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/f/ Never Dies

(57.30 KB 600x338 1441552155053.jpg)
Welcome to /f/'s bunker! flashmaster Board owner 08/20/2019 (Tue) 13:39:43 No. 1 [Reply]
Hello everyone. It's been some time since 8chan went down, and I finally decided to get my ass off of IRC and create the official bunker for 8/f/.
Hopefully all my beloved users (and some new ones if we're lucky) will find their way here and we can all have a nice fresh start here on Julay.
Please post any concerns or requests you have about /f/ in this thread, and I will do my best to satisfy. The management interface is different than I'm used to, so there may be some blunders here and there as I get used to the new system.
Enjoy your stay and remember: I still do it for free™
Edited last time by flashmaster on 08/20/2019 (Tue) 23:02:21.
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(42.11 KB 480x360 freddie1.jpg)
>It should be possible to force most browsers (including the massive shit that is IE/Edge)
See pic
The world is more than large enough for both of them to be equal however at least to me I notice IE/Edge more readily due to more recent usage. Also I prefer to use chromium over chrome (which probably does very little privacy wise).
Chrome can probably be considered a massive shit by most for it's privacy flaws "features" and the effect it has on web standards where as IE/Edge is probably mainly guilty of the latter (who could have guessed that a bulk standard corporation would have a very slightly different take on ethics than a advertising corporation) and having a poorer interface.
(892.93 KB 479x1436 chrome clones.png)
Extended edition.
You forgot Firefox.
Qutebrowser master race (at least until Next is out of alpha).

(16.93 MB lith.swf)
Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo lance##geOLsS 10/04/2019 (Fri) 03:00:59 No. 64 [Reply]
Hi, welcome to The New Thread. Same as The Old Thread!

>This is a thread for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff.
Despite this being a TiTS thread barely anyone here plays TiTS.
For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask.
>Mobile Builds
>BOOBS Changlog
USE THIS MODIFIED MINERVA SAVE EDITOR if you want to use the online version.
It's now got a java-based tiny local web server included, in order to make it work in Chrome locally. Instructions are in the README.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Got another laptop. It's got a couple issues unfortunately (I likely have to find a new LCD for it to get rid of that blue line, and the battery is obviously dead) but it's still fun and has a Yamaha OPL3 synth chip inside.
For $10 I'm not too disappointed honestly. I have the floppy drive bay and this backpack CD drive for it.
Someone's asking $100 for the only LCD that's currently on ebay unfortunately. And all the results on aliexpress for the LCD panel number (LTM09C031A) show widescreen panels which this obviously is not.
I have a JP friend or two on IRC.
Also the manga I scanlated had a running joke about the "old maid" type. What you describe seems accurate but at the same time the author portrays her as waiting for a literal prince on a white horse to come to her.
(3.33 MB 4032x3024 holy laptop batman.jpg)
Forgot pic
(9.67 KB 608x456 610ct_dock_pa2703u.jpg)
It currently has windows 98 (not SE) installed, btw.
Once I have a DE9 null modem cable I'll have a more convenient way to copy files than the CD drive. Could also use a breakout for my PCMCIA ethernet card so i can use that.
I'd also like the dock, but I'll probably never find one of those.
(230.82 KB 1595x1800 01.png)
Hey lance, I found something kind of interesting. Awhile back we were discussing the woes of music streaming services and the demise of what.cd. It turns out that Tidal streams lossless FLACs, and tidal-dl can automate the downloads (DRM-free FLAC, with tags). I'm trying it on the trial right now, and it's working surprisingly well.

This is looking like a decent replacement for what.cd. If you don't need this as an ongoing service, I suppose you could also grab everything you need during the trial period and then cancel, so you don't have to pay anything.

(24.37 KB 480x360 itsolutionsguidestep1.jpg)
TFW you spend two days trying to troubleshoot a CLASSPNP.sys boot error and the error ends up fixing itself after half a dozen various attempts to fix it. And I'm still not sure how it even happened in the first place, yet.

(25.27 KB 366x499 ClipboardImage.png)
(267.72 KB nazi_kitty.swf)
(431.63 KB WhatIsMan.swf)
(3.36 MB godot.swf)
Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 04:54:35 No. 34 [Reply]
I'll post some classics to kick the board off
(465.97 KB Cock_Gun.swf)
(293.50 KB FedEx.swf)
(291.89 KB PhoenixWrightCP.swf)
(1.02 MB zaza.swf)
(1.15 MB reiko1.swf)
No way I'll let this medium die. Hey /f/aggots! Let me post some NSFW classics for some hard nostalga.
(778.36 KB deadstars.swf)
(6.91 MB e-Virus.swf)
(1.13 MB Headphones On.swf)
(13.61 KB hey.swf)
i love this format, i hate that its gonna be gone

Post for post. Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 05:05:48 No. 122 [Reply]
One anon posts a flash, another posts. Don't post more than once in a row.
Post whatever you feel like.
Lewd, rude, moody, comfy or loving memories of ♂ANIKI♂

(2.52 MB morning.swf)
JEWS 08/20/2019 (Tue) 16:02:02 No. 4 [Reply]
Welcome to the /cow/ bunkerchan, /f/.
Thanks fam
(8.18 MB 4am.swf)
A comfy 4 am for post number 4. May your good greetings return to you one day.


no cookies?