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Open file (16.93 MB lith.swf)
Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo lance##geOLsS 10/04/2019 (Fri) 03:00:59 No.64
Hi, welcome to The New Thread. Same as The Old Thread!

>This is a thread for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff.
Despite this being a TiTS thread barely anyone here plays TiTS.
For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask.
>Mobile Builds
>BOOBS Changlog
USE THIS MODIFIED MINERVA SAVE EDITOR if you want to use the online version.
It's now got a java-based tiny local web server included, in order to make it work in Chrome locally. Instructions are in the README.
If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige.
We don't really have the latest builds first anymore.
That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can, and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here. I am also, to my knowledge, the only person making iOS builds for TiTS nowadays.
BOOBS (mod) might be here:

I guess I need to upload an swf, so here. No idea if this is the latest version, I just had it on my hard disk.
Still no source code push for this latest public build.
Pretty annoyed but I can't honestly say I expected any differently.
>Pretty annoyed
I went a whole month without having to think of this particular jew and his homosexual horse shit of a story even once. I had time to grow corn, fix two power windows, get Manjaro's Nvidia optimus crap working on the newest XPS, and generally have a good time.

And you're still following along with this cesspool and having negative reactions to it. I just don't get it; either you like it or you ignore it.
I just did my long-delayed Powerbook updates, fixed three playstations, and replaced my AC compressor.
In other news, the TiTS wiki certificate expired a few days ago and no one's bothered to fix it.
Combined with the even less productivity the last couple months, it feels like that place is just crumbling apart at the seams.
All of their certs expire constantly. They use the 90 day LetsEncrypt certs, and the tranny can't be bothered to renew them before they expire. Judging by the insecure protocol/cipher support, I'm guessing it doesn't understand TLS much anyway.
Open file (842.43 KB 1024x1500 ryu_038.jpg)
Yeah, seems gedan's letting a lot fall through the cracks.
My personal website (not linked here) uses self-signed SSL certs so I don't have to deal with that every 90 days, since I'm basically the only one who uses it over HTTPS anyway and I trust myself.
Thanks for the Breath of Fire book link on IRC. I wrote some (slightly ugly) color space converters in C on a whim while reading through it.

Wish the scan were better resolution. I suspect this is a ripped e-book version or something.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

void promptCMYK(char c, char input[]);
int are_equal(double a, double b);
double str2dbl(char *input);

void promptCMYK(char c, char input[])
while(input[0] == '\n') /* user entered nothing */
printf("Please enter a percentage for %c, range 0 to 100: ", c);
strtok((char*)input, "\n"); /* strip any \n */

int doubles_are_equal(double a, double b)
return fabs(a - b) < 0.001; /* 0.001 will be a double by default I think */

double str2dbl(char *input)
return strtod((char*)input,NULL) / 100.0;

int main(int argc, char **argv)
double C;
double M;
double Y;
double K;
int R;
int G;
int B;
if(argc == 5)
/*CMYK and CMY values from 0 to 1 */
char input[20]; /* 18 chars plus newline plus \0 */
promptCMYK('C', input);
C = strtod((char*)input,NULL) / 100.0;

promptCMYK('M', input);
M = strtod((char*)input,NULL) / 100.0;

promptCMYK('Y', input);
Y = strtod((char*)input,NULL) / 100.0;

promptCMYK('K', input);
K = strtod((char*)input,NULL) / 100.0;
/* CMYK -> CMY Conversion: */
C = ( C * ( 1.0 - K ) + K );
M = ( M * ( 1.0 - K ) + K );
Y = ( Y * ( 1.0 - K ) + K );

/* CMY -> RGB Conversion: */
R = (int)round(( 1.0 - C ) * 255.0);
G = (int)round(( 1.0 - M ) * 255.0);
B = (int)round(( 1.0 - Y ) * 255.0);

/* Print result */
printf("R: %d\nG: %d\nB: %d\n",R,G,B);
On a scale of 0 to 10 how playable is Carnal Souls? It's been like half 4 years
Given the "community" around it.
ERROR: buffer underflow.
every time I go to check on it. I just see excuses in the first sentence and click off the page.
Per the latest blog post
>Mid-September Update
>Hey folks,
>Apologies that it’s another quiet week. Crimson’s been difficult to get hold of, which can only mean that their actually paying job is demanding all their time. For myself, I’ve had a rather large adjustment to my pain medication which, finally, actually seems to be making a difference. Until I adjust it leaves me permanently dozy and fatigued, however, once that passes I plan to use the new focus it allows me to try and relearn some programming. That way, maybe, even in slow times I can also help push things forward.
>That aside, it’s given me the ability to do some drawing again:....
I personally find more understandable when the project is done as a hobby in one's spare time (as is my case on several projects.).
Would you consider two mentions a day apart to be spam (especially when both are directly related to ""her "tasks" as a employed "developer/sysadmin", who seems to have a very extremely laid back job) and the task only really needs a single fucking line.
Lance, I hope you are ready for the "sound of silence".
>I’ve had a rather large adjustment to my pain medication
>it leaves me permanently dozy and fatigued
Why is every H game developer some depressed doped up cripple with a nonexistent work ethic? The lad makes it sound like getting out of bed would be a monumental task by itself, game development is a field too far for him.
So today I made a post where I pointed out that it takes literally one to two git commands to push sources public, and said "if you aren't planning to ever release source code anymore, please at least say something about it so I can stop looking for it" ending with me saying, and I quote, "I'm really sorry if there's a good reason it's taken so long and I'm just getting too worked up."

Naturally, this being fen & co's hugbox, that was enough to get the post deleted, so here's the magic code for posterity.
git push <remote_name> <commit hash>:master
…that's it. That's all gedan or literally anyone with push access to the public repo has to do.
Spoke too soon, some faggot reported it so it's been hidden from everyone but me and moderators.
Here's the actual message.

Seems my mistake was my perpetual belief that I can somehow communicate with them and get anything other than dismissal. I really am not sure why I still bother.
Open file (236.88 KB 976x799 floppydrivemod2_small.jpg)
Well at least they feel enough responsibility to communicate that something's amiss instead of just radio silence.
In other news my amiga has a working floppy drive again now
Open file (54.07 KB 1236x313 op is a faggot.png)
Also filename.jpg
>He has other priorities
Like letting their TLS certs expire? You'd think he'd have all the time in the world while dilating.
>Like letting their TLS certs expire?
Lol, yeah, exactly.
Actually hentai-foundry has/had (didn't check today) a cert that's been expired since the 5th. Makes the HTTPS site unusable beyond login.
I don't even know why people do it manually, much less let it expire. You shove certbot into a cronjob and it will take care of your renewals for you without intervention. Lack of automation is the mark of a shitty sysadmin, and it's amazing how many big sites rest on their shoulders.
>implying gedan isn't using windows server or some shit
Still, you can schedule services in windows, too.
>Even giving "it" the smallest amount of doubt, given how much of their build "environment" is public, comments and the levels of skill/economic value on display.
First off, I missed you fuckers.
Second off the site mentions a new TF but I'm not seeing it. Anyone mind crawling through the code to see where it is. Site says "forest" but I'm not seeing it.
>windows server
I'd be suicidal too if I had to work with IIS again.

>First off, I missed you fuckers.
Missed you too anon.
That being said, this new item is apparently bullshit rare. one guy in the comments spent 40 minutes trying to get one and since the cheat codes aren't in the official version I just want to cheat a bunch in. What's the most current save editor?
>I'd be suicidal too if I had to work with IIS again.
Heh. And seconded
Since they've still not released source code I've pretty much stopped paying attention to TiTS.

Downloading a torrent of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox now to finally give it a spin. Probably will play through the VN series again first since it's downloading THAT slowly and since I need to anyway.
Tamamo was great, and so was Granberia. I can't remember which one I liked more. Guess it's time to find out.

…And you know, I've never once fapped to MGQ.

Reminder that Minerva is always current.
My build env is public, and they historically have published the .fla file and FlashDevelop config, which is enough to technically be considered open.
I just realized, I have absolutely no idea what I did to make my wine prefix that I'm using for the MGQ VN's. Hope I never lose it and have to reconfigure; I seem to remember it was annoying to set up.
>Since they've still not released source code I've pretty much stopped paying attention to TiTS.
As BOOB's dev, once I eventually get (work only done in my spare time, etc) around to merging in the "current" public branch and releasing my current changes, other than support/implementing community feedback into this mod, TiTs is dead to me.
What you do think the odds are that even even a small part of no source is that they know my mod exists
13 days since your last visable post:
>@Gedan Could you please update the source code
>SeriousBlueJewel, Oct 18, 2019 at 5:27 PM
As if that is going to do anything you fucking moron.
In the "saltiness" thread no salt is allowed
So you're saying I should blame you for us not getting source drops.
Open file (208.07 KB 1400x788 01.jpg)
>Monster Girl Quest: Paradox
I had mixed feelings about that one. It's a mile wide and an inch deep. There's tons of classes, characters, etc, and the progression looks pretty deep at first glance. So I started grinding the hell out of it. Turns out, there really isn't that much going on. It doesn't help that the game ends abruptly, and we had to wait years for Part II.

>…And you know, I've never once fapped to MGQ.
Same, it's all femdom to some extent, not my thing. I did kind of like Riot from Paradox though. Some sort of bizarre mecha-lizard.

>TiTs is dead to me.
Fantastic news. Maybe /f/ will move on to working on something worthwhile in the future.
>What you do think the odds are that even even a small part of no source is that they know my mod exists
Mods are the reason there's no source for CoC2, so it wouldn't surprise me at all. These faggots have a collection of stories that are barely above Youtube comments, but god forbid someone touches them.

In other news, CK3 was announced. It'll probably be half-baked garbage for the first five years, but nevertheless.
Oh shit, finally found most of the old crew. +1 random anon from the old /f/ TiTS thread, reporting in. Good to see most of the old faces here, I actually kinda missed you guys.
If that makes you feel any better. However odds are good that my mod is only used as a piss poor excuse to be abosutely lazey without having to tell retarded users anything new when it comes to porviding an "offical" response in about 666 billion years or so.
>barely above Youtube comments, but god forbid someone touches them.
For a very small number of youtube comments that just might be an insult.
Even if most of my changes can be classified as not even touching their "characters" but spending the five or so seconds to review and intergate MR/quick ideas.
We have an IRC channel if y'all want to come blogpost with us.
Open file (638.66 KB 680x577 01.png)
Nevermind about CK3, Paradox will be handling 'sensitivities' and 'representation'. If I had known we'd soon live in a world where you couldn't open a door without gay niggers falling out, I'd not have taken the decades without them for granted.
It's got muffins, too.

I have a feeling gedan's vanished off the face of the earth again in some depression slump and hasn't had the motivation to do anything for weeks
>youtube comments
that reminds me of the time shortly after they forced Google+ integration on youtube when someone pasted the entire contents of Tolkein's "The Hobbit," Silmarillion, and Lord of the Rings books into the comments section of the video google used to explain the integration.
I'd forgotten what CK stood for.
For a second my tired mind thought you were saying King's Quest for some reason, totally forgetting that series has been dead for decades now.
IRC channel is at irc.anonops.com, port 6697 (use SSL), channel #/f/ugees.
I recommend using hexchat: https://hexchat.github.io/index.html

You can also use these tutorials to connect, if that's not enough info for you/you're not sure how IRC works or what it is (Internet Relay Chat, it's basically Discord/AIM/MSN chatrooms, but for smart people).
>I have a feeling gedan's vanished off the face of the earth
The 41% strikes again!

>I'd forgotten what CK stood for.
Crusader Kings. Previously a fantastic and historically accurate (inasmuch as possible for a video game) medieval European politics simulator. Honestly, if they just made a game about Africa, there'd be no complaints; I'd probably even buy it. But, as is already the norm in Hollywood, we are instead destined to receive Tyrone, King of France.
>Tells me to do @gedan to get source
>I do @gedan to get source
>I don't get source and get told off by the person who told me to do @gedan that I'm spamming @gedan by doing it once
>Person flags my innocuous followup post where I explain how to do a git push for dummies, where I don't do @gedan
>Person then does @gedan again in another thread
So who's spamming now?
>Trying to interact with the TiTS 'community'
Dealing with room-temperature IQs seems to have become some sort of masochistic fetish for you. Even BOOB's dev understands that there's more to life than this.
Nice. I'll be lurking there off and on, then.
>no /f/ugees channel
>there's a channel called opisis filled with a bunch of arabic pastebins
well, I want to hope this is some kind of grassroots anti-isis shit, but if not, what the fresh fuck did you recommend me to?
>no /f/ugees channel
If no one else is online, you'll create the channel when you join it. Empty channels don't persist, but it's saved with Chanserv. Also, just to verify, it's #/f/ugees, not /f/ugees.
it said I didn't have permissions to create the channel. Whatever.
When I'm back from getting my flu shot I'll make sure my ZNC server is running. It should have good uptime and keep the channel active.

Also if the channel's been made already you don't need to register to join the existing channel.
You'll probably want to register your nick before you do anything.
I now have my server keeping the channel open by essentially being logged on 24/7.
So you shouldn't have to register anymore unless my internet dies.
I guess that's one way to see it
Or I could just blame autism and call it a day.
Taking down my IRC bouncer for a minute while I try to permanently remove the stupid shroud from my gpu.
It's bothered me for too long. I hate the stupid "aesthetic" plastics computer part manufacturers seem addicted to slapping on perfectly good hardware nowadays.
this is me btw
For what negative value this is worth, your forum post in >>90 now currently visable (not sure, when exactly and don't really care to even attempt checking).
Polite sage because who really cares anyway, this is more of a notice "one of their admin's finally grew 1/10,000th of a brain and now the end is neigh".
Open file (15.05 KB 430x193 Screenshot_1.png)
good times
>look forward to a lot of thicc content
The continuing adventures of the exact same NPC.
Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, reading some of the blog entries is just sad.

"It was slow writing compounded by a few emotionally erratic days"- And this prevents you from writing smut in a timely manner...why? I have shitty days too, where depression fucking throttles me and life generally sucks all the dicks, but I still manage to get shit done.

"There were some merge conflicts that I think we’ve untangled."- This is a roundabout way of saying 'didn't thoroughly test before releasing', isn't it?

"Expect me to airdrop in a good chunk (if not all) of the room descriptions before the end of the week"- Clearly, room descriptions are the hardest part of any smutty game, requiring many hours of careful tweaking and revisions.
And I'm sure the comments are telling him that he works too hard, can take all the time off he needs, etc.

When you compare it what other games have done, it's just pathetic. Rimworld was made with fewer people, in less time, on a smaller budget, with actual programming. And it became one of Steam's top sellers. Then there's TiTS, the two-fetish million dollar fan fiction that's over budget and behind schedule. Some groups of people have no moral responsibility.

Sorry to hear that you're depressed anon. Diet, exercise, and a healthy sleep habit goes a long way.
>Github/Source code saltiness thread
>The ship update that was released at that time was a rather major update that I wanted to work on, so i got rather impatient. Although I will bug them extremely hard a soon as the next public goes online though.
>SeriousBlueJewel, Oct 28, 2019 at 10:08 AM
Right now I am going to call bullshit on that A) even remotely happening and B) that what he considers to be "extremly hard" is probably going to be completely different to Lancer, Gunship or anyone in this thread.
I find it humorous that the blog display's 0.8.028 as the latest yet according to the shitron 0.8.027 is the latest. Any bets on the amount of cross over between users?
>The ship update that was released at that time was a rather major update
So huge that it took Gedan two years to accomplish nothing on it, only to have Fen build it from start to finish in a week. Honestly a poor move on their part, it showed everyone how much could get done if Fen actually worked.

And of course, lance hasn't given up on that garbage yet; still posting on their forum. Lads, find someone who looks at you the way lance looks at submissive gay furshit.
Open file (406.80 KB 695x1357 file.png)
>Inplying that a "professonal" "dev" that has an entire "team" to work with is uanble to work with seperate branches.
Things I did today:

-Fiddled around with CoC2 for a bit.
-Sorted out some stuff with regards to taking classes online.
-Played Tales of Vesperia

The first was irritating due to poor game design decisions, the second a necessary evil, and the third more-or-less fun.

What're you lot doing these days? Aside from lurking and occasionally shitposting, that is.
I replaced the fuel pressure regulator in the W140 the other day, and that completes all of the major work I have to do in it; have a lifter job to do in another car though. Also thinking about ditching the smartphone and going back to a portable cassette player, since I don't use it for anything else. The Sony WM-D6C looks pretty reasonable. A couple of my home servers need some replacement parts before they're brought back online. And I think I'll be re-tiling the shower this month.

Lately I've been going through a few sheds, throwing out whatever I don't need and selling what might be worth something on ebay.
Open file (3.57 MB 4032x3024 wasting money.jpg)
Drove my car at least 300 miles today to go to Jungle Jim's (a ridiculously great store in Fairfield, Ohio) and back with a friend. And to waste lots of money (I got some useful things, like lunch meats and shit. But I also got all of this and only the tea sounds like a reasonable purchase to me).
On the bright side the car handled it like a champ the whole way.
BTW, it is absolutely worth a trip to see. Pictures can't really absorb the sheer enormity of it.

I thought I was one of the few left that had stacks of CDs lying around on those CD-organizer things. Either its more common than I thought, or you like to hoard em'.

No power for two goddamn days thanks to a downed tree wiping out a pole near my house. Had plenty of time to sit around and be grumpy, but I got all the yet-to-be-stacked wood moved to the shed like I intended, so I guess that's a positive.

Melon ramune looks pretty good.
I have two or three stacks of taiyo yuden CD-R's sitting around, too. Mostly for playstation piracy and music in the car. I don't like leaving an mp3 player or similar in it.
I'm eager to try the melon kind. Think I'll save it for near the end.
The only nice part about living within driving distance of LA is that I can pick up Comptiq and monthly H garbage without driving that far. Little Tokyo has Ramune and all of the Japanese food too. I'd probably order it on Amazon before I drove 300 miles for it though. I hope the lunch meat and shit made it worthwhile.

Ohio seems like an odd place to put a massive international market, but I guess it has to go somewhere.

I still have them as well, along with cassettes and floppies. I don't think it's super uncommon yet, I didn't even start burning ISOs to flash drives until last year.

>I don't like leaving an mp3 player or similar in it.
You put a CD player in the Volvo? Heresy, the original tape player would have been superior.

What's that shit wrapped in legos? Looks like a four-port switch?
The cassette player was broken in the form of a shattered plastic cassette "guide rail."
The lunch meat is absolutely great. The best salami I ever had.
Open file (30.64 KB 500x500 hub1.jpg)
Open file (2.99 MB 4608x3456 usb hub.jpg)
It is a four port USB hub.
I had a laptop swivel hub thingy that broke, so I turned it into a desktop hub since my only desktop hub at the time was still USB 1.1.
Added a type B female USB connector to the back of it.
Pretty slick looking.
Out of curiosity, what are you using the snap ring pliers for?
watch this video lance
notice the distinct lack of charizard
I'm fuckin' salty that a goddamn trash bag got chosen over every single water starter. Blastoise, Empoleon, Greninja, and Feraligatr are all infinitely superior to fucking Shrubbish.
>Out of curiosity, what are you using the snap ring pliers for?
I bought them for reupholstering my car seats (well, actually, replacing the foam). The cloth was held on by hog rings and the pliers were great for taking them out. I used zip ties when I put them back together.
I used Piplup, but otherwise fire types are best despite being the worst matchups.
Also Empoleon and Prinplup are kind of ugly.
Thanks, now I'm really depressed.
My normal party members that are removed:
>Beedrill (sometimes)
Huh, they kept Mew but not Mewtwo.
>Sometimes Feraligatr
>Sometimes Ledian
>Azumarill (legitimately a god pokémon)
>All the gen II legendaries
>Sceptile (gen III I like the grass starter)
>Mudkipz (I also liek them, you may have herd)
>BRELOOM (I don't care that it's trash; it's awesome)
>Delcatty (sometimes)
>Altaria (sometimes)
>Tropius (best HM slave ever)
>Absol (rarely)
fuck bidoof
I honestly don't remember most of them after gen 4. Sorry.
Oh, they kept the garbage bag?
Impressively bad taste
Thanks. I really enjoyed making it.
>reupholstering my car seats
Pretty neat.

Just wait until the next game. If the Switch version follows the last two decades of Pokemon game development, the sequel will just be a more polished version of this one, in a new location. I doubt they'll want to deal with all these complaints about the Pokedex a second time.
I always liked the Gen 2 Pokemon a lot, probably because Gold/Silver was what I played in my early-to-mid teen years. You know, those golden years before life up and fucking annihilates your ass with responsibility and expectations.
Makes me miss those days. Not much to worry about beyond convincing my parents to let a friend come over for a day or two of gaming and goddamn Yu-Gi-Oh shenanigans. And keeping myself supplied with snacks, ofc.

Played through Evenicle again recently. For a JRPG, it's not half bad. Plot is a little samey at points, but the characters manage to be interesting and often outright adorable. Makes me want to replay Kamidori, too, so I might end up using my pitiful internet to grab that again sometime.
Open file (1006.00 B 221x37 ClipboardImage.png)
Holy shit they actually updated the source code. It's a goddamn miracle.
Open file (19.35 KB 669x423 aaaaarrrrrghh.png)
They finally dropped source code in the last couple days, I guess.
Just two months late is all.
Heh, yeah

Well to be fair I haven't bought a game in the series for nearly a decade now. I just weep from afar as I watch it go downhill.
Had to add another manual patch to 'fixnames.sh' again to make the image pack build.
ln -s bianca_octomush_bentOver.PNG bianca_octomush_bentOver.png
For those that may be interested in building the game: build environment for linux/unix is at https://gitlab.com/dragontamer8740/tits-build-env as always.
…This game has so much sloppy programming. It still boggles my mind.
Also building the imagepack this time took 5.3GiB of RAM.
Open file (20.20 KB 743x535 aaaaarrrrrghhh.png)
Building the image pack SWF took 15 minutes and 17 seconds
0.8.029 public builds from source code uploaded.
>Also building the imagepack this time took 5.3GiB of RAM.
Open file (19.66 KB 324x315 01.jpg)
Does this increase as images are added? Are they going to have to ditch the imagepack altogether when no one has enough RAM to build it?
Open file (22.31 KB 960x672 '_3x.png)
>Does this increase as images are added? Are they going to have to ditch the imagepack altogether when no one has enough RAM to build it?
Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the cause. A while back I could build it with 3-4 GiB. I keep having to bump up the maximum stack size for my Java VM. Either the Java VM is going to hit its maximum or everyone's PCs will.
I have 16GiB btw, and my motherboard's maxed out.
My laptop has 8.
That's a cute cat.
I think I meant heap size, not stack size.
>Does this increase as images are added?
Yes, as images have to be loaded into RAM before being processed further (i.e being placed into the cache, then being called by the Java compiler).
> Are they going to have to ditch the imagepack altogether when no one has enough RAM to build it?
Not very likely as with their large cash resreves it should be trival to afford additional RAM and other such upgrades as required.
I have 32GB of DDR III in my current desktop (the DDIM's from a planned project that is very likely getting even more infesable as time passes). It has come in handy a couple of times.
>my motherboard's maxed out.
All DDIMM slots are full or supported capacity?
My latop is also currently 8GB and single channel to boot.
2^64 (currently consumer OS's are 64bit max, while enterpise the currently maxes out at 128bit I belive) is 1.84467440737e+19 bits. Most consumer motherbaord top out at 64GB, a few might be 128GB. Again enterprise can support much higher numbers (1.5TB+, most likely as apart of a rack).
>That's a cute cat.
It would be even more so if it was physically abused via over feeding.
>I think I meant heap size, not stack size.
Sounds about right.
Open file (60.63 KB 500x500 01.jpg)
It's going to be a repeat of the iOS fiasco in time. They'll drop it because 'no one uses it' and claim that the decision somehow gives them more time to work on other things. Stagnant minds in the blog comments will applaud the move as brave and stunning, but Fen won't be able to read them until he returns from the doctor.

It's kind of interesting how some cats become fat and others don't. Aside from actual cat food, I feed mine most of my meal prep scraps, which is like a pound of chicken fat, and she's always been at a healthy weight. This kitten doesn't even look like it's been alive long enough to get that fat. It's like it lives in the food bag or something.
It's possible, but hard, to find actually uncute kittens in my perception.
Yes, MOBO is maxed. Laptop is maxed as well.
MOBO has just got the two slots because I was in a micro ATX case at the time and I found a board that otherwise had everything I needed (PS/2 port, serial/parallel port headers, parallel PCI slots).
I've never tapped into all the RAM I have so far, so it hasn't felt worth it to upgrade anything. If I do upgrade something I'll get another 750 Ti card with some more video RAM. I don't really demand a ton out of my PC usually, or if I do I am patient enough to wait on it (I have no SSD's and don't plan to change that).
It's an asrock H77M.

If I get a whole new computer it'll be a Raptor Talos or something fancy and non-mainstream like that.
Open file (3.94 MB 3008x4016 db3_aa.jpg)
Also, tested my amiga monitor out in 480p today. Looking good. Need some parts to make it sync to game consoles though.
>I'll get another 750 Ti card
Will it be a replacement or are you going to try and raid them?
>I have no SSD's and don't plan to change that
I am interested why? Both my desktop and laptop have one as a boot/OS drive and they help keep both systems responsive even when the laptop ( >>200) is a ~2013 AMD A4 dual core APU and while my desktop is current running (CPU: AMD FX 6300, GPU: Sahpire AMD 290).
>Raptor Talos or something fancy and non-mainstream like that.
Sounds nice, however unforunately software support is probably going to be a right pain given how prevlant x86 is.
My only really strenous use case would be using PCXS2 (hopefully compiling a custom kernel from 5.3+, switching over to my other case or just taking the enitre left pannel will hopefully help performance slightly).
So Illusion has a new game out (as of a couple of weeks ago). Supposedly it's more of a game than a poser this time, with crafting, building, and survival. Might be something.
Open file (64.44 KB 960x669 VTdH3kf_2.jpg)
Raid on two GPU's
Uh, what?
Probably though I'm just going to replace if I do that.
>however unforunately software support is probably going to be a right pain given how prevlant x86 is.
I'm a linux user so software will be a non-issue.
So, uh, Minecraft?
Open file (156.98 KB 819x1181 History1_010.jpg)
Open file (118.52 KB 750x717 HK3UZdG.jpg)
Open file (70.36 KB 750x572 HnEoV8y.jpg)
Open file (17.41 KB 720x611 hpSbUzD.jpg)
Open file (100.35 KB 627x782 hYE1Tg6.jpg)
Have images.
Open file (177.10 KB 851x1191 holy hand grenade.jpg)
Open file (36.46 KB 600x644 hyzd71o.jpg)
Open file (182.33 KB 828x998 i1djsGH.jpg)
Open file (126.76 KB 823x960 IvZqq8B.jpg)
Open file (88.00 KB 800x800 IW6Wjg1.jpg)
Have more images
Open file (36.71 KB 640x576 IWpE9is.jpg)
Open file (164.74 KB 750x747 JFFU5cn.jpg)
Open file (456.07 KB 500x300 JfPYPAx.gif)
Open file (92.19 KB 480x640 jobs.jpg)
Open file (85.01 KB 380x750 know your weapons.jpg)
Moar carefully curated images
Open file (25.77 KB 750x489 KSlCAzb.jpg)
Open file (509.03 KB 800x727 lance-2.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 664x1600 LSo5hXl.png)
Bonus pics.
I still haven't played any of the Megami Tensei games
Open file (377.20 KB 1012x1012 Me7014J.png)
Open file (151.02 KB 750x516 mscer3E.jpg)
Open file (62.33 KB 850x960 nMiIwgh.jpg)
Open file (54.25 KB 712x558 no study.jpg)
Open file (216.91 KB 1007x1969 NxmhFTX.jpg)
For #4: I'm the guy who doesn't study ever

BTW this is to atone for my weeks of near silence
I probably posted some of these before so for that I apologise.
Hopefully not all of them are old.
>So, uh, Minecraft?
That was my first thought. I hear that the gameplay is really tedious though, I might give a shot sometime if there's kitsunes.

>competitive vaping
Vaping was honestly one of the best things to ever happen to this country. It's a product solely aimed at worthless degenerates, and now that they're all hooked they're starting to come down with mysterious lung diseases and die.

It was a product that was virtually nonexistent just a short time ago, has had no long term safety trials, and was rushed onto the market where idiots ignored all of that and bought it anyway. If there was even a shred of evidence that this was all some CIA op to remove a segment of society, I would believe it wholeheartedly.
Allow me to shill this useful shit I found a few minutes ago.


It's a browser extension that solves reCAPTCHAs for you. It uses the audio version of the captcha, and some speech-to-text system. It's worked every time for me, and is pretty fast (especially compared to solving the 'click Verify once all the disappearing boxes are done' captcha). You just add it to your browser and then click the icon when the captcha appears.
Longtime lurker. Haven't played this for two-three years, because I gave up on the rampant futa and "I'm sick so I didn't code" posts. What happened to this game now? I do remember the Fen's forums exploding over some cop character and a character got removed because some shit about the PC being dominant on sex scenes or some shit?
>What happened to this game now?
Absolutely nothing. It's gays, futas, trannies, and piss poor art all the way down. Fen is conveniently sick whenever there's a furry convention anywhere near him. A few months ago he came down with the medically improbable ear infection that traveled from one ear to the other but didn't cause meningitis in the process.

Recently Gedan stopped updating the public git repository (which seems to be his only job these days, after doing nothing for years), and nothing has been right in lance's world ever since.

The last time I looked at the blog, it was still filled with those godawful rodents in skin-tight suits, and Fen talking about the myriad ways the player can now suck dicks.
I don't know why I expected anything else from this game. I can't even enjoy a game without some gays/futas/trannies/furries all of the above thrown to my face.
Also, being a space game, but the 'aliens' are furries.
I feel bad that I considered to write a few enemies for the game, actual aliens- but I'm glad that I didn't post the thing.
I'm just having some heavy regrets.

rip lance and misha, and fuck savin
Forgot to add that I had no idea how I enjoy CoC in past. Looking back at it, it's mediocre at best.

It's nice that Alder and FoE is back. I can see potential, unless Alder becomes another Fen, but it's too early to tell.
Also, Lilith's Throne is basically dead. Western H games are done for the time being.
>Also, Lilith's Throne is basically dead. Western H games are done for the time being.
Sort of expected that, this is a result of developers milking games for patreon bucks, they get bored of them.
The sjwhub got updated to the second to last public patch 0.8.29 which was released nearly a day before 0.8.30 (I will not be surprised if it takes another two months for it to be updated and for some content to be missing from this push).
>but I'm glad that I didn't post the thing.
I'm just having some heavy regrets.
This is almost certainly a quick way to off myself, however post it here and hopefully attempting to understand the battle "code" does not kill me any time soon. Soon I should have more than enough time to focus on BOOBS with a clearer head.
>I'm just having some heavy regrets.
I know that feeling all too well (not really related to video games, but several moments of PBKAC).
Lance is still among the living, Misha is MIA and I would hate for you to get, supreme extreme to the max aids.
Also another part would probably be that they burn out and are likely to have lower passion for their own project (given how bussy a western life can be, that probably does not help).
I have been texting with misha for a while. And playing runescape with him.
But yeah he doesn't visit this thread anymore
I suppose that's my fault.
It wasn't just you.
(But I think that was part of it)
Don't need to feel too bad about it.
Hi there.
>this is a result of developers milking games for patreon bucks, they get bored of them.
The passion project is dead and as always money has killed it.
That is cool. Will borrow.
Open file (91.97 KB 1366x768 dropTheNukes.png)
It's your good "friend" again, Lance.
Found some varying quality humor pics.
Artist: BaalBuddy
IDK that I have ever directly interacted with the individual in question.
They're a bit of a nutcase though if memory serves. The screenshots of their rants are legend.
Whew, it really doesn't want to upload that one pic.
Edited and tried again
Final post for now if it works
Open file (1.36 MB 1580x2537 18456_checklist.jpg)
While digging through my filesystem I found this classic. Pretty sure I posted it on 8/f/ years ago but I still laughed again.
didn't mean to spoiler, but whatever.
Open file (4.96 MB 1580x2537 18456_checklist.png)
and the checked-off version I made years ago which still looks accurate at a glance
actually there are a couple things I used to be ok with I'm apparently not anymore
But whatever. They aren't active turn-offs. just not preferred now.
I also missed 'shotacon' apparently. It's still a turnoff
Open file (45.36 KB 795x364 01.png)
Open file (25.15 KB 786x180 02.png)
She doesn't brush her teeth and is obsessed with telling people about her periods. Lives with her parents, doesn't work. She's also the type that spends every waking moment in those 'fandom' circles, and becomes physically uncomfortable whenever things in them don't go her way. An absolutely insufferable waste of a life.
The wallowing in self pity screams attention begging.
I know I kind of like attention, too, but I hope I'm not that shitty about it/that irredeemable
>I hope I'm not that shitty about it/that irredeemable
You're perfectly fine. Everyone has aspects about themselves that other people tolerate rather than enjoy, but it's the positive aspects that make it worthwhile. Like many a social media user, Emerald lived to be upset, and I enjoyed upsetting her; it was a team effort.

On another topic, would you guys be interested in doing a sort of /f/ Secret Santa? I imagine there's some sort of global service out there that will handle the logistics and keep everything private. It could be something super cheap, a favorite book or album, not Playstations.
For what very little value a unsigned anon from the void is worth, I agree with >>246 and would add that unlike them you are worth paying attention too (just to name a few, providing moments of levity/interest and assistance without fall over yourself to unnecessarily coat responses in cotton wool or making it only about one's self at every single opportunity).
>On another topic, would you guys be interested in doing a sort of /f/ Secret Santa?
Sure why not, dedicated burner emails e.g. (cock.il or suc) could also be an additional option if a user wishes to use digital media. Would the minimum value be in the participants local currency or USD/Euro/Pound/etc?
>Would the minimum value be in the participants local currency or USD/Euro/Pound/etc?
I've been doing a Secret Santa locally for awhile, and minimum values just fuck everything up. We used to have a $20 minimum value, and people would look up the cost of their gift online after they received it, and then complain about being cheated if their gift was only like $15. /f/ isn't a bunch of a retirees though, so if we do it, I think it would be important that everyone can participate without being burdened financially by yet another Christmas gift to buy.

It should really be more about the thought than the value. I got a bookmark from China once. Probably cost less than a dollar, but I still use it every day.
>/f/ isn't a bunch of a retirees though
Speak for yourself.Kidding
>It should really be more about the thought than the value.
That sounds as if it is the true meaning of Christmas.
You know, I don't see any sort of service that would allow for an anonymous gift exchange. I'll do some more research tomorrow, but it might not be doable after all.

On the other hand, there's a business opportunity waiting to be exploited here. All you'd need is an email address, a basic website, and a PO box (only if you care about privacy). A group of customers would all submit usernames and addresses, viewable only by you. Everyone would get their matches by username, send all of the gifts to your PO box, and then you would re-box each gift and send it to the real address. Charge a 20% markup on shipping as profit, with optional services like gift wrapping. If the demand is sufficient, the entire overhead here is only about $25 a month.

>That sounds as if it is the true meaning of Christmas.
A few months ago there was a story about some Indian kid that drove his new BMW (a gift from his parents) into the sea because he wanted a Jaguar instead. I mean, BMW hasn't made a reliable V8 in over a hundred years, but that's beside the point.
>not sure what it is
>bug chasing
>astral sex
Come on Lance, even normalfags no what half this shit is
Also I like how you put active turn-off for lolicon, but left shotacon up there

Still I think that chart isn't exactly up to snuff. Futa/dick girls should be put up to weird due to transgender becomming its own category on pornhub (let alone all those PC fags sucking their girl friends dicks), cockvore and penis birth belong in the irredeemable category and Insect sex, parasites and infestations belong in the Degenerate section. Also how is mother-son incest not in the degenerate section? Actually a lot of the degenerate shit and the Creep stuff are mixed up, I mean how is harpy egg-laying not hot? And if anything the incredibles has taught me that elasticity is a normalfag fetish.
Just to take it several smaller steps further, I would suggest adding a optional groupID field so to make dealing with more than a single group more feasible and removing removing rows after two months since submission. Also it might be tricky but track and trace could probably be enabled at least for the second hop easily. Just to be clear, addresses would mean both physical and an email address right to notify matches?
> I'll do some more research tomorrow, but it might not be doable after all.
Nearlly all of the results of some quick research I've done for "anonymous gift exchange" on startpage seem to be either [O] focused on a physical meeting or [1] require at least one member to sign up as the admin.
Oh fug I missed that post by Lance on Shotacon
Open file (1.75 MB 1580x2537 01.jpg)
If we're doing these now. There's no kitsunes to choose from, absolute garbage.
Open file (3.21 MB 1580x2537 wew.jpg)
Fucking Christ that took forever.
I made a number of assumptions throughout checking stuff off, mostly by taking names literally. Even then there's a bunch of shit I can't identify.
Going to try my best to explain these
an area of the neck
>sweater puppies
Large breasts in a sweater top
>garter belt
literally a garter belt
>twin tails
A hair style
Its tentacle rape, except with consent
Its like spanking, except with a cane
>subdermal implants
Basically implants that go under your skin
fuck if I know
>Alaskan snow dragon
pretty funny tbh
mirrors, you can find a bunch of this stuff on pornhub. Should actually be a normalfag fetish
>cum SHarking
Think of cum, now think of a shark
Its basically attraction to people being made into objects (not literally, most of the time) Basically its bondaging up girls into being chairs or furniture
>trasndermal implants
Implants that are on the outside of your skin
>>hierophilia granulation tissue
I think it might be blushing, not sure
>dick puships
Its when you do pushups with your dick
not sure
its Cock and Ball Torture, pretty shit fetish tbh and its quite popular with the NTR crowd
>cleveland Steamer
Not 100% sure, but I think its scat related, something about laying a steaming pile of shit in someones mouth and chest
>vacuum beds
its a vacuum bed, its when you put someone in a plastic bag and vacuum all the air out.
>paraphilic infantism
Its related to baby play and its shit
Not sure, sounds terrifiying
Its hair fetish, like when you sometimes masturbate and cum in a girls twin tails
possibly eye sex, not sure
Not sure, might be bimbo lip fetish
Its music
Some kind of penis condition, I think it might actually be multiple headed penises
>Reproductive endosymbiosis
Something humans cant do by themselves, might actually be referring to Venom
people who really like clouds

Not going to go further, I can get a feeling for what they are but mostly not sure. And for fucks sake, Malignant astral infestation is pretty self explanatory, its like a Tulpa, except you didn't make it and someone else gave it to you
Evangination is getting turned on when you're worshiped or holy and Mechanophilia is attraction to robots and machines, should be almost a normalfag fetish considering how some people get attached to their cars.

Elusive Cock Goblins are pretty damn elusive so its not uncommon for people not to know what they are, but Hypercube stuff is pretty interesting. I recommend everyone gives it a shot
also missed a few at the top, DP is short for double penetration and PIV is short for Penis in Vagina
Pinky touching is when people touch pinkies
I can identify with most of your choices there
Now I feel like I need to make an updated version.
BTW: re: convo on IRC: I'll see what I can do. Will try to contact tomorrow.
I probably didn't even know what shota was when I made that
I was really retarded.
But it's a definite no now.
Open file (4.59 MB 1580x2537 chart1.png)
Chart upgraded to 2019
Hopefully I didn't botch it too badly this time around
I didn't look up as much this time though.
I agree, they put in catgirls but not kitsune.
Open file (30.92 KB 652x288 lol.png)
you sound like daedal
Thanks btw
Fixed chart transparency
Open file (4.79 MB 1580x2537 chart1 transparency.png)
you sound like daedal
Thanks btw
Fixed chart transparency.
MongoloidDB messed up again though.
Open file (1.79 MB 1580x2537 chart1 transparency.jpg)
yay, reupload time
Ok time to give this a shot
Basically attraction to under 18 girls who are still teenagers. Kind of fits in with Jailbait 15-19
Delicious Flat Chest
>Christmas cakes
This can be taken very literally if you try hard enough
>Nursing Handjobs
Weak wrested faggot attempts at a hand job
>bubble wrap
I don't understand this fetish either, but I believe its similar to latex
>wax play
BDSM stuff with hot wax
same shit with dendrophilia
Same with Ephebophilia, except instead of 15 to 19, its 11 - 14.
>amychophilia odaxelagnia
>medieval porn
can be good, can be bad, depends on the setting (protip, rescuing princesses is boring irl, raiding villages and raping villagers is much better)
are fucking mirrors
No idea tbh, I think its relating to touch... or thumbs
>tongue splitting
Belongs in degenerate unless you have a taste for lamias
Patrician taste for a pyromaniac (alternatively they really liked game of thrones)
>Cum sharking, Forniphilia and vacuum beds were mentioned before
Its a urine fetish thing, except with old people
Its either a weapon or a mech
attraction to plushies (I mean lets be honest, who else hasn't wanted to fuck their mlp plushie?)
what leads people to getting sex changes
Shit gets harder to read the further you go down so I'm not going to bother, not to mention I don't know exactly what hey are

Also I'm not Daedal, although I do like his skyrim stuff even If I prefer more modest breasts
Just realized I mixed Dendrophilia with trichophilia.
Dendrophilia is actually plants/trees (think Archimonde)
I can't believe I mixed those up, I mean dendrophilia is a pretty damn common fetish as well
>Christmas cakes
>This can be taken very literally if you try hard enough
In Japan people buy cakes for Christmas. If it's past New Year's then the cakes go on sale. Not unlike Halloween candy after Halloween. However unlike candy the cakes are fresh products that have a narrow window where they're good. Not unlike women. Christmas Cake is a term for a woman who is "past her 'sell by' date" which is probably around 25 or 30.
It's kinda used aside MILF however this chart refers to both. I imagine because Christmas Cake technically refers women that are younger than what people usually consider to be MILFs (35 to 45).

>Nursing Handjobs
>Weak wrested faggot attempts at a hand job
Generally it's when a MILF jerks a shota off while he's cradled in her lap sucking on her tits. Though it can also work with grown men and giantesses.

>Its a urine fetish thing, except with old people
There's no piss in lemon party. It's an ancient shock image of three old guys naked and kissing/ blowing each other. Check out lemonparty.org for more details.
>It's kinda used aside MILF however this chart refers to both. I imagine because Christmas Cake technically refers women that are younger than what people usually consider to be MILFs (35 to 45).
The more you know I suppose, although isn't there another word for women who are past their prime? I mean in the English language, seems kind of redundant to use a japanese idiom. maybe old maid or something?

>Generally it's when a MILF jerks a shota off while he's cradled in her lap sucking on her tits. Though it can also work with grown men and giantesses.
Didn't know that and now I find it even more disgusting. I thought it was just a gentle handjob, but yeah apparently its getting a handjob while sucking their tits.

>There's no piss in lemon party. It's an ancient shock image of three old guys naked and kissing/ blowing each other. Check out lemonparty.org for more details.
You appear to be correct, although what do you call it when a bunch of old folks get together and drink each others piss?
I know its a thing I just can't remember what its called.
Some of my lolwut was because I was suriprised things were fetishes for people. Like hair.
Other things were things I didn't know and didn't care to look up
>a woman who is "past her 'sell by' date" which is probably around 25 or 30.
Of all the people, I'm surprised the Japanese need to have a term for that; Asian women seem to last the longest. In the West, they turn 25 and their skin gives up the ghost overnight. Meanwhile Asians look 20 up to the day they hit menopause.

>Like hair.
A character's hairstyle is one of the most important characteristics for me. I wouldn't call it a fetish, but it makes or breaks the character. The Japanese seem to have this bizarre fetish with like armpit hair and ass hair though. Horrible.
It's used redundantly because of weebs, but also because Christmas cake has a cuter connotation than old maid; or at least I think so. Just like Ara Ara also gets used for MILF. However I generally don't see Christmas Cake get used as often as those two. The only time I've seen in practice is to describe Kawakami from Persona 5.

I don't know what an old people piss party is called.

I had to double check myself and after a quick search found I learned it from fucking tv tropes. Here's their definition regardless.
>And no matter how attractive a woman is, it's said, no Japanese male will want to marry her after she's 25.
>Thus, "Christmas Cake" is used as a metaphor term for a woman rendered unmarriageable because she is past the freshness of her youth; roughly equivalent to "Old Maid."
Funny that the other anon equated it to old maid as well. I was thinking of ways of writing out the the exact sentiment of what it means to be a cake and how it's not necessarily related to collagen decay. I couldn't find one that's as simple as saying it's exactly like old maid. Both types of women are seen has having wasted the prime of their youth not building a family and are potentially to frigid or toxic to have a relationship with.
I used to have a nip friend I met on /b/. Wish he was still around to ask him these things.
Got another laptop. It's got a couple issues unfortunately (I likely have to find a new LCD for it to get rid of that blue line, and the battery is obviously dead) but it's still fun and has a Yamaha OPL3 synth chip inside.
For $10 I'm not too disappointed honestly. I have the floppy drive bay and this backpack CD drive for it.
Someone's asking $100 for the only LCD that's currently on ebay unfortunately. And all the results on aliexpress for the LCD panel number (LTM09C031A) show widescreen panels which this obviously is not.
I have a JP friend or two on IRC.
Also the manga I scanlated had a running joke about the "old maid" type. What you describe seems accurate but at the same time the author portrays her as waiting for a literal prince on a white horse to come to her.
Open file (3.33 MB 4032x3024 holy laptop batman.jpg)
Forgot pic
Open file (9.67 KB 608x456 610ct_dock_pa2703u.jpg)
It currently has windows 98 (not SE) installed, btw.
Once I have a DE9 null modem cable I'll have a more convenient way to copy files than the CD drive. Could also use a breakout for my PCMCIA ethernet card so i can use that.
I'd also like the dock, but I'll probably never find one of those.
Open file (230.82 KB 1595x1800 01.png)
Hey lance, I found something kind of interesting. Awhile back we were discussing the woes of music streaming services and the demise of what.cd. It turns out that Tidal streams lossless FLACs, and tidal-dl can automate the downloads (DRM-free FLAC, with tags). I'm trying it on the trial right now, and it's working surprisingly well.

This is looking like a decent replacement for what.cd. If you don't need this as an ongoing service, I suppose you could also grab everything you need during the trial period and then cancel, so you don't have to pay anything.

TFW you spend two days trying to troubleshoot a CLASSPNP.sys boot error and the error ends up fixing itself after half a dozen various attempts to fix it. And I'm still not sure how it even happened in the first place, yet.
It's getting cold lads. Don't forget to replace your windshield wipers and put in your winter oil.
Open file (329.65 KB 681x1725 topTierCoder.png)
>literally nothing
Why am I not surprised?
i'd rather never give my card info, but thanks for the suggestion.
I don't go music hunting often enough that I can really justify it atm but i'll remember.
Apparently that happens when people try to run Fallout 3 in win7.
Already done.
Winter tires, too, for the RWD wagon.
That's what happens when people can't be bothered to learn their own software stacks.
Fen actually said he didn't know how to push to the public github.
>Fallout 3 is older today than Fallout 2 was when Fallout 3 was released.
Jesus Christ.
>literally nothing
AH HAHAHA what the fuck
Open file (6.07 KB 405x70 ClipboardImage.png)
they forgot one of the first things they designed for this mission because of all the nothing they were doing? Seriously?
The fuck is *with* this team.
Illness? Furry convention? Mental breakdown because a dog that was afraid of men didn't like his wife? Surely there was something more important going on that day.
I've been considering playing Fallout 2 actually.
Bet it works alright in Wine.
That looks like an old DEC keyboard with mechanical switches.
It works perfectly in Wine. You'll want to download one of the big mods for it though. There's the Restoration Project, Megamod, and a few others. I used to use the Restoration Project mainly. It fixes a ton of leftover bugs and adds content that was removed, but left in the game files.
Nice, thanks for the tips. I'll try the restoration mod.
It's a good mod. They added a companion named Kitsune, she's a bit of a pain in the ass to get to though.

It's a really fun game once you get the hang of things. You start out all serious with roleplaying and power armor, but twenty years later you can still play a guy that reverse-pickpockets grenades into his enemies' inventories and punches things to death with the bloody mess perk.

One thing the game never really explains, but is useful to know, is that the difficulty/reward increases the further you go towards the southwest corner of the map. The game has a real cozy progression that's basically a horizontal zigzag on the map. Not really a big fan of the southwest, it feels almost like a completely different game. Anyway, have fun.
>not Daedal, although I do like his skyrim stuff even If I prefer more modest breasts
I usually lurk but our boy made it:
One of his mods is in there somewhere, you'll know when it says daedal on your screen. I wonder where he is now.
Nice, complete with NopeVPN ad.
Open file (916.78 KB 3024x4032 01.jpg)
Open file (14.18 MB 3409x2323 02.png)
Good morning folks. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.

It's snowing today. Here I am walking to work at 0700 in it. And the holiday turkey.
The annual usenet black friday is happening. $3/m for providers, most indexers have open registration. OVH is also having a sale on servers if you need a seedbox.
thanks for the tips.
Will think about that.
Also, re:servers, I have a desktop that runs as one 24/7 so i'm not too fussed there.
Found a fantastic (and unconventional) combo today.
Spicy salami (mine's from Aldi) sandwiched in japanese-style rice crackers.
My (non-japanese, but east asian) room-mate likes it, too. Also was surprised at the pairing.
Open file (42.61 KB 724x333 yay.png)
I wish my teachers were as forgiving about late assignments as fen's patreon
In other news a public build dropped yesterday too, and look what didn't drop alongside it! Again!
>A recent, directly quoted fen tweet:
>Tinder is ruined by all the people looking for real relationships
Thanks, I was starting to go insane.
>Tinder is ruined by all the people looking for real relationships
>Tinder is ruined by all the people looking for real relationships
A backwards interpretation. Hookup culture and the so-called 'sexual liberation' ruined real relationships. Young women bounce around between casual sex partners while racking up a mountain of debt at college. By the time they hit the wall in their late twenties, they're overweight single moms covered in template-tattoos, living with their parents. Years of alcohol abuse prematurely ages their skin at a young age, while psych meds have left only neurological cripples in their wake.

The end result is a washed up shell of a person loaded down with baggage and an abject lack of personal responsibility and discipline, who will state with no hesitation, that their hobbies include 'texting' and 'watching The Office." When they finally realize that their partying days are behind them, they somehow convince themselves that they are still a prize to be won by the 'right' man to settle down with.

It's kind of bizarre really. If someone offered you a keyboard that they ejaculated all over, even after cleaning, you'd decline. A pillow? Nope. Mattress, don't think so. You want to get intimate with this girl that has taken hundreds of loads from different men over the last decade? "Oh sure, I'll take her out to dinner and see where it goes from there." ~Cucks
>Hookup culture ruined 'real relationships'
Another thing I pretty much agree with you on.
I'm going to take a nap. That is all.
Still no source code. Not that it matters very much to me anymore.
So I got fed up with all of the Poetteringware and installed OpenBSD on the laptop. Aside from having to go to Wally World and pick up a bargain bin wifi adapter, everything went surprisingly smooth. I use it on servers a lot, but after my experience with Debian and Grsec, I always assumed a desktop setup would be nuts. Not the case at all - it's running quite well, security and all.

You might like it. I mean, when you reduce your software needs down to Emacs and a browser, nearly anything will suffice. But this requires a hell of lot less maintenance than Gentoo or Arch, and is much preferable to Debian.
I already alternate between FreeBSD and Debian + SysV init pretty regularly. My desktop setup is nearly identical on both. I have some audio problems but that's it on FreeBSD.
>you'll know when it says daedal on your screen
yeah i was pretty happy about that
besides thanksgiving and whatever i hope you guys are having nice lives, i forget to check on you since its different nowadays.
merry christmas if i don't come back, and heres something i've been up to:
and like always im active on carnal souls forum l o l ily
I'd been wondering if you were still alive. Glad to see you.

Anyone ever successfully done a glossy-to-matte conversion on a curved CRT screen?
It doesn't REALLY bother me, but I'm curious about converting one of mine.
The difference between FreeBSD and OpenBSD is night and day. Personally, I can't stand FreeBSD. Developers spend most of their time bickering, the system is a mess, documentation outside of the handbook is spotty, and it lacks the cohesiveness and security of OpenBSD. I don't see a reason to use it for anything. Interestingly, despite OpenBSD having poorer hardware support for things like wireless and video cards, the base system support is fantastic; suspend/resume, brightness/volume keys, battery life, etc is all fantastic out of the box. I suspect that more OpenBSD devs use it on their own laptops (whereas FreeBSD devs often use Macs), and thus more effort is spent in that direction.

Life is fantastic, good to see you again.
Behold: a well-executed callback/cameo.

Compare to the extended callback thing that fen & co just put in TiTS about a month ago.

BTW this game is pretty hackable in a javascript console as well. Not quite to the extent I want mine to be, but still quite easily exploitable for most things.
For example:

I might have to give OpenBSD a shot then… I've been told (on 4/g/ no less) that OpenBSD has some very comfy defaults (kornshell [albeit pdksh], FVWM as the normal window manager). Will have to either build or get ksh93 for it, but I've built it from source before so I should be able to handle that despite its rather unusual build system.
Seems like it'd fit well with my existing work style. The one thing I might be missing is hardware acceleration for graphics.
It's a no-go for my desktop, though, since that uses an nvidia card and my CPU is an i5-3350p which does not support integrated graphics and I have a GTX 750 ti card.
I do have an old radeon I pulled out of a 2008 or 2009 Mac Pro which I might be able to use, assuming my PSU is beefy enough for it. I'd have to check.
I am increasingly of the opinion that FreeBSD is a pile of almost-but-not-quite-viable garbage.
Since it supports PowerPC apparently, I might try it on my Powerbook G4 as well. Been debating between that and NetBSD there.
Forgot to change my tripcode back after taking the screenshot. My mistake. >>358 is me.
Open file (150.74 KB 1280x800 fvwm3.png)
Also forgot the screenshot because I'm stupid
More cool shit you can do in FoE:

*Learn to alchemize some items that have no teachers as of yet but which still have recipes defined internally (my function requires that you have at least one of the item, but with some more work this would be unnecessary).
function learnRecipeForItem(itemName)
var i=0;
var retcode=null;
if(i>items.length) /* only possible if exited successfully */
return true;
return false;
/* caveat: since AddAlchemy() does not return anything, items without defined
recipes will fail silently. I can only check if an item was located to refer to. */
Clone all your items so you have 99 of everything you own in your inventory
My game structure as currently configured will be easier to figure out than this, since I'm not using shit like webpack and am keeping anonymous functions as limited as I can to aid in ease of hackability.
>Compare to the extended callback thing that fen & co just put in TiTS about a month ago.
I've not seen TiTS at all since 8ch went down and F95 disappeared from our threads.

Some of the font choices in that screenshot are questionable.

>I've been told (on 4/g/ no less) that OpenBSD has some very comfy defaults
It does. You have a choice of FVWM (stacking) or CWM (tiling) out of the box. I would go with the Suckless stack, however. DWM, etc; very nice and lean C programs for an already minimal OS.

You can install OpenBSD in about five minutes, and everything works out of the box. No X config issues, touchpad is configured via wsconsctl in the terminal instead of barbaric synaptics syntax. You just add yourself to staff, configure staff resource limits for performance, install a browser and text editor, and off you go.

>I am increasingly of the opinion that FreeBSD is a pile of almost-but-not-quite-viable garbage.
It is. FreeBSD used to be fantastic, and I ran it daily. However it suffers from the same issue that most linux distributions do; we are over-saturated with 'general purpose' operating systems, and they no longer serve any purpose. People who want user friendliness (and the type that plaster their laptop in dev stickers and install every IDE simultaneously after passing an introductory dev course) use Ubuntu and Mint. Arch and Gentoo satisfy most minimalist needs. There are distros built around not having SystemD. FreeBSD, much like OpenSUSE, has become some bloated 'do everything' monstrosity that won't satisfy anyone who actually knows what they want to do.

Have you looked into uMatrix as a replacement for uBlock Origin? It is essentially to uBlock what uBlock is to Adblock. Rather than have to query some giant fucking database of URLs (with numerous performance implications) it handles things based on origin and party.
Evidently there's this thing called AI Dungeon people are using to play lewd text adventures through some ML. Some of the screenshots make it look pretty interesting. I think you have to self host it, but it sounds worth looking into.
This is actually pretty neat. It's almost like a roguelike, but you can make any story you want.

Open file (1.62 MB 3289x2029 rtc.jpg)
>font choices are questionable
I like FVWM, and I like not having to recompile stuff constantly.
Will a wacom digitizer work out of box?
Heard of uMatrix. Never heard someone make an argument for why it's an improvement until now.
Not sure if there's a version that'll work in Seamonkey, though, since it still uses the old mozilla addon framework only.

First made a broken Pokémon game (no RTC on account of a physically damaged capacitor on the board) worse and then repaired it all. Story for another night since I'm exhausted now, but it finally works.
Among other things, I accidentally had my iron on maximum heat and lifted a battery contact pad, and I broke the power pin off the IC that actually handles the real time clock. Had to scrape down the package and solder to the encapsulated part of the pin (almost hit the bonding wire due to the small chip size).
Fixed it all in the end, but it looks really bad.
I'll explain some of the other questionable things/why i left that wire lead poking so far out some other time. Sleep now. This cart was broken since I got it so it's nice that it finally works.
to clarify this is a serial "penabled" tablet PC digitizer, not an externally connected USB thing.
wtf am i looking at anon?
Pokémon Emerald cartridge that had damaged parts, causing the real time clock to not function even with a new battery.
While diagnosing and fixing it I fucked up several times, first by having my soldering iron set to max. temperature, which caused me to accidentally lift a solder pad for the battery. Thus I had to improvise. Then I also accidentally snapped a pin off the RTC, meaning I had to cut a notch into the top of the chip to expose the pin's remnants to solder to.
Basically I can plant berries in Pokémon and they'll actually grow now.
>Will a wacom digitizer work out of box?
I'd be surprised, that sounds like needless bloat a minimalist OS wouldn't bother with. OpenBSD will also not support bluetooth.
>I like not having to recompile stuff constantly.
You only need to recompile it when you edit it. It's a window manager though, you get it setup the way you want and it's done. I'm surprised at how sane the defaults are though. I had to write the entire wm config from scratch in xmonad, and then the status bar as well. DWM manages to produce everything I need by default, and still runs leaner than xmonad. It's also C instead of Haskell as well.
I guess after a couple months, yeah, my fvwm config finally did settle down mostly.
C is good.

>needless bloat
I have a tablet convertible thinkpad from ~2010, it has one of the electromagnetic digitizers built in, and it's great for note taking and occasional doodling. I've made my own little toolbars for quick access to functions for it in FVWM.

I could never get them to work proprerly in FreeBSD either, though reportedly they do (through some linux/evdev thing I think) so I'm probably just dumb.
Oh yeah
it's great for doctoring pictures in gimp, too.
Open file (37.78 KB 400x399 pdwNCKW.jpg)
Open file (20.14 KB 720x714 PGlOn84.jpg)
Open file (3.38 MB 4100x2580 phantasy star iv 2.jpg)
Open file (35.03 KB 500x605 pq7Endy.jpg)
(it's what I use when I'm removing myself from irl photos I take)
(and that bingo sheet that should still be somewhere above)
Open file (163.90 KB 712x1396 programming 5.jpg)
Open file (1.27 MB 2544x2808 psx5501_mod.jpg)
Open file (176.12 KB 1140x1423 QdW9zSf.jpg)
Open file (131.38 KB 1258x1800 Qhzma9N.jpg)
Open file (39.63 KB 567x646 QNY479D.jpg)
and the nice annotations like #2 here
Open file (57.73 KB 527x412 r3N7vDs.jpg)
Open file (29.08 KB 494x404 R5n4Tzp.jpg)
Open file (55.67 KB 512x384 RBOzPcS.jpg)
Open file (27.45 KB 289x429 repair_or_replace.png)
Pic #2 is me right now and why I risked posting anything vaguely political
Open file (82.46 KB 503x764 RHLnOGX.jpg)
Open file (776.29 KB 1024x618 rimses.jpg)
Open file (689.88 KB 635x652 roles.png)
Open file (190.16 KB 1125x639 Rq6OLqe.jpg)
Open file (72.99 KB 640x552 rQH1Ye5.jpg)
And more shit you've probably seen me post before
Commie: one "big wheel" thing I don't actually hate the look of.
I still prefer my 14's though
Open file (3.51 MB 3556x2523 ruin.jpg)
Open file (67.53 KB 700x741 rUKKGq2.jpg)
Open file (141.56 KB 750x750 S6A1og0.jpg)
Open file (69.23 KB 960x656 s370.jpg)
Open file (220.50 KB 736x1052 sankarea-2.jpg)
Pic 4:
Me circa 1978 with light pen for drawing, seen on left

Pic 5: I know I showed some of you this, but I still remember it very fondly. Sankarea is the source. There's also an anime of a bit of it if you hate reading and getting the original experience.
Open file (164.92 KB 1250x1387 OHoZMph.jpg)
Open file (41.07 KB 529x554 oq4ldkz4ffu31.jpg)
Open file (31.65 KB 275x325 oStkLrX.jpg)
Open file (30.09 KB 500x436 otuyXxI.jpg)
#3 is a volvo joke.
Open file (184.32 KB 353x2048 owFjbpk.jpg)
Open file (229.43 KB 750x498 oY7UxoT.jpg)
Open file (55.99 KB 680x989 panzer of the lake.jpg)
Open file (155.39 KB 1200x1200 patterson.jpg)
Why am I flooding with these?
Been too quiet for too long, that's why.
#2: I must be playing DND with the wrong people, we rarely ever spin very far in that direction
#3: this actually makes hella sense if you know early front wheel drive volvos. That bottom one gets around 300bhp stock IIRC. Very uncommon.
Open file (81.64 KB 800x600 sdx-hibernation.jpg)
Open file (362.93 KB 1536x1017 tKREjx1.jpg)
Open file (381.95 KB 492x493 TLzKwca.png)
Open file (349.50 KB 1500x1210 tombstone-alignments.jpg)
two beauties in 1st pic
So far all I've done with DWM is add the time and CPU temperature to the status bar. Everything else is working very similarly to my Xmonad setup out of the box. OpenBSD also compiles various things with emacs keybindings by default for some reason. It's both nice and unusual.

When I said the tablet was needless bloat, I didn't mean for the end user. OpenBSD prioritizes security and minimalism, and has a single digit number of developers. A lot of hardware doesn't have drivers, and a lot of packages aren't available.

While arabs have killed each other for thousands of years, their position on Jews is something that emerged almost entirely in the last hundred years. Most of it beginning with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and Jewish occupation of Palestine in the 1930's (recall that the state of Israel did not exist prior to 1948, so the occupiers were Jewish, rather than Israeli. See also The Haavara Agreement). The multitude of conflicts with Israel following its creation only worsened things, and hatred of Israel became a rare source of unification that Arab leaders could exploit and use to draw attention away from domestic issues. Prior to the twentieth century however, it wasn't a big deal at all.

The color and trim on that Volvo is perfect.

There are good banks out there with no overdraft fees (or fees of any kind) and actual overdraft protection (pulls money out of savings to cover deficiencies in checking). No one should be stuck with a shitty bank.
You got any names of banks that don't suck, guns? Wells fargo can go choke on the biggest of dicks.
I have become something of a connoisseur of banks over the years; I have tried so many that I wouldn't be surprised if the IRS suspected me of money laundering. Most of them are absolute shit, but here's the better ones:

National Bank Of Kansas City, Missouri (NBKC) - I love this bank more than some of my family members. If you don't need a physical office near you, this bank is perfect. They have no fees of any kind, and you only need a $5 deposit to open the account ($10 if you add on a saving's account). They are by far the most painless bank I've ever had. Online account management involves a very clean interface. You can communicate with them via email and never have to call if you don't want to. They have a smartphone app that is identical to the website, but allows mobile check deposit (checks clear same day if you do it in the morning). They are part of a large ATM network; you can withdraw money all over the place, but you might only have a handful of ATMs that allow cash deposits near you (you can check this online before you open the account). You can order whatever you want online. You will occasionally trigger their fraud detection with overseas purchases, but they send you a text message asking if you intended to make the purchase. You just reply with 'yes' and the purchase goes through. Their offices are only located in Missouri. I signed up on my birthday a few years ago, and the lady I was filing paperwork with sent me an email wishing me a happy birthday. That was unexpected.

First Internet Bank - It's been about five years since I used them. I liked them well enough, but thought I could do better. Their website wasn't great at the time, but it has since been updated, and I have not seen it. I stumbled upon them one day while intentionally looking for a shitty bank. See, I hate having to call banks and sit on hold, only to have some foreigner try to resolve my issue with a heavy accent. So I asked myself "what kind of bank would answer all of my questions over email instead of making me call and verify my identity?" The answer was of course, "a shitty bank." Thus began my quest for a bank too shitty to hire phone support. As it turns out though, First Bank was quite good. The only reason I switched was because every single overseas purchase triggered a fraud alert, and I had to call some automated third party to fix it each time. I think they were in Indiana.

Ally Bank - Better than Chase, BofA, et al, but still kind of shitty. They have a lot of fees, especially overdraft. I had a real memorable conversation on the phone with them one day around 2010. I asked the phone agent a question that was evidently so unusual, he put me on hold and went to find someone else who could answer it. The question was "If I attempt to make a purchase with my debit card, and I don't have sufficient funds in my checking account, could you just decline the transaction instead of hitting me with all of these fees?" The answer was of course, "no." I left shortly after that.

Any Credit Union - The best of banks that will have physical offices in your area. They're usually fairly old fashioned; ugly websites, no smartphone app, just now starting to accept mobile deposits, etc. They don't usually have a lot of fees though, and serve a smaller customer base so the office/phone isn't too busy. Sometimes you have to work for, or be affiliated with, whatever company they are a credit union for to open an account. I have a couple accounts with defense industry credit unions. One of them has a stealth bomber on it, and a cashier in a McDonald's drive thru window once asked me how he could get one. So that made me feel special and I figure I'll keep it in my wallet in case I ever want to impress a date or something. I can't imagine that they'd be as good as NBKC though. I mean, a bank can only get so good before you stop needing anything more. But if you require physical offices, I'd research credit unions in your area.
>The color and trim on that Volvo is perfect.
Agreed. I had a friend who owned one in that color; she went away for a year for a job and her dad sold her car. I wish I'd have been there to nab it. They only used that color for a year I think.
I notice it has a fixed antenna rather than the powered version but that's the only thing I'd likely change on it since I have a power antenna assembly for the sedans.

I get what you're saying about OpenBSD. It'd just be nice is all.

re: arabs: I agree, just think the meme was funny because they do blame the jews for some things the jews didn't actually do, even if there are also lots of things that actually are shitty.
(I don't support the idea of israel btw, it's retarded imo that they can just scream "HOLOCAUST" and get a blind eye for human rights violations)
Open file (63.46 KB 750x644 ZlnmSGM.jpg)
Open file (62.71 KB 1094x900 zdP1fQa.jpg)
Open file (487.79 KB 862x900 z8F7dd8.png)
Open file (248.61 KB 1080x1062 yZbYulo.jpg)
Open file (53.57 KB 597x307 YxNz2MV.jpg)
>I notice it has a fixed antenna rather than the powered version
I prefer the fixed ones. Powered antennas have added nothing to my experience except a movable part and motor, both of which break. I used to have a Mazda B Series (eg; a Ford Ranger) that ran for many years with a heart-shaped coat hanger for an antenna. Also, a fast food place called Jack In The Box brought back antenna balls in the 90's with these cute Christmas decorations. I miss those. They'll probably never come back now that cars don't even have real antennas anymore.

>I don't support the idea of israel btw
It's kind of amusing that the one thing that left and right voters are united on is opposition to Israel. And yet supporting Israel is the only bipartisan measure our politicians can agree on. Now it would just be nice if more people starting wondering why.

I think a decent chunk of it is that there's this mindset lately that if you don't support Israel you hate Jews. Politicians don't want to be accused of being anti-Semites so bam, instant free pass for Israel.
What happened with BOOBS now that i finally found out where this thread migrated? Is it abandoned forever?
Open file (110.26 KB 660x662 01.jpg)
I disagree with this assessment. Jews represent only 2% of the US population, yet make up a far greater percentage of Congress. Furthermore, a significant number of our most prominent policy makers are not only Jewish, but hold dual US-Israeli citizenship. You'll notice all of the big names are on that list: Boxer, Feinstein, Fraken, Sanders, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Schultz, Weiner. Is it any surprise that Congressional leaders who happen to be Israeli citizens also push through pro-Israeli bills?

There is also AIPAC - a massive Israeli lobbyist committee, at which our Congressmen regularly give speeches. Can you imagine the outcry if Trump were to give a speech at a Russian lobbyist group? If the man did so much as eat beef stroganoff, it'd be on the nightly news. But no one bats an eye at the ridiculously outsized influence Israel has on our government.

Hello and welcome. See also: >>109
Open file (16.14 KB 406x231 ClipboardImage.png)
Such "quality" updates they're pushing. I don't understand how they can make thirty grand a month to do nothing but copy-paste code (that other people *give* them) into the game.

I had no idea about that. That's very interesting-- also sort of amusing to see all of one Republican on the list. Most Jews I know lean pretty conservative.
Open file (389.18 KB 885x2508 sanders israel.png)
Open file (946.21 KB 784x1824 sanders israel 2.png)
My fixed antenna on my wagon fell off due to rust around the tether.
I'm familiar with jack in the box.
That looks like a party-line problem mostly. Cantor, Lieberman, Sanders are the only "non-democratic" party members, and lieberman/sanders are pretty firmly to the left. So one republican.

Sanders appears to not support israel, btw. Pic #1.

And also, that list appears to be bullshit:
In fact I remember there was a minor scandal after Diane Rehm believed that list and asked sanders about dual citizenship in 2015 when it turned out she read it on facebook. Pic #2.

Can't speak for the rest of them; I don't know how many dual citizens there actually are if any. Sanders is jewish but not israeli. His parents came to the US from Poland.
AIPAC's mentioned by name in that first article as something he wanted to work against.

see >>394, that's why you didn't know. I'll admit I believed the list too until I tried to find where it came from.
>Most Jews I know lean pretty conservative.
I see a strange mix. It's pretty much the split between super-traditional ones and "reformed" ones. I think most of the reformed variety are rather liberally inclined and tend to be wealthier, but that's based on a small sample size of a handful of people I know.
Open file (217.18 KB 1391x1600 sqzjMBJ.jpg)
Open file (268.55 KB 1077x1045 stoplights.jpg)
Open file (77.54 KB 906x468 systemd replacing.jpg)
Open file (65.68 KB 540x453 t9WOKVE.jpg)
>And also, that list appears to be bullshit:
Snopes is absolute garbage, I'm surprised anyone still uses it. The man blew $100k of his business' funding on prostitutes and his wife (co-founder) left him. If Sanders claimed 2+2=5, Snopes would write a page about how "scientists are in agreement that the answer lies somewhere between 3 and 6, making this claim Mostly True." If you have to write fact checkers that start by defining the terms in their report, the argument has already been lost.

If the NPR reporter responsible for that claim has retracted it, I will accept that. I don't have time to find sources on each name, but curious minds can do that themselves. I don't consider Sanders a leading policy maker anyway. The man has been in Congress for almost three decades and has never passed a bill. I'm not certain he knows what his job entails. There are undoubtedly people living in a bubble who think he has a serious shot at the presidency however, they are in for some disappointment.
They also refuse to change any of their determinations, even if later evidence contradicts their findings. There's a really classic example of this but I can't find it right now-- maybe I'll do some digging later if I can be assed to.
OK, so link to a source for a handful.
I don't have time to individually find multiple citations like I just did for sanders for everyone on it.
The point is, that graphic has no citations.
btw that doesn't change the base fact that I agree, israel's backing in legislation (and the executive branch actually, regardless of who's in charge at the time) has no grounding in reality
I missed you /f/
>I missed you /f/
I missed the random off-topic shit creeping in, too.
I missed you too anon
I'm not sure if I just suck at tying back my hair or if my hair's not quite long enough to tie back yet.
Last time I had it this long I refused to tie it but I think I'm going to do it this time.
Don't be a bum, lance. High and tight or nothing.
Posting from lynx actually works. Now to write something that turns imageboards into mailing lists.
I just haven't felt like I had time to get a nice haircut recently, and I have a few hairbands from when it was past my shoulders in 2015.
what about captchas?
Meant >>406
Text captchas are working. Javascript can go fuck itself.
This post is from w3m, with image support.
Greetings from netsurf
love u <3

If you do, be sure to tie it back very loosely. Otherwise you're liable to damage the hairs on your hairline.
Open file (3.40 MB 3840x2160 01.png)
Netsurf is ok, but a bit heavy if I'm looking for a lightweight browser (I might as well go with Firefox at that point).

I have settled on Links, which includes both terminal and x11 modes. So far it has not impacted my workflow much at all, except that pages load extremely fast, and I no longer have any ads of any kind. Some media (eg; videos) are handled with other applications (eg; mpv). I was able to visit Wikipedia without feeling like a desperate homeless man was going to extort money out of me.

I also have lynx for article viewing, as it renders pages with better formatting and colors in the terminal (and providers gopher support).
Actually, with some modifications, w3m performs better than links, and has CJK support and tabs. I'd have to resolve some image issues first though- a project for tomorrow.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Don't forget to sign my guestbook at AOL keyword gunship.
Awesome pic.
> if I'm looking for a lightweight browser (I might as well go with Firefox at that point).
What about waterfox or of the other branches?
They're all terrible:

If I really need a browser with JS, I have surf as a backup, which is basically just a frontend for webkit.
Also, many of the other branches are not available on OpenBSD unless you build them from source (not ports). Building a full-featured browser in such a way is a horrible experience, and it often takes most of the day (Firefox 69 requires like 6gb of ram to compile). Palemoon used to be available, but the devs were tremendous assholes on github, so the OpenBSD devs dropped the repo entirely.

If I weren't looking for something lightweight, Qutebrowser would be a decent choice. It can be a bit buggy though. For now, Links has been excellent.
6GB of RAM is nothing with my 32GB or 16GB rig.
hmmm... looks like shit. Enjoy your high blood pressure and diabettus.
Open file (61.52 KB 1080x963 01.jpg)
It's not horrible, but chromium requires 10gb. In general, compiling a browser is something that is probably beyond the technical capacity for many people in shithole countries, or for those on older hardware. Hard to believe that not too long ago, I was able to run Firefox on a desktop with 256mb of ram. Javascript is truly worse than the Holocaust.
I need Javascript otherwise sites like eBay or AliExpress because unusable. I've been thinking of quiting the internet all together. I have a couple of problems though. The first one is archiving Debian's repository. I can't archive it because it's more than 1TB and my internet is 4G-based and it's capped to 6mb/s. The second one is what about my email? While I use protonmail as my main one, I need my hotmail as a backup. I've setup 2FA with access codes. I think I'll setup a VPN solution, so if I need to go online, then I can just connect using my OpenVPN profile for checking emails, etc.

Archiving stuff is a pain in the ass, but I could always use my Dad's university's 1GB/s link. I'll have to spoof MAC addresses because they seem to whitelist the LAN network. The building has Asbestos, but it's all OK because the health inspectors checked. They also have a management plan for it.
>I need Javascript otherwise sites like eBay or AliExpress because unusable.
That is what I use surf for, and you can substitute that with any other browser. On ebay for example, browsing works fine without JS. I have not tried to order anything yet, but if it fails, I can open the current page in surf with a keyboard shortcut, hit Buy Now, fill in the info, and be on my way. I too have a few sites that require JS (banking and whatnot), so I just keep something light on hand. Sending the current page to another program (browser) works great to keep the workflow uninterrupted.

>I've been thinking of quiting the internet all together.
I think about it all the time. Overall my internet usage has plummeted recently. Back when I was working as a sysadmin, I used to have social media, chat programs, etc. I remember many times I'd skim through a website when I was bored, run out of content, close the tab, and then open the same website I'd just closed out of habit. It was a very unproductive and unfulfilling lifestyle.

Nowadays I try to automate most of that. Updates from important sites are delivered as RSS over the terminal, so I can read the content without checking the sites themselves. I'm working on scripting the retrieval of Pixiv / Sankaku updates to certain tags so I don't have to visit the site. If I'm not working on something, I'll just get up and go do something off the computer, rather than start scrolling time wasting sites. Access to information is great, but it's not the kind of life you'll look back on fondly from a hospital bed in your old age; it's important to live a balanced lifestyle. Kind of extreme, but Richard Stallman hardly used a browser at all. He keeps a queue of pages he wants to read that download whenever he has a connection. Then he reads the text offline when he's waiting for a plane and such. Same with email.

>The first one is archiving Debian's repository.
If you're going to disconnect entirely from the internet, you might have to have someone download it for you. If not, you might consider just getting a server. I bought a pretty decent storage server from SyS during the Black Friday sale. I use it to download just about everything, and then I transfer files locally whenever I can. If you can get a server, you can use it as a single point of connection and not have to worry about hosting things locally. You can even setup OpenVPN on that server. Hetzner has decent auction servers - you can find 8TB storage servers for about $30 a month.

I wonder if there is a market for downloading things for other people. You could rent out drives (with a security deposit that is refunded when the drive is returned) and ship them around. I remember reading something about people sending files on SD cards via carrier pigeon in Africa.


>The second one is what about my email?
I used to use ProtonMail, didn't like it. It seems to be more about security theater than actual security/privacy. I am also weary of sites that advertise themselves all over the place. Their pending expansion with Drive and Calendar just makes them too centralized, it's basically another Google at that point, but without data mining (that we know of, it's not open source). It's also rather expensive compared to other services that offer verifiable privacy and more features.

As for basically any other provider, I'd just use a terminal client like mutt, over IMAP. Your HotMail account will work fine there (didn't know HotMail was even still around). If you're a paid ProtonMail member, IMAP works through their Proton Bridge program.

I don't use 2FA personally because it 1) requires the use of an always-on surveillance device and 2) requires me to provide websites with personally identifiable material. So I don't know what the solution to 2FA outside of their webmail would be. Going back to the server idea, you could also run your email client on your server, and just ssh into the server. Assuming you trust the server host, you never need to login to the email account locally.

The concern seems overblown. I'm not about to go rolling in it, but the stuff isn't even banned in the US yet and we still only have like <20k cases of mesothelioma each year. I imagine there's things in the average person's diet that are more likely to cause cancer.

>verifiable privacy and more features.
Can you provide more detail on this?
>requires the use of an always-on surveillance device
To be a padantic faggot, one could just not install a SIM card and or always be in air-plane mode. That would then very likely cut the tracking surface to EMI/heat/weight.
Most of the implemtations use QR codes. RFC: https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4226.txt
You do realise that hardware dongles do exist right? (Most implentations probably require an application implentation as a fallback).
>requires me to provide websites with personally identifiable material.
In what sense? Reading the above RFC, there is the data field. However having reviewing a application dump, there seems to be nothing "personally identifiable" that I haven't already provided the service in order to be able login (user name) and that is used as a label (which I can freely change locally).
>Can you provide more detail on this?
Posteo is open source, collects next to nothing, is audited, and is as verifiable as you're going to get without hosting your own email server. There's also Mailfence, Mailbox.org, etc. Most of them have really shitty webmail offerings because they know that their target audience will just configure the service online and then rely on IMAP for actual emailing. Mailfence for example gives you built in PGP, on-disk encryption, domains, 50 aliases, etc for about $8 a month. Mailbox gives you 25gb storage, built in PGP, on disk encryption, domains, and 25 aliases for $3.50 a month. There are many services comparable to ProtonMail, but without the fancy UI and snakeoil marketing.

While I don't agree with their assessment of various services, https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/email.html lists all of the major players in the privacy-focused email market. I suggest doing your own research and reading privacy policies rather than following their assessment though. Personally, I like Mailbox.org, but don't use their webmail. The Free Software Foundation recommends Posteo, and I too think highly of it, but they do not support domain emails (and they charge for aliases). There is also self hosting, but I have done that professionally for many years and do not enjoy it.

>one could just not install a SIM card and or always be in air-plane mode.
The baseband processors are backdoored (at least in the US). The carrier can disable air-plane mode remotely (it's not truly disabled to begin with). Your phone identifies itself to the carrier, and your carrier knows which device is attached to your account, with or without a SIM card. Obviously, the threat model for any of this to matter would be highly improbably scenarios like state actors, but even in the non-targeted sense, phones are still subject to dragnet surveillance (again, in the US). Android is also spyware and monitors everything you do. I have not tried open source alternatives.

I also have no real reason to go out of my way to remedy any of this - I don't like phones to begin with. I see people staring at their phones all day, entirely oblivious to the world around them. It's a very hollow way to live. I got along perfectly well before smartphones existed, and I will continue to do so. I do however keep an S9 in a shoebox in the closet. I have a data cap at home, but my phone has 'unlimited' data. I can ssh into the phone and download files with wget over the cellular network. So that's nice, but I don't use it for much else. I wouldn't go through the hassle of cutting out unnecessary crap on the laptop, just to then use it all on my phone.

>In what sense?
You know, when you said 2FA I was thinking about the original form they started rolling out a few years ago, where you gave everyone your phone number and they would SMS you a one time password when you logged in. You're probably talking about that newer form that password managers use, where the code changes every 30 seconds and is always on your device. I have no issue with that at all, and I don't see any privacy concerns. I just don't use it. I use passwordstore as a password manager, and that's about it.
>>425 Also, as a side note, you'll probably want your own domain if you care about email. Providers come and go, especially if you're using smaller companies. If all of your email is routed through a domain you own, you can move providers whenever you want without affecting anything (besides a bit of downtime). FastMail is also worth checking out, if you don't mind AU's privacy laws. Fantastic webmail and IMAP support, but no PGP support. They're not really billed as a privacy-focused provider, they just don't data mine your mailbox and sell your mail.
>>426 >the baseband processors are backdoored Oh shit, I actually totally forgot about that. Looks like julay.world has finally blacklisted my VPN server as a "known spammer." Yaaay.
Open file (3.39 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20191218_012435.jpg)
Open file (3.73 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20191218_144745.jpg)
Anyone know a good oil for a CD drive spindle motor? I'm using some stuff meant for model trains right now, but I always get nervous about ruining electric motors when I have to oil them. Also have a heavily repaired playstation
I only sent one POST request, but it looks like something's wrong on the backend. Nice.
>>429 I use 3 In One's electric motor oil for things like that. It's a non-detergent SAE 20 oil designed for general electronics. I have used it on desk fans, swamp cooler motors, heaters, laptop hinges, cement makers, electric chainsaws, record players, etc. You can order a bottle of it for like $4 on Ebay. I'm not really partial to anything in particular though. If you go down to your local hardware store and find electric motor oil, I assume it will work just fine. Smaller motors work better with lower weights. As long as it's non-detergent, I don't think you'll ruin anything. Unless it shorts something out, but most oil doesn't seem to be conductive.
>>432 Thanks. I had white lithium grease in there, which I felt really bad about so since I have a few spares if I have to swap it I decided to try to get it out with contact cleaner and then re-oil. It seems to be working alright at the moment, but I'll look for that oil.
>>433 Also the contact cleaner is the big mystery here. Hopefully it didn't hurt anything. Working alright so far but I am listening for noises.
Open file (9.05 KB 1004x136 ClipboardImage.png)
What the actual, genuine fuck. It's trivial to keep a git repo straight if you pay attention and yet somehow they've managed to fuck that up too. "Let's just switch branches real quick it'll be fine nobody will care"
so are we going to start posting backer builds here?
>>435 At one point I thought he dual branches was intentional. >>436 Fuck off with your royal we, if you pay even the slightest attention you would know where to go for your helping of fecees.
>>435 Hard to learn a core part of your job if you're only working a few minutes each week. >>436 Backer builds haven't been posted on /f/ in over a year. More recently, lance would autistically rebuild backer builds that had been uploaded to that street shitter colelctive. I would suggest sending simpler people there to satiate their desire for submissive gay furshit.
>>439 Y'know, there's a part of me that's now wondering if somebody on that team is over there rubbing their hands together and going "Ha! We switched build branches! Now that stupid BOoBS modder won't ever be able to make that mod! We're geniuses!" I sorta hope that's the case just so the incompetence goes from criminally sad to just plain laughable.
>>440 Speaking of the mod, I don't want to lead anyone on however it is progressing quite well (mainly meld filters are up and running once more this time with redundancy in case of system issues) for a eventual release ideally soonish. Also it would not surprise me in the slightest.
>>435 For fuck's sake; they did this three months ago too and then switched back to master. I guess I need to update my scripts so it lists all remote branches and picks the most current one. >>436 I was just nabbing them from f95zone, except when I got source code drops. I've not been making builds for a while because I don't really feel like it's worth much of my time and they've really not added too much noteworthy that's actually in a completed form recently. >>439 >More recently, lance would autistically rebuild backer builds that had been uploaded to that street shitter collective Yep. Pretty much. But I've not been keeping up with that because it's a pain in the ass. >>440 I will refer you to Hanlon's Razor: >Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Fenoxo has publicly stated in the comment section of the blog thing that he has no idea how to push public sources (meaning he has no idea how git works and zero motivation to learn to use a search engine). Also, in unrelated news, looks like one of my childhood friends just killed himself last week. I'm alright, but it's a real downer. >>441 Have fun.
>>442 >one of my childhood friends just killed himself last week. Sorry to hear that. It's difficult for me to understand what suicidal people experience. Life's not always peaches and cream, but I go through it often wondering how much time I have, and how I can make the most of it. So much to do, so little time. And while I wish I had more time, there are those who don't even want the rest of theirs. It's hard to imagine even the worst of circumstances that couldn't be remedied by moving somewhere else and starting a new life without whatever baggage is holding them down where they're at. Very sad, but also incomprehensible.
>>443 He always seemed to be one of the most extroverted people I knew. He was one of those people who could seem at home in any clique he cared to sit in with, and was always finding things to do, always smiling. Not sure what happened. I guess it's like they say about the happiest looking people being the most depressed, or something. He had moved to Seattle, so relocation might have been a good idea to move away from it, but I can't really say I know why he did what he did anyway.
Build environment updated; update-src.sh should now be able to guess what the most current remote branch is at any given time and check that out. A bit annoying I can't just do 'git pull' anymore though.
New builds for once, from source, for 0.8.040. Yeah I know that's not the latest backer version, but it's the latest I have source code for. No, I do not plan to build 0.8.<whatever> over the next few days. It might happen, it might not. Don't count on it. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
>>446 lol nvm, they haven't even dropped any of the newer versions of the game on f95 either, so there's no way I can do another release without newer binaries or source code.
>>447 One might hope that they've moved on to better games, but that they still wait with bated breath over Prosopagnosia Saga diminishes the thought. Forums are terrible things for terrible narcissists.
>>449 >Prosopagnosia Gesundheit
>>449 I'd be hurt, but you're 100% right.
Finally started reading Gintama today. Pretty good stuff so far.
Open file (177.41 KB 704x1100 Gin Tama_42.jpg)
Open file (181.87 KB 704x1100 Gin Tama_48.jpg)
Open file (218.18 KB 704x1100 Gin Tama_49.jpg)
Two chapters of Youjo Senki got translated today. It's a Christmas miracle, everybody
>>454 Did they learn how to draw faces yet, or does she still look like a stroke victim?
>>454 Niiiice.
That was me btw
Merry Christmas, everyone. Spend time with your families before it's too late.
Open file (273.36 KB 755x1200 Gin Tama_06.jpg)
This manga's my spirit animal
Open file (262.49 KB 765x1200 Gin Tama_01.jpg)
Open file (244.19 KB 765x1200 Gin Tama_19.jpg)
One of the great analytical minds of the century. If there was anything I didn't want my parents to find I'd always stash it under my brother's bed. Usually that was just my torrent-seeding-laptop that they didn't know I had or whatever.
>>464 Neat. >>466 I hid a praying mantis from my parents by letting it live in a box in the closet. Used to bring it crickets from outside. That was about it though, never cared for porn mags. For some reason, the women that do porn tend to look far worse than normal people when their flaws aren't hidden behind a pile of makeup, editing, and plastic surgery. And they look like plastic when they are.
>>467 I've never cared for porn mags either, but the experience of hiding stuff in a sibling's room is one I have experienced
Open file (365.69 KB 409x779 trash recommendations.png)
Also youtube recommendations continue to be 90% cancerous garbage for brainlets
>>469 (the top one is actually a good channel)
>>469 I mean, they've banned, hidden, or demonetized just about everyone that isn't producing reddit-tier clickbait with emojis and bizarre facial expressions in the thumbnails. Like most major websites with user-submitted content today, it is a platform devoid of everything except simple amusement that can be used to get you to see ads. When I used to watch Youtube, there was a userstyle (probably an extension as well) that hid everything except the search bar and video.
>>469 Yeah, it's really gone to shit in terms of quality. I mainly use it for ripping music these days, just because it's easy. Also, happy new year everyone. Let's hope this one isn't as shit. We all know it's just going to get worse from here on out.
I drew a small picture in DeluxePaint IV on my Amiga. My Gotek drive is working to emulate a floppy drive (and thereby aid in file transfers to my PC). I know the neck is long and several other things are wrong. I don't even know what I was trying to draw when I started so it was pretty much just improvising.
>>473 I also hate drawing arms and hands. But meh. >We all know it's just going to get worse from here on out. Hello darkness my old friend
>>467 Crickets always managed to get loose when I had them.
Also my monitor's PCB looked like this when I opened it up to blow out the dust (it smelled like cooking dust whenever I turned it on previously). It works fine now, but I want to know the story behind how that happened.
>>472 >I mainly use it for ripping music these days Isn't the quality of Youtube audio garbage? >>473 Pretty good. It'd probably look perfectly reasonable if it were scaled down to a game size or such. >>475 I have a really old alligator lizard that eats crickets, and they still get out all the time. I don't mind them as much as the superworms though, those used to get out and turn into beetles I'd find all over the place. Crickets are just loud. >>476 This is the kind of thing I expect whenever I see something listed as 'refurbished.'
>>477 The quality of Vevo and other "official" channels is garbage, but most everything else is decent to good.
Open file (247.83 KB 753x1200 Gin Tama_18.jpg)
>>477 >Isn't the quality of Youtube audio garbage? Yes. I only use it if I'm somewhere where other means of obtaining the music aren't readily available (like at work when it's playing on garbage speakers anyway). >This is the kind of thing I expect whenever I see something listed as 'refurbished.' Fair, but the screen still looks lovely so I'm okay with it for now.
Open file (3.35 MB 4032x3024 commodore_1942_2a.jpg)
Open file (4.44 MB 4032x3024 scph 1001.jpg)
Pretty nice picture, all else considered. And since it came with the amiga and everything for $40, and it can do 480p too, I'd say I am still lucky. Beats my playstation gorefest repair.
Open file (75.48 KB 480x533 1443913633842.jpg)
>>480 >2nd pic Jesus fuck, just put that thing out of its misery already.
>>481 No, I got it free and broken. It had had the ac line shorted to the RF shielding, I believe, which burned a trace on the PSU and also blew out all the video outputs that were connected at the time. I ran wires back from the video encoder. I also added 220uf capacitors and 75 ohm resistors to the RGB lines so they'd be decoupled and terminated properly without having to use special cables. I also replaced the PSU, just because I had a donor PSX sitting around. Disc drive was dead, as is typical of early/launch units. I replaced it with the revised version from a late PSX. A gear was stripped on the replacement drive. I pulled that gear off the launch drive. Discs were skipping during FMV's, so I lubricated the spindle motor to reduce the rumbling. Now it operates flawlessly, even on burned CD-R's. It would sometimes freeze seemingly at random and then not work until I let it sit for a few hours. figured out one corner of the board could be pressed on to make it work again, so i reflowed everything in that corner and now it always works. And it's a launch unit, so it has a different GPU revision than all later ones. Devs had to test on both this and the newer GPU revision before releasing. So if I get the last thing I need (a serial cable/level shifter) for PSX dev, I can actually test on both styles of system. It's only a minority of the early systems with RCA jacks that have this revision (which uses dual ported VRAM) so they aren't too easy to source, especially as they all came with the shittiest drives and were probably mostly junked years ago.
the hot glue is a budget "insulation" method in that it prevents contact with the board components or the rf shield. the bottom blob is so I wouldn't torque the lifted pins of the video encoder off the chip
Oh, and the top of the case is super brittle, so all the screw posts are broken and it's held together with hot glue too.
>>484 Man are you going to have fun with JB Weld one of these days.
>>485 I have some of that actually. I chose hot glue because it can be removed with less effort than JB weld.
>>486 When my C64 case cracked, I used JB weld to fix it up for instance
Open file (2.52 MB 4032x3024 commdore_1942_dpaint.jpg)
The pixel aspect ratio appears to be different on my amiga monitor than on a screen with square pixels.
>>486 I mean in the automotive world. Once people who like glue find out you can repair just about anything with JB Weld, you get engine blocks held together with the stuff. Oil pans with custom drain ports (turn valves) that are attached with JB Weld. Exhaust repairs with JB Weld. I have seen rifle sights attached with JB Weld when they couldn't be bothered to add proper rails. So if you like hot glue, it'll be your best friend.
more humor
>>491 >Foxgirl >Too mainstream I fucking wish. I feel like we hit peak kitsune in 2008 and it's all been downhill ever since. With the exception of like Konohana Kitan and Senko, it seems most kitsunes are just side characters these days.
It turns out Flash is dead 2020, so does that make us undead?
>>493 Could be. If Lance and I devote unhealthy amounts of time to bringing dead tech back to life, does that make us liches?
>>493 Flash support drops at end of THIS year apparently. Not that I'm bothered. >>494 I have never seen that picture before; that's awesome.
>>494 and to answer your question, maybe.
Open file (2.26 MB 4032x3024 amigadoodle.jpg)
Updated doodle. Been spending 10 minutes or so on it a day. I think the head's still too big, and possibly needs to be more pointed (less "squared" at the jaw). But it's improving regardless.
>>499 Needs more tits Lance and a dick
Open file (2.62 MB 4032x3024 amigadoodle_2.jpg)
>>500 Sliiiightly more tits and waist. And legs! But I'm not gonna go big tiddy on this one. IRL I prefer smaller chests (not flat, but definitely not E-cups). In porn I like nearly every size, though… And no dick this time, sorry. Maybe some other time but not on this girl. This one still has 'bobblehead syndrome,' too… not sure if I'm going to bother fixing it.
>>501 Pose is supposed to be leaning on a wall that is invisible atm.
posting a lot of these pics I realize, but I'm having fun getting back into pixel art.
today I learned grafx2 can straight-up use the format deluxepaint saves in (ILBM). Pretty nifty.
>>499 >less "squared" at the jaw Ugly square-jawed females have been the default in western games for a few years now. You just need to give her a men's haircut and shave one side, and she'll be absolutely current year.
>>504 This seems rather bizarre, but somehow I have completely missed that Lenovo sells a physical keyboard version of their laptop keyboards. Their newest one is called the ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II. This doesn't have the good keyboard or trackpoint, but I assume there are older ones out there. Somehow I have never heard of this thing. Have you used one?
>>506 There is an older version of that which I like, but I can never find one cheap enough to justify buying my own. They do work OK, though; I have a friend with one. There are also some that basically are a full bottom half of a thinkpad laptop with a USB cord. I'd really like an IBM Model M13 but with a newer and more sensitive trackpoint, though.
>>507 (the unicomp one apparently sucks about as hard as the trackpoint thing on my 1996 toshiba laptop)
>>508 >>507 Picrel is probably my favorite in terms of key feel, since it's like a mid-to-late-90's thinkpad. But the navigation keys are a bit weird.
Open file (70.22 KB 638x479 ibm model m4-1_2.jpeg)
>>509 I suck
Open file (174.33 KB 1024x677 ibm model m4-1_5.jpeg)
There is also a white version.
>>507 Interesting. I did a bit of research on them last night. Evidently the newer models are crap; the USB connection breaks on the keyboard side, and the trackpoint wears out. I saw the Unicomp as well. It seemed nice, but I didn't read any reviews. There were some older IBM models on Ebay for around $300. Pretty steep for a keyboard. That's a real shame. An external keyboard with a trackpoint is a brilliant idea.
>>512 I sometimes reach for a trackpoint nub on my sun keyboard; that's how bad it is. The problem with unicomp's is apparently that it's wobbly, like old trackpoint clones that were evading the IBM patent. I've not tried one myself. I had no idea the USB connections break on newer ones. Do you mean physically, the connector breaks? Or the USB controller randomly dies/resets? I still would like to buy one of those >>511 >>510 some day. I also dissected a Latitude D620 keyboard when the laptop died (since I have a stack of them) and am thinking I might try to mod a keyboard to use its trackpoint stick some day. I'd need to put it on a post so it sticks up high enough. Hope I can figure out how to read it accurately. In unrelated and unimportant news, I just magicked out a build system for CoC's original source repo, even though it hasn't been updated in ages. Why, no one asked? Because I'm trying to gauge how good Lightspark is and it has a problem with text entry fields. So I'm filling out the name field by default.
>>513 >Do you mean physically Yes. Amusingly, I checked on Amazon for prices, and sure enough, there's pictures in the reviews of people with physically broken USB ports. The solution is evidently to epoxy them back together - more hassle than I need from a plastic rectangle of buttons. >I still would like to buy one of those >>511 >>510 some day. I'm looking into getting something comfy. If I use either the XPS or Thinkpad for too long, it takes awhile to re-adapt to the other's keyboard. The best keyboard I ever owned was some multimedia thing I bought at Best Buy in 2004 or 2005. I'm going to see if I can find it somewhere.
>>514 No trackpoint, I assume. And my best ergonomic board was probably an original MS Natural keyboard. My best all-time board is likely a Model M or my Apple Extended Keyboard.
Open file (308.80 KB 640x339 01.png)
>>515 I found it, but can only find one picture of it, no model number. It might have just been the multimedia version of a standard HP keyboard for the time. I can find similar ones without the volume knob or extra keys I'll never use. I might just pick up one on Ebay and see how it goes. No trackpoint.
>>516 Ahhhh… I think my cousin had one of those. They are pretty nice and solid. Lots of buttons to mess with. I miss the volume knobs on keyboards; they were a nice touch. Good, standard layout too. And it's a simple rectangle. I just finished a dynamic linker injection thingy to hide the menu bars in the Linux standalone flash player. The standalone player in linux doesn't like to listen to my keyboard when in full-screen, and even if I disable window decorations from my WM I still get the file menu and the navigation bar when not in full-screen. So I wrote a tiny library with a bunch of stub functions to replace the GTK functions for making a few kinds of widgets. So now I can basically get full screen without giving up a working keyboard. It's my first time doing overriding like that, and I have to say it was pretty simple. All my functions just return null pointers and it's not caused any issues because g_free() is smart enough to skip null pointers. And now I can stop using the windows flash projector in wine whenever I want fullscreen.
>>517 Pic related
>>517 I can tell right away that persoanlly it will also be extremly useful due to dealling with the same issue (but just running the flash game windowed mode). Is there any chance you will release the source (and hopefully at least some quick and dirty documtation) for it?
>>519 Sure, if you want. Been prepping a makefile and stuff actually. Give me a moment.
One warning, I wrote my readme after being awake for around 30 hours so it might be a bit incoherent. I've slept now but don't really feel like trying to fix it at the moment. And I chose to have it install to your home folder (~/bin and ~/lib), so just be aware of that. It can be edited in the Makefile. Or just make sure ~/bin is in your $PATH variable. https://gitlab.com/dragontamer8740/flashplayer-menuless
>>521 the basic idea's to run LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/flash_nomenus_override.so flashplayer though. If your projector is in your PATH and is named 'flashplayer', then the script in the git repo will work as a wrapper so you don't have to type the LD_PRELOAD bit every time.
LMK if you need help or if it works alright for you.
Open file (21.78 KB 640x427 01.jpg)
>>521 >~/bin and ~/lib
>>523 I tried to install it last night however gtk-+2.0 was not found and installing it via apt (Lubuntu with cinnamon as my environment to be precise/ in case it matters) did not change this. >>524 Not everything needs to be a global item though.
>>524 I know, I know. If you think a hacky library like mine should really go in /usr/local/lib let me know, but I don't feel comfortable putting it there. I have pretty much no qualms with my flash wrapper script going in /usr/local/bin however.
>>525 sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev You need the development headers, not just the library itself.
Updated the git repo; now installation defaults to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib. It can be changed at install-time by running something like make install INSTDIR=/usr or make install INSTDIR=$HOME…for the old behavior which I admit wasn't good. I had to replace the wrapper script with a script that generates the wrapper script because of this.
The generator is called by the makefile though so you shouldn't have to worry about it I hope.
>>526 >If you think a hacky library like mine should really go in /usr/local/lib let me know Your method isn't wrong, it's just a big pet peeve of mine because of the clutter it creates. The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard does not specify what should happen to locally installed crap, so a traditional method has often been to recreate the root hierarchy in ~, with bin, lib, etc. It's hideous. More recently, that fuck Poettering introduced the XDG Base Directory Specification, which has moved the local root hierarchy to ~/.local. While XDG is more freedesktop.org bullshit, the move to .local tidies things up nicely. So, ~/.local/{bin,lib} is perfectly acceptable today. Personally, I keep most of my shit in /opt (/opt/packageName/{bin,lib,etc}). /opt is for third party standalone software, but it works fine and keeps ~ tidy.
>>530 I don't like ~/.local because it's the last place I look when trying to find files. That'll probably get better over time, I've already sort of adopted ~/.config, at least to an extent. Also a big motive was that noobOS (Ubuntu) will add ~/bin to its $PATH automatically if the directory exists with its default bashrc. It's going in /usr/local/* for now for lack of something else I hate less. It was a tossup between that and ~/bin and ~/lib before. But it's changeable with $INSTDIR and more flexible than before. I do have my Arch stuff in /opt (for building PKGBUILDs more easily).
Updated git repo again. Now script should be runnable without installing first.
>>532 (the script is regenerated during the 'make install' to behave correctly)
>>525 Any update? LMK if the gtk thing is all you needed.
Open file (511.78 KB 628x720 B5L2ilJ.png)
Open file (526.15 KB 3464x3464 g4GuKrE.jpg)
BTW my flash wrapper script is a little more complicated than the one in the git repo, since I use a debug version of the projector. when coupled with debug builds of SWF's, the projector can be set up to log debug messages to a file. So I wrote a script that makes it look as if the debugger were just printing its messages to the console instead of to a log file. #! /bin/sh # LD_PRELOAD to remove menu bars, and the tail stuff to print debug log stuff # as it comes from the flash player. OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH="$HOME"'/lib/flash_nomenus_override.so' if [ ! -z "$LD_PRELOAD" ]; then LD_PRELOAD="$OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH"':'"$LD_PRELOAD" export LD_PRELOAD else LD_PRELOAD="$OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH" export LD_PRELOAD fi # log file location on linux: # "$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt' # (see: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/configure-debugger-version-flash-player.html ) FLASHLOG="$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt' # mm.cfg has to exist in the correct location and have a # setting to enable logging output enabled inside. # On linux, the mm.cfg file is under $HOME unfortunately. # Would be nice if it were at least under ~/.macromedia. MMCFG="$HOME"'/mm.cfg' mkdir -p "$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs' echo "TraceOutputFileEnable=1" > "$MMCFG" echo "ErrorReportingEnable=1" >> "$MMCFG" rm "$FLASHLOG" touch "$FLASHLOG" # tail -f follows along as new output is added to the file. tail -f "$FLASHLOG" & TAILPID="$!" # get the PID now so we can kill tail when flashplayer exits echo "tail PID is ""$TAILPID" # 2>/dev/null to hide the glib warning messages from my hackery # (and vdpau_vaapi stuff, too, as a side-effect, on my system) 2>/dev/null flashplayer_lin_bin "$@" kill "$TAILPID"
>>534 Yes after a few moments of end user error it works as expected, thanks a lot 99% is better than 100% full screen but no functioning keys. Now to figure out if disabling window decorations (what I assume is the program's header (Adobe Flash Player 32,0,0,238)? If not how hard would ti be to make that disappear on toggle?) is going to be managable. Time to go update .bashrc. >>535 I'll also give that a shot because why not. Just to doubble check usage would be: /path/to/script /path/to/flashplayer/ /path/to/game/ (after any local modifications).
>>536 What's your window manager? Are you using GNOME 3 or something? And no, usage would be /path/to/script /path/to/game. /path/to/flashplayer is set inside the script (called 'flashplayer_lin_bin' in my case) on the second to last line.
Apparently this can work in Gnome 3, but I'm not sure it's exactly what you want. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/how-to-remove-maximized-windows.html
I think second answer should work, if you map the two xprop commands to two different keyboard shortcuts or something. I haven't used metacity (gnome's WM) in years - not since Gnome 2.
>>537 Cinnaom's WM is Muffin which is a fork of Mutter from Gnome 3. >>539 Thanks, the second works as expected. I'll stop bothering you now.
>>541 Happy to help. You weren't a bother (just a little inexperienced). I went through the 'trouble compiling things' phase too.
>>541 >Cinnaom's WM I haven't seen anyone mention Cinnamon in years. How is it doing these days?
>>543 >How is it doing these days? It is still under active development, the drag to snap into a screen quarter some what functions (probably just a setting I need to mess with). I do not really keep up with the development on any serious level though.Nemo's speed up is quite nice.
Open file (1.81 MB 1331x1177 01.png)
Ha, remember that GateBox thing - the waifu in a box that looked more like what MS' Cortana was going to be? /robowaifu/ seemed interested in it. Evidently the company unveiled it a few days ago. Instead of a cute waifu, for the western version you get a middle aged hispanic-looking office lady.
Open file (131.62 KB 900x646 1427066332234.jpg)
>>546 Selling shit taste at a premium like that should be illegal. I give it a month before someome hacks the thing to display a kitsune loli instead.
>>547 I think they're changing their target audience. The original Japanese video made it into a personal companion type of thing for ordinary people. But no ordinary person wants some old hag that wears a suit 24/7 as a companion. I'm betting that they're targeting places like airports, where these things could replace help desks and non-essential personnel. Plus, I don't know how they would expect any normal person to drop $3k on this thing.
>>548 I can't see a strategy like that ending well for them. The actual device is far too small for use in most commercial settings. Many people would be put off by having to buy an airline ticket from a holographic projection that's smaller than their hand. Any company in the busniness of mass transportation will be reluctant to upgrade, to say the least. Sure, they may save some money in the long run by cutting some staff, but the cost of integration would be insane. Most airports and train stations are still running off of AT&T/Bell/SCO UNIX on the back-end and graphical DOS interfaces on the front-end, so adding GateBox into the mix would mean having to upgrade a whole bunch of other shit, too. This is not only extremely costly, it's also very risky. Their systems are designed around a philosophy of maximum reliability. Sure, the latest computers run fast and can do a whole bunch of cool shit, but that battery of Altos 1000 servers has been running non-stop for thirty years straight. Anything that involves even touching the backend will have to be planned months, if not years, in advance. I can't see any real take-off in the retail industry, either. Most major retailers are either running the same old shit, or they're getting their systems from more well-established brands like Gilbarco. In their case, they'll be reluctant to trust anything coming from an unknown upstart company. While the allowance for error is slightly greater than with mass transportation, it's still pretty close to zero. Furthermore, many of the major brick and mortar retailers are already automating (like WalMart), thereby making the extra upgrade completely pointless. Small business retailers will either be running the same old shit as everyone else, or they'll be using the square with their iPads, depending on how old the establishment is and what they had to start with. In their case, upgrading will be pointless because everyone is essential, so they won't be able to cut anyone regardless. Brick and mortar banks will be extremely reluctant to adopt this, for all the reasons I already highlighted. I'm sure that there are some edge cases where this exact product may be seen as the best choice coming forward, but the only hope of success for this was in the home market. As you've said, it's quite expensive. Why buy this when Alexa only costs like ten bucks? The fact that the western version is ugly will not get many people to overlook the price tag, either. If the GateBox was a couple hundred dollars or cheaper then it'd be a whole 'nother story. As it stands, however, I can't see this being anything other than a total flop outside of Japan. Still looking forward to the hacks, though. Plus it'll be interesting to see if China starts pumping out any cheap alternatives.
>>549 >China starts pumping out any cheap alternatives. I've heard those kind manafacture's are likely to throw in a free house fire and or premature fireworks display in addition to one or more bonus back doors with every order.
>>546 I just found out about this and I am filled with humour and absolute disgust. Is this another victim of westernization? Can I blame NISA for this?
>>551 >Is this another victim of westernization? Probably a victim of feminists and the terminally online. It's a v1 anyway, so it's going to be overpriced garbage. If this thing takes off somehow, there should be a variety of improved models at lower price ranges from competitors in a few years.
Open file (4.53 MB 3965x4624 1578714076351.jpeg)
>>552 People like to forget Occam's Razor. The simplest solution is likely the right one. So: Is it localization to appeal to western expectations, as had been standard operating procedure for video game art in past decades and still exists in some form today (Phoenix Wright games), Or is it feminists who might possibly object to a qt unrealistic waifu?
Open file (4.26 MB 1851x2576 1578714103398.jpeg)
JP back cover
>>553 (this is me, messed up my trip on phone) I am still annoyed if there's no way to use the old model, but I can't say I'd ever intend to use some spyware like that no matter how cute it is.
Open file (3.95 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200108_234349.jpg)
well my trip's still wrong and I'm not sure why. Will try to figure out when I get back home to my desktop. But it's me, I swear. My Amiga has 1MB chip RAM now. Still need capacitors but it's working fine without them for now.
Open file (5.30 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200110_010621.jpg)
Open file (5.17 MB 4032x3024 rotate.jpg)
DRAM sourced from a luggable laptop board with all right angle traces. Pretty strange.
Open file (40.64 KB 396x599 1418926155822-0.jpg)
>>556 Your trip's wrong because you forgot a character. Your normal trip is secure, while this one is standard.
>>558 I used two hash symbols, though? lance##tripcode.
let's try 3.
So apparently quick reply's name field is ignored. Neato.
DeepCreamPy's licensing looks kinda shitty. At least, for the "V2" version that's in git. https://github.com/deeppomf/DeepCreamPy/blob/master/EULA.txt See also https://github.com/deeppomf/DeepCreamPy/issues/154
So I might have to build from an old source revision, I suppose. 1ae8cf99cf83b42ba236cc81690041c831ed7ac4 looks right. Would be good if they had a branch for "1.x."
>>562 >States that financial concerns aren't his reason for switching licenses >States that people hosting his software online are competition, so he wants to change licenses Really makes you think. Honestly though, who gives a shit about the licenses surrounding some Python script? I'd be concerned if my package manager or text editor were just sold to Amazon and now it was being relicensed, but a Python script? Do whatever you want with it. Hell, host it on a VPS from one of those European hosts that ignores DMCA notices. What's a guy with self-admitted 'financial difficulties' going to do; take you to court? This reminds me of AIDungeon2. The dev made a big thing about having to take it down because it was consuming all of his server's resources and costing him a fortune. Halfchan packaged it for local installation, and it all turned out to be shit. The true story behind it is that once the dev learned how popular it was, he decided to take it down so he can sell it as a mobile app. He ended up having halfchan's repo shut down on GitHub for 'hate speech' because they went into detail about how shitty his programming and monetization plans were. Great game by the way, definitely worth trying.
Open file (5.36 MB 3936x3464 01.png)
Open file (627.17 KB 2226x1500 02.jpg)
>>562 I wanted to see if it could decensor something other than bars, like clothes or hair. The answer, perhaps with more fine-tuned outlining than I bothered to do, seems to be 'maybe.'
>>553 If I wanted to print the front cover of the game as a poster, where's a good "no questions asked" place to get a decent print? (assuming somewhere in china?) Anyone done this? My scan of the front cover is 3 or 4 times larger than the pic I uploaded, and I want the "dotted" look so the DPI of source material's OK.
>>564 It's more of the Stallman approach. Like the rationale behind only running "free software" javascript. It's because it's a statement and I feel better that way. I have no qualms with "piracy" or whatever, but I prefer not to have that doubt in the back of my mind.
>>567 also the fact that he wants you to sign some sort of agreement before you're allowed to contribute back is bullshit.
>>568 That is pretty shitty I ended up giving it a shot yesterday. I tried to roleplay as a female noble fighting off an orc horde only to get caught, raped and made into a sex slave. I said Tried. In actuality, I just ended up being rejected by Ogrim Doomhammer multiple times, until i Eventually forced my self upon him, and started coming from my dick. Apparently I was also a futa. Then I tried to marry him, got kidnapped by a guy called ogre who I also had to force myself on him to get sex and eventually woke up in a cell. It took ages for anyone to come by, and when they did, I had to force myself on poor John as well. Eventually I left the cell, found a village, tried to fuck some girl, only for her daughter instead to come in and fuck me. Then a began a giant incestuous cycle, repetitively fucking my spawn and producing a new sex slave. Eventually got bored, turned my final daughter into a sex toy and shoved her up my ass. Then I killed my self. unfortunately, it didn't end there, as I was now in heaven. Due to all my fuck ups by switching between second person and first person, things that I would do to myself ended up affecting other people and vice versa. So when I went over and stabbed god, it ended up causing me to bleed to death. Honestly I think the game needs a few more months of tinkering before it actually gets better.
>>566 I've never had an issue with printing these kinds of things, if you're worried about copyright. I used to print weebshit on mousepads, shirts, and things, and sell them on ebay. I imagine you can use just about anyone. >>567 I've read a lot of licenses over the years. His is a copy/pasted EULA from God knows where, and is full of holes. I only skimmed it, but I don't see anything in there that would prevent you from forking the project and re-licensing it. This happens to projects under the BSD license all the time, and is quite a problem. GPL explicitly prevents this, but BSD and this guy's 'EULA' don't. I mean, just look at some of this shit: >the right to install and use copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on your computer running a validly licensed copy of the operating system If I were to host this shit on GitHub and push commits, am I installing or using his SOFTWARE PRODUCT? Arguably, no. Am I in breach of his EULA if I decide to run his software on a pirated copy of Windows? Evidently. >You may only compile and modify the source code of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT for your own personal purpose This is my personal GitHub. >In such event, you must destroy all copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in your possession. This is just laughable. This is the kind of naive shit people do with patents all the time. They sit there nodding their head, thinking they've got this locked down. Meanwhile some Chinaman sees that he could make some money if he steals this, and he does so without giving a flying fuck about the guy's patent or EULA. Meanwhile our naive friend can't afford to take someone to court in China, so he just sits there going "how could this happen?" >>569 >I ended up giving it a shot yesterday. Is this about AIDungeon? It's not perfect at all, but you can kind of guide it along so it works. For the local installation, you'll want to use Clover Edition, and the full 5gb model (on CPU if you don't have a GPU with 6gb VRAM); the smaller ones produce shitty stories. When you start the story, put a lot of information in the context, as all of that gets added to the story permanently, whereas things that happen later will be forgotten in time. So, if you want to roleplay a sex slave, you might have specified that you were a beautiful and submissive female noble. And that the orc horde coming to attack you was in search of new sex slaves. I've found that a lot of times you can ignore the 'You' prompt and just start adding to the story, and it works fine. So, instead of something like "you tell the Orc to fuck you" you could just write "the Orc forcefully removes your clothes" and the game will catch on just fine. Also, you'll make use of /retry /revert/ and /alter a lot. Using alter, you can guide the story along if it just isn't going your way.
>>570 >So, instead of something like "you tell the Orc to fuck you" you could just write "the Orc forcefully removes your clothes" and the game will catch on just fine. That's one thing I didn't try doing, I'll give it another shot
Open file (2.07 MB 1815x2420 01.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1815x2420 02.jpg)
>>568 Came across a bunch of NES/SNES games and consoles at the swap meet today. If there's something you want me to keep an eye out for you, let me know. I rarely see boxes/manuals with them though. Not sure if you guys have something similar up where you're at. I saw Breath of Fire on Ebay the other day going for about $120 with the box and manuals, used. I think I paid $15 for the exact same thing in the 90's. How times have changed.
Open file (3.61 MB 3024x4032 snes crack.jpg)
>>572 I wish I saw a wide selection like that more often. I barely even see multiple copies of a mario game anymore. I can't think of any NES games at the moment, except maybe Dragon Warrior III/IV. And those are usually a bit pricey unfortunately. I have an NES flash cart anyway so there's nothing I really need there. On SNES… Final Fantasy III (actually VI), maybe Secret of Mana. Earthbound if it's cheap by some miracle but I doubt that'll happen. And yeah, I hate snes game prices now (for good games anyway). I got Ys III with the box and manual for around $15 but that's the bastard child game made after all the good devs left Falcom. My snes has a big ol' crack in its shell, so I'm always looking for a nicer case. That one looks good, if the name's just in marker on the side of it.
that snes was sitting on the floor of my closet for a while, sorry about not dusting it off.
Open file (4.64 MB 4032x3024 ps1_amy.jpg)
>>570 Yeah I lost a lot of respect for the guy when I saw his piss-poor excuse for a license. Oh also I don't have a copy of Phantasy Star III (though I'm not sure I want one).
>>575 So, lance. You know about my many XPS woes by now; trouble with Nvidia hybrid graphics, trouble with temperatures, trouble with Intel Turboboost, etc. I was talking with someone yesterday who had the same laptop and was running linux. Interestingly, he had none of my issues, so I asked what he was running. Naturally, it was just Ubuntu. The guy had a perfectly reasonable setup with Steam and whatnot, and everything was running smooth for him. At this point I'm wondering whether I have some sort of hardware defect, as there's no way "install Ubuntu" is going to fix these problems. But sure enough, I do just that and everything has been resolved. The damn thing installs out of the box with PRIME offloading working. All of my fans are working perfectly fine without having to setup any bizarre shit like dell-fan-control and intel-undervolt. I loaded up a couple random games from the package manager to check thermals, and they're all nearly identical to Windows, which was great. Even the one hiccup - that PRIME offloading causes the GPU to use some of its resources to load Xorg, is still positive compared to the performance inefficiencies under bumblebee. It's just ridiculous. I install Arch or OpenBSD on the Thinkpad, and everything runs great out of the box. Yet I've had nothing but trouble with them on this laptop. And it's Ubuntu, of all fucking things, that fixes them. The only explanation I have is that Dell must be contributing something to Ubuntu. I know they have an XPS 13 Developer Edition that comes shipped with Ubuntu, but Christ. Anyway, I guess this is where I'm at in life now. Thanks for reading my blog.
>>576 Well I now have anecdotal evidence of installing a linux distro to fix problems. Heh. I think thinkpads tend to be better "out of the box" systems than any other laptops just because more developers have them and problems on them are more likely to get ironed out by experienced users. Not sure why exactly ubuntu would be behaving differently than arch, since both use systemd/udev/whatever nowadays. You could try loading an Ubuntu kernel inside arch, I suppose? But I'd probably just see if Debian works similarly and just stick with it if it does (Ubuntu's intolerable for me). I treat this place like a blog all the time so that didn't bother me. I don't think have a single laptop with a separate GPU (not in the CPU package) barring my Powerbook which gives lots of problems on modern Linux kernels and basically none on MorphOS/FreeBSD.
Open file (6.85 MB 3840x2160 01.png)
>>577 I tried several distros this morning. OpenSuse (once my favorite distro), Fedora, and Mint all had the same issues as Arch and OpenBSD. There is something about Ubuntu, and I'm betting it's their partnership with Dell. I even received a BIOS update from the package manager. One thing that really surprises is me is how absolutely terrible Ubuntu has become. And I don't just mean in the old recycled "slow, bloated Ubuntu with Amazon ads" way (there is actually a minimal install option now). It is horrible in ways that I didn't even know existed, and that leave me astounded that this is somebody's enterprise offering. You've got: - A package manager that resembles an app store. It even has reviews and comments on each package. But the reviews are all nonsense. For Golang, positive reviews talk about how Go is a 'fast modern language.' Nothing at all relevant to the package itself. - Snap, a new package system that bundles dependencies with every package. It is slow, it doesn't use system libraries, and it ignores system configuration because it only reads its own shit. Also, it installs everything to ~/snap. HiDPI scaling is all over the place in Snap programs. - Flatpack, basically another Snap. So installing packages on Ubuntu involves three different systems, with many duplicates. - Gnome 3, kind of self explanatory, but how anyone could look at this mess and decide to bundle it with their enterprise offering is beyond me. My systray is just ridiculous, there is no consistency in applet widths, and I have tons of random empty space. You cannot rearrange them. The file manager is a joke. Gnome Shell idles at 2GB of ram. I've basically had to turn this thing into Windows just to get something usable, which is quite amusing (see screenshot). - During installation, I checked the box below Full Disk Encryption, where it should write 0s to the entire disk. I know this did not happen because the installation was done in about ten minutes. - It's been twelve years since I used Ubuntu, and PPAs are still a mess. Also, that lovely package manager cannot find software from PPAs. What's saddening is that it appears that all of the mainstream distros are headed in this direction. Suse and Fedora were both very similar. Debian is probably immune due to its conservative nature, but it seems that we're rapidly heading to a point where you're going to have to install enthusiast distros like Void and Arch just to get something sane. >>577 >I don't think have a single laptop with a separate GPU I don't think I'll be buying new hardware again. I rarely even play games, so the GPU was a waste, and is the source of most of my hassles. I'll just buy old Thinkpads on Ebay.
Open file (59.72 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault(4).jpg)
>>578 >it seems that we're rapidly heading to a point where you're going to have to install enthusiast distros like Void and Arch just to get something sane I'm starting to get to that point as well. Right now I'm using Mint 18.3, which is decent and gives me few issues. The only major thing is that at some point I partially broke the system (don't remember how, probably by doing something weird) so now some things won't update properly, and the whole thing will crash every week or so. That one is mostly my fault, but there's other stuff as well, like how literally everything in the damn repository is horrifically outdated (shit like WINE and youtube-dl are months, if not years old), so I had to add a bunch of repository information manually. This also includes manually taking care of the dependencies, in some cases. While all of this is annoying, it's not fatal. However, things seem to have been getting worse since 19.x. I tried one of the newer versions on a Thinkpad, and there was a noticable drop in quality. They've started simplifying the system too much, which makes it so I have to take the hard way to do even more shit just to get what I want out of the system. While 18.3 works fine for me now, it'll eventually get dropped. I'm also hesitant to reinstall because that means re-downloading every piece of software, which can take about fifty years on a DSL connection like mine. They used to be really good about being simple, but not so simple that fine-tuning things was a chore. Now, they kinda lost that balance. While Mint's nowhere near as bad as Ubuntu, it's only a matter of time until they get there. One of the main things keeping me on Mint is that installing it on my particular setup is fucking easy. I use a six-disk RAID0 with seperate boot disk and full encryption, plus another disk for swap which is seperately encrypted, and it never gives me any shit about it. I'd have to take an eight year course to do that on something like Arch, and on many distros it just plain won't work. I need to find another 'easy to do the hard shit' distro that'll work with my ridiculous setup out of the box and not look like ass. Most likely: sticking with outdated Mint
Open file (25.72 KB 448x274 xkcd-security.png)
Open file (40.32 KB 700x408 0cMIqUo.jpg)
>>578 >I don't think I'll be buying new hardware again. I'm pretty sure I'd recommended that in the past, when you ordered that laptop to replace your X220 (I think it was an x220 anyway). I specifically remember you saying something like "hang on to your X201, lance. It's not supposed to be like this." >I'll just buy old Thinkpads on Ebay. Good idea. My X201 tablet at max specs was $75 (w/o battery or HDD, but I had an HDD and a chinesium battery is cheap). If you get X201's or X201 tablets I've got loads of experience with those. I always replace the palmrest with integrated touch pad with one from an X200 first thing though. >Ubuntu is horrible in ways that I didn't even know existed, and that leave me astounded that this is somebody's enterprise offering. I haven't touched it in close to a decade, so this should be interesting. >Package manager resembles an app store That was true back in 2011 or 2012, I think, but to a lesser extent than now I'm sure since 'reviewers' that actually use a gui package manager in app store format are clearly not the kind to know anything about anything. >Snap See my critiques of flatpak below, they're pretty much the same fucking thing. >Flatpa(c)k Utter cancer. I once saw a bug report on a project of mine on github (different account) where they asked me to make a flatpak for my program because apparently they don't understand './configure; make; make install' or how to install dependencies. Better to just do the equivalent of making a chroot for each and every god damn program on your machine complete with redundant copies of all your libraries. I can't believe some people actually WANT this. The worst thing of all is that the only build instructions for OpenJ9 are "use flatpak or figure out how our flatpak config works." Especially when there's not a single mention of how cross compiling should work - that's what I really love. But that's what I guess software engineering is these days. "Works on my machine." >Gnome 3 That and Unity is what finally pushed me off the cliff of no return and made me leave Ubuntu. I was still a relative noob but I'd made some sensible sort of gnome2 desktop that worked for me and then they just said "Nope, fuck you" and pulled the rug out from under me. My other favorite feature of gnome3 is how window decorations for most Gnome 3 software are client-sided now, and thus much harder to disable or make to obey your window manager's rules. >File manager's a joke Nautilus always has been, but I'm sure it's worse now. >see screenshot You sure that's not windows? >applet widths that was a problem in Gnome 2 as well actually. >package manager cannot find software from PPA's That's new. I'm pretty sure I was able to (in 2011 or so). But I've not used Ubuntu since that time so my memories of it are rough. >During installation, I checked the box below Full Disk Encryption, where it should write 0s to the entire disk. I know this did not happen because the installation was done in about ten minutes. Kek. I guess your new info might be secure but your old info sure isn't. >Debian is probably immune due to its conservative nature It is, with the caveat that systemd is the default init on a fresh install (I've been able to dodge it though). >It seems that we're rapidly heading to a point where you're going to have to install enthusiast distros like Void and Arch just to get something sane. Or Debian, but yeah. If I do a fresh install ever I'll try Devuan (debian-sans-poetteringware). >>579 >I'm starting to get to that point as well. Right now I'm using Mint 18.3 Oh hey, that's the first distro I tried (LM14) once Ubuntu went off the deep end. It was okay, but I like having rolling releases so Debian Sid has been a better fit here. >which is decent and gives me few issues. That's about my memory of it >Wine's outdated I just built wine (5.0 RC5) from source about… yesterday, actually. >youtube-dl I don't use a package manager for that one, just got it in ~/bin so I can run youtube-dl -U and not have to wait on dpkg. >manually added repos $ grep -v ^# < /etc/apt/sources.list deb [ arch=amd64,i386 ] http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian sid main contrib non-free deb-src http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian sid main contrib non-free deb [ arch=amd64,i386 ] http://debug.mirrors.debian.org/debian-debug/ sid-debug main contrib deb [ arch=powerpc ] http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports/ sid main deb http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org sid main deb-src http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org sid main deb https://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian stable-buster main I love rolling releases. >I partially broke it How? What's not updating? Need more info. >I tried one of the newer versions on a Thinkpad, and there was a noticable drop in quality. They've started simplifying the system too much Simplifying how? What DE, if you're talking GUI stuff? >RAID/encrypted disks Nice. I don't have anything like that. I always figured (pic related). re: RAID: I occasionally think of doing that and then decide it's too much effort since my system's already set up. >most likely: sticking with outdated mint My powerbook is starting to get like that since Debian dropped PPC as a "supported" architecture. Lots of random packages aren't in 'ports' so I have to build them from source (often cross compiled, since updates tend to break the system due to their absence). Once had my SSL lib break so that wget, apt-get, and the like couldn't even be linked by the linker and start to execute. >need to be easy to use and also not look like ass Consider Windows XP. /s
Open file (158.07 KB 828x1147 acura_1.jpg)
Open file (270.50 KB 828x1465 acura_2.jpg)
Found on leddit. Please no bully.
Open file (150.28 KB 662x417 jew.png)
happy holidays
>>582 (for anyone not remembering: this is now unequivocally the point at which he claimed it would be free for everyone for a year.)
Open file (513.56 KB 640x640 bloon_tower_defense_4.png)
Found a point at which flash player will just stop operating properly with enough stuff in one region. (alpha channel becomes white)
Open file (39.53 KB 779x536 1461625136412.jpg)
>>580 I don't like building shit from source. It's a pain in the ass, and I just can't be bothered to learn all the ins and outs properly. Come to think of it, that may have been how some things ended up broken. The actual problem is that whenever I try to update anything, I get a hundred errors about this or that being configured multiple times, but I can't really pinpoint what's actually broken or just how broken it is. I also get a shitload of errors whenever I boot into Mint about various devices not working properly, although everything seems to work when it finishes. There are also a hundred non-specific errors relating to the CPU, but there are no error codes for those. If I enable the microcode it'll show the error codes, but nothing else changes. Also, swap doesn't work anymore, and I don't even get prompted to decrypt it on startup. I know it's not a problem with the disk itself because swap and /boot are on the same disk. About the newer versions of Mint that I tried, they cut a bunch of the more advanced settings and customization options. The software manager has been slowly getting more app store-like, and the update manager no longer has the impact level ratings (they tell you how likely shit is to break). The actual DE (Cinnamon) hasn't actually changed much. If anything, It's been getting slightly better since they fixed the memory leaking problem. There was some more little stuff as well, but I can't be bothered to get into that. These are all mostly annoyances, but I'm a picky motherfucker. I also don't want to have to go full tinker on my main desktop. If I feel like diving into something, I have my choice of over ten other computers to fuck around with. On this dektop however, I want shit to be easy. In regards to RAID, you should consider setting it up. I have six SSDs on a RAID0, and the I/O bottleneck is non-existent. The overall impact on your system will be very noticable.
>>579 >like how literally everything in the damn repository is horrifically outdated For the non-enthusiast distros, Fedora is the most up to date (it's actually more bleeding edge than Arch). Fedora is Red Hat's testing ground, and a lot of the major changes that filter through various distros, like Wayland and whatnot, all start in Fedora. But it's a simple GUI installer with a full DE. There s also Manjaro, which is basically Arch with with a GUI installer. >six-disk RAID0 with seperate boot disk and full encryption, plus another disk for swap which is seperately encrypted I used to run a crazy paranoid Arch setup like that. It's actually quite easy with LVM and LUKS. I used to maintain a guide on installing Arch for schizos, but I took it down at some point when I was going to migrate it to an actual installer. I could always do that again if people wanted something to follow. >another 'easy to do the hard shit' distro that'll work with my ridiculous setup out of the box OpenBSD. The installer is a series of Yes and No prompts, and within ten minutes you have a complete system with Xorg and full disk encryption. I was pretty surprised at that, compared to like FreeBSD's installer. >>580 >If you get X201's or X201 I have an X201 and X230. I need to buy an SSD for the X230 and things will be good. I think it has 16GB of ram right now. >Utter cancer Snap and Flatpak are probably the worst things I've ever encountered on Linux. I didn't even know they existed until a few days ago. This trip through Ubuntu, and by extension a normie Linux ecosystem, has just been awful. Everything is containers, electron, and apps. I was reading some release notes for Ubuntu 19.10, and down in the comments people were bickering about Gnome vs KDE. Some retard interjects to say that they should all stop arguing and hold hands because "we should just be thankful that everyone here is using Linux." Jesus Christ, it's like a secret club to some people.
Open file (243.55 KB 3840x2096 01.png)
>Emacs, the Snap app. That second review is peak Ubuntu. Don't install the Flatpak! Install the Snap instead! God forbid we just install normal packages that work. And of course the first review is literally a quote. Thank you reviewer, very helpful.
Open file (193.98 KB 1282x965 view.png)
Just to throw my voice into the void, running Lubuntu and the stock GUI package manager "Muon" is simple but works as expected (embed). However there are few annoyances, such as after updating the chromium snap recently I get "cannot self-bind mount /run/snapd/ns: Cannot allocate memory" and after removing most of (if not all of) the linux kernel related packages (currently running a custom kernel) Firefox nightly does not start anymore (a reboot might fix it but I have by doubts).
>>591 >stock GUI package manager That there's a perfectly normal looking package manager. Reminds of the one Ubuntu and SUSE used around 2005. >chromium snap When does it end?
>>588 >I don't like building shit from source. It's a pain in the ass, and I just can't be bothered to learn all the ins and outs properly. Well maybe that's why— >Come to think of it, that may have been how some things ended up broken. Yep. I think the times I've set up cross compiled programs were some of the most beneficial to my understanding of how compiling/linking work. Also about 90% of the trouble people have compiling programs probably stems from Debian/Ubuntu separating the binary libraries from their sources/include files (so you need to install a -dev package when using a library in software you build yourself). What's your init system? And the impact level ratings certainly didn't seem to stop you from breaking yours. I used MATE when I used mint. It was pretty good. Always felt much lighter weight than cinnamon, too. >RAID I should, but I won't until I get a lot more storage (need more blank space to back everything up to). >>589 >SSD Still never had one and can't miss what I don't have. >This trip through Ubuntu, and by extension a normie Linux ecosystem, has just been awful. My feelings exactly whenever anyone talks to me about Unix (really Linux). Nearly always starts mentioning PPA's or what random site they got their .deb packages from. One asked me "how to hack." I think he meant like breaking into things but I'm still not sure. Tribalism is bad, but it's worse when both sides are advocating horrible alternatives to a good idea. It's like people debating Discord vs. Slack when I just want to use IRC.
>>591 >snap problems Can't help you, you chose to use that shit instead of dpkg.
Sorry, that OpenJ9 thing? It uses docker, not flatpak. So just a different form of cancer. https://www.eclipse.org/openj9/oj9_build.html Notice how by the mere selection of dockerfiles they chose to publish they have limited the use of the software to one kind of kernel on three CPU architectures (only one of which you probably will ever use/own). No mention of how to build for other architectures, because who the fuck would ever want to do that? "Setting up your build environment without Docker" on github just says "Read the dockerfile like a recipe card." Yeah, because everyone knows how to read a fucking dockerfile. https://github.com/eclipse/openj9/blob/master/doc/build-instructions/Build_Instructions_V8.md#setting-up-your-build-environment-without-docker Worst part is the rather ancient versions of GCC they want.
>>595 (the one thing I absolutely hate making from source is a toolchain)
>>593 >Still never had one and can't miss what I don't have. You know, that's an interesting point. I switched to SSDs around 2015, but I don't know why. And just the other day I was thinking about how expensive large SSDs are. I always need the capacity, but never the speed. I will probably get a multi-terabyte HDD instead. Appreciate the perspective. >>595 >Read the dockerfile like a recipe card Docker (and electron, node.js in general) is what got me to stop caring about new developments in software. Back when I was working as a sysadmin, docker was still new, but there were already tons of tools moving to it. These days I have a browser and Emacs. From there, if it's not an Emacs package, I'll try to just write something in C or Go that takes care of it (been meaning to try Rust, but the community is a huge turn-off).
>>594 >Can't help you, you chose to use that shit instead of dpkg. I wasn't asking for any help just (silently) bitching at the top tier quality. Also how it is really a choice when that is the only option present in the repo and I don't really care much for chromium to seek out other forms.
>>598 1) You always have a choice. 2) You chose Ubuntu. 3) By choosing Ubuntu, you chose a distro that only packaged chrome as a snap package. My recommendation: (run as root) echo 'deb-src http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian sid main contrib non-free' >> /etc/apt/sources.list apt-get update apt-get -y install dpkg-dev apt-get -y build-dep chromium # might not work since you're crossing the debian/ubuntu streams, but I'm 99% sure it will work fine apt-get source chromium cd chromium dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -b …puts the binary .deb files in the parent folder of 'chromium'.
>>599 s/chrome/chromium/ BTW you'll need a lot of RAM. 600 GET
GPU-based (CUDA) waifu2x seems to give slightly nicer quality/colors than waifu2x-cpp. I guess waifu2x-cpp never got updated for the newer models in the CUDA version or something? filename.png indicates which one is GPU-based (CUDA), and which was in purely CPU-based OpenCL. The latter is from waifu2x-cpp.
>talking about distros Use Tumbleweed with Plasma. Literally the best normalfag/non-autist distro there is. Otherwise I think Void or Adélie is pretty good if you're an autist.
>>602 >Tumbleweed Man, I used to love Suse. When I was a sysadmin, if I was the only person responsible for a company's IT shit, we'd run SLES/SLED almost exclusively. Somewhere around here I still have a boxed copy of Suse Linux 10.1, with printed manuals and everything. Once Novell died though, the whole thing just seemed to fall apart. And the Suse business keeps getting sold to other people. It got a point around 2014 that I could sit there with an entirely stock repo setup, and just about any update would lead to unresolvable dependency conflicts. It's a real shame. I'd love to hear that it's doing better, but I've read enough similar experiences recently to know that it isn't.
Open file (254.52 KB 640x480 ygo_21.png)
Open file (2.69 MB 4032x3024 bof3.jpg)
>>602 3 years ago I might be inclined to agree with you there. But I've gotten so used to FVWM that the stuff I miss is vastly outweighed by the scriptability of everything. >Void >No PowerPC/POWER architecture support >No M68K support >No PA-RISC support >No Alpha support >Says it supports MIPS, but there are no downloads for anything MIPS anywhere on the site that I could find >Adélie >YOU BEST BE LIKING THAT COMPOSE KEY, BOI >No MIPS support >No M68K support >No PA-RISC support >No Alpha support Despite debian's problems, it has nominal support for lots of things through contrib. I'm going to borrow that image, though; it's excellent. >>603 I have sealed boxed copies of OS/2 Warp 3 Connect on CD-ROM. Both the red and blue spined versions. RIP Novell, I guess. Updated my flash player wrapper script to use a trap to ensure tail gets killed when flash player is (Now a ^C or similar won't possibly result in tail spewing stuff in your terminal afterwards. This is a better way to do it than the way I did it before). (see >>535 for old script) #! /bin/sh # LD_PRELOAD to remove menu bars, and the tail stuff to print debug log stuff # as it comes from the flash player. OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH="$HOME"'/lib/flash_nomenus_override.so' if [ ! -z "$LD_PRELOAD" ]; then LD_PRELOAD="$OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH"':'"$LD_PRELOAD" export LD_PRELOAD else LD_PRELOAD="$OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH" export LD_PRELOAD fi # log file location on linux: # "$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt' # (see: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/configure-debugger-version-flash-player.html ) FLASHLOG="$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt' MMCFG="$HOME"'/mm.cfg' mkdir -p "$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs' echo "TraceOutputFileEnable=1" > "$MMCFG" echo "ErrorReportingEnable=1" >> "$MMCFG" rm "$FLASHLOG" touch "$FLASHLOG" TAILPID='' clean-up-func() { if test -n "$TAILPID"; then kill "$TAILPID" fi exit 0 } trap clean-up-func HUP INT QUIT ABRT TERM # remove these traps with: # trap - HUP INT QUIT ABRT TERM tail -f "$FLASHLOG" & TAILPID="$!" # 2>/dev/null to hide the glib warning messages from my hackery # (and va-api stuff, too, as a side-effect) 2>/dev/null flashplayer_lin_bin "$@" kill "$TAILPID" # wait for tail to exit (might be done by the time I call 'wait', actually) wait Breath of Fire 3 is neat. I kind of wish they'd stuck entirely with 2D instead of the isometric 3D thing, but I guess I can't blame Capcom for knowing how the wind was blowing. I think I still like 2 a bit more.
I made a clipboard fuckup. #! /bin/sh # LD_PRELOAD to remove menu bars, and the tail stuff to print debug log stuff # as it comes from the flash player. OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH="$HOME"'/lib/flash_nomenus_override.so' if [ ! -z "$LD_PRELOAD" ]; then LD_PRELOAD="$OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH"':'"$LD_PRELOAD" export LD_PRELOAD else LD_PRELOAD="$OVERRIDE_LIB_PATH" export LD_PRELOAD fi # log file location on linux: # "$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt' # (see: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/configure-debugger-version-flash-player.html ) FLASHLOG="$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt' MMCFG="$HOME"'/mm.cfg' mkdir -p "$HOME"'/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs' echo "TraceOutputFileEnable=1" > "$MMCFG" echo "ErrorReportingEnable=1" >> "$MMCFG" rm "$FLASHLOG" touch "$FLASHLOG" TAILPID='' cleanupfunc() { if test -n "$TAILPID"; then kill "$TAILPID" fi exit 0 } trap cleanupfunc HUP INT QUIT ABRT TERM # remove these traps with: # trap - HUP INT QUIT ABRT TERM tail -f "$FLASHLOG" & TAILPID="$!" # 2>/dev/null to hide the glib warning messages from my hackery # (and va-api stuff, too, as a side-effect) 2>/dev/null flashplayer_lin_bin "$@" kill "$TAILPID" # wait for tail to exit (might be done by the time I call 'wait', actually) wait
>>607 >Touhou in the middle. The Touhou community is one of the most autistic and insufferable groups I have ever had to deal with. These folks will spend hours arguing about the nuances of their hat people, and they'll readily bring up the most inane shit. "You're wrong because Zun actually changed this piece of lore when he wrote these lines on the back of a napkin in June of 1996!" It's been almost two years now since I've had to hear any of that. What a breath of fresh air it's been. I'd argue that the anime community is more bisected by moe in general than anything. You've got people that like boring shonen shit for the action, the 'characters', etc. These are the people that complain about filler hot spring episodes, because they have no interest in that at all, and think the companies are only making them to drag out the series. They would never in a million years want to watch something like Strike Witches, or collect BoatSluts. If you put moe right in the middle, you wouldn't have to change anything else about that image (except Touhou can go in the trash).
Open file (107.85 KB 500x610 AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)
>>608 It's amazing how far the rabbit hole goes with Touhou. With all the lore and other shit that they keep going on about ad infinitum, you'd never realize that the source material is a PC98 bullet hell game. I know that I sure fucking didn't, until about a year ago. How the hell did it become so popular anyway?
>>609 the ultimate shit test for 2hu fags is pronouncing it "two hoo" watch the turbo autists writhe and recoil in incendiary agony as they lash out with their forked tongues- >ITS ACTUALLY PRONOUNCED TOEHOE
>>608 >You're wrong because Zun actually changed this piece of lore when he wrote these lines on the back of a napkin in June of 1996 It doesn't matter if it was a napkin. Zun wrote that Meiling eats human flesh, it is the only thing he has writen about that aspect of her, and he has never posted anything that even remotely contravenes that. He clearly and unequivacally stated that Meiling eats human flesh.
Open file (237.73 KB 90x90 Rumia dance touhou.gif)
>>609 >How the hell did it become so popular anyway? Easy, here's how: >simple gamepaly >cute girls >monster girls >hard as fuck game (fun if you're autistic) >decent or great music Its actually pretty simple, as soon as the ship was launched and fans got a hold of it, doujins were spawned, porn was made and it became like any other autistic game community. Except Zun isn't a jew, and Touhou has so many girls so there's an ungodly amount of porn. If i had to compare it to another game that's more recent, I would say Undertale, except undertale used a slightly different formula >easy game play >Furries >monster girls >easy as fuck game >ok music Pretty simple
Open file (3.75 MB 3024x4032 cards_006.jpg)
Bought some Pokémon booster packs on a whim while driving a friend out to buy some Magic cards. Got the classic Pokémon waifu by chance (and also a lot of cards featuring Pokémon I don't recognize). Pretty happy.
Open file (3.72 MB 4032x3024 cards_007.jpg)
>>613 I still prefer the older cards though And I would have liked this gardevoir art more
>>608 I have never known what to think about Touhou myself. >>609 PC98 was my introduction to Touhou. Barely know anything about it, but it's the first time I ever looked into it.
>>608 I don't really love dragon ball and its ilk for the action. I like it for funniness and occasionally (not in the case of dragon ball) for the romance elements. Also Sankarea, which IIRC you read too. I unabashedly liked Inuyasha, though, so maybe I still have some shitty tastes.
>>615 (this is because I _almost always_ try things in chronological order of release unless there are very strong arguments to make against it (like Blackadder series 1 which was relatively bad).
Well color me confused.
>>618 (No idea why Mississippi is involved)
>>612 I can find more cute girls in a Resident Evil game than I can in Touhou. >>614 You know, despite having all of the original cards in a binder like that, I have never learned how to play that card game. Also, >Dratini is 5' 11", but weighs 7lbs. >>616 I forgot about comedies (not a genre I pay attention to). I don't have anything against the shonen genre, as many fanservice shows like HighSchool DxD are shonen. There is also Evangelion, which is arguably Josei. It's just when we start getting into things like Naruto and One Piece that I draw the line. >Also Sankarea, which IIRC you read too I thought I had, up until you started mentioning zombies. The one I was thinking of was Saikano. But the cover of Sankarea looks attractive, so I might read it at some point. >>617 >unless there are very strong arguments to make against it Kara No Kyoukai.
Open file (220.50 KB 736x1052 sankarea-2.jpg)
Open file (246.85 KB 759x1200 Gin Tama_05.jpg)
Open file (271.78 KB 754x1200 Gin Tama_08.jpg)
Open file (277.95 KB 759x1200 Gin Tama_09.jpg)
>>620 You should, it's awesome. I never understood why people liked one piece/naruto so much honestly. Gin Tama has an episode where they just spell out the Shonen Jump formula.
Open file (201.29 KB 755x1200 Gin Tama_10.jpg)
Open file (214.14 KB 757x1200 Gin Tama_11.jpg)
Open file (166.48 KB 755x1200 Gin Tama_12.jpg)
Open file (215.05 KB 758x1200 Gin Tama_13.jpg)
This is chapter 169 (which is in volume 20).
Open file (215.76 KB 758x1200 Gin Tama_14.jpg)
Open file (227.87 KB 759x1200 Gin Tama_15.jpg)
Open file (247.37 KB 754x1200 Gin Tama_16.jpg)
Open file (216.16 KB 754x1200 Gin Tama_17.jpg)
Open file (212.32 KB 754x1200 Gin Tama_18.jpg)
>>620 You have all 102 of the original cards? That's worth rather a lot of money if they're in good shape. Charizard alone is ridiculous. Anyway, I don't really know how to play the game either. I liked them for the art.
>>620 >Josei I have no problem with some Josei/Shojo stuff. I quite liked Karakuri Odette, as simplistic as it was. And Chobits… but I think Chobits might be aimed at boys. Female artists, though.
Chobits, by the way, is one of four manga I own in print volumes. Three of those four (including Chobits) have strong romantic elements.
Final post of this lance-spam, I think: My preference for manga over anime in most cases is probably a combination of it being quicker to read a manga and the fact that in most cases a story is a manga before becoming an anime adaptation later. So the chronological order rule comes into play again.
boobs modder here, having an entire mega account deleted/locked because of DMCA shit. I would not be surprised at all if a TiTS snitch reported it to Jewoxo and then his request prompted the mega admin team to review the entire account. I expected the map to be hardcoded however updating was just simply; 0 - modify check with the new location. 1 - swap over target flag location. 2 - run generateMap(); The new mega is: https://mega.nz/#F!seBGASiQ!cfWyhaypNBu1P8ERvsfg4A
>>628 Oh hey, you're alive. What's this about a map? Does it relate to the mega acct being killed?
>>629 ah, apparently generatemap() is a function in the game. There was a map editor GUI that they wrote, I think, but it seemed useless when I tried to use it once.
Open file (1.09 MB 1273x796 jesus fucking christ.png)
>>630 BTW pic related is that program's setup.py This is the level of tard we are dealing with. I'd expected no shebang, but they've exceeded my expectations.
I always get the distinct impression that they know they are doing it wrong and just don't give a fuck. Like, I understand when people just write some quick code for internal use they might not care much, but then they go the extra inch and add a bogus shebang that will never work, just to rub in how little of a shit they really give. And the entire codebase is just a big mess of not caring enough.
And did I mention every single python file has that shebang, not just the ones that are actually meant to be executed?
>>629 >Oh hey, you're alive. In the intervening time I have been working on other unrelated projects and decided earlier today to knuckle down to finished off the last two items on the mental release check list. >What's this about a map? I meant the in-game map (aka "LOCATION MAP", left middle above the universe time and date) >Does it relate to the mega acct being killed? Very (almost certainly) unlikely. Also to go massively off topic, git (in particular merge because I would rather not deal with rebase at all) is a right pain as both versions of the "ours" options fail, regardless of the choice (git merge -s ours upstream/branch or git merge -Xours upstream//*) search for artifacts finds more hits than my HEAD pre merge. Up until this point I was using meld (in part to avoid specific none clashing code blocks) and then submitted the MR only to be told that conflicts were present. From git merge --help recursive This can only resolve two heads using a 3-way merge algorithm. When there is more than one common ancestor that can be used for 3-way merge, it creates a merged tree of the common ancestors and uses that as the reference tree for the 3-way merge. This has been reported to result in fewer merge conflicts without causing mismerges by tests done on actual merge commits taken from Linux 2.6 kernel development history. Additionally this can detect and handle merges involving renames, but currently cannot make use of detected copies. This is the default merge strategy when pulling or merging one branch. The recursive strategy can take the following options: ours This option forces conflicting hunks to be auto-resolved cleanly by favoring our version. Changes from the other tree that do not conflict with our side are reflected to the merge result. For a binary file, the entire contents are taken from our side. This should not be confused with the ours merge strategy, which does not even look at what the other tree contains at all. It discards everything the other tree did, declaring our history contains all that happened in it. ..... ours This resolves any number of heads, but the resulting tree of the merge is always that of the current branch head, effectively ignoring all changes from all other branches. It is meant to be used to supersede old development history of side branches. Note that this is different from the -Xours option to the recursive merge strategy. All I really want is A) upstream to be merged in, B) when my HEAD and upstream differ, that my HEAD should be considered authoritative. All of which seems to be too much to ask.
Not to mention it doesn't fucking run, even on windows, and if hacked to has severe limitations
>>632 >is just a big mess of not caring enough. Nearly every single function name and comment are a perfect example. >>633 That is a massive insult all shebangs everywhere. >>635 >severe limitations Dare I ask, just how severe are we talking here? >>634 s#-Xours upstream//*#-Xours upstream/*#
>>636 It can only edit rooms invoked directly from includes/rooms.as. It does not recurse and import room information brought in from the buildrooms() function. This means it can only edit the debug rooms, the insides of a couple ships, and a couple unused places. There is also no way to tell it to look for a different .as file with a different set of maps. Meaning, it's utterly worthless.
>>636 I actually just used a regex like that to fix the shebangs
>>637 also you have to edit rooms.as to make it even parse that file, because one of the debug rooms links (one-way) to a room on the first planet, and the editor doesn't know about that room as it's defined in a different file.
Oh, one more thing, the editor takes up a massive amount of screen space, enough that I have to simulate a 1920x1200 display to get it to all fit on my 1280x800 laptop panel.
Open file (21.78 KB 688x873 mirror-filenames.png)
Wrote a kornshell '93 script that can be used to rename files that are in the reverse order of what you want them to be. It probably needs real korn shell (ksh93), but I guess there's a chance it'll work in mksh or pdksh or something. I don't think it'll work in ksh88. This one is definitely *not* POSIX compliant because doing so would have taken a lot of time and I made it to solve a very specific problem. Just sharing in case anyone else has the problem and is okay with a ksh93 solution. #! /bin/ksh93 # This is very much kornshell dependent and might only work on real ksh93, # for all I know. # I'm sorry this isn't really POSIX compliant... but I want speed when working # with huge numbers of files. #-------------------------------------- # Input: A list of file names # # Output: none, but the filenames input will be renamed in reverse order. # (the first file assumes the name of the last file, and so on) #-------------------------------------- if [[ $# -eq 0 ]]; then 1>&2 echo 'Please give arguments as such:' 1>&2 echo "$0"' file1 file2 ... fileN-1 fileN' 1>&2 echo 'Files will then be renamed such that:' 1>&2 echo 'file1 is now fileN, file2 is now fileN-1, fileN-1 is now file2,' 1>&2 echo 'and fileN is now file1.' exit 1 fi # backup original argument order ORIGARGS=("$@") ARGCOUNT=$# ITER=$(($#)) FORCE=0 # force try with nonexisting files for debug if set to 1 # make array of file names in reverse order while [[ $ITER -gt 0 ]]; do if [[ ! -e "$1" ]] && [[ $FORCE -eq 0 ]]; then 1>&2 echo "Error: one of the input files (""$1"") doesn't appear to exist." 1>&2 echo 'Aborting; no changes have been made.' exit 1 fi DESTS[$((ITER-1))]="$1" shift ITER=$((ITER-1)) done echo "${DESTS[@]}" # destinations echo ' ||' echo ' \/' echo "${ORIGARGS[@]}" # origins # TMPFILES is temporary storage for one half of the files. # back up to temp. for first file destination or it will be lost ITER=$((ARGCOUNT/2)) #integer math so we don't need to do floor() or anything #but for odd argument counts, don't make an extra temp file uselessly ITER=$((ITER-1)) # fi while [[ "$ITER" -ge 0 ]]; do TMPFILES[$ITER]="$(mktemp -t "${DESTS[ITER]}""_TMPSWAP_XXXXXX")" # echo cp "${DESTS[ITER]}" "${TMPFILES[ITER]}" cp "${DESTS[ITER]}" "${TMPFILES[ITER]}" ITER=$((ITER-1)) done #echo "Made ""${#TMPFILES[*]}"" temporary files." ITER=0 ARGLIM=$((ARGCOUNT/2)) # need to make floor(argcount/2) temporary files for the swap. # Could do with less, but that'd be harder logic for me and this was a 4AM script. while [[ "$ITER" -lt "$ARGLIM" ]]; do if [[ "${ORIGARGS[$ITER]}" != "${DESTS[$ITER]}" ]]; then # echo mv "${ORIGARGS[$ITER]}" "${DESTS[$ITER]}" mv "${ORIGARGS[$ITER]}" "${DESTS[$ITER]}" # else # should never rename a file to itself. # echo mv "${ORIGARGS[$ITER]}" "${DESTS[$ITER]}" does nothing, skipping fi ITER=$((ITER+1)) done OFFSET=0 ITERTEMP=$((ARGLIM-1)) # if odd number of elements to swap, we need to skip the middle one (which is # the next one up). if [[ $((ARGCOUNT%2)) -ne 0 ]]; then ITER=$((ITER+1)) fi while [[ "$ITERTEMP" -ge 0 ]]; do cp "${TMPFILES[$ITERTEMP]}" "${DESTS[$ITER]}" ITERTEMP=$((ITERTEMP-1)) ITER=$((ITER+1)) done echo 'Done. Cleaning up.' echo rm -f "${TMPFILES[@]}" rm -f "${TMPFILES[@]}"
>>641 Can work very nicely with xargs (used here with GNU sort and GNU find, which work with null-separated fields and have some other niceties) find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -name "*.png" -print0 | sort -z -V | xargs -0 mirror-names Would swap the names of all .png files in your current directory.
Caveat: there is a maximum command line length imposed by the OS, so it won't behave well on huge numbers of files in a single run.
>>643 (also it'll make temporary copies of half the files being mirrored, again because I was only working on a half dozen files or so and it simplified writing). Basically what I'm saying is that this code is as-is and I don't recommend using it without knowing what it does and how it does it.
>>624 >You have all 102 of the original cards? I think so. I don't know what edition any of them are, but they were all collected around the time Burger King gave out those gold cards in Pokeballs. They're in a binder in a box in my shed somewhere. Maybe I'll dig them out if they're worth something. >>626 >four manga I own in print volumes I have Spice and Wolf, and Shana. Lucky Star too, I think. The collection was getting kind of large, so I just put them in boxes in the shed. I don't think I'll buy anymore unless something amazing comes out. >>628 >mega account deleted/locked because of DMCA shit That's kind of interesting, because DMCAing a Mega account requires a bit of work. There's no button you can press to report a Mega link, you have to fill out a form with a variety of personal info and verification that you own the copyright. So it was likely someone from FenCo. >>632 >they know they are doing it wrong and just don't give a fuck I mean, no shit? They are milking Patreon donors for money. I have seen no indication that anything else done in the pursuit of that matters to them. How long has this game been in development now? People have been born and died in that time.
>>645 >That's kind of interesting, because DMCAing a Mega account requires a bit of work. To be technically correct though the message I received was: >Account blocked. Reason: Your account was terminated due to breach of Mega's Terms of Service, such as abuse of rights of others; sharing and/or importing illegal data; or system abuse. There may or may not have been other content of a gray nature on that particular account but it was up for at least a couple of years and was block/disabled around 1am 01/03/2020. >So it was likely someone from FenCo. That is the only suspect I can really think of and odds are at a few of their snitches/"players" lurk on most forums that discuss their games, with a higher concentration on shit holes. Now I have a dedicated account for the mod and am aware it is a waste of space.
Open file (1011.31 KB 1080x1500 01.jpg)
Friend of mine passed away this evening. Make the most of it lads, the ride ends sooner than you think.
>>649 >the ride ends sooner than you think I just want it to end now
>>645 Always wanted to try Spice and Wolf, actually. >>645 The cards without a black emblem to the bottom right of the pictures are from the first set. They also say [number]/102 on the bottom right corner. The top left and top-center cards (Gyarados/Charmeleon) in that binder picture above are base set but the rest are not (Zapdos was a reprint as indicated by the emblem). I'd love to own more of them, just because I love the art on the older cards. I'd never be able to make myself sell them though.
>I don't think I'll buy anymore unless something amazing comes out. Me too. >milking patreon donors for money Yep. They're barely even trying to hide it anymore.
Open file (28.35 KB 700x467 q2w9ztn.jpg)
Open file (115.07 KB 800x524 800px-SISky.jpg)
>>649 I think I mentioned, but one of mine killed himself in December. Sorry for your loss.
>>653 Some Thinkpads within driving distance popped up on the market today. A W520 for $250, and a T510 for $75. Good condition, clean BIOS. Think either would be worth getting? Not really familiar with anything outside of the X line, since that was all the company I got them from ever used to buy. I'm also trying to find a new chassis for the x230. All of the hardware works fine, but it's old and I got it used, so there's blemishes, and a crack in one of the bezels. It'd be nice if they sold it all as a kit, but it looks like I'm going to have buy individual pieces.
>>654 Well I found all of the parts on Ebay. But the total for everything minus the actual hardware was around $200. I could order another used one at that rate. I think I'll just get the HDD and call it a day.
>>654 A W520 could be good. W series are typically nice but larger. If you're getting a new chassis you can get an X220 keyboard + palmrest and use the old style layout. https://github.com/hamishcoleman/thinkpad-ec
>>656 that posted before I was done typing it for some reason. W520 has a 16:9 screen, which is the only thing I don't like. A contemporary review for the T510: "Since Lenovo bought IBM's PC and notebook business, not much of the ThinkPad's iconic design has changed, and this is a good thing." The W520 will be much more performant, but the T510 will be much more like a larger X201 with a 16:9 screen.
I would definitely go for a T510 or W520 (or both). I think those prices are relatively fair. W-series is higher end and I've wanted one for a while, specifically the W701DS (the dual screen one).
Apparently it might be possible to fit an X230 motherboard into an X220 shell, but I'd need to look more into it.
>>649 >>653 One of the few advantages to having no friends is that I never have to say goodbye. >>654 >>656 Come to New England, the promised land of Thinkpads (apparently). I can get shit like that in bulk for pennies on the dollar.
>>660 and then my car turns into rust overnight as opposed to over the course of a month
Open file (87.31 KB 1080x1338 9142XQm.jpg)
Open file (154.88 KB 749x1102 LlLang7.jpg)
Open file (286.19 KB 750x1363 S3jmZkO.jpg)
Open file (128.83 KB 460x1372 gCcpvXt.jpg)
hate 9gag watermarks though
Made new mobile rebuilds of vanilla CoC 1.0.2, since my old debug builds were giving me warnings on newer android and didn't support iOS, using my newer certificates and a build system derived from my TiTS build scripts. Didn't take too much work to set back up, and they also use my new certificates that aren't set to expire sometime in the next two months like the old ones were. I added them to my links page. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
Open file (132.39 KB 500x1512 SScgKA3.jpg)
Also, an experimental .air file if you want to make it an air app. And a wrapper script so you can more easily windows AIR in wine and get it installed, if you want (The AIR app installer program is annoying from the CLI). #! /bin/bash # Simple-ish wrapper for Adobe's AIR installer to let it run more simply under Wine. if [[ -z "$WINEPREFIX" ]]; then 1>&2 echo 'WINEPREFIX not set, defaulting to '"$HOME"'/.wine' WINEPREFIX="$HOME"'/.wine' fi AIRAPPINSTALLERPATH="$WINEPREFIX"'/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0/Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe' if [[ -e "$AIRAPPINSTALLERPATH" ]]; then set -o xtrace wine "$AIRAPPINSTALLERPATH" "$(winepath -w "$1")" set +o xtrace else 1>&2 echo 'Could not find '"$AIRAPPINSTALLERPATH"'.' fi That'll also work in at least ksh, and if the double brackets are replaced with single brackets on any POSIX shell as well.
>>660 >I can get shit like that in bulk for pennies on the dollar. If you can pick up things in great condition, I'll pay quite a bit for them. I like to keep my things in mint condition, which is quite a task when 90% of my online purchases are old shit from ebay. >>662 While it is certainly amusing that he of all people would say that, the sentiment is sound. Young people are making disastrous life choices and then claim the system is broken when they're faced with the consequences of their actions. >Rack up hundreds of thousands in debt for college that is unnecessary and will get them absolutely nothing, then demand loan forgiveness. >Have shit eating habits, become obese, get no exercise, binge drink, do drugs, then complain that healthcare is too expensive. >Be promiscuous, struggle financially as a single mother, expect welfare. >Submit in application online to a couple dozen jobs, hear nothing, never follow up, see no one in person, demand universal basic income. There is an objective lack of ambition and drive for self improvement among the younger people today. They don't take care of themselves, they don't strive to give their all. They are content to live with their parents and spend their day alternating between one source of amusement to another, while complaining on the internet and expecting those who work to give them money. Sure, things are worse these days and people are making less than they used to when adjusted for inflation, but conditions are still far more favorable here than they are in the third world, and yet those people still manage to get up and go to work every day. I'm not saying they should be complacent, but if they think any of these 'walks' and protests are going to change society, oh boy are they in for a surprise.
>>667 Yeah I thought his reasoning was pretty much dead on. I also was amused by the reactions. In other news, Terry Jones of Monty Python died. >I like to keep my things in mint condition, which is quite a task when 90% of my online purchases are old shit from ebay. Agreed, except for when I upgrade them. I really enjoy detailing things and cleaning them up, too, though.
Open file (1.65 MB 4032x3024 a500_kick204a.jpg)
My Amiga kickstart ROM upgrade came in the mail. Got an original commodore-made mask ROM so I wouldn't have to give cloanto a penny or worry about an old eprom potentially bit rotting (not that I've ever had it happen in person yet).
Open file (61.86 KB 720x720 fYd4tRh.jpg)
TiTS 0.8.050 builds uploaded, looks like someone put them on f95 ages ago. Not that they're much different than 0.8.040 from before. This is my first time checking since sometime in late november or early december, I think.
>>668 >I really enjoy detailing things and cleaning them up, too, though. I took apart the x230 today and thoroughly cleaned it out with toothpicks, q-tips, and rubbing alcohol. I took out every screw I could find and cleaned whatever came apart. I also took the time to remove the webcam and bluetooth adapter, and for some reason it actually goes through BIOS much faster now. I emailed that guy about the $75 Thinkpad, I'll see what he has to say.
I had the idea awhile back of using these cheap Thinkpads as servers. I could throw a few $75 laptops in the closet to run 24/7, and they come with a built-in monitor, keyboard/mouse, and 8 hour UPS system that all folds down nicely. But then it occurred to me that I could also run wine applications (eg; games) remotely through X forwarding. The specs of the laptop I'm sitting at wouldn't matter at all, just the one in the closet. So this led to a new idea. I could throw together a $1k desktop with decent hardware, leave it in the closet, and then run everything remotely from whatever machine I want. In effect it's a modern mainframe solution. Ancient Thinkpads would be running as well as today's latest.
>>672 X forwarding is often sluggish even over crossover cable in my experience. But it'd depend on the game.
>>673 As long as it isn't more sluggish than trying to play on a laptop with integrated graphics, that should be fine. Fallout 2 was never a fast paced game. I'll do some testing with the XPS' GPU before I invest in anything though. The main issue is that OpenBSD doesn't support 32bit packages anymore, so wine is nonviable. X forwarding from a Linux desktop seems like a decent solution.
Aren't you guys gonna migrate back to 8ch?
>>675 How much are you paying for us to pretend to use your honeypot?
>>674 I mean, I had trouble with software quake at higher resolutions.
>>674 >OpenBSD doesn't support 32bit packages anymore Ah, I'll skip that then.
>>675 >Migrating to FBIchan What's even the point, no one else is really returning (for good reason). /pol/ went to Endchan. /tech/ had a ton of drama, split into two boards, and it seems most of the users actually went to Lainchan of all places. /v/ is all over the place, but vch seems to be the most active. /a/ went to smug loli. What's the advantage here? 8kun has been going down often. And all we ever managed to get out of it was Discord users from /hgg/ and faggots from f95.
>>679 Only thing I can think of is return of X and Ella. Which is hypothetical at best.
>>675 Moving back at this point would be counterproductive. The feds have completely comprimized 8chan, and it's no far stretch to assume that they'll pull the same shit again if everyone goes back. We're all much better off on our nice decentralized webring. >>680 I think it's safe to say at this point that they've completely moved on. Even back on the old site their posts were few and far inbetween.
I don't mind staying here. Was just playing devil's advocate
>>679 When you put it that way it certainly is more than understandable. It's probably just nostalgia that makes me care about 8kun/ch. That and I enjoyed the lilith's throne threads in hgg which always devolved into a good laugh.
Open file (90.98 KB 828x492 01.jpg)
On the topic of 8chan, have some links to other imageboards and better places: https://stormy-skies.neocities.org/list/chanlist.html http://pastebin.com/raw/HNp6NuSA https://websitereview.neocities.org/
So I tried CoC2 for the first time in a year and I noticed that like 90% of people have dicks. Not only this but 9/10 of THOSE don't have options for vaginal. Just anal. Always anal. I don't remember TiTS being like this.
>>685 The slippery slope of faggotry
>>683 Oh hi. >>685 I don't remember CoC being quite that bad either. I have still never played CoC2. Still don't plan to.
Open file (2.58 MB 1100x1556 ClipboardImage.png)
>>687 it's not great. Has some pretty alright ideas. But the game is designed for """squad based combat""" so all encounters are either too fast and have crippling debuffs, or come in packs of 3 so you just get ganged up on. Soloing doesn't even seem possible, which is a shame since I personally don't care for parties in my RPGS.
>>685 >I don't remember TiTS being like this. I haven't kept up with any of that in awhile. But TiTS has writing from a variety of people, and there are at least three different fetishes in the game. Last I saw, CoC2 was mostly Savin, who only writes dicks and anal (see also Syri).
>>689 oh this is Savin's doging. That makes a lot of sense. Did Savin right Anno too? Because the whole game kinda reeks of that kinda "you can't tie me down I'll fuck whoever I want" attitude. "Monogamy is for chumps" kinda deal.
Open file (2.00 MB 3718x2479 gardevoir cards.jpg)
Got a regular gardevoir. Now I can stop buying cards. (though I liked a variant art version of the card more than this one, it's hard enough to find that I'm not going to pay for it). >>690 *write And yes, yes he did.
So have you all moved on from fenoxo and laughing at his updates? It's been awhile since I have last been around.
>>692 For the most part, yes. You can only laugh at the same thing for so long before it just gets boring.
I just remembered I was reading the discworld books like a year or two ago and got sidetracked. >>692 I occasionally make a build or remark on it. But I'm pretty tired of it. It's sort of a fun challenge to figure out how the AIR stuff works though, especially relating to iOS builds (since both Adobe and Apple are involved in making that harder than it has to be), so I still tinker with it occasionally. On that note, still no sources on github for the latest public build.
Open file (3.84 MB 2560x1600 2560_phantasy.jpg)
Have a wallpaper. Also I got a few ATTiny85 chips and a nice little USB ISP (so I don't have to use my ugly parallel port programmer anymore, which pretty much tethered me to my desktop or a very beat up old laptop). I successfully modchipped yet another PSX today, so I now have one more than I have any justifiable reason to have. And also a few spare chips. Since I bought them using an otherwise useless amazon gift card, I guess I might just re-sell the ATTiny chips as PSNee modchips to convert some of it into proper money.
>>693 >>694 Understandable. I'd make a joke about moving on to Carnal Souls but I think we all know that's not actually ever happening.
Open file (347.06 KB 1211x1600 01.jpg)
>>692 In a world where everyone has access to pirated games, the only reason to give Fen money would be to support the game's development. How anyone can look at the myriad issues plaguing TiTS - the work ethic, the content, etc - and think that their money is going to good use is beyond me. TiTS updates were funny up until they were just pathetic. And now the cycle has started anew in CoC2. >>695 >otherwise useless amazon gift card Amazon occasionally has good deals when you look for old things sold by small stores. I bought a huge pile of TDK SA-100 tapes for $2 each. Those are like $10 a tape from people who know what they have. Just don't order books on Amazon; they package them like shit and they don't arrive in good condition. >>696 At this point, if it's not Japanese, I don't plan on the game being ready or good.
>>697 I can hardly find anything Amiga-related on there, which is what I was searching for. Besides instruction manuals and t-shirts. I have never bought a book from Amazon.
I have a lot of SA-100's and also some type IV tapes.
>>697 >At this point, if it's not Japanese, I don't plan on the game being ready or good. I've seen a lot of shitty japanese games too, to be honest. But the median quality is definitely noticeably higher.
Open file (405.95 KB 2048x1536 01.jpg)
>>699 >some type IV tapes I'm always looking for cheap ones; TDK's MA series is like $40-$50 a tape on ebay. Realistically though, I do need a better deck before I do much with metal tapes. I'm on a Sony TC WE305 right now, which works great for type I and II tapes, but would be a bottleneck with IVs. Maybe some day I'll find a Dragon for under $2k. >>700 The problem though is that I can't think of a single Western game that is both good and complete. I don't even know who the DAZ market is supposed to cater to - I have never seen a sexually attractive DAZ model, and yet you never see that renderer outside of shitty porn games. You could also cut down on the shitty Japanese games if you just write off RPG Maker games entirely.
>>698 >I have never bought a book from Amazon. Where do you buy your books from? I have bookmarked ThriftBooks, BetterWorldBooks, Book Depository, and AbeBooks, on recommendation but haven't used any of them yet. Prices are all more or less the same, I'm just looking for someone whose packaging policy doesn't involve putting a paperback book in a refrigerator box and then sending it halfway across the country.
>>703 Hey, you're alive. >>701 I have a Pioneer CT-W604RS. Fully analogue (I think) Dolby S deck. Would love a good nakamichi deck or something, but I'm happy with mine too. I just got lucky because my dad had a crate full of recordable tapes and some of them were Type 4. >>702 My uncle worked at a book store in the late 80s and early 90's and has loads of "stripped" books that he lets me borrow or take (depending on how attached to them he is). A whole wall of books, most of them in the genres I like. Also I buy some at a local book store here in town. They have some cool old books pretty often. Or use ebay. Mostly I buy locally. And I sometimes pirate digital versions and read them on my laptop (tablet functionality comes in handy again). I prefer paper, though.
>>704 >my dad had a crate full of recordable tapes and some of them were Type 4. Sounds like a good man. >Mostly I buy locally. I only have one book store around here, about 45 minutes away in a part of town I rarely visit. So, I'm mostly limited to online shopping unless I want to drive quite a ways.
Open file (3.71 MB 4032x3024 scph 9001 gore.jpg)
Just realized Chuck Peddle (creator of the 6502 CPU and peripherals for it) died in December. Sad times. Have another gored playstation. This one had a capacitor ripped off the board (not sure if I accidentally did it in the past or if the previous owner had done so),so that fix is ugly but restores the left sound channel which was previously missing. The other thing is of course a modchip which I was very hasty installing. …I don't need three playstations, no. You are correct.
Open file (3.71 MB 4032x3024 scph 9001 gore.jpg)
Just realized Chuck Peddle (creator of the 6502 CPU and peripherals for it) died in December. Sad times. Have another gored playstation. This one had a capacitor ripped off the board (not sure if I accidentally did it in the past or if the previous owner had done so), which also lifted the traces coming from both sides of it. So I had to solder one leg of my replacement cap directly to the output of the audio amp, and add a resistor to replace the little SMD one that came off while I was trying to solder to it. The fix is ugly but restores the left sound channel which was previously missing. The other thing is of course a modchip which I was very hasty installing. …I don't need three playstations, no. You are correct.
>t. someone too retarded to realize when his post has already been posted
Open file (264.42 KB 737x1100 Gin Tama_04.jpg)
Gin Tama's author is someone I would love to hang out with (if I spoke Japanese fluently).
>>709 In this chapter so far I have seen references to Dragon Quest and (quite probably) Phantasy Star. This guy is well cultured.
Open file (197.07 KB 736x1100 Gin Tama_05.jpg)
Open file (274.25 KB 820x1200 Gin Tama_17.jpg)
This whole thing is just actually DQ now
Open file (237.18 KB 820x1200 Gin Tama_05.jpg)
>>706 Those wires were cut initially for a different playstation revision, by the way. Then I realized it'd be less work to repair this one so I just didn't bother redoing them. That's why some of them are so long.
>>705 >Sounds like a good man. I think so, mostly, but he's a deadhead so IDK how you feel about the dead. He has another beer crate full of unofficial dead recordings.
The last couple days my X201 tablet's frozen once or twice without much warning or any error logs. I just reseated the RAM and ran memtest86, got nothing interesting. So I'm hoping the reseating fixed things and it's not going to be some weird gremlin from now on until I swap in another motherboard (my normal X201 has a board that'd fit, but I'd lose the wacom digitizer functionality which I quite like for doodling and note taking). I also have a couple more DDR3 RAM sticks, but my current ones are PC3-12800 and one of my other two is PC3-10600. I doubt I'd notice much change in performance but I still don't fancy the downgrade. I also don't fancy spending money though.
>>713 >IDK how you feel about the dead. I like them. But I mean, compared to fans of obnoxious niggers speed talking about petty crime, I have absolutely no criticism of deadheads. Truly a blessed man of culture; spend time with him while you can. Also, I think you tossed a link into the email field by mistake.
>>715 Yeah I probably middle-clicked in the email field. And I try to. He introduced me to some good books, too. Cat's Cradle is great IMO (but I'm not sure how you feel about Vonnegut either; he's hit-and-miss for me).
Open file (5.65 MB 4896x2512 01.jpg)
Since the thread has gone quiet, I suppose I can blog post. I am currently looking into buying several hundred acres of land and fucking off from society. I have found forty acres for under $10k, so prices are very reasonable. From there, I have estimated that a very minimal and temporary dwelling can be built for under a thousand while a more permanent cabin is established. In the long term, my electrical needs would be under a thousand watts, so full off-grid living via solar or wind would be very affordable. I am already on satellite internet, and I assume this will continue to be an option, though I don't know if it would be necessary. I would ideally like to form a small village of like-minded Unabomber types. So if anyone else is tired of dealing with it all and would like to get up every morning to take care of turkeys and potatoes, please let me know.
Some old school CG for you all. PC-88 era. I love the way people used to draw faces in manga. Feels like no one draws like this except Rumiko Takahashi anymore. BTW, Ys (last pic) is an action RPG with some absolutely wonderful music, and the game's fun too. Lots of ports later on. The PC Engine CD version is particularly great if you want a modern sounding score, due to CD audio, but the original PC-8801 version also shines as an example of good FM synthesizer utilization.
Open file (27.52 KB 640x400 yspc8801_4.png)
>>718 If anyone is trying to get a PC-8801 emulator working, I collected and properly named all the ROM's that XM8 looks for. Took me a little while, which is why I mention it.
Open file (35.48 KB 750x774 3UuxsOw.jpg)
Wow this place is dead
Open file (66.06 KB 640x610 5V4EpGS.jpg)
Open file (189.20 KB 684x900 god humor.png)
Open file (211.13 KB 922x1068 4TPn1qi.jpg)
Open file (221.98 KB 624x540 6YIxvOM.png)
Open file (106.12 KB 654x1024 7BBzHQQ.jpg)
I like that last one.
Open file (3.82 MB 4032x3024 kickstart switcher.jpg)
Now I just need to find a less ugly DPDT switch for my new kickstart switcher. I'll probably buy another latching pushbutton style one, similar to the one I used for my NTSC/PAL toggle.
Somehow, I don't believe that they are.
Open file (526.12 KB 1008x1028 01.jpg)
>>721 >7BBzHQQ.jpg Used to manufacture firearms (legally); it's a complicated matter. Per the Gun Control Act of 1968, ATF agents must prove the intended use of the parts in order to bring a case. This would be fairly simple if someone had a fuel filter suppressor attached to their firearm, or stored with their firearm. But you can't arrest someone for possessing a fuel filter and a firearm - in completely separate settings. Some are also sold as barrel shrouds, which are completely legal, and again ATF would have to prove that the device does not constitute a barrel shroud, but is instead a suppressor. In 2017, ATF was considering dropping suppressors from the NFA altogether because it's just a pain in the ass to enforce, with little benefit. Keep in mind that suppressors are perfectly legal and unregulated in most of Europe, despite otherwise restrictive firearm laws. The US is a bit of an anomaly in this case. However, all of the above goes out the window in all but eight states, where anyone can fill out Form 1 electronically and then legally purchase and own a suppressor, such as these fuel filter devices. Purchasing an actual suppressor from a manufacturer is costly, and the wait time can be over a year. Form 1 is quick and cheap, hence the popularity of these things. The big issue though is ATF's separation of 'builder' from 'manufacturer.' Suppressors wear out quickly enough that they are basically worthless for most people, but only an 07/02 FFL can legally replace the parts of their suppressor. Everyone else must destroy the device and fill out a new form to buy another - not economical at all. Overall though, ATF is so overworked that they rarely enforce suppressor laws themselves; local LE would jump on it instead. No one at ATF pretends that this country's firearm laws make sense. Today's laws are the intersection of "this is stupid and none of it should be illegal" and "all firearms should be illegal, and each of these stupid laws gets us a bit closer." Humorously, no one wants to touch the giant elephant in the room - inner city crime committed with handguns. Because that would be racist, of course.
>>725 Yeah I can't say I've ever understood most of the fuss about suppressors either. The fact that automatic weapons aren't legal but bump stocks for semiautos are(in most states) just is icing on the cake and proof that bureaucracy has failed. Also one could argue that ignoring handguns is _because_ regulators don't feel the impact of inner city violence (since they are not poor) and therefore don't give a fuck about poor people killing poor people.
Open file (24.43 KB 680x301 WXZmSiY.jpg)
Open file (91.30 KB 780x748 meatball.jpg)
Open file (792.97 KB 1610x2454 PM_HB_0018.jpg)
Open file (502.73 KB 1001x1276 PM_HB_0002.jpg)
more dump.
>>726 >automatic weapons aren't legal They are actually, in most states (exclude CA, NY, and similar failed states). Civilians cannot own machine guns manufactured and registered after 1986 (thanks, Reagan), which also applies to self-made machine guns. To purchase a transferable machine gun made before 1986, you just need to fill out a form and go through the process (there is a $200 fee, which was worth quite a bit more 80+ years ago). Of course, there are only so many transferable machine guns in the country, so their prices are quite high ($20k - $100k+). To the common man, they are prohibitively expensive, but not illegal. >bump stocks for semiautos are Bump stocks are currently illegal (thanks, Trump). The reason that they weren't illegal for many years is because laws are enforced based on the 'letter of the law' rather than the implications and desires of the law. The laws on the books state that a machine gun is a firearm that fires more than one bullet with each trigger pull. So, for example, a double barreled shotgun that fires from both barrels with a single trigger pull is classified as a machine gun, and is thus illegal. However, a bump stock which fires one bullet per trigger pull (but does many trigger pulls in a short period of time) is thus legal. There is similar terminology in California, where they tried to ban 'assault weapons' by designating them as semiautomatic rifles with a detachable magazine (a magazine which does not require a tool to remove). The solution to such a law was to surround the magazine release with a piece of plastic. You could then use a cartridge, a glove attachment, a paperclip, or just about anything besides your finger to press the button and remove the magazine. As far as the law was concerned, the magazine is no longer detachable, and the rifle is no longer an assault weapon. They amended this law last year, after two decades, and now there are new workarounds. Up until last year, I had a WASR 10 with a bit of metal screwed around the trigger. I would slide a cartridge through a slit in this device when I wanted to detach the magazine. Were I a mass shooter, I would simply unscrew the device altogether and carry out my plans. But do California politicians care about such realities? Of course not. The same group of people that smoke marijuana where it is presently illegal, and claim that women will die having illegal abortions should abortion be banned, see absolutely no irony in thinking that people will no longer possess firearms once sufficient laws are on the books.
Open file (78.92 KB 680x676 o3o2rGW.jpg)
>>728 >automatic weapons are legal actually Right you are, I just saw the price tags attached to obtaining one ages ago and wrote them off as infeasible. "Letter of the law" is the entire problem with gun legislation, as your picture indicated.
Open file (3.51 MB 3556x2523 ruin.jpg)
Open file (370.59 KB 1536x2048 2018-2m7CN2A.jpg)
Open file (677.67 KB 640x640 byhqkK0_denoise2.png)
Open file (72.99 KB 640x552 rQH1Ye5.jpg)
Old pics and stuff.
>>730 I decided to try FVWM this evening, since it is already part of the base OpenBSD install. I must say, this is no fun at all; truly a masochist's window manager. I even grabbed some guy's config off GitHub, which made it a bit more tolerable. But the amount of mouse usage is just insane. Also, what is with today's dongles being like two hundred degrees? I've had flash drives and dongles for decades now, but every time I want to remove a current year USB device, I need like fucking oven mitts to do it.
>>731 What needs a mouse on your config? FVWM is so customizable that it could be basically anything without a photo. Want to try my config? https://pastebin.com/raw/F5miFZyU I don't use the mouse except for moving windows around. Everything has keyboard bindings (although some of them probably make sense only to me). There's also a section in the (very large) manpage on keyboard navigation. I have never had a USB dongle feel warm when removing it except for an analogue video capture device.
>>732 Quick start (not exhaustive): C-M-m to maximize/restore C-M-left/right to move over a workspace C-M-n to hide a title bar for a window M-t to open a terminal window (I think I am still using mate-terminal in the config I posted so you might have to change that to a better terminal emulator. It's a bad habit I need to wean off of.) M-s starts seamonkey (you'll likely have to change that if you want to use it) C-M-r to restart FVWM I have scripts bound to C-M-2 and C-M-4 to double or halve the size of a window, but those won't work unless you have the scripts too. C-M-8 to completely "full-screen" a window by hiding the title bar and then maximizing C-M-left/right to move between workspaces If you don't want to go to the top left corner of a window or have a titlebar hidden you can use M-S-rightclick to open a menu full of options Doubleclick top left icon to close a window quickly (or use M-F4, windows-style) M-tab to use the window switcher You'll need my programs to do this, but I have C-M-h and C-M-u set to push windows on a stack and unmap them and then pop them off and remap them.
I basically don't iconify, but I just now realized I don't have a shortcut set up for that.
>>732 >What needs a mouse on your config? >I don't use the mouse except for moving windows around. It was this. In dwm (or any tiling window manager, really) I don't have to use the mouse to order windows at all. If I open one, it is maximized. If I open another, each gets 50% of the screen. I can increment and decrement their size with the press of a key, and I can send one to another workspace if I don't need to deal with it for awhile. I have a variety of preset layouts that work for just about anything, including floating if necessary. With FVWM, I was dragging shit around, resizing, moving the mouse to focus another window, etc. And each window has window decorations that serve no purpose for keyboard users. Right click menus, who needs them? >my config Configs are half of the problem. Now I'm no stranger to window manager configs; I once had that massive Xmonad config I wrote from scratch. But I am at a point in my life where I don't care what my window manager looks like. I just want it to get out of the way and leave me in peace. With dwm, I changed a single line - the font and its size. It does everything I could want a window manager to do without any other edits, and yet it is still among the most unbloated. I can't imagine how long it took to write that config, and while it is impressive, I would like to do other things with my day too. >>733 This makes more sense, and would be more usable. But at that point I am basically just fighting the window manager and trying to turn it into dwm. I already have that. I'm glad I tried it and got to see what all the fuss was about, but it's just not for me. Dwm has been working perfectly, and I have yet to encounter an issue with it (unlike Xmonad).
Remember to stock up on canned food, water, and N95 masks while you can. You obviously don't need to wear them at the moment, but they're selling out all over the place. When you do need them, you won't find them. Leaked numbers from Tencent are showing over 150k infected and over 25k dead. No way of verifying, but with bodies piled outside of hospitals and on streets it's a far more realistic number than the downplayed nonsense the Chinese Communist Party is putting out. We can't stop illegal immigrants on a good day; if the virus reaches Mexico, nothing will stop hundreds of thousands of infected people from flooding the US in search of American hospitals. We've already seen social order break down on small scales in Louisiana with Katrina, the Spanish Flu, etc. Hope they find a cure, but plan for the worst.
Open file (522.63 KB 826x657 1580095412377.png)
>>736 >hope they find a cure Corona-chan is for p r o t e c c
>>736 your the most woke man on earth
Open file (14.38 KB 223x338 no faith restored.png)
I'd say this restored some faith in humanity, but then I'd remember that someone actually wrote and submitted this to begin with. Public build apparently will come out today for TiTS. Place your bets on if the source will drop within the next week.
>>738 you're the wokest I remember spoonfeeding someone with pic #2 and #3 here. Walking down memory lane.
Did you do this one commie/gunship? I had it saved.
Good times.
>>738 I don't think I'm eligible for wokeness, as I'm missing key elements of the woke - self hatred and depression. I don't own TV service though, so my perspective on this issue is coming entirely from Chinese people taking videos on their cell phones. And it's pretty hard to believe the 'common flu' narrative when you watch body bags being carried away in dump trucks and laying in the road. >>741 Yeah, I did that. Also did a similar one for LT. >>742 >While I pride myself on having an open mind Remember that time he removed a character because the player was allowed to be dominant? I feel bad for his kid. Guy's going to grow up to discover his father was a millionaire, but he pissed away the kid's potential college fund on furry conventions and his boyfriend's genital mutilations. Then to top it off he gets to find his dad's dick pic Twitter and learn about his sexual attraction to horses. Really going to ruin those early childhood memories of the zoo (who am I kidding, Fen never took his kid anywhere).
>>740 For the last image why must it be so hard to find the original (searching the longer part of the credited name did not help.
>>743 >I feel bad for his kid... i missed reading fenoxo hate from u guys, really motivates me to be a better person
>>745 I initially misread that as "motivates me to be a bitter person" and it still sounded completely logical in my head.
>>745 I can spend all day talking about how today's people are complacent consumers whose vocabulary is entirely absent of words like 'enterprise,' 'self-discipline,' and 'initiative.' About how the day should start at 0430 with exercise, a jog, a quick shower, and a bowl of oats. About the importance of doing things you don't want to do, and moderating the things you do want to do, because there is more to life than whether or not things at this particular moment are entertaining. And about the frustrated power process and resulting depression of city dwellers. Any time you want to glean bits of self improvement from incessant complaints, I am here to tell you to get a haircut.
>>747 >I am here to tell you to get a haircut. thanks mother
>>747 https://youtu.be/xW3rLBG18UE commie, what shall we do? sorry, i dont have the spiritual energy to figure out how to embed on this site, its probably super easy but its late at night.
>>749 1. Buy N95 masks. If the virus infects a significant number of people in the US, you will want them when you have to go outside. They are already in short supply, you will find none by next month. Don't bother with surgical masks, useless. 2. Stock canned food and water. As for which canned food, check prepper forums. High calorie food is best (corned beef and other shit most people don't eat). Canned vegetables have very few calories. Beans and rice are good for short periods. Oats are pretty decent. Sam's Club, Costco, and other warehouses sell in bulk. If you have pets, stock up on pet food. 3. If you have any medications, ask your doctor for a 90 day prescription. In a worst case scenario, you want to have enough for a self taper if continual supply seems unlikely. 4. Buy a lot of disinfectant like Lysol, rubbing alcohol, etc. If the virus hits the US, use it along with soap to wash your hands, disinfect door handles, your car door handle, products brought from the outside, etc. 5. If you have a fireplace, stock up on firewood. Useful for cooking if shit hits the fan and you lose power, but that's kind of a lost cause at that point. 6. Buy ammo. .22lr for hunting if you live near animals. Anything else for personal defense. 7. If at all possible, plan to leave the city. Go to a friend's house in the woods, a time share, your grandma in the countryside, whatever you've got. The basic model for this strain of coronavirus is the Spanish Flu. If it is not contained in a short period (unlikely), it will spread and infect a great number people (in a time before mass transit, the Spanish Flu infected almost a third of the world's population). Most people will live, but many will die. 10-25% mortality is still a ton of people when we're talking hundreds of millions. Unfortunately, we really have not gotten that much better at treating the flu. If you go to the doctor, you're basically told to go home and ride it out. Even severe cases only have symptomatic treatments in the ER; nobody breaks out antivirals for the flu. We have vaccines for a variety of viruses that cause the flu, but none for the new strain of coronavirus. After seeing what happened during Katrina, the LA Riots, Memorial Hospital, etc, there is no doubt that the greatest threat will be the decline of social order in cities. Plan to shelter in place and avoid going outside for any reason during the pandemic. Get out of the city by any means possible. If the virus had started in like Nebraska, we wouldn't have much of an issue. But there are more people living in Southeast Asia than outside of it, and China and India in particular have extensive global travel networks. Even if a vaccine/cure is developed, how would you make enough for hundreds of millions of people around the world? The window of opportunity is closing fast. This won't be an extinction event, or anything remotely close; even the bubonic plague will have been worse. But the bottom line is that a lot of people are going to die, and you want to take steps to avoid being one of them if it comes your way. At this point, our only hope is that the Chinese quarantine works. I don't see how it possibly could, it would be human nature to seek better healthcare if the hospitals near you were full. But if forcing everyone to stay inside lets it simmer out, that could be the end of it. I just don't see that happening. If you have a nice little bunker somewhere, setup a website with an application people can fill out. Find the perfect girl with all of your desired fetishes and invite her to ride out the pandemic with you for a low cost.
>>749 I checked, and there is no way to embed video on this site as of now. >>747 >day should start at 0430 Fuck that. When I was a manager my day started at 03:30. It fucked me up hard, and I never got fully used to it even after months of keeping it up. While I can understand the wisdom of getting an early start, there are limits, and my limit is 07:00 (and even that's pushing it). I've spent way too long on a night-leaning sleep schedule to do anything else, and with how much I've fucked myself up with schedule shifts in the past, even trying to change things at this point would be severely detrimental to my health.
>>751 >Fuck that Melatonin helps with the adjustment. It's not a sedative, but you take it a couple hours before bed every day for a few weeks, and your body will get used to going to bed at that time every night. If you do use it, buy 1mg pills and cut them into fourths. They sell as much as 10mg doses, but that is not healthy at all. I get up at 0430 daily, and it fucking sucks. I really don't even have to since I have nothing going on until 0700. Some days I go to bed as early as 1830. There are many aspects of my day that I do, not because I need to do them, but because they should be done. The bed doesn't need to be made, I'm going to mess it up later today. Dishes don't need to be handwashed after eating. The car does not need to be washed as often as I wash it. My flattop does not need weekly touchups, and my clothes don't all need to be ironed. One day I'll be dying of cancer in some hospital bed and I'll probably look back on all this and think it was silly. But for now, a rigid schedule keeps me fit, active, and presentable. The alternative is to waste away into a life of video games, tv shows, pornography, and depression.
>>739 Time to go check hell, the source has dropped on the day the "public" build released.
>>753 Yep, I noticed. I'll get around to it sometime today (lol). I've been up all night messing around with miscellaneous stuff. >>752 Hard truths. Though I'd aim for 6 instead, myself. If my sleep schedule weren't already wrecked by my work hours anyway.
some of that miscellaneous stuff includes that the xf86-wacom people managed to fuck up my scripts again by renaming my device and also making the stylus and touch screen rotate in tandem with each other, while keeping the bug where the touch screen is always rotated the wrong way when not in normal rotation. So I had to use the transformation matrix to rotate the touch screen back around again. They also wrecked it in a third way by making disabling the touch screen through xinput also disable the stylus. So I had to use xsetwacom to set a DIFFERENT property now.
Open file (268.55 KB 1077x1045 stoplights.jpg)
re: distributing to millions of people: We need a new plague. Random picture is unrelated. Pulled randomly from my stupid picture archives.
The old "compiler complains about a 'missing' function even though the defining passage is the exact same as the public version.
Made 0.8.057 builds from source code in normal SWF, SWF image pack, and Android/iOS forms. https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/faq/links.html
>>757 Which compiler? How are you trying to build it? Can you give me a picture or copy-paste of the errors? Are you using my build system? Did you run fixnames.sh, if so? I didn't have any problems.
0.8.058 mobile rebuilt, it's on the link in >>758
>>759 To be upfront, as you might have guessed this is "the boobs modder". >Which compiler? Flex >How are you trying to build it? Slightly modified version of your build scripts. >Can you give me a picture or copy-paste of the errors? includes/game.as(858): col: 6 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method kiroBimboRecruited. if (kiroBimboRecruited()) crewMembers.push(CREW_KIRO_BIMBO); ^ includes/game.as(898): col: 6 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method kiroBimboIsCrew. if (kiroBimboIsCrew()) crewMembers.push(CREW_KIRO_BIMBO); ^ includes/game.as(1015): col: 6 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method kiroBimboIsCrew. if (kiroBimboIsCrew()) c.push(kiro); ^ includes/game.as(1046): col: 6 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method kiroBimboIsCrew. if (kiroBimboIsCrew()) crewMembers.push(kiro.short); ^ includes/game.as(1076): col: 6 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method kiroBimboIsCrew. if (kiroBimboIsCrew()) crewMembers.push(kiro.short); ^ includes/game.as(1299): col: 6 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method kiroBimboIsCrew. if (kiroBimboIsCrew()) ^ includes/game.as(1305): col: 36 Error: Access of undefined property approachBimboKiroCrew. addButton(btnSlot,"[kiro.name]",approachBimboKiroCrew); ^ includes/game.as(2610): col: 7 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method dhaalCoordinatesUnlocked. if(dhaalCoordinatesUnlocked()) ^ includes/game.as(2829): col: 4 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method flyToDhaalypoo. flyToDhaalypoo(); ^ includes/gameStats.as(2433): col: 7 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method dhaalCoordinatesUnlocked. if(dhaalCoordinatesUnlocked()) ^ includes/gameStats.as(6816): col: 99 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method lumiAddictionLevel. if(flags["LUMI_ADDICTION"] != undefined) output2("\n<b>* Lumi, Your Addiction Level:</b> " + lumiAddictionLevel()); ^ includes/MailEntries.as(341): col: 48 Error: Access of undefined property lumiBreedHungryEmail. MailManager.addMailEntry("lumi_breed_hungry", lumiBreedHungryEmail, "A little gift to my favorite " + pc.mf("boy", "girl") + "toy!", "Lumi", "Lumi@GabilaniGalaxy.org.tk", quickPCTo, quickPCToAddress); ^ includes/MailEntries.as(344): col: 58 Error: Access of undefined property joycoUvetoHazmatAdvisoryEmail. MailManager.addMailEntry("joyco_uveto_hazmat_advisory", joycoUvetoHazmatAdvisoryEmail, "Urgent: Hazmat Advisory", "JoyCo HR", "HumanResources@JoyCo.corp", quickPCTo, quickPCToAddress); ^ includes/rooms.as(45): col: 2 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method initDhaalRooms. initDhaalRooms(); ^ includes/follower/anno.as(705): col: 36 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method HLSteeleTechTent. chars["ANNO"].inventory.push(new HLSteeleTechTent()); ^ includes/follower/anno.as(728): col: 36 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method HLSteeleTechTent. chars["ANNO"].inventory.push(new HLSteeleTechTent()); ^ includes/tarkus/anno.as(316): col: 35 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method HLSteeleTechTent. chars["ANNO"].inventory.push(new HLSteeleTechTent()); ^ includes/tarkus/roomFunctions.as(263): col: 7 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method lumiEncounterActive. if (lumiEncounterActive()) e.push( { v: encounterLumi, w: pc.hasPerk("Breed Hungry") ? 6 : 2} ); ^ includes/tarkus/roomFunctions.as(263): col: 43 Error: Access of undefined property encounterLumi. if (lumiEncounterActive()) e.push( { v: encounterLumi, w: pc.hasPerk("Breed Hungry") ? 6 : 2} ); ^ includes/tarkus/roomFunctions.as(304): col: 7 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method lumiEncounterActive. if (lumiEncounterActive()) e.push( { v: encounterLumi, w: pc.hasPerk("Breed Hungry") ? 6 : 2} ); ^ includes/tarkus/roomFunctions.as(304): col: 43 Error: Access of undefined property encounterLumi. if (lumiEncounterActive()) e.push( { v: encounterLumi, w: pc.hasPerk("Breed Hungry") ? 6 : 2} ); ^ includes/tarkus/roomFunctions.as(350): col: 7 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method lumiEncounterActive. if (lumiEncounterActive()) e.push( { v: encounterLumi, w: pc.hasPerk("Breed Hungry") ? 6 : 2} ); ^ includes/tarkus/roomFunctions.as(350): col: 43 Error: Access of undefined property encounterLumi. if (lumiEncounterActive()) e.push( { v: encounterLumi, w: pc.hasPerk("Breed Hungry") ? 6 : 2} ); ^ includes/uveto/roomFunctions.as(102): col: 17 Error: Access of undefined property encounterMilodanFutazon. choices.push(encounterMilodanFutazon); ^ includes/uveto/roomFunctions.as(103): col: 17 Error: Access of undefined property encounterMilodanFutazon. choices.push(encounterMilodanFutazon); ^ includes/uveto/roomFunctions.as(107): col: 17 Error: Access of undefined property encounterMilodanBruiser. choices.push(encounterMilodanBruiser); ^ includes/uveto/roomFunctions.as(108): col: 17 Error: Access of undefined property encounterMilodanBruiser. choices.push(encounterMilodanBruiser); Searching for the function definition on the public clone and then using cp/cat to duplicate the entire file does not resolve the issue. >Are you using my build system? Yes, however slightly modified. >Did you run fixnames.sh, if so? Yes, I am getting classes/Resources/ImagePack.as(19): col: 4: Error: unable to resolve '../../assets/images/imagepack/bianca/bianca_octomush_bentOver.png' for transcoding [Embed(source = "../../assets/images/imagepack/bianca/bianca_octomush_bentOver.png", mimeType = "image/png")] ^ classes/Resources/ImagePack.as(19): col: 4: Error: Unable to transcode ../../assets/images/imagepack/bianca/bianca_octomush_bentOver.png. Both using cp -r and fileManager copy didn't help.
>>761 Oh, it's you. I did not jump to that idea. Are you trying to build the vanilla game or your mod of it? I remember your build system was rather different (and in a few ways annoyed me - but I can understand the changes you made as working for you). >octomush That is fixed in fixnames.sh, though… Has been, for over a month. It's the last thing in the file.# bianca Pee Enn Gee cd "$IMAGEPACKDIR" cd bianca ln -s bianca_octomush_bentOver.PNG bianca_octomush_bentOver.png >cp -r I have never used that in my life for fixing anything in TiTS. >fileManager copy No idea what that is. If you didn't know, current code is on the 'master' branch, not the 'public' branch; They've been hopping between the two randomly for a while. Also, this is a stupid suggestion probably, but try running fixnames.sh twice. I've run into problems with mysterious stuff before that that's fixed things. I'll try on a fresh clone once I have more HDD space available (I'm encoding a very large video file right now).
>>762 As for the rest of the stuff, no idea what you've done to reach that point. Once I have space again I might try your codebase...
>>762 >your mod of it? My mod. >No idea what that is. My shitty short hand for opening two file manager (e.g. PCFM) tabs and copying between them. >If you didn't know, current code is on the 'master' branch, not the 'public' branch; I am aware, however a reminder never hurts. >Also, this is a stupid suggestion probably, but try running fixnames.sh twice. "Run X more than once" is hardly a stupid idea. After re-downloading fixnames.sh fully and running it again, there was a brief glimmer of hope before it was crushed once more with no new developments. >>763 >As for the rest of the stuff, no idea what you've done to reach that point. I first used merge -s upstream/master to merge in the target branch while ignoring any files that have differences and followed it up with meld. >Once I have space again I might try your codebase... The staging branch is currently active.
Open file (542.45 KB 720x514 01.png)
>>750 Since this was posted, the number of infected has doubled (according to 'official' figures). How are your bunkers coming, lads?
Not sure where to start with that just yet, but thanks for the info.
>>765 well I have a shitload of rice crackers, clean clothes, some salami, and various not-as-perishable-as-salami foods. And orange juice. Lots of orange juice.
Open file (220.11 KB 1738x1065 example.png)
>>766 For some additional context here's a heavily trimmed image. Apologies for it being sub shit tier, scrot decides to bug out like this some times. kiroBimboRecruited is one of the functions that apparently does not exist when attempting to compile.
>>767 Figure a minimum of 1000 calories a day. Snack food is generally not the best choice. Also water, tons of it. Hundreds of gallons. I have a hundred pounds of oats arriving in six gallon buckets soon. You can buy twenty pounds at a time for only $30.
>>769 How long do oats last though? It's pretty easy to buy food in high volume at insane prices, but what I'm really worried about is shelf stability. I'm not nearly ready to bunker down (why I've got a plan to GTFO as soon as shit gets bad) because I don't have any food...
>>770 The oats I bought come in buckets that are designed to keep the oats fresh for thirty years (once open they last about a year). Most canned food will last many years, sometimes over a decade. Oats are decent for calories, but it wouldn't be sustainable as a sole source of nutrition. You can buy prepper food designed to last decades from various survivalist places, but it tends to be expensive. The stuff I'm buying now is just sort of a last minute thing in case shit hits the fan with this Chinese bullshit. I'm ordering the oats from Sam's Club, and they also have preserved fruit, some vegetables, broth stock, etc in long term buckets. You can also can/jar your own perishable food so it will last years. When you stockpile, you want to rotate the food. So you eat the food with the soonest expiration date and continually replenish it with new stock. You don't just leave it there for thirty years and throw it all away if society hasn't collapsed.
>>769 Yeah. I'm not taking it as seriously as maybe I should be. I do have the stuff to do home made nutri-grain like you once suggested. Just was telling you contents of my fridge. >>770 A very long time if packaged properly.
Open file (152.41 KB 1080x1352 gets flu symptoms 3.jpg)
Completely got rid of systemd on my laptop at last (it still existed as non-init until now) using elogind to let the tiny bit of KDE software I use work. There were a couple of minor annoyances, but now I think I've ironed everything out since I fixed suspend/resume. It's better, even, because I also finally realized how I can prevent opening the laptop lid from waking from suspend. #! /bin/sh ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: lid_acpi_wakeup_disable # Should-Start: acpid # Required-Start: $local_fs # Required-Stop: # Default-Start: 2 3 4 5 # Default-Stop: # Short-Description: Prevent laptop lid from waking computer. ### END INIT INFO # Thinkpad should not wake up from sleep on lid opening. # My required-start directive may be unnecessary; acpid depends on $local_fs too. RETVAL=0 lid_inhibit() { echo "Disabling the lid switch as a wakeup event." if [ -e /proc/acpi/wakeup ]; then grep ^LID /proc/acpi/wakeup | grep -q disabled LID_WAKE_IS_DISABLED=$? # check if already disabled (non-zero if disabled, 0 if enabled I guess) if [ $LID_WAKE_IS_DISABLED -ne 0 ]; then echo " LID" > /proc/acpi/wakeup else echo "Lid was already disabled. Doing nothing as Wyatt wants that." fi fi } case $1 in start) lid_inhibit ;; stop) echo "Use start to disable the lid." ;; force-reload) lid_inhibit ;; restart) lid_inhibit ;; status) if [ -e /proc/acpi/wakeup ]; then cat /proc/acpi/wakeup fi ;; *) echo "Usage: lid {start|stop|status}" echo "Toggles whether the PC should wake from sleep when the lid is opened." echo "status: Display status of enabled ACPI wake events." echo "start: Toggle the lid's state of enabled-ness on and off." echo "stop: Does nothing. This isn't really a daemon after all." RETVAL=1 ;; esac exit $RETVAL My (vietnamese) friend mate showed me this picture.
>>773 >friend mate Cringing now. meant room mate.
>>768 I wrote my own screenshot utility utilizing ffmpeg. It never spazzes out. I'm guessing it's a problem in the file that's including that .as file. or some weird file casing issue?
Open file (82.83 KB 1077x1056 01.jpg)
>>772 >Yeah. I'm not taking it as seriously as maybe I should be. The number of cases increased by 30% overnight (from 45k infected to 60k). We have broken the 10k per day mark, and things are now moving quite fast. My oats are beginning to arrive, and I will be building a clothes line tomorrow. >>773 >My (vietnamese) friend mate showed me this picture. I saw that on /pnd/ yesterday. Wonder if it came from somewhere else originally.
>>775 It turns out TITS.as did not contain several of the passages, time to get the rope ready. Also now, I am getting "Call to a possibly undefined method HLSteeleTechTent" even though both classes/Items/Tents/HLSteeleTechTent.as and classes/Tent.as exist while also matching upstream.
I also wrote little UI widget thingies for my screenshot tool, but the program itself (a ksh script, probably works in bash) can be invoked directly as well. >>777 So it was a problem with some "include?" You've figured out some of the issues? Pretty glad I'm not maintaining a fork of the main codebase, just an alternate build system derived from the temporary files that got created in FlashDevelop a few years ago. (Basically made my own system to generate XML files similar to those made by FlashDevelop).
Open file (85.88 KB 395x560 01.jpg)
Open file (245.09 KB 395x600 02.jpg)
>>773 >Completely got rid of systemd You know, there's a perfect operating system without systemd that also publishes Pink Floyd covers with their releases. Of all the shitty tech situations where we tolerate absolute bullshit because there's nothing better, this doesn't have to be one of them.
>>779 I understand this, but I like graphics acceleration and working art tablets, and transferring to another system would take a long time. I don't think Debian is even close to perfect, and I think I'll be putting NetBSD on my Powerbook G4, but Debian's staying on this laptop.
>>780 Nothing against OpenBSD really, though. Might try it on an old Pentium M laptop I have sitting around.
I wanted to try out "Clear Linux", however unfortunately for two machines fail on EFI Firmware and another failed on "Carry-less Multiplication extensions" if I remember right. >>778 >You've figured out some of the issues? Yes of them (so far) except for the one I mentioned at the end. Currently messing around with re-doing the build system in an attempt to hopefully make it less tedious for all involved. Mainly doing what I should have done in hindsight for the first release, patches to source instead of using git merge/rebase and meld. >I also wrote little UI widget thingies for my screenshot tool, but the program itself (a ksh script, probably works in bash) can be invoked directly as well. I decided to attempt writing my own version of it but it crashed and burned a minute in, oh well.
>>782 >clear linux is a joke if you care about portability. None of my hardware is new enough to run it.
Open file (98.35 KB 1621x703 01.png)
>>782 >Clear Linux Very off putting.
Open file (72.60 KB 626x549 01.jpg)
I hope you're all having a pleasant Valentine's Day. Very big holiday around here, I'm sure.
how many people are we missing since 8ch died?
Happy belated Valentines Day you degenerates :p On a happy note I may start appearing more again as I'm no longer homeless!
>>786 X, Wotn, MissBlackthorne, Ella, random anons. >>787 >I'm no longer homeless! Glad to hear it. You should have asked for help though, if this was in the US. We could have found a solution to this ages ago.
>>788 Forgot about blackthorne, remembered the rest. >Very big holiday around here, I'm sure. Heh. Correct. It's "cheap chocolate eve." >>784 >docker Yuck. >"orchestration server" No idea what the fuck that means unless it's like windows group policies at domain level. Not good.
Open file (244.99 KB 1267x2040 clear linux ugh.png)
>>787 Good for you. Homelessness is awful. Only ever been homeless for a few days but I try to avoid it at all costs. Just got a job recommendation offer from someone I used to play minecraft with (in 2012) at a major tech company for once I graduate. So that's good.
>>786 Saw a post of yours as a comment on EHG the other day. Can't remember what gallery it was.
Open file (203.72 KB 601x350 alice_st9293.png)
cute picture.
Open file (732.90 KB 1202x700 alice_st9293_2x_cpu.png)
Open file (597.10 KB 1202x700 alice_st9293_2x.png)
Here is where you can see the difference between waifu2x-cpp (CPU) and the CUDA version. When you have transparency. (The difference isn't CUDA; just that the CPP version is more out of date IIRC)
>>789 >No idea what the fuck that means Sysadmin shit that was becoming popular when I got out. It's like Puppet for managing/deploying cloud servers. Microsoft Azure Automation was a proprietary offering at the time. We used to get by with CoreOS for a lot of that, before Red Hat bought it. >>790 >at a major tech company Would not go back to that for all the money in the world. I know, the words of some anon on the internet aren't worth much. Just remember I warned you when you hate every aspect of it, and wonder what you're doing with your life.
>>794 The thing is, I already know I will. But I would like money and I guess it's a starting point on my road to fuck knows where
>>794 Also it's heavily involved with hardware stuff, so it'd not just be a code slave job in all probability. I'd be doing reverse engineering.
I think an ideal job would be at one of those computer history museums (either the one that's called that or one of the handful of others). Not a great payer, maybe, but I think I'd be happy there.
>>794 the lance quad-post cometh. I just use a hand-written shell script for deploying on fresh installs.
Open file (1.23 MB 675x1200 01.png)
>>795 >But I would like money You know, I am making more money today after having fucked off to the countryside and left IT altogether, than I ever did as a sysadmin or dev. It's not Bay Area money, but I'm also not spending ten grand a month on a studio apartment. My hours are as short or as long as I want them to be, and life is wonderful. You want a decent paying tech job that isn't staffed with H-1B workers and pair-programming tranny assignments, go join the Air Force. Easy work, great pay, education and experience, no expenses if you live on the base. It's not like the USMC; no mall recruiter is going to hype up the possibilities and then dump you in 0311 so you can sleep outside in the rain with Satan's cheese omelettes.
i've been trying to be more active here but something always comes up lol, soon i'll see if i can get in touch with some old people. >>788 X could still read his trello, boobs modder may be lurking on f95 somewhere but i forgot his user, etherwind is on loverslab somewhere too. >>791 >Saw a post of yours as a comment on EHG the other day im too out of touch to even understand what that means at this point what is ehg? can u screenshot? >>787 good job king :) merry valentines to everyone else too can we get some tits complaints pls
>>800 the capcha on this site is 40x worse than the one on 8chan
>>801 Do you have javascript enabled? Trying posting without JS to see if it works better. The captcha might be buggy right now because the administration had to enable some stricter captcha requirements because of some current spam issues.
Open file (1.52 MB 1114x1707 01.png)
>>800 >X could still read his trello I tried to contact him via Trello when 8ch went down, but could not find a link to it in the thread archives. I miss X the most. >>800 >boobs modder may be lurking on f95 He walks among us. >>800 >what is ehg? The lessor sadpanda. >>801 >There's a captcha now It was fun while it lasted.
>>803 That captcha was fucking terrible. I'd rather pick out stairs and traffic lights.
>>800 >>803 Hell would have to freeze over at least twice before I make a personal account on that extremely GRIDS site. I still check several threads as a guest some times. >>801 I would somewhat disagree, the 8chan one takes me several tries sometimes due to the stupid font.
>>805 >stupid font. Which makes individual letters a pain on more than one roll.. However with this site's, a second roll was trivial.
>>805 >Hell would have to freeze over at least twice before I make a personal account on that extremely GRIDS site boobs mod is rebuilt by some guy every time a public comes out, thought u might want to know. its actually pretty popular over there
>>807 I am aware but thanks for the message.
I am reminded why you are of patrician taste. >captcha Google's recaptcha v2 needs to burn in hell along with whoever implemented it. >air force I have a friend doing that. I'll ask him what he thinks. Good idea. >>800 EHG = e-hentai galleries. Technically I saw it on sadpanda but whatever. >TiTS complaints Where to begin? It hasn't had a good update in what feels like years now.
Testing a post because I need to fix my CSS for the new captcha shit.
>>810 nvm it didn't pop up this time. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.
Open file (283.12 KB 1235x503 captchaBattle.png)
>captcha Embed related, it is not even close. Both sites have enough context shown for easy identification. >>800 >can we get some tits complaints pls This is not really related to the game however it seems to breed/have a massive pool of extremely retarded "fans" to the point where one has to ask how they draw breath. Case in point, the active thread on 8ch that deals with Pregmod (a mod and currently the only noticeably active source of tweaks to Free Cities, a slave management game originally built in twine II) currently has a comment asking about two completely unrelated projects. There is the full post: >Anyone got, or willing to make, and RGA file of Warlock and Boobs so I can play on JoiPlayer?
>>800 Thanks sweetie. I actually need to playthrough TiTS again to judge content lol. But at least they made the interface colours a bit better recently (which was probably a whole update on it's own)
>>813 >it seems to breed/have a massive pool of extremely retarded "fans" to the point where one has to ask how they draw breath. Oversocialized people have no self confidence, and it affects their outlook on every aspect of life (societal: the obligation of the community to support the individual, sexual: submissiveness, personal: hedonism). They will not attempt to solve their own problems because their first instinct is to assume they are incapable of doing so. TiTS' content caters to this group, so of course the community is a cesspool of cognitive cripples. >>814 >I actually need to playthrough TiTS again You don't.
Open file (1.44 MB 3024x4032 01.jpg)
Welp, pray for me lads.
>>816 You won't do shit nigger
>>817 I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Repairs of this nature aren't optional, and I've already started.
>>818 "No victor bemieve in luck" How your post read made me think you were going to test your luck.
>>819 Ah, I see. As it turns out, I don't think it was anything at all. Maybe some bad condensation build up from short trips in freezing temperatures. I ran a quart of motor flush through it and changed the oil and filter. The oil looked pretty good overall, nothing like what was on the cap. Coolant reservoir level was normal and not discolored. I drove it for about half an hour and everything looked good when I got back. So, unless it turns out to be a very slow leak, I think my troubles are through. The gaskets are all 25 years old though, I should probably replace them over the summer anyway. Now I just have to hope that the flush isn't going to reveal an oil leak in the morning.
>>820 Godspeed.
>>816 My differential and/or transmission is also in a bad way right now, but not looking like that. Best of luck. I'll let you know when I've found out my issue. Hopefully my diff just needs oil and it's not dead yet.
Open file (361.14 KB 734x960 QCX0M4C.jpg)
Open file (2.75 MB 3024x4032 swole capacitor 2.jpg)
Open file (1.76 MB 4032x3024 amiga_altmonitor_f_e.jpg)
>>814 >I actually need to playthrough TiTS again Nothing has changed. >they changed the colors No they didn't. Found a swollen capacitor in my Amiga's monitor which I suspect was the source of the burning smell I'd get whenever it was on for a while. Now waiting for a 200V 220µF capacitor in the snail-mail. In the meantime, my "pro" monitor looks so much worse with the amiga than the original monitor did. Also I think my amiga's PSU might also need a recapping because I'm getting loads of video noise after it's been on for a while.
Open file (1.60 MB 1055x972 78330253_p0.png)
Open file (441.61 KB 1390x944 EK6picAXUAE_pQW.jpeg)
Open file (64.27 KB 1280x945 EJ54J3MWoAItgK6.jpeg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1457x2064 EHfd0b9UcAAKieA.jpeg)
Open file (581.00 KB 1600x1553 74850899_p0.jpg)
>>824 Additional shitposts from the same guy
Open file (1.75 MB 4000x4528 01.jpg)
>>825 That last one is a good find, saved.
>>826 The last one is the beginning of an ongoing comic. https://e-hentai.org/g/1561928/4a135af805/ To head off criticism in advance: I view it through sadpanda myself; I just don't link to it when avoidable.
Open file (1.57 MB 774x1080 75070228_p0.png)
Open file (2.21 MB 993x1404 75186153_p0.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 993x1404 75298672_p0.png)
Open file (3.78 MB 1215x1720 75417861_p0.png)
Open file (4.95 MB 1280x1813 75536656_p0.png)
>>830 >Something about Patreon not allowing furries anymore Surely the same groups that cheer when other people are banned will be quick to regurgitate that Patreon is a private company, and they can ban any content they want. Furries are very consistent and mentally sound creatures, of course.
>>831 Seems we are on a similar page about "private companies" that provide services like this. If I read that correctly, at least. Slightly tangential (a vastly different kind of service provided), but I wish AT&T were still regulated as a utility.
>>832 >Seems we are on a similar page about "private companies" that provide services like this. For awhile, major websites acted as platforms from which ideas could be shared and discussions could be had. Users decided which websites to visit, which discussions to participate in, which users to block rather than continue to listen to, etc. Somewhere along the way, tech companies decided that their users couldn't be trusted to make these decisions for themselves anymore, and that only their particular worldview was to be allowed, leading to 'rules for thee but not for me' enforcement policies. Too many people with power over frivolous websites want to pass the days role playing a digital Marx, while the rest of the unnoticing world pursues personal fulfillment and happiness. I've always found it interesting that only one side wants to moderate content in such a way. "Don't give them a platform!", "Don't debate them!", "Don't interact with them at all!". They fear that access to the other side's content will turn people against them, yet the other side has no such concerns and just makes memes out of their opposition's content. >I wish AT&T were still regulated as a utility My only gripe with telecoms is when they bribe local governments to pass laws that make it financially impossible for any competition to emerge in that area. That was more of an issue under Bell than anything though. I'm out in the woods somewhere and still have about six choices for internet. I can't imagine there are many people truly stuck under one monopoly (the other companies just may not provide the same level of luxury, to which I say suck it up then). I don't really understand all the complaints about internet service providers. So and so is too slow, too expensive, throttles some website people spend an unhealthy amount of time on, has a data cap, etc. I mean, I had a 50mb line in the city (back when that was a lot), and when I moved out here my only option up until 2016 was a 1mb line. It was quite a change, but life went on and it was fine. Some people are just so, so unhappy with petty inconsequential things, and miss the forest for the trees.
>>824 cool
>>833 Bell was "okay," but I'm not going to claim it was optimal. It's sadly already financially impossible to compete with most major tech firms nowadays, especially with their patent portfolios.
>>833 (as for speed, I don't mind slowness overly. I have things I can do while I wait for downloads.)
Open file (3.10 MB 4032x3024 kickstart switcher 2.jpg)
Open file (978.18 KB 900x2988 KnkgnYw.png)
Open file (85.01 KB 380x750 know your weapons.jpg)
Open file (976.67 KB 595x845 KUu9xfu.png)
Open file (51.29 KB 480x603 kzLZdnL.jpg)
Some of what I did today: Fixed two of my CRT's. (One had many loose solder joints on its neckboard, which was covered by an RF shield that was soldered down. The other had the pad broken off the board for the composite video input RCA jack.) Determined that I need not only a new universal joint (like CV joint, sort of) but also new motor mounts for my car. Additionally, some new brake pads are going on and I just changed the oil today. The rest of the stuff's on order. I added a push-type DPDT switch to my amiga for changing Kickstart ROM's (like a BIOS that also contains part of the OS). The awful silver 'toggle switch' that the switcher maker provided would have stuck out and also almost never looks good on consoles/computers, where my solution is rather subtler (invisible unless looking at the back straight-on). Have some shitposts.
>>837 (motor mounts are a common failure point on my car; they're designed so that they will shear away from the driver in a wreck.)
Open file (739.72 KB 1200x3100 01.jpg)
>>837 >kzLZdnL.jpg Way off the mark here. In times of old, Western marriage was arranged between families on behalf of their children. And it was organized on the basis of political or financial gain, not love; there was little to gain for the bride and groom. Love as the primary factor for marriage didn't emerge until after the French Revolution. Fast forward a bit to the general existence of The State, and to a time where people pick their spouse. The State grants several privileges to married couples: spousal survivorship, spousal privilege, next of kin, presumption of paternity, etc. For the purposes of enforcing these privileges, the State seeks to prevent marriage fraud through bigamy and to legitimize children. This is all done via Marriage Licenses, a form of record keeping. If a couple doesn't want the government involved in their marriage, they are free to forgo aid from the State in this matter, and they can spend the rest of their life together with all of the rights and privileges that any married couple would have had prior to the existence of the State (none). Some states will even recognize this as a legal marriage (Common Law). So the point is, marriage is not a 'legal institution.' When you apply for a marriage license, you aren't applying for the right to be happy with someone you love; you're applying for social programs and privileges offered by the State, who expects applicants to submit to a verification and record keeping process. It's very similar to the concept of a drivers' license. You are free to operate your vehicle without a license on your own property, and the private property of anyone who grants you permission. A drivers' license lets you operate the vehicle on government owned land, and government owned roads. Want to use government roads, play by their rules. Want the government's social programs for married couples, play by their rules. The larger argument to be made here is about the role of the State. The more social programs the State offers, the more it must encroach upon your life. If the State did not offer marriage privileges, a marriage license would have no value, and marriage could continue to be official at the family and community level. Some people argue that the benefits offered by the state outweigh the drawback of letting them define a what a 'legal marriage' consists of. This is essentially the argument to be made about government operated healthcare, education, etc. There's no such thing as a free lunch. >>838 If you do the motor mounts yourself, buy the expensive ones. It's a very laborious job that you don't want to have to do again in six months because you bought those $20 Chinese mounts on Amazon. If you don't have an engine hoist, stick a 2x4 across your oil pan, from one corner to the other, and raise a manual jack (scissor/bottle) until you're putting pressure on the 2x4. Then you can work on each mount, one at a time, and you won't have to worry about raising the motor to get the new mounts in. Sounds silly, but it works fine.
Open file (259.72 KB 720x707 l49pr0H.jpg)
>>839 Yeah, I get the best I can. I have a friend whose grandpa has a lift and a hoist, thankfully. I did know the 2x4 method, too, though.
Open file (141.89 KB 3077x960 01.png)
>Haven't purchased a printer in almost twenty years, decide it might be time for a new one. >Looking at new printers. >You now pay a monthly fee that allows you to print so many pages each month. >Your printer just stops working if you don't pay. I didn't think the printer industry could possibly get worse, but lo and behold it fucking did. Might as well find a Smith Corona on Ebay at this point.
>>841 What the actual fuck is this horseshit. Please go dance in a fire, HP. Also, this is why I'm going to get a color laser printer next time I need one. They're coming down pretty sharply in price, and don't have as much of this kinda bullshit.
Open file (69.31 KB 1920x1080 1448029518855.jpg)
>>841 Wew. I just looked that up, and it looks like it's an optional thing. For now. I think I'll just stick to my dot-matrix printer. It's reliable, I don't need color, and I don't print nearly enough to have to worry about the marginally higher cost of tractor-feed paper (yes, it can also use normal paper, but having to manually feed and align every damn sheet is a pain in the ass).
>>843 Buy a Brother Laser and never need to worry about buying toner or a new drum for the rest of your natural life. 4000-10000 pages, no expiration.
>>844 Amen to that. My aunt gave me hers when she bought a new one-- still got the original drum, and I think the toner cart's only been replaced once (at most) in probably 5 or 10 years.

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