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Open file (293.31 KB 686x526 1585506571187.png)
When did you discover /cow/ is the real lolcow? Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 16:48:51 ID: a103e4 No.42018
>global collapse >every age affected >government officials shitting pants <lol check out this discord tranny guys what's it like being dead weight in the wasteland?
Open file (21.80 KB 224x177 WStpa6a9WmA.jpg)
>>42018 I don't get it either. To waste your time gossiping like some normalfag G‚ÄčAMERGATE women and stalking literally whos on the internet is something completely alien to me.
I just come here out of habit, even if most of the individuals discussed here aren't even entertaining anymore.
I can both laugh at retards and await the collapse of civilization from the depths of my bunker, anon-kun.
You guys all made solid points and now I feel like a jerk. I guess I'm spending too much time reading doomsday shit
>>42019 It's more interesting than television
So which discord tranny are you?
I lurked 4/b/ from 2009-2012 and basic trolling resulted in mass sensationalism from normalfags and internet tough guys that didn't even know what a troll was. It was like shooting fish in a barrel; all it took was a dozen of autistic teenagers to summon the cows into meme history. retards don't make for good cocks anymore as there are so many deviants openly documenting their lives, there is nothing to expose when its already accepted by society. people think they are "trolling" by giving these people donations. The whole CWC, Habbo raids, boxxy shit, jessie slaughter, weev shit, etc. set the template for edgelords that want to be part of "moralfag raid culture".
>>42159 >2009 So you came well after everyone else had left in '07 and think you can tell people what's up. I don't pretend to know usenet history, faking shit is bad form.
>>42172 Nice essay, /nupol/G‚ÄčAMERGATE. Now go back to cuckchan.
>>42180 >Unironically proves his point My god you're pathetic
>>42172 I agree with everything you wrote, except that there's no such thing as a "former" goon. Once they're goons, they're always goons. Attention seeking, namefagging dickchoppers, every single one.
>>42172 >when /b/ was ACTUALLY good /b/ was never good
>>42172 Exactly and succinctly put fine sir, full agreeance. Diluter fags like >>42159 are a cancer, literal traitors to anything, they're useless and give a taint to anything good, any hobby, idea, anything decent or fun they touch while refusing their better peers by not respecting the culture which made formerly great in the first place by never being a part of anything. Then suddenly old guard leaves and these little faggots distort things into ruin. They never contribute anything. They never make anything, they never provide anything and in this case it's lulz. Reminder why under no circumstances must fags like ever >>42159 be tolerated. Boat jumpers must be left to sink. >>42159 Change your behavior or fuck off from this place forever, just bickers you don't find something funny and humorous doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Just bickers people die which happens every minute does not mean we cannot laugh.
>>42172 >I'm an oldfag from 2004 /b/, when /b/ was ACTUALLY good, and you faggots started coming in and spamming the entire board to uselessness. So we left for greener pastures by 2007. Now here we are again, except instead of retarded former goon moderators, we have actual anons as our mod staff, so you get banned over and over again. I'm glad that we're both still around. Stay healthy, Anonymous.
The fun times are over, internet culture is circling the drain if not outright destroyed, we're in the normalfag era, the era of social media turning the internet into daytime TV except with even more shit than TV since channels had to do some quality control at least
>>42172 Two things as one on /b/ from that era: 1) /b/ was never good, and you should know that much. 2) You don't need moderation to repel faggots like them, although it can help. I did it in /b/ way back when, and if you put in the work, it can be done on just about any imageboard.
thesavior is a really good example of this. he's kind of a slave to my cock now tho. so that's cool.
>>42018 >>42019 which lolcow are you?
>>42253 No, fun times aren't over. That's what (((they))) portray, what they want you to believe. This doesn't mean it's actually true though. When's the last time you talked to some person and they tell what was on Talmudvision, X jewspaper and actually parrot it unquestionably? This was normal before, but not anymore, besides old 60 year old proons and retards who can't surf or care, but they're nothing. Record low trust and the kikes are losing their grip on people from feeding them too much hoax bullshit. All they have left is a projection of power and extreme extent of censorship to try and make it seem like this.
True, we are all loser incels with e-celebs living rent-free in our ugly heads. PPP lost, we lost. We will never be cool and popular like those celebs or kiwifarm members.

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