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Open file (5.29 KB 150x150 19923416.jpg)
please explain robi Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 04:23:58 ID: c9fd18 No.9512
8:58 AM - robi: God I feel so guilty about the CP
8:58 AM - robi: I wish it didn't turn me on to see that shit
8:59 AM - robi: It's not just regular child porn either, it's hurtcore now
8:59 AM - robi: I just like to see children suffer :(
8:59 AM - robi: Oh well, no point in thinking about it too much
8:59 AM - robi: Time to load up Tor and find some more, lol!
4:51 AM - robi: Everyone I've ever fucking met
4:52 AM - robi: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can
4:52 AM - robi: before getting gunned down by SWAT
4:52 AM - robi: That needs to be my life aspiration
4:52 AM - robi: You stupid fucking cunts need to suffer
4:52 AM - robi: All living things with a vagina
gay in fact of course
wtf robi!?
What sick person would say something like that?
Open file (435.67 KB 900x900 anita187.jpg)
4:58 AM - robi: I paypig $5 a month to jcaesar187
robi: I'm a brony money succer who lover CP loliz
>>9512 >Time to load up Tor and find some more, lol! It's fake yo

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