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Open file (167.26 KB 743x990 hiroyuki_nichimura.jpg)
Open file (141.04 KB 512x341 hiroyuki_nichimura_.jpg)
Open file (232.61 KB 1261x664 hiroyuki_nichimura_jp.jpg)
Jewroyuki Nichimura Anonymous 02/09/2020 (Sun) 03:34:05 ID: 1bc39c No.31304
HIRO IS A RABID FEMINIST NO REFUNDS, M00TYKINS 4CUCKS ETERNALLY B T F O >https://www.huffingtonpost.jp/entry/story_jp_5e3cb7f5c5b6b70886fd0627 Translation below, tl;dr a few new details on the completely trustworthy 'man' heading the 4um.
>>31304 {Courtesy of Yandex, bickers fuck Jewgle} "It's been 10 years since the media started saying, 'gender equality is the norm,' " he said. That's bickers internet media has increased. Hiroyuki Nishimura, the creator of the Internet Anonymous bulletin board "2Chan"and known as"Hiroki", says. Recently, in Japan, "feminism" also increased opportunities to see on SNS. It shows the unjust gender disparity by gender and the ways and ideas to think about the difficulty of women's lives due to social structure. In fact, the way of feeling the gender gap (gender gap), personal experience and the environment greatly affect, so the discourse on feminism is so diverse that it is said to be "one person faction". Sometimes the word is used alone, offensive, friction is born. Isn't there an opportunity to talk more flatly about "feminism"? Even if you are not an expert, can you not touch this word as a more familiar "me"? "I'm going to start by saying, "let's all talk about #ourfeminism." Beyond gender, age and position, each narrator's thoughts on feminism. I will continue as it is as much as possible. Those words may be different from me or you. But that, too, is the reality of "our feminism." The important thing is not to deny the voice, but to listen to each other. I hope that there will be more opportunities for conversation beyond prejudice and assumptions. The memorable 1st narrator is Hiroyuki, who now lives in France. How is feminism spreading in the world of the internet? I heard the scenery that is visible. (Hiroyuki Nishimura)  He was born in the Kanto region in 1976. He is involved in the launch and operation of Internet Anonymous bulletin board "2chan Naru", video sharing service"Nico Nico Douga", etc. He has lived in Paris, France, since 2015. (Who to listen to: Takasaki Junko) He was born in the Kanto region in 1974. He has lived in Paris, France, since 2000. He is a writer who writes about French society and culture. Our specialty is child-rearing environment. ~ I wasn't conscious of my gender, and I realised I was becoming an adult. ~ T: Have you been strongly aware of gender and gender? N: No, I don't have much of myself. My father was not in the house much, I was in the family of the mother and sister of the full-time housewife, but I was the only boy, but I was not particularly conscious of it, and I became an adult when I noticed it. ~ Was there a strong awareness to the contrary? ~ T: Since I was an active and studious type since I was a little boy, I've been told that it's OK to be a "girl" or "I wish you were a man" compared to a boy of the near year, so I've been made to be conscious of something. N: Yes. I think that there is also a reason why I was "bickers I was a boy" bickers I was not conscious of it. For example, "I want to be a pilot in the future,"but I think that women were told"I can't bickers I'm a girl," and I've never hit that kind of Wall. T: I think that this kind of "lack of choice" is one of the difficulties Japanese women face. Do you think that Japan is hard for women to live in? N: Well, it seems that if you go with the value of"being able to work freely is a good thing", but if you think by a different standard, you can not say that categorically. For example, Japan has a 7-year-old difference in the life expectancy of men and women, and it is larger than France. If your wife dies first, Japanese men will probably die within 3 years. There are some reasons why men are more stressed and less able to live, but if you look at the criteria of "healthy and happy people who live longer," you can see that Japanese men are more sympathetic. T: It depends on what the standards are. N: I grew up in a full-time housewife's home, and I saw how easy it was for women not to work. My mother sometimes went on trips with pocket money, but I have never seen my father travel like that. I know my mother's happy life, so when I look at France as a place where both women and men should work, I think it's very hard.
~ Why women can't see themselves? ~ N: I also think that there are a lot of Japanese men who say, "I want to become a woman when I am reborn." T: Yeah! You can't see how hard it is for Japanese women to live!? N: Well, if a woman's face is cute enough to some extent, she can get a decent marriage and can not eat up for the rest of her life. But men are too twinkly, and when they are over twenty years old, they can't do their job. I think that it is natural for a woman to think that it is difficult for a woman to live.I think they're not seeing each other. T: How about you, Nishimura? N: When I think about how hard it is to live someone's life, I make the assumption that" if I were that person", but if I was a woman, I don't want to be restricted in what I like, I want to increase my rights. You can't choose your gender when you're born. What's wrong with racism? I think.
I'm just looking at my mother and saying,"I'm a woman, I'm a woman."If I had grown up in a family where my mother worked, I wouldn't have had the image of a full-time homemaker. People who can learn from others ' experiences and books are a minority,and I think that there are many people who do not judge only from their own experiences.In that sense,"I do not see people who are different from myself"is a majority faction,and it seems that it does not quite change. ~ Feminist debate has grown on the internet. ~ T: Recently, there have been more opportunities for Japanese media to talk about gender and feminism. N: I think I've been told all the time in places other than the media. It's been 10 years since the media started talking about gender equality. That's bickers internet media has increased, too. T: Why was it not mentioned in the traditional media? N: I think that it is not bickers it was mainly a man to read the media before the net like a newspaper. It was not a necessity to put out a theme like gender equality, bickers it would be the subject of business to put an article that men think is fun.There were magazines and wide-format shows like "women themselves" in the female-oriented mass media, but it was not like forming public opinion. T: In that respect, is net media assuming both men and women as readers? N: There are sites that continue to be for men in newspapers as well, and there are places where you try to make an article for women and earn advertising money. T: Mr. Nishimura, in the early days of the internet in the early 2000s was operated giant anonymous bulletin board"2chan Niru", but in the operation of 2chan Naru around that time, was it supposed to be the sex of the user? N: "2chan Naru" was made so that gender registration is not necessary, and there was no particular thing to be aware of gender in the operation. I mean, the initial internet was overwhelmingly male users. It was a boy's hobby in the first place to do a computer at home. At that time, even a cheap personal computer was close to 20 million yen, and it was not something I could start with it. Even if you were using a woman's name as a handle, there were many patterns that men were misrepresenting. There were some college students using the University's internet. T: Certainly, there was a sense that the hobby of men of science was the age when it was called "PC communication". Why are there so many female users now? N: I guess it is not the effect of the smartphone. The internet has been on my smartphone from the beginning, and women have started to use it to look at the internet media. There was some kind of fortune-telling on the internet in the age of garakey, but there was no medium or proper advertising model that could be called a news media. It seems that the media that targeted women has come to be established as a business on the internet by smartphone. T: I remember that, after I published a new book on the declining birthrate ("how France overcame the declining birthrate") in 2016, I proposed a plan for gender equality in the editorial department of the new book. "I don't want to read the story of gender equality bickers the readers of the new book are uncles," he said. I see〜! And. N: I was convinced there (laughs) T: No, that's right I thought (laughs).That's why I wanted to do it in a new book.I wanted to read it to my uncle. N: Does the new book have fewer female readers? T: Even in the new book editorial department of the publishing house, which actively deals with gender equality in the net media,"it is difficult for me, too."When Iwanami Shinsho published" democracy without women" in the fall of 2019, he said,"Oh, Mr. Iwanami did it!"It was the first time I had ever seen it. N: Is it such a level? Women also read books, but I'm not interested in such (gender equality) books. T: Mmmm....It seems that many people borrow and read new books at the library. N: Oh.But the kind of romance novels are usually sold in bakasuka even for women.Women do not have the habit of not reading books, but to buy books that deal with women's issues.And men do not have more. T: Rather than the whole book, I think it is a characteristic of the medium called Shinsho. Many people do not think of the new book dealing with women's issues as"a book that they should buy."I felt that the discussion of gender equality is suitable for the internet media, but I feel that I fell down in the story of today. Editorial Note:in the publishing world, overseas feminism novels such as"82 born in Korea, Kim Ji・yeon"and"braids"in France have been translated and hit, and there are new movements such as the magazine on the theme of feminism, and the Special Edition has been superimposed.
~ Why feminism is "hard to understand" ~ T: How do you see and think about the term "feminism"? N: There are not many people who use it properly in a lexicographical sense, and I think that there are places where each of them arbitrarily defines it. And if you want to achieve gender equality, I think that it is better not to use the word "feminism" in Japan today. ~ What is your heart? ~ N: Some people who use the term feminism have a problem with both "I want to do the same, I want to do the same," and " I want to increase women's rights, and therefore I want to restrict men's rights." If there is a man of the same idea as the latter by replacing the man and woman, it is discrimination against women, it is just a discriminatory. Egalitarians and racists, saying the same"feminist" in the name, bickers the two have become jumbled, the opposing side is a situation that can be said " bickers you are not discriminatory." Either way, the term"feminism"or"feminist."I think it's easier for people to say,"it's different." T: There is a point that feminism is difficult to agree with bickers the two arguments are jumbled up. N: Well. I'm not a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist, I'm a feminist. I wonder why. If women were going to do the same thing, they would not be able to get on board. In the end, the status quo that "women are disadvantaged" is maintained. If we want to change the status quo, we should aim for equality first. T: I felt it when I talked about my mother who was a housewife, but Mr. Nishimura himself looked at men and women very flatly. N: I think that there is not much difference in the standing position of men and women. T: This is what I understand, but feminism is starting from the point of"men and women have different positions." There is a perception that women are being put in a socially negative position, which is not a flat relationship originally. And what to do to equalize the social position, with the men who were put on the "top"? I think that. So even if the claim for it is a female-dominant or mirrored assertion of male-dominant, it may be difficult to see (in the party).
~ The relationship between conservatism and Netanyahu ~ N: There is a relationship between"maintenance" and "netoyo" in a similar story. Now, conservatives are saying, " We're not going to discriminate." For example, there was an idea that the problem of discrimination against black people in America was not only (at the time) the restoration of rights for black people, but also the attack on white people who have suffered from black people.The extremists are everywhere.That's not how it works. But I think it would be easier for them to say, " that's an extremist group." T: I think it's difficult to draw the line there ... "I'm a conservative,"he said. N: I think it is important to understand whether you are speaking only by subjectivity,or whether you have a clear logic in place. There are people who are logically armed in NATO, but when I solve it, everyone in a certain country is inferior, somewhere is always " No it, it is not logical, right?" "I think it's a good idea," he said. On the contrary, if the logic is in place, we can create a standard that everyone can clean up. I think it would be nice if we could rule that out. ~ How do you criticize the "Uzachan" poster? ~ N: It was also the case of the poster (of the Japanese Red Cross Society) of the large-breasted female cartoon character "uzaki-Chan". Even if you say "I do not want to emphasize the line of the female body", when you put in "what is the emphasis", there are many people who have become the subjectivity that "I do not feel bad". It's not that I don't want to talk about it, but it's not that I don't want to talk about it, it's that I don't want to talk about it.It is easy for others to agree, if you solve it and make it a form of logic when you talk to others. Even if you are told only subjectivity without being logical, others do not understand well, so I think that it should become a clear rule such as "naked is useless" or "it is useless to put out the genitals." T: I think there are also differences in the types of communication. It is easier for people with different positions to communicate with each other through logical communication. But there are also things that are strongly conveyed bickers it is a communication based on empathy. It's a good example of that. In that sense, women's issues may have a lot of empathy communication.It is better for the caller to be more aware of the usage, depending on the situation and the purpose. ※ Part 2 is planned to be published in the coming days.※
>>31310 Oh, and images related to the last question, bickers Jannie is keeping the Torman down Uzaki: https://files.catbox.moe/otgshd.jpg Poster in question: https://files.catbox.moe/xmrho7.jpg
This was the gook that bought 4cuck right?
>>31304 Where did you get his nude from, and do you still have the one with his tranny husband? >>31312 Yes. >>31311 >bickers Jannie is keeping the Torman down Give us your moderator account tranny. I want in the /j/ board.
>>31304 man, fuck this chink kike. I rarely post on 4chan and the few times I do for non shitposts, I find out my ip range is banned, and the only way to bypass it is through a $20 yearly pass, which I don't fucking want to buy. It's been 5 months now and I guess my ip range is a perma ban.
>>31312 Yes, it actually amazes me how many 4cuckers don't even know who runs the site.
I learnt nothing in that fucking wall of text except he is a flaming faggot that suck tranny cock and take the pegging whole heartedly.
>>31361 Does there really need to be anything else? I just like the idea that 4um stormfags will now have to deal with the fact that they are not only unwanted migrants on their own site; but that their site is ran by a trannyliving feminist nip jew.
Open file (1.52 MB 2064x3456 1565154766704-0.jpg)
Open file (3.19 MB 2174x1656 1565252435769-0.png)
Open file (2.47 MB 2249x1687 1565154766704-1.png)
>>31365 You're saying this as if Christopher Poole wasn't a ragging faggot.
Open file (251.20 KB 708x715 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31304 >he thinks that "feminist" is an insult Yikes dawg, ever tried to have sex you autistic incel? Go get a shower.
>>31370 >used to filter peanut butter to "G​AMERGATE" >these days, 4um literally bans you for saying "G​AMERGATE" in the first place
>>31440 N1gger, forgot about this gay filter
lol the absolute state of cuckchan
>>31441 Someone has to have kept Moot's old animecon orgies and drag, wherein he got fucked hard by Bailey Jay.
>>31440 >>31441 imagine being this new of a niggеr
>>31315 Who is the 4th guy to the right of ZUN?
>>31468 James Spahn, CEO of the short-lived English language edition of niconico. He used to sometimes appear on their anime/Japan convention livestreams that /a/ was tsundere for, around 2010-2012. You haven't lived until you've seen hundreds of /a/nons spamming a chat with CUTE LOLI and TOO OLD when a 13 year old cosplayer gets interviewed, and both her and the interviewers can clearly read the chat in front of them.
>>31447 >>31440 YOU ARE BOTH A BUNCH OF WHITE NIGGERS of course in fact FAM
Open file (80.24 KB 509x451 chad muslim.png)
>>31386 >he thinks that "feminist" is an insult It is
Why does he say "i'm a feminist" million times in that interview?
>>47228 bickers he is associated with 4chan, and 4chan hates the womb-man. He wants womb-men to give him sex.
Oh I cannot wait for him to ban loli from /b/ eventually and join forces with ron, fred and robi to wipe this scourge off the face of the clearnet. You know it'll happen, it's just a matter of time.
Open file (62.71 KB 350x333 Cuckchan filth.png)
Open file (309.02 KB 2540x1211 Resetera 4channel.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 542x12512 4chan Facebook.png)
Cuckchans community is such a reddit filled fucking shithole that they'll eat whatever daddy Hiroshima splurts out of his micropenis.
>>31304 pathetic
Open file (85.19 KB 720x500 islam-hitler-720x500.jpg)
Open file (196.92 KB 700x1058 1514779146082.jpg)
>>41674 Good meme, /islam/
>>55938 Femshit, pls. This is the one area the mudshits actually get right.
Open file (93.27 KB 592x690 hiro.png)
>>31304 Ruh roh raggy
>>58635 Based.

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