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Lolcows Who Disappeared Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 23:14:56 ID: 7b929a No.25118
Who are some lolcows that used to be quite prolific but then vanished without a trace? Kat Haché, aka Kevin: http://archive.is/2msVN For those unaware: >incredible smug, narcissistic tranny whose Tweets cumulatively outwrote the Bible in length. >had a penchant for documenting every negative comment said about him >got super pissed when someone outed his former identity as Kevin >caused the old /cow/ on 888chan to abruptly shutdown >kept tweeting indefinitely >suddenly shuts down Twitter account >deletes entire web presence >detransitions and starts identifying as male The last record of Kat's existence was from an now-deleted Instagram account with pictures of him detransitioning.
Open file (807.67 KB 322x241 13996873203.gif)
>>25118 Man I forgot about this tranny. It's male form looks like an abomination.
>>25118 >>25129 Wow, talk about a blast from the past. I completely forgot Kevin existed. I just tried googling his name and all I found were old articles written about him from his days as a tranny. Hard to believe such a massive attentionwhore would suddenly unplug from social media, but apparently, he did.
>>25190 There were unsubstantiated rumors on old /cow/ that Kat had gotten herpes. No one had brought receipts on those claims so I don't put any stock in them, but if proven true, the damage it would've done to his lifestyle would probably explain why he decided to delete his internet presence.
Open file (103.38 KB 592x818 wtf.png)
Open file (40.53 KB 591x281 WordsToLiveBy.png)
Mary Kay Day-Petrano. She was a one-time autist cow from 2014-2015 who would make these YouTube videos shrieking into the camera. In one particular video, she argued that courtrooms should accommodate tantrum-throwing. Sadly, I don't have any of those, but there were a couple of screencaps taken during that era.
>>25118 Imagine looking like a female-to-male tranny as a male-to-female-to-male ex-tranny.
Open file (118.45 KB 1024x768 14896-2795-31460.jpg)
Have you seen this man?
>>25461 >>25118 Maybe Kenneth killed Kevin.
In a way? Secrios. The man himself is still around, but he managed to get /cow/ moderation to delete lots of stuff about him when his thread was up, nuke backups of videos he had deleted, and locked his still-active thread. All that cocks, all that julay, lost to time bickers he somehow got the ear of the moderation. Now he's practically given up on most of his interests, became a normalfag, and just streams D&D trash. how boring.
Whatever happened to PixyTeri?
>>30136 She's still at it as far as I can tell.
Open file (1.61 MB 288x288 ballistic test.gif)
>>25118 >detransitions and starts identifying as male Don't those tr00n pills permanently fuck up your hormonal balance and such? What even happens when you detox from that shit? I know at least one of you troll-shielding faggots has some personal experience with this, so speak up.
Anyone remembers that infamous lolcow Sarah Nyberg aka that Pedophile from the GsmerGste days? Last time he stop posting on twitter was from 2018 and I’m wondering if that Tranny either killed himself or did the FBI finally busted him for good. bickers I don’t know if that guy’s still alive or not? :/
Open file (180.70 KB 182x282 smells_so_good.webm)
>>33110 HRT + pinkpill peer pressure erodes these people and they turn into shambling wrecks that only know how to abuse kratom. Detransitioning is an uphill battle bickers they need to rebuild everything in their lives, including a personality. Also they can never breed bickers lol chemical castration.
>>25118 Yandere dev
>>25118 that fat chick from mcG​AMERGATEs.
Where she now?
>>36517 I completely forgot her whole drama. Wasn't she selling her used socks at one point?
Whatever happened to Lena and that crazy army brony dude?
>>33225 I thought he was still around scamming retards on reddit and tumblr.
>>42683 Taxman? He's based. He stopped drinking and decided to lie low after kiwispergs harassed the guy for years.
>>42808 >Based >Stops drinking and making a fool of himself Not very based in fact of course, who will open a portal to the horse pussy dimension now?

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