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Onision : The onion cuck that should cut itself Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:12:20 Id:590e25 No. 8203
King Cuck of Youtube, Onion boy, creepy pedo... The list of nicknames for this Youtuber is long and varied. Last time we left our hero, he was defrauding the IRS and 8chan exploded so I will start a new thread here for what it's worth given the subject matter.

I would repost the video some no-name youtuber did compiling the house tour videos along with a comprehensive list of items proving Onision wasn't as strung up financially as he claimed but it has been shoa'd from Youtube. It is safe to assume the video was taken down by a claim from Onion boy given his considerate track record of such actions taking down anything remotely critical of him.

Rumor has been going about Onision, now with his most recent wife involved i lost count of how many he went through so far being involved in grooming underage girls for sex on Twitter.

Now, while I do take the following with a grain of salt given the source, I wouldn't be surprised otherwise. The site Crazy Days and Nights, a celebrity gossip site allegedly ran by a lawyer firmly ingrained in the Hollywood businesses of celebrities has recently published a blind item reveal and the reveal was about the Onion boy himself. While I discredit out of hand anonymous gossip, CDAN has had a surprisingly accurate score in the past in terms of reveals so I am willing to entertain what he says as food for thought given Onision's track record : https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/09/blind-items-revealed-6_15.html

>Blind Items Revealed #6
>[first published on]September 4, 2019

>Almost 3 years ago, many reports surfaced about this A-list YouTuber getting pictures from underage fans. Somehow he was able to continue his career and avoid being charged for child porn. Very recently, a victim has come forward alleging child sex abuse by this YouTuber, starting in her early teens.

>[revealed as] Onision

Furthermore, someone did come out as of late to explain the relationship she had with Onision and his wife who outright playfully made grooming allusions on their twitter in regards of this said, minor girl. While it seems fashionable for women for the past few years to lie about sexual accusations and rape allegations, it isn't the first time either that Onion boy has had sketchy shit with minors previously unearthed.
I've been kept up to date on Onionboy drama so I'll summarize as best I can. Allegations of grooming underage girls for sex are true. If I recall correctly, then he and his wife Lainey have been suckering teens for onion for a few years. Lainey is the bait and would go out to clubs, bars, ect to lure their victim then bring her back. After she's back at onion house, she would proceed to bang said underage girl. I don't recall if onion himself would watch all the time but I believe he has been known to sit in while his wife fucks these girls. He would then attempt to fuck them himself and/or have a threesome after Lainey was done.

In other news he wrote a third book. Links below.

abuse- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm1tQ78xJP4&t=1219s

Chris Hansen got an interview with Shiloh

(288.30 KB 844x596 We Are Number One Postal Dude.png)
The fact that Greg's actions have been so stupidly fucked up that he attracted the attention of CHRIS FUCKING HANSEN is mind-boggling, hilarious and depressing all at the same time.

Watching Hansen, of all fucking people, get in contact with every single girl Greg ever preyed on and having them explain, in consistent detail, all the ways he would groom, abuse and manipulate them is amazing. What makes it even better is how Greg's attempts to handle this situation are to call Hansen names through email and YouTube comments.

When Shiloh said he always tries to act smart but ends up sounding like a moron, she really hit the nail on the head.
>What makes it even better is how Greg's attempts to handle this situation are to call Hansen names through email and YouTube comments.

Not only that. Apparently, he also went into Kai's patreon and posted a message shortly after the whole Chris Hansen interview.

I just home this emo turd gets what he fucking deserves and gets locked with Big Bubba in the big house.

I would have added this is the post I just did but this just fell on my lap and it's a quick and nice summary.

Onision is fucking buttmad about Chris Hansen giving him attention. He then pretends on Twitter to be a massive faggot for Chris Hansen, calling him daddy and shit while at the same time hinting that Chris Hansen did have extramarital affairs in the past.


Sure, bickers cheating on your wife is far more heinous than fucking and grooming minors amirite?
(74.90 KB 198x380 Hanson-exploitable-fixed.png)
Chris Hansen is on tonight at 8PM with Billie about Onision.


He's really not letting go.
I have a strong suspicion onision posts on cuckchan's /x/ and thinks he's the chosen one
So to recap for those who didn't watch Chris Hansen's latest stream, Chris has been in contact with the FBI to get Onion boy investigated.

While anybody would rather be legit concerned when they hear the partyvan has been called on them, Onion boy doesn't give two fucks about it and posts absolute cringe in his channel and twitter.

It's almost as if he has a god complex and thinks he's untouchable. Let's not forget who called the partyvan in the first place. It's not some fucking nobody. Consequences will probably never be the same again for Onion boy.

Embed somewhat related :
(10.29 KB 240x240 tfw kc tier.jpg)
I want to make some knife or banana prison rape joke but I am too tired and/or autistic.
(406.67 KB 635x1359 1574671287177.png)
(2.73 MB 3000x3000 1574675219116.jpg)
Onion boy keeps putting in little jabs at his previous victims. Recently, he leaked Billie's phone number on his twitter claiming it was an oopsie. Just a (((cohencidence))) as she was the latest guest on Chris Hansen's show. Go back to bed.

He also allegedly was talking on a Patreon stream of wiping his hard drives. Congratulations, dumbass. Tempering with evidence openly is a really fucking stupid move.

Furthermore, Twitter, despite being alarmed of Grog's behavior shat their pants and shit his pants and did nothing, as usual.

I would recommend that if anyone wants to follow the shitshow of Onion, go here : https://lolcow.farm/pt/res/731845.html#q731845

I'll read the threads as they come and post a recap here if I can find some spare time.

I can't wait for Chris Hansen's next stream on Onion boy. A wonderful way to close the year would be Greg getting locked in the paddy wagon for good.
>that forced meme
Don't you dare post the Postal Dude you neurotypical cowfag
(380.06 KB 828x1187 1574817198849.jpeg)
(392.10 KB 828x1177 1574817233483.jpeg)

Patreon took Onion's account down for doxxing his ex Billie, 24 to 48 hours ago.

(12.05 MB 640x360 wowonision.mp4)
onision has been kicked of patreon, but it looks like Dick Masterson is trying to get him on his NP2 instead. what is dick's angle here? it's not a good look to actively seek business with accused pedophiles. maybe if onision went to him it would be one thing, but to actively try and get onision on your patreon alternative is another.
(475.66 KB 768x430 ClipboardImage.png)
(152.54 KB 484x466 sargon_nice_gunt.webm)
Probably trying to squeeze some cash out of the gullible retards and grooming victims Onion calls fans before Greg ends up in a cell where he belongs.
"innocent" he says
I don't even know if that was serious or not and that is very concerning. I hope he is behind bars soon. We could have the next school shooter.
(12.00 MB 640x360 wow.mp4)
(536.76 KB 1125x904 1574897557218.jpeg)
As a second though, don't go to lolcow.farm. It is an imageboard with shit moderation. Ran by alleged females to bitch about other female lolcows. Imagine like the girl's bathroom in high school where all the stacies came to gossip in private about other females of the school. They even have a rule about male posters they refer to as maleposting.

>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.

Women can't ever run shit properly lol.

I'll just lurk and give you the details when I have more spare time. So far, both Onion's and his sex doll patreon has been taken down.

So far, here's DA UPDATE

After Onision lost his patreon, the internet started to buzz about it since last night. Several online sites started to talk about it as well. Onision - when reached for comments by online journos - of course, claimed he was being a victim and all he meant was to reminiscent about those who were part of past he abused saying they were good people bla bla bla.


Patreon on their end stated they terminated his account due to violation of their doxxing policy. They also terminated his patreon about his sextoy Julia Love.

During the evening, onision chimped the fuck out and made the video called wow.mp4. Embed
In the morning, he also did sory.mp4(embed as well) to alert about his recent new website (onisionfans.com) for retards to throw money at him. Meanwhile, he acts like this is all bait on Twitter to the litteral level of I was just pretending to be retarded and I fooled you all. Along with cringe BDSMposting.

Around the next day, onisionfans.com went down. Embed as well.

Meanwhile Dick Masterson approched Onision to maybe add him to newproject2 wtf

And then after the site went down, a leaker on Onion's discord sent on lolcow.farm the picture added about ONISION TAKING A ONE WEEK HIATUS

This has been da update. I saved you from reading thousands of posts on a shitboard of literal gossiping cunt. The moderation there is a lot more gung-ho and ridiculous.
Be glad you're here.
don't forget, you are here forever.
(10.09 MB 640x360 sory.mp4)
(44.06 KB 1167x589 oops.png)
Cutting in two posts bickers da update is way too big for one post.
Adding the remaining files.

Chris Hansen is interviewing Hailey live at the time of this post.
Meanwhile the FBI is interested in investigating and has been in contact with Chris Hansen about onion boy
Tick Fucking Tock...
This motherfucker is trying to lay the groundwork for an insanity defense of some sort of retardation but just comes across as a completely manipulative sociopath trying to game the system by overacting. Any shrink that he tries to get a diagnosis from is going to see right through this shit and eat him alive.
>Insanity defense

Thank you for reminding me.

There was a rumor floating about online that onion boy might try to pull just that : an insanity plea. He does state in his video sory.mp4 Maybe a little schizo This is too coincidental to ignore. Which might I add is spell as such sory on his OnisionSpeaks channel and as we know, he's calculating and manipulative.

Nothing has been heard of his wife, Kai.
This is some Ricardo Lopez tier shit
Only femcels talk like that.

I'm not so sure he's thinking that far ahead. He thinks he comes across as Heath Ledger's Joker. Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor. He also has a weird ego and when people get a victory over him like killing his patreon, it affects him on a raw level. He has to simultaneously express his power while showing that it didn't get to him, all while in his head he's having violent fantasies about those who wronged him.

This is all armchair psychiatry though so you could be right, it might just be an insanity defense, although that shit never works and especially not for pedophilia.
I got permabanned for maleposting lol
It's like an alternate reality, a chan site populated by girls with no boys allowed, very uncanny. Instead of doing it for the lulz they do it out of moral indignation and fulfillment of their instinct for gossip
I never followed the fucker religiously or anything, but what I have seen of him in the past always made me think he was crazy on some level. Whether it is "insanity defense" applicable crazy, or just retarded internet attention whore crazy is unclear.
trannies. They're partnered with KF as well.
pretty baffling how these women let themselves be degraded by an absolute retard like onion boy, shiloh was some sort of high functioning pop star in Canada and she let him dress her up and shave her head twice to do clickbait videos?
As long as you have a nice jawline, look vaguely gay, and are a manipulative sociopath, teenage girls will drop their panties for you like nothing.
The female species is fucking strange.
I live in canada and I never heard of her in my neck of the woods. Not even in local gossip mags. She's like a D-list celebrity here, if anything. You'd ask anyone on the streets who Shiloh is and nobody will know what the fuck you are talking about.
I'm sorry but is it me or does Shiloh look like a cow. Wasn't she into beastiality. Or is that onion scaremongering.
With all the girls Onion grooms, there's a pretty obvious pattern that applies to every single one:
>Broken Home
>Very young, either barely legal or almost legal by the time he finds them
>Sexual curiosity/confusion
>No father figure or male role model
>Not very bright or worldly, limited vocabulary

It's so fucking textbook I wanna throw up. He finds girls who are vulnerable and naive, blows in their ear and tells them "oh baby, you're so pretty and smart!" and from that point forward, he's got 'em hooked. You see this shit happen so many times it's not even funny.
They likely approach him the same way young teenage girls approach pop stars. Todays kids don't want to be rocking on a stage they want to be making blogging videos on youtube.
It's pretty easy to manipulate teenage girls if you're a rich older guy.
Don't tell me you're one of those dumbasses that think grown women (18 is grown you fucking retard) need to be coddled and they can't make their own decisions.

You mean that thing called flirting? Something you have never done in your life you incel.

Go the fuck back to twitter.
hi there, onion cuck
>everyone who disagrees with me is x boogeyman!!!!
kys smelly
you're going to prison, onioncuck, better practice those stretching skills now, I think you will be using them an awful lot in the shower room soon
you're going to prison, onioncuck, better practice those stretching skills now, I think you will be using them an awful lot in the shower room soon
Who do you think is the biggest victim in all of this.
These girls' future husbands.
Imagine living with the shame of knowing that your wife lost her virginity to the onionboy cult.
>18 is grown you fucking retard
Yeah but he was fucking with girls from like 14-17 also rating scantily clad girls that looked prepubescent. He's pedo as fuck.
>moral indignation
You mean like this place calling interactions with teenagers that are considered "legal" and "morally ok" literally everywhere in the world BUT puritancuck america "predatory", "pedo" and "manipulative"? I'm talking first world nations too, before you strawman with "muh pakistan".
>interactions with teenagers
Cute way of saying "trying to fuck 14 year olds"
There are some grey areas, like some people wouldn't consider a 21 year old dating a 16 year old wrong, but Onision's 34. He'll be 40 soon. That's long past the acceptable timeframe to be taking duckface selfies and trawling for highschool pussy.
>pedophile so mad that he saged
oh, onison, you're going to love prison
(19.58 KB 400x500 have a seat.jpg)
>using e-dick to groom kids then bait them into all kinds of fucked up shit with him and his wife
<considered "legal" and "morally ok" literally everywhere
why he actin like anyone would buy this shit. the only thing worse than his acting is his case of narcissism.

i hope he lasts another year before sudoku.
>Ricardo Lopez tier shit
oh shi
don't underestimate consoomers, only think looser than the screws in their brains are their wallets
(518.99 KB 790x506 lol.png)
pretty based in fact of course
Oh that sounds pretty bad I was thinking Taylor's(I don't care what she calls herself now I'll keep calling her taylor.) parents. Imagine the feeling of seeing your daughter get completely destroyed and participate in the entire cult.
Only in America can you get witch hunted for merely talking to a woman who is less than a few weeks from turning 18. Where did all these butthurt trannies who use massive amounts of SJW buzzwords ITT come from?
Stop stanning a kidfucker you faggot.
Imagine trying to defend Onision of all fucking people on the planet bickers jackshit about this and think it's a mUH pURitANicaL aoC LAwS In BuRGeRLanD thing.
How does being a retarded newfag feel like?
It's a miracle the guy still has fans arguably honestly Chris Hansen getting involved made this ten times funnier.
Go back to twitter/reddit you filthy fucking GAMERGATE
As long a teen girl with idenity issues and neglectful parents exists somewhere, Onision has a potential fan. Although his fandom seems to have dies off mostly and he no longer commands armies of edgy tweens.

Have sex incel.

BASED onision is fleeing the country in the face of domestic abuse charges now! Dumb hoe deserved it probably
If only. Looks like more attention whoring.


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