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Open file (300.47 KB 353x434 yaniv.png)
Jonathan Yaniv Anonymous 08/19/2019 (Mon) 19:29:14 ID: 35d4e0 No.2533
Our king. Loves little girls, is an overt racist, assaults people on camera and doesn't afraid of anything. Truly a real human bean
what a disgusting creature, it belongs in the hall of disgusting creatures along with trannymutt Chijo, hairy jewess Aydin Thotadin and hammerhead Venti
Open file (706.45 KB 835x425 yaniv gunt.png)
I've been following this freakshow since he came under the spotlight.

Vile fucking human being from what I gathered.

>From the leaked Human Rights Commission session testimony where he pretended he knew the law and visibly pissing off an actual lawyer talking to him in court.
<His most recent shenanigans assaulting TheRebel reporters on 3 separate occasions.
>Feigning he needs a fucking mobility scooter that the public probably pays for when he can be seen RUNNING after his mobility scooter during his latest assault on TheRebel media. In other footage, he doesn't even use his cane as support which obviously shows he doesn't need it to walk around and it's just a prop for pity points.
>Making bullshit on the fly to justify being a professional victim. For example, going to claim from being "intersex" in court while claiming to be an hermaphrodite elsewhere.
<He doesn't want to confirm in the court footage he has a penis or vagina but his vagina "exists" and we are supposed to just roll with it because he said so. Footage here starting at 5:30 : https://youtu.be/daTcpIOD6SM
>MULTIPLE claims of him being predatory with underage girls on Facebook
<"Self-reporting" to the RCMP having being sent cp on Facebook. thinkingemoji.jpg
>Leaking Blaire White's doxx as a possible revenge from his stream where Yaniv soon after got arrested for brandishing an illegal weapon (stun gun) due to his own stupidity. Blaire now claims to be on a mission to try and get Yaniv arrested and locked in jail.
<Making a weak apology for the doxxing and then withdrawing it because "he didn't do it". He swears he was in the hospital lol. Like totally guise.
>Always relying on his MOTHER to defend him on the streets

Also now claiming to have an "agent" to defend himself from those dang dirty trolls.

Truly a bullshit artist. Cant wait for him to be locked in a padded room.
BREAKING Apparently, the "agent" and Blaire bamboozled Yaniv in a sudden twist to event. The agent and Blaire have been complicit ALL ALONG in getting Yaniv to trust more the "agent" and get Yaniv to admit to wrongdoing on tape.
Good summary. I had only heard of the ball waxing and the tampon stuff, I had no idea about all that other business
Thank you. Sometimes I was surprised om how fast new footage or new allegations came up for a while. This was all in a quick succession for nearly a month that all these allegations came out.

It's been a public ridicule online and in many american media that I heard about. Otherwise, in Canada, I barely hear about it but only in the english speaking media mostly. Probably because it would make these fucking mental degenerates as bad.

In other news, someone bought the domain name of https://jessicayaniv.org/ to expose Yaniv as a pedo lol.
LMAO Yaniv sent a DMCA last year to youtube about Josh's stream using a not-very-flattering picture of Yaniv as a tranny... and it fucking worked.
Someone got some of the stream Josh did about Yaniv here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m36ffK3mUes

This is about as much as I know in terms of what has been happening with Yaniv from what I gathered on 8chan before it went kaput.
I think the owner of that site is a terf. Yaniv is so hated that crusty old feminists actually joined jewsh tranny forum
People are talking about Yaniv outside of America, but only among trans activists and TERFs, they are the only ones who care enough to comment.

The Yaniv site is owned by Josh, unless someone took it off his hands. He got fed up of Yaniv constantly trying to scrub his info.
Open file (170.08 KB 640x917 Screenshot_2.png)
In other Yaniv news,

He still tried to get the topless swim event to happen.
>You can't stop us
>Event removed from Zuckbook
You know what all this reminds me of if this goes down?
someone should put some AIDS in the pool and close it.
OP, Jessica;s not a racist t all! Was just all a silly social experiment you haters! Hahaha, definitely not a nervous backtracking on the subject of how much he hates the Punjabi or anythings. hahahaha.
Open file (160.69 KB 1080x1249 fatkike.jpg)
In this time of spooks month, I'm wielding necromancy to revive this dead thread.

Yaniv got out of the limelight for a while and Blaire White shat his pants and shit his pants and did nothing about both Yaniv and Onision with his threats of sending both retards to internet jail.

Meanwhile, Yaniv is still being trolled, delusional and fat. Preying on cake rather than children.
loos like chris chan, if he was born in an even trashier trailer park, and there was incest involved

When you have reached beyond your mid-twenties and you still live with your mother (where's the dad?lol) while doing nothing else in life than pretend you're female while stalking female minors on facebook, there is some Oedipus shit to it going on for damn sure.

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