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HangingIdiot's ==massive== rulecucking Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 23:26:16 ID: d7301d No.42161
This "admin" is just like euphoria. He deletes and bans threads on people he likes. He's a massive rulecuck. Dolphin gave me a log of an unfair ban. He's apparently from Russia. He met robi from TF2 ironically. ``` * Loaded log from Tue Mar 31 08:40:50 2020 * Now talking on #julayworld * Topic for #julayworld is: JulayWorld, the only FDA-approved imageboard: https://julay.world | Request a board: https://julay.world/meta/res/3534.html | Donation status: https://julay.world/.static/pages/donations.html * Topic for #julayworld set by robi!~augh@julay.world (Mon Mar 2 04:38:49 2020) <dolphin_kun_> Hello, mods. <dolphin_kun_> I would like to make an offer. <dolphin_kun_> I have given JEWS my blue skin. <dolphin_kun_> The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18: can we do the thread pin deal? <dolphin_kun_> No ban until I get a response, okay? <dolphin_kun_> I donated to Julay. <dolphin_kun_> I should be allowed to stay here after donating $0.11 after fees to robi. <Pringles> Can a dolphin smoke? <Pringles> Do we know? <Pringles> Can just dolphin-kun smoke? <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: Dolphins live in the ocean <dolphin_kun_> no, it'll be wet <dolphin_kun_> >the glows * [euphoria] (~euphoria@euphoria.euphoria): euphoria * [euphoria] @#julayworld * [euphoria] *.rizon.net :Where are you? * [euphoria] has identified for this nick * [euphoria] is using a secure connection * [euphoria] End of WHOIS list. <dolphin_kun_> >euphoria.euphoria <dolphin_kun_> >attention whore <dolphin_kun_> Wait, who added the filter for Attention.whore? <Pringles> The dolphin is not really a dolphin <Pringles> Obviously there is symbolism at work here <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: possibly <JEWS> can it still be skinned? <dolphin_kun_> 663 did hand me some shekels for some undisclosed reason. <dolphin_kun_> Not like he was paying me to stir up drama. <dolphin_kun_> JEWS: yes <Pringles> It's about information <Pringles> You have to take it apart <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: oh, no <dolphin_kun_> I used my real name for my now-dead PGP key. <dolphin_kun_> I lost access to it during a data migration. <dolphin_kun_> years ago <dolphin_kun_> >please don't dox me <dolphin_kun_> euphoria: It's hilarious how asshurt /abdl/ makes you. We're not going to stop bullying you, baby <dolphin_kun_> Huh, owo is gone. <dolphin_kun_> >he was a diaperfag <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: I love data. <Pringles> Dolphin's real name is Ernie Barguckle <dolphin_kun_> Nope. <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: where are you from? <dolphin_kun_> Dolphin loves the Pacific Ocean. <Pringles> A smoking dolphin with a metaphorical pipe that doesn't work <dolphin_kun_> but I crushed your can <dolphin_kun_> Well, when BelugaChan is done, does anybody want to deploy/try it out? <dolphin_kun_> It will use MySQL and PHP. <dolphin_kun_> No MongoDB needed. <dolphin_kun_> Less memory needed <dolphin_kun_> It's a software package. <Pringles> What does a blind man see? <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: nothing <Pringles> Blackness. <uguu> a blind man sees this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG1i3--HfJo <dolphin_kun_> I can add accessibility. <Pringles> Darkness. <dolphin_kun_> aria-label <Pringles> Blankness <uguu> :P <dolphin_kun_> I use required="" <Pringles> Blank darkness. <Pringles> Dark blankness. <dolphin_kun_> Better support for screen-readers. <Pringles> The absence of things, quite literally NO thing. No things. Nothings. <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: I do wonder too <Pringles> So, you see nothing, and I bring you into the light. A cat has your pipe! You've been blind, do you understand this!? <dolphin_kun_> Is this a game to waste my time? <Pringles> The cat has your pipe. <dolphin_kun_> The new julay cat? <Pringles> You can't fully immerse yourself, you don't have the light. You don't have the radiance, the radical light, the radically radiant light of truth and truth's belonging love, and nature of light, and loving truthful radiance. <dolphin_kun_> Garfield? <dolphin_kun_> Oh, I see it. <Pringles> So don't be bold, and make bold statements. I know of you. <Pringles> The cat has your pipe. <Pringles> The <Pringles> Cat <Pringles> Has <Pringles> Your <dolphin_kun_> I will skin robi to remove it. <Pringles> Pipe <dolphin_kun_> piper <Pringles> Remember that <dolphin_kun_> I piped my dolphin through an OpenVPN tunnel. <dolphin_kun_> It came out grey. <dolphin_kun_> Belugas are affected by corona <dolphin_kun_> They can die. <dolphin_kun_> Dolphins don't seem to have any problems. <dolphin_kun_> >dolphins beats robi once again <dolphin_kun_> Well, OceanChan is almost online. <SinkingMars353> I don't think so <Pringles> I'm talking about the Pipe Strip in relation to religion. It's... it's interesting to assign the roles of God... and anti-God, or, as many know him to be, the devil... or on a much larger scale, simply the forces of... good and evil. Garfield, the thief-cat, evil and malicious... He is the devil, placed to the right... and note, the two forms of Jon; the Jon on the left, still innocent, still draped in the... delight, of the lack of knowledge. He <Pringles> is... the humans in the Garden of Eden. He feels for his pipe... but he has yet to eat from the tree... and Garfield, the sinister serpent... and notice, notice how Jim Davis has framed this... The center Jon is locked in a struggle, between his innocence, and his knowledge of the truth... knowledge of the existence of evil. <SinkingMars353> The Miami Dolphins are fucking trash <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: >the aquatic mammal <dolphin_kun_> I should buy dolphinchan.xyz <SinkingMars353> Whale sharks are mammals, too <dolphin_kun_> I don't think robi filtered that name yet. <dolphin_kun_> He filtered my main domains. <dolphin_kun_> Now, robi just needs to filter * to == <dolphin_kun_> if the filter knew wildcards, it would break the engine. <dolphin_kun_> Test it on OceanChan <dolphin_kun_> Hmm... boxeddolphin VPS or new VPS? <dolphin_kun_> People called me a rulecuck in the past <dolphin_kun_> I ran DOLPHIN NIGGER. <dolphin_kun_> They were angry bickers I removed underage comics that had sonic characters having sex. <dolphin_kun_> I just banned their IP range with iptables <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: how are anons so stupid? <SinkingMars353> I don't know <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: how did you meet robi? The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18 met him from TF2. <SinkingMars353> I met him on blackpeoplemeet.com <dolphin_kun_> >really? <SinkingMars353> yeah <dolphin_kun_> I can't handle sarcasm well. <SinkingMars353> Yeah, you can't <SinkingMars353> But, if you want the honest answer I met him on /mu/ <dolphin_kun_> Ah, I see. <dolphin_kun_> What's /mu/ btw? <dolphin_kun_> meeting board? <SinkingMars353> The Art of Vibrations and Audio Stimulants <dolphin_kun_> Weird. <dolphin_kun_> >stimulants * dolphin_kun_ watches as my dolphin flops off the table to make whistling sounds <SinkingMars353> You didn't know that <SinkingMars353> Ever heard of Muzak? <dolphin_kun_> Well, I don't browse a lot of boards. <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: nope, not from the US <SinkingMars353> It is not US thing <SinkingMars353> It is a worker's thing <SoulCareer> dolphin_kun_ <SoulCareer> take <SoulCareer> me <SoulCareer> off ignore! <SinkingMars353> A bunch of psychiatrists and factory owners were figuring out a way to make workers stay for longer periods of time <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: (((mind))) <SinkingMars353> So, they developed a method of using instrumentals to soothe their minds and put them in the optimal, working mood <SinkingMars353> Thus, Muzak is born <SinkingMars353> Ever been to a mall before? <dolphin_kun_> Yes. <dolphin_kun_> I don't like malls. <dolphin_kun_> They're pointless. <dolphin_kun_> Overpriced consumer junk. <SoulCareer> dolphin_kun_ you should like malls <SinkingMars353> Before Pop music was blaring through the speakers, muzak reigns supreme <dolphin_kun_> SoulCareer: too loud <SoulCareer> you should all be liking the mall <SinkingMars353> Malls are more quiet nowadays <SinkingMars353> You might like them <SoulCareer> so wear some foam ear plugs like i do when i enter a club <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: I don't. <SinkingMars353> Ok <SoulCareer> dolphin_kun_ in your country is there a mall? <SinkingMars353> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO8IUjRtxas <dolphin_kun_> SoulCareer: Yes, Australia. <SinkingMars353> Listen to it <SoulCareer> dolphin_kun_ do you remember that girl , went by the name of heat <SoulCareer> i liked her <dolphin_kun_> No, I refuse to be brainwashed. <SinkingMars353> Fine <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: ever heard of the pentium 3 demo? <dolphin_kun_> Found the dolphinchan logo. <SinkingMars353> Since you are fascinated by dolphins, I take it that you really enjoy listening to ambient music or field recordings of dolphin noises <dolphin_kun_> Nah, the audio is crap. <dolphin_kun_> I have high-end headphones (PXC 550). <SinkingMars353> What do you enjoy listening to? <dolphin_kun_> Not sure. <dolphin_kun_> I don't listen to crap. <dolphin_kun_> hbr1.com is a old, yet good trance radio station. <dolphin_kun_> if you're a weeb, there shinsen-radio.org <dolphin_kun_> *there is <SinkingMars353> I'm not even talking about music <dolphin_kun_> Oh, okay. <SinkingMars353> Do you enjoy listening to the ambience? <SinkingMars353> The soft rains <dolphin_kun_> Nah, not really. <SinkingMars353> So, you would easily give up your sense of hearing and go deaf? <dolphin_kun_> No. <dolphin_kun_> I need it for my Pentium 1 PCs. <dolphin_kun_> They sound like jets. <dolphin_kun_> I like the sound of loud old PCs. <SinkingMars353> So you do like listening to ambience <dolphin_kun_> I run loads of them as servers. <dolphin_kun_> Maybe. <SinkingMars353> So, you like the sounds of speedy fans <dolphin_kun_> Well, yes, I like old PC sounds. <Pringles> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8-IlmBG3hM <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: shitpost <dolphin_kun_> This should fix my issue with LynxChan: find ./ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's/logo.png/logo.jpg/g' <dolphin_kun_> OceanChan is almost back. <dolphin_kun_> Now, I have loads of old posts from DOLPHIN NIGGER, so I'm going to fill it up with that. <dolphin_kun_> It'll increase the PPH <SinkingMars353> Why soil something that has potential with filth from your previous failures? <dolphin_kun_> Well, DOLPHIN NIGGER is dead anyways. <dolphin_kun_> Anons found out that during server maintenance, they were accidentally brought to boxeddolphin <SinkingMars353> I do appreciate the philosophy of bright minds that believe that you should focus on your failures to appreciate your successes <SinkingMars353> Anons don't like being in a box <SinkingMars353> You know they don't like their rage room <dolphin_kun_> Is that a fuckoff.pedo joke? <SinkingMars353> And they would like for you to change it <dolphin_kun_> Ah, releaseddolphin.com <dolphin_kun_> Oh, wilddolphin.com <SinkingMars353> Why release them when they'll be captured again? <dolphin_kun_> uh... <SinkingMars353> Don't you see <dolphin_kun_> Oh, yeah, they all say dolphin. <Pringles> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYPF-tjfjfM <SinkingMars353> We can't escape <Pringles> Nips are based ^ <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: NONONO <dolphin_kun_> I already know this. <dolphin_kun_> Microsoft even released an education software called Microsoft Oceans back in 1995. <Pringles> Dolphins taste good <Pringles> I had it when I went to Japan <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: are you kidding me? <SoulCareer> pringles they are smart <Pringles> Nope I order dolphin any time it's on the menu <SoulCareer> u shouldnt kill them <Pringles> If they're so smart how come they don't swim away when they see the boat coming with the harpoon on it? <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: tricked by sound <dolphin_kun_> and OceanChan is 100% online <dolphin_kun_> Oh, no <dolphin_kun_> Cirno is showing up still <SinkingMars353> Japan are hypocrites honestly <dolphin_kun_> SinkingMars353: yep <dolphin_kun_> Terrible culture <SinkingMars353> They hunt dolphins, yet they name a console after Dolphin <dolphin_kun_> Hmm.. <dolphin_kun_> What console? <SinkingMars353> The Dreamcast <dolphin_kun_> Ah, I see. <SinkingMars353> I'm just joking <Pringles> https://youtu.be/hw_JhFNdFGk?t=231 <dolphin_kun_> Damn, you got me. <SinkingMars353> The Apple Pinpin <SinkingMars353> Or was it the C64GS <SinkingMars353> I can't remember <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: that's horrible <SinkingMars353> But it was one of those consoles <dolphin_kun_> You need to spoiler the link first. <dolphin_kun_> red water <dolphin_kun_> Well, the Japanese better love their parasites. <Pringles> Do you eat cow? <dolphin_kun_> and mercury in the over-polluted dolphin meat <dolphin_kun_> Pringles: yes, meta <dolphin_kun_> *meat <Pringles> Then stop complaining <dolphin_kun_> That's different. <SinkingMars353> Stop complaining like a buncha hoes <Pringles> No it isn't, cows are smart <dolphin_kun_> (((proof)))? <SinkingMars353> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAEAf60_iX8 <Pringles> Proof that cows are smart? <dolphin_kun_> Yrd <dolphin_kun_> *Yes <Pringles> Go visit a farm <dolphin_kun_> Nah. <dolphin_kun_> Isn't /cow/ the farm? <dolphin_kun_> They make a lot of julay I heard. <Pringles> /cow/ is a ranch <dolphin_kun_> ram ranch <dolphin_kun_> Why is there /pol/ on Julay? <dolphin_kun_> The mods deleted a Q thread. * The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18 sets ban on *!*@*.136516DB.FEE934B.IP * You have been kicked from #julayworld by The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18 (The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18) >The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18< Why? We were chatting. ```

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