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Mumkey Jones Thread Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 08:47:39 ID: b9d450 No.3046
Figured I should start with some OC. I'll re-edit it to be more NSFW if you guys like it.
Open file (15.90 KB 521x410 tfw.jpg)
*record scratch*
>yup that's me. you're probably wondering how i got into this mess
What's the context here?
He made multiple sex taps with the furry pedo. One of them came out.
>has sex with a furry
>has sex with a furry pedophile
>has sex with a furry pedophile multiple times
>has sex with a furry pedophile multiple times and records it
This faggot made a lot of bad decisions. So what was he exactly? Was he a skeptic or something? All I know about Mumkey is he was a jewtuber that got kicked off for making fun of a serial killer and then later got busted for cheating on his girlfriend with said furry pedo.
He made plenty of "anime reviews" that pandered to edgy redditors and teens as well as a fuckton of Elliot Rodger videos, then proceeded to shit on his old fanbase after being strung out on antidepressants and LSD after his channel got deleted and he dumped his 9/10 mommy gf for a 2/10 furry teenfucker.
New video
>Answering the "HARD" questions
Mumkey was always this sad sperg. Initially I honestly thought he was just taking the piss with his videos. But he identifies with the Supreme Gentleman and is guilty of shit taste in anime.
I only saw a couple of seconds of the sex tape leak and it was just him staring into the camera. How's his channel been doing since all the drama happened? Does he still have dedicated paypigs?
It's seems he mostly was able to recover. He recently has been trying to get his e-celeb friends to forgive him. He also has quite the amount pay piggies still supporting him.
I remember this guy, just some rodger fanboy. A pseudo-robot so to say, someone who just wanted to cash in on the craze by providing "a rational explanation" to the cattle
He is doing shit for meme reasons or he is really retard?
>>54576 >He is doing shit for meme reasons or he is really retard? Yes.

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