream. Sure he'll get some pressure to address it but his sweepysquad will drown out any dissent give enough time of him ignoring the shitshow.
Open file (156.42 KB 382x283 ClipboardImage.png)
What the fuck is happening to DSP's hair?
>>57737 He got it cut by someone who doesn't know how to cut it and also he's balding with the widow's peak remaining.
>>57729 Hey that is not fair. At least Jim has internet friends unlike Spoony.
Open file (588.18 KB 1054x608 Untitled.png)
Open file (14.57 KB 368x433 Guntenraged.jpg)
>>57729 Gym still hasn't recovered from getting exposed on PPP's stream.
Open file (36.18 KB 781x361 awdood.JPG)
>>57744 Ahlright someone sent me this photo of Rulph from the Killstream and said it was a gunk. I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing. Wait what is that? What the fuck is that? Dood is that his stomach? DOOD
>>57736 Better. He could open up a few facebook pages of his sweetie squad members and laugh at them. He could tell them that paypigs are disgusting and retarded for buying overpriced hats with four stars and point out how 99% of people wearing them have no idea what those 4 stars even mean. Would also be nice if he mentioned his official reddit is cancer and gay. After that Jim could admit he is gargling hard on Dick's simp and that he is a complete hypocrite. And once he would be finally done with this shitshow of truth he would still have to read through an hour of superchats with this mechanical obviously fake enthusiasm he has. The cherry on top would be that his next show would have roughly the same audience. Or even more if he starved his paypigs for another month. I really wish he would make a show like this. He already indirectly said everything about his fans here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_HCsBf82rw and about himself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc8t8asqdqQ
Open file (7.16 KB 229x220 smg.jpg)
>>57736 Real talk here, metokur can smell gayop from every side, when that happens people get flag happy, he is avoiding giving them the chance to flag down a stream. He did the same thing during some specific periods on kraut saga, yes he did streamed about it at that time but it was sunday streams that would net him 1k dolllaridos so it was worth the risk. Mind you I do believe he doesn`t want to attack the Гунт, he clearly has a double standard.
>>57749 Гунт had so many funny moments to make fun of since knoxville and jim only poked fun at jcaesar187 only bickers superchats asked him to comment on it
>>57749 >Real talk here, metokur can smell gayop from every side, when that happens people get flag happy, he is avoiding giving them the chance to flag down a stream No. Jim isn't an underwater chess champ. He's on the inside. When did he last go on some small stream like PPP's? He went on PPP's stream bickers he is essentially Dick's emissary.
Open file (6.26 KB 299x168 disg.jpg)
>>57752 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxY7nhdsbcU Here is Jim talking to a random guy disconnected from this side of the internet, there`s at least two more exemples that I am aware of, once he went to some random furry girl variety stream and once on mykeru stream, a obscure pseudo-N​IGGER capo that used to make videos back on Atheism+ days. I don`t have a chip on my shoulder against metokur, he outright says what are his priorities and how he is going to operate, this mastermind angle never worked it clearly comes from faggots that spend too much time on discord like yourself.
>>57753 >he went on a stream in March 2019 >I don't have a chip on my shoulder against metokur I'm well aware of that. >this mastermind angle never worked Keep that in mind then. >faggots who spend too much time on discord "NoU" the post.
Open file (579.06 KB 1057x609 Untitled.png)
Open file (10.82 KB 194x259 ks.jpg)
>>57754 stop pussyfooting you G​AMERGATE, you can`t even call me sweepy squad the proper way, this is what happens when discordtrannies come to imageboard to shitpost
>>57753 >he outright says what are his priorities and how he is going to operate He says fuck grifters but Matthew 7:16 states "By their fruit you shall know them." He runs cleanup duty for the biggest grifters on this side of the internet. When he opened a patreon he promised he'd upload regular cocks. It's been over five months since his last video. >>57755 >the SUPER SPECIAL SECRET REVEAL is another vest Now this is a grifter.
So which is Bryan Dunn on? NP2 crew or Гунтlemen?
>>57756 >you can`t even call me sweepy squad the proper way, Why would I restate the obvious?
Open file (612.57 KB 649x469 oh no.png)
Open file (547.35 KB 970x678 hrh.png)
>>57758 Married men have no principles, if you wanna know what Jim`s priorities are and what happened to the old metokur, ask his golden yellow monkey >>57760 >why would I want to properly shitpost on a shitposting board
>>57759 He's been trying to cozy up to Corey Barnhill the pedo, he's in every a-log stream chat.
>>57763 >Cozy up to zoom Out of all the people. Why would you coddle up to zoom? Is Bryan retarded? Actually never mind.
>>57762 >it's about rules in shitposting
>>57573 This happened months ago, old news.
>>57765 It`s about trying to be funny or actually saying something instead of writing like a women
>>57764 zoom is a more successful bryan
Phil now revisting his old cocks with the retrospective segment of the vestival extravaganza
Open file (5.43 KB 240x210 adsdsa.jpg)
>>57755 In his boomer mind, I believe he thinks people will pay ever more for a shiny vest
More fucking PPP. This time he's stuffing his face. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOsqzoU3Gko
>>57755 >paypigs donating to see you wear specific clothing Is DSP a camgirl now?
>>57767 >trying to be funny That's a surefire way to not be funny. >actually say something I did, but you need block letters apparently. >writing like a woman Says the one who tried to turn the tables on someone by inverting what they are saying. Which is something a woman would do.
>>57759 I don't think he's posted here very much since the time he accidentally leaked his location through exif data and then talked in the Гунтstream chat.
Open file (245.97 KB 600x440 Papa_JF_Dab.png)
Open file (172.44 KB 720x498 Sargon Dwyer.jpg)
>>57757 >7 days and the channel is gone So copyright rather than harassment? 7 days is the grace period to appeal, so conceding the channel is an admission of infringement. Same as Carl losing his memedia channel to Destiny.
>>57776 Well there goes a percentage of the Гунт's show material
Open file (151.43 KB 800x450 get dabbed on loser.png)
>>57757 nice, fuck the beaner
Open file (7.70 MB 640x360 jim gg.webm)
Someone was asking for Jim on millennial woes's show. Look what I came across in the bottom of a HDD.
Damn, ppp was unchained in his new rant against jesse.
>>57779 How old is this audio anon?
>>57757 I bet you that Keemstar will somehow get this shit appealed.
>>57766 But now the case is legal. When charged, it's sanctioned.
>>57772 Aren't they all?
Anyone got the stuff involving jcaesar187 blackmailing randbot
>>57785 All there is was a twitter post that should be archived on archive.is and Rand telling bitwave that he had an abortion and somebody leaked it to jcaesar187. The videos either got flagged down or the accounts got deleted
Open file (21.48 KB 587x266 ralph and rand 1.png)
Open file (20.52 KB 585x287 ralph and rand 2.png)
Open file (59.54 KB 625x631 ralph and rand 3.png)
Open file (75.69 KB 613x719 ralph and rand 4.png)
Open file (13.42 KB 573x131 ralph and rand 5.png)
>>57785 Enjoy.
This new godwinson angle + filter is the new Kino.
>>57785 What kind of video are you making?
>>57781 That's from December 2015.
>>57790 So it only took Gym a couple of years before he did a 180 on grifting, interesting.
Open file (436.45 KB 712x408 image.png)
Maddox Won
Sounds like the Yo Mama Augie show was a shitshow. Gaytor claims Yo Mama RAN AND FLED LIKE A COWARD when the Гунт and Simp Masterson joined Augie's greenroom.
>>57797 Considering he went over the time he was even supposed to appear for, I can't blame him for getting away from the Гунт and Dick who are just desperately searching for some drama to distract from their own. Yo Mama vs Keemstar was pretty decent though, even if it just reconfirmed the impression that Yo Mama if full on retarded leftist at this point.
>>57795 Isn't there a big chinese population in canada? Is PPP in danger for breaking this story? He should be on the look out for kung fu fighters.
>>57799 They basically own Vancouver from what I've been told.
>>57800 >>57799 the gooks nickname for canada is something like "land for the taking"
Oh yeah the Гунт is doing a gay ass stream reading news and shit with no notable guests. https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (2.48 MB 322x178 1386019165434.gif)
Janny jewsh on the dick question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaEY2VJ_lDY Also > I'm gonna be careful bickers I don't like censoring people, I don't like doing that > Dick's bank has like a million dollars on it. > So he doesn't get dropped by banks so easily as someone with zero dollars
Open file (129.64 KB 384x384 ethan_demented.png)
>washed up tranny e-celeb and his pedophile girlfriend are the latest guest on the #killstream >niggle is the only one on the kikestream to ever ask any remotely dangerous questions anymore >niggle is the only co-host that jcaesar187 has ever payed any bit of money at all >G​AMERGATE The absolute state of the shillstream.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5E7kdX6pzY LIVE: Short Round and Out of The Darkness on Police Violence
Open file (4.28 MB 640x360 Nick Rossoto 1.mp4)
Open file (1.96 MB 640x360 Nick Rossoto 2.mp4)
Open file (646.50 KB 800x700 dolphinch.png)
Dolphin saved the Гунтstream by restreaming using a VPS. Гунтopia approves: [05:00:09] Гунтopia: you can post [/dolphinch] image there and i wont delete it
Open file (1.99 MB 5024x2824 Dead dolphin.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
Open file (117.76 KB 1200x630 dd5.jpg)
Open file (53.88 KB 750x714 dolphinchad.jpg)
Open file (180.03 KB 406x387 FUCKIN ALOGS.png)
>>57815 jcaesar187 looks like a 50 year old hick here.
>>57816 Apparently all the downers he takes has contributed to his premature greying, and, combined with all his other addictions, his premature aging. >>57817 Mass flag all of them.
>>57817 Can't flag my jewtube channel cause I dont have one alog
Open file (703.46 KB 552x619 XANDER.PNG)
Who is this Sheryl Nome on Kiwi farms and why is he a frontliner of Janny Josh's vanguard, always jumping in his defense when scrutinized?
>>57819 actually he still has one called The Saturday Sunset https://youtube.com/channel/UCZsUk9x584O84Dw_gT4tpLw
Open file (249.00 KB 600x450 horzbolist.png)
>>57822 also Chillstream Uncut :^) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEABQlrx_ijC2p6MhUWN_UQ >still live and literally just Гунтguards watching gloomtube wew
>>57822 Shut the fuck up motherfucker that isn't my channel I just help host the show you fucking antisemtic piece of shit, leave my based black man Niggle's channel alone
criminal record of the nig­ger the cops killed causing the latest chimpout >25 criminal records >he was a gentle giant
>>57823 Are you telling me this channel streams an alt right white supremacist show directly from someone who was banned from youtube?
>>57808 Thank you. Had a good chuckle at that one.
Open file (7.20 MB 640x640 Horzbol Gang.gif)
>>57821 no one special. big weeb wars poster. currently is getting off on all the (You)s
Open file (3.74 MB 640x360 donuts.webm)
>take a couple day break from all of the drama and politics to play vidya >come back >G​AMERGATEs are burning down their city again
Open file (768.66 KB 1057x2460 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (784.65 KB 1600x900 krautandtea.png)
>>57832 Addendum: on the next few pages everyone proceeds to shit on the tranny for being such an A-LOG.
>>57832 >>57833 That Sheryl tranny has never made a funny post, all he does is repeat "I'm not mad you are" dozens of times in every thread vaguely related to jewlawyer. He tries to act like he's smugly baiting others but you can feel the seethe behind his frantic posting.
According to Godwinson Memo's voice is worse than Dame Pesos. Does someone have the audio of that beaner's voice?
>>57835 He did a livestream by himself, back when jcaesar187 was streaming on his channel. I can testify that it is indeed worse. I'll have to dig up his livestreams to provide a sample.
>>57835 Speaking of Spicology, big daddy Goblinostar brought his channel back https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1X9HTMhyL4UpmjgkrN41oQ/featured
>>57835 here's an example, dead air interspersed with beaner mumbling: https://youtu.be/kKN89q7wGJk
>>57838 That lisp >>57837 Ugh I was really hoping Memo's click bait channel would finally be done this time.
>>57840 >brightsideviking Isn't he a convicted pedo and one of Jewsh's best friends?
Open file (28.11 KB 673x139 molifag dm.png)
>when molikike slides into your dms
Open file (18.71 KB 319x220 nick rekieta XD face.JPG)
Open file (142.62 KB 1067x671 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57837 Who's Superhound
Open file (18.47 KB 931x134 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57837 What do we have here? That scalie again
Open file (8.39 KB 278x182 fdgd.jpg)
>>57846 >we He needs individualism implemented directly into his veins.
Open file (559.03 KB 848x480 sargon_furries.webm)
Open file (348.04 KB 519x1754 thrax_google+.png)
>>57847 Shed the scales of you collectivism, mayte.
Open file (25.10 KB 599x313 SuperHound.PNG)
>>57845 I don't know but he sounds based and DSPilled in fact of course
>>57849 Flagchad
>>57845 >>57849 Isn't superhound the guy who fucks with manleytears/mrfucking loves her pussy a lot? Seems like he's burning it all down.
I really dislike how the grifter101 is distracting from simpspiracy. It is almost like this is a planned gay op by the Гунт/simp-guard.
>>57852 Yeah, it looks like they got caught between playing harassment and copyright. >impersonating people and taking down my channel with false copyright Illegal and can be disputed. It's not like you can zerg rush copyright claims like you can the other abuse options.
>>57846 This degen, Sweet Squad Ampharos and the bronie are constantly shit talking PPP, Godwinson and even /cow/ on mirror channels lmao.
>>57832 Gaytor is the true final boss, we newfags will be fistfucked by his might keyboard hand >>57795 ==confirmed people from /cow/ on youtube: Kt tk, kid_a_2000, Anon, WhiteProtagonist, Vang Badger, Sweet Squad Ampharos, 1810 Jeff, THERUBDOWN and perhaps Son of Tiamat== you guys want to be doxed by Гунтguard or what?
Open file (65.54 KB 921x698 king-sargon.jpg)
>>57859 >we >==
>>57861 Son of Tiamat, are you deleting your comments on lizard channels?
>>57859 >colcoal Isn't that faggot an old Donga nutrider and metokur paypiggy?
>>57698 BSV is a Jim fanboy, then he become DSP number one piggie and trollshielder, what is doing nowadays? >>57863 Yes
Open file (245.77 KB 507x599 the-meltrix-pathetic.jpg)
Open file (12.70 KB 236x255 gymbopatheic.jpg)
>>57859 Jesus fucking Christ how embarrassing
Good afternoon everyone!
Open file (57.75 KB 680x627 D_gAWrnVAAAaNlz.jpg)
Come join Гунтstream, there is where the true God's work is being done, not here with all those coping and seething obsessed fags!
>>57864 >what is doing nowadays? Sperging out over PPP, apparently.
>>57868 >>57867 Stop using Tor so I can filter you by ID.
>>57868 >BT­FO Ra­lph by watching his boring -as-hell Kumite-tier con­tent No. Also I prefer to avoid fags.
Open file (16.66 KB 533x212 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57868 >haven't checked out the Гунтstream in a while, i wonder what they're up to
>>57864 I thought BSV was a DSP fan even before looking at Jim though. >>57876 This is truly - as they say in nigeria - poggers.
>>57876 >bait.txt
Open file (135.63 KB 476x413 pppwut.png)
>>57876 Settle down bro.
>>57876 >laughing at mastersimp is a proxy to destroy based gym Holy shit. Gym's life is going to be ruined bickers his fans never know when to fuck off. This is going to get so much funnier, isn't it?
Open file (308.40 KB 640x360 faggot.mp4)
Decided to poke around new Project 2 for a bit. Anybody called this contact number yet?
Open file (81.93 KB 695x558 nagatoro.jpg)
>>57420 >>57444 >>57649 >>57670 >>57678 >>57749 Nice projections and story, my fellow /cow/boys <no u, (1) at least a good part of you queers are using ID so I can filter you pozzed ass
>>57883 I'm none of those people anon. I've used "TheGiggler" for Star Citizen fuckery back in 2018, and not for much else.
>>57883 >>57887 Go dilate your asshole with a rusty knife.
Open file (41.21 KB 573x589 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57887 No. So I've started poking the site with some security tools and and it doesn't look so good. https://webhint.io/scanner/fd7bc01a-1f45-42d2-a795-a0c3a32b547c#category-security Anybody know a good free URL fuzzer? I want to find all the grifters' pages on NP2. https://newproject2.com/mistermetokur/ https://newproject2.com/test2/ https://newproject2.com/template/ They're all formatted like this and I can't find a list of them all to categorize.
>>57889 >send relevant info to an irrelevant thread >doesn't know about the giggler Maybe you need to go to >>57589
>>57893 >Anon remembers me That's sweet I thought everybody from old-school /vg/ was gone. Where the hell do I go to talk about space games these days?
>>57885 This is not an anon but a discord tranny called Moliberry.
>>57894 Alas, I didn't frequent /vg/ very much, and I'm not sure on where to discuss space games now. I was referring to the giggler/niggler meme. >>57895 Don't they teach you anything in Гунтguard discord these days?
>>57893 FYI I'm flipping IP's to abuse some free online fuzzers.
>>57846 Are you still obsessed with Son of Tiamat and trying to use /cow/ as your personal army? Would be a shame if someone dox 69DC00, b31a27 (WhiteProtagonist), 11f4de (Anon), cd8a83, 917079 (kid_a_2000) and ofc you 4eed49 I disavow
Open file (456.61 KB 907x833 tiamatism.png)
Open file (117.57 KB 220x181 tenor.gif)
Open file (538.10 KB 700x1400 Layer 1.png)
>>57899 He said the line.
Open file (65.11 KB 977x546 ClipboardImage.png)
Don't know if these e-mails actually go to anybody but it might be fun. https://newproject2.com/thedickshow/contact/ >>57899 Not that anon, but I find Tiamat an interesting side-dish. He's been around a LONG time as a frequent poster, and learning he was literally into lizard bestiality was interesting and painted his activity in a new light. He reminds me of this one furfag on twitter that constantly follows Jim around mocking furries.
Honestly, you guys are just butthurt as fuck. Who the fuck would use this place when there's KiwiFarms where people are actually posting about cows instead of offtopic infighting? I'm going there, and so should you.
>>57900 You've changed your IP, Anon? JAJAJAJA
Open file (231.06 KB 500x500 54965296.png)
>>57899 Cry moar, scalie.
>>57899 Son of Tiamat wants to have sex with gila monsters. His parents want grandchildren but he's too busy masturbating to the nature channel with Metokur playing in the background. His youtube channel bio is a Nietszche quote under a banner of dinosaur toys meant for children.
>>57876 99% shitposting, but the last statement is correct, majority of "anons" with high number of posts atm are Kiwifarms refugees, like >>57904 >>57807 >>57799
>>57904 Yeah, i'm leaving for KiwiFarms, too! So much better!
Open file (4.17 MB 325x294 stop lying robi.gif)
>>57909 Did you know that KiwiFarms is the world's NUMBER ONE website for lolcows. Wow, how amazing?
>>57884 >>57909 >>57911 hi, discord trannies
>>57911 I bet their site owner must be super attractive. Isn't KiwiFarms just so great?
Open file (144.17 KB 1402x820 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57892 >https://newproject2.com/mistermetokur/ On the topic of spoony 2.0 I had no idea that Spoony 1.0 is still getting 300$ per month on patreon. His last post was in 2016.
Open file (350.59 KB 575x821 acid robi.png)
>>57904 Can i live with you in PPP's basement?
>>57913 Oh yeah, his dick is huge and fully functional. He showed it to me on Blockland.
Open file (845.02 KB 1498x679 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57914 Spoony actually uploads pretty regularly in 2020. His con­tent is shit but he does put out now.
>>57908 >these are foxdicks refugees Are you just agreeing with yourself?
Open file (89.76 KB 680x315 soyjak_metokur.gif)
>>57917 Spoony puts out more cocks than Jim.
Open file (59.99 KB 179x256 1558506671.png)
Since you spergs are seething about me having more than 20 posts with the same IP I will become an ebin torG​AMERGATE just for you. Enjoy. >>57909 >>57911 >>57913 >>57916 >(1) >we oldfags, you foxdicks refugees, we not samefagging pic related.
>>57876 >posting black people penises don't make me say the n-word.
Open file (40.45 KB 854x267 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (66.91 KB 334x229 kumagawa.png)
Fun fact, tor posters take up 22% of the thread and are literally just 5 people.
Open file (54.74 KB 868x367 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57922 >it's real Spoony is an alcoholic, hasn't gotten over his breakup, is chronically depressed, and gets less money from patreon than Jim does. And he still puts in more work than Jim. At this point calling Jim Spoony 2.0 is insulting to Spoony.
>>57920 Either you are trolling, or your autism is terminal. Either way, keep going.
Open file (41.25 KB 388x466 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (135.50 KB 964x337 ClipboardImage.png)
Decided to compile a list of the NP2 accounts I could easily find. https://newproject2.com/digibro/ >Digibro has a NP2 with $18 The plot thickens. https://newproject2.com/soph/ >Soph gets $2228 HA! Grifters gonna grift. https://newproject2.com/vivid/ >Vivid Publishing gets $1 lol https://newproject2.com/phonelosers/ >Homosexual knockoff SPCC gets $68 https://newproject2.com/rekietalaw/ >Rekeita gets $873 https://newproject2.com/hampture/ >Hamsterfag gets $111 https://newproject2.com/wormwood/ >Wormood Magazine got $130 But I liked him. <Pic related Ok I still like him https://newproject2.com/thejcaesar187retort/ >jcaesar187 gets $237 >>57920 2nd pic related. Just having a giggle, m8. >>57925 It's not autism if he was right.
>>57923 6 now, since some butthurt reprobate is accusing me from being a refugee, only bickers of my number of posts and the fact that I exposed him.
>>57925 >No you <back to tor
>>57927 Oh, that is good. I missed it on the first glance.
What is going on famalams?
>>57931 Well I just found out that Digibro (pedo tranny) has a NewProject2 account >>57926
Open file (51.50 KB 640x787 cute loli (male).jpg)
>>57932 Why he is a pedo? Only b e c a u s e he is transgirl?
Open file (3.85 MB 640x360 Failure vs Donga.mp4)
Reminder that the IRL streaming arc would have been longer if it wasn't for a fucking leaf getting upset that somebody used the word G​AMERGATE.
>>57926 >Soph gets $2228 wtf. She's blockaded herself behind a paywall. The only reason to finance political e-celebs that I can see is to use them as propaganda tools not to seal them away in a hugbox while they spend all their new money on lobster dinners and star wars toys.
Open file (3.27 MB 1280x720 Andy hates em.webm)
Open file (175.43 KB 216x388 Gunt Fieri.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 1385x583 side gunt.png)
>>57893 >>57910 >>57915 >>57926 >i-i was just pretending to be one of you bro how embarrassing
>>57938 I hated failure initially, but he was the only one with the right attitude and the balls necessary for irl streams, and they warmed me to him.
Open file (151.15 KB 886x1024 CP1EaHuWcAEEsiD.jpg)
Calm down, people!!! We are all cute oldfags with massive cocks!!! I GONNA J-JUJULAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
>>57940 He was big enough not to be an easily intimidated weakling like Warski or jcaesar187. Still the leafs pushed him back and that chick beaned him in the head, but he wasn't going to hide in the back with Warski shrieking like a bitch.
My honest thanks to the only useful individuals that make up this collective called /cow/ ID:b31a27 (20), ID: 67dc00 (35), ID: dae444 (35), ID: 5380a6 (14), ID: 94b82a (8), ID: b5fa77 (9) and tor users >>57918 and >>57815 Robi should make one or two of you mods to avoid this place being shitted all over daily the rest can flip themselves >>57884 >>57923 And garbage like you just wastes space in the archives and everyone's time.
>>57926 >>Soph gets $2228 So, does that mean Dick actually, unironically fucking loves her pussy? Is Dick Soph's simp? >>57944 Can you stop posting, Gator? You're gonna end up like Vee. When's the last time you changed your t-shirt? When's the last time you showered?
>>57946 can tor posting be shut off so gator gets an ID? is that possible?
>>57947 Would have to shut Tor off for the entire site. StephenLynx is a G​AMERGATE.
>>57946 Why are you reacting like that? I'm serious the (1) posters are the ones being cunts with you while, I believe they are going after useful users like you.
>>57944 >not knowing who Robi is
Open file (37.82 KB 330x522 incel_gaytor.jpg)
>>57949 >humorless cunt
>>57949 >useful users Holy shit, listen to yourself, you sound like a faggot. Take you and your useful users to Foxdick.
Open file (16.33 KB 200x176 38151270.jpg)
>>57944 >And garbage like you just wastes space in the archives and everyone's time. That's dolphins problem.
>>57950 >>57951 t. samefag and futaposter
You don't have to try too hard, you're welcome bro.
>>57955 Samefagging is irrelevant on tor and especially different posts, nimrod.
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
Open file (13.27 KB 844x468 surfer.JPG)
>>57956 Truly the apex of lonely hearts discord trannies.
>>57888 >>57897 >>57912 >>57949 >>57951 >>57957 Same person... trying to create some shit
Open file (46.95 KB 680x510 sman.jpg)
PPP live talking with Janny Jewsh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPTpCldVb6M
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
>>57962 >he has to be on my show >ethics= makes me laugh PATHETIC
>>57964 >I have to manually edit the DB to edit an OP HOLY SHIT JOSH, FIX YOUR SHITTY FORUM
IF IT'S NOT FUNNY TO ME IT SHOULDN'T BE ON THE FORUMS t. Joshua Connor Moon (pedophile)
>>57962 >I'm not a libertarian now, when it's useful to me.
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>>57969 Reminds me of someone else who assumes political ideologies when they're useful.
Open file (29.10 KB 413x413 cow-hitler.jpg)
Open file (728.50 KB 960x540 Josh JUST.png)
>>57970 Sargon and Jewsh were in some sort of collusion during the Krautgate/Jim period afterall.
PPP: It's suspicious that you're jannying for Dick bickers you're in bed with him Josh: How so? I just like the guy bickers he gives me money
Open file (689.72 KB 800x600 Josh_Isis.png)
Open file (13.21 KB 303x39 ClipboardImage.png)
>money isn't a political affiliation
Open file (19.63 KB 381x349 whoatherebuddy.JPG)
>>57976 Imagine comparing PPP to Corey Barnhill without a hint of irony, I sense a flag coming
>acidic jewsh can't say ascetic
Hasidic lifestyle?
Open file (3.32 KB 421x34 ClipboardImage.png)
The jig is up. jcaesar187 knows pedophile Corey Barnhill owns the board.
Open file (203.29 KB 851x347 modern_day_gunt.png)
>>57982 HI JCAESAR187
Open file (160.11 KB 288x288 1586939586-0.png)
Open file (11.77 KB 174x253 5895478943.jpg)
>What's Dax Herrera really like?
PPP is too much of a pussy to push in on Josh. When's Leo coming on?
Jewsh: I would never sweep it up for Dick. I wouldn't defend a grown man. He can defend himself PPP: But you did, you defended his mansion Jewsh: I just disagree that it's not a mansion
Open file (5.29 KB 357x45 Capture.PNG)
This whole stream is "no u" and "no i didn't defend dax". How embarrassing, jewsh.
Open file (5.02 KB 340x39 2634253.PNG)
"it's not a conflict of interest" t. the guy who just said "my success depends on dick's success" and runs a drama site and defended dick when he got into drama.
PPP is lapping up the Jewsh crease again like he did with Gym. He literally can't be on a show with a z-celeb without being starstruck.
Stop sucking Jewshs dick PPP holy fuck you starstruck G​AMERGATE.
>bribery is natural So is defecation, but you shouldn't roll in it.
Open file (439.31 KB 1264x714 josh_natural.webm)
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 nool.png)
>that will be clipped out of contex Yep.
>>57992 >>57993 He's fucking embarrassing on these 1-on-1s. Always spergs out and talks tough when he's doing his monologues, but then he just folds and starts sucking their Гунтs.
Well this is a fucking disappointment. PPP sucking daddy Gym's balls and now Joshua Moon's the pedophile's balls. Pull your tongue from his ass Ashton you dumb shit.
Open file (39.19 KB 469x396 ClipboardImage.png)
jcaesar187's back
Open file (14.57 KB 368x433 Guntenraged.jpg)
Open file (295.34 KB 804x691 jcaesar_demonmode.png)
>>57996 Unfortunately jewsh caught on that in order to deal with PPP he has to not get into a shouting match. It's what spoony2.0 realized and did. Only retards like dick and günt take the bait and create entertaining sperg outs. still imo this is an interesting conversation
Open file (3.32 MB 380x500 burning-gunt.gif)
Open file (67.80 KB 883x665 gunt_dancing.JPG)
>>58000 Checked and gunked
>>58001 PPP is literally sucking pedo dick to clout chase tranny audience
Lame stream, thats why I'm taking a hiatus. And Godwinson and PPP dont even check this thread anymore, they are foxdickfarms faggots. Also, kill all fags on Jewsh chat.
>>58005 See you tomorrow.
I never thought this was possible, PPP I know you don't check /cow/ anymore, but what a disappointment. >>58006 I know its hard to you understand, but some people here do more things with their lifes instead of be posting here all day.
>>58007 >do more things with their lifes X
>>58005 >>58007 >Godwinson and PPP dont even check this thread anymore >PPP I know you don't check /cow/ anymore You seem to hold being in contact with ecelebs as a sign of status. Is that you jcaesar187? Been drinking again tonight?
Is it really too hard for PPP or any of the more critical guys to just keep the damn screencaps on hand to recite them verbatim and nuke Jewsh from orbit? One hour of prep work is all it would take, but that's too much to ask.
>>58005 >thats why I'm taking a hiatus >(2) no one cares u faggot fuck off
Open file (111.93 KB 370x376 sargoy 2.png)
Who cares? Just ignore! Why are you obsessed? This is not funny. btw, PPP... stop trying to be fren with e-celebs...
PPP is such a fucking idiot, Null is one of the easiest people online to go hard on and he's still not doing it.
>>58010 Yeah Josh Pedo Moon successfully pilpulled his way out of this stream. It's a pity but there are a few good soundclips Josh dropped that can be combined with previous statements for an obvious contrast.
>>58012 >btw, PPP... stop trying to be fren with e-celebs... It's an inevitability from being a namefag in this sphere, one moment you are laughing at Гунт and Lowiqski doing IRL meet-ups and the next you are flying to Canada to meet up with your fellow e-celebs.
Fuck it, i'm going to say it. PPP lost and sucked off Jewsh in the process. Kill yourself PPP you dumb neet homo.
Open file (23.53 KB 690x84 589274839.jpg)
PPP has been disavowed once again.
Open file (5.27 KB 372x35 lordedge.png)
Open file (296.58 KB 498x354 1590649463976.gif)
>>58017 >>58018 Basedwinson. I feel like Surfer would argue much better than PPP in spite of his verbal tics.
Open file (73.76 KB 500x494 anita disapproval.png)
>>58010 PPP is pure improvisation, it works very well sometimes. But this time he should have prepared something, he had a day for it. >>58008 >>58009 >oh no, he is not part of our cool clique! You seem to hold posting here daily multiple times as a sign of status. >>58015 >>58017 >>58018 my face right now.
>>58020 >ppp is pure improvisation Then why the fuck can he improvise good bants based off the caps when alone and then cannot do that when in a call with others? The guy's a fag.
>>58017 >>58018 If Godwinson doesn't bully PPP into suicide after this stream i will be immensily disappointed. PPP dropped the fucking ball harder than he did with Jim.
Problem wit PPP is that he doesn't have a horse in the race. There needed to be a kiwifarms fag who was pissed at the sweeping go at Jewsh.
Open file (1.26 MB 1272x762 amish2.png)
kek at everyone surprised that PPP is a faggot. Never trust an online personality no matter who they are or what they preach.
Open file (87.24 KB 499x530 no longer a nice day.jpg)
>>58021 PPP was also quite friendly with CRP. I have fun with PPP, but this stream is in fact an even bigger disappointment than Gym stream. Things have been slow for days, then they got fast again, and PPP decided to ruin an opportunity and lose momentum. >>58022 Again, PPP will just do another stream and cope like he did after Gym stream. Godwinson should do take matters into his own hands.
Open file (479.88 KB 625x628 y.PNG)
>>58020 >You seem to hold posting here daily multiple times as a sign of status.
Open file (7.07 KB 321x61 ClipboardImage.png)
Godwinson's just making sure the fire rises while casually shitposting to make fun of retards like >>58024.
>>58022 PPP keeps soft-balling him, which would be fine if he had someone else to press jewsh for a good cop/bad cop routine, but alone it just sounds like he's sucking his dick.
>>58028 That's why I said someone else should be on. Even fucking Leo would do the trick. Dream scenario would be Baron Edge joining.
>>58025 Yeah PPP talks big when he doesn't have to talk to someone but he fucking folds to Jewsh of all people. Fuck me and fuck this fat retard. What's with all this concern troll talk shit with Jewsh. All you had to do PPP was read the material piled for weeks and nail this fucking pedo to the wall.
Open file (795.13 KB 153x200 dancing_ralph.gif)
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 dspdance.gif)
Open file (17.80 KB 732x732 moonmale.png)
>>58027 Or maybe these e-celebs that you worship aren't as smart as you think they are, otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their doing this gay G​AMERGATE shit.
>>58025 >Godwinson should do take matters into his own hands. Fuck, I'm considering biting the e-celeb bullet to get in there and get it done. >>58028 In PPP's head, he wants to extend an olive branch wherever possible, bickers he's a kind soul. Problem is snakes will grab your olive branch, and then the next day they'll light it on fire and hit you with it. That's what's happening to PPP right now.
Open file (3.30 MB 550x309 anita.gif)
>>58020 >You seem to hold posting here daily multiple times as a sign of status. What kind of status can someone have by posting on an anonymous basket-weaving board run by a mongolian sperg? I don't think you understand what "status" means, the same way you don't know what "having a life" means.
Open file (26.21 KB 694x112 85372487.jpg)
The Coach is putting the flailing, clinically obese man on the bench.
>>58035 I'm starting to think this is a fake godwinson. A lot of seethe going on in chat.
>>58035 What's Godwinsons endgame?
>>58036 It may be fake, but hopefully realwinson goes along with it bickers the doppelganger is correct.
PPP what the fuck are you doing mate. Just what the fuck are you doing.... Stop fucking carressing Josh's anus with your tongue with all this crying about Pedozoom and get back on topic why Josh is jannying for Dax.
Open file (542.53 KB 1280x720 fucktheporkchops.png)
>>58035 Please sub in surfer PLEASE
>>58033 Ever time someone from here tried to join some live stream the things ended bad in fact of course, but go for it. And yes, PPP made it clear that he had difficulties and regrets the other day bickers of how he acted with Jewsh before. PPP partly acts like a super christian for irony, but a good part of it is legitimate. >>58026 >>58034 I hit a nerve :^)
>>58036 don't these fakes appear on channel searches on youtube? I can't see a fake Godwinson. Why the fuck did youtube remove the 'view channel' button on the drop down next to chat usernames.
>>58036 Who cares if its fake or not, the guy is correct, PPP got derailed by Jewsh's hatred of Corey instead of pressing him on all the troll-shielding he's done.
I am starting to believe that PPP is really a devout Christian and this isn't a pose. Cause no one is as gay for other men's penis as a devout self-repressed Christian(see Spic Fuentes). Sucking Jim's cock may have been explained as a case of him being misguided and starstruck. But now he is sucking Jewsh. PPP is a literal homosexual.
Open file (147.45 KB 352x534 8lhcdc.png)
>>58033 >bickers he's a kind soul Then he's an idiot in this case. Kindness should never extend into stupidity. Like the difference between righteous anger and frothing-at-the-mouth anger.
I'm going through every PPP stream and flagging the naughty words. What a fucking retarded disappointment. What a fucking disaster.
where is a link to this stream?
Open file (866.75 KB 300x170 eyeroll.gif)
>>58041 >I hit a nerve
>>58046 Very organic.
Open file (45.78 KB 600x600 bleach it.jpg)
PPP LOST Time to delete your channel in shame PPP and take a vacation.
Open file (105.83 KB 1242x410 fagfarms.png)
Meanwhile in bizzaro world
>>58041 Nah, I can't really compromise IRL reputation over e-drama. I'm running for local office next year and it would be foolish to nuke it before I even start. If I lose badly, maybe then. >>58044 He really is (guy knows his scripture), and it's unfortunate. Does highlight the weaknesses of devout Christian faith, but I think it's mostly how PPP interprets it. >>58046 Don't do that, it'll just force Godwinson to move channels again, and keeping up with him is hard enough as-is.
>>58051 >(1)
>>58053 should't have sucked Jim and now Jewsh's CAWK fuck him and his gay ways go make another channel PPP
Open file (10.89 KB 236x224 1587440147882.jpg)
>>58055 You seem perturbed.
>>58052 Of course Foxdick thinks PPP did well since he's kissing Jewsh's ass.
Open file (71.87 KB 467x679 stop.jpg)
If it depends on PPP, the rest of the week will be slow and boring and nothing will change. IBS thread will be once again days and days with the same people posting off-topic shit, infighting and using tor to "upvote" themselves/win arguments. >>58052 I don't even know what to say about all that shit. >>58044 He is. He felt remorse for Jewish.
>preacher boy loves to tawk and tawk and tawk No surprises there
Let's be fair to PPP. He's hungover, he was previously friends with Josh, and he hasn't eaten for at least three hours. >>58053 >I'm running for local office next year I'm going to root for the guy against you for no reason and false flag your events. If you win I'm going to drive* through your voters while yelling DISAVOWED *jk abc
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 surfer.png)
>I hope people think I pushed you enough and there doesn't need to be any further back and forth on this issue in the future YOU FUCKED UP BUDDY
"I hope people are satisfied i pushed Josh as far as i could" What the fuck PPP lmao you shit his pants and didn&apos;t do shit.
Open file (120.66 KB 351x321 ppp gunted.png)
Open file (222.61 KB 503x304 832536.PNG)
>>58058 >infighting and using tor to "upvote" themselves/win arguments.
PPP acted like a milquetoast faggot, he needs a bad cop to his good cop bickers he's somewhat trepidatious :^) to talk to the people he's shitting on.
Fucking shit, PPP, you're unironically coping already.
Open file (105.19 KB 286x367 comeonnow.png)
>I'm a consistent person
Is PPP Godwinsons second Judas now? What a disaster. What a disaster ladies and Гунтlemen.
>>58040 I feel Surfer would be even softer on his targets, yes he can be pretty boisterous when he's drunk but for the most part he's even more paasive than PPP when its face to face confrontation, even talking PPP down on his own streams when he gets too heated at some points. Must be a Canadian thing.
Would the individuals of /cow/ say that the conversation was on scale of the Jim/Kraut stream from a while back.
No matter how you look at it or cope, PPP cucked and licked the jewsh crease.
Open file (612.70 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
He has defeated the fake lawyer his bull and the screaming mexican all in one bout. But then he lost to Jewsh. What does this say about everyone involved in this?
>>58061 >If you win I'm going to drive* through your voters while yelling DISAVOWED Ha, that'd probably boost my numbers! Really though the political solution fucking sucks, but it needs to be worked on. >>58068 >>58069 If you've followed PPP's relation with Godwinson you'll notice he grabs a lot of the memes Sir Edge puts out and parrots them ex: the one Dame Pesos joke. It appears that his mind is alright but his personality is weak and in dire need of self-respect and confidence. With this lack of validation, he'll easily latch onto anybody who plays nice, as we've seen with Jim and Jewsh.
>>58071 At least Gym somewhat went at Kraut, PPP just gave Josh asspats the whole time.
Open file (2.82 MB 480x270 a way out for PPP.gif)
So much for "baste" PPP, what the fuck happened to you lad. Doing 6-8 videos a day with hot promos and then fucking it all up in 2 hours. And wtf will you do now? Go back to talking hot shit after this? Guess it's either watching Godwinson now or LeoPirate. This fat fucker can't do anything right.
>>58073 Well one way to "ignore" something is to yell about for so long that people are numb and ignore you once you pretend to "put it to rest." PPP asshole tees, when?
>>58070 I guess it would make Surfer a target to more unsavory types if he went into a Surfer vs someone bloodsports type debate and I don't want him to get fucked with since he seems like such a wholesome guy despite being a chad kikehating wignat.
>>58071 >Would the individuals of /cow/ say that the conversation was on scale of the Jim/Kraut stream from a while back. This is a really good comparison especially in how fucking boring it was.
>>58074 >he grabs a lot of the memes Sir Edge puts out and parrots them He reminds me of an improv actor, bouncing off the other players w/o a solid gameplan.
T-the t-third man will s-s-solve the si-t-tuation, r-right b-bros?
After this shameful display of homosexuality the only thing that can make it up is some juicy leak that would implicate one of the simp guard and hopefully start some good infighting.
>>58081 >He reminds me of an improv actor That seems a fair comparison. And improv doesn't cut it in 1-on-1 debate where the enemy has a coherent goal, as we saw with Sargon vs. Kristi Winters
>>58071 ppp did this with gym before leo jumped in and forced him to be more aggressive, ppp is a bitch and wont go hard on anyone
>>58084 Yeah, his rambling gets annoying in a livestream where he isn't talking to a camera and has to interact with "humans.". Unfortunately, a preacher personality likes to hear their own voice too much w/o some structure to constrain it.
>>58080 Yeah, to many individuals they were seeing it as a screaming match but instead it was a bunch guys talking about gay e-grifter shit. >>58073 I don't think Jewsh or PPP won at all they were sorting out their differences in a calm manner which is what PPP does (See PPPvGym for proof), he hams it up for a bit and then he's reasonable in the actual execution of it, with the exception of Dick/Fake Lawlyer then he went all out.
Open file (169.64 KB 554x313 lol.png)
I guess that was the real Godwinson in chat lol
>>58071 Pretty much. Why do all these internet grifters act like they're chill and buddy-buddy with each other on stream, when they were talking shit about each other just a day before?
Open file (67.16 KB 843x562 q#er.jpeg)
>>58089 "Works for me!"
>>58088 Based hitler dubs for basedwinson. >>58089 "Alpha" internet personas, but weak people IRL, so when conflict is calm and personal they start beta-ing out.
>>58058 This argument wins in fact of course.
>>58091 Technically Omega-ing out.
>>58087 >with the exception of Dick/Fake Lawlyer then he went all out. Everyone absolutely loved that exception so he should stick to that exception. This Christian love shit is so incredibly gay. This was letting him off the hook. It is obvious he is trollshielding and he should be made to admit that. After he does that you can lick his pucker when hopefully most of the audience leaves.
>>58089 They always pretend to be hard but act nice when they're in contact. If you're not completely disconnected from reality you'll have noticed this irl too.
Open file (5.71 KB 365x40 crusade.png)
>>58088 >inb4 he just makes another gay video that goes nowhere and then nukes his channel and fucks off for a few months
>>58095 Of course you don't let the other person know what you really think of him IRL bickers you almost always have your own interests for the interaction, be it just social fulfillment (friendship) or career (coworker/boss/contractor/etc.), but this is the fucking internet, so who gives a god damn? He already made tens of videos about how Janny Jewsh was a faggot, and now he acts like he's talking it out with his dad? Fucking miserable.
>>58089 Maybe it's to hype it up to the audience? The Andy-Tonka fight was hamed up to be something big, turns out it was just a calm before the storm (see the adventures in Miami as proof). It happens all the time in e/z-celeb communities they hype it up and nine times out of ten it's shit. >>58094 >when hopefully most of the audience leaves. The individuals in question will probably forget about this in about a week or once another cooking with surfer kino pops up.
>>57998 >Vito was great, too. Flaggot confirmed. >>58042 >Why the fuck did youtube remove the 'view channel' button on the drop down next to chat usernames. bickers Jewgle's motto is "if it ain't broke, break it". >>58058 >IBS thread >>58079 >wignat
>>58096 And after that Jewsh will get a pay rise from his master.
>>58096 Smart move. Earwinson is harder to ignore, and not as easy to dismiss since he is neither obese nor outwardly autistic nor shown his asshole to the world.
>>58097 The problem is that when everybody keeps their voice calm it doesn't FEEL like the internet.
At least PPP goes to paradise, right? We are all nihilistic cynics, bros. WE are the problem, he just want to have some funny on internet, same about Josh! We are the ones mad at internet and lolcows all along! Remember, Matthew 5:39. >>58088 Maybe, just maybe, Godwinson should take matters into own hands... unless Godwinson is involved in all of this just to have some fun watching PPP actually become a lolcow. Remember, Godwinson believe fat people are funny and he is missing Jahans, PPP can be "friend" with Josh, but Godwinson is not a friend of PPP. >>58089 >>58085 >>58084 List of e-celebs that PPP was super friendly on streams: CRP, Jewsh, Jesse, Gym. Anyone else?
>>58103 Nick to an extent.
>>58096 idk why but i feel this is some gayfabe beef earwinson is trying to make
>>58103 Leopirate, Weasel until he got platinum mad about his "secret" conversation being leaked.
>>58105 He's trying to squeeze as much funny out of this as he can but the situation is pretty much irredeemable. I admire his efforts but it doesn't go too far. Next video he either has to disavow PPP or bring up something to distract from the trainwreck.
>>58105 His disappointment is real, but the "crusading alone" is probably kayfabe.
>>58102 Yeah, in fact of course the only real good shitshow was the IBS apocalypse which was almost unlistenable. I don't get why all these ecelebs think >we wanted calm rational conversations or reasonable debates. >We just wanted shouting matches. >we just want forum flamewars back.
It's almost like when I fucked the momentum of the stream.me deplatformings into the dirt by acting like a fucking miserable retard against Corey Barnhill (pedophile). History repeats.
>>58107 >Next video he either has to disavow PPP or bring up something to distract from the trainwreck. He'll probably take the easier way out by criticizing PPP on TWIN and putting him on the bench without a disavowal.
Open file (2.28 MB 1920x1080 GONZO.png)
>>58112 Or most likely Godwinson will do it privately first and then he'll do it publicly on TWIN or one of the two things.
>>58113 WIth all the talk about benching PPP now you made me hope that they will pull CRP out of the closet and he will become the new star player. At least his inevitable failure would be funny.
this stream should have been kept behind closed doors if he really wanted to bury the hatchet with Josh, and kept up the aggression when it comes to live streams. they always talk about how its all kayfabe but let things get too personal when it comes to people they might be friendly with.
seeing jewsh get off scot free on all of his bullshit was fucking sickening
>>58115 The monkey's paw would bring Gahoole into all this mess.
maybe PPP needed leopirate again to be streaming with him like with gym, cause he seems to have cucked hard to jewsh and didn't push hard enough, based on these comments I'm seeing here. I haven't watched the stream yet and I probably won't if PPP embarrassed himself this hard to that faggot jewsh of all people.
>>58119 He kept getting sidetracked by all the Zoom shit and being chummy with Jewsh over that instead of pressing him on the troll-shielding.
>>58119 it was bad dude, real bad i missed the first like 30 minutes, but i can't stomach to go back and relisten to be honest
>>58117 By the time he comes back around to realizing Jewsh is a snake he'll just come across like a bitchy ex-girlfriend. That inability to execute a strike against Josh is going to force him out of the dialogue unless something really clever happens, which PPP can't pull off. >>58119 It's not worth watching, just Jewsh making excuses, unopposed and never called out.
Open file (491.00 KB 487x717 aborted.png)
Son of Tiamat, if you're here, I need to say something to you: sorry. You're right, I was wrong, you're truly a sage on the Internet, you're right about PPP. Sorry for posting screenshots of you here, my obsession with you made me search multiple reptile videos only to receive upvotes here during the slow days. I'm the true lolcow after all, not you, Gaytor, Гунт and others. I feel miserable and full of remorse. I'll buy an alligator farm for you and a Mister Metokur hat. Sorry.
>>58123 Great. Now the gayness is spreading and infecting everybody.
There is only one way out for PPP; He needs to burn the Israeli flag.
The only thing saving today is jcaesar187s reaction
>>58125 At this point only if he wraps himself up with it.
>>58125 does he still have that?
>>58126 If you give Гунт 3 hours of your life daily you already lost. Only thing that could be even thought of as a palate cleanser now is Godwinson getting Leo and Surfer on stream and scolding the fuck out of PPP for being a massive retard.
>>58124 He was right, Kraut infected Godwinson, PPP and us... >>58122 >he'll just come across like a bitchy ex-girlfriend dead right >>58121 This, shit is revolting.
>>58123 TIAMAT CLUB REPRESENT CLOACABOYS Nah just kidding, nobody will even like you ironically Tiamat, if you want to have sex with lizards you should be put in a cage.
>>58120 >>58121 >>58122 goddamn, now that's just depressing. I guess its up to Godwinson, Leopirate? and maybe XANDER to continue where PPP failed, somehow.
>>58131 His tranny "gf" it's himself using a voice device, this is the deepest lore.
Open file (246.86 KB 446x450 idgaf.png)
>>58124 >he wasn't already infected >>58130 >us NICE TRY NIGGER
Open file (703.96 KB 630x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58132 >I guess its up to Godwinson, Leopirate? and maybe XANDER You can stake on those losers if you want. Personally I'm placing my chips on the wild card
>>58134 His hot takes were correct!
>>58136 >its like they caught a mind virus >proceeds to have a civil conversation with a brony while jerking off to reptiles
Open file (2.77 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (73.93 KB 300x183 ClipboardImage.png)
Rageafterstorm, Veeh, and Montagraph form the ultimate trinity and take down every grifter on the web.
>>58136 He only claimed Kraut infected Godwinson and his fanbois with a hatred of jcaesar187. And I for one don't need Godwinson or Kraut to despise jcaesar187's behavior.
Open file (175.71 KB 729x653 vee.png)
>>58135 Maybe there's no winning bickers everyone involved is human and they have too much empathy for one another.
Open file (920.23 KB 832x435 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (436.26 KB 490x728 metokurfan.png)
>>58144 Is there anything sadder than a paypig?
Open file (1.20 MB 971x702 fullblasted.png)
This stream will never happen, right? And since Godwinson neither PPP are not streaming right now, I’m going to assume they’re having a private conversation atm. >>58138 If you're a Gym fanboy you're the "right" kind of furry/scaly and has a free pass to criticize and attack other furries/scalies. Same logic that King of /poz/ used about not being the wrong kind of gay, even tho he wanted to suck cocks. >>58142 The reasons go beyond that, Son of Tiamat tries to insert himself into internet drama and get mad and jealous when he's not accepted or when someone succeed where he failed, the only person he will never backstab is Daddy Jim.
Open file (644.22 KB 500x750 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xEyds9Z4II Thread theme for moving on from the failure of today's stream. I think good times still lie ahead, but perhaps not from the sources we expected.
If PPP literally sucked an actual dick would he start to perform better at those "conversation" streams?
>>58147 >I think good times still lie ahead, but perhaps not from the sources we expected. >>58148 Well that was quick.
well at least there's some good news after that fucking disaster of a stream
>>58147 Kino taste. I have the theme of post '18 bloodsports. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Rq-4spRz4 >>58148 >>58151 Reminder this fag's fans were cheering when PPP's channel got shut down.
Open file (814.76 KB 565x616 62823526853.png)
Open file (206.01 KB 409x400 jewsh jim.png)
>>58148 NO REFUNDS
Open file (37.95 KB 586x245 oldfag gaydur.png)
now read this very carefully
Open file (28.90 KB 495x250 jewkieta.png)
Open file (307.02 KB 5760x3240 Nick_tears.png)
Does PPP have a chance at this point after that shitshow with jewsh?
Open file (464.42 KB 640x352 godwinson bitch.webm)
>>58154 >anyone criticizing dick gets wiped and cleaned and scrubbed <YOU CONSPIRACY TARDS HAHAH >mexican with ties to money laundering, white supremacists, child pornography, and drugs gets blacklisted <this is clearly the result of a canadian with 300 subscribers
>>58155 You should have more youtube academics on your stream to armchair psychoanalyze your opponents.
>>58154 >coincidences only matter when we notice them lmao can they at least be a bit consistent for once in there fucking existence god i hate these faggots so much
>>58155 >Pretending the truth is irony I hate this tactic, what's the best strategy for confronting it? >>58156 Not really, I said earlier it would take brilliance that he doesn't have. If PPP attacks now, he'll just be a damp squib.
Open file (1.47 MB 360x640 1589408412019.webm)
>>58154 >holding you to your principles is using your principles against you Only if you never really had them.
Open file (1.36 MB 1280x720 jews.mp4)
>>58151 >free speech advocate >>58154 >ban everyone making fun of me
Open file (13.93 MB 480x360 why.mp4)
>>58161 Dick the eternal boomer thinks kiwifarmers are colluding and setting up gayops on the board to attack his bank, and if Josh would just ban them this wouldn't happen. That anon the other day who posted Dick was basically a boomer from old memes was on point. WHY WHY WHY HAVE YOU BANNED ME?
>>58148 >I'M WORKING TO GET IT UP AGAIN AS FAST AS I CAN! >as soon as i snort this bag of coke and cash out my 20k for the month from Patreon
Open file (120.63 KB 380x349 1537123844857.png)
>>58165 He probably thinks computer viruses can cause fires and explosions like those old 90s movies.
>>58154 <Some fat Canadian has the power to strip me of my payment processor I'd tell Dax to lay off all the acid before he goes full schizo but it seems like that ship has sailed.
Open file (252.09 KB 633x478 gaytortime.png)
It's almost poetic that after the weak showing by ppp, the triads outright drop Dax. And instantly the hugbox converges complete with the sentient blob who failed to fuck pinecone pointing the finger at the starfish yet again.
>>58169 Where did Dax take that screencap from? Some youtube video of his?
>>58169 >g*y ops
>>58170 law of equivalent exchange
Open file (58.65 KB 609x511 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (217.46 KB 600x650 kishin_smug.png)
>>58154 >including one given a major stage today >null's show is a major stage
You are pathetic, it is a shame to see what this board has become, the people who attend here. All you do is coping and seething, daily, without ever stopping, criticizing while producing nothing, nothing different from generic grifters. It's easy to stay here, on your hive mind thread, talking about what you would do in the place of others, while none of you spergs have the courage to interact with the people you are so obsessed over, perhaps on a voice call for exemple. But no, you were only here, in the hive mind, in your comfy place, seething and coping on low-hanging fruits.
>>58170 I wonder if gaytor cried that night when pinecone went home immediately after he told her that Andy doesn't have to know.
Open file (131.77 KB 496x651 DickMastersimp3.png)
Open file (259.09 KB 5760x3240 Dax_tears.png)
>>58169 dick thought he could delete that tweet to bad i archived https://archive.vn/rIYFu here is the new tweet https://twitter.com/LABasedComedian/status/1266127859145310209 https://archive.vn/Qr7RM
Open file (71.46 KB 1248x226 trannydax.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 640x360 whereisproofs.mp4)
>>58174 Gonna need some evidence there jcaesar187.
>>58175 >nothing different from generic grifters When have I asked for your money and credit card details?
>>58165 >Dick the eternal boomer thinks kiwifarmers are colluding and setting up gayops Their main opponent has just had a homosexual orgy with Joshua Moon. And like a truly exceptional retard he is Dick still manages to shoot himself in the foot. Bench PPP. Bench Leopirate. Bench Godwinson. Just let Dick exist and kill himself without any help.
>>58175 >none of you spergs have the courage to interact with the people you are so obsessed over, perhaps on a voice call for exemple If you confirm which egrifter you are, I'll talk to you.
Open file (86.37 KB 800x1400 mistergator.jpg)
>>58174 >the little gaytor profile picture in the likes section
Open file (112.87 KB 640x360 nottroo.webm)
>>58174 Where's the proof? How the fuck do we know dick shit his pants and didn&apos;t do it himself for free press?
>>58175 Facts.
>>58175 gr8 b8 m8. On the other hand it would be absolutely magical if this was spoken from the heart and it was Dick coming here after he got slighted by the internet yet again.
Open file (330.08 KB 734x625 activatingalmonds.png)
>>58175 I have a secret to show you.
Open file (178.87 KB 397x416 1523792469162.png)
>>58182 The board know my discord, add me there, lets voice chat then.
>>58190 I said confirm it. Post "I'm a faggot" on twitter or something. Then link it here.
>>58182 You're talking to Corey m8
>>58191 How dense are you, motherfucker? ImGT#4648, I am waiting. But I've the feeling you'll pussy out.
>>58089 You should know. >>58111 Checked those trips.
Open file (202.76 KB 350x284 Zoom justed gun.png)
>>58192 Sounds about right. >>58193 Why would I go on discord to talk to a pedophile attentionwhore this second? If anything, it'd be on the Гунтstream when I decide; not you.
>>58182 >>58191 Hello, Donga.
https://youtu.be/8cWcq9n9Ur8 Looting for Justice
>>58187 i 100% know this is all from ppps heart he gets really angry and writes stuff like this all the time whenever he gets push back
Open file (20.06 KB 605x188 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58175 ...It's over bros. He's right. /cow/ lost. Time to delete /cow/, there is no choice now.
>>58035 Add it as an emote as an eternal reminder for when he lurks.
>>58193 >ImGT#4648 What does that even mean, and who even are you?
Open file (4.09 MB 720x480 eceleb drama.mp4)
Open file (1.70 MB 640x360 ecelebs.mp4)
"I don't consule my admins before doing things." - jewsh WRONG In the past, before many of the well known mods left due to the hack, he would talk about discussing things with his inner circle. Like moving threads, changing rules, etc.
>>58204 >that balding head
Open file (8.09 KB 407x81 dogs.jpg)
Open file (40.80 KB 188x187 janny.png)
>>58204 >communist complaining about capitalism <calling redistribution of capital murder Is there any coherent commie
>>58200 CARL WON
Open file (14.27 KB 543x117 sweep.jpg)
Open file (201.48 KB 610x1123 496930124619.png)
>>58211 >noooo >liar >blocked PATHETIC
Corey and Ashley should eat a bullet
>>58203 It's his doxcord server number >>58207 >>58210 >>58211 This man is seething so hard, surely even his paypigs must think he's unhinged now.
Open file (2.98 MB 600x360 dogs.mp4)
>>58207 I have no problem with cat guys but what kind of pussy doesn't like dogs?
>>58211 oh boy oh boy. Are these grifters going to lose their income?
>>58213 seethe foxdick
>>58213 Wherever will >we find a fistfucker to aid in the process of extracting the bullet from the first?
>>58216 pedozoom predicted this on one of his recent streams. he said some shit about josh being banned off everything cause of some list vordrak got him put on. zoom was in touch with vordrak during stream.me so zoom probably had vodrak make calls and shut down NP2 to fuck with janny josh.
Open file (602.72 KB 540x528 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58215 >what kind of pussy doesn't like dogs? The globohomo kind
>>58218 You hot takes are fantastic, fellow oldfag
>ImGT#4648 What does that even mean, and who even are you? Imagine don't knowing from who that fucking discord belongs
Open file (37.50 KB 500x375 domokun.jpg)
>>58221 Ashton, much like Shannon, is already a girls name. It's a redundant zinger to change it to another girls name.
>>58211 He is so bad at interacting with hecklers that I am actually starting to wonder if all of this is a deliberate ruse. Like he is playing up how butthurt he is.
>>58196 >>58203 That's PPP's discord ID. To believe it's him though you have to assume Ashton knows how to use TOR.
>>58227 It's not like you have to run it through privoxy any more. I would hope PPP's smart enough to google "tor browser".
Open file (140.08 KB 504x348 dax_not_mad2.png)
>>58226 >hey josh, me and the payment processor were looking at foxdick farms. >we had a few lines with jcaesar187's parole officer >we had tonnes of fun laughing at the spergs, but they said you have to get rid of my thread or they won't support NP2 anymore.
>>58228 I never thought there could be someone too stupid to use OBS either, but PPP defies all zoomer stereotypes.
Open file (100.87 KB 595x754 689473829.jpg)
>>58231 Post your archive here Gaytor. PPP praise is at an all time low. We'd all pounce on it. You could even do it through tor if you're not newfag enough to switch IDs.
>>58231 Where does Гунт get off sperging about platforming certain types of people when he gets upset that Yo Mama calls him alt right for platforming Richard Spencer?
Open file (52.45 KB 406x800 kisune.png)
>>58231 Not to fall back on the "this is just like when last news cycles X did Y" but PATEBIN
>>58233 The Гунт is a massive hypocrite amongst many other things.
>>58231 >i've got a guy Imagine being a sidekick to the eternal sidekick.
>>58236 There are no lower tier than Gaytor. He just says he has a guy to sound important. In reality he is doing all of his digging and errands.
>>58238 There once was a time when it was Carl he was recording videos for. Can you imagine if he was accepted as a step-son? https://archive.fo/gyB19
>>58231 Watch out! Super 1337 h4x0R gaydoor is on the case.
Open file (197.55 KB 363x450 fag.png)
>>58239 Wasn't he a major kekistan faggot when it started out?
Open file (24.74 KB 500x500 1556456352888.jpg)
>>58241 I don't have archives for that bickers no one cared who he was until he put on the mask What I can get are crossfires from other accounts that were archived at the time. https://archive.fo/eDvxF
>>58241 Gaytard can't be a kekistani, he's certified oldfag
Open file (48.37 KB 1280x720 drugs.jpg)
Will i really have to watch the Kikestream tonight to hear Гунт and Shannon cope and seethe? I guess i will.
Open file (1.97 MB 720x480 wegottafind.mp4)
KEEMSTAR SARGON VEE Jim /jcaesar187 /dick /jewsh /scrub /toad /dame /augie /flamenco /gaytor /bibble /paypigs /son of tiamat
>>58244 I haven't watched the Killstream in over a year. You'll feel their seething or hear it clipped secondhand ITT.
>>58245 >Scrub Is that loser still around?
>>58247 he makes JoJo videos now and might actually be the most successful person to come out of the first IBS craze, sadly enough
>>58240 How much of this kino have I missed?
>>58249 setting shit on fire already god damn
Open file (1.17 MB 1496x709 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58248 >No Patreon/ebegging >Videos require effort (but still kinda crap) >Regular uploads Huh. Well he's irrelevant to me now, but I guess good for him?
>>58247 Tricked the kumitards into buying a computer for him on the premise of making pro-Donha propaganda, only to ditch them once the computer came in. He deleted all IBSphere cocks, completely rebranded, shifted to doing Jojo dubs, and doesn't respond to any inquiries about former ibs affiliations. Probably the most successful grifter of them all
>>58253 >played dark souls on stream for ~4 hours >left for ~2hours and got married >came back and streamed for another 24 hours over the baked meltdown He was a strange guy.
PPP/Josh discussion has been swept by Josh himself. Is there an archive backup?
Open file (312.54 KB 960x540 Josh_SS_hat_tears.jpeg)
>>58261 wew jewsh didnt want daddy Dax to see his convo with ppp or clips to be made that could make him look bad. Maybe someone the Гунтstream archived it.
>>58262 >the Гунтstream archived it.
>>58261 It's available on PPP's thread on kf
Open file (23.45 KB 481x580 1567291579499.jpg)
>>58262 Is Josh more like a women or a coward?
>>57802 Does anyone have a full video of the Гунт on The Dick Show?
>>58268 Is this from the YouTube video? I was wondering if there'd be a 2+ hour video for Dick's paypiggies.
>>57944 test to see if i'm on the list
Open file (318.80 KB 534x576 1580871302138.png)
>>58248 >>58252 Wow I mean I've seen one of his videos but I didn't know it was actually Scrub from the kumite. So in the end they never got Zidan & Scrub. Good for them I say!
Corey Barnhill bleached his Twitter!
>>58272 Like with a cloth?
>>58272 I remember his last tweet today was him saying he had to take more time off.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=1B3cyS_UEAU&nojs=1 It continues ladies and güntlemen.
Open file (5.39 MB 2000x2000 Shannon_btfos_corey.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1400x1400 Corey and Shannon.png)
>>58274 >I remember his last tweet today was him saying he had to take more time off someone got OLDFAGGED again
>>58273 Obviously with hammers, mallets, and wrecking balls.
>>58272 >>58274 Zoom never delivers. His last stream he said he was going to dox Gaytor, Flamingo, and Niggle.
Open file (3.32 MB 380x500 burning-gunt.gif)
<at the moment np2 cannot process payments due to gayops <ashton parks up in canada has been working really hard to uhh get that stuff done <pretty coincidental that all this stuff happened Гунт is seething rn
>>58241 >Wasn't he a major kekistan faggot when it started out? r/T_D golden user, so yes.
>>58279 <I DONT have anything to hide or fear, and I'm not going to show my report history bickers uhh PPP is a faggot"
>>58278 >cory barnhill known pedophile delivering on anything ever CORY BARNHILL THE PEDOPHILE NEVER DELIVERS
Open file (491.77 KB 750x1010 Jim_gunt.png)
>>58281 <I mean I need some sort of proof this happened ppp <like I guess ya like just flagged yourself <you are an attention whore for bring up the dms
>>58274 I remember him saying that he was moving somewhere to Japan if I recall correctly. Something "work" related.
Open file (332.53 KB 828x1200 81AMrwzQEwL.jpg)
>>58285 who knows why corey, pedophile, barnhill would move to japan...
Open file (2.04 MB 1385x777 fire burning.png)
>>58287 Go back to cuckchan pol, kekistani
Open file (102.10 KB 500x250 moonman3.jpg)
>>58288 >being so much of a pompous faggot that you can't enjoy a good riot
>>58224 Nothing about PPP, what a shame. >>58227 It is funny how some people need to be spoon feeding someties. Anyway, that was probably some fag larping as PPP or PPP absoluty mad at internet. >>58231 >>58239 >>58241 >>58243 I want one thing, only one thing, please. I want Shannon being doxxed and humiliated irl, I want it recorded and spread across the internet. He being part of a hazing, he crying with his face on the dirt while his butt is being spanked 70's style, tarring and feathering, anything like that, I know it's gay, but I need it, if he wish to be an oldfag he he must go through this rite of passage. >>58244 Avoid it. >>58245 Those are my gods now, sorry Son of Tiamat, you B T F O'd me. >>58247 Appealing to the massive and dumb number of JoJo fans. Disgraceful imo. >>58252 Well, if you're saying this isn't so bad I think I got B T F O'd again by another Son of Gym. >>58272 >>58274 Corey Barnhill was on Godwinson chat a few hours later saying he would be offline for the next months bickers he is "moving". Also saying that Dax keep him around and chat with him almost daily. Believe if you want. >>58278 I wish he had done it. >>58281 >>58284 Look at his Гунт, look at his hairline. Oh no no no no no.
>>58289 t. Based Stickman #1 Fan
Open file (114.12 KB 1200x800 1590646694072.jpg)
>>58288 >>58291 >he's not watching the chimpout
>>58286 He and SexTourismSpeaks will be sharing notes, no doubt.
>>58287 >>58289 trying to divert attention and change the subject will not help you or your master, RandBot.
Open file (12.55 KB 270x382 moonman4.jpg)
>>58294 Take your meds, schizo.
>>58286 Too old. Why would he an obvious cow like that when paid-dating is all the rage with middleschool girls anon?
>>58296 i tried to find JC mags on google but no luck
Open file (9.77 KB 400x400 dark caesar.jpg)
OH NO HE DISCONNECTED Гунт got fucked with by some soyrony cuckchan jew
>>58295 HI RAND
>>58295 >"schizo" Found the catboi
>>58295 Okay Lolisocks.
Open file (90.55 KB 1024x1009 1509993258297.jpg)
Open file (108.52 KB 500x500 moonman2.jpg)
>>58299 >>58300 >>58301 >>58302 >>58303 >thinking i'm your boogeyman bickers i'd rather watch the chimpout than boring ass jcaesar187 dolphin laugh for several hours
Open file (105.39 KB 533x960 cryan johnson JUST.jpg)
Open file (99.83 KB 882x617 mass reply.jpg)
Open file (922.12 KB 1600x1200 Brazilian3.jpg)
>>58310 >you did a thing i don't agree with >you must be this guy that i don't like THEY'RE BURNING DOWN THE POLICE STATION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fJ5YbfW3xk&feature=youtu.be
>>58312 Why did you just facedox your kid, Ryan?
Open file (3.99 MB 2467x3431 1580699495460.png)
>>58312 ok randtard
>>58305 >>58312 Sorry, bro, I guess we got cocky! How can /cow/ anons even compete against a powerful and based oldfag /pol/lack like you?
Open file (570.60 KB 1000x769 cookin' with surfer.png)
>>58317 Post Surfer's dick.
>>58319 Why? That's pretty gay bro.
Open file (153.82 KB 1252x892 1491912679495.jpg)
>>58315 >>58319 Based G​AMERGATE hater who actually is into degen shit! BASED AS FUCK! Sieg Heil!
Open file (31.18 KB 354x504 julius.jpg)
>>58321 bickers I wanna see a dick.
>>58322 Surfer > Gator. That's a fact.
Open file (308.40 KB 640x360 faggot.mp4)
>>58319 Surfer's dick is a false idol, only PPP's starfish is allowed to be worshipped
>>58323 >>58326 you both should stay on youtube comment sections, mister memelords
>>58323 >jcaesar187 jcaesar187 also loves G​AMERGATE dicks in the white womanz and white dicks in negresses and pakis. I bet (you) want to have sex with an abo rand A "WHITE NATIONALIST" INTO INTERRACIAL CUCKHOLD PORN AGAIN!? not to unexpected at this point
Open file (9.62 KB 122x118 f.JPG)
>>58323 go to pornhub then, oh wait it's probably banned in your country.
Open file (223.48 KB 249x351 rand_2.0.png)
Cryan Johnson the interracial cuckhold married to a jew.
By the way anons, just a question: Is it heresy that a Flip is so in turned on by beautiful blonde women, or is it what you call white fever?
Open file (45.38 KB 544x476 85656926.jpg)
>>58323 Here's your dick.
>>58305 Jokes on you catboi, the Гунт is watching the chimps destroy government buildings too.
>>58332 Leopirate is a degenerate yes. He should stick to other hapas or philipinos. Maybe he should watch WAS HAPA-NIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHf-xmU7H3A
Open file (1.19 MB 1360x772 Americaburn.png)
Open file (207.83 KB 400x400 Moonman.jpg)
>>58334 Now everybody can enjoy the chimpout
>>58332 Ask yourself: what would Ellen Gould White do?
>>58337 Share some moonman to set the mood.
Open file (897.40 KB 603x598 galactic gunt.png)
>Гунт leaves mid-show to go get makersmark SORRY ГунтLEMEN BUT THE Гунт DEMANDS A SACRIFICE TO MAINTAIN ITS FORM
>>58336 >Liberitarian National Convention Fuck. That. Shit.
rip gloom chat. redditkur just tweeted it, fucking faggot
Open file (160.15 KB 1346x1969 Robot_CardboardBoy2.png)
Open file (1.94 MB 720x405 Gunterotica.webm)
Open file (141.70 KB 415x367 sweat.png)
>5 white males with 5 ARs en route to the protests oh shit
Open file (194.17 KB 448x653 Scout_taunt_laugh.png)
>>58342 "I have a more cancerous touch than Sargon."
Open file (16.45 KB 306x139 jimsheckles.png)
>>58351 its true
Dick Show E-thot thirsting for surfers Chad 1/32 kike aryan god rod.
>>58342 Fucking hell.
>>58353 wasn't that thot attacked by Dax himself bickers her boyfriend posted on KF as George Cuckzounian
Open file (125.38 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Open file (119.43 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0006.jpg)
Open file (120.27 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0010.jpg)
PPP is drunk off his ass
Open file (327.06 KB 1594x835 sad.jpg)
>>58358 3. Clean it up Jaannee Jorshh
>>58356 >>58357 Is there an Archive of this?
After benching PPP what if Surfer became the main cudgel against grifters?
>>58366 It's his choice if he wants to jump into the dirt with the other pigs; I wouldn't stop him, and probably cheer him on to do it
Open file (1.21 MB 1279x820 453704906596.png)
Femme fatal, am I right? Sargon's such a good memer.
Open file (34.16 KB 466x466 1587591142-0.jpg)
I wonder how jewshy wooshy feels with Trump wanting to revoke section 230
Open file (23.57 KB 599x205 230.PNG)
Open file (350.70 KB 593x658 230 1.PNG)
Open file (193.33 KB 591x479 jesh.PNG)
Open file (94.43 KB 587x442 jersh.PNG)
>>58370 I don't think he's taking it well >i want to die >If they repeal Section 230 of the CDA I will close down everything and disappear into the night. No one will ever hear from me again.
Open file (61.38 KB 594x715 bankers.PNG)
>>58373 The issue is the BANKS. The issue is the BANKERS
>>58370 what's section 230 I'm not a burger so i don't know the ins and out
>>58375 Basically gives you a free pass on what gets posted on your site as long as you're moderating things that are actually illegal. So if someone posts CP you are not liable if you see it and remove it. If section 230 gets repealed that means if you do ANY moderation AT ALL, you're considered a publisher and to be curating cocks, which means you're liable for anything your users post. It would kill all online discussions forums, like Foxdick and here.
>>58374 >refuses to take responsibility for fucking up his own life over dumb internet shit >references the manifesto of the christchurch shooter whose video he hosted bickers it was somehow a free speech issue to him He sounds really unhinged. Is he saying he's going to shoot up a bank?
>>58076 Yeah I'm done with PPP. Jim is hard to crack but Jewsh? Fuck PPP.
>>58374 needs more (((jew)))
The truth is that PPP doesn't see Jim or Jewsh as enemies. The real enemy is Dick and the Гунт.
>>58373 >If they repeal Section 230 of the CDA I will close down everything and disappear into the night. No one will ever hear from me again. If only. Jewsh shares this common trait with Corey Barnhill the kiddie-diddler, they are like cockroaches that never go away.
>>58380 If he didn't see Jewsh as an enemy, why would he make 5+ videos calling him out for colluding? The reality is that he's just a limp wristed faggot who can't talk 5% of the shit he comes up with in his videos when confronted face-to-face.
>>58382 he said himself in one of those streams that he didn't want to body the guy
>>58376 >So if someone posts CP you are not liable if you see it and remove it. If section 230 gets repealed that means if you do ANY moderation AT ALL, you're considered a publisher That is just wrong. To be considered a publisher you would have to moderate beyond illegal cocks. This is a question for the courts though. No question that normie social media is going to get the publisher treatment, smaller places will probably shut down till there is a precedent
>>58385 jewsh like to pretend his website is a platform even though he makes it very clear the site is some bastion of truth where everything is vetted while beomoaning other gossip forums like ED who "just write anything"
LIVE GODWINSON 7 HOUR NEWS ALERT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DANU2SbHnOA
>>58381 >Jewsh shares this common trait with Corey Barnhill the kiddie-diddler, they are like cockroaches that never go away. That's what makes their autistic feud so funny to me. They're more or less the same kind of opportunistic pedophile; it's just that one sounds like an insecure woman while the other can never shut up. They both have an association with an imageboard that thought they were complete faggots (pig chan/infinity never for jewsh and the 4chan brb soup incident for corey). They both have enough association with cp for any normal person to want nothing to do with them. I just wonder who will win the insufferable pedophile hunger games they've initiated?
>>58384 There's a difference between "I'm not gonna body the guy" and "I'm going to suck his dick and proclaim loudly to the world that I'm good with Josh".
>>58204 Charls is more retarded than Destiny. Fuck that guy and his paypigs
looks like corey, pedophile, barnhill's twitter is up and running again. hundreds of tweets deleted. most recent one from january 2019. what could corey, pedophile, barnhill possibly be hiding? https://archive.is/OKAJt
I am happy that the coach is now spanking his star player. PPP really engaged in some homosexual behavior in his recent conversations.
Open file (55.55 KB 256x236 ppp reaction.png)
>>58377 No, he's just bitching bickers his NEETbux have been cut off yet again, Jewsh is too much of a pussy to do anything.
>>58389 he literally gave Josh all the points ahead of time, he was planning to softball the thing from the start
>>58395 Which goes against everything he did just hours before. Look, if you're not good at 1v1 confrontations (and yes, PPP is fucking shit, just look at PPP "vs" Jim which was another complete gay sex stream until Leo stepped in and made it marginally more palatable), bring someone in to help you out, and if the other side refuses call them a pussy and take a W. Instead he goes in and acts like he's asking for a favor on the day Josh's daughter hypothetical is to be married.
>>58395 Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, /cow/ copes again
>>58397 >(1)
>>58396 PPP just wanted clout and to have all the foxdick troons kiss his ass since he was nice to their dear leader and to prevent his thread there from turning on him.
>>58385 >>58386 So it's not nearly as dramatic as this retard is making it out to be? It's unfortunate sure, but it doesn't sound like the fucking apocalypse for the Internet.
>Why are we filling the silence? bickers, alas, PPP is too in love with his own voice.
>>58399 But why the fuck? Who gives a shit about the thread? One explanation could be that he doesn't want anyone to further fuck with him IRL, and if that's the reason it's still gay since he's too fucking deep for that at this point.
>>58394 I don't know about that, anon. There are a lot of ways to express his frustration without referencing a mass murderer that he obviously reveres.
Open file (29.11 KB 718x116 68942743894.jpg)
PPP bringing up Godwinson's achilles heel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjIWYkEkRI8
>>58402 Validation is hard to come by when you're in possession of more mass than the sun.
>>58404 >Adam is Godwinson's real name Nani the fuck?!
>>58402 If he didn't think he was going to be fucked with, he is dumber than a camwhore.
Open file (23.49 KB 653x158 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58396 >Which goes against everything he did just hours before Not really, he uploaded this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bfzyq48X5WfG/ and sent the link to Josh four days ago so that he would see all the points beforehand. This really was all planned out by PPP days in advance. There was never a "confrontation" to begin with, it was in your mind. PPP even offered to talk to Josh in private instead. It was never supposed to be some IBS showdown. >>58402 Real reason is that Josh is not the real enemy, as I said before, he only brought up Josh's strange behavior as a way of getting digs at Masterson.
>>58402 That might be it as well, I just think he gets starstruck and allows that to override any of his gripes with these guys, plus he's finally relevant for once and to have a thread full of autisic troons showering him with lavish praise must be a massive ego boost for him. >>58403 Even still, Josh is a broke ex-pat, I doubt he can secure access to firearms or explosives even if he wanted to become some kind of terrorist.
>>58410 >Josh is not the real enemy OOOOkay there, buddy.
>>58398 dilate discord tranny
>>58413 >cuckchanner can't say anything other than his buzzwords
>>58404 It's funny how everybody who starts turning against Godswinson immediately starts shouting MUH WORKING CLASS LIBERALIST MUH WORKING CLASS LIBERALIST MUH WORKING CLASS LIBERALIST. Donga did it, Gaytor did it, Jcaesar did it, etc. WCL was a fuckter who, as a bona-fide liberalist, was a disingenuous pulpiper like the Stepfather, who would make shit up about the opposition as he pleased. There can be no reasonable discussions with such people. >>58410 >>58412 >Josh is not the real enemy According to Ashton, that is.
>>58415 >who starts turning against Godswinson immediately starts shouting MUH WORKING CLASS LIBERALIST MUH WORKING CLASS LIBERALIST MUH WORKING CLASS LIBERALIST. Donga did it, Gaytor did it, Jcaesar did it, etc. This. It really feels like the Гунт guard finally crawling out from under their rock and trying their best to astroturf and change the focus from Гунт/simpguard to Godwinson.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djfTT-VCviY Mad at the Internet STARTING SOON
>>58406 lurk more new fag
Open file (552.08 KB 1280x720 ladies and guntleman.mp4)
Was the latest This Week in Cuckada completely swept of the internet? I guess surfer was being too based.
>>58420 Have you checked the Buttchute?
Open file (92.78 KB 590x437 Untitled.png)
I give up. I give up on this president, I give up on the people of the United States, I give up on "muh freeze peach". I'm completely done. There is no saving this country or idiot, complacent white people, or American liberties in general. I want out.
Гунт getting pissy in the comments of his gay restreamer's video of last night bickers some people are asking why the streams are not being uploaded in full and days late. Гунт says if you wanna watch the show so bad and see the unfiltered chat watch live or dont watch at all! Kaz runs his own channel guys! Гунт has nooo say! Its just nawt trooo! Nobody wants to use the chinklive.tv or his gay podcast site.
>>58424 Already posted, pseudo-Goku. Take your meds.
Open file (1.93 MB 680x697 jewsh pigfood.png)
>>58417 And.... it's a Jewsh free therapy livestream where he cries about his woes without paying a professional.
>>58420 Surfer was keep saying G​AMERGATE and kike over and over while PPP was ready to pass out from all the booze and weed.
>>58427 To be fair, if this shit passes it will be the end of the Internet as we know it, but he's still a drama queen.
>>58423 Not on there, hope someone has an archive.
>>58373 >This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence [...]
Nip Gaymergoyim sanctioned for true.
>>58373 Would be a shame if someone reported that tweet though.
>>58435 best part was when it lagged on youtube afterwards merely a (((coincidence))) it seems
Open file (728.50 KB 960x540 Josh JUST.png)
Josh currently calling for the death for Jack Dorsey and Susan Wojcicki. I disavow anyone reporting him.
>"What I care about is me and mine!" Good job playing nice with him, PPP, you spineless faggot.
lol @ jewsh trying to sound outraged with his whiny bitch voice
Jewsh just needs to "hand over" Kiwi Farms to someone else, get a name change, get a new haircut, make a new passport and never show his face or voice dox again. That's what he has to do to fix his life.
Open file (41.38 KB 300x287 1427225156158.jpg)
>josh telling his followers he's going to kill himself
REAL jcaesar187 IN CHAT
>>58444 Men don't say it, they do it.
Open file (78.36 KB 596x286 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58447 >jcaesar187 thinks he won't lose his prized blue checkmark
Godwinson impersonator on stream should kill himself
>"Hey let's talk about why jcaesar187 doesn't take callers any more, caller." <"Uuuuuhh, I want to discuss 4cuck statistics." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Well at least jcaesar187 vs Jewsh might heat up more.
I hope Leo calls in and rips this kike another asshole.
Open file (96.70 KB 587x720 ClipboardImage.png)
https://twitter.com/Thejcaesar187Retort/status/1266419222839787522 JEWSH STATUS: SACRIFICED TO THE CORN GODS ГунтCOIN RISES, DAXCOIN BULL MARKET
>>58453 >took callers They aren't callers if you are on a first name basis with them. They are regulars.
Open file (60.18 KB 819x651 Sperg of Tiamat.png)
Open file (975.38 KB 2448x1632 son of tiamat tea clips.jpg)
Here something for you guys. Our boy Son of Tiamat Jesus, that fucking loser posts multiple comments on each video
Josh discord in case someone wants to call in https://ghettogaggers.com/5YAyqbY
dae444 (52) get a fucking sleep, m8. I wonder how many posts you also have on Kiwifarms
>>58455 >"I don't have Jim's reach, so the next best thing is to worship the guy who's reach I wish to have." SoT is to Jim as jcaesar187 is to Dick.
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
>>58453 Is günt gay for jewsh?
At least after the gay sex session yesterday Jewsh loves PPP now. I hate it how gay romance made it's way into undead IBS carcass.
Open file (105.98 KB 598x833 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been taking it in good fun
>>58450 at least fake PPP was good
>>58458 Okay, (unknown). I bet you don't even tout your (You)s as a social status, bickers you can't get them.
>>58467 68 posts? god get a life
>>58447 Jcaesar is a dumb wigger if he thinks Drumpf won't fuck him in the ass sooner or later. >>58464 >i've been taking the harvest thing mostly in good faith >BUT THE WSJ SMEARED ME AND THEY MUST PAY FOR IT
Open file (52.87 KB 597x584 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58470 >i didn't call him a pedophile, i just mentioned accusations other people have made that suggest he's a pedophile Even his audience won't buy those semantics.
>>58470 does he live in a fantasy world? he says shit all the time then tries to back it up. when he gets banned off twitter hes gonna say it wasnt cause he was posting names and addresses too.
Open file (63.16 KB 606x604 ClipboardImage.png)
>I thought it was amusing, no anger. I'M NOT MAD He was also making sure to point out how not mad he was in other tweets too.
>>58470 >>58471 Doesn't Corey Barnhill the pedo literally do this too? >I'm not calling jcaesar187 a pedo, I'm just saying he streamed CP to thousands of people *tongue click* *chunt snort*
>>58470 >>58473 Such a lazy lie, he can't even be bothered to put effort into his bullshit anymore.
Open file (12.04 MB 1280x720 Gunt Shuffle.mp4)
>>58283 post more Polly
>>58447 As I have said in the past to these gay, delusional grifters that want to take credit for anything to get clout, Trump doesn't care about your Twitter account getting banned, or free speech. He will only care if it affects ```HIM``` personally. Twitter started fact-checking his account and he's freaking out now. Trump is a narcissist. Once you understand how a narcissist mind works, you can predict their behavior as well. And yeah, he's gonna grant amnesty for millions of illegals in his second term. Just watch.
Open file (8.62 KB 579x148 32432432.png)
Open file (188.81 KB 422x348 213122.png)
Open file (218.49 KB 1072x1440 venti soyboy bf.jpeg)
>>58477 >I'm nawt a delusional grifter >I can totally get rich chad white guys to marry me and impregnate me
>>58480 he did this shit before and pussied out for awhile looks like he's confident in his retardation this time, at least for another hour or so
>>58480 >That I planned to soft peddle Jewsh makes it okay that I soft peddled Jewsh
>>58480 Coping LIVE ON AIR!
Open file (1.98 KB 478x87 3242342.png)
>>58483 >jewsh is mad at trump >simpleton got rekt by a bank <heh, with these unrelated things i told you i win
>>58486 >The fact that everything worked out fine despite me makes me alright.
>>58485 Chat replay is there now
>>58487 he goes from saying he won't do anything and has clean hands to saying he masterminded it and all the pieces are falling exactly as he saw aligning with christcucks is always a bad idea
>>58488 What a manipulative piece of shit. He really should join Гунтguard.
>the Гунтguard showed up for the PPP stream to astroturf PPP won once again, you have to admit it
Open file (29.17 KB 618x330 8568565.jpg)
>Trump can repeal a law
>>58489 >christcucks Same larp as Гунт being right wing
>>58491 PPP is weakened but the Гунтguard GayOp is so obvious.
>people were awake long enough during the 1 on 1 stream to get a clearer picture of NuP2.
>>58480 It's fucking garbage. You've no grand to stand on anymore PPP. You fucked up massively and fondled Joshua Conner Moon's the pedophile's balls for 2 hours and 17 minutes. Just stfu with your NP2 shit and hit the bench already you weak faggot. Nothing you say has merit anymore bickers you fold like a woman instantly.
Open file (19.63 KB 381x349 whoatherebuddy.JPG)
>I(?) made shit happen
Open file (4.00 MB 480x360 bane plane.webm)
>>58498 Niggers are still going to riot tonight regardless.
Open file (51.01 KB 502x535 1452106286827.jpg)
>>58485 >>58490 It's always like that immediately after a livestream before the archived chat is moved to replay endpoint.
Open file (3.73 MB 1600x1066 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58500 Hey man legos are expensive.
>>58502 >The only white looter >Takes legos
>>58502 >weez gonna loot >but weez bettah have face protection
>>58504 >>but weez bettah have face protection It comes with the Antifa starter kit.
>>58502 Notice how the savage uses a tool of construction to destroy what others have built. Especially how the dumb G​AMERGATE is holding it backwards kek. >>58503 Wypipo will be the only one to catch a theft charge out of that picture I bet.

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