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Trolling virgins and losers e-begging Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 13:51:08 ID: 74a275 No.20557
It's that time of year again! Cuckchan's /r9k/ have threads up begging each other to buy them anime trinkets and dragon dildos. Last year some /cow/boys destroyed it by "grinching" lists.

>How to grinch
>Go to wishlist
>Select "purchased this item else where" under each item
>Click okay to each one

This year they made a google document with all the links for easy grinching!


Remember to post your virgin with rage tears.
Id imagine lots of sweet, sweet julay will be generated by trolling these poorfag begGAMERGATEs. Let us begin.
Last year we namefagged as Richfag in the name field to mock them. Most are too dumb to get Amazon to fix their lists so they just whine and try posting again.

I'm grinching every list on the document now. Prepare for major salt when they wake up soon. Most will be really excited someone bought them shit then get butthurt when they find it was all a grinch.
Additional ways to troll.

Go to the thread and accuse people of being normalfags / roasties / trannies / Grinchfags immediate drama. No way to prove they aren't so it starts infighting. Saying a list is from /soc/ is good too.
Post a list containing baby clothes and gloat pretending you're a single mother getting gifts. You can "buy" a gift from it then cancel immediately after for maximum salt. Gloat in the thread how much you're getting and how good of a mother you are.
Point out the similarity between lists. This year Beef Jerky, Swords and a few other items are shared by a few lists. Accuse of same fagging multiple lists. Like wise claim any lists you can't grinch are Grinchfags trying to scam anons. It sows paranoia.
Attack weebs any way you can. Call them trannies, pedophiles, whatever it takes to get them angry. AIDF will turn up to white knight them and shit in the thread
Call people greedy for wanting lots of items or high value items. Switches are great targets for this and you can tell them to grow up.
Open file (124.12 KB 663x379 amazonreee.jpg)
Did Rob make it over here? I think I saw your lists.
Open file (92.04 KB 592x248 autism.png)
Autists getting angry now.
It's against the rules to advertise and beg on cuckchan and is one of the report functions. Someone who isn't permabanned could report every list as begging and get the whole group banned. Report the google doc for dox as well.
>advertise and beg
It's a gift-giving thing.
Secret santas aren't going to every thread spamming your link hoping someone notices you. That's e begging
Open file (79.48 KB 711x246 froglet.png)
>r9k calling anyone trannies
lmao, the likes of chijo literally came from r9k, and aero recruited a good lot of his trannies from there as well
>4th pic
Any one want to stir the shit? Some anon there is claiming he's grinching lists but buying one item. It's got them on edge and you can shit post them into a tantrum.
Open file (464.25 KB 1808x781 wtf.png)
Is this one of you running a scam?
>trolling virgins
That's what I, Zach do all the time by merely asserting my dominance and the fact that Watson has been a film star for 2 decades and has 100 million in the bank.
Open file (2.91 MB 320x284 1567907646509.webm)
>>20557 trannies dont deserve life. thankfully they suicide

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