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Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 23:23:22 ID: 13aac3 No.35628
Patrick S. Tomlinson @stealthygeek
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Open file (69.73 KB 410x677 Patrick S. Tomlinson.jpg)
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>>35632 >hatesblacks.jpg Based
There is a second thread, and yet there is still no funny. Where's the funny?
Open file (664.51 KB 1554x1060 jokerdancing.png)
>>35632 >but don't shoot people <don't fucking test me RISE, SIEGE PATRICK
>>39177 >can't dodge filters Fuck off nerd.
Open file (83.51 KB 678x636 Shadow_trash.jpg)
>>39178 >dodging filters NIGGERFAGGOT

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