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Pringles: a scared and corrupt rulecuck Anonymous 04/06/2020 (Mon) 23:19:09 ID: 269255 No.42638
Despite him losing his administrator power on Julay, he still has his XOP on #julayworld, so he continues to rulecuck and trick new users. This IRC log should provide plenty of evidence: https://anonfile.com/L2e4bcn9od/6m3rzb_txt Jan 17 04:36:48 <Pringles> This guy is fapping right now to the idea that he's actually causing trouble for us. I bet he cums on a stuffed dolphin Jan 17 23:58:01 <Reimu> Oh, no. It's logging. https://fuckoff.pedo/ Jan 18 00:03:09 <Reimu> Oh, and logging IPs: https://fuckoff.pedo/ Jan 18 00:03:45 <tttttttt> boxeddolphin is the nameserver too Jan 19 05:54:45 <robi> ~$ host fuckoff.pedo Jan 19 05:54:47 <robi> fuckoff.pedo has address Dolphin honeypot Mar 30 18:51:33 <euphoria> lmfao no way Mar 30 18:51:40 <euphoria> did pringles wipe it Mar 30 18:51:55 <euphoria> HAHAHAHA you fucking hypocritical G​AMERGATE Mar 30 18:51:57 <euphoria> pringles you G​AMERGATE Mar 30 18:54:38 <euphoria> I don't fucking get it apparently pringles owns /pol/ too Mar 30 18:55:15 <euphoria> not anymore Mar 30 18:55:45 <euphoria> I don't think it should have been given to pringles Mar 30 18:55:49 <euphoria> I don't even know why it was Mar 30 18:55:57 <euphoria> afaik pringles never even asked for it Mar 30 18:56:51 <euphoria> well this means he cant be a global now Mar 30 18:57:04 <euphoria> cause robi said /pol/ will never be owned by global staff as a bit of insurane Mar 28 14:37:01 <euphoria> <euphoria> he started spamming loli and then spammed dolphins Mar 28 14:37:02 <euphoria> <euphoria> hmmmm who dya think that could be Mar 28 14:37:10 <euphoria> it's dolphin Mar 28 14:37:11 <euphoria> obviously Mar 28 14:37:54 <euphoria> he also posted shit like come to coronachan and come to oceanchan bickers they don't ban loli or whatever Mar 28 14:38:38 <euphoria> the biggest problem I have with him is the board claims Mar 28 14:40:48 <euphoria> who owns retro now? Mar 28 14:41:32 <euphoria> the old dead BO Mar 28 16:00:38 <euphoria> <robi> at this point i'm about to reduce julay to one board and then /dip Mar 28 16:00:45 <euphoria> the sad thing is this isn't even an awful idea Mar 28 16:01:09 <euphoria> lots of cocks will be lost but it's not the worst idea I've ever heard
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
Open file (1.99 MB 5024x2824 Dead dolphin.jpg)
McFucking killyourself DolphinG​AMERGATE

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