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Euphoria Thread: A Sperg of our own! Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 22:28:49 No.41676
WARNING EUPHORIA MAY EDIT THIS THREAD IN ORDER TO DAMAGE CONTROL ITT: We document this sperg's tantrums and misbehavior >who is Euphoria? Euphoria is a rulecuck mod here on JulayWorld who can often be seen throwing tantrums over /abdl/ shiposts and others who criticize him. He is very passive-agressive and intolerant of all dissent. At the slighest arousal of butthurt within him he will begin spamming the thread with rage and editing any posts which reply to make fun of him. He is to be found in /meta/ and is very likely a proto-lowcow, or our very own CakeKike here on Julay. I would post more interesting screenshots but some of the major sperg outs are in threads which no longer exist from old Hunger Games. It will be fun to see what happens when this cow is poked
>>41676 face the truth op, catgrils are better than news in fact of course in fact of course bickers raisins you S​ARGON.
>>41680 I think we can all agree that nekos are better than news, but it goes beyond this
>>41680 >he think i made the thread FUG XDDDDDDDDDD in fact of course desu senpai i dindu nuffin :^)
>>41695 When are you gonna rope yourself, Euphoria? Do you enjoy ruining JulayWorld?
Open file (5.94 KB 225x225 téléchargement.jpeg)
>>41696 chuckle in dead french medic
Where's the funny? >inb4 t. euphoria
>>41741 t. Euphoria
>>41676 Archived:http://archive.is/dcloG You should probably re-create this thread on CirnoChan/b/
>>41676 fuck robi too
Open file (135.82 KB 686x567 ClipboardImage.png)
Euphoria was dumb enough to give /retro/ to Dolphinfag, so he nuked the whole board.
>>41754 >CirnoChan What the fuck is it?
>>41764 dolphin's rebranded IP scraper
>>41765 no, cirnochan.net
>>41676 HangingFlesh is a sperg too. Deleted his posts after being called. >kike
Robi just claimed the whole rule problem was fixed but changed it to "NSFW cocks" so he can delete whatever he wants to put under that umbrella, even not pornographic loli cocks.
Where are the IRC logs?
>/abdl/ poster wants Euphoria dead for trolling their board I laughed. Then, I remembered that Pamperchu, the reigning king of diaper lovers, apparently got violently angry with someone who flaked on him. Is there some kind of unironic correlation between the diaper fetish and explosive anger?
Open file (80.66 KB 389x640 abdl.png)
Open file (1.65 MB 1628x3971 diaperkike.png)
>>41676 >/abdl/ shitposts They deserve in fact of course.
Open file (57.25 KB 624x386 julay logs.jpg)
>>41791 all you need to know

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