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Open file (267.31 KB 553x562 torn1.png)
Open file (924.32 KB 1321x916 torn2.png)
wizchan and the like Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 16:03:36 No.9055
This is how global mod of wizchan looks like.
He powertrips through his own userbase, telling that women are good, and just wearing a chastity ring should keep you virgin. He's a frequent troll of his own userbase, he brags about bans and warnings publically on his channels. Known to be breaking all the rules of his own site, and what he implies to others - he is usually guilty of it much more instead. Like, when 8chan was still around, he was ranting about how bad it is. It didn't stop him from using the site for his own gain (getting free stuff from a giveaway on /v/ for example, and thanking everyone there) and then telling how bad that rotten shithole of a site 8chan is.
IRL he leeches of his sister and mother who give him lots of money and free time. He is a heavy drug addict, likes GAMERGATEs, and likes to establish connections with females in front of his userbase only to tell later that he's been on vacation/drugged/attended funeral.
He's also into anime which he watches with his bros online, with other chads, and IRL.
Open file (315.26 KB 657x757 witch.png)

This guy is a former wizchan discord admin. He's underage, about 23 now, online he's 26-29

Soulkius faked his own suicide, caused by his mother fucking and marrying a chad, that commanded him what to do around his own home. He couldn't take this "hell" of a life anymore (previously he was leeching and bragging how he'll never study and work) and promised to buy Sodium Nitrite online and take his own life. But instead, he just fucked off to the cheapest uni he's been preparing for all this time and faked his own suicide.
Morons even held a funeral about him on their own Cytube channel wizshrine or something like that, some did know about him faking it, some didn't.

He was known for being afraid to pick up the pizza gifted to him by his online friend because he defended his favorite anime, Evangelion. he needed to go to pick it up at the domino pizza like in trailer park boys.

While being a discord admin, he banned everything he didn't like. For example, some certain types of 2D porn, and let unvirgins he made into mods, to ban it for him. Example is on the pic. Eventually, his discord imploded, because people got to know that they are unvirgins and liars, but he banned the opposition and made decoy copies of their accounts so other would think that nothing happened. That caused a huge drama with discords splitting, and new beta, Rodyar, risen to being it's admin, he was afraid even of 2d porn at the time. Eventually they invited soulkius back to all their gatherings, which caused a few people to leave them again.
Open file (16.84 KB 757x723 just look.png)

This one is also a wizchan moderator. He is an underage 17 year old boy from feels (now 23). He is a rapist, known to rape at least 2 people. Is a camwhore and a huge attention whore. He sits day and night on wizchan, trolling it's userbase, making camchats to show himself on the camera. His own feels brothers leaked about him bragging to them how he befriended some guys and raped them and how they were afraid of him.

He does chores for his mother, lies to her about liking LGBT to seem more normie and not to get into some kind of college or work he doesn't like. He studies and works part time, pretending to be the biggest neet and virgin boy of wizchan.
He abuses prescription drugs he doesn't even need, in his own car after getting them.
There's a story about him being chemically castrated, which isn't a surprise because he's a rapist.

He toys with his userbase, giving them warnings, exclamation windows and various bans to get attention. He puts a marker on threads and likes when people beg him to remove it, while also pretending to be begging everyone to do anything for him.

This one is a ~25 yo pedophile from one of the netherlands shitholes, endlessly trying to buy his own house to live like a lord. He wants a 13-14 year old girl to marry or just to fuck him. But, he's staying on 2d cunnies after Magic Kingdom (cp site) imploded. He came to wizchan from reddit and underage cliques and was a mod of some of their communities or wizchan itself.
His mother is a whore who fucks boys his age, so he moved on to community place to live alone, but he still visits his mom and grandmom to stay with them for weekends or to eat some good food. Is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally into anime and of course lolis.
He is also abusing healthcare and employment systems and lives off that money, he never worked, because it causes him to tremble and he cries about it on hearings to receive more bucks.
There is a lot of pedophiles on wizchan. Most of them came from feels. One guy is always badmouthing people from feels he didn't like for being sexhavers and chads and older than him, but still orbits them and what they do. He enjoys "kids to be hurt" and shared his CP on retroshare. Now he's mostly polluting the board with his script kiddy hacking stories and "trolling" gays, his previous admins, and everyone he doesn't like for having more stuff and guts that he does

Moving on to next one.

This one is a russian villager, known to pretend to be weak online and to lie about various stuff to seem more wizardly. He started going on imageboards in like late 2010, and came to wizchan cliques relatively recently after "having too much shit" on the boards but now he thinks that cliques are much much better than the shit he previously had.
He came from /a/, /b/ and /rf/ boards of 2ch.hk and dobrochan.
He likes to tell people that he dropped out of uni and never worked and have no friends. That's just a lie. He finished a uni and dropped out of a magistrate because he was smoking way too much weed, and magistrate in russia is such a struggle... To study and socialize he moved from his random shithole to be very close to Moscow, where he attended various parties, worked, and studied.
Now he's into mushrooms he collects in the forest, and is helping his mother and father of whom he thinks he'll die soon. He enjoys concerts of rock groups and partying, some other time his friends invited a whore for him but he refused, only to brag to Torn of how a true wizard he is. Right now he's making cider and juice from his new garden where him and eventually his parents moved onto to be close to Moscow, drives his car around and sitting on the internet and with friends IRL. But on wizchan, he a pure virgin neet dropout boy.
There was also a 17 year old boy from wizchan who is also a pedophile and is using Tox to share and befriend other pedophiles.
He's currently in their Discord as well.
name's NegaKox, using a vaporwave avatar of a statue smiling
Open file (309.67 KB 583x761 1.png)
Open file (227.73 KB 629x579 2.png)
Open file (254.96 KB 620x569 3.png)
Wizchan admin is named Ron.
He mainly sits in his own Cytube clique and in steam cliques and the like, while the audience asking him about stuff, but he's more into trolling his own audience. For example, he's been told some private info and agreed to not share, but he's swiftly shared a lot of the most mocking stuff on wizchan's /b/, while pretending to "go to sleep". He is telling other that he doesn't even visit wizchan much, and that he didn't tell anything, for real.
He makes a lot of posts there and controls some of the honeypot threads, while people continuously trying to reach to him.

He sneaked into wizchan from various cliques, the farther I can think of him was some channel, where he banned everybody except his underage orbiters. When people were silenced, he told them a story of his life, lying about age and other stuff, how many games he played and how much stuff he likes. Eventually he sucked up enough to be a dev. He bought wizchan for a few hundreds bucks and is now a wageslave.

His orbiters give a lot of the into to him personally. They are also underage and lying about it. One of the guys wanted to one-up magicchan audience and created a board on 8chan where supposedly all magicchan users should've gathered. Well they didn't. Now he's onto a quest of making his own board for magicchanners, but he knows nothing, yet, he wants people to help him and make the board anyway.

There's also a guy from feels, who is currently a global mod and he want to one up Ron and become new wizchan admin. He sniffs every bit of info about servers and stuff, and what he says is always a lie. He is some kind of an online trader and he trolls his site while pretending to not using it all. Non-virgin as well, he admitted to have experience and told that "haha and what? I'm level 100 wizard"
Wizchan's IRC is controlled and abandoned after everyone's left by the likes of Enlike, a finn, and a bunch of other guys like Rodyar and Farengar. They were travelling a lot of chats and boards, gathering an audience to orbit them.

Farengar is a slovakian cancer and a normalfag.

He likes to brag about his real life in chats, to post photos of him traveling or doing work outs on a bike. But he also silences people who are telling his own stories, like, swimming, and like Soulkius and Himna, he bans the porn he doesn't like.
These guys created an online persona to spam 8chan and 4chan, pretending to be vegan, to lure misfits and undesireables to feast on them and ban them if they are not to their liking.
This persona is telling people to go to wizchan and to see for themselves about how they ban vegans.
This is modposted and is a collaboration work with at least this guy involved - >>9081

Others also came to PR wizchan on 4chan and the like. One of them was rapist from this post - >>9063

They also have some puertorican guy who is rich, and he traveled to Korea to have sex. He came back disgusted that a lot of even underage girls in korea are molested.

There was also a guy who's heavy into dating some random whores and he bragged about it on 8chan
whether he left or not is unknown, and it could be one of those guys I already described
Wizchan's steam group is controlled by a few of the mods and the most renowned cliquers, who overthrew previous admin of it, a streamer named StreamWiz. He was a very conservative guy and wanted everything for himself. Eventually they got rid of him after he deleted their group or something, but still continued streaming on /games/ and /b/, before leaving all of them forever and outing them as normals

They have an account to which every cliquer has the key to. Norman Withers.
And there's also another mod who was absent after all that drama, but he came back, he owns TrueWizards group and TrueWizards chan which died a few years ago with less than 100 posts. This is how he sucked up to be a dev/mod/admin etc.

They don't play games in that steam clique. Every attempt of it failed, because ones playing were one-upping cliquers like Ken (current admin of discord), Rodyar, Farengar Enflamis and others.

Nowadays only Enflamis and Clerill (the guy who got exiled from wizchan) play tabletop simulator between themselves with someone else occasionally joining em
When wizchan had an Elder board, only some got an access to it to write about attending uni and stuff.
There were some unvirgins and mods and streamers and stuff.
Some were pedophiles.
They were outed by lusting hordes of wizchan, got doxxed, and told to fuck off.

There was a streamer who organized all of it, one other streamer who is a pedophile lurking on stuff like /lg/ and forums and posting his stories about how women are disgusting.
Torn invited me to some kind of voice chat where they all sit sometimes, but I refused, too bad, would have something to post about it.

It's probably some kind of mumble like on 2013's Wizardchan, where a few liars were one upping it's users. For exampled, they laughed at them and changed their names to mocking ones.
This guy is a drug-addicted aussie

He orbited wizchan's Discord, Steam and the like, endlessly trying to get someone to help him to advance in life. He was trying to figure out plans how to rob his neighbors and stole their amazon cargo, how to get on a pension or a job, and where to get free stuff.

Eventually he fucked off to the honeypot for aussie"neets" and to incels.co, where he now resides.

He was asking for help constantly, but no one give him shit, except telling about how he's a good wizard and is with them for a long time.

This guy posts a lot on wizchan's b in various popular memes.
He is a 20 year old drug addict from United Kingdom who gets his drugs off tor.

He tried to join wizchan's various cliques in year 2016 or so, but was deemed unworthy of their presence and got banned.

Now he's mostly to various random chats where he sits with, for example, feels script kiddy I mentioned previously, they mimic GAMERGATE speak with eternal disgust, and talk about videogames. There was a particular chat where that feels kiddo was striving on trolling it's audience, he even got some real life info from peers and started to troll with it like he does on wizchan even now, crying about people older than him and various admins.
Some of the wizchan previous or current mods came from /int/ cliques and from japanese learning cliques but they don't like to talk about it, occasionally showing their essence in chats.
That's all I wanted to tell.
Remember - there's no autism. There's only BAD people who make other lives around them even worse and they can't do anything with it without bullying or help, they are fine with doing shit untill they die.
Autists are just weak psychopaths
Yesterday I got banned on lizchan instantly, in like 3 seconds, that means - clique put more manpower to guard their honeypots - it also could've been an admin. Usually this board stayed without modding for quite a few days, but not now. Later a cliquer found my other sage post in a few minutes and asked "mods" to give my ip to interpol.
Right now all tor is banned. It wasn't previously. Soon, VPN and proxies will be banned if I continue.

Here's some info for you guys, because what i'm doing, is for you

list of clique honeypots:
lizchan.org } same host, same cliques, same people
magicchan.org, 8ch/tower/, 8ch/hikky/
every major and minor chan with boards for reclusives like keller, vir, rf, and the like
various chatroom gatherings which also share the userbase and needs

The idea is basically to leech from userbase while not being one of them, to give a legend and make others to follow that legend, while, obviously, not giving a fuck about this outdated shit. The more you play their game the worse you make the world you live in yourself.
what i'm trying to figure out now is why lizchan and wizchan share the host and userbase. Do they go under some kind of SEO and use their traffic for other reasons than just being a king of trash or not. Because, it's not too hard to open a small hosting company, or to befriend someone from a small hosting company, who will vigorously protect you for a small sum and other profits.
Is that the board made for virgins with rage?
Is this stream playing the same audio logs from anonfile download up above?
Open file (70.98 KB 750x563 cigar.jpg)
>this fag is shitting the bed here as well
Dismiss this schizophrenic spastic, he's been spamming this shit on lizchan and rightfully got called out, so he resorted to spamming CP and forced the board to a verification system.
>having any testosterone at all
They all fap to traps and call you a /pol/tard if you don't want to be surrounded by "sissy wiz bf" threads.
I used to browse there a few years ago and was shocked at how many homosexual deviants lurked there.
When they consider virginity as having sex with women, and they get shilled the idea that the solution to hating modern women is becoming gay, no wonder they are such a mess.
No what, cumguzzler? That by pointing out your idiocy I'm part of some cabal? Choke yourself
Based wizchan for rejecting the vaginal jew imo
OP's just a white knight cuck desperate to respect women in fact of course
I've actually had the displeasure of talking to OP over steam, >>9925 is right, this dude is crazy, he's a 29 year old homosexual pedophile that lives with his mom in russia, he is NEET and has serious schizophrenia. He's also an alcoholic and sells child porn for booze money. When he's drunk he likes to gamble online and yell at random people for stalking him across the websites he frequents. He hinted at me that he may have even possibly raped some children himself, but I can't confirm it since he was being vague and also has poor english and often trails off into word salad.

I'm pretty sure at least 50% of that website is hard gay, have you seen their fap thread? It's filled with porn of masculine men.
no ketchup for your eggs
>blah blah blah
>no archive links for evidence for said blah blah
no ketchup for your eggs
The fuck kind of insult is that
>they get shilled the idea that the solution to hating modern women is becoming gay
I'm not going to dig up the screenshots because frankly I need to sleep tonight, but everyone's familiar with the trap posters working hard to "convert" random lonely neets on r9k and the like, looks like the got here too.
I vaguely remember wizardchan being a mess, but I don't remember it being this bad

Apparently the kind that hits a soft spot for you
Open file (58.40 KB 1871x981 you actually.png)
Bullshit, that BO was a chill guy. Cool board too, with zero normalfags. He certainly wasn't promoting faggotry like all the others. Hell, he wasn't even promoting the hikki lifestyle, he didn't like living like that.
At the end of the day it won't change shit. It has always been a troll website either run by /cow/boys and kiwifarmers or discord trannies/steam pedophiles cliques.

I'd say that 75% of wizchan's userbase is actually aware of that fact and gives no shit, they just shitpost. 25% might not be aware of that and might post compromising infos that the clique might share around on their private chats, but you know what? I'm ok with that, i'm into personal responsability, if you're so retarded to post private infos on a website with this history you deserve everything that happens to you.

Obviously, 0% of the userbase actually gives a shit about the concept of "wizardry". it's a concept that was made up by trolls.

tldr just let it die
(or edit a smart part of wizchan's ED page to further confirm that the administration are a bunch of hypocrites with pedo tendencies that don't even believe in their own ideals, but i doubt your level of english is good enough for that)

Also the wizardly trannies currently defending this mess of a site ITT can fuck right off, we don't want your autistic ass here
> he wasn't even promoting the hikki lifestyle
can confirm. he would actually ban you if you promoted it as a good lifestyle.
Open file (201.99 KB 663x715 1533651512706.png)
So he wasn't an awoken individual, just a depressed loser who wanted to whineblog like a bitch?
He was trying to steer others away from the lifestyle that has ruined him. NEETs and Hikki aren't the same thing. The BO was a pretty decent guy and basically made a board for people like him to talk to each other. None of them wanted to promote the lifestyle and lure others into the misery they were going through.
Bringing in some more garbage from one of the wizchan modcliques.
Wizchan admin weights around 70 kilo and thinks that he's still fat as fuck (height 1.85 meters) and needs to maintain "daily calories". I implied that he's not the first wagie obsessed with calories (others like him were drunk unvirgins on other chan modcliques) it's because of aiming for a better job, or narcissism and maybe about dating and stuff, and he said that it's to feel good, to progress in life and to think that he's strong and capable. I implied that you are more strong if you weight around 160 kilo like a good boxer, and your good punch will actually be strong with a force of an actual ton, but he shrugged that off.

What's more amusing is like always, more lies, because all they do is lying and larping and posting cancer emoticons. Wizchan admin said that one of his orbiters gone missing 2 weeks ago, name's Kebbler. He talked to him 2 weeks ago in steam cliques. That's just a lie. I saw kebbler just like 4 or so days ago talking to them on cytube. Admin implied outright that kebbler went to fuck his neigbours and it's a shame that he took off like that without even saying a proper goodbye
lmao at your way of thinking, it's so typical
he was just a brat wanting to gather some orbiters and involve himself in chan turf gatherings with what he "understands" (some rumours, memes, outdated normal info) and what he can rule
it's no surprise that he's being discussed here in a place, where some are trying to gather some 8chan scraps for themselves
nice bait mixed with damage control
too bad you aren't on wizchan with damage control like that, poor cliquer. Yes, it's true that the site is trash, but not for the reasons you imply, but because it's dead and picked up by a chain of one uppers that still trying to squeeze it for some personal gain and pleasure. Cowboys and farmers or not, shit's dead! For 5 years now. But they still pick up old shit like dead irc and make/buy new domains for this shit so it's going and going to no end. This is the same shit with many other chans still alive out there. Just restless kids and cliquers finally got a turn to pick up something they grew on
What wizchan desperately needs is a proper funeral, not the soulkius's one, lol. And it looked like a /cow/ (filled with underage cliquers and GAMERGATEs at this point) was a good place to have a proper funeral.
After all, I picked up wizardchan shit here. So, here I will bury it, too.

Good luck guys! See you on other side
If you actually read my post you would see that i wasn't doing damage control as i told you to take this stuff to encyclopedia dramatica, which will have much more visibility than this site.

It seems like you aren't planning to do that though so i guess all that infiltration work meant nothing in the end
P.S this guy >>9949 is a wizchan underage rapist moderator from
>>9063 talking his rumours I'm pleased to give to anyone to set the cards right
P.P.S >>10725 if you want to do something that you implied - do it yourself. ED is shit, it's dead (maybe not discords/tor and such?) and is as abandoned just as this shithole. I would still need to throw links around for ED page instead of this thread and it's a very boring activity I would rather not do. This, and to not be a liar because I bullied some underage from older steam clique for accusing me being from ED, while he was an actual ED editor and reader himself.
Anyway, writing and getting banned by cliquers was hilarious but actually doing something is work that helps them and not the intended audience. Cheers my man
Yeah, you're lazy and your english is shit, so it ends here
What? Do you speak english?
It was still comfy with very little drama and faggotry compared to others. Not free of it but still. Wouldn't lump it in with the cliques and faggotry of current year wizchan.

>looks like the got here too
They did. There's complaining about the /pol/ boogeyman and them and 8chan taking over, but if anything there's been an increase in faggotry and sensitivity.
Open file (170.86 KB 312x572 kebbler.png)
p.p.p.s - lmao
kissy kissy wizzie, you still haven’t added me yet? I like your thread here, it makes me feel important
ED is dead dude, it's not coming back
How the fuck do you access lizchan anyways?
>Lolgo.png Forum (currently ded) Icon External Link IRC.png IRC Fb-favicon.png Group Fb-favicon.png Page Twitter-favicon.png Twitter Reddit-favicon.gif Reddit Error creating thumbnail: File missing
>Discord YouTube
Nice.. So.. Go there and update the page, editor? It won't take you long.
It has nothing to do with this. It has something to do with the current situation of these small boards from discords and IRC rising, but not with this thread. He's a dead horse for this concept, but, for what ur saying, I remember him making turf with pedophiles a long time ago, discussing their board in the PM system of 8chan, but that could've already be Jim, the next owner, I had some screenshots and talks but it's lost. Basic idea - either copypaste or Jim knew and discussed their own pedoboards with some ancient pedos who fucked off later though. Sorry for not saving that shit bickers it's hilarious after they actually went through these interviews and courts
and never mentioned being friends with some very old pedos
So, someone has been banned from posting a picture of a tranny, without breaking any rules.
Someone come give us a quick rundown on who she is. Are mods troons? Woulndt be surprised.
Open file (122.49 KB 706x456 1570567220974.png)
Yeah, ED always had pedo administration. The last owner was a drug addict and had CP stored on his computer. I just checked the first google results of "wizchan" and ED doest even come out. I thought it would. One of the first results are kiwi farms though, so you'd be welcome to necrobump and update the farmers on the modclique's autistic shenanigans
i've read it
looks like they are busy making fame, this makes copypaste a hypocrite after saying he wants to cut ties with "chans" and then actively participating and discussing it from the shadows. At this point he's a low fish in a pond with sharks, more healthy and normal and ruthless than he is, and he's enjoying it and trying to rise up again with what he has - coding skills and connections
unless you are useful to cliquers you'll be banned. Even though they post the same images themselves. You didn't learn it yet? Maybe ur just lying. So why ur here
fuck off troll
Imagine going to cow to defend your cliques and troll people who tell the truth. Oh, that's you, and the rapist moderator too. Are you friends? Are you that guy from his steam and you also spoke about cow on b recently when all this happened? Yep, it's probably you lol
Enjoy defending your shit i'm out
cripplekike has pulled out all the stops hasn't he?
This just shows what a vicious little cunt he has always been.
What the fuck are you on about
Lynxchan really ought to be avoided as much as possible, if for no other reason than that it would deny this tranny freak the satisfaction of people depending on him.
The mods are gay twinks if what I've heard from the discord/steam is true, there's some pictures going around right now but haven't caught any yet. We need an infiltrator to get into the secret circles.
Thought it died, yet I keep seeing people talk about it like it's still around. Very confusing.

I think they're doing this 8kun thing in attempt to appease the dud, so that whenever some shit inevitably goes down his name is less likely to be attached to it and he won't be incited into his sperg-outs by people who think he still runs 8chan. It won't work, but I imagine that's the logic behind it.
Open file (76.58 KB 1294x313 1.png)
Does meguca.org and wizchan.org have ties? Apparently the autistic german shooter posted his crap on meguca.org

I checked this website and some of the aspects remind me of wizchan. Could someone check if they have the same web Host?
Open file (344.28 KB 776x651 brazil.png)
Open file (302.08 KB 778x655 diet.png)
Open file (284.74 KB 780x620 73kg fatso.png)
Wizchan admin is brazilian
Open file (319.11 KB 775x666 brazil 2.png)
Meguca.org is full of trannies CIA agents tricking retards into becoming "genocidal" aka media stereotypes to help further the cause in freeing the world of fascism, bickers these no-brain hicks are retarded. They post on chen2.org/pol now and they have other bunkers if you wish to track them down. They'll mention them and "cancel" the post, liveboard format posts can be typed out and deleted before posting, so you have to watch the boards they sit on or scrape it with a script.

The shooter was from meguca he used 'jej' which is exclusive to them and crafted his own weapons which they post guides for constantly.
jej isn't exclusive them but I see what you mean.The alphabets have been using autistics like him for a while now. Doing that gay shit helps nobody but internet censors so the establishment narrative can be more easily pushed and rich people can make more money. They target meguca trannies for a reason.

Eat the rich.
Oh, further proof that fascists are white patriarchs rich and in government: the "hardcore" posters admitted to being "zogbots" constantly. So there you go.
Stop cringing up the board
>stop bringing useful information to /cow/!
How about no?
Johnny the Savage used to post on meguca (and still does) and posts here all the time. Ask him yourself in the /cow/ cyclical
fu above

wizchan admin is cute
Everything you've just said is bullcrap. Proof anything you said is even remotely true.
There's a CIA manual on how to create patsies out of mentally ill people. Schizos are their favourite specimen bickers you can hallucinate them and brainwash easier.
Invite him yourself, do the research first before accusing austist sites.
Selphie when?
>Everything you said is bullcrap
<you didn't just write media articles on those places!
Bet you feel stupid right about now.
No. He lies and larps a whole lot and doesn't care about his own rules and people and even his own orbiters. And yep, he also break them all by now from what I heard from him. It's just some people need others to look down upon. Even gray rats like these ones. They cannot afford to look down on normal people bickers they will beat the crap out of them. So they go on the internet. Right now they are bragging about turning the girls down after them offering a fuck. They also badmouth people for stopping orbiting them and saying, like that guy who went to help some neighbor milf and never came back. They say "Man, even if I had a girl rn I would still come back like nothing happened".
Btw, "Wizzo" on one of the screenshots is Enflamis from >>9064
He said "phew, that's not even a dirt you have on me"
So, imagine how they feel about ordinary virgins and misfits if they treat incel friends like shit as well. I'll tell you how they treat them. They hate them for being better and smarter. This wizchan is just data extraction tool for them to live a better life
how about getting the fuck out and talk about your topics where it suits it better? You are drawing attention from my topic, and I don't give a fuck about things you say, it's better to be contained somewhere else bickers of how it's unrelated to what's this one is about.
If you have nothing to say, or actually, not wanting to say something about wizchan OR the like, just move on, but right now you are derailing and defending these monsters who feed on lowest of the low while pretending to be them and larping larping LARPING
Why still care about these discord trannies? the site is shit, leave it at that
hey nano, nice slide attempt
Open file (355.87 KB 1671x999 drawing.png)
Rapist wizchan moderator raiding a chan for girls, their drawing room.
Some chat on the pic
Yes, but I give absolutely 0 shit about your other cliquesque fame and money making masheenes full of idiots either. We'll stick to this garbage for now. As for meguca I saw them today on some different board also with meguca engine, maybe it's taken down idk, they took a shit with a ~1000 replies thread
Is crystal café a meme site created by the wizchan clique too? I saw Ron mentionning it multiple times
Not just 1 meguca board actually. They went for all the others they could find on the same engine too. Is it so important somehow? Engines? And yes main one is taken down lmao, fucking pussies.
So this is what you wanted to discuss? How a pussy disables a clearnet board full of idiots and normalfags? Okay done. Wow very interesting! Much more interesting than larpers and rapists and shitskins sleazing in to run some shit boards and one up honest people before they fucked off the internet completely.
Okay. Let it be your way. Discuss this shit here instead, if it's so interesting to you. Fuck it

Check it out for yourself anon. It doesn't seem to be a meme site.
it is a meme site for the simple reason there is no girl going on obscure chans, it's all dudes larping
Open file (15.74 KB 409x289 loli 3.png)
Open file (140.70 KB 657x803 loli 2.png)
Open file (159.21 KB 881x795 loli.png)
You were much more right than I initially thought.
Open file (27.92 KB 907x541 discord 3.png)
Open file (47.94 KB 1527x795 discord 2.png)
Open file (32.81 KB 1328x489 discord 1.png)
>He sneaked into wizchan from various cliques, the farther I can think of him was some channel, where he banned everybody except his underage orbiters. When people were silenced, he told them a story of his life, lying about age and other stuff, how many games he played and how much stuff he likes.

Now it's confirmed.
add me on steam you freaking loser, I wanna be your friend and talk about cliquing
Deletwiz, can you stop your schizoing again?
Go spam CP to some russian board, maybe it will calm you down.
It's pretty ironic how Deletewiz (the russian mentally unstable pedophile who keeps sperging out about wizchan and related cliques here) is a way bigger lolcow himself at this point than any of us could ever hope to be.
damage controlling trannies detected
go shitpost more about wands
Open file (193.21 KB 519x378 feerf.PNG)
Global mod making homoerotic jokes with an underage camwhore and making fun of the ideal he's supposed to defend seems pretty damaging to me
Open file (30.55 KB 460x288 cat_1478370c.jpg)
Faggots, liars and hipsters are trying to drag more people to their fucking usurped swamp. Fock off back to social media and take more hormone pills.
They think that putting their blame on someone else will make it easier, but they forget about not having any kind of power leverage on this board like they usually have (it took 3 seconds after posting before getting banned on a completely empty board mentioned ITT, and it was relatively unmoderated before all this happened, and yet they still lie), or anywhere else outside of their own honeypots, so their attempts of scheming and talking back after doing all this shit for YEARS is absolutely retarded, but well, it's what you should expect from this kind of people. They aren't ever serious about anything , bsically they all are on a level of a female
stop ignoring me
"damaging" to what or who? wizchan has been a steaming trashheap for quite some time already, and "le evil larp clique" of people mentioned (and exaggerated into julay) by deletewiz itt has barely any connection to it at this point and is de facto an autonomous community

btw, regarding torn: there's no proof of himna being either underage or a camwhore, and if you consider the meme in your pic related to be indicative of homoeroticism, there's likely some bad news for you in it
why one russian shizik kidaet eto na moyu bordu, tell me shto zdes in short
Most of the cliquers are just 1 person posing as others. They are all rich kids who have no trouble spending lots of money to fuck around with people. The discord, steam, and cytube are all public honeypots to find a new victim. The wizchan rules make sure the person is a gullible retard. They all sit in a private chat with their real identities to make sure no one is trolling each other - all the public honeypots are their larp personas, with each person having multiple accounts/names/larps. So you are just scratching the surface.
Whatever you say pedo.
Open file (24.94 KB 407x179 fdvfd.PNG)
Open file (434.61 KB 847x631 vfvdf.PNG)
Open file (21.75 KB 620x396 ihzt3.jpg)
WTIDF (WizTroon Internet Defense Force) is at full force today.

Don't you have some zoomers to groom on discord?
>Andrew, Florida
Can Floridachan pay a visit?
I'm not Andrew or the others, also lol butthurt
Muh community! Dobrochanners are too wealthy for you bro?
Nah. These are rarer than you would want to think and they are aren't rich
brb making cider and juice
So, why did you send me a brainfart PM on discord and run away like a bitch?
What happened to being a big boy who hangs out with mafia thugs, gets drunk with lowlifes, hoards CP, and does a "Jay and Silent Bob" visit on anyone he doesn't like on the internet?
sleep more
stop ignoring me
link to steam account fag
also leave a comment on my profile please
I like that song its good
Open file (131.05 KB 1106x1600 IMG_9865.jpg)
as good as fugly downies and factory jobbers of wizchan org
I’m bored does anyone wanna talk
I like to press titty skittles with fentanyl ans sell it on the darknet. I literally get uncontrolable erections knowing i accelerate the death of hundred of trannies
oh gosh, that's pretty hot, wish I got girl pills off the dark net
imagine little squishy dead and cold tranny titties `(*>﹏<*)′ cute! they're all blue!
Open file (7.44 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
hello are you still awake
I'm looking for the mysterious jewsh and the poorly read russian man
aww.. so romantic, is this for me and you? :3
I bet you're not even hot.
きっと誰でも一人は 味方がいるの
いつも私がそれに なれればいいのに
I’m just a nerdy mentally ill teeny boy 🙃
Post pics then
post your belly first
Open file (80.41 KB 375x211 375px-Titos.png)
hello jewsh how is your day
Open file (206.57 KB 1008x756 IMG_1267.JPG)
just relaxing outside, hows it going :)
Open file (308.40 KB 1008x756 IMG_1269.JPG)
do you like my boy feet?
Open file (52.75 KB 344x477 warlock.jpg)
I don't like where this thread is going.
why not
Whats your opinion on the post that started it all though ?
hello I'm awake
Be honest now, you ever ERP/send body pictures to one of the mods/admin?
yes, ALL the time! join my clique chat, we host erp/fap session ever tuesday night EST
I'm happy that we have a Wizardchan thread in which I'm not posting all the cocks.
Post them here so we can tell you why you'll never be a woman ever :^)
Why would I ever want to be a woman
Open file (583.29 KB 1063x1454 62179071_p0.png)
ok I should clarify, don't come in my chat if you are looking for trannies, we only do gay roleplays, daddy and son, brotherxbrother, etc.

fur is allowed BTW ;)
>oh gosh, that's pretty hot, wish I got girl pills off the dark net
>imagine little squishy dead and cold tranny titties `(*>﹏<*)′ cute! they're all blue!
Why would anyone think you're a tranny I wonder! :^)
I can be a tranny if you want, what's more appealing
Open file (140.23 KB 828x967 jfnuclear.jpg)
Do you think OP brings legitimate points or he's just schizoing?
Just talked with Iyashi >>9075 in voice chat
from what i've managed to understand from it all, it's worthy enough to forget about everything that ever happened within that sort of theme.

eh, pretty disappointed. But there should still be some things to live for
Things I've tried to write about are absolutely incomplete and reality about it is much worse than it could've been written or imagined.
good luck on this plane
Open file (12.65 KB 514x231 cec.PNG)
Imagine being this clueless. Someone link him to this thread please.
Open file (10.64 KB 974x110 jjh.PNG)
>not liking to see people get butchered is unwizardly
what happened recently is proving that i was well at least somewhat right and that was all i need. Can't really be bothered to write about it though, lol, some kind of "win" and maybe not only for myself, which is a bonus, over things i despise, the points i made aren't really relevant to the topic on the surface, that topic is shit and the real game was going on a different subject and you need to be really good with your mind to be able to tell about it.

the points were proven enough times but when i post seriously it has a random password, don't really need the thread anymore, well too bad that it's still here in a really awkward time

it's kinda fulfilled and abandoned, ty for watching this shitshow
Open file (385.65 KB 578x790 bdf.png)
>I have found some epic revelations but im not telling you
Open file (9.66 KB 911x86 dcd.PNG)
>1 post under this ip
>badly written stereotypical post

Do mods really think people don't see through their bullshit?
that is aussie wiz you stupid newfag moron
You seem very upset. Also,no one cares about your tranny clique. Keep making ironic posts though so maybe it will look less autistic.
>>9081 Do you have any proof that the /tower/ board was a honeypot for magicchan users? It's not that I'm doubting you, but I can't make accusations without proof.
>>24815 hi i don't care
>>14513 Why does this schizo post like this? >>14513 why do you post like this? Do you think it's epic?
>>24846 hi maybe he thought its the truth, and y no one cares. happy ny to u both
Have you ever watched cp, boiposter? I bet your rapist ass would love it.
>>25107 usually I fap to solo masc dudes, not interested in looking at cp
>>25185 I take that back, when I was 12 or so I remember looking up 'nude 12 year old boys' or something to that extent, just managed to get my parents pc some virus that spammed gay porn all over the desktop
>>25186 Nice, maybe ill hit you up some day then. Got pics of your chest?
>>25185 it's all a lie and delusions, your just a poverty druggie trash and literally nothing of interest keep on whoring.
>>25203 no why
>>25326 Cuz i wanna see it. And your armpits too.
>>24815 Bumping bickers my question has yet to be answered
>>25831 What the fug? Does this place hae autocorrect?
>>25231 How do you access lizchan anyways, oh mighty pedo russian schizo?
>>25993 >pedo russian schizo He's probably dead now, not even kidding.
No one cares about virgins and rapists talking shit on the internet, just fyi. Rn it's a free PR but no one cares too, I even feel good about helping someone for free sometimes.
Oh and y, gl with thinking about someone else's internet shit in the head, that would totally add something to ur own lives
Open file (166.02 KB 840x600 archers.jpg)
oh and iyashi ur welcome to wash my socks for $150-200 if you want, I know you won't steal and eat much, and I need a housekeeper to clean cum and pussy drips from my stuff hit me up if your not drunk and rdy to work to buy $1 steam games so you don't have to ask someone else anymore lmao! bye bye, talk shit forever
>>26141 How do you access lizchan you dumb moron?
Open file (89.82 KB 730x1000 zgnh580wy8t21.jpg)
On a more serious subjet, i feel like wizchan's admin team isnt exactly the one "wizards" deserve. Regardless of schizoposting, it seems many of them are steam social users and discord dwellers. The admin apparently likes to get his ass licked by other users over online streaming. very unprofessional and zoomer-like behaviour unworthy of proper mods. They also don't mind porn posting or anime, which is a typical mark of attentionwhores and trannies. Don't pretend it's not. Seems many of them are homosexuals too. I know how homosexual feel about casual sex, it's basically as normal as shaking hands for them. Having people with promiscuous behaviour deeply ingrained into their brain run a site for people who want to avoid sexual discussions is not really a good thing at all. Especially when the way the website is ruled is so obscure, you basically know there's a gay cabal ruling over you and you don't know if you can trust them or if they're just fags who managed to seize the website by moving up the online social ladder. I feel like we need a new website with a more transparent administration. Maybe change the "wizard" theme, since it has been so tainted with lolcow and internal drama. I still like the lizard wizard thing though.
Open file (33.24 KB 627x376 blah.jpg)
>>26868 Absolutely no one here thinks wizards deserve anything, let alone "better mods." >Seems many of them are homosexuals too. Didn't Wizardchan and Wizchan disallow gay wizards?
>>27761 even posts
>>26868 The 'wizchan' name was tainted by the time Hotwheels betrayed it.
>>30019 buy adjulay loser
this thread is like a weird mix of people making fun of so-called "wizards" and hard core autist losers trying to "save" wizchan. both sides are diametrically opposed to one another yet seem blissfully unaware of either. WTF IM crying i dont get it why have i wandered in here from meta how do i dont. excuse me cow but dont hurt me. i am not a regular here and this place is scary. i am going to leave now. bye
>>12742 俺は味方なんざ独りもいねえんだよ。
Open file (116.39 KB 596x609 mao.jpg)
Yo wtf happened to lizchan? Its been more than a month and I miss the kindposting...
>>45963 Check sushigirl, they have a couple of lizchan users that explained what happened.
>>9055 >runescape 3 based and anti-tranny pilled

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